NewComputerSetup by fanzhongqing


									                                       New computer setup
1. Add an administrator to computer.
Control panel, user accounts, add, username, domain CN, Other admin users, okay.

1.25. Group permission for .NET configuration.
Start, run, type in “CMD” Then: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727>CasPol.exe -
machine -quiet -addgroup 1. -url \\cn-share\library\TechServ\* FullTrust

This will allow machines to trust everything coming from the techservices network space

cd.. to get out of your documents and settings and back to the C prompt and exit.
To move into the folders use the “cd” (change directory) command.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\wilsonl>cd..
C:\Documents and Settings>cd..
C:\WINDOWS>cd Microsoft.NET
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET>cd Framework
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework>cd v2.0.50727
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727>CasPol.exe -machine -quiet -addgro
up 1. -url \\cn-share\library\TechServ\* FullTrust

1.5 Millennium
Download and install from Library Shared drive at: \\cn-share\library\shared\Innopac\Millennium
Newest version is 2007 1.0

2. Connexion
Use Internet Explorer only to download!
Download and install the latest version of OCLC at: (You will need an OCLC username and
password to access the software downloads)

3. Macros
Copy the master macro files from: \\cn-share\library\techserv\catalog\programs\winoclc\master [CatMe/Connexion] to
the designated macro files for each environment:

      Catme: c:\oclcapps\catme
      Connexion: c:\program files\oclc\connexion\program\macros\

Add Printwizard files needed to support macros, copy:

      \\cn-share\library\TechServ\Terry's Misc. Folder\New Computer Stuff\pwizard.exe and
       \\cn-share\library\TechServ\Terry's Misc. Folder\New Computer Stuff\pwiz.ini

      into the c:\oclcapps directory.
      In the pwiz.ini file, change Printer=Panasonic to Printer=[the deskprinter if one is available]

4. CatMe
Download and install from the Techservices Shared drive at: \\cn-share\library\techserv\catme\
Click on “setup.exe”


Create a Session:
Terminal Session, Create:

Terminal Session Settings:

For best results, use same color for background, non-text area, and history text background.

Keymap must have something other than (none). Make sure there is at least a “default” keymap. Otherwise you won’t
be able to assign commands like control c and v for copy and paste.

If needed, assign “control c” and “control v” to copy and paste commands:


5. Statistics Program
Install the following file:

\\cn-share\library\techserv\Terry's Misc. Folder\New Computer Stuff\Stats Installation\setup.exe
Just click “next” to accept all the defaults?

Once installed, run the program and edit the configuration file. Change all paths so that they point to the current
network locations.

Click on the Stats icon:

Choose “options.”
Make sure the Remote and Yearly files are correct (they used to point to the S drive but since the CD label maker was
added this changed)

Edit the lower part of the file to set default stats settings.

6. Label Printer Program
Download label printer macro from: \\cn-share\library\techserv\Catalog\PROGRAMS\labels.exe

Create file C:\OCLCAPPS\user.txt
Inside the text file include:
         Catalog Dept.
         Printer: HP LJ 4000 PCL

Install printers (Laser, Label, Gov Docs, and CD)
Start, settings, printers & faxes, add printer, local printer, create new port, Standard TCP/IP Port.
When you get to the Add port window, enter:
         Laser Printer IP:
         Label Printer IP: Port 1
         Gov. Docs Printer IP: Port 2
         Dymo CD Printer: does not have an IP address, connects to techserv print server computer.
The Port name will type in for you.

The Gov doc. And Label Printers share the same IP address and use a parallel port. The label printer is on Parallel 1, the
Gov. Docs. Printer is on Parallel 2. Parallel 3 is empty:

This completes the TCP/IP wizard (but you are not done yet)

You need to select the Printer software to use once the printer has been setup. For the label printer, desk printers, etc.,
we always use the Generic Text Driver:

If the driver is already being used by another printer, then we simply keep the existing driver:

Name the Printer (Label Printer or Gov. Docs Printer)

Do not Share the printer:

Don’t print a test page, you are finished.

Now you need to tell the Label Printer Program what Printer to use when Printing labels.

Click on the Label Printer icon, click on the “Settings” tab, choose “Set Options”

Fill in the printer information and save:

Click the Save Paths tab, fill in and save:

Network path:

Connexion path:
C:\Program Files\OCLC\Connexion\Program\labels.txt

Connexion path differs for people using OCLC to print labels:
C:\Program Files\OCLC\Program Data\? Check Alice or Debbie C.’s computer.

Fill in as appropriate, may use “Student” or “Student2” or “Docs” for student workstations.

Installing the Dymo print driver:
Click on: \\Cn-share\library\TechServ\CD Label Printer Driver\install.exe
Once the wizard starts, agree to everything EXCEPT: choose Network LAN, Dymo labelwriter 400, type in: \\techsrv2-


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