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					                               Willetton Toy Library
                               April 2007 Newsletter /

Welcome to the first newsletter of the WTL
for 2007. It’s a long one, but there are loads
of important messages, so please plough
on through!

Stock Take Report                                                  Thanks To Our Sponsors
                  When you join the library, you agree to                     Georgina
               attend a two hour Stock Take roster. A           Pie in the Sky (Jewellery & Giftware)
               sincere THANK YOU for honouring that
               COMMITMENT! With the group working
                                                                            (Ph) 9458 9701
               tirelessly and skilfully, you managed to get     For hand beaded necklaces and earrings.
through another noisy and chaotic day!
  The day began at 7:45am and ended at 5:30pm, with
13 committee and 26 regular members attending (of the                             Emma
52 members of the library at that time).                             Embrace Beauty (Parkwood)
  4 of those attending were Dads, and it was great to
see them mingling (and using nail varnish remover) in an
                                                                             (ph) 9354 8899
otherwise female dominated arena!                                  A range of all the expected beauty
  Of course, if you were one of the 13 families unable to       therapies as well as facials and spray tans!
attend the Stock Take, you are now required to complete
2 extra rosters before June – Thank you to those of you
who have already arranged these!

Toy Status                                                    Prizes from Stock Take Day
                      Throughout the Stock Take period,
                    you cleaned, relabelled, reunited and                Cathy’s daughter Hannah once again drew
                    counted over 450 toys!                             out 4 raffle tickets (with eyes scrunched shut)
                      It was decided that around 75 toys               to determine the lucky recipients of our Stock
                    should be deleted from the system                  Take participation prizes, and the following
                    due to age and/or low borrowings,                  families have won :
                    (approximately 20 of these toys were
merged with others to increase quality and value), and          1st Prize : The English family – A $25 voucher for
around 15 toys were downgraded from ‘Green’ to ‘White’                      Embrace Beauty, Parkwood.
status.                                                         2nd Prize : The Spencer family – A spray tan at
  However, we still have 448 toys in the library with a                     Embrace Beauty, Parkwood.
combined original purchase price of $36,500! Not to             3rd Prize : The Skinner family – A $10 voucher for
mention, toys to the value of over $3,600 were                              Pie in the Sky Jewellery and Giftware,
purchased in the last 12 months!                                            Lynwood.
  As a result of the Stock Take, we now have a very             4th Prize : The Pracy family – A $10 voucher for Pie
clear idea of the specific toys we need to replace (such                    in the Sky Jewellery and Giftware,
as the very well used Felt Man Face, Thomas Trains and                      Lynwood.
Croquet Set) and specific categories we need to focus
on replenishing.
  This year we have focussed on puzzles, newly                New Playpen
purchasing 15 of the 35 now in stock and merging many
older ones. When searching the “Jigsaw’ category you            Thanks to the generosity of the management at
will now generally find either new puzzles or at least 2      Target Bullcreek, who provided us with a $50 gift
per bag. We have also just replenished the “Baby” toys        voucher, we now have our own wooden playpen! We
category!!                                                    purchased the playpen in October 2006 for the use of
  Many of the toys deleted from the system were sold to       members on roster, to improve the safety of babies to
members at Stock Take or in the first session in January.     approximately 18 months. It will be stored against the
We raised approximately $100 from these sales.                wall in the Baby & Toddler cupboard.

                                                                      REMINDER - WTL CLOSED!
                                                                            Friday 6 April – Good Day

                                                                      We assure you that your 1 session grace
                                                                      period will extend to 13/4/07 if your toys
      Thanks To Our Sponsors                                          were due on Good Friday.

            Murdoch Cardiology
                                                                Easter Fundraiser
                  Echo Services                                                        We are not asking you to sell
                                                                                     eggs this year. That’s right! We are
                                                                                     NOT asking you to sell eggs! In fact,
                 WA Cardiology                                                       we’re not asking you to participate
                                                                                     in a traditional fundraiser at all at
       of St John of God Murdoch Hospital                                            this time!!

                                                                  We do however have a fantastic fundraising
                                                                opportunity, which will not cost you anything… indeed it
                                                                may save you money!
                                                                  Please see our attached letter and flyer from St
New Trestle Tables!                                             George’s Bank.
                                                                  NB : Your personal details have NOT been provided to
                                                                St George or to Mr Dunleavy.
                  You may have noticed in the last
               couple of weeks that we are no longer
               using our old, decaying, heavy trestle           Battery Power
               tables (and that you haven’t had to carry
               them when you’re on roster!)                                   We have once again collected a new cache
  That’s because BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE in                                     of previously used industrial strength batteries
Cannington generously donated 2 brand-spanking,                            from Murdoch Cardiology, Echo Services and
NEW, lightweight, plastic versions to our library in                       WA Cardiology (all from St John of God
March!!                                                                    Murdoch Hospital)
  We’re sure you will soon join with us in expressing                         BUT…
many more huge sighs of appreciation for this cost and            We don’t know how long they last! If your toy has
back saving donation!                                           batteries replaced with the 2nd hand type, please give
                                                                us feedback on their lasting power.
Tidy Toys
                                                                Party Pack
  Our toy cupboards are in disarray already! Many of the
toys are not where they should be and it’s becoming                                   Do you have a birthday party
difficult to fit everything in at the end of each session due                       coming up? Why not book our
to lack of efficient storage.                                                       FANTASTIC Party Pack, complete
  Whether on roster, or visiting the library, please :                              with jumping sacks, egg ‘n spoon
   Try to limit your children unpacking or playing with                            race, giant parachute and more!
       toys other than ride-ons during sessions.                                      You can also try our cool and very
   Try to store items back in their correct category                               effective Bubble Blower!
       sections. Thank you!                                                           Note : You do not pay extra to
                                                                                    hire out these toys!!
Item Recall
  A toy from our recent fundraising catalogue has been
recalled.                                                               Thanks To Our Sponsor
  If you purchased item 161505 – Santa’s Toys : Balls
Stair, from Educational Experience, please contact the
company direct on 1800 025 270.
                                                                       BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE
  Apparently it is unsuitable for children under 3 due to                 CANNINGTON
the small balls enclosed.

    Thanks To Our Sponsor                                               IMPORTANT DATES!
                                                                  AGM : Wednesday, 25 July 2007
            Target Bullcreek                                           7:30pm at the Library
                                                                  Formal apologies required in writing
  Supplier of playpens, toys and all                                     for non attendance.
          things child related                                             STOCK TAKE DAY :
   (plus a range of other goodies!)                                        Friday, 7 Dec 2007

Toy Categories (where to find)
                                                              The Annual General Meeting will be held on the
  Stored in the ‘Baby’ Cupboard                             evening of Wednesday 25th July 2007.
  B (Baby)                                                    While it’s a reasonable time away, we’d like YOU to
  T (Toddler)                                               start considering whether this is the year during your
  K (Party Packs)                                           membership you could dedicate to the WTL Committee.
  P (Push and Pull)                                           Sadly we will be losing several of our committee
                                                            members at the AGM (primarily due to their ageing
  Stored on the Trolleys                                    children – why do they have to grow up?!) however the
  M (Music)                                                 Toy Library will continue to need an energetic,
  G (Grading, Fitting & Manipulation)                       enthusiastic committee to carry on it’s day-to-day
  J (Jigsaws)                                               functions!
  I (Indoor)                                                  If you are considering any of the following roles, but
  F (Finding Out)                                           want to know more about them, please ring the current
  D (Dress Ups)                                             members directly.
                                                              **PHONE NUMBERS AND SURNAMES HAVE BEEN
  Stored in the Big Cupboard                                REMOVED FOR THIS WEB VERSION OF THE
  A (Active / Outdoor)                                      NEWSLETTER**
  C (Construction)
  L (Let’s Pretend)                                         Rosters              Carol
  R (Ride-Ons)                                              Toy Purchasing       Kerrie
  S (Sand & Water)                                          Treasurer            Sarah
                                                            Cataloguing          Leesa
                                                            Seamstress           Wendy
Safety of Children During Session                           Fundraising
To ensure optimum safety of the babies and young              Also please let us know if you know anyone who is
children visiting the library :                             “handy” and good at fixing things, who will be willing to
      Please take advantage of our play pen (check         DO the Toy Library repairs.
        with roster parents first)
      Try to limit your children unpacking and playing
        with toys other than the ride ons during sessions
      Do NOT allow use of the slides or wagon ride-on
        toys during sessions.                                     REMINDER - WTL CLOSED!
                                                                  Wednesday 25 April – ANZAC Day
Toy Replacements!
                                                                  We apologise for any inconvenience and
Since Stock Take we have replaced :                               assure you that your 1 session grace period
     The worn Felt Man Face (now a Woman face)                   will extend to 2/5/07 if your toys were due
     The torn Pop-Up Tent and Tunnel                             back on ANZAC day.
     The ‘foggy’ Skittles Set. Enjoy!!

Some of Our New Toys
                                                      I4 (Indoor)
                                                      Wiggles Showtime Board Game
           B9 (Baby)                                  2-4 players
           Baby Gymnastics Ball Toss                  It's Showtime with The Wiggles and
           Ages: 6 months +                           they need your help to get there in
           Music & lights reward physical
                                                      T15 (Toddler)
                                                      Bee Flower Garden. Baby
                                                      wooden puzzle board
           B10 (Baby)
           Roll-Around Tumble Bug                     Please be mindful of the lengths of
           Ages: 6 months +                           wood in this beautiful wooden
                                                      threading toy.
           Zig-zag, tumble down fun with
           music, sounds & 3 Roll-a-Rounds!

                                                      B4 (Baby)
                                                      Vroom Vroom Soft Toy Cars

             B8 (Baby)                                With lift-the-flaps and moving
             Laugh & Learn Learning                   wheels. Please wipe with damp
             Toolbench                                cloth after use.
             Ages: 6-36 months

             3 silly friends pop up, with fun
             sounds and sayings.                      L14 (Let’s Pretend)
                                                      My Whimsical Animal Show

                                                      Piece together your own creations!
           B11 (Baby)                                 For 3 years and up, care taken on
           Pull & Spin Caterpillar                    connection between pieces
           Ages: 6 to 36 Months                       please.

           New walkers love to take a friend
           along for a stroll and will
           encourage baby to keep moving!
                                                   J14-J16 (Jigsaws)
           B7 (Baby)                               Tadpole - Frog Grow Puzzle
           Nesting Pails                           We also have Man Grow Puzzle,
           Ages: 6 months +                        Chicken Grow and Butterfly Grow.

           Beach style stacking and nesting        More complicated jigsaws for the
           cups each with a unique activity        puzzle whiz amongst your family!
           for baby.

           L32 (Let’s Pretend)
           Little Tikes B.C. Builders Temple
           of Destruction
           A knock-em-down and build-them-
           up toy that actually encourages

           L31 (Let’s Pretend)
           Little Tikes B.C. Builders I-Fell
           Another knock-em-down and build-
           them-up toy that encourages


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