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Company Number# 121847
Wells Fargo Membership® banking services are a valuable benefit from Wells Fargo Bank, and
will make your banking easier and more cost-effective. You can join right away! Even if you are
already a Wells Fargo Bank customer, you can take advantage of this great opportunity.

                          Wells Fargo Membership1 Banking Offers You:
•      Interest Bearing Checking                                        •    Exclusive mortgage offer for Wells
       Account – waive monthly service                                       Fargo Membership banking
       fee with qualifying direct deposit OR                                 customers. Ask for details.2
       minimum daily combined balances of                               •    Education Financing through the
       $2500 or more* (Earn interest on                                      Wells Fargo ConSern Education
       your entire collected balance                                         Program® Benefit. Contact us at: 1-
       whenever your daily balance is                                        800-767-5626 or online at
       $500 or more.1)                                             
•      Free Wells Fargo Exclusive checks                                •    Complimentary gift when you
       in wallet style or duplicate.                                         purchase an auto with a loan from
•      Free Wells Fargo® Check Card. 1                                       Wells Fargo Auto Finance (must
•      Free Online Banking                                                   apply online).
                                                                        •    NEW!! Ask about our new Premium
•      Free Standard Traveler’s Checks
                                                                             MembershipSM Package – all the
•      Free Money Orders.                                                    features of our regular program, plus
•      Waived Monthly Service fee on                                         Free Online Bill Pay, Free Cashier’s
       Regular savings W/$50 automatic                                       Checks and more!
       monthly transfers from any Wells
       Fargo Membership checking
    Subject to qualification. See a banker for details and related disclosures before opening any accounts associated with this program.
    Offer subject to change and cannot be combined with any other discount, including the benefits of The Relocation Mortgage
        Program resource. Ask for full details and disclosures before applying for a mortgage loan.

              It’s Easy to Join -- To sign up for Wells Fargo Membership banking services—
                            just stop by your nearest Wells Fargo Bank, or call:
                             Wells Fargo Phone BankSM 1-800-WFB-OPEN (1-800-932-6736)

Other Services Available:
       ❏ Personal Loans                           ❏ Credit Cards                     ❏ Insurance
       ❏ Mortgages                                ❏ Lines of Credit                  ❏ Annuities
       ❏ Financial Seminars                       ❏ Investments                      ❏ Online Bill Pay

                         Visit us on the Internet at
                 Online banking is easy, fast, secure, convenient, saves time, and it’s free!

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