migration by fanzhongqing


									                                                                                     Production Support Mid-Range
                                                                                       Migration/Upgrade Support

Task               Elements                                                                                                                                                                   Duration    Status

Custom Support
                   PCL commands to develop print filters for printing on local laser printers.                                                                                                 2 Hours
                   Manage print queues                                                                                                                                                         2 Hours
                   Review and coordinate revision levels maintenance with vendors and departments.                                                                                             8 Hours
                   Provide assistance with development to organization’s disaster and continuity planning.                                                                                     4 Hours

   Monitor         Examine trends and report potential impacts through automatic distribution                                                                                                  4 Hours
                   Monitor system availability – maintain interrupt event summaries.                                                                                                           2 Hours
                   Monitor CPU, disk space, process times, late processing, database consistency, and defunct processes.                                                                       8 Hours
                   Provide management status reports – tasks, accomplishments and plans.                                                                                                       2 Hours

 Management        Assist/Coordinate problem escalation/identification/resolution with appropriate parties (operations, applications, tech support, help desk, vendor).                        4 Hours
                   Review operational documentation during problem resolution for accuracy and clarity. Modify to ensure consistency with procedural changes.                                  2 Hours
                   Provide 1st level contact for dayend abends and program aborts during off hours.                                                                                            4 Hours
                   Provide synopsis of expected results – improve ability to recognize deviations                                                                                              2 Hours

                   Execute jobs, monitor dayends, post dayend processing, verify completion, and report results.                                                                               4 Hours
                   Verify cron controlled application processing schedules and ensure functionality of scripts.                                                                                2 Hours
                   Verify job database – script/report names, function and schedule (daily/weekly/monthly).                                                                                    4 Hours
                   Verify sort routines and commands.                                                                                                                                          2 Hours
                   Test FTP, email, and direct send to local printers.                                                                                                                         4 Hours
                   Adjust job streams to meet schedules and ensure schedule completion.                                                                                                        2 Hours
                   Implement all documented and approved changes. Monitor effectiveness of change and report deviations from expected results.                                                 4 Hours

   Support     Manage change, upgrade and migration scheduling to ensure compliance with standards.                                                                                            4 Hours
                   Coordinate migration/upgrade with operations manager/supervisors.                                                                                                           2 Hours
                   Coordinate, develop, and implement documentation/procedures for operators with the operations manager/supervisors.                                                          4 Hours
                   Review, modify, and create documentation for Production Support.                                                                                                            8 Hours
                   Ensure compliancy with patient data privacy standards (HIPPA) – utilize report encryption software for electronic data transmissions to contractor’s local area network.    2 Hours

 Work RQMT Total Work requirement for Production Support -                                                                                                                                     94 Hours

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