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									                     Text Books For Gujarat Board

Text Books For Gujarat Board
Gujarat higher secondary education board or Gujarat education board came into existence on 1st may
1960 when the state of Gujarat was formed on that time Gujarat higher secondary education board was
known as Education and Labor department of Gujarat .When at the time of its establishment, Gujarat
higher secondary education board also deal with social welfare, labor, prohibition, excise, and
employment in Gujarat.

Gujarat higher secondary education board became a separate entity in year 1976 as an education
department. This separate education department has the responsibilities that are related to the secondary
education, higher education, technical education, and pharmacy education in the state of Gujarat.

The duties of Gujarat higher secondary education board were to ensure for students of continuous
education and rate, primary education for children between that is for the children comes under 6 to 14
years .One more important work of Gujarat higher secondary education board is of expansion of
primary and secondary education in the state of Gujarat. In year 1972, Gujarat Secondary and Higher
secondary Education board was established and following the Gujarat Secondary Education Act. 1972.

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There have been various toppers and meritious students gaining scholarships from Gujarat and MP
(Madhya Pradesh). The board of both these states is broad and goal oriented. If the students study hard
for the board exams they can solve the question papers easily and score good marks.

MP Board exam (Madhya Pradesh Board) Madhya Pradesh board of secondary education was set up to
spread education even to the remotest areas of the state. Inaccessibility of educational provisions should
never be a reason to hamper the literacy of a child. The mp board aims at overcoming such a hurdle in
the path of determined and hard working children.

The Madhya Pradesh Legislature, in the sixteenth year of republic of India, had enacted an act for the
establishment of secondary education in Madhya Pradesh, which led to the set up of such an esteemed
board. The Madhya Pradesh board conducts exams for 10th and 12th classes in which students from
recognized schools (both private and government) appear and answer the question papers designed by
the MP Exam board.

These exams are very important for the students as they help them test their knowledge and decide their
streams n 11th class. And the exams conducted in 12th class decide there admissions into various
colleges and finally their career. One needs to prepare hard for these exams, the MP Board question
paper is a bit different from the usual question papers designed by schools but the level is not much
tough. The board keeps confines the question to the textbooks and makes sure the child is not stressed

Gujarat Board exam Gujarat secondary and higher secondary education board aims at imparting
unbiased education to all the students and conducting exam to test the potential of the students and pay
them for their hard work. The Gujarat board prepares the curriculum, the syllabus, prescribes the
textbooks for various classes and maintains an updates register of secondary schools of the state. It
performs the task of supervising all the activities of the school. The Gujarat Board question paper is set
after a joint meeting with the faculty and re tested by another group of specialized faculty.

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