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									                     Bancroft Neighborhood Association
                              Meeting Minutes
                          Thursday May 13, 2010

Present: Neal Baxter, Andy Hestness, Holly Hinman, Evette McCarthy, George Moore,
Jacque Passow, Daniel Rauchman, Rebecca Rayman, Mike Simons, Ryan Sturtz, Celia
Kutz, Amanda Cariviere, Jason Hadley, Karen Notsch

Absent: Matthew Ayers, Emmett Bryant, Keith Twist, Julie Zamora

Meeting called to order by Jacque Passow at 7:07 PM

No changes were made to the Agenda.

       Motion to approve the April 2010 BNA board minutes by Mike Simons;
       seconded by George Moore. Friendly amendment from Neil Baxter to delete
       the word “of.” Passes unanimously.

CCP Officer/ Bancroft Update

Karen Notsch reported on crime prevention in the 3rd Precinct. There was a recent
incident with a carjacking by teens where the car was driven to 39th St and 10th Avenue S
and shots were fired though no one was hit. As a result there is interest in holding a
meeting to discuss youth violence with the block clubs. There is an additional upcoming
safety-oriented meeting on Thursday May 20th. Holly Hinman agreed to attend. Daniel
indicated that he had heard a large number of juvenile offenders recently release due to
lack of funds, Karen was not familiar with that situation. Jacque indicated that while
there may not be any answers provided by a meeting with the block clubs and leaders,
that it is worthwhile to have concerns heard by the “right” people.

Treasurer’s Report

Daniel Rauchman distributed summaries of the financials. The books were balanced this

       MOTION to approve the Treasure’s Report by Neil Baxter; Seconded by
       Evette McCarthy and Passed unanimously.

BNA February 2010 Minutes                   1
Finance Committee Update

Jacque indicated that the financial committee will meet the 4th Thursday of each month.
At the most recent meeting, the committee reviewed the NRP Phase II strategies. There
is approximately $65K from Phase II to spend on housing, and $10K has been committed
to the existing TCF loan program, leaving $55K to allocate to new programs. The
committee recommends not funding the “housing coordinator” portion of the plan for
administrative costs, because the BNA board has already funded administration of the
organization as a whole. The committee also recommends not funding acquisition for
multi-family housing, because the resources available are too limited to be effective. The
committee identified 3 types of programs to fund: a home improvement loan for people
that do not meet the underwriting requirements of the TCF program, deferred loans for
low income distressed homes, and emergency home repair grants. Mike indicated that a
grant program could be administered by BNA, Jacque was concerned about running a
program with volunteers. Daniel indicated that he is interested in applying for the loan
program, but was concerned about his participation on the committee developing the
program. No board members indicated concern with Daniel continuing to participate on
the committee.


NRP has indicated that Phase II is now anticipated to be funded to 90%, up from 80% of
the original allocation. We will receive more information after the plan goes to the NRP
policy board. Our NCEC representative and NCR are looking for input from the
neighborhoods in the future on guidelines for funding. There will be a NCR meeting on
June 9th from 6 to 8 at Powderhorn Park Rec center. Some BNA board members
indicated that they will attend.

Green Initiatives Committee

The meeting start time will be 6:15 PM before the full board meetings from now on. The
committee discussed proposed changes to the El Colegio property including an outdoor
soccer field, classroom, and gardens and their plans for vacant land across the street to
the north of their property. Neil has been in contact with the property owner of that
parcel also to investigate a community garden. There may be a possibility for a
partnership with El Colegio to develop a garden. The committee also discussed the
Southern Bike Connector. There is a possibility for a diverter, and a group is
investigating the possibility of a street-to-park conversion for a few blocks of 17th
Avenue S. BNA members have indicated a willingness to discuss the project and these
opportunities with neighbors.

BNA February 2010 Minutes                   2
Commercial Committee

Evette McCarthy indicated the committee did not meet this month. It is being
investigated to make interior improvements to Derrick’s due to damage. The new
restaurant on 38th Street and 11th Avenue will not be a Vegan restaurant as previously
discussed, it is now planned to be called “Mr. BBQ.” Derrick’s may not be called
“Derrick’s” soon. A business partner is taking over the business. A church group has
purchased the bowling alley property. The lanes have been removed and the group has
been holding car washes on the site. The Nokomis Senior Center has opened in the
Bloomington Avenue strip mall.

Mid-Summer Festival

Julie brought forward a new concept for the event at the executive meeting: a two-hour
ice cream social with a puppet show. The event typically takes place the 3rd Wednesday
in July. The item was tabled until Julie was at a meeting to discuss further.

Dog Park

Todd Byers was not in attendance to discuss the dog park. Evette indicated that Bryant
Neighborhood had discussed a dog park at King Park along the 35W sound wall behind
the tennis courts, or at 40th and Nicollet at the building. There have been neighbor
concerns about the latter option and the proximity to residences. There would be two
sections for large and small dogs. They are requesting a letter of support. All of the
money is secured for the park.
        MOTION to write a letter of support for the dog park at King Park by Mike
        Simons; Seconded by George Moore and Passed unanimously.


Celia brought a proposal from Eric Stiens to redesign the BNA website. The Board
viewed a sample draft of the website and made some comments for Celia to forward. If
hired, Eric would be an independent contractor.
        MOTION to approve the proposal from Eric Stiens for $1,000 to redesign the
        BNA website by Neil Baxter; Seconded by George Moore and Passed

BNA February 2010 Minutes                  3
New Computer

Celia brought a proposal to purchase a new computer for the BNA office, and brought 5
spces for options. Discussion indicated that Microsoft Office should be moved from the
existing computer rather than purchased new.
        MOTION to approve a new computer purchase for the BNA office with a
        budget not to exceed $1,000 by Daniel Rauchman; Seconded by Evette;
        friendly amendment by Mike Simons to strip the existing computer and use it
        for the Treasurer Passed unanimously.

Community Initiated Grants

Work day at Bancroft Meridian Garden is Saturday May 15th. Plants that are removed
will be available for sale for a nominal amount. People interested in plots should contact
Jacque as soon as possible. Sunshine Tree proposal is tabled until next month. There is
no new news on Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center. The Phelps Activity Council
requested additional funds for jerseys. Evette indicated that Bryant neighborhood has
decided to give Phelps a set amount of money each year and let them determine how the
funds should be spent rather than funding piecemeal proposal throughout the year.
People expressed concern about that strategy because they wanted to continue to know
how the funds were being used. There are no current guidelines regarding how often
people can apply for Community Initiated Grants in a given year.

Organizer’s Report

Celia provided a written report. There are restorative justice meetings coming up, Celia
will invite them to an upcoming BNA meeting. There is a public meeting on the changes
at the El Colegio property on 5/20 at 4:30 PM at City Hall in room 317. Written
comments are also accepted. The board decided to not send a letter of support, and that
individuals could send letters with support or concerns.


       MOTION to adjourn by Neil Baxter at 8:30, Second by Holly Hinman passed

Respectfully submitted:

____________________                         _____________________
Jacque Passow, President                      Keith Twist, Secretary

BNA February 2010 Minutes                   4

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