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     Port Authority Police

                                        Benevolent Association, Inc.
                                                                                                         Vol. VII
                                                                                                          No. 1
                                                                                                      February 2011

                                                                        hicle’s locked doors but eventually persuaded the female
                                                                        to unlock the doors herself. Rail opened the door and the

                                                                        woman lunged at him with a knife and retreated back into
                                                                        the vehicle. It was then that Rail realized the blood on the
                                                                        woman’s neck was from self-inflicted knife wounds. Rail was

                                                                        shocked to see the woman’s four-month-old son on the seat
                                                                        behind her.

On Thursday, February 4, 2010, Port Authority Police Officer Thomas  After a tense standoff, Rail was successful in disarming the
Rail was on routine patrol in the vicinity of the George Washington  woman and taking her into custody. As Rail entered the ve-
Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ. At approximately 4:15 p.m., Rail was dis-    hicle, he noticed a single-burner, gas camping stove, with a
patched to investigate a reported motor vehicle ac-                                  lit flame on the front seat. The lit stove cre-
cident on the entrance road to Palisades Interstate          Thomas Rail             ated a lethal environment within the sealed
Parkway. Once on scene, Rail observed a 2000 Audi A4           exhibited             vehicle, requiring Rail to act with extreme
that appeared to have veered off the roadway into                                    caution in order to extract the baby safely
one of the many large boulders lining the roadway.
                                                                extreme              from the vehicle. Rail then coordinated
                                       The boulders        courage while emergency medical response for the woman
                                       create      a                                 and the child.
                                      safety barrier
                                                                                    It became apparent that the woman tried to
                                      for vehicles            an armed              intentionally drive the vehicle off the road-
                                      traveling the
                                                            individual,             way to send the vehicle into the Hudson Riv-
                                      road, which                                   er below, meaning almost certain death for
                                      is high above     and a situation her and her son. When that attempt failed,
                                      the Hudson
                                                         that required              she lit the stove to ensure the death of her
                                      River. As Rail                                son and then proceed to attempt suicide by
                                      approached        all his skills as slitting her throat.
                                      the vehicle,
                                                        a police Officer Police Officer Thomas Rail exhibited extreme
                                      which     was
                                                                                    courage while confronting an armed individ-
                                      in a precarious position, he
                                                                   ual and a situation that required all his skills as a police of-
                                      noticed a female in the rear
                                                                   ficer. His quick thinking and swift actions resulted in averting
                                      seat with what appeared to
                                                                   a murder/suicide while placing himself in grave danger. The
                                      be blood on her neck. Rail
                                                                   Port Authority PBA is honored to award Police Officer Thomas
                                      attempted to open the ve-
                                                                   Rail the 2010 PAPBA Cop of the Year Award.
                                           A President
                    PAPBA                                                  PAUL NUNZIATO
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                                                                        First, I want to     propaganda that union workers with pensions
                                                                        congratulate         and benefits are the cause of all the problems.
 Report                                                                 Police
                                                                        (GWB) for being
                                                                                             No one complains about the multi-million dollar
                                                                                             annual bonuses paid to the bankers, CEOs, and
                                                                                             mortgage brokers that derailed our economy,
  An Official Publication of                                            selected as the      but everyone thinks that our pensions and
         The Port Authority
 Police Benevolent Association, Inc.                                    2010    Cop     of   benefits are too rich.
                                                                        the Year. I also
                                                                                             In this political environment, there has never
 ExEcutIVE OFFIcE:                                                      congratulate all
     611 Palisade Avenue                                                                     been a more important time to promote the
                                                                        the 2010 Cop
  Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632                                                                 outstanding job that our Department does day
                                                                        of the Month
       Ph: 201.871.2100                                                                      in and day out. We keep the citizens of the
                                                                        recipients     for
       Ph: 212.947.3754                                                                      metropolitan area safe from crime and other
       Fx: 201.871.2343                                                 their outstanding
                                                                                             security threats and still keep the region’s
   E-Mail:              police work. The professionalism shown by these
                                                                                             airports, bridges, tunnels, and transportation
   Web site:             members and the extraordinary level of their
                                                                                             facilities operating efficiently. In this time of
                                       work shows the Port Authority Police Department
                                                                                             diminishing public budgets, we must promote
       PrEsIdENt                       in a positive light to the public and other police
                                                                                             the professionalism of our Department and
     PAUL NUNzIATO                     agencies. Since I became President of the PBA,
                                                                                             our membership. I can’t state enough that our
                                       I have sought to highlight these individual acts
 FIrst VIcE PrEsIdENt                                                                        membership needs to be proactive and do our
                                       of bravery and extraordinary conduct by our
      Robert Morris                                                                          job diligently on a daily basis or we risk the job
                                       members in order to better promote our job.
                                                                                             not being around tomorrow. The best way to
sEcONd VIcE PrEsIdENt                  Police officers, firefighters, and teachers have      protect your job is to get out and be the police!
    Mike DeFilippis
                                       come under attack by politicians who want to
                                                                                             To that end, we have created a new award to
        trEasurEr                      blame the excesses of government on public
                                                                                             recognize the Command that has been the most
          RJ White                     servants. In this down economy, no one wants
                                                                                             active, where our membership is doing its job,
                                       to pay extra taxes or tolls. With no one else to
rEcOrdINg sEcrEtary                                                                          day in and day out. I am happy to announce that
                                       blame, we are a good target for the political
     Steve Ekizian                                                                           our first Command of the Year Award goes to the

 FINaNcIal sEcrEtary
      Frank Conti                      The Port Authority PBA joined nearly 70 public employee unions that gathered in Albany on Febru-
                                       ary 1 as part of the New York State Public Employee Conference’s Legislative Gathering. This an-
                                       nual event is a chance for the municipal labor organization to present its unified legislative agenda
     Phil Erickson
                                       to New York’s lawmakers and let them know that despite the state’s fiscal woes, the budget can-
 ExEcutIVE sEcrEtary                   not be balanced on the backs of public employees. Shortly after the gathering, Governor Andrew
      Brian Bull                       Cuomo presented his proposed $132.9 billion budget for the state’s fiscal year beginning April 1,
                                       plugging a $10 billion gap without raising taxes, but warned that as many as 9,800 state workers
 BOard OF trustEEs
                                       could be laid off if public employee unions do not give up wage and benefit increases. He also
         Chairman                      called for cuts in funding for state operations, Medicaid and education. The proposed cuts brought
         Bob Egbert                    sharp rebukes from unions who are being asked to shoulder a lot of the pain. Under his plan, state
                                       operations would see a reduction of $1.4 billion, which includes expected wage and benefit cuts of
        Chris Carini
       Cesar Morales                   unionized workers. The Governor’s proposals immediately drew ire from unions. “We are all willing
         Joe Arias                     to do our part, but this budget proposal does not spread out the pain,” said PAPBA President Paul
                                       Nunziato. He added that the PAPBA will be meeting with other big police unions from around the
       Gus Mokanos
                                       City and State on an ongoing basis to try and stay in front of the challenging issues ahead. “This is
                                       definitely going to be a rough year. The State’s problems are bad, and the City’s aren’t any better.
                                       We’re taking hits on all fronts and the more we can band together with other police unions, the
                                       better off we will be in the long run,” he said.
      Marci Rosenblum
         RWD Group
       (845) 364-0222
Lincoln Tunnel. The 75 members assigned there       with the Governor’s offices in both states and
                                                                                                             Page 3

compiled 726 arrests and a staggering 17,086        numerous politicians from New York and New
summonses, all while keeping the Tunnel traffic     Jersey on both sides of the aisle.
flowing and serving motorists with a courteous
and professional attitude. Congratulations to all
the members of the Lincoln Tunnel Command!
                                                    While the PBA fights these bureaucratic battles,
                                                    we need to reconnect with the public (as do
                                                    police everywhere) so they remember what a
Our members are out on the front lines every        difficult and dangerous job we perform on their       dElEgatEs
day while the Agency we work for takes us for       behalf, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days
granted. PA civilians who do not understand or      a year. The public needs to be reminded why we        George Washington
appreciate what we do put us in harm’s way          are entitled to the pensions and benefits that        Bridge
by not providing us with proper equipment           we earn. A routine day in our profession is the       Brian Ahern
or manpower. This not only jeopardizes us,          worst day of a citizen’s life: they or someone        Matt McKeon
but also the people we are sworn to protect.        they love was hurt, killed or the victim of a
Budget crunchers on Park Avenue are just            crime. We, as law enforcement officers, have to       holland Tunnel
looking at numbers and don’t have any concept       respond to these tragedies and protect people         Manuel Cuprill
of policing. The police professionals who do        from events that other people run from. The           Giovanni Perrotta
understand the consequences of cutting these        public honored police after September 11,
                                                                                                          Kennedy airport
budgets have no real voice in setting their         2001. They said that no one would ever forget
                                                                                                          Michael Balestracci
budgets. This has to stop. The PBA is working to    and they thanked us for our service. Well, less
                                                                                                          Peter Candela
eliminate added levels of bureaucracy for our       than 10 short years later, they have forgotten        Robert Paulsen
safety as well as the people we protect every       and it is our job to start reminding them.            Jordan Esposito
day. I think the Executive Director, Deputy                                                               Thomas Koster
                                                    We need to do our jobs in a professional and
Executive Director, and incoming Chairman of
                                                    visible manner to help everyone remember why
the Board of Commissioners are realizing the                                                              LaGuardia airport
                                                    their children want to grow up to be police
need to cut the layers of bureaucracy out of the                                                          Anthony Baicich
                                                    officers. WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS!
Public Safety Department. The PBA is working                                                              Dominic Palumbo
to accomplish this inside the Agency as well as                                                           John Garrone
                                                                                                          Marciano Shay

                                                                                                          Lincoln Tunnel
                                                                                From left: Chairman,
                                                                                                          Anthony Giardullo
                                                                                Board of Trustees         Paul Pimenta
                                                                                Bobby Egbert,
                                                                                Treasurer RJ White,       newark airport
                                                                                Assemblyman Peter         Lou Defelice
                                                                                Abbate, President         Patrick Nascak
                                                                                Paul Nunziato and 1st     Chris Demetriades
                                                                                Vice President Bobby      Andrew Kurpat
                                                                                Morris at the New York    Brian O’Connell
                                                                                State Public Employee
                                                                                Conference Legislative    Port authority Bus
                                                                                Gathering on February     Terminal
                                                                                1, 2011 in Albany.        Robert zafonte
                                                                                                          Marcus Ciserano

                                                                                                            PAPBA Report is produced by the
                                                                                                               Port Authority Police
                                                                                                             Benevolent Association.
                                                                                                              Entire contents copyrighted.
                   Page 4
                                                 Bobby Morris
                                               There has been a lot going on so far this year, although we are only just be-
                                               ginning February. I would like to start off with a few recent positive notes.
dElEgatEs                                      On January 2, 2011, President Obama signed into law the James Zadroga
                                               9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, also called the “Zadroga Act.”
Port authority                                 This new law provides health care and medical monitoring for those ex-
Trans-hudson                                   posed to toxins released by the attack on the World Trade Center tow-
Jerry Colligan                                 ers and reopens the Federal Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) to provide
Jim Higgins                                    economic relief to those harmed by the attacks. You may be eligible for
Christopher McNerney
                            additional compensation for your injuries, wage losses and medical care from the Zadroga Bill
Michael Mollahan
                            benefits. If you would like more detailed information about this new law, please contact the
Port newark                 Union office. Another change that took effect at the beginning of this year deals with health
George Brown                insurance for young adults. Beginning January 1, 2011, Federal Health Care Legislation requires
Howard Latimer              essential health benefit extensions for your adult children up until age 26 regardless of their
                            financial dependency, residency or employment/school status.
Special Operations
                            Unless you have been living under a rock, you have read or heard on numerous occasions from
                            the media and politicians alike that public sector employees and their benefits and pensions are
Raymond Butler
                            the cause of New York’s fiscal problems. In New York, government pension contributions have
Brett Porigow
William Riiska              risen sharply. The media and politicians scare the public into believing the system will soon go
Vinny zappulla              bankrupt unless we trim benefits. The truth is, New York’s pension system is solvent and
                            fully funded. While it’s true that contributions have risen, it is because for years, City and State
Staten island Bridges       governments relied on high-performing pension funds to pay for their share of contributions. In
Jerome Crimi                fact, in 2000, New York’s share dropped to zero. Municipalities did not have to contribute for
Alexander Hamaty            years, yet public employees in contributory plans continued to pay into the system. The col-
                            lapse of Wall Street led to the reduction in those investment returns, thus forcing higher City
World Trade Center          and State government funding. This is not the fault of public employees, yet the media likes
Angel Serrano               to blame it on someone and we’re the target. As the saying goes, if it’s in print, it must be the
Peter Sippel                truth. Quite honestly, it’s in print so often that if I didn’t know any better, I might believe it, too.
                            New York State legislators are also trying to refocus the public’s attention off their ineptitude
                            and on to something else. With the 2010 elections changing the face of politics in New York,
                            we now have a Republican majority in the Senate, a Democratic minority and a newly formed
                            Independent Democratic Caucus with four Senators. Let’s see what gets accomplished now ver-
                            sus what we’ve watched in the last two years with the Senate fiasco over which party was the
                            controlling party. I wish I had the space here to speak about New Jersey and the union bashing
                            taking place on that side of the river. But, I guess I’ll save that for my next column.
                            Simply put: we have our work cut out for us. It seems that the common and popular stance
                            will be to bash unionized workers. With 10 percent unemployment and a desperate workforce
                            that has seen reduced wages and benefits, one would think that public anger would be directed
                            at those who caused this mess to begin with. Wall Street executives are enjoying millions in
                            bonuses, while New Yorkers are being asked to direct their anger at the “greedy” cops and
                            firemen. Public employees have become a convenient scapegoat for those who would rather
                            distract from the fact that corporations are enjoying record profits while not creating any new
                            jobs. There is a blatant need to educate the public. The PAPBA is doing our part in that area and
                            has joined together with other police and fire unions in an education program that you will hear
                            more about in the coming months. As a union member, you will have to, as sad as this sounds,
                            defend yourselves to family, friends, and strangers if you haven’t already. Speak out about the
                            job we do, the hours we keep, the situations we encounter, and explain that we do our jobs
                            to protect others and are entitled to fair compensation. Congratulations to our Top Cops; they
                            truly deserve the accolades and are an example of what we do and how hard we work. Do your
                            job and in unity we will get through this tough time.
                        Mike DeFilippis                                                                   report
                                                                                                               Page 5
                        I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year.
                         During the past year, numerous New Jersey Police Departments faced seri-
                         ous financial problems and hundreds of Police Officers were laid off. Being
                                                                                                                  John McAusland
                         the New Jersey State PBA Delegate, I attend both the State and Bergen                    General Counsel
                         County conference meetings. Many New Jersey Departments are gearing
                         up for even more layoffs in 2011. The murder rate, along with violent             disciplinary representation
                         crimes, has increased in several major New Jersey cities in which the Port                 Brian Bull
                                                                                                                PBA Representative
Authority has facilities. Every day our Officers have to deal with the possibility of terrorist attacks
and now increased gang violence due to municipalities downsizing their Police Departments.                 certified Public accountants
                                                                                                              McEnerney, Brady & Co.
Let’s see what steps Police Headquarters has implemented: Discontinue heavy weapons training
                                                                                                                  (973) 535-2880
because it costs too much. You now have more than 125 Officers who can no longer carry these
weapons. Excellent decision with European terrorist intelligence warning of a Mumbai style ter-                New york chaplain
rorist attack, and gang violence being on the rise. The Port Authority should step up to the plate             Rev. Joseph D’Angelo
and assist municipalities by increasing our patrols and covering all posts.                                       (516) 223-9101

On the other hand, the Port Authority had no problem paying for a Weehawken Police Officer on                  New Jersey chaplain
Lincoln Tunnel property backing up a Port Authority construction crew. A grievance was filed that              Father David Baratelli
                                                                                                                  (908) 232-1162
is still pending. In fact, we had several problems with other Police Departments on our property
providing construction protection at the George Washington Bridge, Newark/Teterboro Airports                 Police stress counselor
and Port Elizabeth. Due to the paperwork supplied by the Delegates, all were resolved and the                     Peter J. Killeen
Departments were removed.
Any time you observe another Department in our jurisdiction, doing our job, call the Tour Com-               New York State Association
mander to the scene. Also, notify your delegate. Protect our jobs! Take a good look at the World                   of PBAs, Inc.
Trade Center security issue. This is our house — 37 of our Officers died in our house. Many Offic-
ers were injured, became ill and had to retire. Several have recently passed away. The men and             National Association of Police
women of the Port Authority Police answered the call on September 11, 2011. Many lives were                     Organizations, Inc.
saved due to their heroic efforts. Our Officers worked 12 hour tours, had their RDOs and vacations          New Jersey State Policemen’s
cancelled for a long period of time and never complained. Other Departments were treated to                 Benevolent Association, Inc.
9-11 vacations and concerts while we remained on 12-hour tours. How quick the Port Authority
forgets when giving away our house.                                                                                New York State
                                                                                                          Public Employee Conference, Inc.
Commisioner Ray Kelly wants to send 600 NYPD officers to our house. People are being murdered
in the Bronx and Brooklyn but he has no problem sending Police Officers from these crime-ridden                 Police Conference of
precincts to our house. This is pure politics. Commissioner Kelly is appeasing his rich friends on                 New York, Inc.
Wall Street, while poor people are being gunned down. Keep your 600 Police Officers where they
belong. It’s time for the civilian leadership at Park Avenue, along with the uniform leadership at
Police Headquarters, to step up to the plate on the World Trade Center security issue. I know a
place where Commissioner Kelly can put his 600 Police Officers. BEND OVER RAY!
On a brighter note, several of my New Year’s resolutions have already come true. Bye-bye Chief
Pumpkinhead Whittaker and Sidney Fields. Let’s not forget retired Inspector Preston Fucci. I hope
you all had the opportunity to see Preston’s video on our contract discipline. All the veterans
know what a class act Preston was. For you younger Officers who didn’t know Preston, picture
this: Whittaker and Fucci on the game show Jeopardy. Whittaker wins -500 to -450. Preston, keep
up the good work with your national Right to Work Committee. Your next video should be on a
topic that you have firsthand knowledge of: alcohol in law enforcement.
I would like to welcome Deputy Superintendent Jerry Speziale to the job. Jerry put the Passaic
County Sheriff’s Department on the map. We all hope he can do the same for this job.
Remember it’s the professional Police Officers at the Port Authority who make this job work. We
must go out every day and protect our jobs. Be safe and back each other.
                                              RJ White
              Page 6
                                              InAdequATe STAFFIng A PRoBlem

                                              Labor     unions      are     them a voice in the workplace. Unions also
                                              organizations        that     kept management from taking advantage of
                                              represent people at           employees. Unions play a pivotal role both in
                                              work. The philosophy of       securing legislated labor protections and rights
                                              a union, that a group is      such as safety and health, overtime, and family
                                              more powerful than any        medical leave, and enforcing these rights on the
                       individual, has not changed throughout time. By      job. Since union workers are more informed, they
ImPoRTAnT              joining together with other workers, there is a      are more likely to understand their employment
                       better chance of having a voice and influence at     protections as well as social insurance programs
  PHone                the workplace.                                       like Workers’ Compensation.
 numBeRS               The beginning of the American Labor Movement         Many Americans take their job benefits for
                       started with the Industrial Revolution. Textile      granted, forgetting the struggles our ancestors
                       mills were the first factories built in the United   underwent for their security and happiness.
  Pa Employee          States. These factories sprung up all over and a     As per the United States Constitution, every
    Benefits           demand for workers increased. They hired large       American is entitled to the right of “life, liberty,
 (212) 435-2870        amounts of young women and children who              and the pursuit of happiness”. If the workers
                       were expected to do the same work as men for         were controlled and overpowered by their
 Ny state Police       less wages.                                          employers, you can rest assured that they would
                                                                            never enjoy the aforementioned constitutional
& Fire retirement      During this period, the United States had the
 (866) 805-0990        highest job-related-to-fatality rate of any other
 (518) 474-7736        industrialized nation in the world. Eighty hour      Today unions have become the scapegoat for
                       or more work weeks were the norm and wages           politicians explaining the reasons for the current
    deferred           were extremely low. Men and women earned 20-         fiscal crisis. All of a sudden, our salaries are
 compensation          to 40-percent less than the minimum deemed           too high, medical benefits are too costly, work
                       necessary for a decent life. The number was          rules are counter productive, and they want to
 (800) 422-8463
                       even worse for children. The American Labor          remove our guaranteed pensions. A naive public
                       Movement of the 19th Century developed as a          is blindly agreeing with them.
  PaPBa Office         result of city-wide organization that unhappy
 (201) 871-2100                                                             I guess mismanagement of funds at the federal,
                       workers were establishing. These men and
 (212) 947-3754                                                             state, and local government levels has nothing
                       women were determined to receive the rights
                                                                            to do with anything. How about corruption and
                       and privileges they deserved as citizens of a free
                                                                            corporate greed? No that’s not it; it’s the fault
                       country. No longer would they put up with being
                                                                            of the poor working men and women who get
                       treated like slaves and work under unbearable
                                                                            up every morning to go to work to pay their
                       conditions. Workers realized the importance
                                                                            ever increasing bills and put food on the table.
                       of economic and legal protection against the
                                                                            There are forces out there working 24 hours a
                       powerful employers who took advantage of
                                                                            day, 7 days a week to whittle away at hard-won
                                                                            benefits and turn the clock back on the Labor
                       The Labor Movement had an extremely violent          Movement.
                       and ugly side, complete with strikes, riots,
                                                                            People must be educated to the fact that all
                       and loss of life. The country would not have
                                                                            Americans are entitled to a fair and honest
                       survived if the people had not compromised
                                                                            wage, affordable healthcare coverage, a
                       and shared the wealth. It was hard fought, but
                                                                            safe work environment and protection from
                       over time unions were successful in obtaining
                                                                            employer greed. The current trend of the rich
                       better pay and working conditions for workers.
                                                                            get richer and the working men get shafted
                       Unions protected the rights of workers and gave
                                                                            must be halted. The Bureau of Labor Statistics
                                                                                                        Page 7

reports that Unions lost 612,000 members in 2010,
dropping the unionized share of the work force
                                                     EZ PASS
to 11.9% from 12.3% in 2009. That follows a loss
of 771,000 workers in 2008, continuing a steady
decline from the 1950s when more than a third of
workers belonged to unions. Union membership
in the private sector fell from 7.2% to 6.9%, a      As many of you are aware, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners vot-
low point not seen since the infancy of the labor    ed to eliminate the EZ Pass program for non-represented personnel and
movement in the 1930s.                               retirees. Non-represented personnel were permitted to continue to use
Unions have had a substantial impact on unionized    their Port Authority EZ Pass accounts for commuting until such time as the
and non-unionized workers. Many laws that benefit    Port Authority relocates back to the World Trade Center.
working people, union or not, would have never
                                                     Effective January 1, 2011, Port Authority EZ Pass transponders for retirees,
been passed without heavy union support. OSHA,
                                                     including police retirees, were terminated.
minimum wage, and the 40-hour work week are
some examples. Unions reduce wage inequality         The PBA has filed two grievances: one on behalf of active members ob-
because they raise wages more for low and middle     jecting to the Port Authority’s unilateral termination of this contractual
wage workers than for higher wage workers.           benefit and a second on behalf of retirees receiving this benefit.
Unions have set norms and established work           We continue to monitor and review this situation and will keep the mem-
practices that have become more generalized          bership up to date on developments.
throughout the economy, thereby improving pay
and working conditions for the entire workforce.
                                                     The 20Th annual awards luncheon of The
Also, many fringe benefits such as pensions and
healthcare were first provided in the union sector   federal law enforcemenT foundaTion was
and later spilled over to non union workers.         held november 12, 2010 at the waldorf astoria in new York city. event
Also, the union grievance procedures have been
                                                     speakers were major General danny rothschild reT idf, 35th com-
mimicked in many non-union workplaces to
                                                     mandant General John f. amos, usmc. ray Kelly, roger alies ceo fox
provide due process in the workplace.
                                                     news, area leaders of the fBi, marshalls, dea, ice, dhs, u.s. secret
Unions must once again take a stand and defend       service, nYfd, nYPd, PaPd and us Postal inspectors. attending from
themselves against the attack. The public must       the Port authority were michael fedorko, robert sbarra, anthony
be re-educated as to the benefits and history of     whitaker and George albin, as well as assorted inspectors and captains
unions and the politicians must be exposed for
                                                     and many PaPBa members. anthony Bergamo, federal law enforcement
who they really are.
                                                     Foundation Chairman is on the left, and PO Anthony Alfieri is on the right.
Union members must get more involved and
familiar with the issues at hand. It is essential
for union survival to have the full support and
participation of its members.
Remember, an honest man deserves an honest
                                                          A SHoRT guIde
                                                          John McAusland
                     Page 8                               General Counsel

You took the test. You passed the background check and                1. Apply for Indemnification. As soon as you become
you were hired. You completed the rigorous training to be                aware that you are a defendant in a law suit, apply for
a Police Officer. You completed your first patrol, made your             indemnification immediately. Even if you have not been
first arrest and (hopefully) many more. You are a seasoned               served or have not yet seen a copy of the lawsuit against
Police Officer. Now, out of the blue, someone has served you             you, seek indemnification as soon as possible.
with a civil summons and complaint or the law department
                                                                      2. contact the PBa. if you are concerned about the
is demanding that you speak with them concerning a lawsuit.
                                                                         allegations of the suit and you want to discuss your
You have now passed your final hurdle: you are a defendant
                                                                         conduct or another officer’s conduct in the incident, the
in a civil lawsuit! congratulations and welcome to the club!
                                                                         best person to communicate with is me. i am an attorney,
while your career choice has many positive aspects, one                  so our conversation will be privileged from disclosure and
of its most frustrating features is that you are a target for            i will be able to give you some insight as to the merit of
unscrupulous attorneys and their clients just for doing your             the claims against you. if a claim is made for punitive
job. The unfortunate fact is that too many PBa members will              damages against you, it is very important that you speak
be sued at some point in their careers by people who have                with me because the Port authority will not indemnify you
been properly arrested or summonsed.                                     against a punitive damage claim. we will need to evaluate
                                                                         the merits of the punitive damage claim to ensure that
That is the bad news. Now, the good news: you have
                                                                         you are properly represented as to that claim.
protection. under the memorandum of agreement, the Port
authority must provide you with a legal defense and must pay          3. obtain documentation. from the time you become aware
on your behalf any damages assessed against you for actions              of a claim, go to your records and get every document
that you take in the normal course of your duties as a Police            that you can find about the incident. Your memo book,
Officer. The legal term for this protection is indemnification.          handwritten memos, arrest reports and other similar
                                                                         documents will help refresh your recollection concerning
You may find out about a legal claim against you in a variety
                                                                         the incident and will be helpful in your defense.
of ways. You may be personally served with the summons and
complaint. You may find out because another Police Officer is         4. Remember Rule 3. Until you receive written confirmation
named in the lawsuit and that Officer may be served. Finally,            that you are indemnified, do not speak with the Port
you may find out because the Port Authority Law Department               authority law department or any person claiming to
seeks to speak to you about the claim.                                   represent the Port Authority. We have clarified with the
                                                                         Port authority that attorneys for the Port authority should
Regardless of how you find out, you should take two steps
                                                                         not be communicating with you until a decision is reached
immediately to protect yourself. first, try to get a copy of
                                                                         on indemnification, but, on occasion, contacts are still
the summons and complaint so that you can see what claim
                                                                         made directly to defendant Police Officers. If contact is
is being made against you. second, apply immediately for
                                                                         made directly to you, contact the PBa immediately!
indemnification. Forms to seek indemnification should be
available at each command from the Police desk.                       5. Cooperate. Once you are indemnified, cooperate
                                                                         fully with the Port Authority’s defense team. It is your
Being a defendant in a civil lawsuit is certainly never fun,
                                                                         responsibility as an employee of the Port authority to
but it does not need to be the end of the world or your
                                                                         assist in defending claims against you. more importantly,
Port authority career. if you follow these simple steps,
                                                                         it is in your interest that these claims are dismissed. The
you will maximize your protection from civil damages:
                                                                         best way to assure dismissal is to make sure that the Port
                                                                         Authority’s attorney (who is now your attorney as well)
                                                                         fully understands all of the facts surrounding the incident.

  1.   To be personally served, you must be handed the summons and complaint by an individual. It is not acceptable for the desk officer
       to receive it on your behalf or for it to be mailed to your home, neither of those methods constitute proper service on you. If you
       have not been personally served, be sure to inform the attorney for the Port Authority of that fact.
       The PBA congratulates all Police Officers on their award s
                       and is honored to call them PBA members.

                                                                            Page 9

      The Port authority PBa
           recognized 21 Port
                                         May 2010	 	     Anthony	Alfieri	—	PATH	
 Authority police officers as
                                         	    	     	    Bobby	Citko	—	JFK	
 ‘Cops of the Month’ during              	    	     	    Victor	Talamini	—	PATH
      2010. Each Officer was             June	2010	 	    Lenny	Averhoff	—	LT
                                         July	2010	 	    Brian	Cassidy	—	LT
     presented a ‘cop of the             August	2010	    John	Berardi	—	PATH
     Month’ certificate along            	    	     	    Patrick	Carrol	—	PATH
                                         September	2010	 Phil	Erickson,	Danny	Rodriguez,	
   with a gift of appreciation
                                         	    	     	    Kevin	Hart	&	Tom	Rail	—	GWB
      from the Port authority            October	2010	   Rudy	Fernandez	—	SIB
                                         November	2010	 Shaun	Kehoe	—	BT	
      PBa. it is from these 21
                                         	    	     	    Dan	Galvin	—	BT	
 Police Officers that the PBA            	    	     	    John	Basile	—	BT
                                         December	2010	 Robert	Wallace	—	PATH
    recognizes one Officer to
      represent the PBa as its
         2010 cop of the Year.

 The accounts of the January through
April recipients appeared in the PBA’s
                  previous newsletter.

coP oF THe monTH
May 2010-December 2010
                           coP oF THe monTH

       PAPBA                   PAPBA
            Page 10

   May 2010
                      MAY 2010
      Po              The Board of Trustees is proud to announce the selection
  BoBBy cITko         of three Police Officers involved in two separate incidents
      JFK             as the PBa may 2010 cops of the month
                      On Saturday, May 15, 2010, at approximately 0100 hours, Itwaru Deo, Jr., was
                      operating a 2005 Volkswagen Passat with two passengers on North Service Road
                      in John F. Kennedy International Airport at a high rate of speed. Deo, it was later
                      learned, was intoxicated with a .132 blood alcohol level. While traveling south
                      on North Service Road, Deo struck a vehicle that was stopped at a red light at
                      the intersection of North Service Road and an entrance ramp to the northbound
                      Van Wyck Expressway. After striking the vehicle, Deo’s vehicle veered left into
                      a tree on the opposite side of the road, striking the tree with such force. Deo’s
                      vehicle was propelled back to the road and flipped over. Both passengers in Deo’s
                      vehicle were killed instantly and Deo fled the scene on foot. Police Officer Bobby
                      citko, JFK Command, arrived on the scene to assist with the carnage. Learning
   May 2010           the driver had fled, Citko was able to get a description and immediately began a
                      canvass of the area. A short time later, PO Citko came upon an individual match-
      Po              ing the description. He conducted a field interview of the person who stated he
VIcToR TAlAmInI       had just been carjacked. PO Citko took the individual into custody and returned
                      to the scene. While at the scene, the now suspect stated to Citko that he was
     PATH             driving the vehicle. Citko placed him under arrest. After the initial investigation
                      was completed, Deo was charged with two counts of Vehicular Manslaughter, two
                      counts of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, Reckless Endangerment 1st, Operating
                      a Motor Vehicle under the Influence of Alcohol and Reckless Driving.

                      On Sunday morning, May 9, 2010, Police Officers Anthony Alfieri and Victor Tala-
                      mini, PATH command, were in the vicinity of the PATH Station at 14th Street and
                      Sixth Avenue in Manhattan when they were flagged down by a man who reported a
                      robbery-in-progress in a nearby plaza restaurant. The man informed Alfieri and Tala-
                      mini that the suspect was armed with a handgun. Both Police Officers responded to
   May 2010           the location, Alberto’s Pizza, on Sixth Avenue and gained access to the establishment
                      after observing two employees cowering in fear behind the counter. After entry, Alfieri
     Po               and Talamini were alerted to a third person by the employees who yelled, “That’s the
                      guy.” The Officers ordered the suspect to show his hands and get down on the floor.
AnTHony AlFIeRI       The suspect ignored the Officers’ commands and, after a tense standoff, shouted,
     PATH             “Fuck you mother fuckers...I’ll kill you”, as he reached under his jacket as if to re-
                      trieve a weapon. Police Officer Talamini was able to grab the suspect’s arm as both Of-
                      ficers wrestled the suspect to the ground. After subduing and handcuffing the suspect,
                      Talamini recovered a silver pistol from the suspect’s jacket. An investigation revealed
                      the suspect menaced the employees with the gun after the owner approached the
                      suspect regarding a theft that just occurred in the restaurant. The pistol, unknown
                      to the Officers at the time, was an imitation. The suspect was subsequently charged
                      with Attempted Robbery 2nd, Burglary 2nd, Criminal Use of a Firearm 2nd and Resist-
                      ing Arrest.
                       coP oF THe monTH
                           PAPBA                                                                         report

                                                        JUNE 2010                                               Page 11

      JUNE 2010                                          A Sunday morning in spring can be a quiet time for police on patrol. Not the
                                                         case on Sunday, June 13, 2010, when at about 0745 hours, Police Officer
                 Po                                      lenny averhoff of the Lincoln Tunnel Command heard a loud crash with the
                                                         sound of braking glass. With that sound came motorists who began point-
 lenny AVeRHoFF                                          ing PO Averhoff to the Mercedes-Benz dealership on West 40th Street. Upon
                  LT                                     arrival at the dealership, Averhoff observed an abandoned, four-door, gray
                                                         Chevrolet facing eastbound on the westbound street with its engine running
                                                         and driver’s side door open. PO Averhoff also noticed that one of the large,
                                                         dealership showroom windows was shattered. Averhoff, who had informed his
                                                         Command of the situation, was alone on the scene when a female ran toward
                                                         him from llth Avenue. At the same time, a male walked toward Averhoff from
                                                         within the showroom. The female, who had the same last name as the man,
                                                         informed Averhoff that the man was the driver of the vehicle, was driving
                                                         erratically and was high on drugs. Averhoff, still alone, approached the man
                                                         and ordered him out of the building. The man continued walking toward
                                                         Averhoff, but now in a threatening manner, and shouted, “Allah is God, no
                                                         one can stop me”. The man continued to ignore Averhoff’s orders. Averhoff
requested immediate assistance as the man became combative toward Averhoff. Once backup arrived, Averhoff and another Officer,
after a violent struggle with the man, were able to take the man into custody. The back-up Officer, as a result of being assaulted by
the man, suffered injuries requiring hospitalization. The following day, PO Averhoff followed up with the dealership manager who was
able to provide a video of the incident. The video showed the man attempting to enter the premise through locked entrances and
then intentionally driving his vehicle into the showroom window to gain access. PO Averhoff’s actions the day of the incident along
with his diligent follow up that resulted in further charges, are a credit to both him and this Department. The Port Authority Police
Benevolent Association is proud to name Police Officer Lenny Averhoff its June 2010 Cop of the Month.

       JULY 2010                                        JULY 2010
        Po                                              On July 15, 2010, at approximately 1805 hours, Police Officer Brian Cassidy
                                                        was on duty at the Lincoln Tunnel monitoring the evening’s rush hour traffic.
   BRIAn cASSIdy                                        The Officer observed a vehicle, occupied by a male and female, with a out-
                 LT                                     dated state inspection sticker. Cassidy performed a motor vehicle stop during
                                                        which the female operator of the vehicle was unable to produce a driver’s
                                                        license, vehicle registration or insurance card. PO Cassidy later determined
                                                        the vehicle operator had a suspended license.
                                                        PO Cassidy’s attention was also on the male passenger who at first provided
                                                        Cassidy with false identification. After being questioned a second time about
                                                        his identity, the man gave Cassidy what turned out to be his true identity.
                                                      While conducting his investigation, Cassidy detected what he believed to be
                                                      the odor of fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle. After receiving permis-
                                                      sion to search the vehicle, PO Cassidy recovered a large amount of marijuana
                                                      under the driver’s seat and from under a rear passenger seat. Further inves-
tigation revealed the marijuana was placed in both locations by the male passenger without the driver’s knowledge. The driver was
issued numerous summonses for the motor vehicle violations.
PO Cassidy’s investigation also revealed the male had 12 outstanding warrants. It was determined the suspect was wanted by Union
City Police as a result of a racing accident two weeks prior. In that incident, which the suspect fled, three people were left injured.
One of those was a 15-year-old female passenger in the suspect’s vehicle who suffered head trauma and the loss of a finger.
PO Cassidy’s keen observation, professional skills, and tenacity resulted in an important arrest along with the closing of numerous
outstanding warrants. His actions are a wonderful example of the good police work conducted each day by members of this Depart-
ment. The Port Authority Police Benevolent Association is proud to name Police Officer Brian Cassidy the July 2010 Cop of the Month.
                                      coP oF THe monTH
              Page 12

  August 2010                    AUgUsT 2010
      Po                         On the evening of August 25, 2010, Police Officers John Berardi and Patrick
                                 carroll of the PATH Police Command were on patrol inside Newark Penn Station
 JoHn BeRARdI                    when they observed an individual jump over a turnstile without paying the fare.
                                 The suspect entered a train car where he was apprehended by Berardi and Car-
        PATH                     roll and removed from the train.
                                 Once off the train, the Officers began asking questions regarding the suspect’s
                                 identification. The suspect gave conflicting information, such as stating he was
                                 17 years old but supplying a birth date that would make him 18 years old. He
                                 was later proved to be 22 years of age.
                                 While continuing their investigation, the suspect was instructed to put the duf-
                                 fel bag he was carrying on the ground. The suspect refused to comply, shoved
                                 PO Carroll, and began to run. Both Officers pursued the suspect and continually
                                 ordered the suspect to stop. The suspect ran onto the eastbound Track 1 plat-
                                 form and tossed the duffel bag onto the track. Berardi and Carroll continued
                                 their pursuit of the suspect who was now attempting to kick through a set of
  August 2010                    locked, double doors at the end of the platform. PO Carroll was able to grab a
                                 hold of the suspect, who violently resisted Carroll’s attempt to control him by
      Po                         assaulting PO Carroll. The suspect continued his attack on Carroll and Berardi
                                 as they struggled to physically restrain the suspect.
PATRIck cARRol                   Eventually the suspect was handcuffed and Carroll and Berardi continued their
        PATH                     investigation. The suspect denied the duffel bag he threw to the tracks was his
                                 and indicated he stole it from a passenger on the train. PO Carroll retrieved
                                 the bag from the tracks from which the Officers recovered a handgun, 24 bags
                                 of marijuana, 10 bags of cocaine and three vials of cocaine.
                                 As a result of being assaulted by the suspect, PO Carroll sustained lacerations
                                 on both hands and an injured right knee. The Officers’ keen observation and
                                 tenacious pursuit of a felon resulted in removing a handgun, along with a quan-
                                 tity of narcotics, from the streets of Newark while subjecting the Officers to
                                 extreme danger.
                                 The Port Authority PBA is proud to honor Police Officers John Berardi and Pat-
                                 rick Carroll as the August 2010 Cops of the Month.

How to Nominate a PO for Cop of the Month
To nominate someone for a future Cop of the Month award, please submit their name(s),
command and recount of the incident you are nominating them for. All submissions should be
sent to the PAPBA office, or given to your Command Delegate. Those selected as Cops of the
Months should show that they went above and beyond the call of duty as a Port Authority Police
      coP oF THe monTH

         PAPBA                                                     report
                                                                           Page 13

september 2010
       Po           sEPTEMBER 2010
 PHIl eRIckSon      On Wednesday, September 8, 2010, at approximately 1930 hours,
                    Police Officer Kevin Hart, George Washington Bridge Police Com-
      gWB           mand, received a radio call of a possible suicidal person on the
                    westbound lower level of the bridge. PO Hart responded, along with
                    Police Officer Thomas Rail, to the location and observed a male
                    who had made his way over the bridge’s side railing and climbed
                    down the support structure below the lower level catwalk. The Of-
                    ficers were able to make contact with the person, who later was
                    determined to be an emotionally disturbed.
                    While engaging him in conversation, the Officers were successful in
                    persuading the man to climb back up the support structure to the
                    lower level. It was then that the Officers, at great risk to their own
                    safety, were able to rescue the man by pulling him to safety high
september 2010      above the Hudson River.
                    Later in the month, on September 22, Police Officer Phil Erikson,
     Po             while on patrol at approximately 1310 hours, responded to a report
  THomAS RAIl       of a man attempting to possibly jump off the George Washington
                    Bridge in the vicinity of the New Jersey towers at the south walk-
      gWB           way. Upon arrival, PO Erikson observed Police Officer Daniel Rodri-
                    guez talking to the man, who had climbed over the railing and was
                    poised to jump. After distracting the man, both Officers were able
                    to get hold on the man, barging him back over the railing and rescu-
                    ing him from almost certain death.
                    Both these incidents show the dedication and undeniable courage of
                    Port Authority Police Officers in saving lives. The unselfish actions of
                    these brave Police Officers led the Port Authority Police Benevolent
                    Association to name them the PBA’s September 2010 Cops of the

september 2010           september 2010
       Po                     Po
   keVIn HART           dAnny RodRIguez
      gWB                              gWB
                                                    coP oF THe monTH

                    Page 14
 October 2010
                                                       OCTOBER 2010
                                                         The PBA is proud to announce the selection of Police Officer Rudy
 Po Rudy FeRnAndez                                       fernandez of the Staten Island Bridges Command as the October 2010
                                                         “Cop of the Month”.
                    sIB                                  In the early morning hours on October 10, 2010, Police Officer Rudy
                                                         Fernandez finished a midnight tour and was heading home on the Out-
                                                         erbridge Crossing. He came across a motor vehicle accident in which a
                                                         vehicle, with heavy front end damage, was blocking both New Jersey
                                                         bound lanes. Fernandez secured his personal vehicle and responded
                                                         to the accident to render assistance when he was informed by a wit-
                                                         ness that the operator of the disabled vehicle was currently at the
                                                         bridge’s superstructure and preparing to jump from the bridge. Fer-
                                                         nandez responded to the superstructure and observed an individual
                                                         who climbed over the bridge railing and was holding on with a meager
                                                         grasp. Fernandez, who had his portable radio with him, began to co-
                                                         ordinate responding PAPD patrol and ESU units along with units from
                                                         the Perth Amboy Police Department. At the same time, Fernandez was
    PBA President    able to start a conversation with the individual, a United States Marine Corp and Iraqi War veteran who
    Paul Nunziato    was experiencing difficulties as a result of his war service, along with family problems. In addition to all
                     Fernandez was dealing with, he was also able to arrange for family members of the individual to respond
   and Police Of-
                     to the scene in case their assistance would be helpful. At one point, the individual wanted to speak with
  ficer Rudy Fer-
                     his wife. Knowing the individual had an adversarial relationship with her, Fernandez told the individual he
 nandez, Staten      would not bring his wife to the scene unless he came over the railing to the roadway. Just as it seemed
   Island Bridges    the individual would comply, he suddenly became agitated when he noticed increased police presence
 Command, who        and climbed down to a substructure walkway. This prompted PAPD ESU personnel, with the assistance of
was the October      Fernandez, to quickly attempt what became a successful rescue.
2010 PAPBA Cop       PO Fernandez, using his training, experience and professionalism, was able to bring a dangerous situation
    of the Month.    to a successful conclusion and save the life of a distraught individual. The PBA congratulates Police Officer
                     Rudy Fernandez on his selection of the October 2010 “Cop of the Month”.

                                              NOvEMBER 2010
November 2010
                                              The Port Authority PBA Cops of the Month for November 2010 are Po shaun Ke-
       Po                                     hoe, Po dan Galvin and Po John Basile of the Port Authority Bus Terminal Police
                                              Command, for their actions on November 12, 2010.
   SHAun keHoe
                                              At approximately 1107 hours on that day, PO John Basile observed a vehicle com-
               BT                             mit a motor vehicle violation in the vicinity of Eighth Avenue and 41st Street.
                                              Basile directed the operator of the motor vehicle to move the vehicle to the
                                              street side and then stop. The motor vehicle operator briefly complied with the
                                              order then chose to flee in the vehicle westbound on 41st Street. Basile, along
                                              with POs Kehoe and Galvin, pursued the vehicle as it headed toward Ninth Av-
                                              enue. Before reaching Ninth Avenue, the operator turned left into the New Taxi
                                              Roadway where he was stopped by the metal pillars, which prohibit vehicular
                                              traffic from 42nd Street.
                                              As the three Police Officers entered the New Taxi Roadway, the suspect placed the
                                              vehicle in reverse and accelerated to a high rate of speed toward the Police Of-
                                              ficers, striking Police Officer Galvin and injuring him. After injuring PO Galvin, the
                                              suspect once again, and still in the vehicle, fled on 41st Street.
            coP oF THe monTH
             PAPBA                                                                report
                                                                                         Page 15

November 2010
     Po                  POs Kehoe and Basile were again able to stop the vehicle and contain the suspect’s
                         actions from causing additional harm to members of the public. After violently
  dAn gAlVIn             struggling with the Officers, they were able to arrest the individual. It was at that
                         point the Police Officers realized the suspect had a juvenile in the vehicle who was
      BT                 later released to a legal guardian. Further investigation revealed the suspect had a
                         suspended driver’s license in both New York and New Jersey.
                         The Port Authority PBA is proud to honor PO John Basile, PO Dan Galvin and PO
                         Shaun Kehoe as November 2010 Cops of the Month for their efforts to protect the
                         public with total disregard for their own safety.

November 2010
     Po                 DECEMBER 2010
  JoHn BASIle           In sports it’s the guy who puts the points on the board who gets the recognition. The
      BT                same can be said for Police Officer Robert Wallace of the PATH Police Command, who
                        in December, put some pretty impressive numbers up.
                        Among PO Wallace’s activity for the month, four arrests stand out as examples of Wal-
                        lace’s diligence in performing his duty.
                        Starting on December 2, while PO Wallace was on patrol in Journal Square, Jersey
                        City, he came upon an individual who did not have a legitimate reason to be in a
                        transportation facility. After the individual refused numerous lawful orders to leave
                        the facility, Wallace detained the individual for a routine warrant check. It was re-
                        vealed the individual had three active warrants; two from the City of Newark and one
                        out of Ewing Township.
                        A few days later on December 5, Wallace stopped a suspect for Theft of Service
                        in Newark Penn Station. After the suspect was arrested, PO Wallace recovered an
December 2010           amount of alleged cocaine from the suspect.
      Po                PO Wallace was not done with Penn Station when, on December 17, he arrested
                        another suspect for Theft of Service. This time a warrant check turned up an out-
RoBeRT WAllAce          standing warrant out of Newark for Bail Jumping. In addition, during a search of the
     PATH               suspect after arrest, Wallace recovered an illegal knife adding the charge of Posses-
                        sion of a Weapon for Unlawful Purposes to the other charges of Theft of Service and
                        Bail Jumping.
                        On December 20, while on patrol, Wallace recognized an individual wanted for a rob-
                        bery that occurred in the 23rd Street PATH Station the day before. Wallace was able
                        to detain the suspect and have him positively identified in a line-up. The suspect was
                        subsequently charged with Robbery in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree
                        and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Fourth Degree.
                        As a result of Police Officer Robert Wallace’s outstanding police work and devotion to
                        duty, the Port Authority PBA is proud and honored to recognize him as the December
                        2010 PBA Cop of the Month.
               Page 16

                               Lincoln Tunnel Command

CALENDAR                         Delegate POs Anthony Giardullo & Paul Pimenta

                         The Lincoln Tunnel Command would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe
                         New Year.
Feb. 24, 2011
General Membership       We would also like to take this time to thank the PBA for recognizing the Lincoln Tun-
                         nel as the Command of the Year. We want to extend a hearty thank you to the Police
                         Officers at the Lincoln Tunnel for their continued dedication to duty that enabled us to
The Assembly
                         achieve this honor. We have a lot of hardworking men and women at the Tunnel and it
5:00 p.m.
                         is great to be recognized for our efforts. We also send out a thank you to Captain Hardy
                         for encouraging the men and women of this Command to go out and do their jobs to
March 24, 2011           the best of their ability.
General Membership
Meeting                  We would like to congratulate PO Cangiarella and his wife and PO Harrington and her
                         husband on the new additions to their families. Also congratulations to PO Zerega and
The Assembly
                         PO Panos on their respective marriages this year. We would also like to send get well
5:00 p.m.
                         wishes and a speedy recovery to all who are out sick or injured. And lastly, a warm
                         welcome to recent transfers to the Lincoln Tunnel, PO Ford and PO Vega. As everyone
                         knows, this was a difficult year for our Command with the loss of PO David Tellado.
                         We would like to thank everyone who went above and beyond to help us through those
                         terrible days, including but not limited to the PBA, Pipes and Drums Honor Guard, Pete
                         Killeen, and all those who assisted in any way. It really meant a lot to the entire Com-
                         mand and to Dave’s family. Please keep Dave’s family in your prayers.

                          sOD COMMAND
                                                          Delegate POs Brett Porigow,
                                                          Ray Butler & William Riiska

                         Since our last update, SOD has welcomed back PO Weinberg (K9) and PO Franco (CVI)
                         from injury-related absences. We welcomed some new SOD babies in the past few
                         months: PO Sal Lobrutto (K9) had twins, Giovanni Anthony and Giulianna Elena; PO
                         Kreush (K9) had a baby boy, Jackson Matthew; PO Deprisco (K9) had a baby girl, Angelina
                         Rose; PO Evan Weinberg (K9) had a baby boy, Steven Ian; and PO Cascante (CVI) had a
                         baby boy, Marco Antonio. PO Zappulla get well soon!
                         The rumors are not true, the job is NOT teaching the dogs to drive the patrol cars in
                         an effort to eliminate the Police Officers assigned to the K9 Unit…not yet, anyway. The
                         bosses found out the dogs were too young…and apparently are unionized as well! Who
WTC COMMAND                                                                             report
                                                                                           Page 17

                                Delegate PO Angel Serrano

Our main objective at the precious World Trade Center site has been to main-
tain it safely and securely while construction of the remaining towers are built.
Therefore, there isn’t much activity due to grounded sectors and various fix
patrol posts. Last year I explained how the World Trade Center is one of the Port
Authority of New York and New Jersey’s most unique commands and how we are
currently building six new sky scrapers along with a state-of-the-art transporta-
tion hub, and a memorial site. Today I’m expressing to you the difference a year
makes! Recently, The Daily News reported that Port Authority Police Officers
working at the World Trade Center site will run security at the PATH hub and
take part in police operations at the office Towers under terms of a controversial
memorandum of understanding reached in 2008 in which the NYPD was given
overwhelming control of the 16-acre site. We all hope that we remain here at
the World Trade Center no matter who joins us on site! The World Trade Center
symbolizes the Port Authority and our Police Department and will forever be our
most unique Command.
In other news at the World Trade Center, many Officers feel morale is at an all-
time low. Morale has become an issue some say due to loads of estrogen, while
others say it’s due to diminished testosterone! Most feel it’s a sense of entitle-
ment among many and a lack of maturity among others. Either way you look at
this situation, we all need to stop blaming each other and do something for one
another! Enough with the _ _ _ s. Just stating the facts!

Congrats to Officers Perez, Holder, Harris and Cumminings on their new baby addi-
tions to their respected families. God bless them all. Best regards to our former In-
spector Sue Durett and Capt. McCalluy. A toast to your retirements! Congrats to Tony
“Rib Tips” Brooks on more than 25 years of service! Too late for early retirement,
huh? Warm wishes go out to Paul Rodriguez and his family, as he is never to return.
We wish you all the best! Class #106 looking forward to another beer garden reunion!
Another Officer “JJ” John Johnson or “MM” when he is out with his cohorts has also
been told he is never to return due to his “ carrot finger”. Best wishes to you and
your family as well. Frank Annunziata, good luck on your return to “JFK”. Let’s stay
in touch and catch up sometimes! To Sgt. “Downtown” Brown: wishing you a speedy
recovery. Ummm, too late for that, right? Our time keeper Pilar, thank you again for
all your hard word and dedication! You’re simply the best. Happy birthday Lt. Gloria
Frank. Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to the new 8. Finally, bosses in the
words of Rodney King “can’t we all just get along”?
                                     sIB Command
                                                                  Delegate PO Al Hamaty

                                 I will have to at some point begin to consider retirement from a job I have aspired to

                       Page 18
                                 do since childhood. I want to take this opportunity to speak to my brothers and sisters
                                 in blue about us. We were 40 Bridgemen in June of 1928, the first of The Port Author-
                                 ity Police Department when the Outerbridge Crossing and Goethals Bridge opened in

   2010                          that same month and year. We worked for the first agency in the U.S., created under a
                                 provision in the Constitution of the United States, through an agreement between the

 RETIREEs                        states of New York and New Jersey. The agency was named The Port of New York Au-
                                 thority, which was created to bring separation from political pressures and corruption
                                 and would work in the best interest of the public.
 the following are PaPBa         We, The Port Authority Policen protect and serve that public in many different ways,
members in good standing
                                 at many different Commands today, unlike any other Police Departments, at our Tun-
    who retired since
                                 nels, Bridges, Airports, Trains, Bus Terminals, Marine TermInals, World Trade Centers
         may 2010.
                                 and our SOD who provide a more specialized degree of protection to the public. What
     PO t. Vitulano              an impressive group of men and women, who work and did work for The Port Authority
          HQ                     Police Department. These are individuals who know they can make a difference in pub-
      may 30, 2010               lic service. We are assigned to a Command, but we are members of one Police Depart-
                                 ment and a Union that represents us. Follow the direction of your PBA Executive Board
      PO s. Jablow
           JFK                   Members, some of which I’ve had the pleasure of working with and your leadership in
      July 10, 2010              that Union is an equally impressive group who will continue to guide all of us through
                                 these troubled times. Remember, stay safe.
   det. sgt. J. leather
      July 10, 2010
                                  EsU COMMAND
       PO J. Verdi
           HQ                                                       ESU Delegates
      July 10, 2010

       lt. s. chin               ESU would like to wish a warm welcome back to POs Vaivao, McKenna, O’Dea, Whitman,
           sIB                   Ross and whoever else we may have missed…nice job guys! A get well soon to POs
      July 13, 2010              Taianni, May, Vecchia, Egan and of course, Sinopidis! George, Aflac called and said they
                                 can no longer insure you…please call them back when you choose a less risky line of
    PO a. mccrystal              work, like digging in a coal mine! Our sincere condolences to P0 Morelli on the passing
                                 of his mother late last year…but also congratulations on his new baby girl! What can
     July 24, 2010
                                 we say brother…circle of life. Also a belated congratulations to P0 Costello on the new
       PO l. Forte               addition to his family…great luck and health!
           JFK                   Truck #5 would like to thank whoever is responsible for sending the Medium Duty over
      July 30, 2010
                                 as an early Xmas gift…they’d like to thank you 12 on one in front of 4 Vestry Street,
     Insp. s. durett             you name the date and time. Chip Michaels, congrats and good luck…to both of you :)
          Wtc                    Congratulations to newlywed Joe Windisch…even great runs have to come to an end
      sept. 16, 2010             sometimes pal :(
                                 Finally, we’d be remiss to fail to acknowledge the many fine and distinguished Chiefs
     PO N. Kester
          HQ                     and Inspectors on their recent retirements, but to the men in ESU, there is truly one
     sept. 26, 2010              standout who cannot go unrecognized, our beloved Captain Kevin Feeley. Sir, we can
                                 only hope that should you choose a new line of work after the Port Authority, that that
     PO a. schafer               employer will show you the same care and concern you’ve shown us during your tenure
          HQ                     with SOD. You were a real gem!
     Oct. 22, 2010
                                 P.S. — OT tip for 2011…if the current fiscal situation fails to improve, try “accidentally”
                                 breaking the toe of the guy next to you…worked for us! Sorry Mark.
                                   By POs Michael Balestracci,
                                   Jordan Esposito, Thomas Koster,
                                   Robert Paulson & Peter Candela

The state of the JFK Command is dismal at best. The plan put forth by headquarters,           report
                                                                                                 Page 19
and implemented by the JFK Command staff, to curtail police services has been an
overwhelming success. Simply put, the services the public expects from its police are not
provided by the Port Authority Police Department at JFK Airport.                                  2010
For example, The JFK AirTrain still remains an unpoliced railroad. The original patrol plan
for the AirTrain called for 20 Port Authority Police Officers spread over each day’s three
tours. No one can deny the success of the AirTrain. Thousands of people use the system
each day but, none of these people can rely on the PAPD for safe transit because we            the following are PaPBa
are nonexistent on the trains, platforms and stations. Now, to give Headquarters some         members in good standing
credit, let’s be honest, if a person becomes the victim of a crime but there is no police         who retired since
officer to report it to, did a crime actually occur? And, if a crime is actually reported,             may 2010.
through no fault of Headquarters or the JFK Command staff, how does it somehow
become a Non-Criminal Incident Report?
                                                                                                  cpt. W. mccauley
Speaking of NCIRs, one thing we can all be proud of is the JFK Command’s lead position                  Wtc
regarding the number of Lost Property Reports. Because of the outstanding Command                   Nov. 30. 2010
leadership of staying on top of this problem and identifying its underlying root cause,
                                                                                                   Insp. l. Fields
it is now understood that only the world’s most forgetful people use JFK Airport. This                  lga
social phenomenon, which has always baffled scientists, now has sociologists excited                dec. 16, 2010
about finally figuring out this tragic social behavior. There is talk of a Group Citation
honoring the members of the JFK Command for their hard work in this breakthrough                asst. chief c. torres
accomplishment.                                                                                         HQ
                                                                                                    dec. 21, 2010
Another amazing leap forward, pioneered by the JFK Command staff, which is
being watched closely by police commanders worldwide, is the use of cell phones                    capt. r. losak
for dispatching Police Officers. The implementation of this technology in police                         PN
                                                                                                    dec. 24, 2010
communications could lead to finally abandoning those bulky, expensive, magic
speaking boxes, known in the business as “Portable Radios”, and the elimination of             dep. chief a. Whitaker
that annoying problem of wondering whether those portable radios will actually work.                     HQ
The brain trust behind this plan will, undoubtedly, be enshrined in the annals of law               dec. 25, 2010
enforcement on a level equal with Sir Robert Peele.
                                                                                                   capt. F. desio
Finally, in an a to lessen the work load of each Police Officer at JFK, the Command                  HQ-QWm
staff has been successful in getting other law enforcement agencies to agree to                    dec. 30, 2010
pick up where we fail ajob at the AirTrain/Jamaica Station. Also, the robbery,
larceny, hustler problem at the Howard Beach Station appears under control with                  asst. chief g. albin
the exceptional work of the New York City Police Department Transit Bureau.
                                                                                                    dec. 31, 2010
Then, there is the invitation to the Taxi and Limousine Commission to address JFK’s
illegal taxi activity. And, of course, where would we be without the Command staff                 capt. d. Burns
recommendation to the TSA that the TSA should open their own investigations on Port                      Ht
Authority Police Officers who do not subject themselves to the superior authority of                dec. 31, 2010
TSA screening personnel? Now, that’s backing your cops!
                                                                                                      PO a. Welch
So, there you have it. The plan to continue to demoralize and marginalize the JFK cops is                  HQ
well underway and appears to be on the road to success. Coupled with the Department’s                 dec. 31, 2010
demeaning and divisive promotion policy, those in charge, whoever they may be, must
be thrilled by how dysfunctional and inconsequential they have made the PAPD. Have a
great New Year.
                           gWB COMMAND

                                          Delegate PO Matt McKeon & Brian Ahern

                 Page 20
                           Happy new year from the George Washington Bridge.
                           First off a few birth announcements: Congratulations to PO Mary Jarvis, and PO
                           Christian Orscher on the births of their children. We wish you the very best. A big
                           welcome home to Chris Arroyo. Thanks for all you do for us and your country. A
   IN                      good-bye to Scott Benoit, enjoy it brother. Next a big welcome to Lt. Chip Michaels

MEMORIAM                   to the midnight tour. You are a breath of fresh air from all the complaining we have
                           had to deal with from a certain boss. To all those out sick or IOD — get well and
                           return soon. We would like to wish Inspector White a farewell. We hope you land
                           somewhere with less headaches and more morale.
Our condolences
to the family of:          A big thanks to all of our officers for trying to do more work with less resources. Your
                           work is greatly appreciated. Budget cuts to the F.J.C. security guards make a heavy
                           load even heavier; keep up the great work. Please have a safe and happy new year
 PO D. Tellado
                           and remember to back each other up out there.
 Oct. 24, 2010

                              MARINE TERMINAL COMMAND

                                             Marine Terminal Delegates

                           Here at the Marine Terminals things have changed for the worse. Our Command was
                           enlarged by picking up a whole new GAOE, which is Port Jersey and Port of Bayonne.
                           Port Jersey encompasses Global Marine terminal BMW and Weeks Marine. Port of
                           Bayonne encompasses Cruise ship line Royal Caribbean, Marine Drydock and many
                           other small businesses and warehouses.
                           Both Terminals encompass many city and state roadways. Like most things in the
                           PAPD, your Command increases in size and your manpower decreases. Before taking
                           over the PJMT and Bayonne Terminal, we turned out four sector cars down here at
                           the NJMT command. Since taking over PJMT, we now turn out three sectors at NJMT.
                           We do turn out two sectors for Port of Bayonne and Port Jersey Terminals. So you
                           can see, they stole one sector from down here at NJMT to have two sectors up in
                           PJMT. Figure it out. When the Marine terminal was much less productive, it turned
                           out three sectors. Now the second largest shipping Port in America is Port Authority
                           and we still turn out only three sectors. Our vehicles are a sight for sore eyes other
                           than the three SUVs we have. We would be better off on two-wheel segways to get
                           around. Our newly transferred Police Officers are still in a trailer in the garage with
                           no bathroom accommodations (more than two years). These Officers weren’t just
                           assigned here out of the Academy. The PAPD knew they were transferring Officers
                           here. These are not rookies, but veteran officers. In closing, all is not bad. We go to
                           work and most of the time we go home in the same safe condition. Thank God. Also
                           we have four newborn additions to our family. PO Gant, a girl; PO Brown, a boy; PO
                           Keown, a boy; and PO Arroyo, a boy. From our Command to every Command, happy
                           New Year. Be safe and back each other up. A special hello to Gus Danese. Stay strong
                           POs Brown and Latimer.
                                    Delegate PO Jim Higgins

Greetings from PATH. Congratulations and good luck to Gus Kapsis and Billy Doyle on
their recent retirements; we wish you guys the best. Congratulations to all of those
at PATH command who had recent additions to their families.                               report
                                                                                             Page 21
Congratulations and good job to the guys for being honored Cops of the Month this
past year: POs P. Carroll, J. Berardi, V. Talamini, A. Alfieri, and B. Wallace.
Welcome aboard PO Sorace and PO Dillardo to the PATH Command. Congratulations
to all of those who passed the Sergeant’s exam. Congratulations and good luck to
Lt. Kelley Hennessy and Chief Walcott on their recent promotions.


                                  Delegate POs Marcus Ciserano
                                  & Robert Zafonte

 Happy New Year fellow members! The Bus Terminal would like to applaud PO
 Plunkett who has safely returned home from fighting overseas for our Country. We
 cannot thank you enough for your bravery and dedication. We would also like to
 acknowledge the following members who have received the PAPBA’s “Top Cop of
 the Month” awards — POs Kemble, Reilly, Galvin, Kehoe and Basile. Thank you for
 making the BT proud.
 As we begin 2011, there is no question that the future of our job is about to be
 challenged. State politicians continue to propose more cuts and continue to come
 after labor unions. Our pensions, salaries and benefits are all under attack! Last
 year Camden, Newark and Atlantic City all experienced police layoffs. Is New York
 next? In the last three years, we have watched the bean counters do their best
 to dismantle our Department. Our motorcycle unit has been disbanded, aviation
 unit’s helicopter has been sold, and our patrol boats are left idle at our airports.
 The idea to do more with less has become the Port Authority’s motto, leaving
 facilities like the Bus Terminal more vulnerable to a terrorist attack.
 Where is the pride? Sometimes many of us find it hard to remember why we joined
 this Department. We have a promotion system that is corrupt to the core and has
 become nothing more than a water cooler joke. Supervisors have been guided
 foolishly to keep police activity down in order for them to continue earning record
 breaking salaries. They have become blinded by the Port’s “BS” to do more with
 less and keep the cops’ salaries inline, even if it means selling out the integrity of
 this Department and compromising public safety.
 So, what do we do? Stick together! Become more involved with your Union and
 do your job! I have noticed in the last few years that people are forgetting what
 it is to be in a union. I see cops more worried about being in good graces with
 Supervisors. Some have lost their way and have become more concerned with
 chasing the “carrot” then sticking together. Wake up and support your union!
 Let’s work together, protect our job security, and ensure that we make the Port
 Authority Police the world’s best police job. It’s time we become proud again.

                               Holland Tunnel Delegates

   Page 22
             The Holland Tunnel Command is one of the smallest commands in size but not in
             activity. We have 57 Police Officers assigned to the facility, over half of which have less
             than three years on the job. We normally produce activity that ranges within the top
             three commands in regard to summonses issued. Also, we usually produce anywhere
             between 300-500 arrests per year, which is a lot considering the small number of
             Police Officers assigned to the Command.
             In regard to arrests, we would like to acknowledge P0 Fernando Garcia with getting
             ANOTHER gun collar that involved two active “Bloods” members, as well as POs
             Sepelya and Narvaez for seizing more than four pounds of marijuana while conducting
             a routine car stop.
             Congratulations to PO O’Neill on the birth of his daughter, and condolences to PO
             Konopada and PO Hassel who experienced deaths in the family. We welcome back
             Officers Cuprill, Perrotta and Matias from IOD, and wish Officers Dunphy, Cardoza
             and Berraud a speedy recovery from their injuries. Congratulations to all the Police
             Officers who passed the recent Sergeant’s exam, especially PO Fernando Garcia who
             scored a perfect 100. Remember, strength in numbers! Support your PBA, support your
             delegates, and stay safe out there.


                               Delegate PO Marciano Shay

             2010 was an eventful year for all of us. We said farewell to Commanding Officer
             Inspector Larry Fields, Staff Lieutenant Emilio Sepluveda and Sgt. Thomas Hoey who
             between them had more than 100 years of Port Authority experience (you can add
             another 30 plus years if you include Inspector Fields’ alter egos “Sid” and “Viscious”).
             The three of them never hesitated to tell you “how the job used to be” or the “back
             when I was a cop” story. Each of them brought something to the Police Command that
             can never be replaced. Whether it was mountainous piles of paper on “Sepi’s” desk or
             Sgt. Hoey racking up thousands of hours on working overtime at EVERY Command and
             saying, “Hey, I’m only working so other Sergeants don’t get forced”, yeah that was
             believable. Each of them are missed and we wish them a happy retirement.
             We also had the pleasure of moving into a $40 million plus police building nicknamed
             the “Inspector Honig Memorial Building” by Police Superintendent Fedorko (because
             Honig spent about three years helping the architect “design” the building but never
             actually had the pleasure of sitting in the new Commanding Officer’s office, with
             custom leather chair, cherry wood desk, large windows overlooking the new LaGuardia
             tower and the runways due to his transfer. The Command boasts four large cells in
             the arrest room, state-of-the-art cameras, conditioning room, 10 bays for emergency
             vehicles, and numerous other amenities.
             We can only hope 2011 treats us just as well.

How many times have you said, “OK, I will facebook you tonight to see what’s going on.” When
                                                                                                             Page 23

did the word “Facebook” become a verb It seems like overnight! Two years ago, many peo-
ple hadn’t even heard of the Facebook Social Networking site ... and now everyone and their
grandmother seems to be on it. Yes, it is fun to catch up with old friends, old flames and distant
cousins ... but what impact does this have on our jobs as Police Officers? The message here is
“BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POST ON YOUR STATUS.” Why? Because what you post on there or on any
social networking site is not only a representation of your own personal name but as a represen-
tation of the entire Port Authority Police Department. This will affect the company you work for
and the fellow Officers who depend on you.
                                                                                                        YOU POST
You may feel a FALSE sense of anonymity while venting your frustrations with your job or em-            ON YOUR
ployer, but I assure you that your colleagues and supervisors are watching ... and reading. A
good rule of thumb is: If you wouldn’t say it at roll call or to someone’s face, then don’t post it     STATUS.”
on Facebook. Also, keep in mind that when something is posted, texted, e-mailed, tweeted or
blogged anywhere on the world wide web or to a friend, it could be quoted, indexed and virally          Why? Because what
spread without your permission because it is posted on a public forum. So, if you want to vent
your feelings over the misgivings of supervisors, fellow officers or even the public, please choose     you post on there
your forum cautiously. The best way would be in person, to a friend or over coffee. Protect             or on any social
yourself and protect our jobs.
                                                                                                        networking site is
There are social networking laws and employee policies that are being penned all over the
country, especially in major corporations. We all must remember that there could be ramifica-           not only a represen-
tions for posting ill-willed comments on such public forums as Facebook. The law holds that
                                                                                                        tation of your own
disciplinary actions can be taken by an employer if an employee uses a public domain to destroy
the employer’s business or cause disharmonious working between colleagues and employers.                personal name but
The bottom line is, if you post something that could damage the “good will” of the company you
                                                                                                        as a representation
work for, you can be in a lot of trouble, both civil and legal.

If you have kids or have read the newspapers lately, you know that Facebook is a playground
                                                                                                        of the entire Port
for the most unlikely bullies, as well. Unfortunately, adults are not immune to cowardly bullies.       Authority Police
Some victims have even committed suicide over irresponsible postings by others on Facebook.
The issue is THAT serious and, in this case, words CAN hurt someone. So, be careful what you
post about people, as well. And, of course, be careful what you post about your personal life.
Many supervisors, employers and even college recruiters now check the social networking sites
as part of their routine interviewing process for potential candidates. This could indeed affect
your future in regards to promotions, future employment or even your acceptance into higher
education institutions.

BE SMART. Remember that what you post on social networking sites not only reflects on you but
on your fellow Officers and the Port Authority Police Department. Do not undermine the company
you work for or belittle your fellow Officers with flippant and negative comments about the serious
job we do every day. Many of us take our job extremely seriously and are proud of what we do.

We are in contact with thousands of members of the traveling public each day and we work hard
to maintain a level of professionalism that is necessary for us to command respect and coopera-
tion from that public. To be cut off at the knees by a casual, yet vile “status” posted by a Police
Officer venting about a stressful day at work is not only irresponsible, but it could be criminal. If
you have something to say, say it directly to the person or vent your feelings directly to a trusted
friend or PBA delegate. Don’t post it on a public domain for everyone and their grandmother to
see. When it comes to social networking, think like the Police Officer you are and should be. One
that is responsible, respectful and proud of the job you have sworn to do.
             PATH WINs THIRD TITLE
             SlIdIng PAST
   Page 24
             4-3 in seventh
             TouRnAmenT FlIeS
             HIgH FoR 9 yeARS
             Staten Island, NY: Once again in early September we gathered to remember the great
             loss to our Department from the September 11 attacks. Before we start the tournament,
             we pause in a 37 seconds moment of silence and the playing of our National Anthem. We
             stand almost 200 strong, year after year to show our respect and to bond in our national
             past time.
             It was nice for a change not have to worry about the weather. It seems almost every year
             I am following the path of a hurricane or tropical storm, but as fate would have it, we had
             a beautiful day for softball.
             So the teams came piling in with pretty much the same complaints as always. Who picked
             out these colors for the T shirts? I didn’t know they still made puke green. Matt McKeon
             saying “Great job with the scheduling, why don’t you just give us the best two teams to
             play every year?”Angel Serrano telling me “I don’t have a very good team this year,” and
             five guys on his team are waiting for the next MLB draft! And of course “The umpires are
             blind”, “The bathrooms are dirty”, “Can’t you get me comp time” and the universal call
             to excellence “You suck”. With all that said, I love this game!
             The timing of this tournament is always played within a week of September 11 because
             dates are important and we all experience a time of anguish in this period. I believe this
             tournament helps us get through this time while also showing a commitment to our lost
             heroes. It also establishes a tradition amongst us, and it’s a tradition that defines the heart
             and soul of a group or a nation. Speaking of timing, our tournament was also in the midst
             of the Mosque/Cultural Center controversy. Therefore, we simply stated our case on the
             back of our T-shirts “Move the Mosque, it’s just not right”. So in our great country, we will
             continue this discussion on the pros and the cons of building this Mosque, but I can only
             say,” I don’t hate, I’m just not ready yet”
             So the tournament went on, and here we are, swinging bats, throwing balls and eating
             dogs (frankfurters, not to alarm PETA people), the PBA set up shop and Vinny Zapulla was
             strong arming people to buy PBA stuff, he was wearing a long trench coat and talking out
             the side of his mouth, he scared a couple of kid spectators, and attracted a few New Jer-
             sey housewives, but no arrests were made at the end of the day.
             The day went on with few problems and many laughs; we were like a bunch of kids at the
             playground. What is it about this game that takes hardened guys and gals of the street
             and turns them into children again? I do not know but its fun to play and just as much fun
             to watch. In the next section, the results of each team after three games, the top eight
             teams with the best record and lowest runs against and highest runs scored, advanced to
             the elimination rounds.
      PO Lou DeFelice
                                                                              Page 16

                                                          The championship game went seven in-
TEAM          WON               LOST   RuNS      RuNS     nings, as NIA A was leading going into the
                                       AgAiNST   ScOREd   bottom of the seventh, but Path A got a
                                                          huge clutch hit, and won the game. This
Path A        3                 0      3         22       is Path’s third championship trophy since
WTC           3                 0      7         31       the inception of this tournament; the
LGA                                                       Holland Tunnel is the only other team to
              3                 0      7         31
                                                          accomplish this.
LT A          3                 0      10        46
                                                          Thank you to all 19 teams that par-
NIA A         3                 0      11        26
                                                          ticipated this year, it was an incredible
SIB           3                 0      14        16       turnout! Thank you to Superintendent
NIA D         3                 0      26        42       Michael Fedorko for attending the tour-
GWB           2                 1      21        17       nament and supporting the troops. Thank
                                                          you to our PBA, SBA, DEA and LBA for the
Path C        2                 1      27        19
                                                          financial and moral support. Thank you
DET           1                 2      20        39       to Lisa Kurdyla and Jeff Freifeld for the
HT A          1                 2      30        21       excellent photography.
Path B        1                 2      35        31       The proceeds from this tournament par-
JFK           1                 2      41        24       tially went to the family of deceased
NIA E                                                     brother Officer Dave Tellado of the
              1                 2      42        28
                                                          Lincoln Tunnel. The remainder of the
NIA B         1                 2      45        23       proceeds will be used to enhance the
LT B          0                 3      28        14       development of a new website www.
PN            0                 3      38        28, which is in progress and
BT                                                        will provide future information about the
              0                 3      43        18
                                                          tournament, tournament-scheduling, di-
NIA C         0                 3      44        16       rections to the field, a PayPal section to
Elimination Round-Quarter Finals                          accept donations from outside sources,
Path A defeats GWB — 6-5                                  and updates on the use of any funds re-
WTC defeats NIA D — 11-10                                 ceived. This also includes costs to regis-
SIB defeats LGA — 10-8                                    ter with the IRS as a section 503c not for
                                                          profit corporation.
NIA A defeats LTA — 15-8
Elimination Round-Semi Finals                             Finally yet importantly, since we are
Path A defeats SIB — 8-4                                  nearing the 10th year since that terrible
NIA A defeats WTC — 12-1                                  September morning, I thought it would be
                                                          special if we invited a team from Shanks-
CHAMPIONSHIP GAME — PATH A defeats NIA A 4-3              ville Pa. (UA Flight 93), a team from the
                                                          Pentagon, a team from NYPD and a team
                                                          from NYFD. Jerome Crimi will be assist-
                                                          ing me on making these contacts. If any-
                                                          one would like to give me any input on
                                                          this upcoming tournament, please email
                                                          me at or you can look
                                                          me up on PA Outlook.
   Page 26
                                       POLICE OFFICER DAN sTEFFENs RAN
                                       ACROss THE UsA LAsT sUMMER
                                       So, what did you do on      On that day, Dan had to change from his busi-
                                       your summer vacation?       ness suit to his Army uniform as a result of the
             Dan was a member of a 9/11, first-responder, fun-     attack on America. Dan left his office and, be-
             draising effort called the “Tour of Duty Run”. This   cause there was no public transportation, walked
             4,600 mile, 31-day run that traveled through 20       to the Armory on 68th Street and Park Avenue and
             states would be quite a journey for anyone, but       began a mobilization that would see him and his
             for Dan it was actually the culmination of a jour-    unit deployed to the World Trade Center to as-
             ney that began almost nine years earlier.             sist with the rescue and recovery efforts. While
                                                                   at the World Trade Center, Dan saw firsthand the
             Dan’s journey goes back to September 11, 2001, when
                                                                   death and destruction caused by America’s ene-
             he was working for Bear Stearns, the investment
                                                                   mies. And, like many New Yorkers, Dan lost some
                                                                                                  friends that day.
                                                                                                    After his mobili-
                                                                                                    zation, Dan re-
                                                                                                    turned to Bear
                                                                                                    Stearns to contin-
                                                                                                    ue his investment
                                                                                                    banking     career
                                                                                                    but, he was left
                                                                                                    with the feeling
                                                                                                    he needed to do
                                                                                                    more for others
                                                                                                    and for himself.
                                                                                                    His brother Pat,
                                                                                                    a New York City
                                                                                                    Police     Officer
                                                                                                    and currently a
                                                                                                    Lieutenant in the
                                                                                                    75th     Precinct,
                                                                                                    served as an in-
                                                                                                    fluence on Dan’s
                                                                                                    thoughts of con-
                                                                                                    sidering    public
                                                                                                    service. Because
                                                                                                    of his brother
                                                                                                    and, along with
                                                                                                    his military ex-
                                                                                                    perience,      the
                                                                                                    thought of be-
             banking giant. At the same time Dan was a soldier     coming a Police Officer was not all that foreign
             in the New York Army National Guard. He earned a      to him. In 2002, Dan took the Port Authority Po-
             commission as a Second Lieutenant after complet-      lice Department entrance examination. He was
             ing the U.S. Army’s Reserve Officer Training Corp     not notified to begin processing for the PAPD until
             program at Loyola University in Maryland in 1997.     2008, but, the time in between was anything but
Dan’s banking career was progressing well and included a
promotion to vice president but, another military mobiliza-
                                                                                                                Page 27

tion loomed ahead for him. This time Dan, now a U.S. Army
Captain, was going to war. He received orders for a deploy-
ment to Iraq with the famed “Harlem Hellfighters,” a leg-
endary United States Army unit.
Dan’s deployment began on December 7, 2003, Pearl Harbor
Day, a day that shares a unique, historical importance with
September 11, 2001. He returned from the war in February
2005 and after his long deployment, once again returned to
Bear Stearns and his banking career.
Three years after fighting a war, Dan received an appoint-
ment to the Port Authority Police Academy. Many things
changed in the five years since he took the test and now had
a major decision to make. Dan decided to become a Police
Officer. Of that decision, Dan said, “God was looking out for
me the day I decided because the day after I left Bear, its stock
tumbled dramatically. Over the weekend Bear ceased to exist
and that Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, was my first day in the Police
Dan graduated from the Police Academy and was assigned to
the JFK Police Command before being transferred to the PABT
Police Command. Eventually Dan transferred to the World
Trade Center Police Command, where he is a member today.                                    Brett Porigow with Nero September 10,
It is as if Dan was destined to be assigned to the WTC Com-                                  2010 South Queens Boys and Girls Club
mand. “I feel very fortunate to be a Port Authority Police-                                             Photographer: Kara Eusebio
man,” he said recently while speaking about the Tour of Duty
Run. He went on to say, “I feel an additional sense of duty
to make sure those 37 PAPD officers who died that day are            so, on August 12, 2010, at 0846 hours, the Tour of Duty Run
properly remembered.”                                                stepped off at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles starting the
Dan became aware of the run from a high school friend with           4,600 mile odyssey, which can be called the ‘Beginning to the
whom he coached rugby. His friend’s father and two broth-            End of Dan’s Amazing Journey’.
ers were members of the New York City Fire Department.               The Tour of Duty Run was organized by the Australian Fire Bri-
The idea of taking on such a challenge appealed to Dan. And          gade that has performed long, fundraising events in the past.
                                                                     The run was also representative of the long history of the Unit-
                                                                     ed States and Australia coming to the aid of each other. To
                                                                     honor that cherished alliance, the Run was completed by both
                                                                     Americans and Australians. Thirty-two runners insured that
                                                                     there was a runner on the road every hour of every day for 31
                                                                     In a letter Dan wrote to explain the Tour of Duty Run he stated,
                                                                     “Each dawn of the Run will be dedicated to the individuals
                                                                     whose lives were tragically taken in their tour of duty. We run
                                                                     to remember their honor and sacrifice, respect their courage
                                                                     and appreciate their commitment to service and devotion to
                                                                     Well said Dan and, well done!
                                                                                                                                          First Class Prsrt
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                                                                Call the Union to update your records                                       US Postage
                                                                            201-871-2100                                                       PAID
                                                                                                                                            Albany, NY
                     PAPBA                                                                                                                 Permit #370

    Port Authority
    Police Benevolent
    Association, Inc.
    611 Palisade Avenue
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

                                 Same As The                      old clASS WAR
There is a class war brewing between the haves and the havenots.          New York, government pension contributions have sharply risen, and
according to a recent column in the new York Times, the “haves”           alarmists warn the system will soon go bankrupt unless we trim ben-
are public-sector employees who enjoy “cadillac pensions” and             efits.
the “have-nots” are those in the private sector who don’t.
                                                                          The truth is, of course, New York’s pension system is solvent and ful-
In recent months, right-wing think tanks and elected officials have       ly funded. While it’s true that contributions have risen, it is because,
been beating the drum that the decent wages and benefits that public      for years, city and state governments relied on high-performing pension
employees enjoy are the cause of our economic woes.                       funds to pay for their share of contributions. In fact, in 2000, New York’s
                                                                          share dropped to zero. Public employees, however, continued to pay into
News sources frequently cite accounts of those scamming the system
                                                                          the system.
by earning two pensions or skirting overtime rules. The perception is
that most public employees retire with $100,000 pensions, when the        The greed which led to the collapse of Wall Street also led to the
truth is the average pension is $33,000.                                  diminution of those investment returns, thus forcing higher govern-
                                                                          ment funding. This is not the fault of public employees.
With a 10-percent unemployment rate and a desperate workforce who
have seen dwindling wages and benefits, one would think that public       The reality is, good pensions and retirement security are good for the
anger would be directed at those that caused this mess to begin with.     economy. The vast majority of public-sector retirees remain in New
                                                                          York. They pay taxes, buy products and support local businesses.
But, in an expert sleight of hand, Wall Street executives are enjoy-
ing millions in bonuses, while we are being asked to direct our anger     Ultimately, however, this is not about pensions, it is about a concert-
at the “greedy” sanitation workers and cops. Public employees have        ed effort to pit working families against one another. After all, when
become a convenient scapegoat to those who would rather distract          corporations are wringing as much productivity as possible from their
from the fact that corporations are enjoying record profits yet are not   workforce while slashing pay and benefits, public-sector workers with
creating any new jobs.                                                    decent wages and retirement security are a glaring example of what
                                                                          is possible when workers organize.
Attacks on labor are nothing new, however: with anxiety about the
recession, it is easier than ever to direct anger against those who       There is indeed a war going on, but the real war is against the middle
have struggled to maintain some semblance of middle-class life—all        class. Rather than envying public-sector benefits, we should be de-
at the “taxpayer’s expense.” Americans are suffering “pension envy.”      manding the same for the entire workforce.
This is not to dismiss the challenges that states face as they struggle   By Sen. Diane Savino (Democraic Senator representing parts of Brooklyn and Staten
to meet financial obligations in light of stark budget shortfalls. In     Island. Chair of the Senate Civil Service Committee)

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