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membership The Charlotte Chamber


									                    The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
              126 N. Bostwick * P.O. Box * Charlotte, MI 48813
                     Membership Application & Benefits

       We invite you to consider membership in the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.
Your colleagues and customers recognize that you support the community in many ways
when you belong to the Chamber of Commerce.

       This is a particularly exciting time to become a member of the Charlotte
Chamber. That is because we have several great new programs and even more benefits

        Among the tangible of membership are: Networking opportunities through
Chamber events such as our summer golf outing, the fall Legislative Breakfast, our
Annual Dinner held in the spring and other occasions. Forums, seminars, joint advertising
promotions and sponsorship opportunities through our quarterly “Business After Hours”
are available to chamber members. The early morning monthly “Wake-Up Charlotte” is
very entertaining and popular, giving you a brief update on what is happening in our
community, the city, schools, and you even get a mini stock report. Our weekly electronic
newsletter, “The Business Blast”, gives you up to date information while our monthly
electronic newsletter, “The Business Beat”, has advertising opportunities and is received
by over 300 businesses, community leaders, and organizations. The Insurance program
from Blue Cross Blue Shield, along with Auto Owners, and AAA Michigan discount
programs are also available to Chamber Members.

        A Welcome to Charlotte brochure, with categories including shopping, what to
do, where to stay, and other valuable information, is available at the Chamber office. We
are working on a number of helpful pamphlets including: Banking and Financial,
Attorney’s, and other retail and service categories. Our Chamber web page including city,
school, and area information has proven to be a useful tool for community new comers
and for the recruitment of new businesses and Chamber members.

        All of the above opportunities will help you become known and more competitive
in today’s business environment. Join us today and play an important part in making sure
that our community maintains an excellent environment in which to do business. Your
membership in the Chamber could be the best investment and opportunity you come

       Thank you for your consideration at this time. If you have any questions, please
contact me at 517-543-0400

Ann M. Garvey, Executive Director
Charlotte, Michigan
The Heart of Eaton County
“The Maple City”
Eaton County was inhabited by the Pottawatomie Indians until
about 1840 when they were pushed west of the Mississippi by
the U.S. government.

Charlotte was settled in the 1830’s and was known as Eaton Center
because of its role as the county seat of Eaton County. Its present
name was suggested by E.B. Bostwick in 1885. Bostwick held the
contract on the land which became Charlotte and rather than
give the city his own name, he decided to use the name of his
new wife, Charlotte. (Pronounced Shar-Lot)

.Charlotte is located in the heart of Michigan- 18 miles from
Lansing, 26 miles from Battle Creek, and 55 miles from Grand
Rapids. Situated in the center of Eaton County, it serves as the
County Seat. Charlotte was incorporated as a village on October 10,
1863 and as a city on March 29, 1871. Earliest records indicate that
Charlotte was once an overgrown prairie made beautiful by
abundance of colorful wild flowers.

The Old Eaton County Courthouse completed in 1885, is nationally
recognized as an important historical building and is highly valued
as a Charlotte landmark. Other buildings with significance
include the Charlotte Public Library, First Congregational
Church, and several old homes.

Celebrate Charlotte

In June, on Fathers Day weekend, come join us and
participate in our Celebrate Charlotte Festival. There will be hot air
balloons, music throughout the entire event, car show, children’s
activities, craft show and non-profits show and food.

Frontier Days
Charlotte is also home of the Frontier Days, an event that
always takes place on the Wednesday after Labor Day in
September. This event is one in which the entire community
gets involved. Events include: a large parade, arts and crafts,
antique show, a rodeo, and a huge saloon with continuous
live entertainment, and numerous activities.

                       Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce
                                   Charlotte, MI
                              2009-2010 Membership Benefits

   Networking opportunities through               Business referral from phone, fax,
    Chamber Events:                                 mail inquiries (Always Members
    *Summer Golf Outing                             First).
    *Fall Legislative Breakfast
    *Spring Annual Dinner.                         Ribbon Cuttings and First Dollar
                                                    Awards available to new businesses.
   Forums, Seminars, joint advertising
    promotions, and sponsorship through            CAN DO! Participants (Charlotte Area
    our quarterly Business After Hours.             Networking for Development &
                                                    Opportunity) Participant.
   Invite to monthly Wake Up Charlotte
    meeting with updates on the                    Access to the Chamber mailing list.
                                                   Discounted fee or free workshops
   Receive our monthly & weekly                    and seminars.
    electronic newsletter, Business Beat
    & Business Blast which has                     Participant in Chamber Gift
    advertising opportunities and is                Certificates Program (Keeps our
    received by over 300 businesses.                Money Local, more than $40,000 sold
                                                    in previous 12 months).
   Insurance programs from:
    *Blue Cross Blue Shield                        Listing in the Chamber Home
    *AFLAC                                          Webpage with a direct link to your
    *Auto Owners, discounts Available               web site if desired.
       Charlotte Insurance                         Community advertising program
       Russell & Schrader                           available with TV, billboard, and print.

   Bold Listings in the CRG Phone                 Kane’s Heating and Ventilation offers
    Book.                                           a 10% discount to all chamber

     ~The members of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce are proud to promote
         community pride and economic growth as well as encouraging awareness
         in the community.
What is the Chamber of Commerce?
There are over 5,000 Chamber of Commerce in the United States today. Each Chamber has
something special to offer to its members and community. The most important roll of the
Chamber of Commerce is to be dedicated to the people of the community. In a nut shell,
Chambers serve as problem solvers, organizers, coordinators, economy builders, innovators,
advisors, and much more!

Who runs the Chamber of Commerce?
The Members! The Chamber is overseen by a Board of Directors elected from the Chamber
member volunteers. Committees assist in planning and carrying out the activities of the
Chamber. The administrative duties of the Chamber are done by a part-time staff employed by
the Chamber. Volunteers supplement the office staff and volunteers run the events of the
Chamber. The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce contact is Executive Director, Ann Garvey.

What does the Chamber do for you?
-Provides the best and least expensive way for you to invest in Charlotte’s future, and in turn,
your own.
-Works closely with other organizations on all areas of mutual concern.
-Serves as your sales manager by selling your area, your products, and your services to people
and firms everywhere.
-Puts money in your pocket by referring your business to member’s everyday in our office.
-Offers Charlotte Gift Certificates to help keep money spent locally.
-Has reduced fees for seminars and workshops for Chamber members.
-Helps bring people into Charlotte who will buy from you.
-Works to maintain and improve the quality of the community in Charlotte.
-Members will be listed in bold print in the local address book.
-Networking opportunities: Business After Hours, Wake Up Charlotte, Annual Dinner, Golf
Outing, etc.
-Members are included on Website with contact information
-Ribbon Cuttings and First Dollar Awards presented to new Business for free!!
-Opportunity to participate in community events.
-Receive monthly newsletter, Business Beat, with advertising available, and sent out to over 300

Who are your fellow members?
The Chamber of Commerce likes to give all businesses a chance to get well known throughout
the community. Many members are caring businesses, industry, civic groups, organizations, and
several individuals in our community. They have pledged their support for the Charlotte
community by joining the Chamber. In return, the Chamber provides support for its members.

What can you do for the Chamber of Commerce?
Volunteer to help lead the Chamber. Take advantage of sponsorship and value opportunities.
By joining forces with other business, industry, and individuals, we are able to create a stronger,
caring community to work and reside in.
                                     The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
                                      2008 Membership Dues Structure

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce invites you to become part of the business and professional leaders of
your community. First time members will receive a 50% discount on the prices below. We know you will
feel it=s a great investment in the community to help us market the area and your business.


General Membership (Retail, Industry, Realtors)*                      Hotels, Motels (# of rooms)
1-5                      Employees                  $245.00           1-25                    $315.00
6-10                     Employees                  $315.00            25 and over            $420.00
11-15                    Employees                  $365.00
16-25                    Employees                  $485.00           Bed & Breakfast (# of rooms)
26-40                    Employees                  $680.00           1-5                     $115.00
41-60                    Employees                  $800.00               6-10                         $255.00
61-75                    Employees                  $980.00
76-100                   Employees                  $1210.00          Schools and Government
101-250                  Employees                  $1465.00          1-15       Employees    $270.00
                                                                  16-35            Employees $365.00
                                                                  36-60          Employees    $450.00
* General Memberships include: Real Estate Brokers,                 61-100 Employees          $510.00
and their Agents, Automobile Dealers, Publishers,                            Over 100    Employees     $615.00
Printers, Service Companies, and any others not
included in the other categories.

First Professional     $280.00
Each Additional        $120.00         Physicians, Dentists, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Attorneys,
                                       Veterinarians, Funeral Directors, Accountants, Insurance Agents.

                        $60.00       We have maintained a lower amount for churches, and
                                     Service organizations because we know the monies you collect like
                                     the Chamber, also go for the communities’ betterment. We want to
                                     work with you! No voting rights included.

Individuals                          The individual membership is extended to persons who are
                        $85.00       retirees or are not affiliated with a business. Persons employed
                                     by a member business may also retain an individual
                                     membership for the purpose of direct mailing and personal
                                     listings in the directories. Receives no voting privileges.

Home Based Business                  Home based businesses are those operated from an individuals
                        $120.00      home, typically set-up businesses with no employees

**Dues are pro-rated and to be paid to correspond with the fiscal year of July 1- June 30 of each year.
Quarterly payments can be made with the approval of Chamber Executive Director @
                                             An Invitation to Membership
                                   With the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
                                      P.O. Box 356* 126 N. Bostwick Ave.
                                                 Charlotte, MI 48813

        I pledge support to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and its efforts to make our community a
better place to live, work, and do business. Based upon the guidelines, our annual investment is $
*Chamber fiscal year is July 2009- June 2010

Name of Company_____________________________________________________________________
Name of Contact Person(s)______________________________________________________________
Phone                                                                         Fax__________________________________
Email                                                                     Web page______________________________
                                This company information will be used in our monthly ABusiness Beat@

Describe Product or Services:

Date Opened                                         Hours of Operation

We ask that all members of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce do business that coincides with our Mission.
The Mission of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is to promote a climate that is favorable for the vibrancy
of the community through collaboration, leadership, and service.
Our Vision Statement : Success of all current and potential Charlotte area businesses and organizations.

What would you like to gain from your membership with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce?

Please indicate your preferred method of communication: US Mail            Fax          Email         Phone

Committees or Projects: If you would like either additional information or have an interest in one of the following
committees, please contact the Chamber office for details.

         Retail/Marketing -      Meets once a month to plan retail events and marketing programs

         Ambassador Club - Some activities and duties include: Wake Up Charlotte, New Business Ribbon Cuttings,
                 Recruits & Retain members, communications with members.

         Activities -

                  Annual Awards Dinner - Help plan and organize the March awards event.

                  Business After Hours - Hold an event at your place of business and get great exposure.

                  Celebrate Charlotte/Golf Outing - A four day community event of Music, car show, hot air balloons
                         and more! Volunteers needed

                  Wake Up Charlotte - Held the third Friday of each month September-May. Fast paced, fun event
                 where the Schools, City, News, Investments and others share what is happening ... Light Breakfast is
                 served. Sponsorship is available or join us at 7:30 a.m. to hear about your community.

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