March 2012 _.COM_ by fanzhongqing


									Ticker   Fund Name                                 Family Name
CGFIX    Aberdeen Global Fixed Income Instl Svc    ABERDEEN
GOPAX    Aberdeen China Opportunities A LW         ABERDEEN
AEMGX    Acadian Emerging Markets Instl            ACADIAN
ADKSX    Adirondack Small Cap                      ADIRONDACK
CLACX    AdvisorOne Select Appreciation N          ADVISOR ONE
CLBLX    AdvisorOne Select Allocation N            ADVISOR ONE
CLDEX    AdvisorOne Descartes N                    ADVISOR ONE
CLEIX    AdvisorOne Enhanced Income N              ADVISOR ONE
CLERX    AdvisorOne Clermont N                     ADVISOR ONE
CLFLX    AdvisorOne Flexible Income N              ADVISOR ONE
CLHAX    AdvisorOne Liahona N                      ADVISOR ONE
CLSAX    AdvisorOne Amerigo N                      ADVISOR ONE
CLSHX    AdvisorOne Shelter N                      ADVISOR ONE
ALPHX    Hatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies          AIP ALTERNATIVE
VALUX    Al Frank Inv                              AL FRANK
ACAAX    Alger Capital Appreciation A LW           ALGER
AHSAX    Alger Health Sciences A Load Waived       ALGER
ALGAX    Alger Large Cap Growth A Load Waived      ALGER
ALMAX    Alger SMid Cap Growth A Load Waived       ALGER
ALSRX    Alger Small Cap Growth Institutional I    ALGER
AMGAX    Alger Mid Cap Growth A Load Waived        ALGER
ASPIX    Alger Spectra I                           ALGER
SPEGX    Alger Green A Load Waived                 ALGER
ABIAX    AllianceBern Intl Val A Load Waived       ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
ABQUX    AllianceBern Interm Bond A Load Waived    ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
ABTHX    AllianceBern High Income Municipal A LW   ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AGDAX    AllianceBern High Income A Load Waived    ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AGIAX    AllianceBern Tx Mgd Bal Wlth St A LW      ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AGRFX    AllianceBern Growth A Load Waived         ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AIDAX    AllianceBern Interm Divers Muni A LW      ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
ALNYX    AllianceBern Muni Income NY A LW          ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
ALTFX    AllianceBern Global Thematic Gr A LW      ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
ALTHX    AllianceBern Muni Income Natl A LW        ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
ANAGX    AllianceBern Global Bond A Load Waived    ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
ANIAX    AllianceBern Interm NY Muni A LW          ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
APGAX    AllianceBern Large Cap Growth A LW        ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AREAX    AllianceBern Glbl Rel Est Invmt A LW      ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AUIAX    AllianceBern Equity Income A LW           ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AWAAX    AllianceBern Wealth Apprec Strat A LW     ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AWPAX    AllianceBern Intl Growth A Load Waived    ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
CABDX    AllianceBern Growth & Income A LW         ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
CHCLX    AllianceBern S/M Cap Growth A LW          ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
AFJAX    Allianz NFJ International Value A         ALLIANZ
APPDX    Allianz AGIC Opportunity D                ALLIANZ
AWTDX    Allianz RCM Global Water D                ALLIANZ
AYBDX    Allianz AGIC High Yield Bond D            ALLIANZ
PGWAX   Allianz AGIC Growth A Load Waived            ALLIANZ
PNBAX   Allianz NFJ Large Cap Value A LW             ALLIANZ
PNEAX   Allianz NFJ Dividend Value A LW              ALLIANZ
PQNAX   Allianz NFJ Renaissance A Load Waived        ALLIANZ
PREDX   Allianz NFJ Renaissance D                    ALLIANZ
RAGHX   Allianz RCM Wellness A Load Waived           ALLIANZ
RAGTX   Allianz RCM Technology A Load Waived         ALLIANZ
AIGYX   Alpine Realty Income & Growth                ALPINE
EGLRX   Alpine International Real Estate Equity      ALPINE
EUEYX   Alpine Cyclical Advantage Property Y         ALPINE
CHNAX   Clough China A Load Waived                   ALPS
EVONX   Altegris Futures Evolution Strategy          ALTEGRIS
MFTAX   Altegris Managed Futures Strategy A LW       ALTEGRIS
AMAGX   Amana Trust Growth                           AMANA
AMANX   Amana Trust Income                           AMANA
AMDWX   Amana Developing World                       AMANA
ABHFX   American Funds Hi-Inc Muni Bond F-1 *        AMERICAN
AEGFX   American Funds EuroPacific Gr F-1 *          AMERICAN
AFIFX   American Funds Fundamental Invs F-1 *        AMERICAN
AFTFX   American Funds Tax-Exempt Bond F-1 *         AMERICAN
AHTFX   American Funds American Hi Inc Tr F-1 *      AMERICAN
AICFX   American Funds Invmt Co of Amer F-1 *        AMERICAN
AMFFX   American Funds American Mutual F-1 *         AMERICAN
AMPFX   American Funds AMCAP F-1 *                   AMERICAN
ANFFX   American Funds New Economy F-1 *             AMERICAN
BALFX   American Funds American Balanced F-1 *       AMERICAN
BFAFX   American Funds Bond Fund of Amer F-1 *       AMERICAN
CIBFX   American Funds Capital Inc Bldr F-1 *        AMERICAN
CWGFX   American Funds Capital World G/I F-1 *       AMERICAN
GBLEX   American Funds Global Balanced F1 *          AMERICAN
GFAFX   American Funds Growth Fund of Amer F-1 *     AMERICAN
IBFFX   American Funds Interm Bd Fd of Amer F-1 *    AMERICAN
IFAFX   American Funds Inc Fund of Amer F-1 *        AMERICAN
IGIFX   American Funds Intl Gr And Inc F-1 *         AMERICAN
MFAEX   American Funds Mortgage F1 *                 AMERICAN
NPFFX   American Funds New Perspective F-1 *         AMERICAN
NWFFX   American Funds New World F-1 *               AMERICAN
RAFEX   American Funds AMCAP R4 **                   AMERICAN
RAMEX   American Funds ST Bd Fd of America R4 **     AMERICAN
RBFEX   American Funds Bond Fund of Amer R4 **       AMERICAN
RBOEX   American Funds Interm Bd Fd of Amer R4 **    AMERICAN
RCWEX   American Funds Capital World Bond R4 **      AMERICAN
REREX   American Funds EuroPacific Gr R4 **          AMERICAN
RFNEX   American Funds Fundamental Investors R4 **   AMERICAN
RGAEX   American Funds Growth Fund of Amer R4 **     AMERICAN
RGBEX   American Funds Global Balanced R4 **         AMERICAN
RICEX   American Funds Invmt Co of Amer R4 **        AMERICAN
RIDEX   American Funds Inc Fund of Amer R4 **      AMERICAN
RIGEX   American Funds Intl Gr And Inc R4 **       AMERICAN
RIREX   American Funds Capital Inc Bldr R4 **      AMERICAN
RITEX   American Funds American Hi Inc Tr R4 **    AMERICAN
RLBEX   American Funds American Balanced R4 **     AMERICAN
RMFEX   American Funds American Mutual R4 **       AMERICAN
RNGEX   American Funds New Economy R4 **           AMERICAN
RNPEX   American Funds New Perspective R4 **       AMERICAN
RNWEX   American Funds New World R4 **             AMERICAN
RSLEX   American Funds SMALLCAP World R4 **        AMERICAN
RWIEX   American Funds Capital World G/I R4 **     AMERICAN
RWMEX   American Funds Washington Mutual R4 **     AMERICAN
SCWFX   American Funds SMALLCAP World F-1 *        AMERICAN
UGSFX   American Funds US Government Sec F-1*      AMERICAN
WBFFX   American Funds Capital World Bond F-1 *    AMERICAN
WSHFX   American Funds Washington Mutual F-1 *     AMERICAN
AAGPX   American Beacon Lg Cap Value Inv           AMERICAN BEACON
AAIPX   American Beacon Intl Equity Inv            AMERICAN BEACON
ACITX   American Century Infl-Adj Bond Inv         AMERICAN CENTURY
ACMVX   American Century Mid Cap Value Inv         AMERICAN CENTURY
AOCIX   American Century One Choice Cnsrv Inv      AMERICAN CENTURY
AOGIX   American Century One Choice Agrsv Inv      AMERICAN CENTURY
AOMIX   American Century One Choice Mod Inv        AMERICAN CENTURY
AONIX   American Century One Choice Vry CnsrvInv   AMERICAN CENTURY
ARWIX   American Century LIVESTRONG 2025 Inv       AMERICAN CENTURY
ARYIX   American Century LIVESTRONG 2035 Inv       AMERICAN CENTURY
ASQIX   American Century Small Company Inv         AMERICAN CENTURY
BEGBX   American Century International Bd Inv      AMERICAN CENTURY
BGEIX   American Century Global Gold Inv           AMERICAN CENTURY
BIGRX   American Century Income & Growth Inv       AMERICAN CENTURY
BTTTX   American Century Zero Coupon 2020 Inv      AMERICAN CENTURY
BULIX   American Century Utilities Inv             AMERICAN CENTURY
REACX   American Century Real Estate Inv           AMERICAN CENTURY
TWCGX   American Century Growth Inv                AMERICAN CENTURY
TWCUX   American Century Ultra Inv                 AMERICAN CENTURY
TWEIX   American Century Equity Income Inv         AMERICAN CENTURY
TWHIX   American Century Heritage Inv              AMERICAN CENTURY
TWIEX   American Century Intl Growth Inv           AMERICAN CENTURY
TWTIX   American Century IntermTrm Tx-Fr Bd Inv    AMERICAN CENTURY
TWVLX   American Century Value Inv                 AMERICAN CENTURY
AMSTX   Ameristock                                 AMERISTOCK
APIFX   API Master Allocation A Load Waived        API
APIUX   API Efficient Frontier Income A LW         API
APPLX   Appleseed                                  APPLESEED
ADANX   AQR Diversified Arbitrage N                AQR
AQRNX   AQR Risk Parity                            AQR
HULAX   Hawaiian Tax-Free A Load Waived *          AQUILA
UTAHX   Tax-Free Fund for Utah                     AQUILA
ARBFX   Arbitrage R                                ARBITRAGE
ARGFX   Ariel                                      ARIEL
CAAPX   Ariel Appreciation                         ARIEL
DWAFX   Arrow DWA Balanced A Load Waived           ARROW
DWTFX   Arrow DWA Tactical A Load Waived           ARROW
MFTFX   Arrow Managed Futures Trend A LW           ARROW
BJBGX   Artio Total Return Bond A                  ARTIO GLOBAL
BJBHX   Artio Global High Income A                 ARTIO GLOBAL
BJBIX   Artio International Equity A               ARTIO GLOBAL
JETAX   Artio International Equity II A            ARTIO GLOBAL
ARTIX   Artisan International Inv                  ARTISAN
ARTKX   Artisan International Value Investor       ARTISAN
ARTLX   Artisan Value Fund Investor Shares         ARTISAN
ARTMX   Artisan Mid Cap Inv                        ARTISAN
ARTQX   Artisan Mid Cap Value Investor             ARTISAN
ARTSX   Artisan Small Cap Investor                 ARTISAN
ADBLX   Aston/DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Inc       ASTON
ARIVX   Aston/River Road Independent Value N       ASTON
ARSVX   Aston/River Road Small Cap Value N         ASTON
ATASX   Aston/TAMRO Small Cap N                    ASTON
CHTTX   Aston/Fairpointe Mid Cap N                 ASTON
MCGFX   Aston/Montag & Caldwell Growth N           ASTON
AVEDX   Ave Maria Rising Dividend                  AVE MARIA
AVEFX   Ave Maria Bond                             AVE MARIA
AVEGX   Ave Maria Growth                           AVE MARIA
AVEMX   Ave Maria Catholic Values                  AVE MARIA
AVESX   Ave Maria Opportunity                      AVE MARIA
ADJEX   Azzad Ethical Mid Cap                      AZZAD FUND
BANIX   Bandon Isolated Alpha Fixed Income Inv     BANDON CAPITAL
BARAX   Baron Asset Retail                         BARON
BGRFX   Baron Growth Retail                        BARON
BIOPX   Baron Opportunity Retail                   BARON
BPTRX   Baron Partners Retail                      BARON
BSCFX   Baron Small Cap Retail                     BARON
BBTRX   BBH Core Select Retail                     BBH
BERIX   Berwyn Income                              BERWYN
BACAX   BlackRock All-Cap Engy & Res Invest A LW   BLACKROCK
BFRAX   BlackRock Floating Rate Income Inv A       BLACKROCK
BGPAX   BlackRock GNMA Inv A Load Waived           BLACKROCK
BHYAX   BlackRock High Yield Bond Inv A LW         BLACKROCK
BIIAX   BlackRock Intl Bond Inv A Load Waived      BLACKROCK
BMCAX   BlackRock Mid-Cap Value Equity Inv A LW    BLACKROCK
BMEAX   BlackRock US Opportunities Inv A LW        BLACKROCK
BMGAX   BlackRock Mid-Cap Growth Equity Inv A LW   BLACKROCK
BPRAX   BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond A LW    BLACKROCK
BREAX   BlackRock International Opp Inv A LW       BLACKROCK
BROAX   BlackRock Global Opportunities Inv A LW    BLACKROCK
MDBAX   BlackRock Basic Value Inv A Load Waived    BLACKROCK
MDDVX   BlackRock Equity Dividend Inv A LW         BLACKROCK
MDGRX   BlackRock Natural Resources Inv A LW       BLACKROCK
MDIIX   BlackRock International Index Inv A        BLACKROCK
MDLOX   BlackRock Global Allocation Inv A LW       BLACKROCK
MDLTX   BlackRock Latin America Inv A LW           BLACKROCK
MDLVX   BlackRock Large Cap Value Inv A LW         BLACKROCK
MDNLX   BlackRock National Municipal Inv A LW      BLACKROCK
PCGEX   BlackRock Small Cap Growth Equity Svc      BLACKROCK
SHSAX   BlackRock Health Sciences Opps Inv A LW    BLACKROCK
SSGRX   BlackRock Energy & Resources Inv A LW      BLACKROCK
BLUEX   Brandywine Blue                            BRANDYWINE
BRAGX   Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 1           BRIDGEWAY
BRAIX   Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 2           BRIDGEWAY
BRBPX   Bridgeway Managed Volatility               BRIDGEWAY
BRSGX   Bridgeway Small-Cap Growth                 BRIDGEWAY
BRSIX   Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market       BRIDGEWAY
BRSVX   Bridgeway Small-Cap Value                  BRIDGEWAY
BCSIX   Brown Capital Mgmt Small Co Instl *        BROWN
BTSAX   BTS Bond Asset Allocation A Load Waived    BTS
BUFBX   Buffalo Balanced                           BUFFALO
BUFGX   Buffalo Growth                             BUFFALO
BUFSX   Buffalo Small Cap                          BUFFALO
BUFTX   Buffalo Science & Technology               BUFFALO
CADGX   Calamos Discovery Growth A Load Waived     CALAMOS
CAGEX   Calamos Global Equity A Load Waived        CALAMOS
CCVIX   Calamos Convertible A Load Waived **       CALAMOS
CHYDX   Calamos High Yield A Load Waived           CALAMOS
CIGRX   Calamos International Growth A LW          CALAMOS
CVGRX   Calamos Growth A Load Waived               CALAMOS
CVSIX   Calamos Market Neutral Income A LW         CALAMOS
CVTRX   Calamos Growth & Income A Load Waived      CALAMOS
CAAAX   Calvert Aggressive Allocation A LW         CALVERT
CCAFX   Calvert Capital Accumulation A LW          CALVERT
CCVAX   Calvert Small Cap A Load Waived            CALVERT
CFICX   Calvert Income A Load Waived               CALVERT
CFWAX   Calvert Global Water A Load Waived         CALVERT
CGAEX   Calvert Global Alternative Energy A LW     CALVERT
CIOAX   Calvert International Opportunities A LW   CALVERT
CSDAX   Calvert Short Duration Income A LW         CALVERT
CSIBX   Calvert Bond A Load Waived                 CALVERT
CSIEX   Calvert Equity A Load Waived               CALVERT
CSIFX   Calvert Balanced A Load Waived             CALVERT
CSXAX   Calvert Social Index A Load Waived         CALVERT
CWVGX   Calvert International Equity A LW          CALVERT
CAMOX   Cambiar Opportunity Inv                    CAMBIAR
MOATX   Castle Focus Investor                      CASTLE
CIVVX   Causeway International Value Inv           CAUSEWAY
CAWAX   CIFG MaxBalanced A Load Waived             CIFG
CFIMX   Clipper                                    CLIPPER
CMGTX   CMG Absolute Return Strategies A LW        CMG
APFAX   Cohen & Steers Emerging Mkts Rel Es A LW   COHEN & STEERS
CSEIX   Cohen & Steers Realty Income A LW          COHEN & STEERS
CSRSX   Cohen & Steers Realty Shares               COHEN & STEERS
IRFAX   Cohen & Steers International Realty A LW   COHEN & STEERS
COLLX   The Collar                                 COLLAR
ACINX   Columbia Acorn International Z             COLUMBIA
ACRNX   Columbia Acorn Z                           COLUMBIA
ACTWX   Columbia Acorn Select Z                    COLUMBIA
CIOZX   Columbia Income Opportunities Z            COLUMBIA
CMUAX   Columbia Mid Cap Value A Load Waived       COLUMBIA
COLNX   Columbia NY Tax Exempt A Load Waived       COLUMBIA
COLTX   Columbia Tax-Exempt A Load Waived          COLUMBIA
COVAX   Columbia Small Cap Value II A LW           COLUMBIA
CREEX   Columbia Real Estate Equity Z              COLUMBIA
CSMIX   Columbia Small Cap Value Fund I Cla A LW   COLUMBIA
CSVAX   Columbia Strategic Investor A LW           COLUMBIA
CTCAX   Columbia Technology A Load Waived          COLUMBIA
IGLGX   Columbia Global Equity A Load Waived       COLUMBIA
LAFAX   Columbia Acorn International Select A LW   COLUMBIA
LCCAX   Columbia Contrarian Core A Load Waived     COLUMBIA
LSIZX   Columbia Strategic Income                  COLUMBIA
NFEAX   Columbia Marsico Focused Eq A LW           COLUMBIA
NGCAX   Columbia Greater China A Load Waived       COLUMBIA
NIEQX   Columbia Multi-Advisor Intl Equity Z       COLUMBIA
NMTAX   Columbia Marsico 21st Century A LW         COLUMBIA
SLMCX   Columbia Seligman Comms & Info A LW        COLUMBIA
SRINX   Columbia Corporate Income Z                COLUMBIA
UMBIX   Columbia Value & Restructuring Z           COLUMBIA
UMEMX   Columbia Emerging Markets Z                COLUMBIA
UMESX   Columbia Energy & Nat Resources Z          COLUMBIA
UMLCX   Columbia Select Small Cap Z                COLUMBIA
UMLGX   Columbia Select Large Cap Growth Z         COLUMBIA
CRAIX   CRA Qualified Investment CRA               CRAFUND
CRSAX   Credit Suisse Commodity Return Stra A LW   CREDIT SUISSE
CHDEX   Cullen High Dividend Equity                CULLEN
NYVTX   Davis NY Venture A Load Waived             DAVIS
RPFGX   Davis Financial A Load Waived              DAVIS
DEEAX   Delaware Extended Duration Bond            DELAWARE
DEFFX   Delaware Tax-Free MN A Load Waived         DELAWARE
DELDX   Delaware Large Cap Value A Load Waived     DELAWARE
DEMAX   Delaware Emerging Markets A Load Waived    DELAWARE
DFCIX   Delaware Smid Cap Growth A Load Waived    DELAWARE
DGCAX   Delaware Corporate Bond A Load Waived     DELAWARE
DMTFX   Delaware Tax-Free USA A Load Waived       DELAWARE
DPDFX   Delaware Diversified Income A LW          DELAWARE
DVEAX   Delaware Select Growth A Load Waived      DELAWARE
DIAMX   Diamond Hill Long-Short A Load Waived     DIAMOND HILL
DXCLX   Direxion Mthly Commodity Bull 2X          DIREXION
DXCTX   Direxion Commodity Trends Strat Inv       DIREXION
DXELX   Direxion Mthly Emerg Mkts Bull 2X         DIREXION
DXESX   Direxion Mthly Emerg Mkts Bear 2X         DIREXION
DXHLX   Direxion Mthly China Bull 2X Inv          DIREXION
DXQLX   Direxion Mthly NASDAQ-100 Bull 2X Inv     DIREXION
DXQSX   Direxion Mthly NASDAQ-100 Bear 2X Inv     DIREXION
DXRSX   Direxion Mthly Small Cap Bear 2X          DIREXION
DXSLX   Direxion Mthly S&P 500 Bull 2X Inv        DIREXION
DXSSX   Direxion Mthly S&P 500 Bear 2X Inv        DIREXION
DODBX   Dodge & Cox Balanced                      DODGE & COX
DODFX   Dodge & Cox International Stock           DODGE & COX
DODGX   Dodge & Cox Stock                         DODGE & COX
DODIX   Dodge & Cox Income                        DODGE & COX
DOMAX   Domini International Social Equity A      DOMINI
DSBFX   Domini Social Bond Inv                    DOMINI
DSEFX   Domini Social Equity Inv                  DOMINI
DLENX   DoubleLine Emerging Markets Fixed Inc N   DOUBLELINE
DLFNX   DoubleLine Core Fixed Income N            DOUBLELINE
DLSNX   DoubleLine Low Duration Bond              DOUBLELINE
DLTNX   DoubleLine Total Return Bond N            DOUBLELINE
DMLAX   DoubleLine Multi-Asset Growth             DOUBLELINE
DGAGX   Dreyfus Appreciation                      DREYFUS
DGIIX   Dreyfus LifeTime Growth & Income Inv      DREYFUS
DIAVX   Dreyfus Inflation-Adjusted Sec Inv        DREYFUS
DIBAX   Dreyfus International Bond A LW           DREYFUS
DISSX   Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index             DREYFUS
DITEX   Dreyfus Intermediate Municipal Bond       DREYFUS
DNLAX   Dreyfus Natural Resources A Load Waived   DREYFUS
DPCAX   Dreyfus Greater China A Load Waived       DREYFUS
DRNYX   Dreyfus NY Tax-Exempt Bond                DREYFUS
DSCVX   Dreyfus Opportunistic Small Cap           DREYFUS
DWOAX   Dreyfus Research Growth                   DREYFUS
PEOPX   Dreyfus S&P 500 Index                     DREYFUS
PESPX   Dreyfus MidCap Index                      DREYFUS
PGROX   Dreyfus Worldwide Growth A Load Waived    DREYFUS
THPBX   Dreyfus Balanced Opportunity J            DREYFUS
DREGX   Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth          DRIEHAUS
DRIDX   Driehaus International Discovery          DRIEHAUS
DAMDX   Dunham Monthly Distribution A LW          DUNHAM
KYSMX   Dupree KY Tax-Free Short-to-Medium *      DUPREE
KYTFX   Dupree KY Tax-Free Income *                DUPREE
AAAAX   DWS Alternative Asset Allocation Pl A LW   DWS
DBPIX   DWS Short Duration Plus S                  DWS
DFRPX   DWS Floating Rate Plus S                   DWS
KDHAX   DWS Strategic Value A Load Waived          DWS
KHYAX   DWS High Income A Load Waived              DWS
KSTAX   DWS Strategic Income A Load Waived         DWS
KTCAX   DWS Technology A Load Waived               DWS
KUSAX   DWS Strategic Government Securities A LW   DWS
SCEMX   DWS Enhanced Emerg Mkts Fixed Inc S        DWS
SCMBX   DWS Managed Municipal Bonds S              DWS
SCOBX   DWS Global Thematic S                      DWS
SDUSX   DWS Ultra Short Duration Svc               DWS
SERAX   DWS World Dividend A Load Waived           DWS
SGDAX   DWS Gold & Precious Metals A LW            DWS
SGINX   DWS GNMA S                                 DWS
SHYTX   DWS Strategic High Yield Tax Free S        DWS
SKSRX   DWS Enhanced Commodity Strategy S          DWS
SLANX   DWS Latin America Equity A Load Waived     DWS
SNWYX   DWS New York Tax-Free Income S             DWS
TISHX   DWS Communications A Load Waived           DWS
TOLLX   DWS RREEF Global Infrastructure A LW       DWS
EASAX   EAS Genesis A Load Waived                  EAS GENESIS
EGCAX   EAS Global Cycle A Load Waived             EAS GENESIS
EAASX   Eaton Vance Atlanta Capital SMID-Ca A LW   EATON VANCE
EACSX   Eaton Vance Commodity Strategy A LW        EATON VANCE
EADDX   Eaton Vance Multi-Strat Absolute Re A LW   EATON VANCE
EADIX   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Div A LW    EATON VANCE
EAEAX   Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Eq Asset Allc A LW      EATON VANCE
EAEMX   Eaton Vance Parametric Struct Em Mk A LW   EATON VANCE
EAGMX   Eaton Vance Glbl Macr Absolute Retu A LW   EATON VANCE
EANAX   Eaton Vance National Municipal Inco A LW   EATON VANCE
EARRX   Eaton Vance Short Term Real Return A LW    EATON VANCE
EATVX   Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Value A Load Waived     EATON VANCE
EDIAX   Eaton Vance Global Dividend Income A LW    EATON VANCE
EEIAX   Eaton Vance Emerging Markets Local A LW    EATON VANCE
EHSTX   Eaton Vance Large-Cap Value A LW           EATON VANCE
ETGIX   Eaton Vance Greater India A Load Waived    EATON VANCE
ETHSX   Eaton Vance Worldwide Health Sci A LW      EATON VANCE
ETMBX   Eaton Vance AMT-Free Municipal Inco A LW   EATON VANCE
ETNYX   Eaton Vance NY Municipal Income A LW       EATON VANCE
ETORX   Eaton Vance Oregon Municipal Income        EATON VANCE
ETSIX   Eaton Vance Strategic Income A LW          EATON VANCE
EVASX   Eaton Vance Asian Small Companies A LW     EATON VANCE
EVBLX   Eaton Vance Floating Rate A Load Waived    EATON VANCE
EVGFX   Eaton Vance Multi-Cap Growth A LW          EATON VANCE
EVIBX   Eaton Vance Income Fund of Boston A LW     EATON VANCE
EVIFX   Eaton Vance Balanced A Load Waived         EATON VANCE
EVSEX   Eaton Vance Special Equities A LW          EATON VANCE
EVTMX   Eaton Vance Dividend Builder A LW          EATON VANCE
EXMCX   Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Mid-Cap Core A LW       EATON VANCE
EPHCX   EP China A Load Waived                     EURO-PAC HALTER
FAIRX   Fairholme                                  FAIRHOLME
FOCIX   Fairholme Focused Income                   FAIRHOLME
FAMVX   FAM Value Inv                              FAM
FBRSX   FBR Small Cap Financial Investor           FBR FUNDS
FBRVX   FBR Focus Investor                         FBR FUNDS
GASFX   FBR Gas Utility Index Investor             FBR FUNDS
ACMXX   Federated Auto Cash MM                     FEDERATED
BEARX   Federated Prudent Bear A Load Waived       FEDERATED
FEDEX   Federated Capital Appreciation A LW        FEDERATED
FEUSX   Federated Gov Ultrashort Duration InSvc    FEDERATED
FHYTX   Federated High-Yield Instl Svc             FEDERATED
FKASX   Federated Kaufmann Small Cap A LW          FEDERATED
FMAAX   Federated Market Opportunity A LW          FEDERATED
FSTIX   Federated Short-Term Income Instl          FEDERATED
FTIIX   Federated International Bond A LW          FEDERATED
FUSGX   Federated Fund for US Govt Secs A LW       FEDERATED
IHIAX   Federated Emerging Market Debt A LW        FEDERATED
KAUAX   Federated Kaufmann A Load Waived           FEDERATED
STIAX   Federated Strategic Income A LW            FEDERATED
FABLX   Fidelity Advisor Balanced A Load Waived    FIDELITY
FACDX   Fidelity Advisor Health Care A LW          FIDELITY
FADAX   Fidelity Advisor Dividend Growth A LW      FIDELITY
FADTX   Fidelity Advisor Technology A LW           FIDELITY
FAEAX   Fidelity Advisor Europe Cap Apprec A LW    FIDELITY
FAFDX   Fidelity Advisor Financial Services A LW   FIDELITY
FAGAX   Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportuniti A LW   FIDELITY
FAGIX   Fidelity Capital & Income                  FIDELITY
FAHDX   Fidelity Advisor High Income Advant A LW   FIDELITY
FALAX   Fidelity Advisor Large Cap A LW            FIDELITY
FAMKX   Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets A LW     FIDELITY
FAMUX   Fidelity Advisor Municipal Income A LW     FIDELITY
FANAX   Fidelity Advisor Energy A Load Waived      FIDELITY
FAOAX   Fidelity Advisor Overseas A Load Waived    FIDELITY
FASDX   Fidelity Advisor Strategic Div & In A LW   FIDELITY
FASGX   Fidelity Asset Manager 70%                 FIDELITY
FASIX   Fidelity Asset Manager 20%                 FIDELITY
FASMX   Fidelity Asset Manager 50%                 FIDELITY
FATWX   Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 A LW         FIDELITY
FBALX   Fidelity Balanced                          FIDELITY
FBGRX   Fidelity Blue Chip Growth                  FIDELITY
FBIDX   Spartan US Bond Index Investor             FIDELITY
FBIOX   Fidelity Select Biotechnology              FIDELITY
FBMPX   Fidelity Select Multimedia                 FIDELITY
FBSOX   Fidelity Select IT Services                FIDELITY
FBTAX   Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology A LW        FIDELITY
FCAGX   Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth A LW     FIDELITY
FCBFX   Fidelity Corporate Bond                    FIDELITY
FCLAX   Fidelity Advisor Industrials A LW          FIDELITY
FCNTX   Fidelity Contrafund                        FIDELITY
FCPVX   Fidelity Small Cap Value                   FIDELITY
FCVSX   Fidelity Convertible Securities            FIDELITY
FDAGX   Fidelity Advisor Consumer Staples A LW     FIDELITY
FDASX   Fidelity Advisor Global Strategies A LW    FIDELITY
FDCAX   Fidelity Capital Appreciation              FIDELITY
FDCPX   Fidelity Select Computers                  FIDELITY
FDEGX   Fidelity Growth Strategies                 FIDELITY
FDEQX   Fidelity Disciplined Equity                FIDELITY
FDFAX   Fidelity Select Consumer Staples           FIDELITY
FDFFX   Fidelity Independence                      FIDELITY
FDGFX   Fidelity Dividend Growth                   FIDELITY
FDGRX   Fidelity Growth Company                    FIDELITY
FDIAX   Fidelity Advisor Intermediate Bond A LW    FIDELITY
FDIVX   Fidelity Diversified International         FIDELITY
FDLSX   Fidelity Select Leisure                    FIDELITY
FDSCX   Fidelity Stock Selector Sm Cp              FIDELITY
FDSVX   Fidelity Growth Discovery                  FIDELITY
FDTFX   Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2020 T            FIDELITY
FDVAX   Fidelity Advisor Diversified Intl A LW     FIDELITY
FDVLX   Fidelity Value                             FIDELITY
FEAAX   Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia A LW        FIDELITY
FECAX   Fidelity Europe Capital Appreciation       FIDELITY
FEIAX   Fidelity Advisor Equity Income A LW        FIDELITY
FEMKX   Fidelity Emerging Markets                  FIDELITY
FEPAX   Fidelity Advisor Total Bond                FIDELITY
FEQIX   Fidelity Equity-Income                     FIDELITY
FEQTX   Fidelity Equity-Income II                  FIDELITY
FEXPX   Fidelity Export & Multinational            FIDELITY
FFFCX   Fidelity Freedom 2010                      FIDELITY
FFFDX   Fidelity Freedom 2020                      FIDELITY
FFFEX   Fidelity Freedom 2030                      FIDELITY
FFFFX   Fidelity Freedom 2040                      FIDELITY
FFFGX   Fidelity Freedom 2045                      FIDELITY
FFFHX   Fidelity Freedom 2050                      FIDELITY
FFIDX   Fidelity                                   FIDELITY
FFNOX   Fidelity Four-in-One Index                 FIDELITY
FFRAX   Fidelity Advisor Floating Rate Hi I A LW   FIDELITY
FFRHX   Fidelity Floating Rate High Income         FIDELITY
FFTHX   Fidelity Freedom 2035                      FIDELITY
FFTVX   Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2005 T            FIDELITY
FFTWX   Fidelity Freedom 2025                      FIDELITY
FFTYX   Fidelity Fifty                             FIDELITY
FFVTX   Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2015 T            FIDELITY
FGBAX   Fidelity Advisor Investment Gr Bd A LW     FIDELITY
FGBLX   Fidelity Global Balanced                   FIDELITY
FGIRX   Fidelity Advisor Growth & Income A LW      FIDELITY
FGOVX   Fidelity Government Income                 FIDELITY
FGRIX   Fidelity Growth & Income                   FIDELITY
FHEAX   Fidelity Advisor Real Estate A LW          FIDELITY
FHIAX   Fidelity Advisor High Income A LW          FIDELITY
FHIGX   Fidelity Municipal Income                  FIDELITY
FHKCX   Fidelity China Region                      FIDELITY
FICDX   Fidelity Canada                            FIDELITY
FIDSX   Fidelity Select Financial Services         FIDELITY
FIGRX   Fidelity International Discovery           FIDELITY
FIIAX   Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap II A LW           FIDELITY
FIMIX   Fidelity Minnesota Municipal Income        FIDELITY
FINPX   Fidelity Inflation-Protected Bond          FIDELITY
FISMX   Fidelity International Small Cap           FIDELITY
FIUIX   Fidelity Telecom and Utilities             FIDELITY
FJSCX   Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies           FIDELITY
FLATX   Fidelity Latin America                     FIDELITY
FLFAX   Fidelity Advisor Latin America A LW        FIDELITY
FLPSX   Fidelity Low-Priced Stock                  FIDELITY
FLSAX   Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk A LW     FIDELITY
FLTMX   Fidelity Intermediate Municipal Income     FIDELITY
FLVCX   Fidelity Leveraged Company Stock           FIDELITY
FMAGX   Fidelity Magellan                          FIDELITY
FMCDX   Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap A Load Waived     FIDELITY
FMCSX   Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock                     FIDELITY
FMGAX   Fidelity Advisor Mortgage Securitie A LW   FIDELITY
FMOXX   Fidelity Tax-Free Money Market             FIDELITY
FNARX   Fidelity Select Natural Resources          FIDELITY
FNCMX   Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index            FIDELITY
FNIAX   Fidelity Advisor New Insights A LW         FIDELITY
FNMIX   Fidelity New Markets Income                FIDELITY
FNORX   Fidelity Nordic                            FIDELITY
FOCPX   Fidelity OTC                               FIDELITY
FOMXX   Fidelity OH Municipal Money Market         FIDELITY
FOSFX   Fidelity Overseas                          FIDELITY
FPEMX   Fidelity Spartan EMkts Idx Inv             FIDELITY
FPHAX   Fidelity Select Pharmaceuticals            FIDELITY
FPURX   Fidelity Puritan                           FIDELITY
FRESX   Fidelity Real Estate Investment            FIDELITY
FRIFX   Fidelity Real Estate Income                FIDELITY
FSAGX   Fidelity Select Gold                       FIDELITY
FSAVX   Fidelity Select Automotive                 FIDELITY
FSAZX   Fidelity Arizona Municipal Income          FIDELITY
FSCDX   Fidelity Advisor Small Cap A LW            FIDELITY
FSCGX   Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment       FIDELITY
FSCHX   Fidelity Select Chemicals                  FIDELITY
FSCOX   Fidelity International Small Cap Opp       FIDELITY
FSCSX   Fidelity Select Software & Comp            FIDELITY
FSDAX   Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace        FIDELITY
FSDCX   Fidelity Select Communications Equip       FIDELITY
FSDPX   Fidelity Select Materials                  FIDELITY
FSEAX   Fidelity Emerging Asia                     FIDELITY
FSELX   Fidelity Select Electronics                FIDELITY
FSEMX   Fidelity Spartan Extended Mkt Index Inv    FIDELITY
FSENX   Fidelity Select Energy                     FIDELITY
FSESX   Fidelity Select Energy Service             FIDELITY
FSFAX   Fidelity Advisor Short Fxd-Inc A LW        FIDELITY
FSHBX   Fidelity Short-Term Bond                   FIDELITY
FSHCX   Fidelity Select Medical Delivery           FIDELITY
FSHOX   Fidelity Select Construction & Housing     FIDELITY
FSIIX   Fidelity Spartan International Index Inv   FIDELITY
FSIVX   Fidelity Spartan Intl Idx Advtg            FIDELITY
FSLBX   Fidelity Select Brokerage & Invmt Mgmt     FIDELITY
FSLCX   Fidelity Small Cap Stock                   FIDELITY
FSMEX   Fidelity Select Medical Equip & Systems    FIDELITY
FSNGX   Fidelity Select Natural Gas                FIDELITY
FSNXX   Fidelity New York AMT Tax-Free Money       FIDELITY
FSOAX   Fidelity Advisor Value Strategies A LW     FIDELITY
FSPCX   Fidelity Select Insurance                  FIDELITY
FSPHX   Fidelity Select Health Care                FIDELITY
FSPTX   Fidelity Select Technology                 FIDELITY
FSPXX   Fidelity California AMT Tax-Free MM        FIDELITY
FSRAX   Fidelity Advisor Strategic Real Ret A LW   FIDELITY
FSRBX   Fidelity Select Banking                    FIDELITY
FSRPX   Fidelity Select Retailing                  FIDELITY
FSTAX   Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income A LW     FIDELITY
FSTCX   Fidelity Select Telecommunications         FIDELITY
FSTMX   Fidelity Spartan Total Market Index Inv    FIDELITY
FSTVX   Fidelity Spartan Total Mkt Idx Advtg       FIDELITY
FSUTX   Fidelity Select Utilities Portfolio        FIDELITY
FSVLX   Fidelity Select Consumer Finance           FIDELITY
FTFEX   Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 T            FIDELITY
FTFFX   Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 T            FIDELITY
FTQAX   Fidelity Advisor Strategic Growth A LW     FIDELITY
FTTHX   Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 T            FIDELITY
FTXAX   Fidelity Advisor Tax Managed Stock A LW    FIDELITY
FUGAX   Fidelity Advisor Utilities A LW            FIDELITY
FUSEX   Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Inv             FIDELITY
FVDFX   Fidelity Value Discovery                   FIDELITY
FVIAX   Fidelity Advisor Government Income A LW    FIDELITY
FWRLX   Fidelity Select Wireless                   FIDELITY
FWWFX   Fidelity Worldwide                         FIDELITY
SPAXX   Fidelity Government Money Market           FIDELITY
SPHIX   Fidelity High Income                       FIDELITY
MXCAX   Fifth Third Micro Cap Value Inv A LW       FIFTH THIRD
FEFAX   First Eagle Fund of America A LW           FIRST EAGLE
FEVAX   First Eagle US Value A Load Waived         FIRST EAGLE
SGENX   First Eagle Global A Load Waived           FIRST EAGLE
SGGDX   First Eagle Gold A Load Waived             FIRST EAGLE
SGOVX   First Eagle Overseas A Load Waived         FIRST EAGLE
FLCGX   Flex-funds Quantex                         FLEX
FLRUX   Flex Total Return                          FLEX
FMIHX   FMI Large Cap                              FMI
FMIOX   FMI Focus                                  FMI
FVALX   Forester Value N                           FORESTER
FFTGX   Forward Tactical Growth Investor           FORWARD
FLSRX   Forward Credit Analysis Long/Short Inv     FORWARD
FRONX   Forward Frontier MarketStrat Investor      FORWARD
KGIAX   Forward Global Infrastructure A LW         FORWARD
KIFAX   Forward Select Income A Load Waived        FORWARD
KIRAX   Forward International Real Estate A LW     FORWARD
KREAX   Forward Real Estate A Load Waived          FORWARD
FPACX   FPA Crescent                               FPA
FPNIX   FPA New Income                             FPA
FPPTX   FPA Capital                                FPA
FAFRX   Franklin Floating Rate Daily Access A LW   FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FBDIX   Franklin Biotechnology Discovery A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FCAMX   Franklin CA High Yield Municipal A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FFALX   Franklin Templeton Founding Allc A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FGRAX   Franklin Growth Opportunities A LW         FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FGTIX   Franklin Templeton Growth Allocatio A LW   FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FHAIX   Franklin High Income A Load Waived         FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FINAX   Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth A LW        FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FINEX   Templeton Foreign Smaller Companies A LW   FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FINGX   Franklin India Growth A Load Waived        FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FISAX   Franklin Adjustable US Govt Secs A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FISCX   Franklin Convertible Securities A LW       FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FISEX   Franklin Equity Income A Load Waived       FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKBAX   Franklin Total Return A Load Waived        FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKCGX   Franklin Flex Cap Growth A Load Waived     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKDNX   Franklin DynaTech A Load Waived            FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKGRX   Franklin Growth A Load Waived              FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKINX   Franklin Income A Load Waived              FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKITX   Franklin Federal Interm-Term T/F In A LW   FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKRCX   Franklin Gold and Precious Metals A LW     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKTFX   Franklin CA Tax-Free Income A LW           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKTIX   Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKUSX   Franklin US Government Secs A LW           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FKUTX   Franklin Utilities A Load Waived           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FMINX   Franklin MN Tax-Free Inc A Load Waived     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FMTIX   Franklin Templeton Moderate Allc A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FNYTX   Franklin NY Tax-Free Income A LW           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FPRTX   Franklin Double Tax-Free Income A LW       FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRBSX   Franklin Balance Sheet Investment A LW     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRCIX   Franklin CA Insured Tax-Free Inc A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRDPX   Franklin Rising Dividends A Load Waived    FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FREEX   Franklin Real Estate Securities A LW       FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRGVX   Franklin Limited Maturity US Govt A        FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRHIX   Franklin High Yield Tax-Free Inc A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRMOX   Franklin MO Tax-Free Income A LW           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRNJX   Franklin NJ Tax-Free Income A LW           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRNRX   Franklin Natural Resources A LW            FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRORX   Franklin OR Tax-Free Income A LW           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRPAX   Franklin PA Tax-Free Income A LW           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRRAX   Franklin Real Return A Load Waived         FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRSGX   Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth A LW         FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRSTX   Franklin Strategic Income A Load Waived    FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FRVLX   Franklin Small Cap Value A Load Waived     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FSMIX   Franklin Strategic Mortgage                FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FTCIX   Franklin Templeton Cnsrv Allocation A LW   FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FTCOX   Franklin Templeton Corefolio Allc A LW     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FTFIX   Franklin Insured Tax-Free Income A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FTOIX   Franklin OH Tax-Free Inc A Load Waived     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FTTMX   Franklin MI Tax-Free Inc A Load Waived     FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
ICPHX   Franklin Templeton Hard Currency A LW      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TABRX   Templeton BRIC A Load Waived               FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TCWAX   Templeton China World A Load Waived        FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEBIX   Mutual Beacon A Load Waived                FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEDIX   Mutual Global Discovery A Load Waived      FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEDMX   Templeton Developing Markets A LW          FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEGOX   Templeton Global Opportunities A LW        FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEMFX   Templeton Foreign A Load Waived            FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEMGX   Templeton Global Smaller Comp A LW         FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEMIX   Mutual European A Load Waived              FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEMWX   Templeton World A Load Waived              FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEPLX   Templeton Growth A Load Waived             FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TEQIX   Mutual Quest A Load Waived                 FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TESIX   Mutual Shares A Load Waived                FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TFSIX   Mutual Financial Services A Load Waived    FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TGTRX   Templeton Global Total Return A LW         FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TINCX   Templeton Global Balanced A LW *           FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
TPINX   Templeton Global Bond A Load Waived        FRANKLIN TEMPLETON
FUNDX   FundX Upgrader                             FUNDX
HOTFX   FundX Aggressive Upgrader                  FUNDX
INCMX   FundX Flexible Income                      FUNDX
EMAAX   Gabelli Entpr Mergers & Acquisition A LW   GABELLI
GABAX   Gabelli Asset AAA                          GABELLI
GABEX   Gabelli Equity Income AAA                  GABELLI
GABGX   GAMCO Growth AAA                           GABELLI
GABUX   Gabelli Utilities AAA                      GABELLI
GABVX   Gabelli Value A Load Waived                GABELLI
GADVX   Gabelli ABC Advisor                        GABELLI
GICPX   GAMCO Global Growth AAA                    GABELLI
WEMMX   GAMCO Westwood Mighty Mites AAA            GABELLI
GNVRX   Geneva Advisors All Cap Growth Retail      GENEVA
GBRAX   Goldman Sachs BRIC A Load Waived           GOLDMAN SACHS
GCIAX   Goldman Sachs Structured Intl Equit A LW   GOLDMAN SACHS
GCMAX   Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value A LW           GOLDMAN SACHS
GCSAX   Goldman Sachs Structured Small Cap A LW    GOLDMAN SACHS
GEMAX   Goldman Sachs Emerging Mkts Equity A LW    GOLDMAN SACHS
GGSAX   Goldman Sachs Growth Strat A LW            GOLDMAN SACHS
GIRAX   Goldman Sachs Intl Real Estate Sec A LW    GOLDMAN SACHS
GITAX   Goldman Sachs Technology Tollkeeper A LW   GOLDMAN SACHS
GOIAX   Goldman Sachs Growth & Inc Strat A LW      GOLDMAN SACHS
GREAX   Goldman Sachs Real Estate A Load Waived    GOLDMAN SACHS
GSDAX   Goldman Sachs Emerging Market Debt A LW    GOLDMAN SACHS
GSGIX   Goldman Sachs Global Income A LW           GOLDMAN SACHS
GSGOX   Goldman Sachs Government Income A LW       GOLDMAN SACHS
GSGRX   Goldman Sachs Growth and Inc A LW          GOLDMAN SACHS
GSHAX   Goldman Sachs High Yield A Load Waived     GOLDMAN SACHS
GSRAX   Goldman Sachs Rising Dividend Growth       GOLDMAN SACHS
GSSDX   Goldman Sachs Short Dur Govt A LW          GOLDMAN SACHS
GCBLX   Green Century Balanced *                   GREEN CENTURY
GCEQX   Green Century Equity                       GREEN CENTURY
GRSPX   Greenspring                                GREENSPRING
GAAEX   Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy       GUINNESS ATKINSON
GAGEX   Guinness Atkinson Global Energy            GUINNESS ATKINSON
HHBUX   Hancock Horizon Burkenroad                 HANCOCK HORIZON
HABDX   Harbor Bond Instl                          HARBOR
HAIGX   Harbor International Growth Instl          HARBOR
HCAIX   Harbor Capital Appreciation Inv            HARBOR
HIINX   Harbor International Inv                   HARBOR
HBAAX   Hartford Balanced Allocation A LW          HARTFORD
HCTAX   Hartford Capital Appreciation II A LW      HARTFORD
HFLAX   Hartford Floating Rate A Load Waived       HARTFORD
HGHAX   Hartford Global Health A Load Waived       HARTFORD
HGOAX   Hartford Growth Opportunities A LW         HARTFORD
HIPAX   Hartford Inflation Plus A Load Waived      HARTFORD
IHGIX   Hartford Dividend & Growth A LW            HARTFORD
IHOAX   Hartford Intl Opportunities A LW           HARTFORD
IHSAX   Hartford Small Company A Load Waived       HARTFORD
ITBAX   Hartford Total Return Bond A LW            HARTFORD
ITHAX   Hartford Capital Appreciation A LW         HARTFORD
HRTVX   Heartland Value                            HEARTLAND
HRVIX   Heartland Value Plus                       HEARTLAND
HSVFX   Hennessy Select Large Value Original       HENNESSY
SPXJX   Hennessy Select SPARX Japan Fd Original    HENNESSY
HEQFX   Henssler Equity                            HENSSLER
HIOAX   HighMark International Opportunitie A LW   HIGHMARK
HMVLX   HighMark Value Momentum Retail A LW        HIGHMARK
HDPMX   Hodges                                     HODGES
HSCSX   Homestead Small Company Stock              HOMESTEAD
HWMAX   Hotchkis and Wiley Mid-Cap Value A LW      HOTCHKIS AND WILEY
HSGFX   Hussman Strategic Growth                   HUSSMAN INVESTMENT
HSIEX   Hussman Strategic International Eq         HUSSMAN INVESTMENT
HSTRX   Hussman Strategic Total Return             HUSSMAN INVESTMENT
ICARX   ICON Asia-Pacific Region S                 ICON
ICBMX   ICON Materials S                           ICON
ICENX   ICON Energy S                              ICON
ICFSX   ICON Financial                             ICON
ICHCX   ICON Healthcare S                          ICON
ICLEX   ICON Consumer Staples S                    ICON
ICNAX   ICON Fund A Load Waived                    ICON
ICSEX   ICON Europe S                              ICON
IEQAX   ICON Equity Income A Load Waived           ICON
IIQAX   ICON International Equity A Load Waived    ICON
IOCAX   ICON Risk-Managed Equity A Load Waived     ICON
ISTAX   ICON Long/Short A Load Waived              ICON
IMSIX   IMS Strategic Income                       IMS
AISAX   ING Index Plus SmallCap A Load Waived      ING
CLARX   ING Real Estate A Load Waived              ING
IFCAX   ING Greater China A Load Waived            ING
IFFAX   ING Diversified International A LW         ING
IGLAX   ING Global Real Estate A Load Waived       ING
IIBAX   ING Intermediate Bond A Load Waived        ING
LETRX   ING Russia A Load Waived                   ING
NAWGX   ING Global Value Choice A Load Waived      ING
NIVAX   ING International Value A Load Waived      ING
NLCAX   ING Growth Opportunities A Load Waived     ING
PAVAX   ING Value Choice A Load Waived             ING
ICCNX   Innealta Capital Country Rotation          INNEALTA
ICSNX   Innealta Capital Sector Rotation           INNEALTA
ICPAX   Integrity Williston Bsn/Md-N Amer A LW *   INTEGRITY
ICMAX   Intrepid Small Cap                         INTREPID
AACFX   Invesco China A Load Waived                INVESCO
ABRZX   Invesco Balanced-Risk Allc A LW            INVESCO
ACDAX   Invesco Capital Development A LW           INVESCO
ACEIX   Invesco Van Kampen Equity and Incom A LW     INVESCO
ACGIX   Invesco Van Kampen Growth and Incom A LW     INVESCO
ACSTX   Invesco Van Kampen Comstock A LW             INVESCO
ACTHX   Invesco Van Kampen High Yld Municip A LW     INVESCO
AEDAX   Invesco European Growth A Load Waived        INVESCO
AGAAX   Invesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr A LW       INVESCO
AGGAX   Invesco Global Growth A Load Waived          INVESCO
AGOVX   Invesco US Government A Load Waived          INVESCO
AGREX   Invesco Global Real Estate A LW              INVESCO
AIIEX   Invesco International Growth A LW            INVESCO
AINAX   Invesco International Allocation A LW        INVESCO
AMHYX   Invesco High Yield A Load Waived             INVESCO
AMKAX   Invesco Moderate Allocation A LW             INVESCO
ASIAX   Invesco Asia Pacific Growth A LW             INVESCO
AWSAX   Invesco Global Core Equity A LW              INVESCO
BRCAX   Invesco Balanced Risk Commodity Strategy     INVESCO
CHTRX   Invesco Charter A Load Waived                INVESCO
CNSAX   Invesco Convertible Secs A Load Waived       INVESCO
CSTGX   Invesco Constellation A                      INVESCO
FGLDX   Invesco Gold & Precious Metals Invstor       INVESCO
FIDYX   Invesco Dynamics Inv                         INVESCO
FTCHX   Invesco Technology Investor                  INVESCO
GGHCX   Invesco Global Health Care A LW              INVESCO
GTAGX   Invesco Mid Cap Core Equity A LW             INVESCO
GTDDX   Invesco Developing Markets A LW              INVESCO
GTNDX   Invesco Global Equity A Load Waived          INVESCO
IARAX   Invesco Real Estate A Load Waived            INVESCO
IAUTX   Invesco Utilities A Load Waived              INVESCO
IEGAX   Invesco International Small Company A LW     INVESCO
IENAX   Invesco Energy A Load Waived                 INVESCO
ILSAX   Invesco Leisure A Load Waived                INVESCO
LCEIX   Invesco Diversified Dividend Investor        INVESCO
MSAVX   Invesco Van Kampen American Value A LW       INVESCO
SCAUX   Invesco Structured Core A Load Waived        INVESCO
SHTIX   Invesco Limited Maturity Treasury A2 LW **   INVESCO
SMEAX   Invesco Small Cap Equity A Load Waived       INVESCO
VADAX   Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 A                INVESCO
VAFAX   Invesco Van Kampen American Franchi A LW     INVESCO
VASCX   Invesco Van Kampen Small Cap Gr A LW         INVESCO
VKMGX   Invesco Van Kampen US Mortgage A LW          INVESCO
VSCAX   Invesco Van Kampen SmallCapValue A           INVESCO
VVOAX   Invesco Van Kampen Value Opp A LW            INVESCO
IVIOX   IVA International A Load Waived              IVA
IVWAX   IVA Worldwide A Load Waived                  IVA
IGNAX   Ivy Global Natural Resources A LW            IVY
IVIAX   Ivy International Core Equity A LW           IVY
IVINX   Ivy International Growth A Load Waived       IVY
WASAX   Ivy Asset Strategy A Load Waived           IVY
WMGYX   Ivy Mid Cap Growth Y                       IVY
WSTAX   Ivy Science & Technology A Load Waived     IVY
JAMFX   Jacob Internet                             JACOB
GLRBX   James Balanced: Golden Rainbow R           JAMES ADVANTAGE
JABAX   Janus Balanced T                           JANUS
JAENX   Janus Enterprise T                         JANUS
JAFIX   Janus Flexible Bond T                      JANUS
JAGIX   Janus Growth & Income T                    JANUS
JAGLX   Janus Global Life Sciences T               JANUS
JAGTX   Janus Global Technology T                  JANUS
JAHYX   Janus High-Yield T                         JANUS
JAMRX   Janus Research T                           JANUS
JANSX   Janus T                                    JANUS
JAOSX   Janus Overseas T                           JANUS
JASBX   Janus Short-Term Bond T                    JANUS
JAVLX   Janus Twenty T                             JANUS
JAWWX   Janus Worldwide T                          JANUS
JDCAX   Janus Forty A Load Waived                  JANUS
JMCVX   Perkins Mid Cap Value T                    JANUS
JORNX   Janus Global Select T                      JANUS
JRSAX   INTECH Risk-Managed Value A Load Waived    JANUS
JSCVX   Perkins Small Cap Value T                  JANUS
JSVAX   Janus Contrarian T                         JANUS
JENSX   Jensen J                                   JENSEN
FRBAX   JHancock Regional Bank A Load Waived       JOHN HANCOCK
JALAX   JHancock2 Lifestyle Aggressive A LW        JOHN HANCOCK
JALBX   JHancock2 Lifestyle Balanced A LW          JOHN HANCOCK
JALGX   JHancock2 Lifestyle Growth A LW            JOHN HANCOCK
JALMX   JHancock2 Lifestyle Moderate A LW          JOHN HANCOCK
JALRX   JHancock2 Lifestyle Conservative A LW      JOHN HANCOCK
JCOAX   JHancock Greater China Opp A LW            JOHN HANCOCK
JCUAX   JHancock2 Currency Strategies A LW         JOHN HANCOCK
JFIAX   JHancock2 Floating Rate Income A LW        JOHN HANCOCK
JGPAX   JHancock Global Opportunities A LW         JOHN HANCOCK
JGYAX   JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield A LW    JOHN HANCOCK
JHFIX   JHancock Strategic Income A Load Waived    JOHN HANCOCK
JHHBX   JHancock High-Yield A Load Waived          JOHN HANCOCK
JHIAX   JHancock Small Cap Intrinsic Value A LW    JOHN HANCOCK
JHNBX   JHancock Bond A Load Waived                JOHN HANCOCK
JIPAX   JHancock2 Strategic Income Opps A LW       JOHN HANCOCK
JTCAX   JHancock2 Technical Opportunities A LW     JOHN HANCOCK
PZFVX   JHancock Classic Value A Load Waived       JOHN HANCOCK
SVBAX   JHancock Balanced A Load Waived            JOHN HANCOCK
TAGRX   JHancock Large Cap Equity A Load Waived    JOHN HANCOCK
USGLX   JHancock US Global Leaders Gr A LW         JOHN HANCOCK
OMBAX   JPMorgan Mortgage-Backed Securities A LW   JP MORGAN
SUSIX   JPMorgan US Real Estate A Load Waived      JP MORGAN
HSKAX   Highbridge Statistical Mkt Neutral A LW    JPMORGAN
JEDAX   JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Debt A LW           JPMORGAN
JFEAX   JPMorgan International Val A LW            JPMORGAN
JLCAX   JPMorgan US Large Cap Core Plus A LW       JPMORGAN
JMNAX   JPMorgan Research Market Neutral A LW      JPMORGAN
JNBAX   JPMorgan Income Builder A Load Waived      JPMORGAN
JSOAX   JPMorgan Strategic Income Opps A LW        JPMORGAN
JVAAX   JPMorgan Value Advantage A Load Waived     JPMORGAN
OGNAX   JPMorgan Multi-Cap Market Neutral A LW     JPMORGAN
OHYAX   JPMorgan High Yield A Load Waived          JPMORGAN
PECAX   JPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap A Load Waived    JPMORGAN
PGBOX   JPMorgan Core Bond A Load Waived           JPMORGAN
PGSGX   JPMorgan Small Cap Growth A Load Waived    JPMORGAN
KSCVX   Keeley Small Cap Value A Load Waived       KEELEY
KMKAX   Kinetics Market Opportunities Adv A LW     KINETICS
WWNPX   Kinetics Paradigm No Load                  KINETICS
WWWFX   Kinetics Internet No Load                  KINETICS
SWOIX   Laudus International MarketMasters Inv     LAUDUS
GLFOX   Lazard Global Listed Infras Port Open      LAZARD
LZOEX   Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Open        LAZARD
LZSMX   Lazard International Small Cap Eq Open     LAZARD
LCCMX   Leader Short Term Bond Inv                 LEADER
SBLGX   Legg Mason ClearBridge Large Cap Gr A LW   LEGG MASON
SBLTX   Legg Mason WA Intermediate-Term Mun A LW   LEGG MASON
SHAPX   Legg Mason ClearBridge Appreciation A LW   LEGG MASON
SHRAX   Legg Mason ClearBridge Aggressive G A LW   LEGG MASON
SOPAX   Legg Mason ClearBridge Equity Inc B A LW   LEGG MASON
LAALX   Leuthold Asset Allocation Retail           LEUTHOLD
LCORX   Leuthold Core Investment Retail            LEUTHOLD
AQBLX   LKCM Aquinas Small Cap                     LKCM
AQEGX   LKCM Aquinas Growth                        LKCM
AQEIX   LKCM Aquinas Value                         LKCM
LLPFX   Longleaf Partners                          LONGLEAF PARTNERS
LIGRX   Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond A LW   LOOMIS SAYLES
LSBRX   Loomis Sayles Bond Retail                  LOOMIS SAYLES
LSGLX   Loomis Sayles Global Bond Retail           LOOMIS SAYLES
NEFHX   Loomis Sayles High Income A Load Waived    LOOMIS SAYLES
NEFLX   Loomis Sayles Ltd Term Govt and Age A LW   LOOMIS SAYLES
NEFRX   Loomis Sayles Core Plus Bond A LW          LOOMIS SAYLES
NEFZX   Loomis Sayles Strategic Income A LW        LOOMIS SAYLES
ALFAX   Lord Abbett Alpha Strategy A LW            LORD ABBETT
HYMAX   Lord Abbett High Yield Municipal Bo A LW   LORD ABBETT
LAFFX   Lord Abbett Affiliated A Load Waived       LORD ABBETT
LAGVX   Lord Abbett Income A Load Waived           LORD ABBETT
LALDX   Lord Abbett Short Duration Income A LW     LORD ABBETT
LAVLX   Lord Abbett Mid-Cap Value A Load Waived    LORD ABBETT
LBNDX   Lord Abbett Bond-Debenture A LW            LORD ABBETT
LDFVX   Lord Abbett Fundamental Equity A LW        LORD ABBETT
LDMAX   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Curren A LW   LORD ABBETT
LICAX   Lord Abbett Intl Core Equity A LW          LORD ABBETT
LIDAX   Lord Abbett Intl Dividend Inc A LW         LORD ABBETT
LTRAX   Lord Abbett Total Return                   LORD ABBETT
LVOAX   Lord Abbett Value Opportunities A LW       LORD ABBETT
DIVPX   Dividend Plus Income Inv                   MAI
ICSRX   MainStay ICAP Select Equity A LW           MAINSTAY
MCOAX   MainStay Convertible A Load Waived         MAINSTAY
MHCAX   MainStay High Yield Corporate Bond A LW    MAINSTAY
MLAAX   MainStay Large Cap Growth A Load Waived    MAINSTAY
MOPIX   MainStay US Small Cap I                    MAINSTAY
MSEAX   MainStay International Equity A LW         MAINSTAY
MMFAX   Makefield Managed Futures                  MAKEFIELD
MGAAX   Managers AMG FQ Global Alternatives A LW   MANAGERS
MGFIX   Managers Bond                              MANAGERS
MGIDX   Managers Intermediate Duration Govt        MANAGERS
MGSDX   Managers Short Duration Government         MANAGERS
MGSEX   Managers Special Equity Managers           MANAGERS
MPAFX   Managers Cadence Capital Apprec A LW       MANAGERS
EXBAX   Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Mod Term S      MANNING & NAPIER
EXDAX   Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Cnsrv Term S    MANNING & NAPIER
EXHAX   Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Max Term S      MANNING & NAPIER
EXITX   Manning & Nappier International            MANNING & NAPIER
MRSCX   Marshall Small-Cap Growth Y                MARSHALL
MRVEX   Marshall Mid-Cap Value Y                   MARSHALL
MFCFX   Marsico Flexible Capital                   MARSICO
MFOCX   Marsico Focus                              MARSICO
MGRIX   Marsico Growth                             MARSICO
MIOFX   Marsico International Opportunities        MARSICO
MXXIX   Marsico 21st Century                       MARSICO
MSILX   Masters' Select International Instl        MASTERS
MSSFX   Masters' Select Smaller Companies Instl    MASTERS
MACSX   Matthews Asian Growth & Inc Investor       MATTHEWS ASIA
MAKOX   Matthews Korea Investor                    MATTHEWS ASIA
MAPIX   Matthews Asia Dividend Investor            MATTHEWS ASIA
MAPTX   Matthews Pacific Tiger Investor            MATTHEWS ASIA
MATFX   Matthews Asia Sci & Tech Investor          MATTHEWS ASIA
MCHFX   Matthews China Investor                    MATTHEWS ASIA
MINDX   Matthews India Investor                    MATTHEWS ASIA
MJFOX   Matthews Japan Investor                    MATTHEWS ASIA
MPACX   Matthews Asia Growth Investor              MATTHEWS ASIA
MERFX   Merger                                     MERGER
MERKX   Merk Hard Currency Inv                     MERK FUNDS
MWHYX   Metropolitan West High Yield Bond M        METROPOLITAN WEST
MWLDX   Metropolitan West Low Duration Bond M      METROPOLITAN WEST
MWTRX   Metropolitan West Total Return Bond M      METROPOLITAN WEST
MAGWX   MFS Growth Allocation A Load Waived        MFS
MAMAX   MFS Moderate Allocation A Load Waived      MFS
MDIDX   MFS International Diversification A LW     MFS
MEDAX   MFS Emerging Markets Debt A Load Waived    MFS
MEIAX   MFS Value A Load Waived                    MFS
MEMAX   MFS Emerging Markets Equity A LW           MFS
MFARX   MFS AR Municipal Bond A Load Waived        MFS
MFBFX   MFS Bond A Load Waived                     MFS
MFEGX   MFS Growth A Load Waived                   MFS
MFGSX   MFS Government Securities A Load Waived    MFS
MFRFX   MFS Research A Load Waived                 MFS
MFWTX   MFS Global Total Return A Load Waived      MFS
MGIAX   MFS International Value A Load Waived      MFS
MGRAX   MFS International Growth A Load Waived     MFS
MHITX   MFS High Income A Load Waived              MFS
MHOAX   MFS High Yield Opportunities A LW          MFS
MIDAX   MFS International New Discovery            MFS
MIGFX   MFS Massachusetts Investors Gr Stk A LW    MFS
MISSX   MFS MS Municipal Bond A Load Waived        MFS
MITTX   MFS Massachusetts Investors Tr A LW        MFS
MMHYX   MFS Municipal High-Income A Load Waived    MFS
MMUFX   MFS Utilities A Load Waived                MFS
MNDAX   MFS New Discovery A Load Waived            MFS
MQLFX   MFS Limited Maturity A Load Waived         MFS
MRBFX   MFS Research Bond A Load Waived            MFS
MRGAX   MFS Core Equity A Load Waived              MFS
MRSAX   MFS Research International A LW            MFS
MSFRX   MFS Total Return A Load Waived             MFS
MSTNX   MFS TN Municipal Bond A Load Waived        MFS
MTCAX   MFS Technology A Load Waived               MFS
MTLFX   MFS Municipal Limited Maturity A LW        MFS
MVCAX   MFS Mid Cap Value A Load Waived            MFS
MWOFX   MFS Global Growth A Load Waived            MFS
OTCAX   MFS Mid-Cap Growth A Load Waived           MFS
SRFAX   MFS Sector Rotational A Load Waived        MFS
MCFAX   Miller Convertible A Load Waived           MILLER INVESTMENT
MIIAX   Praxis Intermediate Income A LW            MMA PRAXIS
MEGHX   Morgan Stanley Inst Opportunity H LW       MORGAN STANLEY
MUHLX   Muhlenkamp                                 MUHLENKAMP
MCAFX   Nationwide Short Duration Bond Service     NATIONWIDE
DSFAX   Natixis ASG Diversifying Strategies A LW   NATIXIS
GAFAX   Natixis ASG Global Alternatives A LW       NATIXIS
GATEX   Gateway A Load Waived                      NATIXIS
NEFGX   Natixis CGM Advisor Targeted Equity A LW   NATIXIS
NAVAX   Navigator Fund                             NAVIGATOR
NEEGX   Needham Growth                             NEEDHAM
NBGEX   Neuberger Berman Genesis Tr                NEUBERGER BERMAN
NBISX   Neuberger Berman International Inv         NEUBERGER BERMAN
NBMIX   Neuberger Berman Small Cap Growth Inv      NEUBERGER BERMAN
NBPTX   Neuberger Berman Partners Tr               NEUBERGER BERMAN
NBRFX   Neuberger Berman Real Estate Tr            NEUBERGER BERMAN
NBSRX   Neuberger Berman Socially Resp Inv         NEUBERGER BERMAN
NGUAX   Neuberger Berman Guardian Inv              NEUBERGER BERMAN
NHINX   Neuberger Berman High Inc Bond Inv         NEUBERGER BERMAN
NCGFX   New Covenant Growth                        NEW COVENANT
NSEIX   Nicholas Equity Income I                   NICHOLAS
NCMTX   Niemann Tactical Return A Load Waived      NIEMANN
NAFAX   Nile Pan Africa A Load Waived              NILE
NTHEX   Northeast Investors                        NORTHEAST INVESTORS
NHFIX   Northern High Yield Fixed Income           NORTHERN
NSRIX   Northern Global Sustainability Index       NORTHERN
FARCX   Nuveen Real Estate Secs I                  NUVEEN
FCBYX   Nuveen Total Return Bond I                 NUVEEN
FRSLX   Nuveen Mid Cap Growth Opp A Load Waived    NUVEEN
FSAYX   Nuveen Strategy Aggressive Gr Allc I       NUVEEN
FSFYX   Nuveen Strategy Conservative Allc I        NUVEEN
FSGYX   Nuveen Strategy Growth Allocation I        NUVEEN
FSKYX   Nuveen Strategy Balanced Allc I            NUVEEN
NQVAX   Nuveen NWQ Multi-Cap Value A LW            NUVEEN
NTGAX   Nuveen Tradewinds Global Resources A LW    NUVEEN
BOGSX   Black Oak Emerging Technology              OAK ASSOCIATES
POGSX   Pin Oak Equity                             OAK ASSOCIATES
ROGSX   Red Oak Technology Select                  OAK ASSOCIATES
WOGSX   White Oak Select Growth                    OAK ASSOCIATES
OAKBX   Oakmark Equity & Income I                  OAKMARK
OAKEX   Oakmark International Small Cap I          OAKMARK
OAKGX   Oakmark Global I                           OAKMARK
OAKIX   Oakmark International I                    OAKMARK
OAKLX   Oakmark Select I                           OAKMARK
OAKMX   Oakmark I                                  OAKMARK
OAKWX   Oakmark Global Select I                    OAKMARK
OBCHX   Oberweis China Opportunities               OBERWEIS
ANDEX   Old Mutual Analytic Z                      OLD MUTUAL
OBDEX   Old Mutual Analytic US Long/Short Z        OLD MUTUAL
OBFOX   Old Mutual Barrow Hanley Value Z           OLD MUTUAL
OBFVX   Old Mutual Focused Z                       OLD MUTUAL
OBRTX   Old Mutual Heitman REIT Z                  OLD MUTUAL
OSSCX   Old Mutual Copper Rock Intl Sm Cap Z       OLD MUTUAL
OTMAX   Old Mutual TS&W Mid-Cap Value A LW         OLD MUTUAL
CGRWX   Oppenheimer Value A Load Waived            OPPENHEIMER
CRSXX   Oppenheimer Cash Reserves A                OPPENHEIMER
LTNYX   Oppenheimer Limited Term NY Municip A LW   OPPENHEIMER
MSIGX   Oppenheimer Main Street A Load Waived      OPPENHEIMER
OAAAX   Oppenheimer Active Allc A Load Waived      OPPENHEIMER
OAAIX   Oppenheimer Equity Inv A Load Waived       OPPENHEIMER
OAEIX   Oppenheimer Equity Income A Load Waived    OPPENHEIMER
OAMIX   Oppenheimer Moderate Inv A Load Waived     OPPENHEIMER
OARDX   Oppenheimer Rising Dividends A LW          OPPENHEIMER
OCOAX   Oppenheimer Currency Opportunities A LW    OPPENHEIMER
ODMAX   Oppenheimer Developing Markets A LW        OPPENHEIMER
OEGAX   Oppenheimer Small & Mid Cap Growth A LW    OPPENHEIMER
OEQAX   Oppenheimer Equity A Load Waived           OPPENHEIMER
OIBAX   Oppenheimer International Bond A LW        OPPENHEIMER
OIDAX   Oppenheimer International Diversifi A LW   OPPENHEIMER
OIGAX   Oppenheimer International Growth A LW      OPPENHEIMER
OMSOX   Oppenheimer Main Street Select A LW        OPPENHEIMER
OOSAX   Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate A LW      OPPENHEIMER
OPCHX   Oppenheimer Champion Income A LW           OPPENHEIMER
OPGIX   Oppenheimer Global Opportunities A LW      OPPENHEIMER
OPGSX   Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals A LW   OPPENHEIMER
OPGVX   Oppenheimer Limited-Term Government A LW   OPPENHEIMER
OPITX   Oppenheimer Limited Term Municipal A LW    OPPENHEIMER
OPMSX   Oppenheimer Main Street Sm & Mid Ca A LW   OPPENHEIMER
OPNYX   Oppenheimer AMT-Free NY Municipal A LW     OPPENHEIMER
OPOCX   Oppenheimer Discovery A Load Waived        OPPENHEIMER
OPPAX   Oppenheimer Global A Load Waived           OPPENHEIMER
OPPEX   Oppenheimer Capital Income A LW            OPPENHEIMER
OPSIX   Oppenheimer Global Strategic Inc A LW      OPPENHEIMER
OPTAX   Oppenheimer AMT-Free Municipals A LW       OPPENHEIMER
OPTFX   Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation A LW      OPPENHEIMER
OREAX   Oppenheimer Real Estate A Load Waived      OPPENHEIMER
ORMIX   Oppenheimer Rochester Michigan Muni A LW   OPPENHEIMER
ORNAX   Oppenheimer Rochester National Muni A LW   OPPENHEIMER
OSMAX   Oppenheimer International Small Co A LW    OPPENHEIMER
OUSGX   Oppenheimer US Government A Load Waived    OPPENHEIMER
QIVAX   Oppenheimer Quest International Val A LW   OPPENHEIMER
QRAAX   Oppenheimer Commodity Strat Total R A LW   OPPENHEIMER
QVGIX   Oppenheimer Global Allocation A LW         OPPENHEIMER
QVOPX   Oppenheimer Quest Opportunity Value A LW   OPPENHEIMER
QVSCX   Oppenheimer Small & Mid Cap Value A LW     OPPENHEIMER
RMUNX   Rochester Municipals A Load Waived         OPPENHEIMER
OSTFX   Osterweis                                  OSTERWEIS
OSTIX   Osterweis Strategic Income                 OSTERWEIS
PVFAX   Paradigm Value                             PARADIGM
PARNX   Parnassus                                  PARNASSUS
PARSX   Parnassus Small-Cap                        PARNASSUS
PARWX   Parnassus Workplace                        PARNASSUS
PRBLX   Parnassus Equity Income - Inv              PARNASSUS
PRFIX   Parnassus Fixed-Income                     PARNASSUS
PAXHX   Pax World High Yield Bond Individual Inv   PAX WORLD
PAXWX   Pax World Balanced Individual Inv         PAX WORLD
PGRNX   Pax World Global Green Individual Inv     PAX WORLD
PXINX   Pax World International Individual Inv    PAX WORLD
PXSCX   Pax World Small Cap Individual Inv        PAX WORLD
PXWEX   Pax World Glbl Women's Equity Ind Inv     PAX WORLD
PXWGX   Pax World Growth Individual Inv           PAX WORLD
PYEWX   Payden Emerging Markets Bond Adviser      PAYDEN
PYGWX   Payden GNMA Adviser                       PAYDEN
PYHWX   Payden High Income Adviser                PAYDEN
USBOX   Pear Tree Quality Ordinary                PEAR TREE
PRPFX   Permanent Portfolio                       PERMANENT PORTFOLIO
PRCGX   Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities           PERRITT
PREOX   Perritt Emerging Opportunities            PERRITT
PAEMX   PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond A LW          PIMCO
PAIIX   PIMCO Global Bond (USD-Hedged) A LW       PIMCO
PASDX   PIMCO All Asset D                         PIMCO
PAUAX   PIMCO All Asset All Authority A LW        PIMCO
PAUDX   PIMCO All Asset All Authority D           PIMCO
PBDDX   PIMCO Investment Grade Corp Bd D          PIMCO
PCRAX   PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat A LW       PIMCO
PCRDX   PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat D          PIMCO
PCVDX   PIMCO Convertible D                       PIMCO
PDCRX   PIMCO Credit Absolute Reurn D             PIMCO
PDVDX   PIMCO Diversified Inc D                   PIMCO
PFBDX   PIMCO Foreign Bond (Unhedged) D           PIMCO
PFGAX   PIMCO Long-Term US Government A LW        PIMCO
PFIAX   PIMCO Floating Income A Load Waived       PIMCO
PFOAX   PIMCO Foreign Bond (USD-Hedged) A LW      PIMCO
PFSDX   PIMCO Fundamental Advantage Total Ret D   PIMCO
PGMDX   PIMCO Global Multi-Asset D                PIMCO
PHDAX   PIMCO High Yield A Load Waived            PIMCO
PLMAX   PIMCO Developing Local Markets A LW       PIMCO
PMLAX   PIMCO Municipal Bond A Load Waived        PIMCO
PNYAX   PIMCO NY Municipal A Load Waived          PIMCO
PONDX   PIMCO Income D                            PIMCO
PRFAX   PIMCO Total Return III                    PIMCO
PRRDX   PIMCO Real Return D                       PIMCO
PRTNX   PIMCO Real Return A Load Waived           PIMCO
PSHAX   PIMCO Short-Term A Load Waived            PIMCO
PSPAX   PIMCO StocksPLUS A Load Waived            PIMCO
PSSDX   PIMCO StocksPLUS TR Short Strat D         PIMCO
PTHDX   PIMCO EqS Pathfinder D                    PIMCO
PTLAX   PIMCO Low Duration A Load Waived          PIMCO
PTTAX   PIMCO Total Return A Load Waived          PIMCO
PTTDX   PIMCO Total Return D                      PIMCO
PUBAX   PIMCO Unconstrained Bond A Load Waived    PIMCO
AMGEX   Pioneer Government Income A Load Waived   PIONEER
CVFCX   Pioneer Cullen Value A Load Waived         PIONEER
FLARX   Pioneer Floating Rate A Load Waived        PIONEER
GLOSX   Pioneer Global Equity A Load Waived        PIONEER
ORIGX   Pioneer Oak Ridge Small Cap Growth A LW    PIONEER
PBMFX   Pioneer AMT-Free Municipal A LW            PIONEER
PCGRX   Pioneer Mid-Cap Value A Load Waived        PIONEER
PEMFX   Pioneer Emerging Markets A Load Waived     PIONEER
PEOFX   Pioneer Equity Opportunity A LW            PIONEER
PEQIX   Pioneer Equity Income A Load Waived        PIONEER
PGHYX   Pioneer Global High Yield A Load Waived    PIONEER
PGOFX   Pioneer Growth Opportunities A LW          PIONEER
PIIFX   Pioneer International Value A LW           PIONEER
PIOBX   Pioneer Bond A Load Waived                 PIONEER
PIODX   Pioneer A Load Waived                      PIONEER
PMARX   Pioneer Multi-Asset Real Return A LW       PIONEER
PMCTX   Pioneer Select Mid Cap Growth A LW         PIONEER
PSRAX   Pioneer Strategic Income A Load Waived     PIONEER
PWREX   Pioneer Real Estate A Load Waived          PIONEER
TAHYX   Pioneer High Yield A Load Waived           PIONEER
PMFIX   PMC Core Fixed Income                      PMC FUNDS
PLVAX   PNC Large Cap Value A Load Waived          PNC FUNDS
PMRRX   PNC Multi Factor Small Cap Value A LW      PNC FUNDS
POXIX   PNC OH Interm Tax Exempt I                 PNC FUNDS
PORTX   Portfolio 21 R                             PORTFOLIO 21
FXBAX   PSI Total Return A Load Waived             PORTFOLIO STRATEGIES
FXMAX   PSI Market Neutral A Load Waived           PORTFOLIO STRATEGIES
FXSAX   PSI Strategic Growth A Load Waived         PORTFOLIO STRATEGIES
FXTAX   PSI Tactical Growth A Load Waived          PORTFOLIO STRATEGIES
POAGX   PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth         PRIMECAP ODYSSEY
POGRX   PRIMECAP Odyssey Growth                    PRIMECAP ODYSSEY
CMNWX   Principal Capital Appreciation A LW        PRINCIPAL
CPHYX   Principal High Yield A Load Waived         PRINCIPAL
PGBAX   Principal Global Div Inc A Load Waived     PRINCIPAL
PQIAX   Principal Equity Income A Load Waived      PRINCIPAL
PRDAX   Principal Diversified Real Asset A LW      PRINCIPAL
PRIAX   Principal Intl Emerging Markets A LW       PRINCIPAL
SABPX   Principal SAM Balanced A Load Waived       PRINCIPAL
SACAX   Principal SAM Strategic Growth A LW        PRINCIPAL
SAGPX   Principal SAM Conservative Growth A LW     PRINCIPAL
SAIPX   Principal SAM Conservative Bal A LW        PRINCIPAL
SAUPX   Principal SAM Flexible Income A LW         PRINCIPAL
BLPIX   ProFunds Bull Inv                          PROFUNDS
BRPIX   ProFunds Bear Inv                          PROFUNDS
ENPIX   ProFunds UltraSector Oil & Gas Investor    PROFUNDS
MDPIX   ProFunds Mid Cap Inv                       PROFUNDS
PMPIX   ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Inv   PROFUNDS
REPIX   ProFunds Real Estate UltraSector Inv       PROFUNDS
RRPIX   ProFunds Rising Rates Opp Inv              PROFUNDS
SLPIX   ProFunds Small Cap Inv                     PROFUNDS
UBPIX   ProFunds UltraLatin America Inv            PROFUNDS
UDPIX   ProFunds Ultra Dow 30 Inv                  PROFUNDS
ULPIX   ProFunds UltraBull Inv                     PROFUNDS
UUPIX   ProFunds UltraEmerging Markets Inv         PROFUNDS
UVPIX   ProFunds UltraShort Emerg Mkt Inv          PROFUNDS
PBHAX   Prudential High-Yield A Load Waived        PRUDENTIAL
PBSMX   Prudential Short-Term Corporate Bd A LW    PRUDENTIAL
PGNAX   Prudential Jennison Natural Resourc A LW   PRUDENTIAL
PGOAX   Prudential Jennison Small Company A LW     PRUDENTIAL
PHLAX   Prudential Jennison Health Sciences A LW   PRUDENTIAL
PJFAX   Prudential Jennison Growth                 PRUDENTIAL
PTWAX   Prudential Jennison 20/20 Focus A LW       PRUDENTIAL
PURAX   Prudential Global Real Estate A LW         PRUDENTIAL
SPQAX   Prudential Jennison Equity Income A LW     PRUDENTIAL
EBERX   Putnam Global Natural Resources A LW       PUTNAM
PAEAX   Putnam Asset Allocation: Growth A LW       PUTNAM
PAGVX   Putnam American Government Income A LW     PUTNAM
PCOAX   Putnam Capital Opportunities A LW          PUTNAM
PDINX   Putnam Diversified Income A Load Waived    PUTNAM
PDMAX   Putnam Absolute Return 700 A LW            PUTNAM
PEQUX   Putnam Global Equity A Load Waived         PUTNAM
PEUGX   Putnam Europe Equity A Load Waived         PUTNAM
PEYAX   Putnam Equity Income A Load Waived         PUTNAM
PGGIX   Putnam Global Income A Load Waived         PUTNAM
PGRWX   Putnam Fund for Growth & Income A LW       PUTNAM
PGSIX   Putnam US Government Income A LW           PUTNAM
PHSTX   Putnam Global Health Care A Load Waived    PUTNAM
PINCX   Putnam Income A Load Waived                PUTNAM
PINOX   Putnam International Growth A LW           PUTNAM
PINVX   Putnam Investors A Load Waived             PUTNAM
PJMDX   Putnam Absolute Return 500 A LW            PUTNAM
PNGAX   Putnam International Value A LW            PUTNAM
PNOPX   Putnam Multi-Cap Growth A Load Waived      PUTNAM
PNRAX   Putnam Research A Load Waived              PUTNAM
PNVAX   Putnam International Capital Opp A LW      PUTNAM
POGAX   Putnam Growth Opportunities A LW           PUTNAM
POVSX   Putnam International Equity A LW           PUTNAM
PSLAX   Putnam Small Cap Value A Load Waived       PUTNAM
PTRNX   Putnam Absolute Return 300 A LW            PUTNAM
PVOYX   Putnam Voyager A Load Waived               PUTNAM
PVSAX   Putnam Capital Spectrum                    PUTNAM
QUAGX   Quaker Strategic Growth A Load Waived      QUAKER
ACASX   Access Capital Community Investment        RBC GLOBAL
TETSX   RBC Enterprise S                           RBC GLOBAL
TMVSX   RBC Microcap Value S                       RBC GLOBAL
RBCGX   Reynolds Blue Chip Growth                 REYNOLDS
RNDLX   RiverNorth DoubleLine Strategic Income    RIVERNORTH
PENNX   Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Invmt           ROYCE
RGFAX   Royce Heritage Svc                        ROYCE
RIVFX   Royce Global Value Svc                    ROYCE
RMIDX   Royce Mid-Cap Service                     ROYCE
RSEFX   Royce Special Equity Svc                  ROYCE
RYLPX   Royce Low Priced Stock Svc                ROYCE
RYOTX   Royce Micro-Cap Invmt                     ROYCE
RYPNX   Royce Opportunity Invmt                   ROYCE
RYPRX   Royce Premier Invmt                       ROYCE
RYTRX   Royce Total Return Invmt                  ROYCE
RYVFX   Royce Value Svc                           ROYCE
RYVPX   Royce Value Plus Svc                      ROYCE
GBEMX   RS Emerging Markets A Load Waived         RS
GUTEX   RS Tax-Exempt A Load Waived               RS
RCAPX   RS Capital Appreciation A Load Waived     RS
RLDAX   RS Low Duration Bond A Load Waived        RS
RSDGX   RS Select Growth A Load Waived            RS
RSEGX   RS Small Cap Growth A Load Waived         RS
RSFLX   RS Floating Rate A Load Waived            RS
RSHMX   RS High Yield Municipal Bond A LW         RS
RSIFX   RS Technology A Load Waived               RS
RSINX   RS Investors A Load Waived                RS
RSNRX   RS Global Natural Resources A LW          RS
RSPFX   RS Partners A Load Waived                 RS
RSVAX   RS Value A Load Waived                    RS
RALSX   Russell LifePoints Growth Strategy S      RUSSELL
RBLSX   Russell LifePoints Bal Strat S            RUSSELL
RCCSX   Russell Commodity Strategies S            RUSSELL
RCLSX   Russell LifePoints Cnsrv Strat S          RUSSELL
RELSX   Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy S   RUSSELL
REMSX   Russell Emerging Markets S                RUSSELL
REQTX   Russell US Quantitative Equity S          RUSSELL
RFATX   Russell Investment Grade Bond S           RUSSELL
RFBSX   Russell Short Duration Bond S             RUSSELL
RFCTX   Russell Strategic Bond S                  RUSSELL
RGCSX   Russell Global Opportunistic Credit S     RUSSELL
RGESX   Russell Global Equity S                   RUSSELL
RGISX   Russell Global Infrastructure S           RUSSELL
RINTX   Russell International Developed Mkts S    RUSSELL
RLESX   Russell US Small & Mid Cap S              RUSSELL
RLISX   Russell US Core Equity S                  RUSSELL
RMLSX   Russell LifePoints Mod Strat S            RUSSELL
RRESX   Russell Global Real Estate Secs S         RUSSELL
RSVSX   Russell US Value S                        RUSSELL
RYAIX   Rydex Inverse NASDAQ-100 Strategy Inv     RYDEX|SGI
RYAMX   Rydex-SGI U.S. Long Short Momentum A LW    RYDEX|SGI
RYAOX   Rydex NASDAQ-100 Adv                       RYDEX|SGI
RYAUX   Rydex Utilities Adv                        RYDEX|SGI
RYAVX   Rydex S&P MidCap 400 Pure Value H          RYDEX|SGI
RYAWX   Rydex S&P 500 Pure Growth H                RYDEX|SGI
RYAZX   Rydex S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Value H        RYDEX|SGI
RYBAX   Rydex Basic Materials Adv                  RYDEX|SGI
RYBHX   Rydex S&P MidCap 400 Pure Growth H         RYDEX|SGI
RYBUX   Rydex-SGI Long Short Int Rate Strat H      RYDEX|SGI
RYCIX   Rydex Consumer Products Inv                RYDEX|SGI
RYCVX   Rydex Dow 2x Strategy H                    RYDEX|SGI
RYEIX   Rydex Energy Inv                           RYDEX|SGI
RYEOX   Rydex-SGI All-Asset Cnsrv Strat A LW       RYDEX|SGI
RYEUX   Rydex Europe 1.25x Strategy H              RYDEX|SGI
RYFAX   Rydex Financial Services Adv               RYDEX|SGI
RYGBX   Rydex Govt Long Bond 1.2x Strategy Inv     RYDEX|SGI
RYGGX   Rydex-SGI All-Asset Agrsv Strat A LW       RYDEX|SGI
RYHAX   Rydex Health Care Adv                      RYDEX|SGI
RYHGX   Rydex High Yield Strategy                  RYDEX|SGI
RYHRX   Rydex Real Estate H                        RYDEX|SGI
RYIAX   Rydex Internet Adv                         RYDEX|SGI
RYIDX   Rydex Inverse Dow 2x Strategy A LW         RYDEX|SGI
RYIUX   Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strat A LW   RYDEX|SGI
RYJUX   Rydex Inverse Gov Long Bond Strategy Inv   RYDEX|SGI
RYKAX   Rydex Banking Adv                          RYDEX|SGI
RYLAX   Rydex Leisure Adv                          RYDEX|SGI
RYLFX   Rydex-SGI L/S Commodities Strategy H       RYDEX|SGI
RYMAX   Rydex Telecommunications Adv               RYDEX|SGI
RYMBX   Rydex Commodities Strategy H               RYDEX|SGI
RYMDX   Rydex Mid-Cap 1.5x Strategy H              RYDEX|SGI
RYMFX   Rydex-SGI Managed Futures Strategy H       RYDEX|SGI
RYMHX   Rydex Inverse Mid Cap Strategy H           RYDEX|SGI
RYMKX   Rydex Russell 2000 1.5x Strategy H         RYDEX|SGI
RYMOX   Rydex-SGI All-Asset Mod Strat A LW         RYDEX|SGI
RYNAX   Rydex Nova Adv                             RYDEX|SGI
RYOAX   Rydex Biotechnology Adv                    RYDEX|SGI
RYPAX   Rydex Transportation Adv                   RYDEX|SGI
RYPMX   Rydex Precious Metals Inv                  RYDEX|SGI
RYRAX   Rydex Retailing Adv                        RYDEX|SGI
RYSAX   Rydex Electronics Adv                      RYDEX|SGI
RYSDX   Rydex Strengthening Dollar 2x Strat A LW   RYDEX|SGI
RYSHX   Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 Strategy H      RYDEX|SGI
RYTIX   Rydex Technology Inv                       RYDEX|SGI
RYTMX   Rydex Inverse S&P 500 2x Strategy A LW     RYDEX|SGI
RYTNX   Rydex S&P 500 2x Strategy H                RYDEX|SGI
RYURX   Rydex Inverse S&P 500 Strategy Inv         RYDEX|SGI
RYVAX   Rydex Energy Services Adv                  RYDEX|SGI
RYVNX   Rydex Dyn Inverse NASDAQ-100 2X Strat H      RYDEX|SGI
RYVYX   Rydex Dynamic NASDAQ-100 2X Strategy H       RYDEX|SGI
RYWAX   Rydex S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Growth H         RYDEX|SGI
RYWDX   Rydex Weakening Dollar 2x Strategy A LW      RYDEX|SGI
RYZAX   Rydex S&P 500 Pure Value H                   RYDEX|SGI
SECIX   Rydex-SGI Large Cap Value A Load Waived      RYDEX|SGI
SECUX   Rydex-SGI Mid Cap Growth A Load Waived       RYDEX|SGI
SEQAX   Rydex-SGI MSCI EAFE Equal Weight A LW        RYDEX|SGI
SEVAX   Rydex-SGI Mid Cap Value A Load Waived        RYDEX|SGI
SIHAX   Rydex-SGI High Yield A Load Waived           RYDEX|SGI
SIUSX   Rydex-SGI US Intermediate Bond A LW          RYDEX|SGI
FOREX   The Currency Fund                            SARASOTA CAPITAL
GRRAX   James Alpha Global Enh Real Ret Por A LW *   SARATOGA
JAREX   James Alpha Glbl RI Estt Invsmts *           SARATOGA
SATMX   Satuit Capital Micro Cap                     SATUIT CAPITAL
UMBHX   Scout Small Cap                              SCOUT
UMBMX   Scout Mid Cap                                SCOUT
UMBWX   Scout International                          SCOUT
TCPGX   SEI Daily Income Interm-Dur Govt A           SEI
SLASX   Selected American Shares S                   SELECTED AMERICAN
BRGRX   Sentinel Capital Growth A Load Waived        SENTINEL
MYPVX   Sentinel Sustainable Core Opp A LW           SENTINEL
SAGWX   Sentinel Small Company A Load Waived         SENTINEL
SEBLX   Sentinel Balanced A Load Waived              SENTINEL
SECMX   Sentinel Conservative Strategies A LW        SENTINEL
SEGSX   Sentinel Government Securities A LW          SENTINEL
SENCX   Sentinel Common Stock A Load Waived          SENTINEL
SNTNX   Sentinel Mid Cap A Load Waived               SENTINEL
SSIGX   Sentinel Short Maturity Govt A LW            SENTINEL
SWRLX   Sentinel International Equity A LW           SENTINEL
SYVAX   Sentinel Mid Cap Value A Load Waived         SENTINEL
WAEGX   Sentinel Sustainable Growth Opp A LW         SENTINEL
SIRAX   Sierra Core Retirement A Load Waived         SIERRA TRUST
SSHFX   Sound Shore                                  SOUND SHORE
ETFFX   Stadion Managed Portfolio A Load Waived      STADION
ETFRX   Stadion Core Advantage Portfolio A LW        STADION
SSAIX   SSgA International Stock Selection Instl     STATE STREET
SSEMX   SSgA Emerging Markets Instl                  STATE STREET
MLPAX   SteelPath MLP Alpha A Load Waived            STEELPATH
MLPDX   SteelPath MLP Income A Load Waived           STEELPATH
MLPFX   SteelPath MLP Select 40 A Load Waived        STEELPATH
STMDX   Stratton Real Estate                         STRATTON
STRGX   Stratton Multi Cap                           STRATTON
STSCX   Stratton Small-Cap Value                     STRATTON
FASAX   SunAmerica Focused Multi-Asset Stra A LW     SUNAMERICA
FBAAX   SunAmerica Focused Balanced Strateg A LW     SUNAMERICA
FDSAX   SunAmerica Focused Dividend Strateg A LW     SUNAMERICA
FOGAX   SunAmerica Focused Growth & Inc A LW       SUNAMERICA
FSAPX   SunAmerica Focused StarALPHA A LW          SUNAMERICA
HWKAX   SunAmerica 2020 High Watermark A LW        SUNAMERICA
SASFX   SunAmerica Senior Floating Rate A LW       SUNAMERICA
SDIAX   SunAmerica Strategic Bond A Load Waived    SUNAMERICA
PACLX   T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation Adv     T. ROWE PRICE
PAFDX   T. Rowe Price Equity Income Adv            T. ROWE PRICE
PAREX   T. Rowe Price Real Estate Advisor          T. ROWE PRICE
PASHX   T. Rowe Price Short Term Bond Adv          T. ROWE PRICE
PATAX   T. Rowe Price Tax-Free Income Adv          T. ROWE PRICE
PBDIX   T. Rowe Price U.S. Bond Enhanced Index     T. ROWE PRICE
PIEQX   T. Rowe Price International Eq Index       T. ROWE PRICE
PRASX   T. Rowe Price New Asia                     T. ROWE PRICE
PRFHX   T. Rowe Price Tax-Free High-Yield          T. ROWE PRICE
PRGFX   T. Rowe Price Growth Stock                 T. ROWE PRICE
PRGTX   T. Rowe Price Global Technology            T. ROWE PRICE
PRHSX   T. Rowe Price Health Sciences              T. ROWE PRICE
PRHYX   T. Rowe Price High-Yield                   T. ROWE PRICE
PRIDX   T. Rowe Price International Discovery      T. ROWE PRICE
PRISX   T. Rowe Price Financial Services           T. ROWE PRICE
PRITX   T. Rowe Price International Stock Fd       T. ROWE PRICE
PRLAX   T. Rowe Price Latin America                T. ROWE PRICE
PRMSX   T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock       T. ROWE PRICE
PRMTX   T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications   T. ROWE PRICE
PRNEX   T. Rowe Price New Era                      T. ROWE PRICE
PRNHX   T. Rowe Price New Horizons                 T. ROWE PRICE
PRSCX   T. Rowe Price Science & Tech               T. ROWE PRICE
PRSGX   T. Rowe Price Spectrum Growth              T. ROWE PRICE
PRSVX   T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value              T. ROWE PRICE
PRVAX   T. Rowe Price VA Tax-Free Bond             T. ROWE PRICE
PRWAX   T. Rowe Price New America Growth           T. ROWE PRICE
PRWCX   T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation         T. ROWE PRICE
PSILX   T. Rowe Price Spectrum International       T. ROWE PRICE
RPBAX   T. Rowe Price Balanced                     T. ROWE PRICE
RPIBX   T. Rowe Price International Bond           T. ROWE PRICE
RPMGX   T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth               T. ROWE PRICE
RPSIX   T. Rowe Price Spectrum Income              T. ROWE PRICE
TADGX   T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth              T. ROWE PRICE
TRAMX   T. Rowe Price Africa & Middle East         T. ROWE PRICE
TRBCX   T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth             T. ROWE PRICE
TREMX   T. Rowe Price Emg Europe & Med             T. ROWE PRICE
TRIGX   T. Rowe Price Intl Gr & Inc                T. ROWE PRICE
TRMCX   T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Value                T. ROWE PRICE
TRRAX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2010              T. ROWE PRICE
TRRBX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020              T. ROWE PRICE
TRRCX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030              T. ROWE PRICE
TRRDX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2040              T. ROWE PRICE
TRRFX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2005              T. ROWE PRICE
TRRGX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2015              T. ROWE PRICE
TRRHX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2025              T. ROWE PRICE
TRRJX   T. Rowe Price Retirement 2035              T. ROWE PRICE
TRSAX   T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Adv             T. ROWE PRICE
TRVLX   T. Rowe Price Value                        T. ROWE PRICE
TGCNX   TCW Select Equities N                      TCW
TGFNX   TCW Core Fixed-Income N                    TCW
TGHNX   TCW High-Yield Bond N                      TCW
TGIGX   TCW Dividend Focused N                     TCW
TGINX   TCW Emerging Markets Income N              TCW
TGMNX   TCW Total Return Bond N                    TCW
TAREX   Third Avenue Real Estate Value Instl       THIRD AVENUE
TASCX   Third Avenue Small Cap Value Instl         THIRD AVENUE
TAVFX   Third Avenue Value Instl                   THIRD AVENUE
TAVIX   Third Avenue International Value Instl     THIRD AVENUE
TWWDX   Thomas White International                 THOMAS WHITE
THPGX   Thompson Plumb Growth                      THOMPSON PLUMB
TGVAX   Thornburg International Value A LW         THORNBURG
THCGX   Thornburg Core Growth A Load Waived        THORNBURG
TIBAX   Thornburg Investment Income Builder A LW   THORNBURG
TVAFX   Thornburg Value A Load Waived              THORNBURG
TICRX   TIAA-CREF Social Choice Eq Retail          TIAA-CREF
TILDX   Tilson Dividend *                          TILSON
TAAGX   Timothy Plan Aggressive Growth A LW        TIMOTHY PLAN
TCGAX   Timothy Plan Conservative Growth A LW      TIMOTHY PLAN
TFIAX   Timothy Plan Fixed-Income A Load Waived    TIMOTHY PLAN
TLGAX   Timothy Plan Large/Mid-Cap Growth A LW     TIMOTHY PLAN
TLVAX   Timothy Plan Large/Mid-Cap Value A LW      TIMOTHY PLAN
TPAIX   Timothy Plan Israel Common Values          TIMOTHY PLAN
TPDAX   Timothy Plan Defensive Strategies A LW     TIMOTHY PLAN
TPHAX   Timothy Plan High Yield Bond A LW          TIMOTHY PLAN
TPIAX   Timothy Plan International A LW            TIMOTHY PLAN
TPLNX   Timothy Plan Small-Cap Value A LW          TIMOTHY PLAN
DEFIX   Delafield Fund                             TOCQUEVILLE
TGLDX   Tocqueville Gold                           TOCQUEVILLE
TIVFX   Tocqueville International Value            TOCQUEVILLE
TOCQX   Tocqueville                                TOCQUEVILLE
THEMX   Toews Hedged Emerging Markets Fund         TOEWS
THHYX   Toews Hedged High Yield Bond               TOEWS
THIDX   Toews Hedged International Dev Mkts        TOEWS
THLGX   Toews Hedged Large-Cap                     TOEWS
THSMX   Toews Hedged Small & Mid Cap               TOEWS
PTSGX   Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth Z   TOUCHSTONE
TEGAX   Touchstone Mid Cap Growth A Load Waived    TOUCHSTONE
TEQAX   Touchstone Large Cap Growth A LW           TOUCHSTONE
TGVFX   Touchstone Growth Opportunities A LW       TOUCHSTONE
TSDGX   Touchstone Short Duration Fixed Income Z   TOUCHSTONE
IAAAX   Transamerica Asset Allc Growth A LW        TRANSAMERICA
IDITX   Transamerica AEGON Flexible Income A LW    TRANSAMERICA
IGTAX   Transamerica Tactical Income               TRANSAMERICA
IIVAX   Transamerica Systematic Sm/Md Cap V A LW   TRANSAMERICA
IMLAX   Transamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr A LW        TRANSAMERICA
IMNAX   Transamerica Multi-Manager Intl A LW       TRANSAMERICA
IMUAX   Transamerica Multi-Manager Alt Stra A LW   TRANSAMERICA
TDEIX   Transamerica WMC Diversified Equity I      TRANSAMERICA
TDHIX   Transamerica AEGON High Yield Bond I       TRANSAMERICA
TVEFX   Transparent Val DJ RBP US Div Idx F-1      TRANSPARENT VALUE
FOBAX   Tributary Balanced Instl                   TRIBUTARY
FOGRX   Tributary Growth Opps Inst                 TRIBUTARY
TBTBX   Turner All Cap Growth Investor             TURNER
TMCGX   Turner Emerging Growth Investor            TURNER
TMGFX   Turner Midcap Growth Investor              TURNER
TTOPX   Turner Concentrated Gr Investor            TURNER
TBGVX   Tweedy,Browne Global Value                 TWEEDY BROWNE
EUROX   U.S. Global Investors Eastern European     U.S. GLOBAL
PSPFX   U.S. Global Investors Global Res           U.S. GLOBAL
UNWPX   U.S. Global Investors Wld Prec Minerals    U.S. GLOBAL
USERX   U.S. Global Investors Gold and Prec Mtls   U.S. GLOBAL
VICEX   Vice *                                     USA MUTUALS
UAGNX   USAA GNMA Adv                              USAA
VALIX   Value Line Income & Growth                 VALUE LINE
VLEOX   Value Line Emerging Opportunities          VALUE LINE
GBFAX   Van Eck Emerging Markets A Load Waived     VAN ECK
GHAAX   Van Eck Global Hard Assets A LW            VAN ECK
INIVX   Van Eck Intl Investors Gold A LW           VAN ECK
NAESX   Vanguard Small Cap Index Inv               VANGUARD
VASGX   Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Inv           VANGUARD
VASIX   Vanguard LifeStrategy Income Inv           VANGUARD
VASVX   Vanguard Selected Value Inv                VANGUARD
VBIIX   Vanguard Interm-Term Bond Index Inv        VANGUARD
VBINX   Vanguard Balanced Index Inv                VANGUARD
VBISX   Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index Inv         VANGUARD
VBLTX   Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Inv          VANGUARD
VBMFX   Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Inv       VANGUARD
VCAIX   Vanguard CA Interm-Term Tax-Exempt Inv     VANGUARD
VCITX   Vanguard CA Long-Term Tax-Exempt Inv       VANGUARD
VDEQX   Vanguard Diversified Equity Inv            VANGUARD
VDIGX   Vanguard Dividend Growth Inv               VANGUARD
VDMIX   Vanguard Developed Markets Index Inv       VANGUARD
VEIPX   Vanguard Equity-Income Inv                 VANGUARD
VEURX   Vanguard European Stock Index Inv          VANGUARD
VEXMX   Vanguard Extended Market Idx Inv           VANGUARD
VEXPX   Vanguard Explorer Inv                      VANGUARD
VFICX   Vanguard Interm-Term Invmt-Grade Inv       VANGUARD
VFIIX   Vanguard GNMA Inv                          VANGUARD
VFINX   Vanguard 500 Index Investor                VANGUARD
VFISX   Vanguard Short-Term Treasury Inv           VANGUARD
VFITX   Vanguard Interm-Term Treasury Inv          VANGUARD
VFORX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 Inv        VANGUARD
VFSTX   Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade Inv   VANGUARD
VFTSX   Vanguard FTSE Social Index Inv             VANGUARD
VFWIX   Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Index Inv    VANGUARD
VGENX   Vanguard Energy Inv                        VANGUARD
VGEQX   Vanguard Growth Equity Inv                 VANGUARD
VGHCX   Vanguard Health Care Inv                   VANGUARD
VGPMX   Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Inv    VANGUARD
VGSIX   Vanguard REIT Index Inv                    VANGUARD
VGSTX   Vanguard STAR Inv                          VANGUARD
VGTSX   Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index Inv        VANGUARD
VHDYX   Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index Inv     VANGUARD
VHGEX   Vanguard Global Equity Inv                 VANGUARD
VIGRX   Vanguard Growth Index Inv                  VANGUARD
VIMSX   Vanguard Mid Cap Index Inv                 VANGUARD
VINEX   Vanguard International Explorer Inv        VANGUARD
VIPSX   Vanguard Inflation-Protected Secs Inv      VANGUARD
VISGX   Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Inv        VANGUARD
VISVX   Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Inv         VANGUARD
VIVAX   Vanguard Value Index Inv                   VANGUARD
VLACX   Vanguard Large Cap Index Inv               VANGUARD
VMGIX   Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index Inv          VANGUARD
VMLTX   Vanguard Ltd-Term Tx-Ex                    VANGUARD
VMMXX   Vanguard Prime Money Market Inv            VANGUARD
VMRGX   Vanguard Morgan Growth Inv                 VANGUARD
VNJTX   Vanguard NJ Long-Term Tax-Exempt Inv       VANGUARD
VNYTX   Vanguard NY Long-Term Tax-Exempt Inv       VANGUARD
VOHIX   Vanguard OH Long-Term Tax-Exempt           VANGUARD
VPACX   Vanguard Pacific Stock Index Inv           VANGUARD
VQNPX   Vanguard Growth & Income Inv               VANGUARD
VSCGX   Vanguard LifeStrategy Cnsrv Gr Inv         VANGUARD
VSEQX   Vanguard Strategic Equity Inv              VANGUARD
VSGBX   Vanguard Short-Term Federal Inv            VANGUARD
VSMGX   Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Gr Inv      VANGUARD
VTENX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2010 Inv        VANGUARD
VTGLX   Vanguard Tax-Managed Growth & Inc Adm      VANGUARD
VTHRX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 Inv        VANGUARD
VTINX   Vanguard Target Retirement Income Inv      VANGUARD
VTIVX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Inv        VANGUARD
VTMGX   Vanguard Tax-Managed Intl Adm              VANGUARD
VTMSX   Vanguard Tax-Managed Small Cap Adm         VANGUARD
VTRIX   Vanguard International Value Inv           VANGUARD
VTSMX   Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv           VANGUARD
VTTHX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Inv        VANGUARD
VTTVX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 Inv        VANGUARD
VTWNX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2020 Inv        VANGUARD
VTXVX   Vanguard Target Retirement 2015 Inv        VANGUARD
VUSTX   Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Inv            VANGUARD
VWAHX   Vanguard High-Yield Tax-Exempt             VANGUARD
VWEHX   Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Inv          VANGUARD
VWELX   Vanguard Wellington Inv                    VANGUARD
VWESX   Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Inv    VANGUARD
VWIGX   Vanguard International Growth Inv          VANGUARD
VWINX   Vanguard Wellesley Income Inv              VANGUARD
VWITX   Vanguard Interm-Term Tx-Ex Inv             VANGUARD
VWLTX   Vanguard Long-Term Tax-Exempt              VANGUARD
VWNDX   Vanguard Windsor Investor                  VANGUARD
VWNFX   Vanguard Windsor II Investor               VANGUARD
VWUSX   Vanguard US Growth Inv                     VANGUARD
SRVEX   Victory Diversified Stock A Load Waived    VICTORY
VILLX   Villere Balanced Inv                       VILLERE
JVIAX   Virtus Foreign Opportunities A LW          VIRTUS
NARAX   Virtus Multi-Sector S/T Bd A LW            VIRTUS
PHBLX   Virtus Balanced A Load Waived              VIRTUS
PHRAX   Virtus Real Estate Securities A LW         VIRTUS
PWBAX   Virtus Alpha Sector Rotation               VIRTUS
VAAAX   Virtus Allocator Premium Alpha Sector      VIRTUS
VAPAX   Virtus Premium Alpha Sector                VIRTUS
VGPAX   Virtus Global Premium Alpha Sector         VIRTUS
WSCVX   Walthausen Small Cap Value                 WALTHAUSEN
FMLSX   Wasatch Long/Short                         WASATCH
WAEMX   Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap         WASATCH
WAGTX   Wasatch World Innovators                   WASATCH
WAHGX   Wasatch Heritage Growth                    WASATCH
WAINX   Wasatch Emerging India                     WASATCH
WHOSX   Wasatch-Hoisington US Treasury             WASATCH
WBALX   Weitz Balanced                             WEITZ
WEFIX   Weitz Short-Intermediate Income            WEITZ
WPOIX   Weitz Partners III Opportunity Investor    WEITZ
WPVLX   Weitz Partners Value                       WEITZ
WVALX   Weitz Value                                WEITZ
EAAFX   Wells Fargo Advantage Asset Alloc A LW     WELLS FARGO
EGOAX   Wells Fargo Large Cap Core                 WELLS FARGO
EKGAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opps A LW     WELLS FARGO
EKOAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Omega Growth A LW    WELLS FARGO
EMGAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Emerg Mkts Eq A LW   WELLS FARGO
ESIYX   Wells Fargo Advantage Intl Bond A LW       WELLS FARGO
EVSAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Discp US Core A LW   WELLS FARGO
EVUAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telec A LW   WELLS FARGO
MSDAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Sh Dur Govt B A LW   WELLS FARGO
SGRAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Growth A LW          WELLS FARGO
SLGIX   Wells Fargo Advantage Capital Growth Inv   WELLS FARGO
SOPVX   Wells Fargo Advantage Opportunity A        WELLS FARGO
SSMVX   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Val Inv    WELLS FARGO
STADX   Wells Fargo Advantage Ultra S/T Inc Inv    WELLS FARGO
STAEX   Wells Fargo Advantage Endeavor Sele A LW   WELLS FARGO
STDIX   Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Inv        WELLS FARGO
STSMX   Wells Fargo Advantage S/T Muni Bd Inv      WELLS FARGO
STVSX   Wells Fargo Advantage Government Sec Inv   WELLS FARGO
WFEAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Intl Equity A LW     WELLS FARGO
WFILX   Wells Fargo Advantage Index A LW           WELLS FARGO
WIPNX   Wells Fargo Advantage Income Plus Inv      WELLS FARGO
WLVAX   Wells Fargo Advantage Equity Value A       WELLS FARGO
WTEIX   Westcore Growth                            WESTCORE
WTIBX   Westcore Plus Bond                         WESTCORE
WPFRX   Westport R                                 WESTPORT
WBIGX   William Blair International Growth N       WILLIAM BLAIR
WBRRX   William Blair Income N                     WILLIAM BLAIR
WBSNX   William Blair Small Cap Growth N           WILLIAM BLAIR
DTLGX   Wilshire Large Company Growth Invmt        WILSHIRE MUTUAL
DTLVX   Wilshire Large Company Value               WILSHIRE MUTUAL
DTSGX   Wilshire Small Company Growth Invmt        WILSHIRE MUTUAL
DTSVX   Wilshire Small Company Value Invmt         WILSHIRE MUTUAL
WFIVX   Wilshire 5000 Index Invmt                  WILSHIRE MUTUAL
WGGFX   Winslow Green Growth Inv                   WINSLOW GREEN
WGRNX   Wintergreen                                WINTERGREEN
YACKX   Yacktman                                   YACKTMAN
YAFFX   Yacktman Focused                           YACKTMAN

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