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									                          The University of Dublin
                           Trinity College Dublin
Post Specification

Post Title:               Events and Community Manager
Post Status:              Three-year contract
Department/Faculty:       Science Gallery
Location:                 Main Campus, Trinity College
                          Administrative III/II scale:
                          For staff pre ’95 €34,223 - €43,676 / €43,931 - €51,779 per annum
                          For staff post ’95 €35,985 - €45,935 / €46,204 - €54,466 per annum

Salary:                   (Pre ‘95 applies to staff who have been employed in the public sector
                          prior to April 1995 / Post ‘95 applies to existing staff employed in the
                          public sector post April 1995/new entrants to the public sector)

                          *Salary scales are subject to change
Closing Date:             12 noon on Friday 19th March, 2010

Following Science Gallery's success in achieving a number of highly prestigious awards and
funding awards from equally prestigious funding agencies, it now seeks to appoint an Events
and Community Manager.
This is a key position being created to lead the development and implementation of the events
programme of the Science Gallery, described by Provost John Hegarty as Trinity’s “flagship
initiative and a new manifestation of the role of the university in the 21st century”.

With a mission to ignite creativity and discovery where science and art collide, Science Gallery
opened in a landmark new building on the Trinity College Campus in February 2008 and has
since hosted ten exhibitions and hundreds of events on topics ranging from prescription
medication to fashion, from neuroscience to epidemics, attracting over 270,000 visitors. More
information regarding the gallery and its activities is available on our website and on our YouTube channel:

This is all brought to life in a world-class venue that comprises a 144-seat theatre, two studios,
gallery space, a café and shop. An inspiring place where ideas meet and which aspires to
become “the coolest science club on the planet”.

* The Science Gallery is a world first. A new type of venue where today’s white-hot scientific
issues will be thrashed out and you’ll be able to have your say.
* The Science Gallery is informal, everyday, simple, innovative, peer-to-peer, compelling,
inclusive, global and provocative.
* The Science Gallery is not dumbing-down science but recognises that it must seduce, sell and
story-tell if it is to reach beyond the converted.
* The Science Gallery respects and ‘gets’ young people but doesn’t patronise, talk-down or even
worse, try to imitate them.
                           The University of Dublin
                            Trinity College Dublin
It’s not just about what the Science Gallery can show you, but what you can show the world with
the Science Gallery. There’s a whole new generation of young Leonardos out there. Our
mission at the Science Gallery is to find them and fire them up!

The role
The Events and Community Manager will play a key role in the core management team of the
Science Gallery, leading the conception, planning, and management of cool, inspiring and buzz-
worthy events and event-series.

Key attributes of the ideal candidate include:
   !   A passion for science and a rich network of contacts in science and the local and
       international cultural community – whether its finding a top speaker on swine flu or
       sourcing a dance troupe;
   !   Fire in the belly and a make-it-happen attitude – in a word: driven;
   !   Excellent project management, budget management and event management skills, and
       at least five years’ experience in event management, ideally in a cultural, arts or science
       venue or festival;
   !   Tech savvy and experienced in the use of social media to stimulate buzz around events;
   !   Excellent research, organisational and people skills with a passion for the Science
       Gallery mission, together with a ‘can-do attitude’;
   !   A proven track record in event conception, management and delivery;
   !   Excellent team player, fun to work with, but serious about delivering high quality, high
       impact events within a tight budget;
   !   Good negotiator, skilled at getting bargains from suppliers and building partnerships with
       external organisations;
   !   Good facilitator and comfortable speaking in public, capable of facilitating a discussion or
       getting up on the stage and MCing an event at the last minute if the job requires it.

The Events Manager will be a key senior role in the Science Gallery. Reporting directly to the
Science Gallery Director, the Manager will be responsible for developing and managing a wide
range of both self-produced and mission-related events in Science Gallery, working with a
variety of external organisations and partners.
The events developed by the Science Gallery will aim to build up a core community of regular
visitors, and to build the gallery as a “third place” for an emerging community of innovators that
sees no boundaries between science and art, between entertainment and entrepreneurship,
between living on- and offline.
                           The University of Dublin
                            Trinity College Dublin
Responsibilities and duties:
   !   Plan, manage and implement events, workshops, debates and festivals both in the
       Science Gallery and off-site;
   !   Research and develop an events programme matching the Science Gallery’s mission,
       vision and strategy in collaboration with the Science Gallery Director, the Leonardo
       Group, and external advisors, and liaising with other members of the Science Gallery
       team on thematic programming;
   !   Be responsible for all activities relating to events including planning, budgeting, postings
       on Science Gallery website, insurance, catering, management of external contractors,
       coordination with visitors and guests, and additional staffing requirements;
   !   Liaise with the Exhibitions Manager on developing events associated with key
   !   Liaise with the Marketing and Communications Manager in relation to the promotion of
       events programme ensuring strong take up of events, and to supporting the marketing
   !   Liaise with Education Manager in development of Education events;
   !   Liaise with the Operations Manager on corporate hire and external partner events;
   !   Cultivate partnerships with key individuals and organisations nationally and internationally
       around Science Gallery programmes;
   !   Seek funding or cost-cutting opportunities for Science Gallery Events Programme and
       develop tender documents and proposals where required;
   !   Coordinate evaluation of events and market research;
   !   Develop a participant database with input from the Leonardo Group, College community
       and Irish and international science and cultural communities;
   !   Where necessary, facilitate discussions and act as MC for events;
   !   Promote events to key niche communities including universities, arts, business and
       technology communities;
   !   Stimulate interest in and discussion of events through the Science Gallery website, blogs,
       Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, webcasts, and other social media;
   !   Develop Event Management plans for events, and liaise with other parties in Trinity as
   !   Ensure impact and value for money are achieved in Science Gallery events;
   !   Work with both marketers and PR representatives in the media promotion of events
       and/or exhibitions within Science Gallery.
                            The University of Dublin
                             Trinity College Dublin
The Events Manager will report directly to the Director of the Science Gallery.

Key skills and experience required:
   !   Five years’ experience in event management,                      scheduling     and    project
       management/production both nationally and internationally;
   !   Candidates should have an extensive network of contacts (national and international) in
       the arts/science/technology, and should be able to demonstrate how they keep
       themselves updated through excellent networking and relationship building skills;
   !   Excellent people skills/communication skills, pleasant, friendly manner;
   !   Good knowledge of developments in current science and technology; (a qualification in a
       science/technology field is advantageous)
   !   Good knowledge of contemporary arts/culture;
   !   A dynamic self starter with the ability to work in a fast paced environment as part of a
       small flexible team;
   !   Ability to work within a budget and manage budgets;
   !   Excellent organisational skills;
   !   Proactive and able to take on responsibility for complex projects;
   !   International experience in science promotion or a related field;
   !   Ability to work to deadlines and manage a wide variety of external participants;
   !   Contingency planning, risk and crisis management;
   !   Ability to prioritise tasks, output oriented;
   !   Proactive in development of events programming;
   !   Experience in public communication of science/technology;
   !   Excellent IT skills, especial with regard to use of social media;
   !   Strong writing skills, the ability to develop quirky, original copy for event descriptions, for
       use in publicity, engaging blog entries and tweets;
   !   A degree in a science/technology field is an advantage but not essential.

Other duties
   !   As with all roles within the Science Gallery, the appointee must be flexible in their
       approach and a great team player, assisting with all other appropriate duties as directed
       by the Director of the Science Gallery or a person appointed by the Director. This is
       particularly relevant in the preparation and delivery of the events programme.
                           The University of Dublin
                            Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is currently ranked 43rd in the top world universities by the Times Higher
Education Supplement Global University Rankings 2009 and 13th in Europe. Trinity College has
overtaken other prestigious institutions such as the London School of Economics, the University
of Washington and St Andrew’s in Scotland among others.

Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the older
universities of Western Europe. On today’s campus, state-of-the-art libraries, laboratories and IT
facilities, stand alongside historic buildings on a city-centre 47-acre campus.

Trinity College Dublin offers a unique educational experience across a range of disciplines in the
arts, humanities, engineering, science, human, social and health sciences. As Ireland’s premier
university, the pursuit of excellence through research and scholarship is at the heart of a Trinity
education. TCD has an outstanding record of publications in high-impact journals, and a track
record in winning research funding which is among the best in the country.

TCD has developed significant international strength in its research in eight major themes which
include globalisation; cancer; genetics; neuroscience; immunology and infection;
communications and intelligent systems; nano and materials science as well as Irish culture and
the creative arts. TCD aims to become the world reference point in at least one of these areas
of research in the next 10 years.

Its current flagship interdisciplinary research institutes are in areas such as molecular medicine,
neuroscience and international integration studies and nanostructures and nanodevices. The
construction of Ireland’s first purpose built nanoscience research institute was opened in
January 2008, which houses 150 scientists, technicians and graduate students in specialised
laboratory facilities. The building also includes an innovative public venue, the Science Gallery.
The Biosciences Development is due for completion in mid 2011 and is the most ambitious
construction project in Trinity College’s history. This Development will define the scientific
research landscape in Trinity College and will allow Ireland to take an international lead on the
delivery of quality pharmaceutical and biotechnology research infrastructure. The building will be
central to the redevelopment of Pearse Street.

The Library of Trinity College is the largest research library in Ireland and is an invaluable
resource to scholars. In addition to purchases and donations accrued over four centuries, the
College has had 200 years of legal deposit. By this right Trinity can claim a copy of every book
published in Ireland the UK. The Library contains 4.25 million volumes, 30,000 current serial
titles as well as an extensive collection of manuscripts, the most famous being the Book of Kells.
                           The University of Dublin
                            Trinity College Dublin
Trinity continues to attract intellectually strong students from Ireland and abroad. More than half
of its incoming undergraduates have earned in excess of 500 out of a maximum 600 points in
the national Leaving Certificate examination. The accessibility of a Trinity education to all
students of ability is also very important. Trinity College was the first university in Ireland to
reserve 15% of first year undergraduate places for students from non-traditional learning groups
– students with a disability, socio-economically disadvantaged students as well as mature
students. The College has met its target in this respect. There is also an exciting international
mix of its student body where 16% of students are from outside Ireland and 40% of these
students are from outside the European Union. TCD students also have an opportunity to study
abroad in other leading European universities through Trinity’s partnership agreements.

Students also benefit from a scholar teacher model where they have the opportunity of being
taught by world-leading experts in their field. Interdisciplinarity forms a key element in the
College strategy in increasing Trinity’s international standing as a research-led university.

Many of Trinity College Dublin’s alumni have helped shape the history of Ireland and Western
Europe. They include author, Jonathan Swift, philosopher, George Berkeley, political
philosopher, Edmund Burke, wit and dramatist, Oscar Wilde, historian, William Lecky, religious
scholar, James Ussher, scientists, John Joly, George Johnstone Stoney, William Rowan
Hamilton and physicians, William Stokes and Denis Burkitt.

Two of Trinity College’s alumni have won Nobel prizes – Ernest Walton for Physics in 1951 and
Samuel Beckett for Literature in 1968. The first President of Ireland, Douglas Hyde was a
graduate as was the first female President of Ireland, Mary Robinson.
                           The University of Dublin
                            Trinity College Dublin
The Selection Process in Trinity

       !   The Selection Committee (Interview Panel) will include members of the
           Academic community together with an External Assessor who is an expert in
           the area.

       !   We are more than happy to receive applications by email and their receipt will
           be acknowledged by email. If you do not have confirmation of receipt within 1
           week of the closing date of the competition, please get in touch with us

       !   Given the degree of co-ordination and planning to have a Selection Committee
           available on the specified date, the College regrets that it may not be in a
           position to offer alternate selection dates. Where candidates are unavailable,
           reserves may be drawn from a shortlist.

       !   Outcomes of interviews are notified in writing to candidates and are issued no
           later than 5 working days following the selection day.

       !   In some instances the Selection Committee may avail of telephone or video
           conferencing for interviews.

       !   Interview expenses for candidates traveling from outside Ireland will be
           reimbursed up to the amount of €150 (with all receipts retained).

       !   The College’s selection methods may consist of any or all of the following:
                    ! Interviews
                    ! Presentations
                    ! Psychometric Testing
                    ! References

       !   It is the policy of the College to conduct pre-employment medicals.

Equal Opportunities Policy
Trinity College Dublin is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to the
employment policies, procedures and practices which do not discriminate on grounds
such as gender, marital status, family status, age, disability, race, religious belief, sexual
orientation or membership of the travelling community.

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