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					Pinnacle People
Secure hosting with confidence

                                                                                      “The support that we have
                                                                                      received from NetBenefit has
                                                                                      been outstanding. We have a
                                                                                      secure system that supports
                                                                                      our business now and will
                                                                                      scale up as more staff, and
                                                                                      ultimately customers, have
                                                                                      access to the system.”
                                                                                      Matt Brook
                                                                                      Head of Infrastructure
                                                                                      Pinnacle People

The company
Pinnacle People provides all aspects of the back to work lifecycle including training, development and recruitment.
It has quickly established itself in its target markets, securing a broad contract base with Central, Regional and
Local Government bodies.
As the prime contractor to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Pinnacle People delivers the Jobcentre Plus
Support Contract across Southern England. Pinnacle People provides a range of employment and vocational training
tools to 4,000 candidates a month, as well as working directly to place people into employment as part of the
Flexible New Deal.

Improving customer service                                                    Matt Brook, Head of Infrastructure, Pinnacle People, explains: “Working
                                                                              with the DWP, we need to ensure complete client security. This means
To manage and track the DWP contracts, Pinnacle People uses a                 complying with the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) created
business process management (BPM) software application that                   by the Government to ensure there are no data protection, terrorist or
was developed by Appian.                                                      security breaches. This security clearance standard provides assurance
                                                                              regarding an individual’s suitability to have access to sensitive client
Pinnacle People has rebranded the application ‘Summit’ and placed it          information. NetBenefit ensured all of its systems administration staff
at the core of its offering. It uses this application to manage the end to    were certified, demonstrating their commitment to working with Pinnacle
end contract delivery, creating a record for every single person that goes    People to fulfil the DWP regulations.”
through Pinnacle People’s books. Using Summit’s real-time analytics,
Pinnacle People can provide its staff with access to programme success        With security the number one issue, timescales and costs were a close
rates at critical decision points in the process, empowering them to select   second and third. The project was dependent upon Pinnacle People winning
the best approach for each customer and improving the quality of service.     the DWP tender. Once this was announced, the deadlines for deployment
                                                                              of Pinnacle’s application were tight and meant that the chosen hosting

The project                                                                   provider needed to be able to get the project off to a fast start.

In order to successfully roll out Summit, Pinnacle People needed
to find a hosting provider that had knowledge and experience
in managing a business critical application. The sensitive data
that the system contained also meant that it was important
that the successful hosting provider was compliant with certain
security standards.

                                                                                                                 Telephone: 0800 328 7477                                                                                     Email:
                                                                                           At a glance
                                                                                              Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosting platform
                                                                                              Load balanced servers for equal traffic
                                                                                              FortiGate firewalls
                                                                                              Verisign Secure Site Pro SSL certificate
                                                                                              24x7 technical support
                                                                                              Proactive account management

The solution
Brook explains: “We contacted twelve managed hosting providers, out       The online application is protected by NetBenefit’s EVault backup
of those eight replied to our request, four made the list and two the     solution which uses online disk-to-disk technology ensuring that data
final shortlist. When it came down to the final choice, we knew that      can be restored quickly and easily by Pinnacle People, if required.
NetBenefit were already well established in the market and had a          Data is backed up daily, weekly or monthly and ad hoc backups can be
reputation for high levels of technical support but it was the way they   conducted at the click of a mouse. The Red Hat platform was also load
professionally and knowledgeably dealt with our questions during the      balanced to ensure the equal distribution of traffic across the servers,
closing stages of the tender that made the difference.”                   even in the event of large numbers of concurrent users. Finally FortiGate
                                                                          firewalls and a Verisign Secure Site Pro SSL certificate were installed for
NetBenefit’s technical architects designed a high availability Red Hat
                                                                          added levels of security.
Enterprise Linux (RHEL) cluster to host the Summit application. Red Hat
allows for interoperability between Microsoft and Linux which supports
the combination of Windows and Linux servers that Pinnacle People uses
through the different stages of the application’s development.

   The future
   Summit plays an integral part in the way that Pinnacle People          They are always ahead of the plan and we are confident that when we
   delivers and measures its services. NetBenefit’s Red Hat hosting       speak to our account manager, requests will always get managed
   platform will allow Pinnacle People to remain confident in the         through to completion.
   availability of this business critical application, in spite of the
                                                                          Colin Bell, Managing Director, NetBenefit, comments: “Security is a
   increasing number of users that will access the service.
                                                                          vital issue for many of today’s enterprises and none more so than
                                       At a glance
   Brook concluded: “The support that we have received from NetBenefit
   has been outstanding. We have a secure system that supports
                                                                          Pinnacle People. We are delighted to have been selected to host the
                                                                          Summit application and remain committed to providing the best
   our business now and will scale up as more staff, and ultimately       service that we can to support the success of the business.”
   customers, have access to the system. NetBenefit delivered on time
   and within budget. We have been really impressed with the service
   that we receive.

                                                                                                               Telephone: 0800 328 7477                                                                                   Email: