YogaAccessories 1/4" Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat by sportwest


									                 YogaAccessories 1/4" Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

At 6.2mm, the YogaAccessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat is a full 1/4'' thick, an
extra long 74'', weighs almost 4 lbs, and is one of the thickest mats on the market. The
mats come in a variety of colors that are strong and vivacious, but not overpowering in
their brightness. This well-made exercise mat will add comfort to your yoga workouts.
And because of its high quality, this deluxe mat will last longer than most standard foam
mats. When shopping around for a yoga mat, note that what many other companies call a
1/4'' mat is actually 4.5 - 5.2 mm in thickness -- considerably thinner than this mat. These
''knock-off'' mats are shorter and weigh less, indicative of their inferior quality. A thicker
non-slip mat is good for all types of yoga, especially for restorative poses. Reward
yourself and your body with an Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat, and see why this is the
most popular sticky mat found in yoga studios, schools, fitness clubs, and at home!

Looking for a unique yoga mat? YogaAccessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mats are
also available in the Chakra Series or custom printed with your own logo or design -- in
the same vibrant colors that make our yoga mats so appealing.

A yoga mat is really the only thing that you tend to use on every yoga workout. It
cushions your feet and gives you stability during some of the stretching moves. This mat
is a full 1/4" thick and provides great cushion for your yoga routines.

First, a note about all yoga mats. Because of what they are made of, they tend to have a
chemical type of smell when you first get them. This is normal! You simply air them out
for a few days, perhaps wipe them down with soap and water, and this will dissipate. It's
like breaking in a new pair of boots - you have to go through that initial phase.

I found the mat to be really wonderful. It is cushiony enough that it supports me in a
variety of poses, whether I'm standing, kneeling, laying down, stretching. It is far better
than doing yoga on a bare floor - whether that might be wood, stone, carpet or whatever.
The cushion is really important for many poses.

Even though it has that nice cushion, it is also stable too. You feel quite firmly planted
when you are doing balancing positions. It's not like you are trying to balance on top of a

The mat is a good middle ground between "resistant to sliding" and "too sticky". You can
readjust your feet when you need to - but if you want to plant your hands, it helps keep
your hands in place.

I also really like that the mats comes in a wide variety of colors. People are more likely to
exercise if they really like their exercise equipment. If you love green, go for green. I got
the light lavender and really like it. To me it is calming and relaxing. Whatever color
energizes or relaxes you, you probably can find it here.

The mat might be a little bulky to carry around with you, but you can get a lighter mat for
use when you travel. This one is just perfect as an at-home mat, to really give you a solid
base for whatever level of yoga you are currently at.

Highly recommended!

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