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How to Select the Right Educational Toys

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Finding the perfect educational toy for your child can be a rewarding experience for both you and your baby,
if you follow these simple guidelines...

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<h2>Is it Safe?</h2><p>Without a doubt the most important factor when choosing any educational toy for your
baby is safety. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has published a number of articles
regarding safety standards & safety information, as well as keeping a ban list and recalled items list.
is recommended as your first point of call when researching any products for your baby.</p><p>Beware of
second-hand and hand-me-down toys as they may be broken, missing pieces, or missing important safety
information. Be sure to give them a thorough inspection before allowing your child to play with
them.</p><p><b>Remember:</b> <i>You</i> are the last line of defense when it comes to your child's safety,
always ensure they are supervised especially when playing near water, even very shallow
amounts.</p><h2>Choosing Age-Appropriate Toys</h2><p>The best guide for buying toys for children is to see
what they enjoy playing with, and be sure to keep an eye on the manufacturers recommended age.</p><h3>0 – 6
Months</h3><p>Simple toys to help your baby practice his grasp and learn that his hands are useful tools, high
contrast colours (black, white, red) to help him focus and keep his attention:</p><ul><li>Small rattles
handles.</li><li>Rubber rings.</li><li>Soft balls or dolls.</li><li>Bath
– 12 Months</h3><p>Toys that encourage her to push, pull, press and move working parts, noise making toys,
hard and soft toys of different textures:</p><ul><li>Activity gyms.</li><li>Music
Cups.</li><li>Activity toys.</li><li>Balls.</li><li>Toy cars.</li></ul><h3>12-18 Months</h3><p>Toys that can
be pushed, pulled, ridden, stacked, filled and dumped.</p><ul><li>Shopping carts.</li><li>Riding
toys.</li><li>Bucket & spade.</li><li>Basket of objects to be carried and
dumped.</li><li>Drums.</li><li>Butchers paper & large crayons.</li></ul><h3>18 - 24 Months</h3><p>Inside and
outside toys with plenty of room to crawl, walk, run, and jump:</p><ul><li>Large blocks and blankets to build
forts.</li><li>Picture books.</li><li>Dolls.</li><li>Board Books.</li><li>Butchers paper &
crayons.</li></ul><h3>24 - 36 Months</h3><p>Outside toys allowing plenty of room to safely run, jump, and
climb:</p><ul><li>Jungle Gyms</li><li>Dress-up clothes.</li><li>Boxes.</li><li>Books.</li><li>Paddle
pools.</li><li>Butchers paper & large crayons.</li></ul>

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