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									   Phishing Awareness to Help Your Employees Combat the Threats Effectively
You may have the best technological tools to drive your business operations. You also may have the
most proficient employees that can guarantee you with immense success with their expertise. But if you
have weak and ineffective security measures all the advanced tools and the efforts of your employees
will go to waste and your operation will be wiped out completely. Many people think that their business
will remain unaffected as long as they have sophisticated technology. But time and again it has been
proved that even the best technology cannot save the business if proactive initiatives are not
implemented to control the risks on time.

You must not ignore the fact that the online environment is flooded with various threats and each day a
new threat is released. Phishing has caused distressing losses to many businesses and before you
become the next victim you must ensure that your business is insured completely. Phishing attacks are
targeted at individuals specifically and one employee can start off the domino effect in your business.
Usually the employees of a company are not aware what phishing is all about and they can easily leak
sensitive information unintentionally to complete strangers.

The employees receive emails which they presume are sent by their banks or financial institutions. In
reality these mails are sent from fraudulent websites which the employees are unable to detect. The
emails contain links and attachments asking the employees to click on them. When they click on the
links and attachments they are taken to the fraudulent sites where they are asked to divulge
confidential financial details. This can happen with your employees also if they are not educated
adequately about how the phishing operations work. It is advisable to employ the automated anti
phishing software that ensures comprehensive and robust protection against phishing.

The software launches a mock phishing attack to test the awareness levels of your employees. It tracks
and records their actions for a critical analysis after the test is completed. The results are sent to the
employees through personalized emails with powerful phishing protection strategies to counter the
attacks more effectively. The anti phishing tool helps in identifying the vulnerabilities in your business so
that you can take remediation measures promptly before any disastrous event takes place. The software
helps save costs and prevents losses in business.

The intensity of damage caused by phishing is unfathomable. It is better to take precautionary measures
and carry on your business without any fears.

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