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									                 Create a sound anti-phishing strategy with the right solution provider

The increasing number of security breach incidents in recent times has highlighted phishing as a key risk
for which organizations need to develop specific control measures. While it’s good to be informed of the
most customary signs of a spoofed email, it makes better sense to prepare yourself even further against
phishing. While people controls are the main focus area in phishing attacks against unsuspecting users,
it is imperative for technology and process controls also to be deployed.

Sophisticated phishing attacks can expose your company’s sensitive information to malicious outsiders
without you being aware of it. This sensitive information may include custodial data (customer, health,
credit or other personally identifiable data) or classified corporate information like trade secrets,
business plans, sales forecasts etc., which if compromised, can not only lead to loss of brand reputation,
it may also lead to significant financial damage for your company. Organizations need to look beyond
traditional technology controls, and look to continuous education and awareness to fight phishing
attacks. It is therefore essential for countermeasures like anti phishing solutions to be considered in
order to deal with the increasing technical sophistication of criminals conducting phishing scams,
exploiting human vulnerabilities.

While the most important protection from phishing is constant vigilance and moderate skepticism,
successful phishing awareness and control needs to include law enforcement and employees of targeted
businesses so that they are able to recognize scams. The key to protecting an organization starts with
continuous education and awareness building. Partnering with the best solution provider can help arm
your employees against malicious attacks and create a prioritized action plan to mitigate possible
threats in a proactive manner. They must provide statistics on user behavior, measures security
awareness among employees, identifies data leakage, assesses Data Loss Prevention programs and tests
the incident response program. They must also simulate a phishing attack and captures user's potential
reaction to a real attack.

Invest in a solution that helps organizations to protect their most valuable assets, their employees, from
becoming phishing victims. While there are a number of anti-phishing tools offered in the market, it is
very important to opt for a solution that can also address "incident based reactive approaches". Do not
rely on end-users to run malware inspection and to be able to detect and eliminate these increasingly
sophisticated threats.

With a good solution provider, your organization can build the best line of defence by increasing an
employee's awareness and also play a fundamental role in an organization's anti-phishing strategy.

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