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					               Astral Travelling Don't Try Astral Projection Without These!

 Just about everyone has heard of Astral Projection before. You might have heard someone
talking about it or read of it somewhere, perhaps seen it in a film.

Even though you may have some vague concept of it, you probably didn't know that it's something
that you and everyone else in the world can do and have done before, even if you didn't know it.

You need to understand what Astral Projection really is. Out Of Body Experience is the ability of
an individual to leave his or her body. Everyone has the ability to do this; everyone does this when
he or she lay down to sleep at night. While sleeping the physical mind is resting and the
subconscious mind takes control. A person astral projects while this is happening. However, the
majority may never remember astral projecting.

Out of Body allows you to visit any place you like and do anything without limitations imposed by
time or space. As a child, you probably were able to do this easily every time you slept. When we
age though, it's common to forget how to use this ability.

This brings us to the next logical question what is the astral body? The astral body is essentially
an invisible 'double' of your physical body. The astral body is also known as the ethereal body, and
is the seat of our feelings and desires. You may wonder why the astral body doesn't just leave and
never return. This is because the astral body remains connected to the physical body via a silver

The silver cord connects the two through your entire life; from the moment you first became aware
of being alive until the moment you die. The connection is unbreakable as long as you still draw
breath and your astral body will always return.

Where is it that your astral body goes in its travels? Your astral body goes to the astral plane, a
non-physical duplicate of the physical universe. The astral plane is thought to operate at a different
frequency than our own, some saying that it is an alternate universe. Most agree that the astral
plane is not a single monolithic place, however.

Are there any risks to Out of Body? Yes and no. Your physical body is at no risk and nothing can
keep your astral body from returning, but there are some dangers. However, the risk is pretty
minimal. Just keep a level head and know where you're going beforehand.
The greatest danger when astral projecting comes with the mind is not carefully prepared or under
the influence of thought and perception, altering substances such as drugs or alcohol. There are a
number of levels to the astral plane. The lower levels are not considered places to visit and are
often considered to be unsafe. It is these levels that are easiest to access when under the
influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is vital that you understand where you desire going and exactly what you are participating in.
You need to strive on doing out of body using your conscious mind. Stay in total control as far as
what task that the astral body is performing. Your thoughts and thinking processes are what keeps
you in this kind of control.

If you take the time to get properly prepared ahead of time, you might find that you are able to
astral project quite quickly. There are also many professionals in this field that teach different ways
of helping a person gain the necessary control to have a better experience, though many people
prefer to astral project alone, from the comfort of home.

There are a lot of helpful resources out there to help you learn Out of Body. There are books and
websites which contain useful information and recordings such as Out of Body hypnosis
recordings. You can listen to these recordings to relax and allow your subconscious to hear the
messages on the recordings that it's time to astral project.

A new audio recording technology called binaural beats has been shown to help people astral
project as well. The listener hears two slightly different frequencies, one in each ear and the effect
of these sounds is deep relaxation as the listener's brainwaves tune into just the right frequency
for Out Of Body.

Like any ability, even those which we're born with it can take some time to master astral
projecting. We all have this ability naturally, but you'll have to be patient and keep trying. You
might not succeed the first few times, but if you keep trying, you'll learn how to use this inborn

Do you still not believe in Out of Body? Do you remember that last dream you had about falling or
that you thought you were flying? Well the flying dreams are the astral body traveling around the
astral planes. When you think you are dreaming of falling that is the astral body returning to your
physical body.

Out Of Body is not imaginary; it is very real! Anyone can do it and experience its benefits if they
only take some time to hone this natural ability.

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