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									OneSource for Salesforce

Improve Sales Effectiveness & CRM Data Quality:
Integrate Business Information Directly Into Your CRM                                                  OneSource Delivers:
OneSource for Salesforce enables sales              comprehensive view of prospects, reps can          • Comprehensive data on over
teams to increase time spent on direct              quickly qualify leads and focus on building          18 million public and private
selling while improving the completeness            the relationships and developing the oppor-          companies worldwide
and depth of business data in the CRM.              tunities that translate into revenues. And
More complete prospect profiling drives              sales operations can control data imports          • Contact information on over 25
user adoption, ensures proper lead                  and access—so that critical data fields are           million executives worldwide,
assignment, facilitates territory alignment         secure, and duplicates are avoided.                  many including biographical and
and increases sales engagement.                                                                          background information
                                                    Populate, Standardize and
OneSource for Salesforce provides                                                                      • Detailed company profiles
                                                    Automate Your CRM System
seamless integration of business and                                                                     customized within your
contact data, including:                            OneSource for Salesforce directly embeds             CRM interface, featuring:
                                                    high-value business information into your
•18 million public and private companies
                                                                                                          - Business description
                                                    Salesforce application.
•25 million corporate and 290,000
                                                                                                          - Annual revenue
                                                    This includes in-depth company profiles,
  US government contacts
                                                    executive contacts, industry information,
                                                                                                          - Number of employees
•40,000 US government agencies with
                                                   financial data, corporate family relation-
  150,000 email addresses                           ships and critical news events.                       - Industry information

•8 million corporate email addresses
                                                   Using OneSource for Salesforce you                    - Executive contacts
                                                    can promote CRM data integrity by
Sales managers know that research time is                                                                 - Corporate families
                                                    standardizing data and populating missing
reduced when accurate, complete and timely          fields, increasing the completeness and                - Financial data
company and prospect information is available       consistency of your prospect and customer
to sales reps within the CRM. With a                                                                      - Financial analyst reports
                                                                                                          - Critical news events

                                                                                                     View a detailed company profile in
                                                                                                     one window, including contacts,
                                                                                                     financials, news, and corporate
                                                                                                     family relationships.
Transform your CRM system into a rich repository of accurate and timely
business information for quicker qualification of prospects and leads.

                                       866 222 4213
             Australia      China       India    Hong Kong     Japan     Korea      Singapore     United Kingdom     United States
                                                                            866 222 4213

                                                 Import Companies, Contacts                            The OneSource Advantage
                                                 & Emails
                                                                                                       OneSource for Salesforce provides quality
                                                 As new accounts are added to your Sales-              business information on millions of
                                                 force database you can automatically match            companies. Data is delivered within your
                                                 and append relevant OneSource company                 established workflows, enabling you to auto-
                                                 information to the record, minimizing time            mate sales processes for greater efficiency.
                                                 spent on manual entry and reducing input
                                                 errors. Populate your database more com-              The embedded “Quick Profile” provides key
                                                 pletely and easily.                                   company and contact information directly
                                                                                                       in account and lead records. Fine-grained
                                                 Compare OneSource and internal data side-             search capabilities allow for prospecting on
                                                 by-side; accept or reject information at the          multiple criteria, such as geography, industry
Find targeted executives based on                field level with a single click, and even import       and revenues.
criteria such as title, industry, company        email addresses when importing contacts.
size, geography and more...                                                                            Streamlined prospecting, search and alert
                                                 Advanced news searches and detailed                   capabilities enable reps to focus on building
                                                 company profiles, including strategic                  relationships and winning business. And
                                                 initiatives and SWOT reporting, help reps             OneSource for Salesforce includes the
                                                 to uncover opportunity within prospect                access control that sales operations requires
                                                 and customer accounts. Custom alerts                  to maintain database integrity.
                                                 enable them to proactively monitor new

                                                  Key Features                                       Benefits
                                                  Quick Qualification:                                One-click business descriptions, corporate family
                                                  • Link Accounts within Corporate Families          relationships and key contact information enable
                                                  • Email-Based News Alerts & Advanced News          reps to review prospect information and quickly
                                                    Searches for Tracking Opportunities/Threats      qualify high-value leads.
                                                  • Embed Key Company Information/Links into
Company search capabilities enable                  Accounts and Leads
reps to find public and private companies         Prospecting:                                       Fine-grained searching for companies and contacts
across the corporate family.                      • Add Account Contacts from a Database             using 55 separate criteria--such as geography,
                                                    of 25 Million Executives                         company size, title–enable you to uncover highly-
                                                  • Build and Manage Company Prospect Lists          targeted prospects and manage prospects lists.
                                                  • Export Companies & Contacts Across an
                                                    Entire Family Tree
                                                  Detailed Company Profiles:                          Generating business requires more than a contact
                                                  • Rich Business Descriptions                       name, phone number and email. OneSource
                                                  • Executive Biographies and Contacts               provides you with the contacts and the context
                                                  • Public Company Financials                        needed to effectively develop your account and
                                                  • Financial Analyst & Market Research
                                                                                                     prospect base.
                                                  • Company & Industry News
                                                  • Plan Travel by Mapping Neighbors and Peers in
                                                    Proximity to Existing Customers or Prospects
                                                  Process Automation:                                Use standardized and comprehensive data
                                                  • Populate account, lead and contact fields         as a platform for triggering workflow rules and
                                                    with standardized data, which can be used to     automation. Create task records, email alerts, field
                                                    trigger workflow rules                            updates or outbound SOAP messages based on
                                                  • Set lead assignment rule, source, owner and/
                                                                                                     new or changed company data.
                                                    or campaign fields when importing new leads
                                                  • Auto-importation of corporate parent
  For more information:                             linkage when updating an existing account

  Visit                         Customized Business Processes:                     Customize OneSource data deployment to fit your
                                                  • Full support for populating custom fields in      business processes when populating account and
                                                    account, lead and contact records                lead records. Localize deployment of OneSource
  Email                       • Use record types to customize deployment of      data for different parts of your organization, and
                                                    OneSource data throughout your organization
                                                                                                     use the industry taxonomy most appropriate to
  Phone 866 222 4213                              • Customize picklist values for industry and
                                                                                                     your business.
                                                    ownership fields

                                    866 222 4213
             Australia     China     India    Hong Kong      Japan       Korea       Singapore      United Kingdom          United States

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