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  A Study on Factors Influencing the
 Consumer Preference of Four Wheeler
Commercial Vehicles Purchase in Raipur
                (CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR)


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The research on the four wheeler commercial vehicle Provides insights into
product and market trends, analyses, opportunities, projections, sales, and
marketing strategies. Specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and
growth in the global markets are also featured.

The massive changes in the four wheeler commercial vehicle has been
witnessed by the universe (consumers & dealers) which actually shows that
the commercial vehicle are most important part of our economic. After some
decade rather some years it may be possible that commercial will be listed in
the category of basic needs of customer. Some People prefer some well
known brands of commercial vehicle because they can not compromise with
our brand, and colour design.

There are many brands available (Tata motors, ashokLeyland, Mahindra
&Mahindra) in market and they have many kinds of four wheeler
commercial vehicle.
Main players in the Production of four wheeler
Commercial Vehicles in India
      Ashok Leyland Ltd.
      Hindustan Motors Ltd.
      Telco
      Force motors Ltd.( Previously known as Bajaj Tempo Ltd)
      Eicher Motors Ltd.
      Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
      Swaraj Mazda Ltd.
      Tata Motors

Ashok Leyland
Ashok Leyland is one of the biggest players in the Production of Commercial Vehicles in
India. Ashok Leyland is one of the oldest automotive company of India. It was set up in
1948 in Madras (now called Chennai) to assemble Austin cars. However, the company's
future changed after British Leyland made equity participation. Hence the company
became Ashok Leyland in 1955 and started the Production of Commercial Vehicles.
They offer a wide range of in Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles varying from buses,
trucks, engines to special application vehicles. They were the first company in the
history of Indian to win the ISO 9002 Certification in 1993. Again it became the first
Indian company to receive ISO/TS 16949 Corporate Certification. Their global ambition
is very simple, it is; Global Standards, Global Markets.

Hindustan Motors Ltd
Hindustan Motors Ltd is one of the oldest car manufacturing company of India. It was
founded in 1942. It manufactures a wide range of vehicles from cars to trucks to school
buses to trekker to porter. However, it is more popular for one of its particular car model
called the Ambassador. But, at the same time it does manufacture a lot of Commercial
Vehicles as well. It was one of the leading players in cars till the early 80's but could not
maintain its position after globalization came into effect and the markets were opened. It
has its manufacturing plants in Uttarpara- West Bengal, Pithampur- Madhya Pradesh,
Thiruvallur- Tamil Nadu and Hosur- Tamil Nadu.

Telco deals with Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Multi-Utility
Vehicles etc. Telco was set up in 1945 to manufacture steam locomotives. Now it's the
largest private sector company in Commercial Vehicle manufacturing. The four
manufacturing plants of Telco are located in Jamshedpur in Jharkand, Pimpri and
Chinchwad in Pune ( Maharashtra) and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. It has a market share
of 31.2% in Multi Utility Vehicle Segment.
Force motors Ltd. (Previously known as Bajaj Tempo Ltd)
Force motors Ltd. (Previously known as Bajaj Tempo Ltd) is a promising company in the
Commercial Vehicle segment. The company is now working on the project of
introducing state-of-the-art range of trucks. The company has different technological
collaboration with many international giants. Hence, it has an upper edge with new and
modern technology. They are also working on eco friendly CNG bus engines. They are
the only company to have a full range of Commercial Load carrying vehicles.

Eicher Motors Ltd.
Eicher Motors Ltd. deals with the manufacturing of Commercial Vehicles. They mainly
deal with buses, trucks and chassis. These products comply with all the specifications of
BS II norms. Its CNG Technology is also known to be the very best in the market.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has a hugh Indian market with Multi Utility Vehicles. It was
originally set up in 1945 to cater to general purpose utility vehicles. However, today it is
one of the top five manufacturers of tractors in the world.

Swaraj Mazda Ltd.
Swaraj Mazda Ltd. deals with the manufacturing of Light Commercial Vehicles. They
mostly manufacture buses, trucks, police personnel carrier, ambulance, water tankers and
special vehicles. The company was formed in 1983 and production started from 1985.

Tata Motors
Tata Motors is one of the most important fore runners of the Indian automobile industry.
They believe in focus and state-of-the-art facilities. They probably have the best
infrastructure required for the assurance of manufacturing quality vehicles. They deal
with M&H Commercial Vehicles, Intermediate Commercial Vehicles, Light Commercial
Vehicles, Small Commercial Vehicles, Utility Vehicles Etc. In the Commercial Vehicles
segment, they mostly manufacture buses and trucks. They even have a good range of
passenger vehicles as well.
             TL 4x4                      Tata SFC 410 EX                    Tata LPT 712 EX

 Tata 207 DI EX- Single cab         Tata 207 DI - Single cab          Tata 207 DI - Crew cab

      SFC 407 EX Turbo                SFC 407 Turbo Truck           LPT 709 E Turbo Container

Market share (Commercial Vehicles)
The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in February 2007 in the domestic market
were 27,859 nos., an increase of 22% over 22,885 vehicles sold in February last year.
M&HCV sales stood at 16,306 nos, a growth of 19% over February 2006, while LCV
sales were 11,553 nos., a growth of 25% over February 2006.
Cumulative sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal were 2,68,453
nos., an increase of 43% over last year. Cumulative M&HCV sales stood at 1,55,708 nos., an
increase of 40% over last year, while LCV sales for the fiscal were 1,12,745 nos., an increase
of 48% over last year.
Sales figures (in units) of major Indian players of LCVs in Indian market
source:- www. Commercial vehicle indusrty in india
Exports figures (in units) of major Indian manufacturers in LCV segment
* The figures are based on SIAM analysis and individual company's reports.
Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Swaraj Mazda, General Motors, Renault, Toyota and
Volkswagen are delivering LCV in Indian market. Some of the Indian manufacturers such as Tata Motors, Mahindra
& Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Swaraz Mazda, etc have entered global markets with their LCVs.

During financial year 2005-06, sales of LCVs in Indian market showed a growth of 19% with an increase of 60% in
exports by Indian LCV manufacturers.

                              Light Commercial Vehicles
  Indian automobile industry witnessed a growth of 32.86% in light commercial
  vehicles segment. Indian light commercial vehicles (LCVs) include a range of
  vehicles, such as cargo, tempo, mini trucks, buses, etc. A few of the passenger
  cars, such as vans, are now being treated as LCVs. Tata Motors, Mahindra &
  Mahindra, Ashok Leyland and Swaraj Mazda are the leading Indian
  manufacturers of LCVs.
  During financial year 2005-06, Indian LCV production showed a growth of
  23.68% over the preceding year. LCVs have been showing an upward
  production trend. At present, there are more than 1 lakh LCVs (in units) being
  manufactured in Indian automobile sector.

Production trend in Indian LCV segment

SOURCES:- www.Commercial vehicle industry in india
More on production in LCV segment LCVs Production

Sales in Indian automobile industry- Domestic and Exports

During financial year 2005-06, LCV sales in Indian market showed a growth of 19.44%, with increase in exports by
more than 60%. In the same period, cumulative sales of LCVs in Indian market amounts to 1.43 lakhs, with 26.4
thousand units exported by Indian manufacturers.

Sales trend of LCVs in Indian market
SOURCES:- www.Commercial vehicle industry in india
Exports trend of Indian LCVs

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