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       “Respiration: 1. The act of inhaling and exhaling air in order to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide.
  Synonymous with breathing and ventilation. 2. The cellular metabolic process by which oxygen is taken
  in, substances are oxidized, energy is released, and carbon dioxide and oxidized products are given
  off.” Economies are similar to living organisms in that both consist of subjects engaging in some form of
  respiration involving breathing, ventilation and/or an essential biological exchange needed for
  survival. “Our American economy seems slugged to the midsection so much, it just doesn’t seem to do
  much of this anymore, with many feeling too guilty to really talk about it lately.” frg.

    During the fall of 2009 Kare Eleven News did a broadcast from Listening House in Saint Paul
   Minnesota on the subject matter of Homeless Veterans. I was in the piece---the guy with the John
   Deer earrings. Discussed was the good of a story from the other side of the economy from the
   inside on what life was like. I was politely prodded to do so, however asked for more time before
   producing the piece. Well, the work is done. I'd like to make sure the female reporter and the
   cameraman of the Kare Eleven News broadcast get a copy to illustrate; business in America can
   still be done on promissory notes.

   Discussed were the risks associated with producing this kind of account of “life on the other side of
   the tracks.” Assured was appropriate support in handling and producing the material with many
   clients and staff very pleased with what may unfold. My experience with these types of matters is
   no one honors deals with shelter people and are prone to menacing through harassment;
   exploitation, rather than accommodating efforts made to get what is wanted. Case in point: while
   producing the piece all my items used for work when driving over the road were stolen making
   returning to work anywhere difficult, an official police report was made, strange email followed
   alluding to the content of what was stolen, full reports resultantly were made to the police, yet
   nothing has been done about a matter easy to solve with the appropriate use of a badge.

   In the event the Kare Eleven News people don’t respond appropriately as the piece is submitted;
   politics, it was agreed The Pioneer Press would be the backup plan securing the interest of the
   sources who confided in me offering the bases for the material producing the piece; please
   read! I’m pleased it is finished and look forward to what good things may be derived from it for me
   and others. I especially would like to give a very special thanks to the Lifetrack people associated
   with the computer lab in Frog Town. Mentioned in the document is the importance of facilities
   designed to function like springboards to an economy; allowing people to spring back and forth as
   needed to secure an economic recovery. The Lifetrack Computer Lab is such a facility. Without it,
   I wouldn't be looking at the completion of this project requested of me on behalf of a failing
   economy and concerned third parties. The Asian gentleman named Wua; who managed the lab
   briefly, suggested it would work favorably if a story attributing the Lifetrack Computer Lab was
   offered, well here it is Amber, Wua and Tamekia---enjoy.

        “A woman who frequents homeless shelters looking for potential suitors comes across a
   romantic interest from a while ago. He is again unemployed with clothes dirty, worn, torn, is thin
   with questionable hygiene, barely sustaining due to local shelter politics. She decides to take
   advantage of the situation and propositions him again. He politely rejects her,
   again. Disappointed and disgusted she asks, ‘why?’ He tells her ‘It’s not an issue of your outward
   beauty, but always a matter of your inner beauty.” frg.

         When an economy spirals establishing a high level of indigence, facilities are needed to
    protect a workforce from hitting rock-bottom at accelerated speeds of financial descent, maiming
a public with an inability of reentering a modern jobs market to help spur on a national economic
recovery, during times of a national economic recession, also known as a business cycle
contraction or a general slowdown in economic activity. These facilities would not only sustain
the primary factor safeguarding recovery efforts, but would also sustain the primary factor
contributing to a reduced national crime rate.

      When these facilities designed short-term become long-term due to a recession, specific
conditions exist suggesting a need to segregate. The high-rise low income housing projects of
The Robert Taylor Homes and Cabrini Green of Chicago Illinois are an example. Once these
facilities become long-term and the residency reaches a critical mass, no matter how many
funding, training and education programs are thrown at a problem, no real avail is met.

     The Skyline Tower Collaborative of Saint Paul Minnesota located on 1247 Saint Anthony
Avenue is an example of these types of facilities appropriately segregated. The facility functions
well as a social springboard projecting a needed workforce back and forth from a local jobs
market now national, and responds well to funding, training and education programs
offered. This is because demographically the residency is not segregated away from a larger
community, but consists of a community predominantly of The Muslim Church doing an excellent
job segregating a congregation of people to a community of individuals, rather than another
social problem.

     Listening House, The Dorothy Day Center, Mary Hall and The Salvation Army on 7 Street
in Saint Paul Minnesota are examples of facilities designed like the ones mentioned; to fulfill a
specific need today, yet fail to do so due to a segregation problem, placing them in the same
category as The Robert Taylor Homes and Cabrini Green of Chicago Illinois, which no longer

     Difficulties associated with our economy suggest changes must be made to these
establishments. They present a better solution to a problem we will soon face with this county’s
future. Needed are springboards to employment opportunity for an economic recovery, not
welfare dependence due to a recession, resulting in more extinct projects and a poor economy.

    On September 10, 2010 a backpack containing items for employment was appropriately
secured at Listening House for a two week period to respond to demands needed to find
work. It was stolen. A client over-hearing other clients discussing what my response would be
when I discover the next morning the theft, tipped me off something happened the evening
of. All the appropriate measures with staff were taken before and after the loss, resulting in my
having to file a police report; Case # SP10-198879. This was not suggested by staff
(why?). Immediately after the report, strange emails were sent to me alluding to the content of
the backpack, from a client who has a history of access to the facilities associated with Listening
House (to include Listening House) during times this client wasn’t supposed to, suggesting a
greater problem.

     With a spiraling economy, these facilities should function as an economic solution to an
economic recovery, not an economic incubus protecting criminal and inappropriate civil
activity. With a pending national employment crisis approaching like a brewing storm,
precautionary measures are needed to assist not just a local community, but a greater national
community depending on the corporate model developed.

    “Necessity’s end establishes no loss, but a time for us. Sleep’s dark embraces the ‘raze’ of
                   the next day. This is why the sun never sets on the empire of the American spirit.” frg.

    This report is an attempt to account for the time as a class A truck driver, where a driver’s log was taken for one work week while
driving over the road, returned on the last day of employment with entries missing---creating an unaccounted for time gap in the driver’s
log---and for the reader; an understanding of what happened employed in Texarkana.

 “According to the Gale Encyclopedia of US History, an indenture refers to a binding contract obligating one person to work for
another. Servitude refers to 1. the condition of a slave, serf, or the like; subjection to a master; slavery or bondage, 2. work imposed as
punishment for crime, 3. the burden placed upon the property of or person by a specified right another has in its or their
use. Indentured Servants in colonial America were, for the most part, adult white persons who were bound to labor for a period of
years. There were three well-known classes: the free-willers, or redemptioners; those who were enticed to leave their home country out
of poverty or who were kidnapped for political or religious reasons; and convicts. The first class represented those who chose to bind
themselves to labor for a definite time to pay for their passage to America. The best known of these were Germans, but many English
and Scottish men and women came in the same way. The second class, those who came to escape poverty or were forcibly brought to
the colonies, was large because of the scarcity of labor in America. Their services were profitably sold to plantation owners or farmers,
who indentured them for a period of years. The third class, convicts, were sentenced to deportation and on arrival in America were
indentured unless they had personal funds to maintain themselves. Seven years was a common term of such service. The West Indies;
a large group of islands between southeast North America and northern South America, separating the Caribbean Sea from the
Atlantic Ocean and including the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, and the Bahama Islands, along with Maryland; one of the original
Thirteen Colonies in 1788, appear to have received the largest number of immigrants of the third class.” Indentured servitude was
abolished with slavery when the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1865.

     Dates framing the events known as the Holocaust; the genocide (killing) of European Jews and others by the Nazis during World
War II from 1933 to 1945, suggest this wasn’t the case globally. A culture of bigotry sustained. Throughout Europe many
professionals (mostly Jewish) were indentured into servitude by a German produced War Machine birthed from a recession after the
signing of The Versailles Treaty of World War I, leading us into World War II. Today, according to a September 27, 2009 publication by
the Business Insider entitled; The Money Game, “Getting the unemployment rate back to 5% in 5 years would require average monthly
job creation of 250,000. The average for the major boom of the 1990s was 150,000. The average for the past 30 years has been
about 50,000.” This suggests a recession has receded to conditions similar to October 24, 1929, known formerly as Black Thursday of
America’s Great Depression, generating once again the same kind of production, establishing now an ingrained practice defining us as
Americans? Unrecognized living conditions in the United States have allowed indentured servitude to flourish into the first decade of
the year 2000. Since 1865 conditions coveted, entrapping and punitive have evolved, spurring on an extinct European industry in

    Many advocating for indentured servitude/slavery refer to the section of the 13 Amendment in the United States Constitution
implying, “the 13 Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime, ” suggesting that if the

public can successfully brand an individual as criminal this would allow the practice of indentured servitude/slavery amongst citizens,
thus providing public motive behind overzealous prosecution and conviction of alleged criminal offenses, and why many publicly go to
great lengths to implicate anyone of anything criminal. It provides the indentured servitude market with another human being. This
also explains why efforts are exercised to take advantage of public vulnerabilities during a recession; lack of work, food and shelter
etc… Without the preexisting conditions known, the servitude appears voluntary. With the conditions apparent, the servitude appears
manipulative, therefore involuntary. Branding one citizen criminal over another doesn’t legalize the practice of indentured servitude
outside of the courtroom. It does provide an inappropriate excuse for the behavior outside of the courtroom and/or criminal justice
system, thus perpetuating a market illegally. Provided is motive why many on the neighborhood, town, and city, county, and state,
federal and global level would create circumstances spurring on an economic recession. The practice would give indentured servitude
resurgence sustaining the culture.

While returning to Texarkana, a company of trucks driving over the road in convoy was pulled over by local law enforcement and
issued the same tickets as before, in particular driving without insurance and on expired vehicle registration. If the company
owner/boss exercised the degree of care suggested last month in Victoria Texas, how is it possible to get a second ticket for the same
offence---in particular driving without insurance? Filled with suspicion and desire for freedom, one vehicle drove past the lead vehicle
pulled over by local law enforcement, made it back to Texarkana and eventually home to give this account.

Had the driver stopped behind the vehicle pulled over in front of him, the same tickets would have been issued for a second time, due
in part to employer apathy prolonging a slave status in Texarkana. An ensuing court-date; a legal order to appear in front of a judge in
a courtroom of the American Criminal Justice System to address the matter, would guarantee an exploitive employer another
employee, by making departure from the employment difficult. This provides motive to apathy. When warrants are issued they go to
the driver not the company owner/boss and likewise any punitive damages awarded a driver’s license. The tickets and punitive
damages serve as the indenture here, revealing a contract; labor agreement. The driver’s dependency on the company owner/boss to
handle the situation appropriately outlines the servitude. Factoring in the attempt to make the driver operate without a driver’s log
suggests a motive to hide what was really happening; indentured servitude/slavery.

     “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant,
 nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.” (Exodus 20:2-17 NKJV)

       To understand how indentured servitude is coveted, we have to look at how and why it is applied. When an organization has
 something to hide or indulge in that it doesn’t want the public to know about, employees cannot be trusted. Indentured servants are
 trusted, wanted and loved. This produces the coveting experienced; the feeling of blameworthy desire courting 13 Amendment
 violations. With the competitive nature of today’s jobs market and the need to succeed financially, this becomes apparent. Not
 many organizations are local due to costs. The ones that are struggle financially. Subsidy acquisition has become a way of
 life. The need to finance a country nationally through an economic recovery has shifted local capitalism values from financial; fair
 market competition based on competitive bidding and subcontracting to subsidize; tax breaks, financial assistance, grants, loans
 (welfare). To maintain the mummified remains of a once vibrant economy (like soaking a dead extinct lab animal in a jar of
 formaldehyde for future use) submerged and drowned is the old family oriented style of business management to a practiced
 alchemy of welfare solicitation, infectiously threatening the American apple-pie, bread and butter values that once defined our
 country. The new image formed with a Hollywood mentality (“consumered” into existence) as a result, is the client/employee model
 to assist in corporate begging; a form of visual prostitution. Factor in quality applied equation efficiency, insuring practicality through
 a probability and statistic engineering format (to justify time expenditures), uncoupled with time and motion study efficiency, down to
 a simple application of third grade math, with a sadistic desire for control and suddenly none of this matters anymore, because the
 new variables yield; indentured as the way to go. This inevitably balances away any employment, courting a national
 disaster. Without employment where is our economic recovery?

    Support agencies from state workforce centers to transitional housing shelters to drop-in-centers are in tune with this country’s
new brand of music (considering employment conditions) and understand well the perks. Line dance with welfare and give
employment the ole heel, toe, docie-doe. Many individuals, who have become this generation’s new class of economic casualties,
accept the idea of never again experiencing the emancipation afforded by employment. Few options exist, other than to compete
for institution funding cow positions; our new corporate Hollywood (moo!). Like the translucent waves that echo a single drop of
water penetrating a deep dark murky pool, black-marketed spontaneously are facilities almost national in notoriety, designed to give
out welfare based on community funding appropriated, to help clients in the community apply for welfare when available and to
supplement benefits when funds fall short.

  One person employment based can blow it for everyone. This single baby’s hair breath strand of integrity personified provides the
shadow of doubt that could shut-down a well sustained and managed industry, compromising the large herds of roving funding cows
nurtured for subsidies; a corporate herdsmen mentality, more like cattle rustling rather than ranching.

Implemented to policy, protocol and procedure, to saddle up and chase away those employment coyotes (without a concerned
conservation society aware), allowing “welfared” livestock to flourish---in carefully prepared once employment green pastures---are
the numerous institution swindles seasoned like a surgeon’s hand behind a meticulously machined scalpel of operation, cutting
away benign employment growth to a malignant growth of welfare, although described metaphorically medical, slowly evolves
terroristic behind the recoil of numerous employments scams rifled at a public.

 This is national. It is a reality and a sign of things to come demonstrated, but not limited to Listening House; a drop-in-center at 215
9th Street West in Saint Paul Minnesota, institutions designed to function as life rafts during economically turbulent times, parading
employment daily (nominally) establishing a perceived orientation for funding, then when the time is right, harass and/or humiliate
employment into leaving in favor of a more preferred “welfared” crowd, establishing the symbiotic third world condition leading to
indentured servitude.

    This holocaust like mentality at Listening House specifically, is conducted (but, not limited) through the method allowanced bus
tokens are provided for labor performed by the clients; two tokens, if willing to do remedial simple fifteen minute chores; tasks,
awarded clients who put their names into a metal box labeled work. Some clients are allowed to switch with other clients. This
seems rather harmless and good on one side of the coin, but on the other side of the coin (or token) ---dark, overshadowed and
ominous---, established is the precedent confirming the existence of America’s (new) redeveloped black-market industry.

Sometimes staff in effort to be demeaning will not allow the switching. This doesn’t happen often. What is desired is to avoid
creating a sense of pleasure for the clients they are mocking or trying to breakdown; those who aren’t welfare based---wanted long-
term for the servitude publicly. Once the “institutioned” simple chore is completed, the metal box labeled client; “welfared,” is given
two bus tokens to do whatever he or she wants. Transportation is obviously important, but that is not the ultimate desired effect, nor
the means to the true desired end, establishing the path paving America’s extinct market---coveted; black, now rediscovered.

       The entire ordeal (beyond the convenient image of civil humanity) in reality (with suppressed smirks stretched from staff to
clients to bus stop to panhandling consumer, who eventually get or use the tokens) is referred to openly (sarcastically) as the
Listening House Jobs for Employment Program. It isn’t uncommon for staff and client from other institutions (due to a sense of
sadism) to direct new clients (employment based) upon arrival---looking for any kind of work to ascertain some degree of dignity
needed for human survival (other than consideration as subhuman civil-farming subjects) ---to go to Listening House if looking for
work “Listening House has jobs,” generating a sick sense of pleasure sadistically building up high hopes of a career, during
economically bleak times in individuals depressed with the economy and the new American way of life, deriving a horrible form of
fulfillment, watching the client emotionally crash back down to earth, due to the reality of what was really offered; having been toyed
with in a terrible fashion by a member of an institution trusted and designed to help. This form of emotional impact repeat process
therapy (abuse) leaves employment based clients sometimes teary eyed and weary from a “de-ja-vu” economic nightmare, grown
into a national cognitive disorder, that just doesn’t seem to want to go away, escalated by this psychological brutality. Here is the
mentality really housed at these facilities with the present state of our nation’s economic affairs that we need to be concerned with.

     When an economy starts to fail, there is no shame ending up at a public shelter or having to depend on a non-for-profit agency
for survival. In fact the experience can be quite liberating. When at the level of destitution prevalent at these facilities, one comes to
the realization that the only way out is up. It is just a matter of choosing the vehicle like an airplane or helicopter. Here is where the
problem develops. Staff, client and volunteer, who basically have given up on themselves, because of their accepted station in life,
develop primal jealousies felt deep on a biological level concerning personal survival, resulting in unfair targeting of the employment
based (those with direction---dreams; inspiration). Created is a scenario where the resultant harassment---at these facilities---is not
only hard to identify, but impossible to resolve, because of the petty underhandedness involved. This gratuity develops a rape
mentality irresistible to those involved, more elusive than a Stephen King’s Randal Flagg (the dark man) depicted in the book The
Stand. Created is an institution of good intent evolved to a facility of impropriety, slave based.

     Other non-for-profit agencies have similar problems due to similar circumstances, like non-for-profit bicycle shops. Out of love
for the recreation (shelter based altruism) the only time these agencies should receive funding is when appropriately recycling;
taking apart discarded bicycles for parts, thus supplying needed bicycle parts to a public---of a specific interest; volunteer hours
earned etc… (an established shelter base for altruism). This has honor and fulfills a purpose. If someone needs a specific part for a
bicycle, they should have no problem getting what is needed from a non-for-profit bike shop, thus establishing community
value. This allows someone who is dedicated to the recreation, membership to a club that can provide the parts and tools needed
for year round bicycling (a community need fulfilled). The problem develops when individuals, rather than seeking appropriate
means for dealing with economically recessed times, turn non-for-profit bike shops into personal profit bike shops in effort to survive,
establishing a type of client, staff and volunteer incorporated maliciousness. Instead of recycling (which requires an enormous
amount of work), what happens is the bike shop image is used to obtained grants and assets for profit---to line pockets
(inappropriate motive in the form of gratuity). At this point, a conflict of interest has to be managed at the shop. Dedication to the
recreation is compromised for obtaining profit. Suddenly, when someone goes to the shop in need of a specific part, the shop does
not have the part of good quality (anything of value gets sold separately with less recycling done, resulting in an unavailability of
good parts) ---case in point: (note: no bent cranks; tires wear-out, brake pads get thin, spokes break, but cranks are not designed to
bend. In order to bend a crank an enormous amount of effort must be exercised, suggesting that the rider is well aware of the
condition of the crank, to have enough consideration to throw it away for scrap after use, and not recycle the part for profit, or any
other reason. Bent cranks result in an enormous amount of energy loss for riders who ride twenty-four-seven, therefore recycling
bent cranks shouldn’t be done or even considered). This creates a problem as non-for-profit bike shops, become more interested in
selling bikes, accessories and signing a public up for (grant or fund supported) classes, in effort to make ends meet; double dipping
with subsidies acquired for recycling efforts no longer exercised, because of work involved. Bicycle maintenance isn’t as theoretical
as automotive maintenance and is better learned hands-on in an open-shop environment with available parts, rather than in a
classroom environment. Most of the problems that come into a bike depot are generated from those who worked on their bicycles
after attending these classes, due to conditions at home rarely being the same as in the shop. As a result, they end up having to
bring the bike back into the shop (or a shop) to have it worked on, leaving the client feeling humiliated or foolish. Meanwhile the
volunteer---who due to love for the recreation and love for the altruistic endeavor; assisting the shop dealing with these problems as
they come through the door---has his hours of service swiped away to hide what is going on (the shop can no longer honor his
volunteer hours), leaving him feeling violated, used and manipulated (undervalued). Notice the similarity of conditions and feelings
with the two scenarios, suggesting inappropriate targeting for a purpose.

   The infliction of these feelings is important, because it establishes the backbone for what is really wanted publicly (funded
secretly); indentured servitude community wide from an immediate area feeding a nation. Employment based people; economic
casualties of indigence, use these facilities and will travel to them nationally: drop-in-centers, shelters, workforce centers etc… to
establish a point of contact for future employment, suggesting a motive behind mistreatment. It reestablishes secretly the territory
nesting the slavery pathology of America on a community level; plantations, like a ferret’s dean for hidden public impropriety for the
“welfared;” the indentured, the enslaved of an economic recession.

    The term applied here isn’t “welfare.” It doesn’t appropriately describe what is taking place. The appropriate term is “welfaring”
or “welfare,” more in the nature of transforming a once free human being into an animated controlled object of commerce, like a
(officially departed) living merchant’s ship secretly sailed, financed for pirating questionable public supported chained booty for
future personal use. Complete welfare emancipates clients from this. Partial welfare (or insufficient funds) breeds dependency,
establishing the black-market; America’s indentured servitude “market.”

    Others witnessing this peripherally will do almost anything to get away, even if it means engaging in similar subsidized contracts
of servitude somewhere else, perceived as less threatening. This yields the ultimate end product desired; institution produced
employable indentured servitude/slavery for the public, exportable, expendable and affordable, whether “welfared” or accepting new
employment extremes somewhere else. These are the present conditions many employment based clients experience hunting for
work in America’s new deforested employment jungle with the multitude of “quick sand scams” present through nearby facilities like
Minnesota Workforce Centers, Goodwill Easter Seals Foundations and/or many or any organization of a specific size and criteria,
continuously coined behind a single drop-in-center’s (awarding) bus token sham; a farce designed to inflict an introduction to the
servitude suggested (indentured).

    This is important. Established is a national trend paving a path long to a possible future. Due to resent economic difficulties,
many organizations with desirable job openings during hard times, like to try and make as much money as possible with their
openings beforehand without having to fill them, by getting as much money up front as possible in the form of grants, funds, loans
etc… by creating makeshift training or education programs, in a fashion that can be construed as employment prostitution; pimping
a job opening for money. What is different is what is “consumered;” getting paid instructing employee prospects through a makeshift
training program that is really a scam, offering only the basic orientation training given anyone if originally considered for the
position; hired. When the training is complete, if the position still exists and is available (still hot!), someone might get it, but it really
doesn’t matter, because more money has already been made beforehand, without having to go through the trouble of hiring or
paying anyone for filling the job opening. This is literally prostituting employment for extra money on the side, which should be
illegal. There is a reason the very nature of prostitution is considered illegal. The general laws of covet market commerce apply,
the more applicants for a position the fewer or reduced the benefits, due to the (so called) fair market competition involved. To get
the position, a prospect is often solicited with “how low can you go,” or he or she will try and often improve their chances by
aggressively underbidding competition, to get that open spot; the available employment opening. This creates a situation of
substandard income levels for those (families) positioning a nation’s economic future long-term. Suddenly things become not just a
matter of time and money spent, but more of a matter of what kind of time are we spending (social costs be it family or other) and
exactly how is this money acquired (will it cause inappropriate inflation in other areas of our economy that needs to be dealt with?),
comprising the commerce shape of things to come. The actual act of prostitution is more notable for trust violations, not excluding
the prior mentioned, however the similarities between the two are striking, like opposite images of a single dark mirror casting an
American black-market industry redeveloped, once extinct.

      A national value of pimping away something basic for healthy household development should never be shelved with the core
values responsible for the workforce integrity needed for a sound firm national economic recovery. Compromised is the very fiber
knitting the moral fabric securing our country, transforming a rich field of professionals to that of common ergonomic employment
mammals of economy, caged, tethered, ruthlessly restrained by a foreign developed man-size exercise wheel; our new jobs market,
where like expendable hamsters we generate for everyone except ourselves, steadily building that nest known as our new American
gross national product; the selling of United States debt to foreign countries.

    Once again (in the wake of a laid to rest ghost of NAFTA) not only does some other country have what was once our jobs, but
this time is digging for us a major economic depression right in the center of our own front yard financially, and retaining the right to
pester us with claims of owing them money for doing so afterwards (how annoying!). Who engineered this plan and why? Some
things are suppose to improve with time, not our mistakes. It is as if we are contracting for the development of a swimming pool in
the middle of our very own front yard (the last place anyone would want a swimming pool), dwarfing the front of our home (no longer
accessible or convenient to have as a result), that can no longer be seen (due to the construction) or move away from
demographically (due to unanticipated employment demands; lack of potential buyers in a nationally recessed housing market), with
the swimming pool design benefiting everyone in the global community except us (due to our resultantly new national jobs market
being that of a more debasing nature employment wise), of serving cocktails and hors d'oeuvres poolside to unwanted guests,
taking illicit pleasure in our new revealing economic position. An example of a national local fiscal budget global predator
compromise, bureaucratically surmised by those who were suppose to look out for us the entire time (how?). Someone must have
been paid-off somewhere in some way. The question is who, where and why?

    What has just been “consumered” is our economic sinking, offering credence to the term “quick sand scam,” because submerged
into that hole once known as our economy, is everything once ours (swallowed), with our workforce just “hamstering” away on our
shiny, brand “spanking” new, foreign produced, American treadmill jobs hamster national employment market. This is important,
because when a dog, cat or horse gets tired or sick, the owner will compassionately take them to the hospital, or a doctor to get
better. Somehow that doesn’t work for hamsters. They just sort of get tossed away, like disposable lighters, after having been
pocketed from a public for years.

  Proof of the trend is evident with how facilities like Listening House, Mary Hall and The Dorothy Day Center, similarly pocket
employment based clients away from the public after parading, in favor of the more subsidies friendly welfare based clientele (to
secure funding), sort of like burying a hamster in the backyard or flushing him down the toilet after death. When this becomes an
institution protocol for earning money, it suggests a much larger American corporate value out there somewhere, just rummaging
about aimlessly, occasionally surfacing in someone’s backyard and foraging away everything worked hard for as a nation.

   During World War II, Germany under similar circumstances forced many Jewish professionals by a Nazis war machine wanting
better designs for concentration camp incineration chambers, into producing a form of self-perpetuated genocide, behind similar
smirks of bosses, who were actually racial oppressors, escalating suicidal tendencies in those involved for what was blindly
“accompliced;” a hand in not only one’s own self-destruction, but in the destruction of many others, after the true purpose of the
projects (nicknamed ovens) was revealed; an intolerable irony, apathy based on community values not much different from the
values present today. This suggests national “fascism; a system of government marked by centralization of authority under local
dictatorships, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of
belligerent nationalism and racism.”

At Listening House when concerned outside agencies inquire as to how many clients are welfare based and how many are
employment based (to access a situation in hopes of coming up with a solution that could solve a national crisis), Listening House
can confidently say with an air of confidence behind similar smirks “Everything here is employment based, what exactly are you
trying to imply we’re hiding here?”

    With a looming national economic crisis hovering about at high altitudes of inflation, like a turkey buzzard poised for national
flatulence; not much substance in our nationally produced carnage for any kind of bird of prey, other than a lot of hot air and national
debt; a strong enough wind could probably blow that American vulture clear to China, where things could fare far worst for him, due
to a perceived nation’s success. Not only has China swallowed whole our entire economy, along with the economy of many other
western countries, but will probably do the same to any perceived menace---let alone some debilitated, boney, feathered
scavenging fowl, now known as our new American jobs market (a minor pest by comparison). The best and last wristwatch I may
ever own was designed, machined and assembled from that country, is built to last a lifetime, never needs a battery, and was sold
to me at Wal-Mart in Texarkana for under twenty dollars. When I view the time, she reminds me of the American Dodge Challenger
charging down the grammatical highway, with a Hemi Engine humming effortlessly away deep down inside her (responding
intimately to necessary shifting patterns exercised); ---transporting my favorite high-end fashion model (to boot!) ---riding shotgun;
Julia, (a self-winding beauty gently grinding away for me) with Marvel Comic’s The Invincible Iron Man, flying overhead calling out
the “mushers;” highway gypsy slang for highway patrol. The pedal stays to the metal for the medal (Julia). I think it might even be
genetic. I’m all for genetics. It’s called having a lead foot, or holding back a heavy load over the accelerator (“concentration,
please… focus… must’nt let go, not yet… concentrate---”), especially when writing (or riding). Occasionally she runs a little fast
according to activity (all wound up, juiced!), but that just gives her character, considering the visual stimulation provided (stunning).

     All this wonderful imagery, artistically resonating from a rather remarkable chronometer; “an exceptionally precise timepiece,”
who’s precision isn’t defined by mere measurements of time (learn to savor what you enjoy---boys), but by how well she houses The
Ghost in the Shell; (visually choreographed precision) ---nicely ampoule increments of time---reflexive, with visual effects similar to
the stage design rock band AC/DC used filming the Iron Man 2 music video (very cool!). She reflects even greater the culture of
creative ingenuity that use to define us as a nation (be it back-round: rock-and-roll, hotrod, calendar-girl, movie-star, cowboy, etc…
or whatever), now defining another country. The timepiece; nicknamed a Skeleton Watch (synonymous with the type of secrets one
keeps), has quite imaginative depth (appetizing), considering all of this. I guess you’ve been introduced to mine (hot!)---“God, I love
her… that ability“---personified by a foreign market due to our own country’s apathy commercially exercised toward her (own)
citizens. Even if we were to produce merchandise that epitomizes this kind of innovation again (a kind of off-market cool), how
much would we (as consumers) be forced to pay for it (rape---intolerable!)? I just can’t (nor care to) be a part of anything like that
anymore. It isn’t right, and carries with it long term consequences.

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers wrote a piece entitled Sir Psycho Sexy. The protagonist in the work accurately illustrates a new
American growing statistic, due to a falling economy; long-term homeless no longer home oriented (feral) ---lost. Reflected is an
adaptive trait unique to homo-sapiens, which makes humans far more interesting to study, rather than primates or any living
organism, considering the ruthlessness involved. YouTube has a video account entitled Peppisoft. The image of beauty has been
redefined; made feral (lost), rediscovered with Mya Diamond’s appearance---illustrated by a subsequent quote submitted four
months ago as of March 4, 2011, “Mya - looks like the perfect combination of every race of mankind!” Reflecting again, this
“adaptive trait unique to homo-sapiens, which makes humans far more interesting to study, rather than primates or any living
organism, considering the ruthlessness involved.” Created through Mya is the perfect target for primal jealousies; racial
harassment, sexual harassment, back-round harassment etc… (no two members of the ethnic group are exactly alike, suggesting
an inability for appropriate representation, creating vulnerability to the new age of slavery). Due to apathy, these individuals are
examples of the post-circumstantially-raped; the pleasure in targeting them overrides any desire to address problems, even when
the targeting is conducted amongst families, friends and loved ones. Coveted slavery creates this post-circumstantial mentality; the
culprit behind our economy today, running wild.

     On September 11, 2007, a homeless gentleman out of work again---capable of welding pipe---wants to certify on thicker gauge
materials. Basically, this means practicing pipe welding skills on heavier materials, so he can qualify for work available. He goes to
the Saint Paul Technical Collage near downtown Saint Paul and requests lab time for doing this. He is told in order to do any of this,
he must past their entrance examination, and have acceptance into their pipe welding program. He goes through all the
qualifications and finds the institution jacks the reading comprehension score for pipe welding (unusually high) to the ninety-three
percentile or better for acceptance. He just misses by a few points. He asks “How many people comprehend ninety-three percent
or better of everything they read… and what exactly does that have to do with pipe welding? Do you guys know, that I can already
weld pipe? I’d just like to practice larger welds for certification.” Anticipating when he retakes the test he has to make sure he
answers ninety-three percent of the questions correctly, he retakes the test. He finds he scores even lower. It wasn’t that he didn’t
comprehend ninety-three percent or better of the test questions given. He wasn’t answering ninety-three percent or better of the
test questions offered, because the test is timed and of an undetermined length. What he needed wasn’t a class to improve his
reading comprehension, but appropriate sleep before taking the test, which is impossible considering the situation he is in. What we
have is a test culturally biased, designed to keep certain capable individuals out of a particular field, for a more preferred
crowd. Very few people pass the test, and the ones that did were often able to do so through extra points awarded, based on
criteria not consistently established (funding scam?). All the appropriate channels where notified of the problem, with many so
enticed by the ruthlessness, that everything was secretly litigated away, leaving the victim (ethnically underrepresented due to his
cultural diversity) circumstantially raped, like our economy. This is because this particular college makes more money selling
degrees, rather than marketing public talent, placing our economy in the position it is at now; subcontracted!

     This individual isn’t amongst the homeless, but amongst the post-circumstantially-raped, because of an extreme minority status
acquired (without knowing it). Because he is not a member of a clearly defined ethnic group, he is constantly taken advantage
of. There is safety in numbers (which he isn’t), because he is not---among numbers. This level of oppression runs even deeper into
the actual families making up said individual. As an infant when sexually molested, because of these factors (the overlooked
vulnerability), justice was never met; just secretly litigated away. The idea is, if the mother is of a different ethnic group from the
father, who are both of a different ethnic group from said individual, what harm gets done, and who exactly cares? The better half of
our society deemed it interesting removing amnesia blocks from a child (as a man); just to see what else was there
(entertainment?). The irreversible collateral damage created one more living death (social cannibalization---his). The subsequent
material produced, prevented at least one suicide; a significant-other in a country that has a high suicide rate amongst women
(sacrifice). Did the ends justify the means (appropriation)? Depends, what does it mean to be a man? This is called post-
circumstantial-rape Mr. Niccolo Machiavelli. The Buddhists call it karma. You can imagine, after the parents’ divorce what happens
to the college funds (post-circumstantially-raped). Of course this mistreatment isn’t limited to any ethnic group. It is reserved to
anyone who falls to this level of existence. What happens if staff at a homeless shelter decides to do research papers on the clients
for school? If a client refuses, will they lose favor with the facility? Considering the clients are in survival mode, do they really have
the ability to tell the staff “no-thanks” (post-circumstantial-rape!)? This is the form of political pornography contagiously growing,
threatening our economy, that isn’t sitting wrapped seductively around my wrist.

     On my wrist (routinely cradled daily, lovingly) is an example of a type of civil public plutonic love (once American manufactured)
---good tasting appealing but, foreign---commemorated by a watch produced by another country, other than our own (China)…
nicely attached (twenty-four-seven), letting me gently know daily “she’s not after my money, but after my heart… and as far as a
consumer she’s got mine (just steadily winding away for me---nonstop!) ---batteries not needed---, just provide the motion and she
goes continuously… pleasingly (devotion), while sliding discretely through my pockets, pants or coat etc... subtly, guiding my hand
throughout the duration of a day; a Cult’s Love Removal Machine (for there are no others or a need for them). For heaven’s sake,
why couldn’t she at least be American to alleviate any guilt that may ensue? Maybe… the diversity helps intensify experiences? I
don’t know, however I’m sure finding out. I don’t even need to take it off when I’m in the pool or showers (convenient). She just
stays on my wrist (comfortable) like it was her only home. I really try and keep my heart local (really---‘I do’), but this time this one
indefinitely has mine. All of this epitomizing a culture lost; rediscovered, whenever I reach for the time, origination from another
country, other than the one renowned for this (ours!), known for its cultural diversity---not sitting on my wrist. I also think the
Baoding Balls I bought in Corning New York at half that price, are the coolest thing as a sleep aid during many nights of economic
insomnia, since The Chrysler Corporation has been putting The Hemi Engine inside her American Muscle Machine dream cars. You
can’t get any more American than that, fair market competition; “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your
doorway.” It use to define us as a nation, now defining another country, at the cost of our very own freedom; indentured, walking
barefoot on those now ruined paths of shut doorways, lining the once broad shoulders of our new American road of commerce.

At Listening House, Mary Hall and The Dorothy Day Center (due to the national economic crisis), separate facilities should be set up
to appropriately address matters. To at least give employment a chance over welfare; economic recovery over economic recession,
allowing for better global competition. Since there aren’t, everything is hidden---along with our national economic global potential. It
should be obvious, welfare and employment politics don’t mix, which is exactly what these facilities are hiding, out of concerns for a
preferred public; better situating institution for funds for survival of both American establishment and client, in our new American jobs
market of begging. This mentality only adds to our national crisis, by perpetuating indentured servitude and spurring recessionary
symptoms, to the point of redeveloping a national slave market fit for global consumption.

      The problem is, extreme value shifts from welfare; depleted funds, back to employment; work during national poverty, gives rise
to Nazi concentration death camp like mentalities; “Do more with less,” especially if it means trimming off unwanted national census
fat (motive behind Germany’s Nazi War machine switching from incineration chambers; ovens, to gas chambers---more efficient
killing method), with our all American jobs hamster “ole Furry Franky” (momentarily between jobs typing this account), worried
whether it is going to be the economic toilet or the population control oven for him (and many others), after years of indentured
servitude either participated in or witnessed, pocketed away from a public.

      The place he is caged, due to community segregated “Habitrail” circumstances, spurred on by a new national poverty level (The
Dorothy Day Center, Listening House and Mary Hall), functions as a public funded non-for-profit community African-American
political guerilla militancy welfare post, with ties throughout many facilities and communities nationally. This isn’t too different from a
concentration death camp or plantation in design---if one were to think about it. Format wise they are pretty much the same. Time
and pressure is all that is needed to develop that questionable valued chunk of coal, into that recluse “illicit diamond” standard

     With the present pressures, it is just a matter of time, which shouldn’t take long considering the community politics incorporated
around welfare, slavery and our economy, as witnessed in the past with other countries like Germany. Are we talking about the
formation of a possible new national commodity, establishing the new worth of our American currency; the dollar? The “Mya
Diamond’s” national standard of impropriety (wow!). Considering the present scheme of things, what exactly would be my treadmill
riding position of employment; enjoyment while “hamstering” away down that road; “the work to which one is engaged, the activity to
which one devotes time,” the matrimonial like contract, establishing the standard or condition for this new relationship, yielding the
global value of our currency?

    Would it be like a corporal cowboy, penal, erect; straddling the asset all day, driving, riding, long, hard, hot hours of well directed
work, strenuously exercised---performed sweat drenched---behind continuously secreted, throbbing, swollen, raw, physical
assertions, exerted ritualistically, ceremoniously, with only the apparent conjugal gratuity as a form of pay, or more like the position
of a tethered gimp; bridled, restrained, contained, coated with perspiration flavored skin, thin, ridden, mounted, soar, tender,
soaking-muscle-sensitive, tired, worn to the touch, with much just corded and trimmed away; laminated with a slight body scent
(faint breathed) to hint, to that which was tasted, ravenously, voraciously, rapaciously, transpired now on array, or more like
something depicted behind the scenes of some hidden photo shoot, displayed maliciously on the internet, designed to be
intentionally provoking; invoking feelings of suicide in the victim tormented by its circulation, as in another case of a “cyber bullying”

      Think about it, what kind of work exactly are we talking about here? Am I going to enjoy it? Will others enjoy me while I’m
performing it, or are we just talking about another scenario of exploitation, with people pitted doggy-style against each other---to no
real avail? The present national employment crisis and the cyber bullying mentioned, both yield a similar sense of a new found
American vulnerability; both have a global aspect as far as a release (with one far more social economic than the other) with both
felt just as hard deep down low at home.

    On September 29, 2010, Danielle Weiner-Bronner of The Huffington Post published a story entitled; Rutgers Student believed
To Have Committed Suicide After Classmates Allegedly Recorded Him In Day Sexual Encounter. The incident sparked such
“needed” concern for a public, instantly developed was The Cyber Bullying Research Center. Mya Diamond’s Julia Koroknai,
referred to prior with the satire designed to poke fun at the various ways a country may establish currency value (being the
professional adult film actress she is), wouldn’t possibly have any objections to the development of a center like this. An objection
would create a fundamental conflict of interest damaging a consumer market concerned with the appropriate use of the adult film
medium; you lose sales if you hurt or offend your consumer group.

     How is the present state of the economy as of 2010 any different? Basically, it appears as another major case of internet
bullying; interconnected global, only more local American corporate, where instead of circulating inappropriately a video alluding to
the nature of an industry through the use of the internet medium, what has been inappropriately circulated---through the use of the
internet medium---are the industries consisting of the jobs establishing a nation’s economy; no longer, alluding to a comparatively far
more darker industry with condolences offered of only shackles to an up and coming national black-market of American indentured

     Why isn’t something more aggressively done about this? I don’t think Mya Diamond’s Julia Koroknai (being the professional
she is) would object. Where, once again would be “the conflict of interest?” After all, wouldn’t this be the first positive movement in
reestablishing vital industries lost; rediscovered, once again reestablishing an economy yielding an appropriate standard of living for
everyone (especially for those mentioned), rather than one more inappropriate death? If Ms. Koroknai says it is okay (which I’m
sure she would), then that’s good enough for me. What more does it take? Considering the expression of “all great minds think
alike,” does it “always” really only take “brief” moments when great minds “possibly” may have the “remote” opportunity to “meet”
over matters like this, to just so happen to “vicariously” think alike to “actually” achieve “anything” anymore in this “great country” of
ours known as “America” in this day and age? Am I alone on this? I wonder what Julia thinks? Do you think she’s

     In order for slavery to exist, the labor has to be subsidized to be affordable. Not all funded clients are considered exportable
labor. Some are localized in the form of a human community garden for appearance sake; funding cow oriented, beneficial to the
lap of the community funded luxury life of the favored cow, and his or her beloved plantation. Here is where the racial politics don’t
evolve just around one’s ancestors having been slaves, but more significantly around the politics of maintaining a preferred
community slave status for better welfare preference. It is well understood and accepted within these social circles, that if a
particular group is no longer wanted for slavery, they will lose their preferred funding cow status (and literally starve), which is what
the African-American community fight hard to prevent happening to themselves at these facilities; exclusive welfare rights they do
not want to lose needed for survival, because the open indentured servitude market outside the wall of the institution no longer
wants them.

    This is due to an ingrained practice of social dependence, evident by the groups perpetuation of a culture, initially designed to be
racially oppressive; no longer, more firmly incorporated (accepted and worshipped) distinctly for survival, by protecting a silk thin tie,
although not admitted to; secretly coveted, to an industry that use to sustain them for labor, now evolved more in the form of fund
rustling, implemented for welfare politics supremacy (during national economic difficulties), suggesting a rise in poverty (which this
group is not foreign to). It is literally the practice of slaves reengineering the art of slavery in effort to remain on the plantation.

    This is what happens when any group of people that has bred and raised itself for years of servitude is no longer wanted for the
servitude. The political guerilla militant welfare politics that survives the rejection, extensively funds and launches many
underground racial hate base operations, directed toward targeting other groups and organizations for self-interest. From politically
constructed corporate aircraft carriers of seething staged hatred, set into motion are numerous efforts to mirror employment; the
mask needed for welfare integrity, and at the same time compromise employment; the single act that guarantees welfare, in effort to
maintain a preferred “welfared” status.

Our jobs hamster’s last job was flanked by two African-Americans fitting this description. The desire wasn’t to necessarily hurt, but
to help our rodent of undue retribution, maybe recruit him to the cause, while at the same time secure more indenture for servitude;
awarded welfare benefits for survival back home when returning, by once again mirroring the image of work (this time the jobs
hamster’s) and reserving the right to turn around and compromise the employment that helped sustain him and many
    This employer unethically like many was specifically looking for indentured servants/slaves, because of a need to hide parts of an
operation from authorities, during economically recessed times. When the work was terminated, because the authorities were
tipped off about what was going on, all three of The Dorothy Day Center’s mobile elite returned, with the funding cows wanting to
cannibalize the employer, and the jobs hamster disappointed, trying to avoid soliciting complications, drawing up plans to get to his
next job, hoping it too will not be some kind of scam or compromised in a similar fashion; a practiced form of corporate
vegetarianism. Hamster’s don’t’ eat meat. There is a reason for this. Corporate “vegetarianism” is more marketable this day and
age rather than “cannibalization,” especially when there is a need to revive an economy.

     The problem is these individuals, especially within the local community, referred here comically as animals of pets or livestock,
are viewed as subhuman among the American public; not entitled to human rights, as if intentionally “plantationed” for the purpose
of exploitation at shelters, “Since non-human animals were (and to a large extent still are) considered to be “lesser beings,"
therefore considered as human property by right" according to Kenneth Cassar’s March 20 2008 Animal Rights Malta’s
Blog. Include the underground African-American political guerilla militant politics prevalent and a greater problem surfaces; a
culturally perpetuated third world social symbiosis forms; groups of people of a savage or primitive nature that sociably feed off a
modern sophisticated larger society by providing a service (sometimes secretly coveted) benefiting both (similar to bootlegging),
which in this case would be the pilfering of welfare benefits partially funding activities the community likes to engage in or

   When speaking on a genuine level with many African-Americans at these facilities making up not just clients, but also the staff
and volunteers (rare due to the deeply elusive nature ingrained behind the politics), 85% of everything expressed and suggested by
the members of this particular community was of a racist nature that takes place below the waist, which the institutions make money
sustaining. 75% of this 85% involved illegal drug politics. In conclusion to the 75% factor, we can conclude that when drunk or high
African-American's get racist and horny just like any other ethnic group, however prefer this if it can be afforded to them, due to a
history of once having been slaves, rather than working for it, suggesting a reevaluation of the subhuman theory as related to the
African-American guerilla militant politics played behind welfare, non-for-profit politics and the 13th Amendment.

     Stray animals will wonder streets looking for masters to own them. The 13 Amendment suggests this is an illegal concept to
apply to humans. This doesn’t seem to be the case into the year 2000 at many shelters and drop-in-centers. The question is would
the average African-American at the Dorothy Day Center, Mary Hall and Listening House or other establishments, secretly sell
themselves into slavery to these institutions to maintain the 75% and/or 85% suggested, and also protect these institutions for this
with these institutions reciprocating? The answer is yes! Look for the indicated indentures; the supplemental programs; welfare
outlining the servitude, the multitude of well supplemented welfare benefits affording this 75% and/or 85%. To substantiate the
theory, would the other ethnic groups prefer work over institution provided 75% or 85%? The answer is yes; because of the feeling
home privacy better provides this 75% or 85%, if oriented that way. Most African-Americans are under the impression they would
not have similar privacy, due to a racially oppressive community housing market that would more than likely be subsidized,
indicating the best option for the 75% and/or 85% suggested (if oriented that way), is through the shelters and drop-in-centers
developed for this by a community. If offered a choice, why would anyone at these institutions want to associate with this culture,
unless similarly 75% or 85% oriented? Furthermore, because of established values associated with the prevalent political guerilla
militant attitude at these establishments, those that are housed and/or employed come to these establishments under efforts of
stealth either directly or indirectly (staff included) to maintain this 75% or 85% (what kind of person goes to a homeless shelter to
pick-up women---in particular, “white-woman?”) ---does the term “facebook” mean anything to anyone. What is surprising, is when
Caucasian women at a state of destitution start to show up at shelters, how the male population at these facilities starts to swell,
especially amongst the African-Americans, along with the availability legal and illegal drugs. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The
group with the longest history of slavery to date in America and most prone to slave politics is Caucasian women. What is evident,
is a high degree of predation exercised publicly, still perpetuating a market today.

   The argument justifying the mentality at these facilities is this is due to the superior sexual virility of the African-American male
and others like him, which has to be medicated and/or sustained. The counterargument is this is due to the immaturity of these
African-Americans at these facilities and the others like them, because responsible adults appropriate home and employment first
and develop guilt complexes otherwise. The third argument is this lends integrity to the community subhuman theory; stray or
abandoned pets will look for masters to take care of them, and often end up at humane societies looking to be adopted. The
African-Americans at these facilities that claim them as home or as second homes frequent them because of the other ethnic groups
and genders present, which helps solicit a feeling of importance, comfort, security and convenience, especially having someone to
exploit other than themselves, which isn’t offered at home housed alone or employed, especially with facilities specifically favoring
African-Americans, because of the abolitionist politics originating after 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the United
States Constitution, so well woven into present welfare politics.

    What this does is make life very difficult for the jobs hamster. The political mouse play generated by this guerilla militancy
reciprocates inappropriate community cat play in the form of reprisals everywhere. All that is needed is a catalyst, a need for
vindication, an incident of questionable notoriety, something suggesting offence, a trumpet call to arms; a Minnesota Governor Tim
Pawlenty’s failed attempt to cut welfare based General Assistances and Medical Care for single adults with no
disabilities. Frightening was his comfort behind the attempt. More frightening was the panic that escalated out of concern for other
state funded assistance programs. Amazing was his consideration for President of The United States of America. Is someone
trying to say something here? What is really being expressed nationally?

Created were some very heated political polar conditions that would hit the middle class and poor the hardest making up America’s
working class. As the economy gets worst they face the destitution that establishes the funding herds. The G.A.M.C is the primary
welfare that sustains them next to unemployment. His failed effort not only solicited a political stampede trampling him, but ignited a
social subatomic reaction as community cat play reprisals surfaced (like a shockwave), where the E.M.P; electromagnetic pulse of
(negative political) guerilla militant polarity; G.M.P, was greatly felt and still experienced today.

    With large organizations like the governor’s office supporters and the numerous antithetical welfare activist groups in Minnesota,
there is safety in numbers when this kind of social conflict kicks-off. Large group affiliation provides a bunker shielding members. It
is the small groups that get compromised. Jobs hamsters aren’t interested in welfare, unemployment or budget cuts. They are
quite literally the fit in your hand minority, who work no matter what, especially when between jobs.

What happens is supporters of the governor’s office employed throughout various civic offices (public and private) bloody nosed
apprehensive---wanting to know exactly the description of what the people involved in the last political conflict looked like, who they
were or where they are in effort to politically disable them through disenfranchisement or intimidation to avoid future conflict---start
hunting. The search generally starts in a specific area according to demographics, but not always. The problem is this could be
anyone anywhere according to “proximity,” because of housing conditions unavoidable during a poor economy. As one faction
hunts for members of the opposite faction, so does the opposite faction, like enemy submarines launched to sea on covert
operations at night during a time of war.

    Created is a second wave political civil cold war operating underneath the E.M.P aftermath of a major incident. It isn’t
uncommon for someone on a bicycle to become suspect as a member or supporter of an opposing faction due to perceived
relationship anywhere, like when riding past the governor’s office when taking care of matters for work. In retrospect it isn’t
uncommon for the same person on his bike when riding by the governor’s office for example, to be considered (by the governor’s
office) a community criminal associated with the liberal welfare activist groups, because of the side of town the bicyclist originated
from when taking care of matters associated with work, keeping in mind the liberal welfare activists in the area, who also advocate
for the rights of convicted felons, who also associate with all the local community criminals in proximity think of the same person on
the bike as some kind of law enforcement officer; informant or “narc,” because of the perceived fishy activities between the
governor’s office and general locations in questioned, while all the police officers throughout the area think of the guy as some kind
of criminal civil rights activist, because of his proximity to the minority activist groups associated with convicted felons and liberal
welfare activists, who happen to advocate against police brutality at some of the facilities, who happen to think of the individual as
some kind of race hate group member, because of his false association with some of the police involved on duty at the facilities,
especially with a few officers shaving their heads bald in effort to maintain a youthful appearance when dealing with the public, while
all the race hate groups in retrospect, antithetically think of the guy as a minority rights supporter, because of his false association
with the welfare activist group members, with the minority rights supporter activists antithetically thinking of him as some kind of
member of a gay hate group, because of his perceived recluse political behavior exercised toward all the activist groups in general,
with the gay hate groups in retrospect; antithetically associating this gentlemen as some kind of gender rights group supporter for
the same reason, while the feminist rights groups, because of their antithetical association in retrospect to all men in general, think
of him as some kind of misogynist, taking place during a time when this person totally oblivious to the entire local political landscape;
our jobs hamster; our new American working class hero, unaware of what is going on around him; "not bunkered" from all this
political E.M.P or G.M.P, due to his extreme unknown political minority status radiating from behind deep dark government curtains,
has to call the Veteran’s Administration to schedule a mandatory hearing test, finding the woman who is suppose to receive his call
can’t seem to get past her voice mail box and neither can he.

Under these circumstances it is quite possible for someone “not bunkered” to spend all day accomplishing absolutely nothing, while
everyone “bunkered” through group affiliation of any kind, just breezes by. What has just happened, is all this negative E.M.P
generated around a single issue that doesn’t involve our jobs hamster, has just taken away his nest of earned veteran benefits
acquired from years of service protecting the constitutional rights of everyone (including these factions), as if our jobs hamster
somehow ran himself over with his own M1 Abrams Army Tank back in Germany years ago, without knowing it.

   To further illustrate the full depth this E.M.P negativity can take, how it can spread and the full length of its residual effects, when
our jobs hamster had to take on a two week unpaid training period for employment, that could stretch on to three or four weeks
depending on when a federal test was available at the Rochester Minnesota Driver’s License Facility, on top of two more weeks of
unpaid employment based training; the possibility of starvation became a reality. Considering this, it would make sense to apply for
a food stamp card or something beforehand, like many of the other job candidates did going through the same training. He would
look like a complete idiot if he didn’t. No one employs idiots, so what choice does he have?

On the day he went to the county welfare office---after calling to request an appointment weeks prior and getting it---an African-
American female staff member from Listening House showed up at the office on the same day, and hung around enough for the
opportunity to egregiously announce his first name and last name throughout the office for everyone to hear. The jobs hamster
didn’t think anything of it. He politely and civilly saw her first, quietly acknowledged her with a calm hello (just to be pleasant), and in
retrospect found her behavior to be odd, as if she had suddenly lost her hearing and ability for pronunciation, making it necessary to
over compensate broadcasting his full name in the fashion she did; over accentuating the last vow of the last name to imply
ethnicity. This was designed to humiliate him. He couldn’t realize this (at the time), because he doesn’t think on this level and
second of all, he thought out all available options ahead of time, and felt no other choice existed other than look foolish, which is
what she was trying to do to him, which maybe she succeeded through the eyes of others, but not through his.

 This type of pettiness exercised illustrates why the state community and maybe even the national community is and maybe should
be so terrified of the African-American guerilla militancy machine prevalent at so many institutions like this or in general. It can take
on many forms through extreme efforts unknown. It has proven to be quite expansive with absolutely no limits. This is because its
membership isn’t limited to just African-Americans; many groups seem to take on the cause, where being bad is good in effort to
appear cool, hip, or trendy according to the cutting edge American culture perpetuated by it (try plantationed!).

No other race based hate group has ever been able to achieve this degree of cultural infiltration. This African-American guerilla
militancy machine in our country is an American creation evolved from our own underground abolitionist movement for racial
freedom back in 1865. It has proven to be an immensely destructive force to be reckoned with as a result. Its true power doesn’t
exist in its terrorism, but more in the multitude of misdirected political constituency groups enamored with the false image of what it
means to be objectively liberal, or African-American for that matter.

   True objectivity allows African-American’s or any political constituency group (racial or otherwise) the moderation to apply an
appropriate hypothesis to solve a critical problem, rather than perpetuate a political situation denying this. The entire movement
seems more a curtain to closet a truth at the expense of the reputation of the very country and constitution that awarded it this
freedom beyond belief globally, defining really what was meant behind being an American; “Land of the Free,” not land of the
economically, racially and politically free falling; abolitionist politics as acquainted with welfare politics. We’re not talking about “forty
acres and a mule” anymore, which according to Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia was “the practice in 1865 of providing arable
land to Black former slaves.”

   Unknown to the public, our abolitionist African-American guerilla militancy machine of patriotic freedom has transformed itself into
a contagious social virus voiding out public objectivity, most of all within our civil legislative bodies and civil justice administrations
making up our communities. Merit isn’t obtained with an applied double standard like this, the destruction of healthy American
values are. This is the air of impropriety that has been housed in our national coverts of morality for so long, the very core patriotic
values of bread and butter along with mom’s apple pie have long gone stale, with not only our law enforcement agencies and
governing channels intentionally oblivious to today’s multitude of problems incubated by this force of once good gone bad, but due
to political correctness, racial blindness or guilt are legally blind to it, by protecting its inappropriate activities as a form of self-
expression legally framed in our bill of rights. There is absolutely nothing noble or American protected here. What we are seeing is
an inappropriate license for racial harassment---that can be---directed toward anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

To illustrate exactly what has spawned since 1865, in 1978 Heavy Weight African-American Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali
appeared in a DC comic entitled; Muhammad Ali vs. Superman, with many all American kids across our country locked away into
this safe and secure comic book world designed for them, developing in an adult accepted adolescent cocoon of American core
culture fiction, surprised to find this respected sports figure featured inside their own issue of DC Comics, beating up Superman
really badly publicly on a loosely applied alien invasion theme.

    Here is a full grown respected African-American public figure, menacingly invading a realm sacred to neighborhood children,
based on personal racist values; on the pretence of himself being the real superman (the black superman), which didn’t look
favorable for the Muslim Church this individual was associated with at the time, and not setting him or them to far apart mentality
wise from the terrorist who leveled our World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

 In retrospect, DC Comics should come up with a specific episode featuring the composer of this report---a real American hero
considering the risk typing this “Truth Justice and the American Way” piece of literature---based on a freedom protected by our First
Amendment, beating up really badly Heavy Weight African-American Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali in a similar fashion, only not
on some loosely applied alien invasion theme, but more like a real civil rights (full grown mature) American male, trying to make a
living the right way “wearing pants,” rather than like some adolescent adult kid childishly parading in a menacing fashion in front of
the American public, in a juvenile minority tyrant like manner; immature beyond the point of wearing shorts and sneakers, or even a
shirt for that matter.

     Only someone with their head on an alien planet would think of appearing in a comic book beating up a fictitious comic image---
designed for a specific American purpose---like Superman on such a loosely applied theme. Where does he think his ancestors
came from? Doesn’t he know who Superman is? Does he understand Superman isn’t real? Doesn’t he understand what
Superman really represents? Who exactly does he think made up the populations of Americans throughout history establishing our
very own culture? No, not people wearing red bed sheets around their necks with red underwear worn outside of blue pants tucked
inside workman like red space boots in an almost Bootsy Collins gimp like fashion (minus the sunglasses and hat), which happens
to be protected under the same amendment, but aliens have---establishing our culturally rich past behind our country.

     He needs to understand that this (fantasy) realm under “The First Amendment; guaranteeing the right of free expression” and
“The Fourth Amendment; the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects” is sacred, protected just
for children and adults alike, especially for parents concerned for their children and what takes place---with their children---inside
these realms of Superman, Bozo the Clown, Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Popeye etc… He also needs to understand as far as the basic
premise of Superman (or more importantly the idea of him being an alien) is that not only are these ideas protected under The First
and Fourth Amendment of The United States Constitution, but aliens (regardless of how they dress) have made the populations of
Americans throughout history, establishing our very own rich past, from every ethnic group dreamt possible, from every
demographic location dreamed imaginable, which is really what is meant behind the idea of being an American. The only people
native to the United States or North America for that matter, are the Native American Indians---and even their ancestors are alleged
to have come somewhere else---rumored to have walked across a preexisting land bridge connecting North America with Asia
traveled by cultures formerly nomadic, explaining the genetic similarities between American Indians and Asians, suggesting culture
that came alien, establishing us as the true Americans we are behind hard driven efforts exercised everywhere.

     Some theorize that our evolution into the sophisticated human beings we are now, started after contact with aliens from another
planet long ago during our evolutionary process, explaining the amazing intellectual accomplishments we have been able to
achieved more so than any other species or organism on the planet. What was Mr. Muhammad Ali’s Cassius Clay trying to say
here, other than maybe a few blows to the head to many can affect better judgment concerning ego (“Keep out of contact sports
kids and stay in school!”)? All this politically risked for some racial get even plot to intimidate and/or racially terrorize school
children. You can’t get any lower then this. In comparison, think about what this particular African-American staff member from
Listening House was doing to this homeless client struggling with the economy.

This staff member, due to African-American racial alliances with other clients and community (although not affiliated with a Muslim
Church) ---unknown to our subject---spied on him, stalked him and launched a very petty premeditated surprise attack right in the
middle of a public office (filled with people to witness) with this gentleman; our jobs hamster, completely unaware of what completely
took place and why.

     Image the depth and complexity of what took place. How can this not raise issue over the competency of an African-American
public and supporters everywhere, especially when it comes down to employment and country? Are they objective and mature
enough to meet the requirements? Will they create more hidden political bases for racial hatred directed toward a public? How can
this not raise doubt over institutions that specifically cater to them? The irony is, this behavior ends up selling everyone (especially
those who participate in it) right back to the slavery claimed to be avoided, more prevalent and evolved to today’s standards. It also
suggests, “voluntarily” not “involuntarily.”

     An example of this at The Dorothy Day Center took place January 17, 2011 on the day everyone in America acknowledges the
passing of The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. According to wordIQ.com “The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Ph.D.
(January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968) was a Nobel Laureate, Baptist minister, and African American civil rights activists. He is one of the
most significant leaders in U.S. history and in the modern history of nonviolence, and is considered a hero, peacemaker and martyr
by many people around the world. A decade and a half after his 1968 assassination, the Martin Luther King Day, a U.S. holiday, was
established in his honor.” The Kare Eleven News weather forecast for this day was a low of 5 degrees in the morning with a high of
27 degrees later, accompanied with wind-chill factors of -10 to -15 degrees below zero. The Saint Paul Minnesota skywalk was
partially closed, because of a lack of available power due to Light Rail construction. During these early mornings The Dorothy Day
Center has a very specific policy of not putting clients outside into the elements. This is because a high percentage of The Dorothy
Day Center’s clients are African-American and predominantly welfare based. On the morning of this national civil rights holiday, the
African-American staff with support from the volunteers, instead of allowing the clients to stay indoors due to the weather, forced
them to leave the facility, thus outside into the cold of that very brisk “Saint Paul Minnesota civil rights morning of January 17, 2011”
between the hours of 6:30 am to 9:00 am. The clients because of the holiday had nowhere else to go. The African-American staff
on days and evenings is fully aware of the policy however intentionally reinterpret guidelines to suite personal purpose. They state
“The only time we have to let you guys stay in… is when the temperature is below zero,” excluding wind-chill factors etc... Every
year during the public Dorothy Day Center Community Meetings of the summer this matter comes up, the center eventually
acknowledges an oversight was made, yet the problem repeats itself over and over again during some of the coldest days of the
year, and almost always with the African-American staff and volunteers of the center.

     What this suggests, is an American cultural practice---within a particular group of our society---of “civil rights pertaining only to
the rights of African-Americans; in particular only to the rights of African-Americans not forced into slavery;” a form of a Jim Crow
like Affirmative Action Programming, confirming the absence of an appropriately applied bill of rights. This pathology illustrates how
the racism that forced African-Americans into slavery historically and still today, is and was not incubated from any other ethnic
group, culture, society or country other than the “ethnic groups, cultures, societies or countries” making up African-Americans
racially today; historically referred to as Blacks. If one were to think about this it makes sense, considering the relationship between
global economies, third world countries and modern industrialized societies. The concept of a Caucasian Superman wearing an “S”
on his chest with red underwear worn outside blue pants tucked inside red workman like space boots with a red bed sheet worn
around the neck, sailing a boat propelled by the wind across oceans and seas of foreign lands just to fight alligators, crocodiles,
snakes, lions, tigers, bears, sharks, mosquitoes etc… through heat infested jungles, scorching hot deserts, ice freezing mountains,
during hurricanes, tropical storms, tsunamis, landslides, mudslides, avalanches etc… just to grab another man by the toe while
sleeping in the bush for the sake of global slavery doesn’t make sense, considering the global economics model applied. In a global
economy any third world country; a nation that has no gross national product to establish currency value, is forced into selling
citizens into slavery to maintain a national currency standard. “Africa-America” has a specific history of marketing racial guilt and
racial anger for self-profit hiding this, thus compromising not only an economy by covering up the generational negative side effects
of a poorly applied global economics model; slavery shouldn’t be a commodity for anything, but resurging again an extinct industry
secretly sustained and coveted by them, now directed toward other groups (a beast among villagers so to speak), incubated by
racial selfishness, generating a monster impervious to everything The United States Constitution Bill of Rights has thrown at it to

    Interesting are the many cases of racism involving women as perpetuators either directly and/or indirectly, unaware to a
public. This suggests some of the most horrible atrocities committed on the planet based on hate don’t evolve from the
inappropriate action of men, but more significantly from the inappropriate action of women. This means, because of our country’s
inability to end racism today; illustrated by America’s tendency to perpetuated discrimination to higher and/or different levels
unnoticed and unaddressed, maybe the problem should be reevaluated as one not due to male aggression; testosterone, but more
appropriately---as one due---to female territoriality; estrogen, a desire for security when nesting conducted through men, by the
feminine insecurities of women; (ergo) not a male need for superiority due to masculine insecurities. This realization would be the
first significant measure to putting an end to a problem that has plagued society for centuries. Hatred cannot escalate unless
afforded opportunity to propagate. It cannot do this alone, so why limit it to one gender, if so why not to the appropriate
gender? Who bears the fruit of any culture; women.

    Shelter life is exceptionally hard on women. As clean and (as) orderly facilities (may) appear, there is absolutely nothing clean
and orderly about them. Shelter environments are dirty, crusty and old, indicated by the condition of underwear clients are forced to
wear (daily), regardless of outward appearances. If a shelter were in the position where it could offer clean underwear to clients on
a daily bases, nothing would change environmentally, because appropriate means to change; disrobing, doesn’t always exist,
especially as shelter populations grow. Disrobing (if opportunity is provided) often leads to more serious complications with shelter
life. As a result, anything female entering the facility for the very first time by comparison is viewed as fresh and attractive,
especially with a male population relatively isolated and lonely, where the female is lavished with extreme attention from client, staff
and volunteer, fitting for that as a Queen amongst Trolls. The female entering the facilities at this point goes through an instant
transformation, from comparatively fresh and new as a human being, to that of a highly valued commodity depreciating
rapidly. Once the transformation takes place---100% depreciation; Trolled---, the feminist ideology that survives the ordeal creates
something that can be regarded as a gender brute. A “gender brute” at a shelter is quite literally any female be it staff, client or
volunteer, who has a tendency to brute or brood during certain times (even secretly; knowingly or unknowingly), because of this self-
image transformation that has taken place inside them; effecting terribly, self-esteem and/or self-image. These females will have a
tendency to (or a history of) gravitating back to these facilities either as clients, volunteers or staff in effort to reaffirm identity lost as
Troll Queens, and will often engage in hidden racial, sexual and back-round harassment, in effort to reaffirm Troll Royalty
status. This suggests, when dealing with cases of discrimination; environment, history and gender play a greater role than originally
anticipated, and points more significantly to the role women play rather than men. This Troll Queen phenomenal isn’t limited
demographically. It is seen in other environments too: entertainment industries, public service industries and/or any field highly civil,
civic or public by nature. The pathology defines well the feminine tendency for control, the male or institution tendency to
accommodate (due to chivalry), thus creating a blind for a horrible social problem; a negative civil weapon; a social troll virus (so-to-
speak) unknown to many, incubating an inappropriate future. Think of the children born under these conditions bearing our
future. Illustrated is a social disease relatively unfound (underlying difficulties global) in need of appropriate solution; a cure,
suggesting waking up as a public when handling certain matters of conflict, especially as present economic conditions
escalate. Until then it is a matter of avoiding nodding off into sleep inspired by dreams of tranquility, behind eyes that haven’t been
awakened yet.

     With Jamey Johnson’s In color resonating a background of another early ancestral morning chill (Saint Paul’s family morning
frost), as a pioneer (The Wrecker’s Leave the Pieces) of resourcefulness (Heart’s Magic Man), our victimized rodent of undue
retribution (Ben Folds Five’s Selfless, Cold and, Composed) makes do with what few resources are left available to him,
personifying the resourcefulness of an Allen Jackson’s Countryboy… with his non-for-profit, (Sibley Bike Depot) volunteer hours
worked, owner designed (Rush Red Barchetta), custom-built, personally maintained, all American bicycle; a special unique intimate
rider relationship of a manual labor epiphany (a Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity) awe inspiring… inspired behind the Marvel Comix
writer-editor Stan Lee’s (fictitious character) Tony Stark and his R.T.I Lab produced Invincible Iron Man suit of armor… turbo
boosted by the high voltage rock and roll of AC/DC for ambiance (for appropriate pressurization) Girl’s Got Rhythm, a touch of Pearl
Jam for great altitude (for high-level flight capabilities) Given to Fly, followed with a twist of Black Crowes for accurate direction
(navigating systems complete) 99lbs; She Talks To Angels, with enough Tool for work---to get the job done--- (of course!)
Vicarious… with interludes from Sheryl Crow for those quality assuring unionized breaks, The Difficult Kind with a Riverwide;
gushing, (nothing “really” comes easy; “long hard firm consistent strokes only, honey---to get where we’re going, dear”)…
accessorized; Hypnotized by System of A Down, “waiting for my girl” mesmerized… (all work and no play makes franky a very dull
boy;) 1. grit is the ability to do work, 2. edge is the ability to actually perform it, 3. with appropriate balance warranted (always!) in
between (anywhere)… an attribute of devotion (missile-priming, breasts-clutched, aligned centered of mass; economy, firm, pointed,
ample, warmed-up, paired and aroused; stroke-stoked, lubed-ready for the shooting, while sliding through natural chain-lubricant
drips geared permeating, by a stimulated targeted smile awaiting final salt’s tasted contact; an eager completion, completed---
expelled!), Eminem’s Real Slim Shady confidently whispering suggestively, seductively “my bum in on your lips, my bum is on your
lips And if I’m lucky, you might just give it a little kiss,” setting-off wild estuary defense system networks all over (ablaze!) in the form
of goose bumps, warm tingles, and (stiff) heart palpitations of jealousy… hatred or love based (feared); subtle contractions felt deep
down-low below, before ecstasy’s much awaited anticipated primal final “bellooow,” induced by an in-heat hidden wolf’s (seductive)
private abode calling, conducted (disguised) underneath a thin layer of convenient sheep’s clothing, “My, what a beautiful brown
squinty eye you have---grandma… Why, all the better to ‘feeel,’ you with my dear…” (continually salivating; her coveted culinary
delight) habitually casually swallowing-back; backwashing, saliva gland’s anticipations; hidden erotic merk designed to elude her
over-excited state; continual self-contained, self-perpetuated hormone exuberant detonations; nature’s biological chain-reaction
responding to the final release of Spring’s new transformation) a Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London, subdued, cloaked,
lumbering about aimlessly on the prowl, (poised, alert) ---like a George Clinton’s Atomic Dog--- (ready for the pounce), cruising
down the street with a subtle demeanor so sexy; shinning, that she transforms ordinary coal; daily dirty thought, to a highly prized
“exxxtreme” value diamond, so stunning in raw form that it is a wonder the civil authorities---anally retained by a hidden prudish
censorship agenda---even allow her out so vicariously about at all, due to the illicit testosterone/estrogen related jaw slapping
catalyzed by her mere presence (a form meets function automatic puberty response solicited by mere sight; contagious, limited to
no age group) as she obliviously gallivants about (alluding coyness and innocence), routinely schmoozing (a charged Tool’s The
Pot), never drug related but “exxxtrememly” hormonal; mildly erotically euphoric, because after all, she is still fully clothed (by the
grace of God) out of a humble strong sense for (public) self-modesty; true civil humanitarianism, exercised (Alanis
Morissette’s Right Through You with One Hand in My Pocket) in a seedily sleazy directionless manner… with rather casual
impromptu saunters of alert demeanor displayed on occasional protocol (when interested) while on-the-run, a Buckcherry Crazy
Bitch… (that’s right, folks… uh… I, said… “bitch”---twice!!)… a password to a secret recipe of excitable, exuberant energy (Scooby
Snacks provided by a Fun Loving Criminals charade; false) under covered, set into motion (finally, undiscovered elemental
success!) when “three-peated,” breaking free the lyrics of Cherub Rock by the Smashing Pumpkins, serving utilitarian purpose
greater than the Cub Wallis Junior, Jody Diane Rose inspired farm tractor, meticulously transformed (regarded reverently) as the
now elated Koroknai McCormick seed planting endeavor machine of dreams… another Heart’s Barracuda, revered more
passionately as the highly evolved, extremely specialized, elusive and exclusive Julia series Bi-Koroknai-Cycle, a.k.a the B.K.C;
christened the Cherry Raven design… (serenaded by Jet’s Cold Hard “Bitch”… uh, that’s right… I said it, again… is it time, for my
time out…? Yea, that’s three… uh-hu, okay… niiice and, eeeasy… relax… ready? One… two… three, “opensesomy”---woh!!!)… to
an official prevailing (sweet scent) manipulative parade, of pink slip in color patterns, revealing (she’s no Stupid Girl from Garbage---
really nice, but---loves the performance; “because it gets her what she wants… yea…”) seduction’s supersession of “immediate”
goals for the “immediate” future with, “You’ve got nothing else better to do… other than to ride me all day today, boy…” and “Don’t
worry about the dirt… or where… because I’m designed for the real work… and it won’t hurt… (oh… no…! watch-out’hun, fur dat---
Puddle of Mudd… Control---damn!)…” riding, driving, pushing, shoving, pulling effortlessly euphorically (a Wu-Tang Clan’s Gravel
Pit), consuming (devotionally) her farmer of ingenuity and intellectual engagement diligently, through another long hot lengthy back-
forty excursion, of self-awareness and well rewarded self-cultivation (a Craig Morgan’s International Harvester), most biologically
and physiologically scientific at this point, as the ultimate never-ending power-source for true clean, lean, mean, green-energy;
(unknown element file, classification: “no!”… not vibanium; a fictitious metal… “but!” “Koroknaium;” a very real clean, strong deep-
down penetrating power-exchange… “no…!” not like palladium; the element that poisoned Tony Stark’s heart,---The Invincible Iron
Man---“some things changed”) what’s new can be improved; a romance fit, palpatory turbo kit… transpired behind the patented
marketed “Diamonded” poetic affirmation (“Mya Diamond bike, galore… ooo-la-la, how she passionately rides me… like my---one
and only---highly specialized-wife, *****…”) a nucleus splitting powerful positive energy reaction assertion felt down---low---below
of… “Some things are better experienced with time; patience, dedication, loyalty… like the delicious flavor of a fine wine (rose
tattoo) taste… rather than with the haste, generating the waist of what few beautiful moments truly define a lifetime… so savor me
gently please… across the palate with a loving artist’s ease (culinary related physical-chemistry interactions, not physics; “clean but-
true, physical science!”)… as we reach the moment’s final intimate release… chasing away a day’s mundane frivolities… after a
nighttime of corporal interactions… commenced---over and over again---on a cellular level… co-generating an evening’s single,
warm, wet embrace;” 6nxs, (an INXS’s Elegantly Wasted, a Hinder’s Get Stoned… green energy is never about the drugs or the
“green;” listen and read between the lines, Julia) when “there is no turning back;” a Marvel Comix Incredible Hulk; Cage the
Elephant Back Against the Wall (to release true inert kinetic energy; the stick of dynamite sprung from a bundle, activated, pulsing,
in-heated for the final surge)… cognitively embroidered meticulously across the numerous daydreams, adding high definition
techno-color vision to the various heated themes, running an active mind’s imagination wild---deep well jacked---, hard… (exploded)
well driven (penetration), exercised through a busy day’s numerous activities… like the Space Shuttle Discovery booster rocket ride
eruption, launching her national frontier cowboy to his final out of this world plateau (“poised six-shooter?---check!, leather chaps?---
check!, stirrups?---check!, and all… check!?” for that “final” role-play of the day; multiple scenes of “Hi-Yo Silver away!” Riding the
Lone Ranger (a Mystikal’s Shake It Fast)… with her uniformity (an ensemble of scantily arranged conformity) of, black mask, white
cowboy hat and red (scented) scarf (fresh, well seasoned; worn exclusively alone for the occasion) dressing a “Kemosabe;” chicken,
to a well-baked savory brown… (don’t worry hun… it tastes great...! nice… hot… juicy…! very soft, tender… uh… I, think it’s even…
Hungarian!? What great taste…! thankyouuuu---please?! more...? come-on, that’s torture!!), generating the---needed---heated
(friction) fictional fantasy themes (raging streams, of), “Excuse me mam, did I leave my cowboy boots under yo bed?” “Why yes you
did kind sur… oh…! and by the weigh… anchovies own uh… pizza...! are savored, please...! before eaten…?”); “the soup-de-jour”
special order request of the day, (Nick Gilder’s Hot Child in the City) re-defining the true meaning personified behind the term of
crotch-rocket… like a finely tuned United States flag emblem perpetual motion machine of Enterprise launch, cradling its occupant
intimately forward to future embracing hot-six engagements (twice in the morning, twice in the noon and twice in the evening; six, a
full day’s load); the ergonomic patriotic operating engineering vehicle of practicality; bridling… ecology friendly, loyalty and national
alliance personified, with special order Sibley Bike Depot handlebar mounted coffee cup holder and color accessorized Caribou
Coffee cup (to boot) ---for that majestic steed of ravenous physical assertions exerted---winter, summer, spring and fall; self-
indulgent bicycle enthusiasm magnificence beyond belief (relief), designed for taking the full load; fully loaded (wherever it goes)…
self-propelled bodywork intensely shot from a charged flesh canon daily, climatically targeting the real purpose of true fulfillment and
never ending happiness in life; a lifetime of pleasurable activity and exercise (forever) partaken (a “Sneaker Pimps” 6 Underground),
gluttonously and lavishly indulged in (swallowed), grooming her rider for the deadening pain of the real world reality he must face
daily with the economy… a form of shrugged off self-assuredness with “Yea, it’s like that, no big deal; really,” a reality… along with
an entire community expressing similar desire in stealing (or harming) that bike for the very same reason, “Yea, it’s like that, no big
deal; really,” a reality… a Brad Paisley’s Welcome to the Future as Bob Seger’s Night Moves re-welcomes again, an evening’s
prevailing rains; hopefully rewashing away another day’s everything-everywhere, to a very real much needed deep-down sense of
clean; renewed, redeemed; redemption reconstituted---“Seconds?” “Why, thank-ya mam... don’t mind if I do.” “Much obliged, kind

     Meanwhile, Listening House with an enormous amount of awarded community effort and support, successfully produces one
more homeless, jobless citizen with two more bus tokens, “consumering” again that same industry interested in those tokens at a
reduced cost (as is the scenario with many things economic these days), with our jobs hamsters’ cages nationally everywhere filling
with complaints of mistreatment (hidden), drowning an economic recovery treading for life, reaching for anything for survival, other
than the welfare cycles motoring a country down the tubes, of a commerce pedaling openly a public down the countless streets,
roads and alleys, outlining the numerous counties of the fifty states of The United States of America; similar to fifty states of national
bewilderment, expressed behind a modern generated gross national product of fiscal budget red ink, sold globally; a new Red-light
District Nation fit for international consumption, more in the form of some global prostitute, rather than any true Statue of Liberty of
bronze nobility transfixed on an Ellis Island, greeting economic opportunity anywhere.

   Last checked the prestigious wealthy awarded elite eventually travelled down the same roads as everyone else. It isn’t possible
to travel everywhere by private jet. McDonalds and Burger King still only have parking lots when last checked (not helicopter pads),
suggesting it is time to rethink direction, especially with Listening House, after producing another community “consumered"
transient, has engineered another image scam, by publicly posting a “word for the day” and awarding another staff member an
award; The Rose Award for Street Works, with 2010’s recipient not even possessing enough skin pigment to withstand getting a tan
from that sun, let alone sustaining any long-term exposure to any of those rays emanating from that celestial force of life providing
solar power associated with a planet of hopefully a greater human good, during long days of what use to make up never ending forty
hour workweeks supporting a strong economy for everyone. It is as if those very same beams of light just don’t shine on America’s
streets of national commerce anymore. This didn’t stop our staff member from getting her award in an almost vampire like fashion
(during the dark of night or shadow of day), nor did it stop our community "consumered" transient from getting his comparatively
much darker tan on those now harsher streets of American life, comprising the many neighborhoods of public afforded exploitation
mercilessly expended; another form of a perpetual motion machine, only far more social-bureaucratic and seemingly fascist; natured
cold, calculative and impersonal, in method not much different from a single ongoing perpetuated act of rape, performed by a serial
rapist primed---ready and seasoned---for the attack again and again and again (cloaked)! As far as “The Land of Opportunity,” isn’t
that what we are talking about here? Opportunity for what, cloaked? How long does something like this need to take place before
drawing serious attention?

     Racial harassment, sexual harassment, back-round harassment, non-for-profit organizations and plantations have one common
variable sustaining them. It isn’t so much a common form of slavery to take advantage of; a target group, but more the art of
violating, violation or making someone feel violated. Think about what Cassius Clay’s Mr. Muhammad Ali appeared to be doing to
American school kids in 1978 sophisticated enough to collect comic books? This art of violation provides a strong sense of pleasure
for those who enjoy engaging in, being involved with, in close proximity of or in support of this mentality, which is just a form of
humiliation; cognitive rape. The sensation or euphoria is described as something similar to what a serial killer may experience,
when burying his dead or dying victim near or in an area, where daily routines are conducted as a mundane part of life. In order for
this experience to occur some conditions have to exist, and do.
   When someone is awake, alert and has his or her guard up (normal when dealing with a public) they are difficult to catch off-
guard to obtain what is described. Non-for-profits because of the housing situation for clients seem to specialize in offering these
opportunities; to catch someone off-guard or in the natural so-to-speak, to obtain what is desired. This publicly solicits tours of
gawking wide eyed voyeur mentality individuals routinely cavorting about these facilities in a manner similar to visitors at a zoo or
menagerie; intrusion. When these kinds of civil annoyances become common place, the intrusions become accepted and evolve
from feelings of violation that predators can sense and are attracted to like sharks to blood to actual physical measures directed
toward a person, like specifically expressed feelings of violence; hatred or hostility directed or implied toward a person to fulfill some
insatiable need, then rape has manifested. This is what keeps many non-for-profit volunteers, staff and clients in the industry and
facilities. It isn’t the pay. It isn’t the glamour. It is these opportunities on a far more personal level to indulged in or be close to
501C3 non-for-profit style.

Just as civil annoyances evolve to the level of attracting more predators, so do predator motives evolve into becoming greater civil
annoyances, as minor intrusions change from “a rape of justice,” to transgressions of “the act of seizing and carrying off by force;
abducting or abduction,” to the manifestation of “forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.” This is
really what is “consumered,” indentured; “welfared,” appropriated at these facilities for a community at public expense 501C3 non-
for-profit style.

    As an economy worsens, more career base people fall to the level of indigence offered at these shelters or establishments,
suggesting vulnerability as clientele type shifts from welfare based to employment based. Due to naivety more appetizing of a target
is provided for feeding facility sharks. Present economic conditions can place anyone anywhere in this position at almost any
time. For the sake of a greater public a better legal eye is needed at these facilities now more than ever to protect a possible
economic solution to a national crisis with a county’s economy. This would at the very least prevent minor civic problems at shelters
from growing from plantation situations; defining a country’s dark past, to growing to holocaust civil exploitations; concentration
camps, historic to this scenario. Non-for-profit facilities should be “springboards” to keep a public in a national economy fighting for
a national recovery locally, not feeding tanks for predators flooding into community back and front yards, supplying alligators and
crocodiles to swimming pools 501C3 non-for-profit style.

   Offered are three following scenarios that escalate to the level of rape mentioned illustrating this nature, starting with the least
dramatic and ending with the most severe, beginning with our jobs hamster at The Dorothy Day Center a few years back, before the
economy reached the point it is at now as of 2010.

     Before the stock market crashes involving our banks, real-estate and manufacturing industries toward the end of the first
decade of the year 2000, the jobs market nationally was just starting to make its shift in becoming more treadmill-like, indicated by
the advent of numerous temporary work agencies---some pretending to be companies---and a public now more between jobs, rather
than employed. Here is where perseverance gets awarded, maybe not rewarded in the form of work; it isn’t possible to work when
there is no work, but in the form of merit; someone surviving in light of national difficulties many will face soon. Developed was
something unique. Produced was someone a scared public can look to for direction, due to credibility. People listen to someone in
the middle of a national bad employment condition still surviving, similar to how a public may pay attention to a local weather
broadcast from a favorite news weather anchor person, still standing right in the middle of an approaching storm. With these type of
queer Neilson Ratings developing around a single person (in particular our friendly neighborhood jobs hamster), The Dorothy Day
Center staff felt it necessary to take some precautionary measures to assure appropriate positioning for the future.

   While at the front desk getting his card swiped one morning for admittance (necessary with job surfing; once the cover letters and
resume’ are floated it is important to stay centrally located away from the public to receive responses, also a point of extreme
vulnerability; anyone can tell what is going on, what you are doing and are prone to spying or stalking), our jobs hamster is told
confidentially by three staff members on duty “In the non-for-profit industry… which you should be interested in, especially when it
comes to survival these days… individual merit doesn’t get recognized. The funds a single person can solicit based on what he or
she does won’t amount to much. More is needed financially. This industry is about social demographics, race, age, gender etc...
where if one wants to be accommodated for any individual efforts exercised… which apparently you do being in front of the news
cameras, compensation gets laundered through group association here---we have to stick together to live together. This is not
some Lone Star state and loners don’t go far here. So if you want to play… the game with the perks… which you’ve started… you
have to play the way things are done here and stick with the team, not somewhere else,” (team).
     The teams that compete against or with each other at these establishments can be very complex and overlapping, according to
facility demographics. Once the politics are set and become lucrative for funding, one minor hamster with public recognition of
merit, can become a full grown “Godzilla; the first of its kind,” threatening a city, state or national industry. To avoid destruction of
local shelter recognized demographics, our mammal of ergonomic economy, due to a devastated jobs market, receives his first
official racist label; the team shelter uniform identifying the franchise that owns him, the group who will get accommodated for his
recognition and upon doing so, will accommodate him as seen fit in accordance with The Dorothy Day, Listening House, Mary Hall
tri-institution team established.

     He is told in a competition that he knows nothing of however about to be forced into, “Since you have one drop of black blood in
you… that makes you black. If anything’s afforded you… that’s how it gets done as part of the black community here, not in front of
news cameras as something else.” He thinks about it for a moment (pauses pensively) and asks with a smirk of humor meant to be
playfully sarcastic---to help ease the awkwardness created by what has just unfolded--- (which was ill taken in retrospect) “Does that
also mean, that I’m like… one third animal?” A returned moment of silence immediately snapped, followed with uneasy anticipation
amongst the four… with eventual returned suppressed smirks, giggles and mutual glances expressed between the “staff-three,”
allowing the proceedings to continue at a cost of greater edginess building inside the stomach of our querent, now more than
nervous on top of just merely hungry and homeless. With exception to himself, realized was that all three of the staff in front of him
were light complexioned African-Americans, suggesting the comment directed toward himself (out of sarcasm and a desire for
humility) at first was ill received, “Maybe it isn’t a good idea being so ‘frank’ with them” he thinks, which didn’t derail any further
efforts to ensue.

    Our hamster: less confident now, yet still giddy; tired from the strains of employment indigence, not use to addressing these
kinds of issues on such short notice; taken completely off-guard, except when coming close to marriage plans back home in Illinois,
where then it was always Mulatto Caucasian or Inner-racial Caucasian or “We’ll just say you’re white and not tell anyone” when
addressing girlfriends’ families and friends, eased forward, (silent) nervous more restrained, hesitated, equivocated snickers---
tension relief held under breath due the confusion and disbelief in what was actually happening to him at that moment---following the
brief impromptu pause for inquisition, resulting in even greater apprehension to build inside his stomach, hoping still (deep down)
this were all (still) some kind of joke afforded through a charade of sarcasm; a prank, only to be met again with straight faces and
serious looks implying this wasn’t the case, suggesting “Hey… get with the program, please!” In particular the straight face and
serious look of the light complexioned, attractive, yet older, slightly heavy-set, African-American female staff member, who as she
observed him, displayed a kind of Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland smile accessorized with civil liberty dollar bills surmised by
eyes speculating the earning potential of her new Urban League Affirmative Action minority monkey, like some Wizard of Oz wicked
witch of the west with “Fly my little deary, fly!” only more in demeanor of a Silence of the Lamb’s Lector Hannibal, exercised after an
acquisition of a special agent Clarice M. Starling’s dependence now confirmed.

     He thought they were all crazy. He thinks she is really crazy. The entire situation especially to him; even crazier, but he wasn’t
and they weren’t. This is really how non-for-profit industries work when they reach a certain size and criteria. It isn’t a choice. It is a
fact; a reality, institutionalized for survival. Is it possible for someone who has never been awarded the freedom to marry, due to
national racial segregationist politics, to really love his country enough to trust these types of institutions or communities, let alone
jump in head first with this kind of politics---again? What choice does he have?

   This is important, due to mandatory demographics for survival, our American jobs hamster (again, like with marriage plans) just
had an entire identity awarded though integrity “seized and carried off by force, abducted or destroyed; stolen or removed,” due to
an arrogant, extremely ignorant, superficial, superstitious belief, community based on racial values around a single drop of
blood. This is the secret in how many facilities during an economic crisis make it. Racial politics supersede employment politics,
resulting in four decades of fortitude establishing character; swiped away by a card in a single moment; raped, to accommodate a
negative culture perpetuating itself back to the plantation.

     This undermines the efforts many Americans historically have made to prevent this type of racism to date and nulls and voids all
success within a glance, suggesting how great and vigilant the underlying pressures are coveting the politics around community
based slavery. Witnessed was an unexpected sudden shift in public values politically so extreme like an earthquake from a civil
perspective, that our rodent of undue retribution will experience the tremors for the rest of his life; political tremors, as if the
conditions of California’s San Andreas Fault suddenly became national, only more hidden publicly on a far more personal level
(long-term civil) with only a few brief intermissions between. What can one do? Our jobs hamster declined the
solicitation/proposition (“I don’t want to be a part of some civic ethnicity zoo,” he thinks) in effort to run from the racial politics at
hand, yet had nowhere to go, which was construed as an unwillingness to assist in funding, resulting in consistent subtle
harassment from client and staff at all the institutions involved, from this point on.

    To deaden the pain of the reality, in a delusional fashion he dismisses the ordeal as an indication that employment and welfare
politics are obviously an oil and water mix. There couldn’t possibly be anything racial here. It is only a matter of politics and
demographics, where if one keeps his mouth shut and just minds his own business, can get by. Anticipating this---after our two
male staff members of the staff-three systematically check their watches, commencing a never ending impromptu of “attend
(bureaucratic) meeting” mandates, that comes with the heavy prescribed managerial work load, suggesting directly it is time to leave
and resultantly cordially do so---, our she-witch staff member (still sitting behind the front desk, watching and reading his face, like
an old dime store novel reread---repurchased, reused---for the umpteenth time, suggesting nothing new but the same old thing over
and over again as usual, with him still standing waiting to get his card swiped for entrance, as if in a traffic-jam delay before a
tollbooth during major city gridlock rush-hour traffic---where it hasn’t even gotten to the point of swiping his card yet---suggesting
how quickly this all takes place) decides it is time to make things a little more clear as to what is really going on; as a way of
exclaiming out loud almost psychically, “Attention please… bond head!”---a subliminal suggestion more like an act of war, rather
than a prelude to a routine daily transaction of life, where in the form of a propositioning spawn from hell; Satan’s Imp (clowning),
she applies some very specific local community principles, to demonstrate the full power of the politics at hand. Our jobs hamster
hadn’t spent enough time in the community to understand what was going on, and was about to be taught a lesson, with a stoic
demeanor of concern displayed now more than ever---humiliatingly---across his face (scared), hidden.

      Like the winter chill of the coldest day in January before the extension of daylight hours; still relative darkness; murky (twilight)
cold with contentment accented with the snide confidence that comes with experience, she tells him she is switching her ethnicity to
his perceived ethnicity to illustrate the overall benefits behind adhering to game plans, to prove a point. A couple of other clients
with similar racial appearances would do the same in the form of not bribery, but recruitment through community affiliation common
at these facilities, where with a smile, and a strong sense of satisfaction generated through a powerful sense of completion
(closure), thus sealing the deal, she finally swipes his card with glee to allow him entrance into the facility (again) as if having earned
something through privilege owed, like some gender brute (repeat process), leaving him entering an establishment supposed to
shelter him from this, plagued with the experience of what it feels like for the first time in life to be truly opaque; invisible, (violated)
institution processed; sign, sealed, delivered (routine indulgence afforded membership); coveted---gone.

This isn’t done to be menacing. It is a form of team organization or group networking he thinks. They aren’t enemies, but new
teammates now. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to play the game. He just wants to hold on to what he worked for personally; merit,
and resented deep down loosing it in this fashion---to the community racial politics involved. His merit, which was once exclusively
his---at this point due to local segregated values---, belonged to the group, where if he wanted it back he would have to become a
member. It didn’t matter whether or not they earned it or even deserved it. Public shelters run according to demographics one fits
into, not personal accomplishments that set him or anyone apart---a national fact localized (now) just for him.

     Rather than disenfranchise him entirely from a reputation he earned, and feeling bad for what was about to unfold, he is verbally
consoled later with a few more heartfelt chats from different individuals, in effort to deaden the pain of the reality behind this
community, and maybe within our nation as a whole today, where something else unique was discovered about our jobs
hamster. His fundamental Christian beliefs set him even further apart from everyone else at the non-for-profit institutions along 7
Street in Saint Paul Minnesota. He feels there is nothing in The Bible or in history that proves Jesus died on the cross, indicated by
what was witnessed after the crucifixion, suggesting Christ after the ordeal got up and walked away, First Corinthians Chapter 15
verse 6; “After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but
some are fallen asleep,” Mark Chapter 16 verse 7 (witnessed by the young man at Jesus’ sepulcher when addressing Mary
Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome); “But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into
Galilee: there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.”

He believes God has been trying to tell the public this with the 20 stigmatics listed throughout the nineteenth century. The most
famous being Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824), Augustinian; Elizabeth Camori Mora (1774-1825), Trinitarian tertiary; Anna Maria
Taigi (1769-1837); Maria Dominica Lazzari (1815-48); Marie de Moerl (1812-68) and Louise Lateau (1850-83), Franciscan tertiaries;
where the idea of dying for sin, more specifically for someone else's sin, Romans Chapter 5 verse 8; "But God commendeth his love
toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us," is a false or misleading interpretation from The Bible advocating
slavery and doesn’t imply the death on the cross many believe in. With Christ not dying on the cross (dying for sin), what
is suggested is sin is not to die for, but should be avoided at the very least. Dying for sin---especially in this fashion---not only leads
to slavery; indentured servitude, but provides a direct path to hell or self-damnation.

     What this means is, every morning when our all American jobs hamster has to accomplish something, all he has to do is pull
himself off that cross holding Jesus back, rather than wait for the type of miracles “ole witchiepoo” was in the process of
conjuring. This resulted further in type casting him as some kind of new age devil worshipper or modern Voodoo priest, resulting in
further excommunication from the facilities, after robbed of merit and beliefs that established him as a Christian.

     Stripped of background, ethnicity and religion, like a satanic influence of real word community civil demons “incantationed” for a
ritual cannibalization, witnessed was how the tri-institution non-for-profit team for new minority charity was rewarded for their
transformation, with an extraordinarily ironic twist for extra savory flavoring. Instead of identifying themselves as inner-racial, inter-
racial, or mulatto; a similar title was used, more condoning of the inappropriate politics set into motion; “biracial.”

   The problem with the term “biracial,” is it suggests a fundament racial separatist belief that needs to take place or be approved of
by the individual beforehand (philosophically) in effort to be accepted; to make sense of or be functional with the local racial politics
making up a community; like the necessary aerodynamics of the two “separate” wings of a biplane allowing it to fly, or the two
“separate” phases of a bipolar disorder that indentify the disease, suggesting the importance of accepting and adhering to the
community’s local values coordinating and condoning the racism implicating the “division” and “labeling” of the basic ethnic groups
making up the individual in question; further suggesting he or she theoretically shouldn’t exist, but since they do this must take place
ideologically in order to be accepted or to appropriately exist within the community. This draws unnecessary attention to the
inappropriate politics localized through the use of the term “biracial,” illustrating a degree of inappropriate political correctness;
“racial polarization,” where one racial group (making up the individual) according to local political beliefs is on one extreme end of
the community colored rainbow separate from the other racial group (making up the individual) on the other extreme end of this
community colored rainbow, thus completely “separated; isolated,” as if out-casted by society, yet accepted if labeled in the fashion
suggested and (likewise) as “inappropriate;” cursed… with all the other racial groups “appropriated;” with the use of inclusive terms
(sometimes racial) used to identify them as this willingly by group members, resultantly coordinated accordingly and acceptingly in

    The actual politics orchestrating this vary depending on community and person, and are rarely the same, however the
implications are; separation of the individual by compromising acceptance on a deeply ingrained hidden subconscious racial belief
(sometimes superstitious), this time around the politics around a single drop of blood. Case in point: if someone where part Irish
and part Indian are they likewise considered “biracial?” If we want to apply the same inappropriate racial mentality of Saint Paul
Minnesota, the classification would be “half-breeds,” but not as extreme as “biracial,” due to the specifics (which is outrageous), but
depending on community attitude can also apply.

    The term “biracial” advocates community based “racial polarization” resurging the old Jim Crow Laws historic to indentured
servitude/slavery. If someone is not part of the local ethnic continuum comprising the community accepted rainbow of racial values
implied through the use of the term “biracial,” than it’s into the underground labor market (basket) they go, establishing the hidden
community based slavery. Case in point: with Saint Paul Minnesota’s Light Rail Construction project, the only people allowed to
apply for employment with the project are those who have a union sponsor. Some employed under this condition will not have
sponsors that are labor union oriented, but civil union minority oriented, with some applying without any union sponsor; sponsored
by someone or something else based on skin color or back-round. The union sponsorship technicality provides the “racial
colorization” establishing the continuum creating the “ethnic polarization” mentioned for the so called “community rainbow.” In the
meantime, anyone who has consistently worked through the recession at side jobs as a Computer Numerical Controlled Machine
Operator / Welder / Assembly Mechanic / Roofer / Truck Driver etc… with maybe better background and conditioning for the
employment (without an appropriate sponsor), is denied the opportunity for the employment, due to the established “polarization”
created and coordinated by the sponsorships, thus tossed into the local underground labor market. This practice isn’t old; it isn’t
anything new, but something steadily evolving, always changing like a cold virus, and can be just as contagious, with no limits
according to demographics and location. It reaches all levels of government and bureaucracies thriving strong locally nationally
today, everywhere.

    An example of this would be again the state of Minnesota; if a veteran has to apply for veteran benefits, he or she has to have a
sponsor, or else is given the runaround, illustrating how deeply ingrained the practice is within many respected government
branches local and national, like Veteran Administrations. With the racial polarization generated behind the use of the term
“biracial,” illustrated is the ever changing American standard condoning inappropriate racial oppression---constantly reshaping this
country’s ever changing ethnic landscape---, which is difficult to keep track of. Our 44 President of the United States of America
Barrack Hussein Obama, epitomizes globally how these kinds of obstacles can be overcome, suggesting (maybe) our present
economic condition may (also) be another minor phase; temporary, but also suggests as a nation we still have a long way to go.

     Under these circumstances it isn’t uncommon for an inner-racial president of the United States of America (in need of public
support) to make our country economically stronger during a major recession, who is considered “biracial” inappropriately by a
community talk show host, to consider himself publicly on the broadcast in defense “more of a mongrel” (like that of a wolf; more
American than “biracial”--- accepted---rather than “isolated;” especially with the term “biracial” alluding to something “inappropriate”
like a biological experiment by comparison; a modern day Frankenstein) in effort to redirect an inappropriately awkward moment
created by an inept talk show host. He is remaining humble and accepting for nation sake by condoning local racial values; keeping
a very ethnically diverse country consolidated during difficult times, yet trying hard not to play into the negative racial politics that
may destroy America as a nation, and in doing so reveals something about our country; we have serious race problems we aren’t
(even) aware of and haven’t (even) began to address yet, unlike other countries. This took place when “The president appeared on
ABC’s morning talk show The View on a Thursday, where he talked about the forced resignation of Agriculture Department official
Shirley Sherrod, his experience with race and his roots. When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white
mother, Obama said of African-Americans: ‘We are sort of a mongrel people,” according to Sam Youngman’s - 07/29/10 11:00 AM
ET of the Hill Blog.

Personally viewing the broadcast in question, what isn’t mentioned is the attractive mulatto appearance female host intentionally
using the term “biracial” when addressing the president’s back-round. He addressed himself as mongrel wanting to maintain some
degree of humility as an act of chivalry, for someone hosting a show who wasn’t very deserving, especially coining terms like
“biracial” at someone as magnificent as an American president. He is an individual man of ability and leadership, like the Alfa male
of an American wolf-pack, filling the highly coveted position unchallenged and unrivaled as The Commander and Chief of our nation,
not a perceived racial droid of genetic capabilities, cloned for the specialized political public position of national gimp. As a member
of one of the most powerful nations on our planet; as a citizen of The United States of America, don’t assume but place yourself in
the position of acknowledging this Ms., and keep coined racist terms like “biracial” in the pocket with the rest of the cheap change;
away from our American president.

     Job well done through a very difficult time Mr. President Barrack Obama of The United States of America. Not only am I
personally proud of you, but I’m your biggest fan. No more comic book heroes for me, because you make news broadcasts on
television far more interesting and more in touch with the life I’m familiar with. What exactly is meant by the term mongrel? What is
he acknowledging about our public in general? He is illustrating how the American public can be so inappropriately racist at the
most inappropriate times without even knowing it, that our most honored and protected citizen of the United States of America has
to altruistically---for the sake of country---do some ducking and diving behind equivocal racially forked tongues; a real to life true
American hero most deserving of reelection after that one (wow!).

   Considering all of this nationally, what happens back in Saint Paul Minnesota with our jobs hamster and the recently formed tri-
non-for-profit (new) minority team for hire is shocking. Everyone who made the shift to “biracial;” acknowledging the inappropriate
community racism at hand, claimed to have received better appropriations applying for welfare benefits, with our Cheshire Cat
female staff member receiving the best benefits of all; employment outside of the shelter, based on this newly acquired affirmative
action back-round so lavishly applied, like some new brand of face-cream or makeup. She now no longer has to work at the shelter,
but still keeps a part-time status securing her plantation master status, only of greater notoriety due to her newly discovered
ethnicity, thanks to the exploitation of a jobs hamster. This is some really racy exploitive stuff happening right in the community with
the right rodent on the right wheel at the right time, suggesting precisely why shelter positions or other positions like them are so
unethically and highly coveted publicly, whether it be staff, client or volunteer; licensed exploitation, manipulation and
experimentation for personal profit at community expense, 501C3 non-for-profit style.

     This form of negative racial appropriation isn’t limited to the immediate community. Birds of a feather are corralled together in
groups nationally by fascist fencing everywhere, indicated by this female staff member with two other individuals unknown, insisting
that our jobs hamster write an Urban League political guerilla militant movement article, which doesn’t benefit him; not wanting to
play the race card, but benefits her and the other clients rewarded for faking race rules, afforded by a biracial harassment license
through national public apathy awarded minority members of similar back-round; when one ethnic group member addresses another
member by a racially oppressive term considered illegal, yet appropriate if members of the same race use it when addressing each
other, stretching north of the Mason Dixon Line from Saint Paul Minnesota to as far south of the Mason Dixon Line to Shreveport
Louisiana, stirring up rumors with a legally self-conscious employer that our jobs hamster and his two “Black” wingmen were actually
news reporters from Saint Paul Minnesota looking for economic story material (feds), suggesting implication behind the constant
problems arising at the time with the authorities and the employer, resulting in termination by harassment back to Saint Paul. This
task was more difficult in Texas to accomplish. The demographics were different, but not impossible.

  With a national community civil welfare cycle of destruction similar to a Texas twister touching down, our jobs hamster and his two
dark wingmen of destruction are forced back home at political gun point, by the extended barrel of a factions rifle stretching from
Saint Paul all the way to Shreveport, due to unknown perceived owners recognized nationally as having better papers on these
three men than the present owner, to at least recapture and re-chain one of them into typing this economic time capsule account
around employments and deployments during a nationally poor economy, with absolutely no compensation other then the hidden
hopes of breaking up the cyclone like conditions plaguing “The Land of the Free.” Once the conditions are present the danger is
always eminent creating a constant state of weariness, until the conditions diminish like an anticipated weather-front from a
foreseeable storm season. Racial oppression should not carry these characteristics in this day and age, yet does. It is strange what
things improve with time and what things don’t (like weather).

   When shelters no longer function as implied by name; sheltering people, and function more exploitive in the form of plantations,
what does this make of the clients? The irony is, unless one where to think on this level they would have no way of seeing it,
making the reality of the ordeal more hard hitting once experienced. Slave owners don’t want the old fashion slaves anymore,
especially the ones capable of seeing this with the present economy. They want skilled professionals that are ignorant to this;
incapable of thinking on this level, enhancing the true effect desired when reality comes touching down; the “covet” of the act of
violation; intrusion, a form of rape on a civil level; slavery. When “ignorance is bliss” according to Proverbs 31 in The Bible has lost
its merit in today’s jobs market due to the corporate values suggested---yielding a civil violations industry---isn’t it time to pull Jesus
off that cross before another uncertain death?

This is the condition of today’s jobs market. It is very complex, entangling and ensnaring reaching high to the office of our
Commander and Chief himself to as low as the average Joe and Jane on the street looking for employment. It isn’t so much
difficulty in finding work. It is more difficulty in keeping it.

     Situations like this produce solutions in America, where now with the new advent of solace, hopefully new national direction can
be found. Solace is “comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation.” With today’s treadmill economy it is the number one
necessity for survival. Without solace---especially when temporarily between jobs---it is not possible to maintain conditioning for
employment. Without solace an individual’s mental capacity is reduced to that of a (constant) state of self-consciousness,
defensiveness, unnecessary edginess, and an inability to focus, incapacitated communication skills, low energy levels, and a lack of
enthusiasm, leading to illness both physical and mental (spiritual).

     Like mental illness solace can vary. It comes in unique forms like down-home family recipes, secret patents to behavior;
unique, like the way some organisms genetically construct nests for vulnerable possessions; eggs, which in this case would be the
fragile human psyche needed for employment (survival) in today’s jobs economy, with the multitude of (resultant) weasels; rape
minded intruders, wanting to intrude or violate to feed some sick form of indulgence, based on deep rooted personal insecurities or
any reason that has nothing to do with the individual (victim), other than a strong desire to transform him or her into some
insignificant dead virus for a vaccine (cure to a disease)---self-inflicted.

For solace: some indulge in reading, writing, engaging in personal projects only to be weaseled by the multitude of community staff,
volunteers and clients feeding the pathological tendencies mentioned. Case in point: throughout Saint Paul at the various public
library branches many of the librarians have been caught reading a patron’s computer keyboard---while the patron was typing on the
computer---thus gaining access to not only what was expressed on the computer, but to secure documents and codes to emails and
other private accounts. Sometimes what someone doesn’t know can hurt them ergo; “a rape of justice,” suggesting once incubated;
an illness, especially when social can spread rampant. Case in point: the term racism never involves just one person. It suggests
something mentally contagious not easily seen that involves many, so if one has to run from it where can they go, especially when
rampant nationally?

   Under these conditions our jobs hamster between jobs again, running back and forth on his second bicycle purchased for
transportation, when working one of his many jobs that was supposed to be permanent, starts to realize that his once thought of
temporary mode of transportation and station in life has escalated to something permanent (or at least more long-term). As a result
“Murphy’s Law;” the idea that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong, takes effect and vital mechanical parts (especially
on a bicycle) seem to wear out when money is at its lowest and weather is at its worst. Our hamster must (now) make use of a
community bike shop; The Sibley Bike Depot located on 712 West University. He was introduced to the shop by someone who
befriended him at The Dorothy Day Center, who was secretly a registered sex offender---ironic considering this gentlemen’s present
state of impotency afforded through diabetes.

   While at the shop---due to his unknown association with said person---a worst situation surfaces. One of the male
staff/committee people sexually propositions our hamster. Apparently this staff/committee person was due to take a seasonal leave
of absence from the shop starting that fall, which would involve doing some kind of “logging of hard wood in the backwoods”---with
another male companion---where an “additional hand would be loved.” The furry response sarcastically behind suppressed laughs
was “Thanks for making me feel sociably awkward guys… but the answer is no, and what makes you think I’m gay anyway?” The
answer surprised was “Oh, I or we… were just kind of hoping.”

   With this gentleman’s departure, the shop having just relocated, in the process of forming a new image, in need of another core
person to fulfill a mission, and our hamster officially between jobs looking for some needed “solace,” not only is the shop sustained
with plenty of hamster hours to boot, but expectations are exceeded with “ole Hairy (our hamster)” developing competency
overhauling planetary transmissions; Sturmy-Archer internal coaster brake three-speed hubs, where rewarded is the greatest award
any hero could receive; public/consumer respect accompanied with a never ending supply of “solace” due to the charity involved,
thus securing an almost never ending reserve of superhero powered perseverance when battling the many agents of this
generation’s biggest foe; the economy. It is actually the volunteer non-for-profit status that affords this, unlike getting paid. There is
no getting paid in charity, there is no getting laid in relationships; only God, thus replenishing what was so dearly stolen from him
years before, an identity; the fundamental belief that established him as a Christian. Religions are a culture lived and a philosophy
applied, not concepts coined from reference material few believe in or bother reading.

   Just as things appear well at the Depot, our “lumberjacker” nemesis of the back-forty returns (silently surly) from his failed
logging excursion with “Some men don’t work well with hard wood,” uttered sullenly behind difficulty accepting the new status of last
year’s sexual target, now today’s neighborhood hero. The pleasure he had last year was in exploiting a vulnerability; a dependency,
behind a community blanket of disregard, due to a hidden accepted lifestyle associated with the reduced social status of our
hamster at the time in the shop, ironically now larger than life, afforded through altruism incubated by efforts appreciated more
publicly; more people on unemployment equates to more people riding bikes in need of inexpensive maintenance and repairs,
where now “ole Lumpy” more threatened by “ole Hammy’s” new role, is also more sexually aroused by the transformation,
anticipating doing it all again with three fold the pleasure, due to the circumstances unfolded based on the hidden values he knows
well about the area, which our hamster doesn’t know nor care to. The Twin Cities have a reputation of being a gay town with quite a
few individuals well engaged in and in support of the homosexual lifestyle, especially around the politics of the proposed Proposition
Eight legislation originating from California, secretly financed by supporters in Utah at the time, suggesting gay or same sex
marriages should be unconstitutional. Apparently California’s need to battle economically recessed conditions made the state
susceptible to out-of-state wealth and influences, creating problems all the way into Minnesota spurring on more vigilant political
activism; more direct same sex propositioning as a form of social retaliation. More than one national monster is always a
possibility. God forbid should they breed.

   Trying desperately to deal with and suppress the excited feelings behind the motives and anticipations slipping uncontrollably
from an once again overly provocative tongue when vicariously speaking, with “ole Fur Ball” totally oblivious to the overtures, a
worst case scenario escalates due to being ignored and regarded as insignificant. Our “lumberjacking nemesis” gets more out-of-
hand outside of being inappropriately provocative, and resorts to getting attention by physically knocking over our hamster’s bike at
the shop on numerous occasions; violating the very solace which created a hero---incapable of doing anything---,because of our
“log-jackers” immediately resumed staff/committee status upon return from his “log man’s” vacation, as opposed to “ole Hammy’s”
volunteer recreational endeavor status, required for maintaining the needed solace for a loved endeavor of altruism in the wake of
an escalating national emergency disaster; the economy. Instead of maintaining a volunteer status, our hero could upgrade to
staff/committee status, and maybe even get away with giving “ole Loggy” a good healthy slug to the jaw however this would only
create a worst scenario. Where would the solace be?

Perseverance persevered, where friendship amongst community committee/staff prevailed, resulting in an escalated pattern of
mischievousness catalyzed from an unwarranted sexual advance years ago, being confidentially derailed behind momentary cloaks
of whisper, illustrating the power behind true friendship bureaucracies, however not with some costs. Said individual wasn’t really in
control of himself when the problem started over a year ago, wasn’t in control of himself when he returned, and still didn’t seem in
complete control. He only seemed more redirected; impromptu work details off record involving minority neighborhood kids, but for
how long? Adults in the field of child education and child daycare don’t see kids as attractive after a while, and really love the idea
of something cute and cuddly like a furry hamster kept in a cage for personal convenience.

    These kinds of conditions eluded on a community level unaddressed, eventual make incident resulting in atrocity
elsewhere. With a public employment market failing, surfaced are many of America’s brightest and best to the destitution of shelter
life, in effort to sustain the poor employment cycles that may yield the dreamt future career. It is just a matter of making it through
the hard times, with this time a not so far out of high school, intelligent, street-smart, young attractive girl capable of reading, writing
and speaking two languages fluently and clearly, showing up at the shelters for survival.

    Once again the vulnerability is obvious, this time with staff and clients more elusively involved than normal, on a more ironic
level. They are the core contributors behind the lack of solace this young lady suffers from, with extended shelter stays masked by
the hidden sexist environment licensed by the community apathy prevalent at many non-for-profits as exampled prior, with the
alternative solace offered being something more sarcastically referred to as the “attractive women’s program,” known more officially
as The Dorothy Day Center Women’s Program; rumored to provided a far more dangerous crisis, the availability of addictive legal
and illegal drugs and sex to the institution, which eventually incapacitates our heroine to the point where she literally gets “sexually
raped” by staff, client and volunteer---sometimes even on the premises---more than once.

The two examples offered prior by comparison are like anomalies when compared to this situation, which has a history of really
establishing itself behind shelter motives. We are not just talking about staff, client and volunteer, but also the public when it comes
to this kind of shelter activity. Realizing the eminent danger, The Dorothy Day Center (aware that once again the many efforts
exercised to prevent these kinds of scenarios from happening---or at least from resurfacing---have once again failed) routinely
employ some extremely elusive measures, by not only getting said person on the top of an all welfare list, but by expediently
“welfaring” this young woman out of the shelter for solace sake, somewhere into public housing with the required three births to
sustain benefits; survival to qualify for the conditions of being so graciously "welfared;" solaced.

The irony exists in she still has problems with the same individuals (the same type of people), only it isn’t at the shelter anymore;
therefore, not considered a shelter problem, or more specifically a Dorothy Day Center problem---as if there was a
difference. Shelters (always) should have a concern---fist and foremost---for community integrity, not (just for) financial self-
interests, which isn’t always the case. In fact, this sexual rape originating from the shelter covered-up, has evolved into a case of
situational rape on different levels: with said individual now unable to commit completely to real employment; due to welfare
qualifications that she is dependent on for survival, unable to commit completely to any career; due the responsibility of raising the
children to qualify for the welfare for survival, and unable to commit completely to any kind of marriage or relationship; due to the
children involved from different fathers to qualify for the welfare needed for survival.

Meanwhile---behind restrained sighs of relief and smirks---staff, client, volunteer and public (involved), condescendingly grin when
she comes of subject matter, because not only (as a result) is she (now) more available for what they wanted her for in the first
place, but to add insult to irony; offered are more comments to the nature of “It could-uh been a whole lot worst… she could-uh
been strung-out on’em drugs, or being uh-hoe… which is what happens to most of’em… bringing’em, right back here,” which could
still happen… because how is “being strung-out” on welfare in this fashion any different? What exactly did it protect someone
from? Provided was no path to emancipation, but only a higher degree of servitude; slavery, suggesting rape not just of a sexual
nature, but of a civil nature on the matter of independence; freedom, establishing the coveted nature of indentured servitude.
   “Birds have wings; they're free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many
people envy.” Roger Tory Peterson

   To understand the entrapping nature of indentured servitude, one has to go no further then the plantation mentality
housed locally with in communities; transitional housing shelters and drop-in-centers. They hold the population of
America’s new poor; casualties of economic difficulty. Slavery has never been about race. It has always been about
destitution. Social groups of destitution have a long history of selling themselves into servitude to survive. Destitution is
the primary factor making indentured servitude entrapping. In order to escape the servitude, one must make it out of
the poverty that perpetuates it. This means acquiring steady financial income, which can be hard. This is difficult to do
during economically recessed times. Freedom from slavery has a history of rarely being awarded or fought for. It has a
greater history of being purchased by the servant, which was the original purpose of the indenture. It established not
only the price for one’s freedom, but more importantly the method of payment over a period of time, usually seven

     This suggests freedom has always carried with it a price. With today’s economy what is stressed isn’t just the means
of purchasing what is needed for survival, even if it is freedom, but sometimes to retain the legal right to do
so. According to the 13 Amendment slavery shouldn’t exist. What has been witnessed at many public shelters around
welfare politics and with the Minnesota State Department of Human Services just a few blocks from The Dorothy Day
Center, which receives reports of these kinds of civil issues, this isn’t the case. If one doesn’t have the right to be
protected from enslavement outlawed by the United States Constitution, how is it possible to purchase themselves from
it legally, especially when according to licensed attorneys in the state and officials like David (who refused to offer a last
name) from the department of Human Services in downtown Saint Paul Minnesota; the state’s capital, “The Bill of
Rights in the United States Constitution pertains to only certain restrictions to certain government offices. It doesn’t
apply to the rights of a public. If you have any problems call the police and make a report.”

   Three separate Minnesota attorneys (licensed) later confirmed this mentality: Mr. Patrick Marzitelli, Ms. Laura
Melnick and Mr. Michael Davey. What was meant by calling the police was to establish an official record of incident (if
the local police decide to handle the matter), so that things could be handled by the local authorities deemed
necessary. It sounds more like people who are in the position of having to make these kinds of reports, may also end
up in the position of being arrested or penalized for doing so---according to local authorities. What this suggests, is
state wide fascism that legally shouldn’t exist, does exist. Absence of the public rights guaranteed in the United States
Constitution, establishes in this fashion a multitude of local dictatorships, outlining fascism throughout a state and even
nationally, which should concern everyone. What is going on here? Is this really about the local politics of destitution
housed in public offices according to licensed or appointed officials, or is something deeper involved?

     Part of indentured servitude’s entrapping nature has established itself since the beginning of mankind, and will
probably continue to do so closer toward the end of mankind, as situations of ground zero develop everywhere,
especially during the beginning and end of an organism’s dominant existence in a “microcosm; a small, representative
system having analogies to a larger system in constitution, configuration, or development.” Ground zero is an existence
noted by an extreme level of equality, afforded through extreme measures of public wealth or public poverty. It
suggests, an absence of economic markets with the existence of a “human socialization; a continuing process whereby
an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or
her social position,” rather than “human civilization; an advanced state of human society in which a high level of culture,
science, industry, and government has been reached.”

During these brief moments of social equalization; socialization, in an effort to achieve social status, someone will try
and enslave someone else; slavery, and some will sell themselves into this slavery; slaves. For the slave owner, higher
social status is acquired through the ownership of another human being. For the slave, higher social status is acquired
being owned by someone, suggesting value sustaining the ownership. The actual indenture that specifically launders
this throughout mankind has been known as the marriage document or marriage license, which more clearly defines this
kind of a relationship. The average indenture for servitude/slavery is for seven years. The average time for a common
law marriage to take effect is likewise, seven years.

As a ground zero approaches, approached is also a market for better servitude/slavery among those secretly
perpetuating the culture, where individuals who choose to not be a part of this culture, become targeted by it against
their will---thus illegally, suggesting a greater need for an appropriately applied bill of rights, especially in states like
Minnesota. Because there is no appropriately applied application of the bill of rights in states like Minnesota, a culture
that should not have sustained has ingrained itself illegally for years, reestablishing continually just part of the
entrapping nature of indentured servitude. From a civil perspective, predators left unattended will hunt indiscriminately
with little concern for an unconcerned public, creating breeding grounds for hidden mass victimizations.

    At Listening House a civil rights attorney volunteers time at the facility one evening a week. Through this attorney
many other civil types have access to the facility, sometimes indirectly through said individuals. This isn’t uncommon for
some people to do this, for it is a form of job security predation, where while being worshipped for a perceived altruism,
they can take advantage of a vulnerable market of people. The population demographics at Listening House, like most
facilities is mostly male. This male population is made up mostly of African-Americans, but can also be segregated into
smaller groups according to race; ethnicity, heritage etc… back-round; religion, cultural orientation etc… and/or
background; employment history, education etc... The next largest population would be the females; made up of
various ethnic groups from various back-rounds and backgrounds. The women have a tendency to not get segregated
by institutions or public in question---into smaller groups---and have a tendency to stick (or to get segregated) together
more so than the men. This makes women the second largest group next to African-Americans at these facilities. It
isn’t uncommon for larger groups and establishments to victimize smaller groups, and it isn’t uncommon for smaller
groups to get forced into selling themselves into slavery for protection.

   At listening house many of the women claiming to be rape victims by clients and staff throughout all three
establishments, made an effort to do this with or through this particular civil attorney in hopes of receiving better
treatment at the facilities. The attorney in return was more interested in enslaving a single employment based person
(who was even more of a minority due to his inner-racial or mulatto Caucasian back-round) into objectively writing an
account of life at these facilities in effort to in return use the females’ claim of rape to form a civil suit that would line
career pockets.

    One of the most recent allegations of rape during this time period took place the morning of Friday, August 27, 2010,
between 4:30 am and 5:30 am with police called to location, just outside The Dorothy Day Center, with facility cameras
present. The Dorothy Day Center, Listening House, Mary Hall and other institutions have a specific policy of covering-
up these kinds of allegations, because they are not good for business. All the third party details involving the rape were
accurate, but untrue. This is because literally three rapes happened within the same timeframe with all the institutions’,
staff, clients and community trying to hide what really happened. Two more rapes outside of the immediate timeframe
also surfaced, involving female staff and clients of the Women’s Program at The Dorothy Day Center as victims. In
some of the cases drugs where involved either directly or indirectly, but not always. Sometimes people outside of the
facilities among the community have greater access to institution resources than clients and staff, which often leads to
incident "plantationed" at these facilities, indicated by the cover-ups employed.

The single incident alleged that spurred the other five incidents into surfacing on that Friday of August 27 , 2010,
involved one of the end-of-the-month people; those who use these facilities to subsidize welfare benefits to afford illegal
and legal drug habits. This African-American female was outside of the immediate Dorothy Day Center, but still on the
premises, trying to score drugs for someone in the institution and missed an evening check-in time of 10:00 pm, where
she decided to sleep in The Dorothy Day Center alley with security cameras posted for safety. She was raped by five
African-American males and later had her throat slit, (according to source) four were arrested and authorities were
looking for the remaining one.

   The staff member at the facility; Jessie in particular, that was said to have seen what was happening---on the facility
cameras from inside the institution during the very early morning hours of that August 27 Friday---contacted authorities
appropriately. The police arrived and so did an ambulance, where the victim made it to the ambulance, however died
hospitalized. The true problem is the employment based people “inappropriated" at these facilities struggling with the
economy, unknowingly provide an image of integrity that allows all this to happen, unlike the "plantationed" welfare
based clients “appropriated” at these facilities, where accommodations led to incident. By segregating these two groups
a facility can better manage these kinds of situations, by appropriately implementing policy that would not allow these
kinds of incidents to happen, yet hasn’t been considered enlight of the economic storm brewing.

   What was shocking, the evening after the alleged rape incident, the African-American men at the establishments felt
rather comfortable “talking-up” on the women at the facility, especially the Caucasian women, suggesting “If you hook
up with me that will not happen to you, because at the very least we are all brothers who stick together… plus, I can get
you what you need without those kinds of hassles and… no one will know.” The following Saturday during breakfast,
some of the political parading outside The Dorothy Day Center, suggesting morning for what happened, came off as
phony considering just after one of the incidents the morning of or before, the same public was addressing another
African-American female rape victim with condescending sexist remarks, again condoning what happened---especially
to her.

   These kinds of problems are not unusual at non-for-profits. The Sibley Bike Depot on 712 University earlier the
summer of 2010 had a similar incident take place, only it was conducted at the African-American female volunteer’s
home, was more drug related than rape, and resulted in her death through illegal drug usage. The resources that
provided this were the similar resources that provided the incident at The Dorothy Day Center. Unknowingly, what
aided incident again was the integrity provided by the same employment based people at these institutions, falsely
providing an image of these kinds of environments as not oriented this way, thus taken advantaged of image wise. Guilt
due to association builds. Attempts are made to resolve the situation ahead of time requesting segregation, but are
denied resulting (again) in incident.

  While still on the subject of employment based people; the male client at Listening House negotiating with this civil
attorney at first refused, because doing so would be a form of shooting himself in the foot---he really needs
establishments like this, only more appropriately setup to sustain employment based clients rather than welfare based
clients during tough economic times---, but later recanted realizing what could happen to him with the refusal. Because
he cannot be a member of any ethnic group, due to his highly unique racial makeup, when the harassment starts up no
means of appropriately handling the matter surfaces, other than running when possible, which is what he has been
forced to do in the past on many occasions; disappearances.

   Realizing that he may disappear again, a counter offer of better conditions at these facilities to assist in employment,
with a possible job that could get him off the streets and out of situations like this permanently---emancipation; true
freedom---was offered. Realizing that he more than likely was being lied to (how can someone in a civil field have these
kind of ties in a construction, manufacturing, and/or transportation industry where he has worked), he has no other
option other than to accept, because in doing so hopefully some kind of career oriented work will ensue, and at the very
least a chance at the freedom from the harassment he must endure on different levels, covered-up at these institutions
    This is an example of the ground zero slavery mentioned, enslaving someone by force unaware. The
“volunteer/staff” civil attorney was looking for slaves for personal profit like many attorneys do, establishing status at
Listening House among a public as “master,” especially with a group of people who have the longest history of slavery;
women, who were willing to sell themselves back into that slavery for better social status at these facilities among a
client population that also has a history of slavery; African-Americans. Notice what was wanted wasn’t the slave
groups, but the professional enslaved in effort to achieve what was desired. The professional refused, but later was
forced, due to circumstances that could once again be exercised by others, against him. When this becomes a repeat
process, a major problem has developed; institutionalized slavery cultured on a local neighborhood level. This is the
primary factor that makes indentured servitude difficult to escape; entrapping. It spurs on a black-market that later self-
feeds itself back into existence unaware to a public. Imagine how this affects families producing our future; our children
who will eventually establish our country, especially when approaching the possibility of many national ground zeros
based on similar levels of destitution, rather than levels of wealth in years to come.

     Destitution has always been about race. It is poverty created by the reproductive habits of ethnic groups. The
reproductive habits of ethnic groups have always been about family. If one’s family is not of the slave culture, Planned
Parenthood is applied when rearing children. This means the number of children birthed is dependent on career assets
based on training or education acquired through families, especially during times of extreme wealth. Doctors give birth
to doctors to safeguard family medical practices, lawyers give birth to lawyers to safeguard family legal practices,
accountants give birth to accountants to safeguard family accounting firms, and shopkeepers give birth to shopkeepers
to safeguard family businesses; shops. This historically has been the backbone of America, establishing our bread and
butter, mom’s apple pie values making our country great. This historically also protected family wealth and bloodline for
survival, allowing a strong nation to continue growing strong. The children were often home schooled beyond a public
education in effort to protect the so called “tricks of the trade,” with the common number of children usually two or less
to sustain a good future. The idea is quality. “Quality” sustains a community. This quality maintains good social
networks for a nation through neighborhoods. This historically sustained our country’s future and national bloodline.

     The problem is Saint Paul Minnesota historically---like many other areas---has not been a community developed
around these values. It has been a community developed of large family units. Some of these family units have been
as large as twice to three times the children suggested. This indicates something different that runs deeper, influencing
local civic and civil politics related to our United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights, more personal on a local family level
inside the individuals establishing the families that make up a community.

If one’s family is of a slave culture and has a history of not only feeding into the culture; perpetuating it with as many
participants as possible to farm personal assets, but also feeding off the culture; farming out kids and/or adults for profit
by farming the assets of other’s, sometimes there is no Planned Parenthood involved or even parenting for that
matter. Children are just indiscriminately birthed based on whatever immediate subsidies are available and sometimes
not even that. The idea is the more the merrier. If hard times are faced it doesn’t matter, because “We can always
sacrifice or sell the children to eat.” The common number of children is usually three or more to fully stretch a social
network. Depending on labor demands the numbers can double as high as six or more. Time capsule television shows
have mirrored this culture with syndicated series aired publicly of The Waltons, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family
and My Three Sons etc…

   The idea is quantity. “Quantity” profits from this kind of community. Profits are better secured invading a social
network rather than sustaining it. Under these circumstances some have been selling themselves into slavery for so
long, the labor of their children is no longer desired, due to unanticipated changes and technological advances in
today’s modern jobs market. Not only are we no longer picking cotton by hand anymore, but our society has drastically
jumped from agrarian to industrial, suggesting we aren’t even growing much of it these days having to be picked either
by machine or hand. In fact the “Spinning Jenny” is not only obsolete, but is extinct with her handpicking agrarian
industry, now evolved into the new subsidized welfare industry, perpetuated by our new level of national poverty.

  This is important, during the economic difficult times associated with our Great Depression of 1929, with our society
mostly agrarian, we had a way of sustaining. With our society now mostly industrial and facing similar conditions, the
same means for survival doesn’t exist, especially with our national economy now global rather than local as in
1929. What happens to the people our culture so blindly reproduced according to an outdated agrarian mentality?

   These children and adults who are forced to model or menace for subsidies to survive must now be tolerated by a
public, raising some very old yet prevalent 1865 United States Constitution Bill of Rights concerns, especially with
Minnesota’s regard to how The United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights relates to the civil/legal rights of a public. This
document provided the very moral fabric that dressed and defined our country nationally, especially when dealing with
global matters be it trade or war. We don’t go to war to kill people; we go to war to “Protect the United States
Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Our biggest concern should not just be in dealing with the
nation smashing monsters overseas threatening us, but with the small politically infectious ones allowing poor civil
mentalities to perpetuate themselves, to the point of courting community starvation and homelessness nationally.

This is when some very unusual things happen in our neighborhoods. Our over populated slave market becomes
stagnant. Slave demand stops completely for a nanosecond, until reignited again with greater fury and force for the
same slavery with higher expectations; exploitable professionals.

    The indentured servitude market from neighborhood street to Wall-Street to Senate blows up at twice the magnitude;
doubled, on a three base system of value for the same servitude mentioned at a cheaper price. Slavery at this point is
no longer an issue of just destitution, but a matter of a dual value yielding an overall single value making up this three
base system. The two values (dual values; balanced) making up two of the three bases is “more leisure” and “better
production,” with a quality base to improve both at the expense of compromising another human being to secure
“affordability;” making up the third base and the final third (and overall) single value desired. What drives this American
mentality is the accepted standard in our capitalistic society that in some social circles “leisure time” establishes
prominence, rather than “productivity” establishing prominence in other social circles.

     An example of this is how the white-collar field; employees who perform knowledge work, verse the blue-collar field;
employees who perform manual labor, (both descriptions are over simplifications that can overlap, but necessary for
explanation) compete for earning potential in a single society. The leisurely whether white-collar or blue-collar enslave
the productive whether white-collar or blue-collar---through extreme means (if necessary) ---without the productive
aware, rather than appropriately purchasing the productivity, which would fuel an economy. All of this done to afford
quality personal time; leisure, as if we were a country made up of Hollywood movie stars.

    Hollywood is an excellent American medium market for image, which greatly defines us for a sense of direction
when needed, but isn’t an industry reliable enough for supplying the appropriate national standards that make a country
great. Leisure shouldn’t be a base for anything economic. Rather than creating an economy of profitability, created is
an economy of affordability to lowest bidders globally.

We need to understand, wage affordability is far more possible for someone who is an exploiter rather than an
employer, especially during financially difficult times. This flourishes a field of employment predation for survival on a
commercial level, where job candidates become prime choice targets for national consumption; economic
cannibalization. The productive never see it coming, while the leisurely have all the time in the world to execute, leaving
the productive figuratively sitting on a cold autumn placid lake in the middle of duck hunting season, like a live duck
among decoys (just waiting to be shot at), with the hunter eyeing the fall majestic scenery (slipping back and forth from
brief moments of slumber) hoping to seize that moment.

   If one sits real still, maybe he or she will not be seen while peeking behind a small forest of floating decoys, eyeing
the situation with silent, anxious, wide eyed, terror ridden, incapacitated, anticipation. Sooner or later you have to eat
and so does he. Is it possible to sneak away undetected? What can the productive do when so vicariously suspended
among an evitable fate of floating decoys; the leisurely?

    Sometimes it is good to do absolutely nothing at all but wait, but for how long? One could try and figure out what
class he or she fits into, in effort to prepare for what could happen on that placid murky cold employment pool,
comprising America’s many lakes of uncertain death, harboring today’s modern jobs market.

    Ironically, fate once again is decided by leisure, only this time with an extra savory twist for flavoring. It isn’t the
hunter’s “leisure” as he nods off momentarily behind the elusive sites rifled at the public from his ominously present
hidden camouflaged employment duck blind, but your “leisure”---suspended on that pond on vacation either by choice
or enforced. Some individuals will travel, sit at home or just sleep; leisure as implied by an indulgence; a pleasure, as if
actually accomplishing something, while others will engage in personal projects; starting and/or finishing something, like
home improvement, building something, painting a room etc… completion, production, productivity; establishment, yet
both will derive a similar sense of pleasure returning to work the next day; a strong since of accomplishment (strange
yet true). This is the fundamental polarity that splits the very social nucleus making up our communities throughout
America, sparking the class warfare that has blown our workforce---time and time again---clear off the level
economically secure pond of global success, lost into that national turmoil forest of recession, with one social class quite
literally enslaving another, or else sending the work elsewhere, usually to a worst third world condition located or
developed locally or far off-shore to another country or province, yielding no long-term avail for anyone anywhere with
anything economic.

    It is this kind of class warfare that gives rise to sponsored slavery in America; a desire for better servitude for
less. Sponsored slavery then gives rise to national economic depression as careers are farmed out to lowest
bidders. This transgresses poverty as a contemporary economy shifts to third world. With destitution spreading due to
the economic shift worst then another earthquake, the new market explodes like a fledgling black hole formed in space;
swallowing entire solar systems, more specifically the local economies of other countries, with future hope resting on the
recent enslaved third world burdened with the labor; those who could afford to under bid, intoxicated by fear of poverty,
death, disease, starvation and/or an insatiable desire for lost power, to come to sobriety and request once again like
those before them livable global wages, suggesting another long financial hurricane to be weathered due to an
imbalance (Proverbs Chapter 11, verses 1-3 has merit here; “1. A false balance is an abomination to Yahweh, But
accurate weights are his delight. 2. When pride comes, then comes shame, But with humility comes wisdom. 3. The
integrity of the upright shall guide them, But the perverseness of the treacherous shall destroy them.”), suggesting we
aren’t looking at anything new; we are looking at something old, still evolving---reestablishing civilization.

Our nation has a longer history of economic recovery rather than economic success; a longer history of
imbalance. Balance is what is needed. Balance is what will inevitably happen. Balance is what capitalism
prevents. More money is made exploiting imbalance; buying for less and selling for more. When there is nothing left to
buy or sell a ground zero has been obtained, once again resurfacing indentured servitude, suggesting a recycling of the
entrapment; a value that should have been extinct a long time ago persevered along with the indentured servitude
market that sustains it.

    Indentured servitude like this, primarily social or family based can be avoided. All one has to do is find a place to
hide. Stay away from the social groups and avoid the families involved. The true problem is far more serious. It is too
large to escape from and more than just demographic. Historically the plantation was the primary location and
institution where indentured servitude was housed, almost hidden under the noses of a public. This is important,
because what can be hidden; housed away from the public, can be protected and perpetuated throughout a community,
without a public knowing; therefore serving as a greater threat cloaked.

    Historically other than capitalist farmers, these institutions have been city, state and federal correctional facilities,
migratory third world employment, emigration and lucid immigration law applications. Now it is transitional housing
shelters and drop-in-centers as suggested before, only with another extra twist of irony. These facilities are not the
monsters we should be concerned with when dealing with indenture servitude/slavery and the economy. They are the
caves or lairs where the beast resides, with the multitude of inappropriate client, staff, volunteer and public, functioning
like infectious parasites on his thick dark hide. The true problem (the beast of the pillage so-to-speak) exists with the
September 27, 2009 publication by the Business Insider entitled; The Money Game, “Getting the unemployment rate
back to 5% in 5 years would require average monthly job creation of 250,000. The average for the major boom of the
1990s was 150,000. The average for the past 30 years has been about 50,000.”

       What this suggests with today’s unemployment rate nationally as of August 26, 2010 with 500,000 new people
filing for unemployment; suggesting conservatively half a million more jobs vanished from our economy, is that we are
not talking about a minor economic recession anymore perpetuating indenture servitude. We are talking about a full-
blown national depression spurring us nationally into slavery. This is important, because the problem isn’t recognizable
enough to solicit the appropriate support anywhere, yet severe enough suggesting this should be considered, thus
creating a situation of impermeability due to invisibility---inflicting greater harm cloaked---suggesting invincibility.

    This is primarily due to our governing bodies both local and national, although not wanting to advocate a resurgence
for slavery (due to a rising national poverty level), needing to provide a false appearance of economic security---to
stimulate public spending and investing---to aid in economic recovery (avoiding the national appearance of economic
insecurity), which would create the national hording that perpetuates economic depressions, frightening spending and
likewise investing. Needed is also enough of America’s vital economic assets local so that we don’t become a
purchased suburb owned exclusively by another country, thus jeopardizing the existence of our very own culture; social
extinction. It is as if the umbrella of the falsehood manufactured designed to protect us from the dangerous rays of light
(a truth) that could burn us like exposed vampires to the morning sun (covering up what monsters we have been in the
past), has incubated a gigantic mosquito bleeding us dry as a country of the vital corporate blood comprising our

    We have to call it what it is nationally to at least deal with it appropriately locally; not a mosquito or a vampire, but
another major national economic depression, greater than the Great Depression of 1923 in ways (Proverbs Chapter 21,
verse 28 has merit here; “A false witness will perish, And a man who listens speaks to eternity. ”), suggesting some
practices should have ceased a long time ago. At the rate things are going we may soon become that suburb of
another country---which is too bad (I like being an American). In fact I really love it, but what is the sense when the bill
of rights designed to protect and define us as citizens is compromised, further perpetuating a national self-destruction

    Facilities are needed to protect the public by providing a safe rock-bottom from the disenfranchisement that ensues
after these kinds of conditions, if not immediate at least future long-term. This would keep a seasoned workforce
preserved for any economic recovery when needed. This should be what transitional housing shelters are designed
for. This should be what any shelter is designed for. This should be there purpose when managed. This isn’t always
the case. This is because poverty pays the bills here where employment is a mask for integrity to solicit funds. This
doesn’t mean employment under these circumstances should be discouraged. It is after all the only solution country
and institution have out of an economic depression cloaked as a national recession. Welfare likewise is the only
alternative left for those who have worked for years, now disenfranchised by present economic conditions. It assists a
healthy national nutrition rate needed for any country to be strong. Welfare’s people like employment also contribute to
a nation’s wellbeing, considering no one can accurately predict the future role they may have to play to safeguard
society’s survival.

      Considering the welfare/employment oil and water mix legislated “imbalanced” on a civic level throughout all fifty
states comprising our nation, created is an adversarial condition ideologically generating a dangerous internal threat to
our country, which could destroy us in the end considering the global threat created by China’s
success. Welfare/employment should provide the primary balance to maintain any society’s nutrition for survival, which
isn’t happening in the United States, but is happening in China.

     The reason for China’s economic success over every country on this planet is because of her superior nutrition as a
nation: 1) China’s infrastructure better markets her population to fulfill employment demands for nation sake “through
her people,” 2) China’s government exercising restraints on human reproduction or births, insures appropriate
assistance networks be it food, shelter, education, work, etc.., better positioning China for economic success “through
her people,” 3) China’s political ideological model of government assuring national self-preservation insuring dedication
to her citizen’s and country, further safeguards all three of these variables “though her people,” thus protecting
successful endeavors for decades to come. Our core value of capitalism administered today seems to be an attribute to
national self-cannibalization.

    Considering China’s new global economic superiority, concern should be exercised over China’s geopolitical model
of government when dealing with the public, especially when according to a December 09, 2010 report submitted by the
CNN Wire Staff entitled; Empty chair will represent imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner. “Nobel Peace Prize winner
Liu Xiaobo will be represented Friday at the ceremony bestowing the honor by an empty chair, the second time such a
symbol has been used in the event, the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee said Thursday. Thorbjorn
Jagland; chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee told reporters that the gesture is not a protest. ‘It is a signal to
China that it would be very important for China's future to combine economic development with political reforms and its
support for those people in China who are struggling for basic human rights,’ Jagland said at a news conference.”

     China’s response to the ordeal appeared as if this were a political attack from the west directed toward the east,
indicated by the countermeasures the country took, according to another December 09, 2010 publication by The World
News, written by Jeremy Page entitled; Nobel Ire Increases in China, “BEIJING---China blocked access to several
foreign media outlets, intensified a crackdown on political activists, and fired a fresh salvo of criticism at the U.S. on the
eve of a ceremony Friday marking the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo, a jailed Chinese dissident. A
hastily established Chinese organization also held a rival ceremony Thursday to present the inaugural "Confucius
Peace Prize" to a Taiwanese politician---even though he was not present and his office said he had no plan to accept
the award. A handful of Mr. Liu's overseas-based supporters, meanwhile, began arriving in Oslo for a ceremony that
has triggered a global schism between mostly Western democracies on one side, and China and a host of
predominantly authoritarian governments on the other. China has refused to release Mr. Liu or allow his family and
friends to attend the ceremony. It has also pressured other countries to boycott the event. Of the 65 Oslo-based
ambassadors who were invited, 20 at least will be absent---double the number last year. Beijing expresses anger over
global calls for the release of imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, a day before he's set to receive the

    It appears the highly appraised economic success of one country, regarded less favorable as far as human rights,
has catalyze another political cold war far worst then the last one experienced with Russia, with us---The United States
of America as a global power---on the losing end due to apparent infrastructure problems, which don’t seem to exist in
China or maybe do, based on a western perspective. Out of fairness to China, politics appeared played behind the
awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize, considering last years recipient was Commander and Chief of one of the most
powerful militaries in the Western World, next to China’s military; one of the most powerful in the Eastern World,
according to Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia, who tells us “The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to U.S.
President Barack Obama ‘for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between

      It seems from a western political ideological standpoint with an objective eastern view, one awarding of the Nobel
Peace Prize Award has crowned a proverbial defender for global democracy; a modern version of Western Civilization’s
“Saint George the Dragon Slaying Knight;” U.S President Barack Obama, ordained into knighthood to protect the world
from those pesky dragons pillaging and terrorizing international landscapes of concerned villagers everywhere, with the
second awarding of the Noble Peace Prize Award identifying the proverbial “Gigantic Fire Breathing Beast of Dread,
Fear and Doom to Western Civilization;” China, growing in power and strength behind each local pillage, resting in her
lair for the final global plunder.

    Since when do international peace awards (supposed to exercise a degree of cultural moderation globally)
incorporate these kinds of personified “Beowulf” themes of old English literature into a modern second millennium earth,
plagued with heated polarized politics awaiting catalyzing the end of civilization as we know it? Doesn’t anyone really
read The Bible anymore? Before vanities escalate us into World War III, I wonder if I could get a shot at submitting
something on a more literary note---a true life’s work inspired by true love---in hopes of fulfilling true world peace, and
maybe qualifying me too for one of those Nobel Peace Prize Awards many just seem to so vicariously bump into lately
these days, while walking down the street of a nation’s capital or through the courtyard of a nation’s prison system, at
least before ole Saint George and the Dragon bring about the end to the world as we know it.

     What is the since of awarding a Nobel Peace Prize when it exasperates conditions that will not allow anyone around
in the world to share it with like Julia? I may not know much about global politics, Nobel Peace Prizes, truck driving or
even the economy for that matter; most of my career has been spent manually laboring for American Corporations
producing the United States gross national product that was successfully sold globally to pleased consumers
everywhere, establishing the true value of a strong American dollar historically, not as the head of state somewhere or
even married for that matter, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to try. I feel the idea has merit, is noble, sincere, well
worth perusing and should be seriously considered. I wonder what Julia thinks about that? Do you think she’ll say
yes? I’m really hoping so, (I do!). I’m sure Mr. Daisaku Ikeda as Educator, Buddhist Philosopher and Peacebuilder,
third president of the Soka Gakkai (value-creating society) and founder of the Soka Gakkai International would agree
with me. This is called Kosen-rufu, which is an important part of Nichiren Buddhism at the very least, which is the
realization of a peaceful society. A society designed to sustain healthy relationships like marriages, world peace, civil
humanitarianism etc… over a future of cold war and conflict.

     There shouldn’t be anything wrong with these kinds of endeavors, especially if true love based? What would be the
bases for any objection to the ceremony? It should be a sure thing, so I really shouldn’t have anything to worry about in
theory at least… (right?). With the present economic situation of Western Civilization as of 2010 and as the last breed
of true blue working class heroes (more real to life than Beowulf), I think I’m well prepared for any rejection that may
follow… until then---at the very least---that doesn’t mean I don’t have the freedom to at least think or even dream about
it… (yea?). Dreams are still okay… (aren’t they?). Maybe they can even be obtained… (and what the hell is exactly is
wrong with that!)?

      What is needed starting with the United States, beginning with the facilities mentioned in Saint Paul Minnesota
along 7 Street---for national economy sake, as other states or countries follow suite---is a happy medium between
employment and welfare at all 501C3 non-for-profit transitional housing shelters and drop-in-centers etc.., suggesting
segregation. Segregating employment and welfare would allow for a healthy coexistence, allowing both necessary
institutions needed to safeguard a county’s national nutrition rate needed for success a chance to flourish, yet isn’t
considered due to financial funding selfishness. Welfare so far has evolved into a form of impropriety; modern image
piracy, used to subsidize activities considered rather questionable at these institutions. Employment used as a mask for
integrity at these institutions; covering up this mentality, forms an evil that could put an entire economy at risk. When
times are tough economically, employment should have priority over welfare, the same way an enlisted member would
have priority over a civilian during a time of war, which isn’t considered at the institutions mentioned, yet should be.

    Employment is trustworthy, requires no supervision, spend less time at the facilities daily, short-term and long-term
as opposed to welfare making these facilities an extension of home and personal life; just hanging around or subsidizing
a check that penalizes for employment. The understanding that employment compromises welfare under these
conditions is known as the great American welfare principle; “forty acres and a mule,” which according to
encyclopedia.com was “a phrase echoed throughout the South in the aftermath of the Civil War, asserting the right of
newly freed African Americans to redistributed lands---particularly those plantations confiscated by U.S. troops during
the war---as compensation for unpaid labor during slavery,” birthed from our very own abolitionist movement, which
ironically challenged and supposedly ended American slavery years ago. The irony is this is now the primary drive
creating our nation’s poor economy and giving indentured servitude her resurgence.

    The great American welfare principle is no stranger to people of destitution. It is the driving force behind the practice
of slaves reinventing slavery to remain on the plantation. Think about what the women mentioned earlier claiming to be
rape victims were trying to do? They were trying to carve out a tolerable plantation existence; an American welfare
principle applied as among the funded elite. It is this principle that is protected at these institutions, because it helps
secure funding. It is also this principle victimizing national employment, creating the human supply of individuals willing
to do almost anything to get away, in hopes of acquiring true American freedom, whether expensively purchased or
ruthlessly over worked for, contained in our United States Constitution, perpetuating indentured servitude/slavery under
the conditions mentioned. This furthers our new national economic depression through these institutions, making life
very difficult for the employment based people of the economy everywhere.

    At the Dorothy Day Center, if employment had something to complete on a deadline using a computer, employment
would have a very difficult time doing this with the computer lab provided, because the hours of availability are based to
accommodate funders on tour and welfare based clients; leisure of the facility at the convenience of a general public,
rather than an employment based client’s need; production or productivity based on commitment to a timeline. The
intrusions in the lab (when available for employment) become difficult to tolerate with deadlines pending. Concentration
is barely limited to an hour. The feeling must be “slaves have no need to concentrate on anything for more than one
hour, unless manual labor oriented, and does not involving thinking, which certainly wouldn’t involve anything that has to
be completed on a computer,” so who cares (get use to the locked door, buddy). Better availability to a computer lab
away from this kind of public would help, but isn’t always an option.

   Welfare at The Dorothy Day Center has keys to the lab, or knows someone who will open the lab for them on an
individual bases. Employment isn’t afforded this. When it becomes apparent that a transgression has been inflicted
through apathy; lab unavailability, then hours are posted in writing to cover-up what happened, like many things---just in
case a concerned public inquires. Until then the hours were told to employment, were said to be available as promised
to employment, but this wasn’t the case with now an overdue project pending.

      Similar circumstances happen at the Lifetrack computer lab on University Street right across the street from the
Sibley Bike Depot, and are covered up in the same fashion. There are even similar annoyances; loud conversations
about boyfriends, African-American based soul music played on a radio etc… In fact on December 10 , 2010, 1:00 pm
Friday at the Lifetrack Lab, the lab assistant was an hour late, resulting in the lab closing to the public until her
arrival. Two male patrons where forced to wait until 2:00 pm, where upon the lab assistant’s arrival, all three entered
the lab to find one of the female patrons already in the lab on the computers, and had been there since 1:00 pm. On
March 9, 2011, one of the Caucasian female staff or lab assistants (she didn’t wear anything specifying her role with the
institution) during open lab hours afternoon, bought a client into the computer lab and conducted an informative
interview with this client (who could barely understand what was being said, because of his foreign status), creating a
distraction for the other patrons using the lab.

    The truth of the matter is how many clients in a public computer lab are actually trying to proof read an entire book,
before returning back to looking for work, in a very predatory jobs market? How many people at a public shelter---
during a major economic depression---are still looking for work, in a very predatory jobs market? Is it rational to expect
organizations to monitor all annoying behavior conducted by clients and staff to accommodate one person, who hasn’t
given up yet? How predatory can a jobs market be, to create these kinds of situations?

    Thursday, March 10, 2011, James Joyner’s Outside the Beltway Blog tells us “Wisconsin Passes Anti-collective
Bargaining Bill. The nearly month-long standoff in the Wisconsin Legislature over explosive union rights legislation
rocketed toward a dramatic finish Thursday after Senate Republicans outmaneuvered their missing Democratic
counterparts and pushed through the bill. The dramatic turn of events late Wednesday set up a perfunctory vote
Thursday morning in the Assembly on the measure that would strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from most
public workers. Once the bill passes the Assembly, it heads to Republican Gov. Scott Walker for his signature.”

     Being a “working class blue color man,” I’d like to take some time out to explain to the reader exactly what collective
bargaining is, and what this all means publicly. Collective bargaining (as mentioned prior) is negotiation between
organized workers and their employer or employers to determine wages, hours, rules and working conditions. When
our country was first starting out (before it was acknowledged as a country, after the American Revolution; the war
between the American colonies and Great Britain (1775-1783), leading to the formation of the independent United
States) American citizens having problems with Great Britain would walk or ride out of town, pitch assembly tents to
discuss rationally what should be appropriately done, and then exercise measures deemed necessary for survival. This
was (and is) called assembly; collective bargaining. This acknowledges the very first formation of American Unions to
date, and defines greatly the purpose unions fulfill today. Great Britain (as a result) displeased, would force the citizens
out of the tents, arrest them and burn the tents; denying a public the right to assembly; collective bargaining.

     After the American Revolutionary War, which gave these citizens national freedom as members of the independent
United States of America; the very first amendment put into the national constitution acknowledging their status as a
free country, covered specifically “this right to assembly.” Argo, the right to assembly; collective bargaining rights;
unionization, is protected by law under The Federal Constitution of the United States of America.

     Basically, Wisconsin republicans violated the federal constitution; federal law, by denying certain state employees
collective bargaining rights; indicating exactly how predatory our jobs market has become. Whether or not this is final
would depend on Wisconsin’s governor. He has to sign the bill before it can become a state law, which could become a
national law as other states follow suite.

    Friday, March 11, 2011, according to the Associated Press; “Wisconsin Governor Strips Collective Bargaining
Rights From Public Workers.” This illustrates exactly how predatory the job market has become; one great big huge---
employment---trap (to say the least). There is still recourse that can be taken, but that doesn’t matter. Indication of
inappropriate motive has already been proven here, suggesting as of 2011 when the public in America returns back to
work, not only are citizens compromising pay and benefits, but also basic human rights, under present conditions.

     Whether the core behind these inconveniences is racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, back-round
discrimination and/or harassment etc… to fulfill promissory obligations, employment will now have to go to the public
library to accomplish what is needed, yet again to no real avail.

   When employment is on the computers at the public libraries of Saint Paul Minnesota, the female librarians perch on
employment's shoulders to peek at what employment has on employment’s screen, similar to how downtown pigeons
attach themselves to an important statue of prominence, erect publicly in the middle of a city park or town square
congested with traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian. Welfare doesn’t have this problem like some form of pigeon
repellent. What welfare has on welfare’s screen is of little interest to these female civil hooligans. For some reason the
interest is in employment’s screen. To describe the experience, it is like going to the public men’s room to use the urinal
and while urinating, discovering a female librarian lecherously standing in line behind you trying to peak at
genitalia. The purpose of this isn’t openly expressed, but the violation is felt, with a sense of perverse gratification
displayed by these gender beasts. In fact keyboard reading under this premise, is the equivalent of using a set of
calipers to get a measurement; fundamentally violating, and should be covered under a bill of rights
somewhere. Appropriate filter screens and filter settings would alleviate this problem immediately, but would then take
away from this vicarious voyeur pastime pleasure these female civic thugs indulge in so much, out of a strong sense of
personal civil maliciousness directed toward a certain public.

    At Listening House, transportation and clothing are important to everyone whether maintaining employment, welfare
or staff. Employment in effort to achieve what is needed for transportation, has to build and maintain a bicycle to meet
demands winter, summer, spring and fall, sun, rain, sleet, or snow. When clothing starts to stink to the point the female
librarians notify security to have employment removed from the library (because of this), Listening House will do
absolutely nothing for employment. When welfare decides that welfare wants to do what employment is doing,
Listening House has plenty of whatever is needed to achieve whatever is needed. What they don’t have they can find,
even if it means offering personal rides in vehicles inside and outside of work. This is because the support of
employment or the image of is far more marketable than actual employment itself when money is concerned. It is
difficult to fund what isn’t seen just hanging around routinely, on a daily bases.

    Welfare is always around to be accounted for if not in person, as a matter of record when applying for
assistance. With the present housing crunch, these institutions are showing up more as domicile for many welfare
recipients. When welfare works, welfare continues to return to these facilities to subsidize habits both legal and
illegal. Slave conditioning breeds plantation dependency in this fashion. After all, this pays the bills. This is the great
American fact behind the great American principle of welfare; employment isn’t wanted or supported when it comes to
these kinds of politics. This escalates to the point where welfare will actually take the bread that employment eats in the
evening, when returning to Listening House to hopefully watch the evening news on television---to see what is
happening in the world around him---and feed it to the birds out of spite. If asked why welfare is doing this to
employment, the reply with a heavy Asian accent is “Because the birds don’t have jobs”---as if offered was an
acceptable excuse for inappropriate menacing behavior institutionalized at these facilities.

Mary Hall connected with Listening House inside the same building and established directly with The Dorothy Day
Center will openly do nothing for employment unless employment signs up for welfare as directed by Mary Hall during
The Dorothy Day Center’s Evening Program. When this happens, employment is no longer employment. An identity
has been lost. Integrity to an inappropriate cause has been obtained. This suggests locally, some members of the
public have been “welfared” for so long by community, that a major industry has developed to cater just to them,
because of their recognition in the local system considered an added plus when public funds are allocated.

   This rewards laziness as the funding cow mentality is cultivated with graze, (come in to eat) graze, (come in to sleep)
graze, (apply for benefits) graze, (come in to get cleaned) graze! In fact, there are even incentives for
participation. After a period of time chosen funding cows; Golden Calves, get upgraded to the coveted position of
House Negro; where they no longer have to remain on the pastures grazing, because they are afforded a home to live
in with fielding privileges secured; where if they want, they can return to the pastures amongst the funding cows to
indenture up some personal servitude amongst the herd---institution backed! During the Listening House Safe Waiting
Program in the evenings, one of the female staff gives an official announcement that always insists that if any of the
funding cows have an alternate place to go to during the evenings---because of the crowding that occurs during cold
weather---they are “expected to leave or else will receive a two week bar from Listening House and all Listening House
services,” thus supporting the personal indentured servitude industry well established through these facilities. So as
one can image, the competition for these positions can be quite fierce. On a daily bases it isn’t uncommon to see two
cows going at it head-to-head over preferred grazing privileges, established by staff and institution. Some will openly
play guitar, sing, dance, draw pictures etc… to covet favor from the institution masters; staff and/or volunteer for a
preferred indentured status. As a result---migrating on the sidewalks consisting of the new pastures of indigence---this
becomes a form of community job security be it money, food, housing, medical, drugs both legal and illegal; off market,
which gives rise to addiction, prostitution and drug dealing, further enhancing funding as rehabilitation funds are
solicited locally, to the point an establishment of ill repute is “plantationed” into existence and publicly marketed.

This is what plantations have been historically. The mentality of these facilities is never intentional. The slave mentality
inadvertently acquires available resources to perpetuate itself as a market of poverty sustains it, transforming public
non-for-profit establishments into community plantations housing the mentality. Transitional housing shelters and drop-
in-centers have recently been acquired by this nation's new age of servitude, spurred on by an invisible national
depression. None of this is ever planned. It just happens. If it is what the community wants to see it will be what is
afforded, therefore funded and produced. Manufactured is what sells. The community will buy what it wants. It will not
buy what it doesn’t want. So what is produced is what is wanted, even if ill reputed---especially if ill reputed.

    At the Dorothy Day Center this community apathy awards a license for production with project development starting
immediately, nonstop---twenty-four hours a day--- (seven days a week) three hundred and sixty-five days out of the
year. This newly fervent commercial drive of local community commerce instantly reflects itself cognitively through
product standard policy applications, embellishing consensus profanely, sprayed like a huge dog lifting it’s gigantic leg
to secrete a malodorous pheromone to mark personal territory, like on a local city fire hydrant, only this time on a city
shelter’s wall, in the form of not a stain, but a mural---a project’s highly revered commemorative demographic
acquisition---so greatly appreciated from all the local facilities, the producing client was elevated to shelter staff status at
Mary Hall. The mural obviously serves as a trophy. The question is what kind of trophy and for what?

     There are many things peculiar about this work. There is no signature or date on it. The rewarded artist didn’t sign
his master piece for probably three reasons: 1. he probably didn’t want the public knowing what he was involved in, 2.
he probably didn’t want the public knowing what the institutions are involved in and 3. he probably didn’t want the public
knowing how his involvement has rewarded him at the institutions and the institutions themselves. A signature and date
would make the piece contractual, suggesting public responsibility; accountability, where if it is criminal is it a good idea
to sign something like this? His personal blueprint to success, this piece of community accepted artwork, displayed for
all prosperity to see in grandeur on the Dorothy Day Center’s wall, functions not much different public image wise from
The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island in New York, only greeting emigrating destitution to the three institutions mentioned:
The Dorothy Day Center, Listening House and Mary Hall---like New York to America’s historic maritime refugees,
establishing part of our American culture with,

                                     "Give me your tired, your poor,
                             Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
                               The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
                            Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
                                  I lift my lamp beside the golden door."
     Created artistically is a neighborhood front porch for something very different from a civil perspective, a public’s
“statute liberty;” slavery. If anything suggests an inappropriate 13 Amendment violating cultural practice, here it
is grand standing like some Los Vegas casino billboard, advertising community based immorality---openly and rather
casually---and in doing, so luring a public inside routinely on a daily bases to secure profits in this fashion (openly and
rather casually).

    The work is huge and colorful (yellow), dominating an entire room and its occupants, dwarfing the mural size portrait
of modest Ms. Dorothy Day herself; disdained, located on the other side of the room, thus removed. Depicted in the
middle of the mural mirroring the facility, painted gold from head to toe like the Golden Calf of Aaron described in The
Bible (in the position of most prominence in the piece), is an African-American man with greater stature then Jesus the
son of God himself (also depicted in the work). The African-American male staring at Christ appears to be affording a
condescending smile toward “Jesus,” when factoring in what is going on in the rest of the work. Jesus, (placed outside
of the work in the lower front shadows, as if in front of a projector screen displaying the mural behind him) appears
exiting the ordeal in disgust toward the right, displeased in demeanor. In front of Jesus in the back-round staring at him,
is what appears to be a Mexican-American or Asian-American man smoking a cigarette, while urinating in front of or on
the feet of Christ. In the area toward the left of the work, is a cross gender Caucasian male walking with a Caucasian
happy hippie type, who is flashing what appears to be the peace sign with his hand or hands, to the near right of (what
vaguely appears to be) a male and female couple necking. To the lower left of the cross gender Caucasian male and
the happy hippie type, larger in proportion by comparison, thus appearing closer to the viewer is another African-
American male, only he is wearing an apron, walking toward the viewer with a staff radio outside of the apron in the
area of his crotch. From a distance---in this area of his crotch---the staff radio forms a square hole in the apron, where
viewed is this gentleman’s genitalia exposed, with highlights included (to more accurately define the shape of his penis
for the public to see).

     When someone enters the establishment from the front doors of the atrium area, this image is viewed directly in
front of them from across the room as if on a painted stage, with the viewer’s eyes placed at crotch level--- factoring in
distance. To the right of the center of the work on the “Let Peace Reign On Earth” post, viewed are two people having
sex with their clothes on in an alley fashion, with the female appearing Latino or African-American and the male
appearing either as the African-American male with the staff radio or any other hippie type. The hair is the giveaway
here. It has a curly Rick James like characteristic.

     Viewing the illicit activity taking place on the “Let Peace Reign on Earth” post is a group of haggardly Caucasian
females sitting on a bench (waiting to participate) forming a line, with an older female at the very end of the bench
wearing an American flag draped across her shoulders grinning strangely like the rest of them, suggesting more is
implied other then the obvious; she appears to be masturbating or to have just masturbated with a stick she keeps close
between her legs. To the right of this sex-train scene in the corner of the work, is an attractive Caucasian female staff
member in appearance, giving an inviting look and pointing in the opposite direction, as a way of condoning the activity;
providing privacy, yet inviting the viewer into it. The overall appearance of most of the people in the work is that of
drunk, high, or drug addicts.

   How long has something this obscene been placed on the wall at The Dorothy Day Center of Saint Paul Minnesota;
a state’s capitol? Considering the snide, confident, condescending demeanor displayed by the average African-
American male directed toward the public at The Dorothy Day Center and other establishments openly acknowledging
daily their institutionalized worshipped status as among the funding cow elite of Aaron’s Golden Calf Club, probably for
quite some time. Some of their highly vocalized cries of peril expressed when they don’t get what they want
acknowledge this. Affirmative acclamations of “We are royalty!” “We are kings!” “We are kings of kings!” “We are gold!”
“We are golden!” suggesting, “We set the rules or hold the standard; the gold standard,” “We are D.D.C.” The mural
has been on the wall since 2001. A little shocking? From an artistic perspective it does an excellent job of illustrating
something noticed that is very real to life in a particular environment. From this stand point it is phenomenal
artwork. The question is does the location where it is displayed publicly suggest appropriate use? If so, what purpose
is fulfilled here?

Keep in mind that on a plantation slaves have no real rights no matter who they are and are often the target of the
abusive behavior of that community, which serves as an irony considering the diplomatic banner hung outside the
building by the front door during the last National Republican Convention of 2008 held in Saint Paul Minnesota; “Our
political agenda: food, shelter and dignity,” which should read “Our political agenda: ‘plantationed’ welfare, sex, drugs,
and crime for the community.” The worst part is the subject matter of the piece is based demographically on The
Dorothy Day Center’s courtyard, suggesting exactly what is produced for the public held by the eyes, but not
spoken. To understand how intentional the mural is choreographed to indicate an illicit community message of
impropriety advocated to the public as a way of securing financing; looking at the work the color fluorescent green is
used only once. It is about the same color green as the dollar bill. It can be seen glowing from the necktie of a man
fondling with another man in a homosexual manner just right of the “Let Peace Reign on Earth” post positioned exactly
in front of the modest mural size picture of Ms. Dorothy Day looking away. All of this inside an institution just a few
blocks from the state’s capitol building and courthouses.

Some of the officials of the courthouses in the immediate area make an effort to politically appear each year at The
Dorothy Day Center during lunch to feed the shelter clients food and cigarettes. The unknowing existing subject matter
of the mural on the wall hidden from the court justices as they volunteer time and resources in the courtyard to this
public, functions as a way of spitting in the face of these honorable public servants, to include our politicians as they
make attempts to reconcile with a community some view as oppressed. This is precisely what brings welfare based
people from all fifty states, willing to engage in all kinds of illegal or unethical activities for these institutions, bill boarded
publicly and supported.

    If there were any community objections, time was afforded to speak up and have the matter dealt with
appropriately. No such thing has happened, suggesting the real problem exists among the fetishes of an entire
community local and national, and not just among client, staff and volunteer. Community standards established through
these kinds of values have been known to define shelter purpose in the past. Communities will support what they want
to see, like murals. Not all attributes establishing these values are sexual as implied in the artwork. Some attributes are
non-sexual, which is far worst then sexual, because they remain hidden in the shadows like the true threat to our
economy; unseen, unnoticed, invisible, yet felt and witnessed to directly dictate policy at the institutions, to the point of
covering up continually racial, sexual, back-round and background harassment at these establishments among a public

     Think of how long the true subject matter of the mural has been covered up? Why would personal abuses to
community slaves be different? Would the public care, especially if the abuses where fetish based non-sexual cloaked
with sexual overtones, which is what some love to see? Isn’t this exactly what a public usually pays to see for
entertainment; an adult freak show of poverty and oppression live daily? It suggests a stronger fetish hidden
somewhere responsible for the creation of the events resultantly unfolding; the puppeteer of the public kink present so-
to-speak; the Carlo Collodi’s Jepetto of the Pinocchio, the Mary Shelley's Victor Baron Von Frankenstein of the monster,
the bitch of the biblical beast responsible for the birth of impropriety plaguing a community, growing national soon to
become global, the tip of the spear of Longinus propelled by the advent of a new national poverty level piercing the right
lung of a God fearing nation. What is it? Where does it come from? What does it originate or germinate from?

      “It” is known as slumming, which is someone who derives a strong sense of pleasure sauntering them selves in
front of, being close to or in proximity of, involved with either directly or indirectly the poverty present at these
institutions. This is the real heart of the problem. This is the real Minnesota behind the state. This is the real
community making up Saint Paul as indicated by the existence of the mural on The Dorothy Day Center wall. The
sensation described behind the kink is the thrill one would get standing at the end of a long line, being allowed to walk to
the front of that line all day, or the thrill walking through a door the public isn’t allowed to walk through all day, or the thrill
eaves dropping on a conversation that doesn’t involve them all day, or the thrill becoming a public sex symbol like
Brittney Spears or Lady Gaga when not quite as attractive as either (all day). With this come the numerous volunteers,
staff, clients and community people---in an almost festive mood---enhancing personal sensations, wearing everything
from fancy to provocatively tight clothing, or anything to convey significance or prominence in front of this public
enslaved, ensnared because of a poor economy, making the conditions of America’s new national poverty level
rampant, surfacing throughout the communities and neighborhoods of families consisting of The United States’ new
public; a citizenship of the encaged, the oppressed, restricted, the no longer free; incapable of getting away due to a
newly poor status now confirmed, becoming a census bureau phenomenon---a growing national statistic---locally,
flourishing an industrially “horticultured” garden of the damned; the civilly restricted, the circumstantially imprisoned, the
socially buried alive, like in some quicksand tar pit trap in a country’s quickly developing backyard economic marsh,
soon to become national to the point of global, suggesting resurgence rather than extinction of another backyard
industry; slavery, establishing the entrapping nature of indentured servitude.

      “When it comes to the institution of slavery, Northerners; view hicks as religious fanatics,
     Southerners; view yanks as minority worshippers, with the Midwesterners in the middle objectively
     admitting; both sides secretly would like to own one, not having the commonsense to realize this
     could be them. frg.

          In order to understand the punitive nature of indentured servitude, it is important to take a closer
     look at something known as state civil violations industries. During a time when an economy is not
     good, often state governments will practice violating the civil rights of a public in effort to drive away
     citizens the state doesn’t want around and to make money from citizens the state does want in the
     form of issuing tickets, fees, fines, taxes etc… If indentured servitude were to exist, theoretically so
     would this industry allowing indentured servitude to flourish. Indication of whether or not a state is
     functioning in this manner surfaces with how certain laws are applied or reapplied (in particular but
     not always); traffic laws.

          Illinois Governor. Rod Blagojevich on January 30, 2009 was impeached. He was caught trying
     to sell the Illinois senate seat formerly held by President Barack Obama of The United States of
     America, rather than appropriately appointing someone to the seat, before the Illinois Senate Office
     went up for public election. His impeachment was an indication that the state of Illinois had made the
     shift---to a “state civil violations industry”--- and was trying to rectify the problem. Confirmation
     surfaced immediately after Mr. Blagojevich took office as Governor of Illinois. Many Illinois
     citizens of 2003 when renewing motorcycle licenses where confronted with some puzzling questions
     risking the renewing of their licenses, the safety of the public, and possible qualification for
     inappropriate fining and/or ticketing. One of the questions on the test was: When riding a motorcycle
     on the street or road and a dog chases you, what course of action should one take? 1) Slow down. 2)
Speedup. 3) Maintain your speed. 4) Pull off to the side of the road. The answer should have been
3) Maintain your speed. 2003’s test stated, 4) Pull off to the side of the road. This question with a
few others caused many in not renewing their motorcycle licenses. It also created an awkward
situation for not only the public taking the test, but for the test examiners giving the test. Anyone
who rides a motorcycle knew the test was wrong. The only recourse offered was to reread the book
and retake the test, with 2003’s Illinois Rules of the Road Book bearing the name of Mr. Rod
Blagojevich himself as the new Governor of Illinois (the prior example question wasn’t in the book).

     Witnessed was a shift to a state civil violations industry, where now dogs had greater legal
consideration than some citizens. Think about what would happen if a motorcyclist pulls off to the
side of the road or street with a dog perusing him; not only does he run the risk of being attacked by
the animal, but so does his passenger. Think about the complications created with all the traffic
operating in the immediate area; vehicle and pedestrian. Traffic laws are designed to protect an entire
public objectively. When state governments make the shift from a civil rights industry to that of a
civil violations industry the first indication is usually in how traffic laws are applied, or in this case
reapplied. They don’t function in the manner suggested; protecting a public, and are the bases of civil
law suits. Citizens should have a Fourth Amendment Right under the Federal United States
Constitution to feel comfortable with personal effects, like driving a motor vehicle safely for the sake
of not only themselves and passengers, but also for the sake of the general public, without fear of
inappropriate ticketing or fining for doing so, or more importantly inappropriate redefining of local
traffic laws that could result in a higher mortality rate, be it dog or citizen.

     Considering this theory, if indentured servitude as a violation to the 13th Amendment actually
exists, there should be other indications that a state civil rights shift has taken place, using the state
civil violations industry model applied here directed towards Minnesota. Under ideal circumstances
and convenience a civil violating traffic law like the Rod Blagojevich “motor canine law” would be
perfect. However, we would need a traffic law far more serious than this Illinois Governor’s labeled
legal farce, which could have been a minor logistical mistake at a single driver’s license facility
anywhere. We want something more deliberate, state local; renowned nationally that could
contribute to an increased mortality rate locally, possibly national as other states follow suite.

     On December 31, 2010, Eric Roper of The Star Tribune wrote an article entitled; Drivers, No
More Blocking the Box, stating “Minnesota drivers should keep four words in mind before hitting the
roads in 2011: Don't block the box.
A new law takes effect Saturday, January 1, 2011 that prohibits drivers from entering an intersection
if they are unable to pass completely through without blocking cross traffic---sometimes referred to
as "blocking the box." The gridlock-fighting measure, already law in other states, is one of several
new laws passed by the Legislature that will hit the books the first of the year. What is the penalty for
blocking an intersection? Representatives of the state, Hennepin County and Minneapolis were
unable to say yet just what it will be. But violating the law is not grounds for suspension or
revocation of a driver’s license. "It's really common sense," said Minnesota State Patrol spokesman
Lt. Eric Roeske. "You shouldn't enter an intersection if you can't get through it. But unfortunately that
common sense isn't always practiced."

     As a class A truck driver I’d like to take the time out to explain what “Blocking the Box” is, why
or when it is practiced and the purpose it fulfills. When approaching an intersection with a green
light and with the right of way established, blocking the box is when a driver for the sake of public
safety stops in the intersection, waits for an appropriate opportunity to turn left at the intersection,
therefore not colliding with oncoming traffic and has opportunity to visually check the lane he or she
is turning into for obstructions, obstacles, pedestrians and conditions. In the event oncoming traffic is
too busy to allow the left turn to take place, the driver sits and waits for the light to turn yellow,
where oncoming traffic legally has to yield the right of way by not entering the intersection, thus
allowing the driver time to make the left turn safely and slowly in two safe segments---rather than
none---before the light turns red. The problem with blocking the box occurs when oncoming traffic
breaks the law by (instead of “yielding on yellow;” not entering the intersection on a yellow light)
speeding up or accelerating through the intersection on a yellow light in hopes of beating the ensuing
red light. The reason blocking the box is practiced is because it allows certain vehicles that are larger
than normal, loaded and/or slow to acceleration, opportunity to make the necessary left turn needed to
not hamper traffic flow or cause accidents (especially during wet, snow or ice conditions). These
vehicles include fully loaded tractor trailers, school buses and vehicles driven by parents occupied
with children and/or other passengers etc... Blocking the box prevents accidents and traffic grid lock
situations, ergo “saves lives and time.”

     The only time blocking the box doesn’t work is when oncoming traffic is allowed to drive
illegally by entering, accelerating or speeding through intersections designated by yellow lights,
rather than yielding the right of way. Nationally, states’ laws inform us that all drivers are supposed
to yield the right of way on yellow. The question is as indicated by the apparent blocking the box
problem, why isn’t this happening? Here is indication of a state’s shift from an industry of civil
rights to an industry of civil violations. Think about the legal right citizens should have to operate a
vehicle safely for the sake of driver, passenger and public alike. How is this legal right---even when
operating a bicycle---not compromised under the circumstances created by January 1, 2011’s No
More Blocking the Box law?

     What is more evident of a state civil violations industry shift is what is reciprocated from January
1, 2011’s No More Blocking the Box law; Accelerated Blind Left Turns. An “accelerated blind left
turn” is where now due to January 1, 2011’s No More Blocking the Box law, drivers must attempt to
make left turns at intersections accelerating through the turn in effort to not only beat the ensuing
yellow or red light, but to also beat oncoming traffic; going through intersections with no decelerated
safety segments to allow visually checking lanes and road conditions for making a safe left turn. This
creates a civil loaded gun situation, where obtained is the opportunity for a motorist to run others
over, be it vehicle, pedestrian or other.

     Studying the situation with the aptitude of a third grader, one can conclude the only law that
should be enforced is “yield on yellow,” not “no blocking of the box” as of January 1, 2011. As
Minnesota State Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske said; "You shouldn't enter an intersection if you
can't get through it. But unfortunately that common sense isn't always practiced" pertains here,
however doesn’t appear appropriately applied; evidence of the existence of a state civil violations
industry. With the industry indicated, propagated is a civil environment germinating the possibility
of indentured servitude/slavery.

     Historically, indentured servitude’s punitive nature has always resided in the relationship
depicting the servitude. Throughout time the relationship that best reflects the mentality of
indentured servitude in America, would be the relationship an owner/master would have with his or
her dog; living ownership of another living organism controlled and/or trained. In fact in pop-culture
a figure of speech used to express this type of close commitment relationship is coined behind the
term “dawg.” Today’s indentured servitude/slavery demands a better analogy.

     “Falconry; 1. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Falconry) the art of keeping falcons and training
them to return from flight to a lure or to hunt quarry, 2. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Falconry)
the sport of causing falcons to return from flight to their trainer and to hunt quarry under his direction,
3. the sport of hunting with falcons or other trained birds of prey, 4. the training of birds of
prey. Some views of falconry state that the art started in Mesopotamia predating The Bible, some say
that it started in the Far East, suggesting again Biblical predating. The earliest evidence comes from
around the reign of Sargon II (722-705 BC) before the birth of Christ,” according to Wikipedia the
free online encyclopedia. Looking deeper this practice could be older than the written record of
mankind itself. Here is the best relationship describing today’s indentured servitude/slavery.

   Falconry is the practice of enslaving another organism to an existence of servitude to benefit a
master/falconer or one that breeds and trains this. It is quite literally the process of mentally breaking
down another organism over a period of time into sitting vulnerably blindfolded on the leather gloved
hand of a falconer/master, thus unaware of any opportunities for individual or independent existence
afforded the organism due to the use of the blindfold placed on the organism’s head by the
falconer/master, where upon only at the falconer’s/master’s discretion is the blindfold removed to
reveal just enough to the organism to perform the bidding of that falconer/master, where the fruits of
the spoils go primarily to that falconer/master and not to the organism. The organism is capable of an
independent existence of autonomy away from the falconer/master, but is intentionally denied this
due to the selfish values of the sport or recreation. All of this done in effort to achieve ranking within
a particular social group or society. “In China itself the culture of falconry once occupied a very
significant role---there are many historic remains in literature, poems, painting and porcelain
describing it in the culture of the imperial family, the nobility through the social life of the ordinary
people. Chinese, falconry had an inseparable relationship with politics and power and written records
that goes back prior to 700BC,” according to the I.A.F; The International Association for Falconry
and Conservation of Birds of Prey.

   Keeping this in mind, non-for-profit organizations comparatively function as hatcheries, securing
the broods, psychologically housing this mentality on a human scale, with the welfare based clients
functioning on an institution level like carrier pigeons; keeping contact with the various black-
markets sustaining an organization stretching through neighborhoods throughout all fifty states, with
the employment based clients struggling with the economy functioning on an institution level like the
wild falcons mentioned; seeking and obtaining employment for survival from all fifty states,
suggesting a hidden macro connection as far as non-for-profit facility relationship with our struggling

     Proof of this hidden macro connection is evident with the recent national trend of reduced violent
crimes. As more people fall to the level of shelter existence, theoretically we should also see a drop
in a national crime rate; if shelters are the best factor in crime reduction? Since shelters are the best
factor in reducing crime rates (proven statistically nationally), we have seen a national drop in violent
crimes as of 2010. The problem with shelters is as the falcons seek and obtain what is needed for
survival; employment, possibly spurring on an economic resurgence, the laws of common sense are
reapplied with the welfare based clients and the staff deep inside developing an innate
fear. Depending on the political wind flow these employment birds of prey may very well replace or
supersede them within a community, creating problems for facility credibility outside of national
statistics, especially with the present economic crisis pending as of 2010 and 501C3 non-for-profit
institutions being covertly welfare based. Anything welfare based, although great for crime
reduction, doesn’t work out well for the economy, unless people are given the freedom of upward
social movement financially, which doesn’t often happen, because of primal jealousies that are
welfare based prevalent at these facilities with institution staff, volunteer and client.

   As a result, what is wanted by welfare based clients and staff under these circumstances and for
institution sake, is as many wild falcons enslaved/domesticated to an institutional falconer’s
mentality; the multitude of employed people dependant on shelter resources, justifying staff, client
and institution existence; “We fulfill a purpose here due to a national crisis. We’re not freeloading or
taking advantage of anything or the image of anyone here. We are living proof of just how difficult
life is out there.”

The problem is the mere nature of employment incubates a strong desire for emancipation from this,
suggesting a basic conflict of interest. Implemented as a result, are constant efforts to break the very
spirit or resolve of the falcons; the employment based, to breed dependency in them like the carrier
pigeons dependant on the institution. In doing this, a threat to economic recovery is engineered,
perpetuating recessionary circumstances. In order to have true economic recovery an economy must
be based on individuals emancipated from this dependency, not conditioned by it. Nationally we’ve
only been hit with the storm’s preliminary rains. We haven’t approached the eye of the hurricane
yet. Until then, due to mild recessionary symptoms of a failing economy, a form of institutional
falconry civilly violating by nature flourishes, spurring on indentured servitude/slavery.

     To locate the source of this mentality to reveal its true penal nature, we must find where the
relationship institutionalizing the culture is housed for the public. We would want something that
suggests a strong belief system. We would want something national and local, yet hidden (due to
legality), resilient to surroundings, suggesting adaptability; being very applicable, suggesting
practicality or usefulness; defining a microcosm to a macrocosm, to a civilization of (highly
personalized) service. Belief systems of this magnitude are (often) mirrored by the philosophical
value of a public’s manner of worship (highly personalized), in the form of religious sacraments

     This shouldn’t be considered anything unusual or new. In Christianity a sacrament is “a rite
believed to be a means of or visible form of grace; a sense of fitness or propriety.” The feeling is “if
a practice is endorsed somewhere in the history of a church literature, then it is safe to engage in or
incorporate as a routine part of life.” In this fashion sacraments form ideological molds into
reality. According to Aurelius Augustinus, Augustine of Hippo (354-430); saint and the pre-eminent
Doctor of the Church in concordance with Roman Catholicism, a sacrament is "a visible sign of an
invisible reality." (Under these circumstances one could say the same about slavery.)

     Religions specialize in sacraments. Some sacraments are in writing, some are implied, yet
receive the same degree of reverence, especially among those secretly perpetuating a culture. The use
of sacraments, especially in the form of pledges or vows; implied sacraments, has a distinct history of
enslavement; (more specifically) enslaving those self-emancipated from the mere social groups
establishing the women and minorities historic to slavery. This is known as White Slavery; pure

    The most famous example of this in Western Civilization is with Prince Vlad III of Wallachia
(1431- 1476) enslaved/indentured by a royal order or vow out of Western Civilization’s concern for
another pending invasion originating from the east, resulting in not only his death, but the death of his
wife, followed by a western based public farce; a ludicrous, empty show; a mockery, designed to
destroy reputation after death; a curse. Oppressive religious reigns generate oppressive vows in this
manner, establishing oppressive use of power institutionalizing this mentality; the enslaving of only
the capable and empowered. Mere groups of women and minorities rarely have a history of affording
what an entire nation may need at a single moment for survival catalyzing the practice, capable
individuals self-emancipated from these conditions have, whether woman or minority.

    Considering this nature of indentured servitude, it is time to give America’s abolitionist
movement concerned with slavery a lengthy over-do overhaul; a better sense of redirection for
credibility, due to an escalating condition that should have been extinct since 1865, now sustained as
a personal money train at the expense of those who’s efforts hold the key to our country’s freedom
and success; the capable, the empowered, the self-emancipated (whether woman or minority).

     With “indentured servitude’s punitive nature residing in the relationship depicting the servitude,”
greater significance is placed finding the actual indenture/contract framing this relationship. This
document specifically, would not only describe the relationship depicting the servitude we are
interested in, but would provide the concrete evidence needed for handling the matter.

     Since the practice of indentured servitude/slavery is against the law according to the 13th
Amendment ratified in 1865, a closer look is needed to find the contract; the indenture, to reveal
punitive nature. If something is illegal, participants will hide it, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t
exist. In the example of a servant indentured for truck driving, the contracts or indenture outlining
the servitude are the tickets framing the activity of the truck or driver employed. In the example of a
servant indentured for sex, the contracts or indenture outlining the servitude are the credit card
receipts framing the conjugal activity employed. Both are examples of servitude among enclosed
social circles hidden from a public establishing cults, which have a history of church association
within communities that hold these kinds of practices sacred---even if illegal; housing the

   Cults are notorious for the tendency to deviate from Biblical orthodox Christianity to achieve what
is wanted. This behavior provides the clue. Why the deviation? What are they hiding? Why are
they hiding it? How are they hiding it? In order to illustrate unrecognized living conditions in the
United States allowing indentured servitude to flourish into the first decade of the year 2000, spurring
on an extinct European industry in America, suggesting a cultural practice evolved, we need better
then tickets and credit card receipts. We need actual indenture; indication of stiff penal actions
exercised (record) against a public.

     This document should describe favorable conditions condoning the slavery, penalties affording
structure; suggesting management, and a statement of purpose to establish understanding of what is
openly afforded a public. This document should not only be highly revered, but recognized; famous
amongst the culture that covets it for the power it can ruthlessly wield. It should have historic
reference, revered today unchallenged---that many would die for---further establishing the
invincibility of any industry spurred into existence by it. It should have common usage (referenced);
prevalent among many households, even those who don’t perpetuate the culture (non-believers); sort
of like a “When in Rome do as the Romans do” kind of mentality, or else prepare to be cut-down type
of invoked fear. Most of all, it should have a direct lineage up to the present of perpetuating into
existence the very industry we are stating; indentured servitude/slavery. This document, this sacred
material, this living contract, this official transcript of inquiry, known formerly as “The Books;”
renowned for its ability to keep a traveling nation intact and in order (on the move and still moving
today); this philosophical focal standpoint for all of Western Civilization (as we know it), now
governing greatly American culture future (as we knew it as of today), is (and has been) renown more
formally and known even as of “now” (today) ---always and intimately---amongst those who covet it,
both secretly and openly, everywhere across our great and beautiful planet as; The Bible.

     Statement of purpose establishing understanding of what is afforded a public is found in
Ephesians Chapter 6 verse 5; “Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the
flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto: Servants, be obedient to them that
are your lords according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the simplicity of your heart, as to
Christ.” This is further supported by commandments designed to structure an entire society around
these values, found in Exodus Chapter 20 verses 2 through 17, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s
house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox,
nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.” The penalties affording structure, (establishing
management) is covered under the accounts of Moses in The Bible, where concerns or issues are
cordially presented to Pharaoh, where after doing so the presenter based on faith to the indenture
waits for the ten plagues to come (official appropriation). Remember, Moses didn’t make it to the
Promised Land. He died in route, so one could be in for a long wait. The favorable conditions
condoning slavery would be covered under the accounts of Joseph in The Bible, who rewarded was
put in charge of all of Pharaoh’s affairs; the non-for-profit staff and volunteer base. Amazing is how
many non-for-profit staff and volunteers got their start as clients. Even more amazing is the unusual
high degree of reverence they all have for the literature, although they do not practice the precepts
ordained by it.

   Merely finding an indenture like this isn’t good enough. It is about as significant as finding a
weapon involved in a crime. More is still needed to prove bases for punishment (or at the very least)
---a very penal demeanor shaken menacingly towards a public at full length. With a master’s whip
found, needed is location and reason applied for motive; The Salvation Army on West 7th, The First
Lutheran Church near Metropolitan State University on East 7th and The Jesus Truck that feeds at The
Dorothy Day Center on West 7th.

    These three institutions; fundamentally religious, function secretively like the enclosed circles
establishing cults locally. This is important, because developed is organization due to a common
alliance, with directive due to common motive; secretive, thus dangerous, like a newly released alpha
predator amongst a field of grazing sheep, with a public hiding; too intimidated to acknowledge

     The “directive;” (would be) “because of the impropriety institutionalized at the other facilities…
(which obviously don’t know what they are doing…) our community servants/slaves need
redirection… appropriate with scripture; the official indenture, The Bible; our biblical beliefs.” This
in return would spur on a movement throughout an area never completely noticed, but very well felt
to be present, similar to the big brother sensation experienced during our cold war days with Russia,
with ourselves as a country comparatively young and immature, (still developing) like the targeted
public described here. This is significant, because this type of “merk” emitted from a single area isn’t
limited demographics. As a result, incubated is something extreme, fortified behind efforts of many
capable individuals, not always isolated but strategically placed anywhere, in a fashion similar to a
cloaked crusade that could go on unnoticed for years, like a mounted Angel of Death on the rove; a
Tarot---community fashioned---card thirteen.

     Motive is important here. A statement of purpose establishing what is afforded a public comes
close. This shows profit objectives. This doesn’t establish “an emotion, desire, physiological need, or
similar impulse that acts as incitement to action.” There is a difference between declaring oneself a
marijuana dealer in effort to make sales, from one who just deals marijuana. Money isn’t always a
motive. There could be other motives. With slavery there is no real money made in the production or
sale of the servitude. Money can be made behind the savings provided by the labor, if one where in
the market to purchase and employ. This kind of purchase and employment is still illegal;
unconscionable, therefore how can one make money in a market that doesn’t officially exist? What
would constitute taking the extreme risks? There are funds awarded through the funding cow
mentality through community politics. However, these funds don’t make facilities fortune five
hundred companies substantiating risk, especially with slavery.

Looking at the heart of the matter, none of this is of real concern, considering the actual nature of the
true problem within the beast. Slavery inside a community, especially among the institutions
mentioned, establishes a needed sense of grandeur within a public of low self-esteem, due to false or
insecure religious beliefs, by offering ownership or control over another, and/or with one feeling
similar value owned or controlled by another as outlined in the history of The Bible. Raised are
issues of faith, where needed is motive in writing, suggesting these issues in faith exist and are
experienced---offering greater perceived rewards self-awarded while enduring; enlightenment,
motive; “substantiation of risk.”

     Cults (local) specialize in this (motive; “risk substantiation”), addressing issues in faith
(secretive), because sometimes what is happening is often illegal (affirming redemptive quality;
enlightenment). They are notorious for scripture use designed to address everything for whatever
purpose for whatever reason, justifying actions to a public under any circumstances, even with
actions construed as illegal; especially with actions construed as illegal. The right cult literature will
provide the right proof of motive needed, like the correct technical manual supplies the correct
solution to a problem. Desired here is motive contemporary not historic as in The Bible. This would
show an unrecognized living condition evolving, allowing indentured servitude to flourish---even
today---a lineage suggesting ancestry, culture, government, heritage, ethnicity, morality etc…
establishing the present existence of an alleged truly black-market industry (from the past as of today,
strong), found once again, in a book (once again, amongst Christian circles) entitled; The Dark Night
of the Soul.

    According to The Dark Night of the Soul by Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia, “The Dark
Night of the Soul Spanish: (La noche oscura del alma) is the title of a poem written by 16th century
Spanish poet and Roman Catholic mystic Saint John of the Cross, as well as of a treatise he wrote
later, commenting on the poem. Saint John of the Cross was a Carmelite priest. His poem narrates the
journey of the soul from her bodily home to its union with God. The journey occurs during the night,
which represents the hardships and difficulties the soul meets in detachment from the world and
reaching the light of the union with the Creator. There are several steps in this night, which are related
in successive stanzas. The main idea of the poem can be seen as the painful experience that people
endure as they seek to grow in spiritual maturity with union in God.” From this we get the book
incorporated as instructional religious material by the Roman Catholic Church available at online
book Dark Night of the Soul by Saint John of the Cross, OCDwww.catholictreasury.info/

   Other churches use this literature. The premise in the book is there are again two "dark nights" (or
times of spiritual bleakness) a person travels through to come to union with God. It is during these
times God refines and perfects the spirit of man. The term has become a metaphor to describe a
phase commonly experienced though rarely spoken of; few admit to moral or spiritual weakness
marked by a sense of loneliness and desolation where if not destroyed shall become or made stronger
by it---or at the very least changed as if appropriately transformed. It suggests a period of hidden
vulnerability, where actions could be questioned and intentions scrutinized when there is a need for
control, where moral integrity is not guaranteed. Not everyone makes it successfully through the
period. The ones that don’t rarely admit to it and practice coveting the secret for acceptance. This is
important, because shame based vanity is manifested, rather than altruism true religion advocates.

    Slavery at this point develops redemptive characteristics, due to poor spiritual conditioning
associated with a hidden perceived type of spiritual poverty, especially with those claiming “We are
at the end times;” because things aren’t going well personally for them at their institution, suggesting
their life and religious beliefs are the only ones that matter to a public. To save face, the suffering
they are going through internally (or publicly) in the form of self-doubt, is viewed from within as
aiding in the enlightenment desired (or promised). What this means is public proprietors, instead of
becoming a target of public doubt (especially if in leadership or management roles), will cloak this
malignant condition with objectives obvious; ethics and motives forming to masters; slavery
proprietors, for a self-perceived redemption from hidden malignant spiritual conditioning, in an effort
to maintain needed respect, although already rewarded in a position civically by local established
authority; with the resultant mentality enforced on a client, of perpetuating a similar scenario---only
not as master, but---as slave, inspired by an opportunity of the same servitude fitting for the slavery
suggested; with difficulty (or suffering assured---or promised) to achieve that greater union with that
higher power, in effort to gain the respect equal to or greater than someone like Jesus himself;
enlightenment, or any perceived said higher power, due to a common mutually hidden spiritual

   Sometimes referenced throughout the ordeal is Christ’s experience carrying and dying on the
cross. In the mural on The Dorothy Day Center’s wall, the African-American male depicted has
greater stature then Jesus Christ---positioned as if inconvenienced carrying an invisible cross; both a
greater symbol of worship and respect, other than this African-American depicted in the
mural. However, Jesus was never a slave, unlike the history of African-Americans, so offered
through the present indentured servitude; slavery, provided in the mural among these institutions
(especially amongst the African-American community) is the chance to not only get even or on the
same level of stature with someone revered (perceived as probably a different race; playing into the
racial values of slavery), but to possibly surpass him in honor, due to a perceived greater hardship,
with greater worldly rewards awarded without having to die for, afforded through greater oppression
by becoming this slave, especially for said institutions. Remember, Jesus never was nor ever owned a
slave. With the greater hardship established, greater is the perceived rewards awarded, spurring on a
cult industry of indentured servitude/slavery.

   Considering this, it makes sense to incorporate a belief that would supersede a national law. This
would establish a more powerful form of therapy, by religiously cannibalizing a greater worldly civic
and/or civil respected belief, the way a self-made vaccine cannibalizes a dead virus; in hopefully
producing a more effective powerful cure (established redemptive quality); by establishing a stronger
sense of sacrifice, thus reestablishing a weak faith into a strong one, due to the risk involved,
especially if peppered with obscenity for flavor for the local public, thus making everything more
fundable and marketable. An example of this would be some of the debates conducted around the
issue of abortion with these groups. It is like saying; “Okay… lets all sit down and take some time
out to discuss what is passing between my wife’s, girlfriend’s or daughter’s legs with me and hey…
how about some pictures to boot!” It is a form of political pornography or prostitution under this
pretence; sickening, but damn good for funds, attention and public ratings.

   Cannibalization of a greater law or a moral code becomes evident here, thus establishing the
needed (greater) faith for freeing “Dark Night of the Soul” symptoms. Served up on a dinner plate is
the fundamental recipe for many illegal Christian cults, engaging in the bombing of abortion clinics,
slavery for child molesting, and mass suicides, as with groups like The Army of God; known
nationally for the abortion clinic violence, The Brach Davidians in Waco Texas; known nationally for
the child molestations mentioned, and the Jim Jones South American Jones Town Massacre; known
nationally for the mass suicides. Greater the perceived risk, greater the rewards awarded, greater the
path to enlightenment obtained or awarded; the need to be closer to said higher power.

What would possess someone in taking the risk of painting an obscene mural on The Dorothy Day
Center’s wall? More importantly, how is someone rewarded for this? The answer is, with the desired
risk taken, not only have the individuals involved perceived themselves as closer to said higher
power, but considering the success afforded by the community secrecy provided; is probably sitting
on said higher power’s lap every night of sleep. The support offered from all local institutions---
individuals and authorities in not saying anything---establishes community cult affiliation. The
mentality is, anything God centered, even if false, emancipates institutions and individuals from
“Dark Night Conditions.” What this does is spur on an industry of religious civil and/or civic
exploiters; zealots.

This is how a chief philosophical deity responsible for the cultivation of Western Civilization can not
only practice what it preaches based on an indenture designed for slavery, but can advocate
redemptive qualities through the practice (even if illegal), as indicated by the development of the
supplemental literature of “The Dark Night of the Soul,” suggesting “redemptive risks exercised”
have a history of not only being employed globally, as exampled by the “religious inquisitions” and
“religious crusades” that have shaped the history of Western Civilization, but will more than likely
continue to do so throughout our neighborhoods nationally, due to a similar need to ascertain strong
religious faith during weak economic times.

     After considering the “redemptive risks” of The Dorothy Day Center’s mural with the perceived
payoff; self-enlightenment and/or community accommodations substantiating cult development, let
us take a look at the circumstances leading to the senatorial election fiasco/cover-up during the fall of
2008, at the Saint Paul Minnesota Salvation Army on West 7th; an official polling site for voting for
the immediate public (a mirrored mentality of all local facilities---501C3 or otherwise), where at the
very least, this public service provided objectivity should have never been sacrificed for this kind of
higher power, illustrating indentured servitude’s punitive nature.

     Keep in mind, living during a time when people are losing jobs and homes due to public policies
indirectly or directly voted into office, theoretically we should see more voters turning up at the poles
voting, to hopefully solve a national problem locally, by correctly voting. The decade’s economic
casualties can no longer use the excuse that they missed the opportunity to do so due to work or
decided to stay at home because of weather. What was witnessed to have taken place at the Salvation
Army during the elections of 2008 and effectively covered-up by the entire community still today,
suggests public and/or community based hazing of registered voters hampering voter turnout
everywhere as poverty levels escalate across the nation, implicating another monster unleashed
pilfering the milk and honey coverts of the land of the free, confirmed now by the indication of the
existence of an indentured servitude class of citizen showing up at the poles to vote, especially in
states like Minnesota.

    We need to understand what is really coveted here. What is desired but not really wanted is
welfare’s mentality “plantationed;” to qualify for better funding for institution, minus a perceived
negative. Publicly rewarded was the “yes sir boss mentality,” sort of like a “just point and grunt”
level of employment; very remedial with no skills, other than the complacency for taking direction
behind an extended finger of authority---accomplice with throaty uttered emissions expelled
continuously---all day (yea!). Old slavery master based loved this. The new age of slavery has no
need for it. The demand for today’s jobs market requires something more capable of filling
production quotas, financial assistance qualification, and under bidding a market of cheap labor.

    Wanted are thinkers and creators with initiative and job skills; employment based, affordable as
possible; enslaved or indentured, due to a major economic crisis created from a major global financial
shift. Wanted isn’t the sense of establishment or self-independence of spirit individuals acquire
through employment history, especially with “Dark Night” conditions prevalent at many institutions
with staff, volunteer and client. It is this very “sense of establishment” that was the backbone of our
labor unions, now no longer wanted for similar reasons, desperately needed for these reasons;
attacked! Fed into scenario as a result is the desire for welfare dependency with employment
marketability, for the ultimate end product of better community based indentured servitude/slavery---
fit for national economy consumption---localized. Historically, it isn’t uncommon for many things
national (almost considered foreign), to become localized and well accepted (slavery). Why can’t this
idea be reciprocated? To illustrate the point; has anyone ever played soccer?

   Employment based people (willingly or unwillingly) have become important participants;
economic field players, in a prevailing sporting event more spectacular than any on the face of this
planet, played in any surrealistically sculpted sports superdome or super arena today; the
economy. The (so called) coliseums with the locker rooms where these national athletes
competitively engage in plays to hopefully safeguard the game in favor of their home country, state,
county or city team, would be the numerous non-for-profit agencies set up for this. The problem exist
with the welfare based clients, volunteers and staff, who function like spectators; just sitting back and
watching the players participate in the game of reestablishing losses sustained by today’s jobs
market. As national circumstances escalate locally, greater attention is placed on the local player in
the field, with the welfare based client, volunteer and staff, possibly considered no longer as
important. With the public enquiring who the players in the field are and how to better assist (a fan or
groupie base developed), witnessed are many spectators putting on game uniforms and selling for
funding and/or notoriety what they see the players doing, with absolutely nothing done to
accommodate the players in the field other than a lot of hazing, backbiting and hidden spite, designed
to keep them from leaving the arena; encaged, a form of psychological conditioning; mental

 An example of this would be when anything is given out, food etc... When players get served, staff,
volunteer and client make constant efforts to try and get on conversational bases, in effort to gain
what is desired. Understanding this practice compromises employment, by breeching employer and
potential employee confidentiality, the player is put in a position where he or she can not only not risk
speaking with said people, but can’t even respond to just a simple “hello” and/or “how are you,” out
of fear for what might ensue. As a result, the player will try avoiding speaking completely, resulting
in the staff and volunteers serving less food out of spite; inflicted hunger, to breakdown resistance
and breed dependency. This is what happens when an economy tanks. Under normal circumstances
this wouldn’t happen, therefore shouldn’t be an issue. Since our economy has tanked and may
continue tanking, it has become an issue, one we should all be concerned with.

Here is an example of a scenario created from institution based falconry. Just as a falconer would
employ various means to breakdown a bird of pray from resolve and breed dependency, so will staff,
volunteer and client employ similar means to breakdown resolve and breed dependency in
employment based clients---not much different from the way a pimp would exploit naivety for a field
of pornography. Some staff, clients and volunteers will go to extremes to acquire what is wanted
from the player, just to protect what is developed; a "welfared" life in the lap of luxury funding a
practice of spectatorship, at the cost of the player in the field, even if compromising the economy
itself, due to a form of coveted hidden spite; selfishness---vanity; “Dark Night Conditioning.”

     This is because as national indigence starts to level playing fields, personal integrity becomes
more notable and rewarded publicly. With shame based desire created by the “Dark Night
Conditions” prevalent; no one wants to be found so to speak, many will work hard to hide what is
inappropriately gained, especially if a privilege secured amongst the privileged elite; the welfare
based clients, staff and volunteers of an institution, that inflects great emotional pain for an obvious
gratuity; the falconry suggested. Desired is the falcon like dependency like a falcon would have to a
falconer, superimposed onto the player of the 501C3 institution, to the staff, client, volunteer and
institution to secure self-interests. Encouraged is any method of achieving this, with almost no limits
to compensate, as exampled with The Dorothy Day Center’s mural, with enticements seeming almost

Some of the attacks conducted to achieve this are subtle, subliminal and often involve other clients to
achieve the social ranking desired. The games can be petty, vicious, well thought out, well
coordinated and carefully aimed, like the attacks on privileges awarded individuals for survival at
these institutions---to include even the right to vote. The mentality is to leave an individual with the
mind set of “They can only take away what one has or is given. If I don’t have or accept anything
offered, they can’t take anything away from me… therefore they cannot hurt or inconvenience me,”
even if it is the right to vote---especially if it is the right to vote. With this reduction in privilege
acceptance; erosion of values, created is the foundation establishing indentured

 When this happens, witnessed is spectators getting fatter, better accessorized with nicer clothing,
jewelry, personal items like laptop computers, cell phones etc... more respected and adorned, as if
they are actually the ones in the field scoring and/or losing jobs affording this, while the players wear
out uniforms, get thinner, dirtier, stinky and hairier, with all the items purchased when momentarily
working, affording employment and autonomy, stolen or missing, establishing the indentured

 September 07, 2010, on a Tuesday morning at the Salvation Army on West 7th Street, a client walks
in, takes one of the breakfast plates filled with food served to the public, and intentionally throws it
into the garbage, then turns around and leaves. The staff was well informed who the client was, and
knew well the details around the incident, along with three other clients doing the same thing for
similar reasons (they were looking for someone; business). Rather then appropriately addressing the
matter with these individuals, the African-American staff member at the time chose to use it as an
excuse to scold and threaten everyone else in the room (this is better for business). He was informed
everyone else in the room had absolutely nothing to do with the incident or incidents. These other
people in the room were predominantly Caucasian, consisting of C.N.C Machine Operators, Welders,
Class A Truck Drivers, Fork Truck Operators and Warehouse Workers etc…; suggesting motive, to
establish the indentured servitude/slavery.

     At The Dorothy Day Center, when individual arrangements are made to console some degree of
freedom from the oppression implied, or maybe to breed similar dependency; when ice is afforded
out of the ice machine for a bicycle water bottle during extremely hot days of long bicycle commutes
in the sun, during the warmest month of the year for employment, which no one else at these facilities
seem interested in anymore. It is reneged depending on the harassing attitude of individual staff,
volunteer and/or welfare based client at any moment. The idea is “No one works here, so you’re not
even supposed to be here getting ice, let alone on the ice machine, so get out.” It is possible to
reestablish better understanding for what might be a minor misunderstanding, but this would require
time away from pending obligations. With not enough time afforded to readdress, which is what
seemed to be the motive; minor harassment, created was a desired inconvenience for said person for
expressed purpose, establishing the indentured servitude/slavery.

    The truth of the matter is some of the other clients (welfare based) at the beginning of the month, -
--the start to the fourth of July weekend of 2010---intentionally spat in and washed their hands in the
ice machine, just to create a problem for said individuals. Staff was fully informed who, what, where,
why, when and how, and were obligated to not give the ice out (which was greatly appreciated). The
problem is no police report was filed, no charges were pressed, no arrests made, and no prosecution
ensued, because licenses for this kind of political militancy is granted as good for business for what is
desired here, especially if it hides the real core of what is going on; the erosion of the self-
independence or spirit mentioned, establishing the indentured servitude/slavery.

   One week prior, the facility front atrium camera recorded a case of sexual/racial harassment
conducted by staff, involving someone from the outside community, which was appropriately
reported and then hidden by The Dorothy Day Center, just like the ice machine culprits and many
other incidents. End of the month June on a Sunday, while admitting the clients in during the evening
program, the African American male staff where trying to make arrangements to have sexual
intercourse with an African American female who was not even a client; just a mere member of the
outside public. They bought her in the facility, so while working they could continue attempts to
have sex with her later. She seemed to enjoy the attention and privilege. In effort to appease her, one
of the staff gave her a license to harass any one of the clients, while clients were using the bathroom
in the front atrium area. The entire ordeal was videotaped by the institution security camera posted at
the front desk like many incidents, a report was made appropriately, with the situation (like many
similar instances) just disappearing---as if nothing happened---leaving the victim feeling further
victimized. Will it happen again? What should be done if it does? All of this done to aid in the
erosion of individual spirit, establishing the indentured servitude/slavery.

 A recent case and probably not the last took place August 30, 2010, on a Monday with a Caucasian
woman suffering from a borderline psychiatric disorder. The disorder was either from her having
been at these facilities long-term, or was how she ended up at these facilities. Basically she was
asked to leave and not come back when she was upset that morning having an item missing she felt
was stolen from her purse. The problem is, the evening before and shortly after (the morning of) two
African-American clients separately expressed similar frustration over different situations, and
received greater compassion by the same staff, resulting in not being told to leave the facility. The
African-American clients even behaved more threatening and menacing. The problem with the
female, that obviously agitated staff due to her emotional condition, was appropriately handled with
the assistance of a third party. But, had there been no intervention due to concern, the woman would
have arrived the next evening at the facility---after realizing she had nowhere else to stay---
compromised. Had the same individual staff member been present, some kind of agreement would
have to be worked-out to insure an appropriate environment for everyone, which according to resent
trends hidden, could result in another rape allegation. This didn’t and probably wouldn’t happen,
however something was noticed; the stern demeanor of staff toward this woman resulting in her
inconvenience, occurred the morning of that staff’s rotated time-off from the facility, suggesting no
availability to readdress the matter appropriately later with both parties present---a stall in living
arrangements designed to agitate (often exercised toward Caucasian women African-American clients
find attractive, that don’t yield concessions or preference toward this crowd) establishing once again,
the (racial) social ranking establishing the indentured servitude/slavery.

   At The Jesus Truck, when a welfare based client is in line to receive food, he or she has a choice
of whatever is wanted as far as food right down to the type of canned soda provided. An employment
based client is not afforded this. When employment explains the diet sodas’ sweeteners offered cause
nausea and request one that is not diet, he is denied. Welfare has the choice of whatever soda is
wanted right down to the flavor, with an extra twist of irony for flavoring. Welfare with welfare’s
end of the month welfare check, can afford whatever flavored soda welfare wants with no
hassles. Employment can only afford a can of soda when employed, which is rarely while at the
facility, and is simply out of luck when between jobs, establishing the indentured servitude/slavery.

   At The First Lutheran Church near Metropolitan State University on East 7th, when standing in line
for the breakfast offered to the public on Sundays, welfare standing in front of employment is
intentionally given extra portions of food. When employment politely asks for the same portions
(because employment will not get the chance to eat lunch or dinner later on that day, due to other
obligations) the server will look employment straight in the eye and coldly say “no.” If anyone else
asks for similar portions (if they don’t get them), they are asked to come back in line for seconds after
8:30, with employment an ear-shout away; overhearing this, establishing the indentured

     It is very difficult to live with complete strangers under any means. When short-term facilities
like the ones mentioned, become long-term, due to unforeseen economic difficulties, sibling and
rivalry natured squabbles become common place and understandable, but if left unchecked, escalate
elsewhere in other ways, which should concern everyone, everywhere.

     The grand prize for this decade’s award for in your face civil rights spitting, whether over
flavored soda selection or minor ice privileges, would have to go to The Salvation Army on West 7th
Street, with the assistance this institution offered Republican Candidate Mr. Norm Coleman; who
turned out to be the biggest sore loser of the 21st century over the final vote countdown of
Minnesota’s 2008 senatorial race against political rival Democratic Candidate Mr. Al Franken. Some
of the incidents in question involved locking clients outdoors during below freezing weather, burying
chicken wings and chicken legs that are eaten with fingers under mounds of mash potatoes, and soup
spitting as an “official institution practice,” confirming the indentured servitude/slavery.

 The hostility started a couple years ago when The Salvation Army was making anti-abortion issues a
forum to shove down the clients’ throats with breakfast. The idea is “Listen up, mouth shut, eyes
open, speak when only spoken to and support at the end if you choose to… by applauding.” The
routine became so mundane that a creepy silence started to ensue after each session, rather than
applause. Due to this eeriness, one of the activists/volunteers serving breakfast, asked one of the
clients what he thought about the abortion issue. The response was, “Until you can guarantee
everyone in this country an appropriate standard of living, you have no right telling people what to do
with abortion. Abortion is a dead issue… try a living one like quality of life… and visit a local old
folk’s home or homeless shelter and live with what you see. Do you really have the right telling
people if and when they can pass, especially if failing nationally to provide a quality standard of
life? Once quality of life is guaranteed to everyone in America, then you might have some say with
abortion issues… until then you really don’t.”

   At this point invites to churches and religious groups followed, with said person playfully and
politely saying (behind a false projected image of importance, meant to be comical) “No thanks… the
indigence experienced between jobs is a reality… a full-time situation that offers no breaks
between… and simply doesn’t afford me time for anything else,” silent giggles accessorized with
smiles ensued mutually between parties involved; good-natured sarcasm, establishing at this point the
ideological oil and water mix escalating the pressurized conditions erupting, during the senatorial
election race between Saint Paul favorite x-mayor, conservative religious right winger republican
favorite---I love getting my picture taken with President George W. Bush Jr. as much as possible---
Mr. Norm Coleman, running against underdog Saturday Night Live comedian and writer Mr. Al

    Minnesota during the Iraq War had a high casualty rate amongst her reserve and national guard
troops, making George W. Busch Jr. not well liked. The many photo opportunities Mr. Coleman took
with the President didn’t help, including the state of the economy then; far worst now as of
2010. Many also viewed Mr. Norm Coleman as a “turn coat traitor,“ because he was a member of the
Democratic Party, which got him into office as mayor of Saint Paul Minnesota, and later turned over
to the Republican Party, while still in office (talk about political soup spitting). Hand someone a
political shotgun and not only does he figuratively blow all ten of his toes and fingers off; twenty
digits in all, but when it comes to senatorial election time final countdown, seems to have a difficult
time keeping track of the votes because of it, and complains publicly when each recount doesn’t come
out in his favor. Think about the type of character personified here? This is what resulted in what
should have been a blowout election with Mr. Norm Coleman the winner, not happening. Each
recount would not change this as if engaging in them would? What was really going on with each

     Unusual was, with all the new registered voters in the area, due to the long-term residencies at
places like Mary Hall, Listening House and The Dorothy Day Center (because of the poor economy),
the outcome of the election was unusually close in favor of Mr. Al Franken. It was a matter of a few
hundred votes at one point. How could an election under these conditions even come close? Mr.
Norm Coleman should have been very happy at least with the close results. This wasn’t the
case. What he did was even more shocking. His decision to openly challenge repeatedly the final
vote count, inevitably appeared as if he was openly challenging the very voting rights of that small
group of voters mentioned, who voted for Mr. Al Franken, due to party alliance. With each recount
narrowing the margin, (thus spurring on efforts even more) it looked as if the number of votes that
cost Mr. Norm Coleman the election, came directly from the people who voted from these three
institutions. This is important, because here we are looking at a community of people considered and
treated as slaves, who should at the very least have the privacy to not only vote because of the matter,
but to do so without harassment; not happening.

   Tensions started at the Salvation Army each morning during the recount fiascoes. The clients
were tired of the recounts, especially with the spread looking more as if they were the single
overlooked constituency group responsible for the Coleman lost; suggesting at the very least an
invasion of privacy as far as voting is concerned. The staff seeing the margin shrink little by little,
wanted the recounts to keep going in hopes of a win for their candidate, and relished the appearance
of the clients’ “slave vote” possibly tossed out, and really enjoyed the stress the entire ordeal caused
for the clients, with the implied second class citizenship status as indentured servants/slaves now
confirmed. What developed, was an ultimate power struggle, challenging this very social classism,
still established today; for the year 2010 was the primaries; the opportunity to choose the candidates
who will have the right to run for public office, thus establishing the base for all future public policies
local and/or national. Guess which group of people happened to be over looked? It was as if the
primaries weren’t public primaries, but secret primaries; political submarine races.

    With national problems surfacing locally, primaries should hold greater significance to registered
voters and/or citizens everywhere. Hope at the very least, provides dreams to those who no longer
have homes to sleep in at night, and for those who may lose them soon. Greater participation at
primaries at least, provides this; “hope dreams,” as in a promise for a chance at better change, rather
than more of the same, which didn’t happen.

     During these Mr. Norm Coleman “recountathons,” comments surfaced between the master/owner
staff and the community slave/indentured servant clients with “It looks more like the state of
Minnesota’s challenging a public’s right to not only vote, but to have the votes counted with each
recount.” “It’s time to admit someone got voted out of office by the public abused by his bipartisan
politics he seemed to lovingly straddle so much to begin with… and maybe face sitting (I mean fence
sitting) isn’t such a good idea when it comes to local politics for public office anyway.” Like the
straw that broke the camel’s back, the split atom igniting nuclear fusion; political E.M.P resulted,
with personal comments about Mr. Al Franken and Mr. Norm Coleman foaming vehemently from
both sides, like a brood of agitated vipers with “What’s a comedian know about running a public
office, what’s he gonna do, joke his way through the economy?” “That economy ain’t no-
joke.” “What the hell, ya voted a World Wrestling Federation Wrestler Governor, at least he’s gotten
accomplished sense of humor if that’r the case.” “I didn’t vote for him.” “I did… I thought it would
be cool---my governor can kick your ass!” “Al ain’t like that.” “He’s a clown.” “He’d probably do
more for this county then the entire republican party has done so far, all they did was put us all in the
same room together this morning, like some reoccurring living nightmare that just doesn’t want to
seeem toooo gooooo aawaaaaaay… sort of like a, red drum, red-drum redrum, redrum
reeeedrrrrruuuuum; the economy!”

     Laughter, snickers and sneers followed. A sense of poetic justice was met (even if momentarily),
with this particular gentleman along with his perceived cohorts, finding themselves locked out into
the cold Minnesota mornings before breakfast at The Salvation Army, thrown out into the same cold
after breakfast, especially on below freezing days (often), as a way of cooling down the heated desire
to address the issues, which so terribly oppressed them and an entire nation to the level of not just
national destitution, but---more importantly---to the level of a growing sense of a national pending

    At this point, at The Salvation Army as an accepted institution practice soup spiting was applied,
especially for this registered voting few, to exasperate matters more. What the staff would do is when
serving soup under a false pretence of concern for the temperature of the soup (in front of said
clients), is take one scoop of soup, put it into a bowl, show the client the bowl with a staff inquisitive
expression displayed on the face, swallow the soup from the bowl into the mouth with an expression
of certainty, wash it around in the mouth with a swooshing sound and a pensive expression on the
face; suggesting a needed public service, where after confirmation that the soup temperature was
okay and with a look of affirm and resolve, spit the soup back into the bowl in front of the client as if
it were a huge wad of chewing tobacco, then place the bowl on the same cart with all the other bowls
of soup placed out for the clients, only humanely on the lower-shelf suggesting, “You don’t really
want to see us mad do you?”

    It is almost as if the clients subjected to this, who just so happened to be the same clients locked
outside into the cold often on those Saint Paul Minnesota cold mornings, acquired lower than normal
body chill temperatures, when entering the facilities sensed only by staff, somehow consistently
effecting only the thermal dynamics of that particular part of the room, effecting only the temperature
of those particular servings of soup (which must have been running pretty cold quite a bit as far as
soup went during forty-five minutes of so many days served this public indoors), with everything
heated---including serving containers---operating well, during those almost never ending Mr. Norm
Coleman “recountathons.”

     It was as if the cold chill creating the problem was really the hidden seething freezing “Dark
Night Conditions” unknown to everyone of staff, and not anything eminently temperature related to
client or atmosphere, in relationship to those local “laws” of thermal dynamics---in particular the laws
protecting one’s right to vote. It seemed “soup spitting to assure soup temperature as an actual
institution practice” implied more than just a concern for soup.

     Some of those who volunteer at The Salvation Army during breakfast also volunteer at The
Dorothy Day Center for lunch, and at Listening House. Some of the volunteers are also employees of
the local public library system and other public offices. During the recount fiascoes, The Dorothy
Day Center for lunch served chicken wings and chicken legs (both entrée’s that require eating with
fingers), buried under mash potatoes to insure awkwardness when eating, as if they too were making
efforts to counteract body chill temperatures, by insulating the chicken in this a fashion---of course,
sensed only now by the volunteer servers instead of staff---, with these said clients’ individual body
temperatures apparently effecting only the thermal dynamics of that entire room, at that specific point
and time around those same individuals’ servings, now at The Dorothy Day Center (for lunch).

    The staff at The Dorothy Day Center where fully aware of what happened and what the
circumstances were, was convinced that there were no problems with the thermal dynamics of the
room, and that all ambient temperature readings in question were normal, yet did absolutely
nothing. Eventually the vote recounts ended with Mr. Al Franken the new “unofficial” victor, behind
a steaming stew of still resentment, with the Coleman camp not wanting a political catastrophe to turn
into political genocide, having to make amends to save face and resurrect, what may have been
cataclysmically politically destroyed forever, especially with more recounts following.

Decided was to spend some extra time campaigning, assuring a much abused community that it was
not hated or despised especially with the following National Republican Convention of 2008 (held
just a few blocks away from all these institutions) creating worst circumstances for everyone. It was
planned by the Mr. Norm Coleman crew that during Thanksgiving Dinner at The Dorothy Day
Center, not only would Mr. Norm Coleman and his entire camp serve Thanksgiving Dinner to this
impoverished politically menaced public, but would take and clean trays chivalrously afterwards; an
indication of a form of civic humanity; compassion, kindness, a kind of civil platonic (public) love
exercised during a holiday season that would advocate this, especially for those still holding public

    In the basking light of the mural on the wall radiating from across the room next door (almost
hidden) in the same building, after a history of having fluctuated the laws of thermal dynamics to the
point of effecting food servings, perpetuating unaddressed privilege fiascoes to the point of
challenging a public’s right to vote, escalating a higher level of national poverty to the point of a
national jobs market disintegrating to that of a modern treadmill employment economy (three crucial
points triangulating a very serious final position for closure), the exemplary and sincere efforts---as
genuine as they may have been---came off not as a concern for a public anywhere enlight of all that
had happened, but more disingenuous and insincere as a way of pompously exclaiming openly to
citizens across America… “How ya’ll liken ya’lls, plantations!?” welcoming not only exploitation
compromising a nation, but in closing; establishing the punitive nature of indentured servitude.

     “Plantation; a group of cultivated trees or plants. Plant; any of various photosynthetic,
eukaryotic, multicellular organisms of the kingdom Plantae characteristically producing embryos,
containing chloroplasts, having cellulose cell walls, and lacking the power of locomotion. House
plant; a plant that can be grown indoors.” House plants are not renowned for their highly elated
stunning congenial personalities, but are famous for recycling unwanted carbon dioxide into needed
oxygen. “Oxygen; a colorless odorless highly reactive gaseous element: the most abundant element
in the earth's crust (49.2 per cent). It is essential for ‘respiration’ and almost all combustion and is
widely used in industry. Symbol: O; atomic no.: 8; atomic wt.: 15.9994; valency: 2; density: 1.429
kg/m3; melting pt.: -218.79°C; boiling pt.: -182.97°C.” Oxygen allows us to breath---as in to breathe
free, as in to do so freely---as free… Americans.

  “On the subject of breathing freely, or for freedom for that matter… back in Texarkana---elated far
beyond any level of thin air elevation, be it economic or otherwise--- (with the belief that it is better
to know love---Julia---than to have never been loved before, suggesting momentary separation rather
than loss), highly improved, magnified, better than 20/20 telephoto vision optically peers into a
future’s vast horizon, underneath iron like coated, warm, rough, worn, rugged, scaled feathers that
feral over an early morning brisk spring breeze; soaring majestic, effortlessly across rustic straights of
another American day, fueled only by national thermal-drafts generated by the sun on his back
(alone), propelling into a future more than just a bird of prey or machine (be it industrial,
sociopolitical, global, symbol of a nation or more significantly the symbol of a nation or public’s new
found freedom), but hopefully a significant sign of the things to come for a (very) promising
tomorrow. Below him underneath leathery, weathered, tough, layered, crippling, seasoned talons, a
company of trucks is once again traveling over the road in convoy, is once again pulled over by local
law enforcement, and issued once again the same tickets, for another possible necessary financial
moderation exercised during economically bleak times (incorporated at this point), suggesting a
cycle. A cycle of many things other than just driving without insurance and on expired vehicle
registration, stretching from the free-willers, redemptioners and convicts of America’s old abolitionist
movement, to the falcons, jobs hamsters and funding cows of today’s modern treadmill jobs market.
If the company owner/boss exercised the degree of care suggested in Victoria Texas, how is it
possible to get the same tickets for the same offence twice? Filled with suspicion and a desire for
freedom (soaring effortlessly overhead), one vehicle drives past the other vehicles in question, with
the driver eventually making it back home to give this account. An account of a much older cycle
reestablished in our culture, coveted, entrapping, punitive, evolved, spurring on an extinct industry
once European, now strong into our future; a distinct industry of American indentured
servitude/slavery. A resurgence from the land of the old from a past of suffocation, strolling along
side the promise from the land of the new, with hope of (new) respiration for the “The Land of the
Free,” as in the ability to not only breathe during such difficult times, but to do so freely as
Americans. Until then it is a matter of not just making it through another An American Indentured
Servitude Story of a form of civil bondage, but more significantly of making it to, a promised An
American Indentured Servitude Story of bridled freedom; meticulously groomed, fueled by a renewed
matrimony of international thermal-drafts generated by the sun at our backs (paired; itemized,
married), suggesting anything can be overcome with time. Until then it is just a matter of
time.” frg.

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