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									Online Shopping
           What’s the online shopping
   Online shopping is the process
    whereby consumers directly buy
    goods or services from a seller in
    real-time, without an intermediary
    service, over theInternet.

   Online shopping is the process of
    buying goods and services from
    merchants who sell on the
    Internet. Since the emergence of
    the World Wide Web, merchants
    have sought to sell their products
    to people who surf the Internet.
    Shoppers can visit web stores
    from the comfort of their homes
    and shop as they sit in front of
           History of Online Shopping
   Online shopping was invented in
    the UK in 1979. There are two kinds
    of online shopping B2B and B2C .
    These were sold in the UK in the
    1980s. The largest B2B was
    probably Ford's Locate a Car
    system that operated in many
    European countries. The cleverest
    B2B was probably Nissan who sold
    Finance with online agency credit
    checks. The first B2C was Tesco .
    These systems were pre-internet
    pre-windows but otherwise fully
    functional. In the 1990s these
    systems migrated to the internet
    and WWW and became fully
    featured, fast and secure making
    the pioneer systems look very
    ancient indeed.
    Top 10 reasons for online shopping
   Convenience
   Better Prices
   Variety
   Send Gifts
   Fewer Expenses
   Comparison of Prices
   Crowds
   Compulsive Shopping
   Buying old or unused stuff at low prices
   Discreet purchases
     5 tips for Safe Online Shopping
   Shop from a Secure PC
   Shop Smart, and Only at Sites
    You Know & Trust
   Shop with you Credit Card

   Consider Alternative Payment

   Get a Handle on Spam
    Experience of Online Shopping
   seller dirty tricks
      competition is very keen , many listings are even below the
        wholesale price, and you won't know listing are in fact below
        wholesale price, you will be misleaded that normal price
        listings are relatively much more expensive listings. People
        selling below the wholesale price will tell you stock available
        after confirm ,just charge super expensive shipping fee or tell
        you that item out of stock after payment , replace with a
        cheaper item with or without your permission, refund you or
        wait for you to file dispute if you reject the replacement

        most seller leave positive feedback to themselves, they only
         receive a warning from taobao even discovered, account still in
         good standing

        positive feedback is automatically left if buyer don't leave
         neutral or negative feedback after certain period

        taobao adopt something similar to best match in eBay, which
         cause sellers to repeatly buy an item from themselves, sales
         number of an item may not be a meaningful indicator or
         indicate a lot of buyers are buying that item because seller list
         below wholesale price
    Experience of Online Shopping
   Buyer Notice
       unique buyers leave multiple negative/neutral feedback
        can mislead your impression about a good seller
       all sellers exaggerate shipping, simply allow sellers some
        profit in shipping
       dispute case number is not meaningful (I have filed
        dispute against a seller while still seeing buyer have 0
        dispute case afterward)
       shipping rate listed is never a correct shipping rate, use
        ali wang wang (which is taobao real time messenger) to
        confirm seller have stock in hand and shipping rate
       seller "deep" in china(or too far from you) won't bother
        ship to you because sellers lose INR dispute after 6 days
       choose the most reliable seller instead of the cheapest
       expect a lot of hassles, even I am quite picky in choosing
        sellers, on average, only 1 sellers actually ship the item
        among 2 or 3 paid transaction which I have confirmed
        available stock and shipping rate agreed
      Famous Websites for Online
    Ebay
    Amazon
    Wal-mart
    YahooAuctions
    BestBuy
    Taobao
    京东商城
    当当
    凡客诚品
    中国鲜花网
    M18
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