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									                             Facilities Management

                           Car Park Regulations
The roads within the University grounds, although private property, may be
used by the public and are therefore also ‘roads’ within the scope of the Road
Traffic Act 1972. Road Traffic Regulations therefore apply in full at all times.

The Car Park Regulations are applicable to all who use vehicles and parking
facilities on University grounds.

All vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk and the University accepts no
responsibility or liability for any loss or damage that occurs to any vehicle or
its contents while that vehicle is on University grounds, whether permission
has been granted or not.


Permits must be displayed clearly in the front windscreen of all vehicles at all

Vehicles parked on University grounds and not displaying a valid Permit
 will be treated as trespassing and will be clamped. The full release fee
                           will then be payable.
  Please be aware that the purchase and display of a University Permit
   does not entitle the holder to a guaranteed space on the University
campus Car Parks. Occupancy of the Car Parks is on a first-come, first –
                               served basis.

1. Car Parking Permits

   1.1 All Vehicles parked on University grounds must display a valid Permit
       or Pay and Display ticket at all times and be parked in the appropriate
       designated area. No vehicle may be parked on University grounds
       except in authorised car parks or designated areas. Application for
       permits must be made to Facilities Management (ext 2066) and
       allocation is strictly subject to availability. Permits issued are applicant
       and vehicle specific. Any change of vehicle and/or registration must be
       notified to Facilities Management via the relevant form (available on
       the FM website and from FM Reception). A new Permit will then be

   Permits must not under any circumstances be transferred to another

   1.2 Possession of a valid Permit does not guarantee that a parking space
       will be available.

                                     Facilities Management
   1.3 Eligibility for Permits is as follows:-

   (i)             Permits are available under the criteria and rules in force from time
                   to time (these are available to applicants on UCLan leaflets S1 and
   (ii)            Full and Part Time students are eligible to apply for Parking Permits
                   if they satisfy the criteria on UCLan leaflet ST1.
   (iii)           Students who are resident on the University campus (within UCLan
                   property) or in privately owned halls of residence will not be eligible
                   for a daytime Permit except under medical or exceptional
                   circumstances, (subject to the discretion of the Transport Services
   (iv)            Students who are Blue Badge holders will automatically be eligible
                   for a University Priority Permit
   (v)             All students are eligible for a ‘Weekends and Evenings’ Permit –
                   see UCLan leaflet ST1

   1.4 Validity of Permits is as specified on the Permit.

2. The Car Parking Regulations are enforced by vehicle clamping and/or
   vehicle removal.

   2.1. The following are breaches of the Car Park Regulations:-

           (i)        Parking without a valid Permit at any time and for whatever
           (ii)       Parking on yellow lines and/or where ‘No Parking’ signs are
           (iii)      Parking outside a bay where bay markings are clearly visible.
           (iv)       Causing an obstruction or hazard including blocking any access
                      or egress points. (The University’s decision as to whether an
                      obstruction or hazard has been caused will be final)
           (v)        Parking in a disabled/priority bay without displaying a valid
                      registered disabled ‘Blue Badge” together with a valid University
                      ‘Priority Parking’ permit.
           (vi)       Parking in a disabled or priority bay without displaying a valid
                      Priority Permit in the case of Permits issued in respect of an
                      application supported by a doctor’s letter
           (vii)      Parking cars or other vehicles in spaces reserved for
                      motorcycles or cycles
           (viii)     Parking in spaces reserved by University Car Parking
                      Attendants for any reason.
           (ix)       Obstructing an emergency access or exit point
           (x)        Parking at the drop off / collection point of the Pre-School area
                      for more than the permitted five minutes
           (xi)       Parking in a visitors bay without authorisation before 4.30 pm
           (xii)      Parking in the Pay and Display area without displaying a valid
                      Pay and Display ticket.

                            Facilities Management
   2.2 All users of the roads and parking facilities on University grounds who
       infringe the Car Park Regulations will be liable to have their vehicle
       clamped and/or removed

   2.3 All the Car Park Regulations shall apply according to the
      circumstances of the case, to:

                    The legal owner of the vehicle
                    The person in whose name the permit is registered
                    The person in charge of the vehicle at the time of any
                    Any two or more of the above persons if they are different

3. Vehicle Clamping and/or Removal

   3.1. The University reserves the right to apply wheel clamps to any
        vehicles which are parked in breach of these Car Park Regulations
        (any breach to be determined at the sole discretion of the University).
   3.2. Vehicles which are clamped will only be released on payment of the
        appropriate fee, which at 1st September 2009 will be £30.00.
   3.3. Where vehicles, are (in the opinion of the University alone) causing an
        obstruction or a safety hazard, they may be removed.. Vehicles which
        are removed will only be released on payment of the appropriate fee
        which at 1st September 2009 will be £150 plus any storage charges
        levied by the towing service employed by the University for this
   3.4. Fees for vehicle clamping and/or vehicle removal and storage may be
        increased or amended from time to time without further notice. Details
        of the current fees are available from Facilities Management, Marsh
        Building telephone number 01772 892066.
   3.5. Any attempt to remove a vehicle clamp may lead to disciplinary action
        being taken through the relevant Faculty or Department Head.

4. Campus Visitor and Conferencing Parking Criteria

   4.1 Daily Visitor Parking on Foster Car park and qualifying criteria

      Foster Car Park is the official visitors’ car park for the whole of UCLan
      Preston campus. The car park is attended from 07.00 to 18.00 in
      semester time and spaces are provided free of charge to qualifying
      visitors. There are 46 visitor spaces available for booking daily on a
      free of charge basis. 7 designated spaces for disabled parking are also
      available on Foster

                             Facilities Management
Foster Car Park is located on South Campus in front of the Foster Building
and adjacent to Fylde roundabout. A map of campus can be found at

Due to resourcing constraints in the Car Parking Team, it is not possible
routinely to provide daily visitor space on any other campus car park.

Requests for visitor spaces should be made as far in advance as possible (a
minimum of 48 hours) by UCLan staff only, using the automated CMIS
booking system. This can be found at

Bookings are dealt with in strict date order on a daily receipt basis.

      The criteria for eligibity for a confirmed visitor space are as follows in
       order of priority:

Category of Visitor             Priority       To be booked by

Government & statutory                              Faculties/Schools/Services
bodies attending meetings                                  administration
External assessors                   1             Faculty/School administration
AQuSU Verifiers                                      Faculty/School /Service
External course validators           1             Faculty/School administration
External Board members               1             Directorate /Faculty/Schools
External committee
members on specific UCLan            1             Faculty/School administration
External visitors on UCLan
business ( at the request of         1                Directorate administration
Corporate sponsors of
UCLan programmes or                  2
Staff interview candidates           2                    Human Resources
Student interview
candidates with special
                                     2                  Schools administration
requirements (must meet
normal student criteria)
Guest Lecturers(unpaid)              2                  Schools administration

If Foster Visitor car park is fully booked at a time when further eligible booking
requests are received by Car Parking Services, free of charge visitor Permits
will be offered to the requestor. However, such a Permit will not entitle the
visitor to a reserved space, but rather a ‘right to roam’ the campus car parks

                              Facilities Management
to locate a space. Every effort will be made to direct visitors to the nearest
vacant space based on the latest information available to the attendant in

Car parking Services will provide complimentary visitor permits subject to prior
notification to the requestor and to space availability over campus as a whole.
A list detailing those visitors eligible for a ‘right to roam’ permit will be provided
to the attendant for information.

Car Parking Services reserves the right to inform the requestor that their
visitor will not be accommodated on campus if in the opinion of the attendant
in charge the campus car parks are already full to capacity.

    By way of example, requests for space for the following visitor will NOT
   qualify for a free reserved space on Foster Car park:

                        Commercial goods suppliers
                    External attendees to UCLan courses
              Members of staff on external University business
    Contractors ( except by express prior arrangement with the Transport
                             Services Manager)
                             University Vehicles
     Student interview candidates who do not meet the normal criteria

Should the visitor not qualify under the above category, the parking
alternatives are described in Sections 4.2 and 4.3.

   4.2 Visitor Permits for Academic Schools/Services

From September 2009, all schools and services within UCLan will be eligible
to obtain five Visitor Permits per calendar month. Each one will be valid for
one day. To obtain a Permit within the school’s quota, a representative will be
required to present an official internal order detailing the school or service, an
authorised budget holder’s signature and a recharge code at Car Parking
Services Reception. Permits will be charged at the current day permit price
and recharged to the school or service at the end of each month

Visitors to specific schools or services on UCLan business will be entitled to
use these Permits to obtain a parking space. However, please bear in mind
that these spaces are not specifically reserved and that early arrival on
campus will increase the chance of obtaining a space close to the building the
visitor is attending. Campus maps detailing the campus parking facilities are
available from Car Parking Services and also the UCLan web site.

                             Facilities Management
   4.3 Local public parking/Alternative sustainable travel methods

There are a number of local parking facilities close to the University, the
nearest being Walker Street NCP car park, a five minute walk from central
campus. Other car parking facility details can be found at

Details of all the alternative methods of transport to campus can be found on
the Facilities Management website at

In line with the University Travel Plan, the promotion of sustainable transport
methods to Preston should be encouraged for visitors travel.

   4.4 Visitor space allocation in other campus car parks

It is often necessary to close all or part of certain campus car parks to
accommodate the following types of event:

       Open Days
       Applicant Days
       Academic conferences
       University hosted conferences
       Academic events – e.g. degree shows, Degrees and Awards
        ceremonies, UCLan lecture series, Alumni events and schools visits
       Events Management functions –e.g. commercial training courses,
        external hospitality bookings, networking events.

There are limits on the number of spaces that can be provided for any event,
and, on occasion, it may not be possible to provide any space depending on
the current demand on campus. It is therefore essential, to avoid
disappointment, that sufficient notice is given of space requirements.
Allocation of space for events other than Open and Applicant days is decided
by the Transport Services Manager (subject to availability), and requests
should be made by email detailing:

       Date of event
       Number of attendees and number of parking spaces required
       Level of service required ( space allocation only or attended space)
       Recharge code.

Minimum charges are £2.15 per space and £10.00 per hour per attendant
which may increase depending upon levels of service required.

   4.5 Requests for reservation of spaces for official visitors must be made
       directly to Facilities Management on the Car Parking website based
      form, or by email to or in an emergency by

                              Facilities Management
        telephone to Ext 2066. All bookings require at least 48 hours notice
        to secure a reserved space. However, Facilities Management will
        endeavour to provide assistance wherever possible.

     4.3 Under no circumstances may a request be made for complimentary
         Permits for use by University Staff.

     4.6 Other Visitors

        (i)     All other visitors must purchase day Permits from Facilities
                Management Reception, or have them provided by the relevant
                Faculty or Department. Purchase of Permits is subject to spaces
                being available.
        (ii)    Failure by Faculties/Departments/Services to advise visitors of
                Car Parking Regulations, or requests for Permits for ineligible
                visitors may result in the clamping release fee being charged to
                the relevant Faculty/Department/Service.
        (iii)   Faculties/Departments/Services holding special events involving
                the attendance of large numbers of members of the public, etc,
                must contact the Transport & Distribution Manager, Facilities
                Management, a minimum of four weeks prior to the event to
                ensure that special arrangements can be made.

5. Bicycle/Motorcycle parking

        5.1 Various designated areas are provided throughout the University
        campus for the use of staff and students who travel to the University by
        bicycle or motorcycle. Such vehicles are left in the designated areas at
        the owners’ risk.
        5.2    Any bicycle or motorcycle which is left in an area not designated
        for cycle parking may be clamped or removed. Bicycles and
        motorcycles which have been clamped and/or removed will only be
        released on the payment of the appropriate fee which at 1st September
        2009 will be £30.00.This may be increased from time to time.

6. Pay and Display Facilities

        6.1 Pay and Display only – Certain bays are designated for short stay
        use and only Pay and Display tickets are valid in these areas. Normal
        University Permits are not valid in these bays. Vehicles not
        displaying a valid Pay and Display ticket will be clamped.
        6.2 Vehicles not displaying a valid Pay and Display ticket will be
        6.3 Please refer to the Pay and Display signs for details of current
        parking tariffs

7.      Additional Information

                     Facilities Management

7.1    All vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk and the University
accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage that occurs
to any vehicle (whether such liability arises out of contract, tort,
statutory duty or otherwise) or its contents while that vehicle is on
university grounds, whether displaying a valid Permit or not.
7.2     The University accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage
that occurs to any clamped vehicle, nor for any delay in releasing
clamped vehicles.
7.3     The Car Park Regulations may be changed from time to time at
the discretion of Facilities Management

                                                       Car Parking Services
                                                       Facilities Management
                                                             Revised July 2009


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