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					                                              Cross and Spire
                                        Newsletter of the First Baptist Church
                                         P.O. Box 331, 11 School St., Lebanon, NH 03766
                                              Pastor: Rev. Dale Edwards
                                   Phone: 603-448-5618 Email:
                                               October 2011 Volume 28, No. 9
                  “Not a perfect church, not a perfect people, just a simple desire to follow Jesus.”

                In Great Appreciation . . .                        preparing and serving food, the amazing video
                                                                                                presentation, music, the
The sabbatical was an incredible blessing to us and our                                         commissioning service, the
family, and we are humbled at the thought of all the                                            lovely journals (and
sacrifices and hard work that made it possible. We                                              everyone’s beautiful notes),
would like to take the opportunity to thank the members                                         decorating our car – “Just
of the Sabbatical Committee -- Jim & Ruth Newcomb,                                              Sabbaticaled”, the beautiful
                               Steve Girdwood, Keith                                            cakes, cleaning up after we
                               Davio, Carol Rataj, Tom                                          were whisked away; for the
                               Clifford, Tom McCleary,                                          great Rally and Return
                               Dan Nash; the various               Sunday – the delicious breakfast buffet, the wonderful
                               church boards, and the              worship service, the warm welcome we received from
                               entire church body for the          everyone upon our return.
                               wonderful gift of a
       The Monastery           sabbatical this past                                            We’d like to say thanks to
                               summer.                                                         those who prayed for us
                                                                                               while we were away. To
We are thankful for those who preached, visited and                                            those who supported the
cared for members of the congregation, led worship,                                            sabbatical financially.
                                         dealt with                                            For all the immeasurable
                                         emergencies,                       Our Hermitage      and untold things behind
                                         opened the food                                       the scenes that needed to
                                         pantry, checked           be done. To everyone who kept things going while we
                                         the building, did         were away and everyone
                                         bulletins and             else who was patient and
                                         newsletters, were         understanding in our
                                         on call for               absence.
  Favorite sabbatical coffee spot        repairs, kept the         We cannot thank you
                                         calendar, dealt           enough. We rested, we
with phone messages and emails, kept office hours, paid            read, we walked, we
the bills (and us!), did the bookkeeping, ordered                  studied, we played, and
supplies, handled the mail, helped out Roger, and so               we prayed. And for this wonderful gift from all of you
many other duties we’ve probably overlooked.                                                     we will forever be
                                                                                                 grateful. We could not
To all who                                                                                       imagine a more
planned and                                                                                      wonderful church
pulled off                                                                                       family. We are thankful
the                                                                                              both to and for each and
wonderful                                                                                        every one of you.
Sunday –                                                                                           Love & Prayers,
providing,                                                                                         Dale & Laurie
                                     New Brunswick
WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE BAPTIZED?                              FAMILY FUN NIGHT!!!
A service of baptism is planned for November 6th. If        Come on out for Burgers, Fries & Games! At
you would like to be baptized by Pastor Dale, or have       our next Family Fun Night on Friday, October
questions concerning baptism, please speak with Dale or     21 from 6:00-8:00 PM. Fun for all ages!
call the church office (448-5618).                          Sponsored by the Christian Ed. Board.

Our annual Christmas Bazaar is Saturday, November 5,        USED INK CARTRIDGES BUY FOOD!
and we need your time and/or donations to make it a         Bring in your used, empty ink cartridges, toners, old cell
success! All proceeds from the Bazaar are used to buy       phones, laptops & ipods and help raise money for the
food for the church’s Raven Box food pantry program.        Food Pantry! Here are some helpful guidelines: Ink
Here are some ideas for items you might like to donate:     cartridges can be put together (same types) in zip lock
Craft items, jewelry, baked goods (pies, cookies, breads,   bags to prevent leakage; it’s preferred that toners be
etc.), and white elephant (yard sale type) items. If you    donated without boxes. So far your great response has
can give of your time, we are in need of volunteers for     raised about $75.00!
set up on Thursday, Nov. 3 from 5:00-8:00, Friday
between 8:00AM and 7:00 PM, Saturday for part or all
of the bazaar or afterwards for clean-up. To sign up, see
                                                              MEN’S BREAKFAST
the insert in your Sunday church bulletin. Please note
that White Elephant items need to be left at the church           AT EBA’S!
by Thursday, Nov. 3 and clearly marked “for Bazaar”.           Saturday, Oct. 8
Other items may be left through Friday, Nov. 4. Baked              7:30 AM
goods may be left at the church or the parsonage Friday      ALL MEN WELCOME!!
evening. If you have any questions, please contact Terry
Bolduc (603-632-5168). (Please, NO old
electronics/computers/tvs, exercise equipment, or           YOUTH GROUP HAS BEGUN!!!
books as these do not sell and are hard to dispose of.)     Youth Group is off to a great start this year and we are
                                                            already planning a schedule of special events. All young
COMMUNITY DINNER NEWS                                       people in grades 6-12 are invited to join us on Sunday
Help is needed with the Wednesday Community                 evenings from 6:30-8:00PM. Our first special event will
Dinners. Held every Wednesday at 5:30 PM, we are            be a trip to a Corn Maze on Sunday, October 16 after
currently serving up to 40 people each time. Sign-          church. Youth should bring a bag lunch and dress
up sheets are located on a bulletin board downstairs        appropriately for the weather. Other events we are
                                                            looking forward to include Deep Freeze (Jan. 13-15), the
near Kilburn Hall. Please sign up to provide food
                                                            Valentine’s Dinner fundraiser, the 30-Hour Famine, just
or to help with set up, serving, and clean-up.              to name a few. If you have questions, please speak to
Questions? Please contact Chris Clark (603-667-             one of our youth leaders: Steve & Deb Girdwood,
1892).                                                      Bernice Clark, Laurie Edwards, or Eric Yuan.

Our annual Fall Clothing Giveaway will be held              We’re happy to announce that Philip Robinson will be
Saturday, Oct. 15 from 8:30AM-12PM. Bring in your           visiting from London on Sunday, Oct. 9 and bringing the
donations of clean, gently used, seasonal clothing!         morning message. Philip pastors the Streatham Baptist
Clothes needed for all ages & sizes. This has become a      Church in London, and has had a long-standing
much-appreciated ministry to the community. Clothes         friendship with us here at FBC Lebanon.
may be left at the back of Kilburn Hall (downstairs
fellowship hall) any time between now and the 15th.         TIME FOR WORLD MISSION OFFERING
Helpers also needed to sort clothes on Friday, Oct. 14      American Baptists support nearly 100 long-term
from 3:30-5:30PM and to help serve customers on             missionaries and more than 1500 short-term missionaries
Saturday. Please contact Cheril Maynard (603-632-           and volunteers that work in more than 70 countries along
5820) if you are able to help out!                          with 220 partner organizations that include evangelistic
                                                            associations, hospitals, schools, and much more. Each
MORE BABY BOTTLES???                                        October we participate in the World Mission Offering
If you have not yet returned a baby bottle for the          that supports the global work of American Baptist
Pregnancy Center’s Baby Bottle Benefit, please return it    International Ministries. Our missionaries share the
to the church office ASAP.                                  good news of Jesus Christ and bring help to those in
need. Please prayerfully consider making a special gift     FOOD DONATIONS NEEDED
to missions through this important offering. A special      Raven Box Food Pantry continually
offering envelope is included in this newsletter for your
                                                            needs donations - canned foods,
convenience. Thank you!
                                                            pasta, spaghetti sauce, rice, side
THANK YOU FROM HABITAT                                      dishes, peanut butter & jelly,
Dear Friends,                                               cereals, hygiene items, & toilet
Thanks to you, and many other good people of the            paper! Cash donations are also
Upper Valley, one more family is now living in a safe,      very much appreciated! Place
decent, affordable, energy efficient home! . . . The        food in the blue buckets near the church door, and
building volunteers sincerely appreciate the chance to      money in the offering plate with a notation “for
share a meal together at the jobsite each Saturday. We      food pantry.”
went to thank you for the wonderful lunches you
provided throughout the build. This is a very significant   FLOOD RELIEF SIGN-UP
contribution towards the success of our builds.             The Mission Board is working to put together a team to
        Sincerely, Don Derrick, Exec. Dir.                  help with the ongoing flood relief efforts in the Upper
                                                            Valley. If you would like to volunteer for such a
                                                            project, please sign up on the yellow sheet on the
                                  Women’s                   bulletin board at the back of the church sanctuary. For
                                 Fellowship                 more information, contact Steve Girdwood 448-3318.
                                Potluck Dinner              CLEMMER MISSIONARY UPDATE
                       Tuesday, October 18                  Bill & Ann Clemmer have moved from the Congo to
                            6:00 PM                         Southern Sudan. Please keep the Clemmers in your
                                                            prayers as they continue to serve God in Africa. Our
                        At Marge Olson’s                    Sunday School offerings support their efforts there.
                         30 Dorset Lane,
                            Lebanon                         ABW FALL RALLY
              All Women Welcome                             The American Baptist Women’s Ministries of
                                                            Vermont & New Hampshire Fall Rally for women
                                                            and girls will be Saturday, October 29 at the First
                                                            Baptist Church of Hanover, 195 Etna Rd., Etna, NH
                                                            from 9:30AM-3:00PM. Speakers will be Laura &
                                                            Allyson Austin, a mother/daughter team on an
                        PRAYER, PRAISE&                     African mission tour called “Breaking the
                          FELLOWSHIP!                       Chains:Stop the Pain” (Human Trafficking). Cost is
                                                            $3.00. Bring a sandwich – soup, beverage, &
                          Thursday, October 20              dessert will be provided.
                             6:30 –8:30 PM
                                                            WHITE CROSS NEWS
                        Come join us for a time of          Please keep working on our projects. We still need
                       fellowship, refreshment and          more roller bandages, baby blankets (36”x36”),
                                 prayer!                    cloth diapers, school kits and health kits. I am
                                                            hoping to be back soon and will have a work night
FBC POST-GRAD GROUP CONTINUES!                              near the end of October. Watch your Sunday
The FBC Post-Grad Group (formerly called the                bulletin for the announcement. Also, thank you for
“20 Somethings”) meets every Sunday evening,                the beautiful cards, phone calls, visits and prayers.
6:30-9 PM at the Collins’ house, for a time of study,       Without them this would have been hard for me to
fellowship and food. Please see Pastor Dale                 get through. I’m still having issues with nerve pain
Edwards, Randy or Lehann Collins, or any member             in my left leg which makes it hard for me to sit still.
of the group for directions. Come join us, all you          I miss my church family.
post-grad (from high school) people!                        God Bless All of You!
                                                            Lorraine Bickford

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