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Sapcor Assured March 2008


									                                                Sapcor, an Authorized Financial Services Provider

                        Sapcor Assured
                                 Official Sapcor Newsletter : Issue 9 / March 2008

 With 2008 well under way, we bring you some pointers to ensure that the balance of the
                                  year runs smoothly.

As claims are becoming more evident in the insurance industry, we wish to remind policy
                            holders of their obligations.


Household Contents
Ensure that you are adequately insured, as averages will be applied with regard to claims in this section of your

Theft must always be accompanied by forcible, visible and violent means of exit or entry to the premises. Items
which are lost / mislaid or pinched without the above conditions applying, will not be eligible for cover under your
house content insurance.

Should your policy include an alarm warranty clause, you are liable to ensure that your alarm is armed at all times
when the premises are left unoccupied or when you turn in for bed at night. It remains the policy holders
responsibility to ensure that the alarm is in working condition.

SABS Lightning protector plugs must be installed for protection of electronic items / appliances, to
safeguard against lightning damage.

NB: No provision is made for power surge or load-shedding damage under your insurance policy.

All Risks
General items, if insured and removed from the residence / insured address, is limited to a claim value
of R1000-00 per item to the maximum value insured. The following items must be specified to ensure cover.

Cellphones & carkits
Pedal cycles
Sporting equipment
Glasses (prescription & sunglasses) with a value
exceeding R500.
Photographic equipment
Baby carseats & prams
Jewellery with a value exceeding R1000.
Non-factory fitted vehicle radios.

Item / s stolen from an unattended vehicle will not be
covered unless the item /s is / was concealed and out of
sight, in either a locked boot or locked cubbyhole, at the
time of the theft.

WHAT'S NEW                                                     NEWS

Liabilities regarding Construction                              Policy Updates

When renovating your home, it is prudent to take                You are reminded and urged to ensure that
additional cover in the form of a Contractors                   household goods, buildings and all risk items
Liability Policy.                                               should be revised on a regular basis, to cater
                                                                for both inflation and replacement
Renovation / s is / are defined as follows for purposes         costs. Kindly contact our offices at
of insurance : “an alteration / s to the current structure to advise whether
of the house / residence, which requires the expertise          you require your policy to be revised and updated.
of legitimate contractors”. Examples would
include additional rooms, a new and                             Car Hire (Only applicable to Hollard,
refurbished kitchen, installing a pool or an extension          Santam Domestic & New National policy holders).
to an existing part of the house / residence.
                                                                Do you have an additional vehicle available to
Take note Insurers exclude liability on certain parts           drive in the event of your vehicle being damaged
of household insurance cover, as it is maintained that          or will you be stranded ?
any damage resulting from renovations should be the
sole responsibility of the contractor.                              Ensure peace of mind by taking out the Car
                                                                    Hire Option as this makes provision for alternative
                                                                    transport in the event of unforeseen

                                                                    1) R58 per month ensures cover in the event of
                                                                    theft, accident, hi-jacking & write-off.

                                                                    2) R18 per month ensures cover in the event of
                                                                    theft, hi-jacking & write-off.


On the 14th of March 2008, the Gordon’s Bay and Natal
branches were joint winners of Sapcor’s prestigious “Branch of
the Year competition”, with a prize of R50 000.

Both branches were serious contenders and were awarded this
prestigious accolade jointly, based on evaluation criteria which
included growth and claims ratio’s.


Glasfit Secure Tint is currently promoting a limited special offer of 25% discount on the normal retail price of
smash & grab film. Glasfit Secure Tint Pty (Ltd.) was established in 2003 to service the ever expanding security
needs of the Glasfit customer base. The company fits safety and security film to vehicles, buildings and homes
and the procu range spans from 100 micron safety films to 375 micron bullet resistant security laminates.
Glasfit is the only safety film company to be approved by three vehicle manufacturers, namely BMW, General
Motors and Ford SA. They also do OEM work for Toyota, Honda, Renault, Land Rover and Hyundai.

Glasfit offers the following package:

        National network of well-trained and certified technicians.
        The highest rated Safety & Security films in the world. For more
        information visit
        A lifetime warrantee on all films.
        Centralised billing and Call Centre facilities.
        A well established and trusted brand.


Volkswagen Citi Golfs

Volkswagen Citi Golf’s rank as sought after vehicles with a high theft risk.
Should you be considering buying a VW Citi Golf, you are advised to ensure
that adequate security is installed. A Tracking Recovery System is now a
requirement and must be installed in the following vehicles.

Citi Blues, Citi Deco, Citi Chico 1.3, Citi Chico 1.3 LUX, Citi Sonic 1.3, Citi Chico 1.4,
Citi Rhythm 1.4, Citi, Chico 1.4i, Citi Com1.4i, Velociti 1.4i, Chico 1.4, Citi Rhythm 1.4,
Citi 1.4i, Velociti 1.4i, Citi Chico 1.6i, Citi Life 1.6i, Velociti 1.6i, Citi 1.6i, Velociti 1.6i,
Citi R-Line

Should any of the above vehicles be insured and a tracking device not be fitted, theft cover will be suspended.


                                                  If you are not resident in a 24-hour guarded security estate, you are
                                                  reminded that your vehicle should be parked behind locked gates or
                                                  in a locked garage at your risk address, between 18h00 and 06h00.

                                                  Should your vehicle be fitted with a tracking device, ensure that the
                                                  device is tested and inspected every 6 months, so as to ensure that
                                                  the device is in a working order.

                                                  Sapcor must be notified if any children under the age of 25 years
                                                  have become regular drivers of any of the vehicles on your policy.

Ensure your vehicle security complies to the requirements set out in your policy schedule.

Understand the use of your vehicle

Private Use:              Domestic, social, pleasure excluding business & professional purposes. Travel to
                       and from your work or office is included.

Business Use:         The use of a vehicle to do business, like representatives and marketers.

Commercial Use:      Cover is not included under your personal policy. This is defined as the conveyancing of
goods for trade purpose, ie. Building contractors.

On a lighter note, Sapcor Charity Club elected to support various Childrens Homes which are in dire
need of both funds and goods.

       In December, a donation of soccer balls was made as a Christmas gift for all the boys residing at
       Durbanville Kinderhuis in Cape Town.
       A donation was also made to “Ebenauser” in Pretoria West to contribute to the pocket and spending
       money for 33 children going on holiday.
       Various items of clothing and childrens toys was also donated to the needy in Silverton Pta.

 Head Office                   Branches
 Tel: 012 998 8295             Pretoria: 012 998 8295                      Durban: 031 562 8966
 Fax: 012 998 8921             Johannesburg: 011 462 2528                  Nelspruit: 013 744 1444             Cape Town: 021 856 1527                     Bethlehem: 058 303 3516              Bloemfontein: 051 448 1907                  East-Rand: 011 826 3649
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