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					                                           SCHEDULE CHART

    Stove Inside

    Burner Pans


   Shower Head                                                                      Series17
Hard Water Stain
    Mold/Mildew                                                                     Series14
   Sealed Grout                                                                     Series13
 Shower Curtain
           Toilet                                                                   Series10
      Wallpaper                                                                     Series9
 Door Hardware
           Doors                                                                    Series5

           Blinds                                                                   Series4
         Dusting                                                                    Series1
      Vinyl Floor

    Ceramic Tile

 Floor finish test
                     0   0.1   0.2   0.3   0.4    0.5   0.6   0.7   0.8   0.9   1
Sampson Cleaning Services of LaGrange: (706) 668-5977
Cleaning Reference List: Ventilate when cleaning. Never mix bleach and ammonia. Unplug appliances.

Vacuuming             Always the last chore. Pick up floor debris first, start furthest from door, horizontal and vertical directions.
Carpet Cleaning       Vacuum well first, carpet steam cleaning systems can be rented, grocery store, ect
Hardwood Floors       Confirm if water cleanable: sweep/dust, damp mop only to grain, gallon jug w/ one cup vinegar, damp rinse, buff
Floor finish test     At most worn area, drop water bead, if bead stands then water/wax cleaner ok to use, if not(turns dark, soaks) stop
Laminate Floors       Sweep/dust, store product or 1 cup each: white vinegar, rubbing alcohol,water, splash dish soap, remove and rinse quickly.
Ceramic Tile          Note if Glazed or Non-Glazed: Glazed tile is easier to clean, especially in bathroom walls/tub areas. Avoid bleach on sealed
Tile (Other)          Glazed: typically walls, unglazed to floors(be careful porous),sweep, damp mop/mild soap, rinse well, may be safest option fo
Vinyl Floor           Surface design not embedded, sweep/dust, Specific store bought or gentle household cleaner/dish soap only, diluted, rinse, bu
Linoleum              Embedded width design, sweep/dust, Specific store bought or gentle household cleaner/dish soap only,well diluted, rinse, buff
Dusting               Ostrich feather good for intricate areas only, not flat, need drop cloth? Use microfiber clothes, take items outside if needed
Windows               B/W newspaper, Windex or vinegar solution diluted w/ water, rubbing alcohol OK for stains, shine with large coffee filter
Mirrors               Vinegar/Water is good. Rubbing alcohol is great and disinfects.
Screens               Ammonia and water lightly brush scrubbed, rinse w/ hose, let dry, remount
Blinds                Vinyl, metal types, use cleaning glove/terry cloth, Consider clean in bathtub with mild soap damp only, dry, dryer sheet antistati
Blinds                Fabric: never use water, terry cloth only. Wood can be wiped, consider furniture polish.
Doors                 Varnished type can use oil soap/soft rag with direction of grain
Doors                 Only some painted types are cleanable, mild dish soap, diluted, applied with sponge, rinse wipe to shine, buff
Door Hardware         Rubbing alcohol cleans and disinfects, wipe rinse with water only sponge.
Walls                 Only some painted surfaces cleanable, Confirm paint first: Enamel/Glossy/Semi OK, use drop cloth, borax/water or mild soa
Walls                 Sealed wood/varnished, oil soap w/ sponge used sparingly, damp rinse removed quickly, Don’t wash unsealed wood walls
Banisters             Orange-Glo or Murphys Oil Soap. Good for other varnished wood areas with hand contact often
Wallpaper             Should typically be avoided, if vinyl coated then softly clean w/ warm water/mild soap only, rinse wipe, wipe w/ seam
Wallpaper             Cleaning softly with dry sponge may be only option for special wallpapers, never use abrasives
Toilet                Use bleach based cleaner or Comet to scrub bowl, soft scrub outside/seat, use paper towels, dispose, Lysol to sanitize
Tub/Shower/Sink       Ventilate the room: Spray with bleach based or mold-mildew cleaner, 409, Tilex or KaBoom for heavy soap scum
Shower Curtain        Best method is to remove clips, soak in tub with mild bleach and water solution,scrub as needed, rinse well, re-hang
Unsealed Grout        Never use ammonia, 1part bleach-5parts water is good, scrub lightly w/ brush. Avoid bleach if tile is unglazed.
Sealed Grout          Be careful: Water and mild soapy solution may be only option. Rinse well.
Rugs/mats             Try to take outside and use broom to pound out debris and dust.
Mold/Mildew           Use caution with mold: Do you have a water leak? 50/50 water/bleach solution, saturate then scrub, Note the surface
Mold/Mildew           Use caution with mold: Optional solution: 1/2 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup baking soda, add gallon warn wat
Hard Water Stain      Lime, scale, scum: Comet, Lime-A-Way, Wink, Zud, or combine white vinegar and lemon juice
Toilet Bowl           If hard water stained: Turn off water supply valve, flush, lay paper towels in bowl, saturate, let stand, use vinegar or lime scale r
Shower Head           If clogged, spray vinegar or citrus solution, let soak, light scrub, rinse
Metal Fixtures        Vinegar with Rubbing Alcohol or Lemon Juice combined are each great, while not dulling the shine
MARBLE/Granite        Never use vinegar, acidics or abrasives. Try 3 tbls baking soda to 1 Qt warm water, dip soft cloth,wait 15 mins,wipe rinse shine
Unsure of Surface?    Use good judgement. Will mild soap, baking soda, warm water suffice? Wipe rinsed, buffed clean with soft cloth.
Burner Pans           Stove unplugged, lift elements, remove pans, soak in sink w/ warm wtr dish soap, use mild abrasive if needed
Stove Top             Unplug: Cinch or 409 w/ warm water sponged, rinse wipe well, shine w/ paper towel
Stove Inside          Unplug: Oven cleaner, or 5 tbls baking soda, 4 tbls vinegar, few drops dish detergent to paste, scrub, wipe rinse well.
Oven Trays            Place in sink or bathtub, warm soapy dishwater, use mild abrasive if needed, rinse well, wipe shine
Stainless Steel       No abrasives, clean to grain, warm water and dish soap or glass cleaner, rinse well, soft rag wipe to shine
Dishwasher            All purpose cleaner on exterior, rinse well, wipe shine. Interior: Mild dish soap, wipe rinse well, Clean trays in sink
Trash Compactor       All purpose cleaner on exterior, rinse well, wipe shine, Lysol inside well, wipe out only if safe, practical.
Microwave             Lemon juice deororizes. Mild dish soap warm w/ water, wipe in/out, wipe rinse well, wipe shine, soak table in sink
Refrigerator Seals    Use small plastic brush: Clean rubber door seal with minimal bleach/water solution, wipe rinse well, vinegar ok too.
Refrigerator Out      Painted type: Outside w/ warm soapy solution or homemade: 1/4 cup baking soda, 2 tbsp vinegar, Qt warm water
Refrigerator Inside   Pans/trays to sink, soak, same as outside, rinse well, wipe shine, food to freezer, vice versa
Countertops           Surface is critical, note if porous: use mild soap/water only, if non-porous: use 409/warm water, rinse wipe well, shine
Cabinetry             Surface is critical, use warm soapy water on damp only sponge, or just warm water, damp rinse, wipe well, shine
Garbage Disposal      Never use bleach, run warm soapy water with baking soda through, ice cubes sharpen blades
Ceiling Fans          Power off and confirm, soak globes in warm soapy water in sink, Pledge dust the blades, wipe metal only
Hanging Lights        Power off and confirm, soak globes or glass in warm soapy water in sink, Pledge dust, wipe metal only
Chandeliers          Never spray crystals with any solution, wipe only, one glove clean, one glove shine, Be careful on ladder.
Wood Furniture       Stained Wood, can use Clear Wax or Murphys Oil Soap, Leather: Damp wipe only
Phones               Unplug or remove battery: Damp cloth w/ rubbing alcohol is good, dries fast and disinfects, Q-tip intricate areas
Computers            Dust wipe well, Q-tip keyboard, Read manual, hard screen clean with warm water damp only, wipe to shine
Television           Dust first, Play it safe with screens, read manual, slightly damp soft cotton cloth
Remotes              Be careful: Remove batteries. Lightly spray with Lysol. Wipe rinse with damp only cloth. Avoid water penetration.
Vents / Gratings     Try vacuuming with adapter, then hand wipe with moist paper towel, wipe shine
AC Vents             Try vacuuming with adapter, then hand wipe with moist paper towel, wipe shine
Sliding Glass Door   Vacuum or wipe out track, try WD 40, Pledge Multi Surface on frame, Windex/Vinegar for glass
Odor Removal         Baking Soda or Double Strength Washing Soda aborbs smells from the air. Lysol, Vinegar or Lemon Juice for some surfaces.

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 nd rinse quickly.
   bleach on sealed grout
 y be safest option for porous tile.
 nly, diluted, rinse, buff
  l diluted, rinse, buff
 utside if needed
 e coffee filter

 dryer sheet antistatic

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 ax/water or mild soap/water
 ealed wood walls

 e w/ seam

ol to sanitize
 p scum
 , re-hang

e the surface
add gallon warn water

 negar or lime scale remover

mins,wipe rinse shine

 rinse well.

  in sink

  n sink
 r ok too.
m water

 well, shine

for some surfaces.

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