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									                  In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful
Before beginning this article I would like to briefly touch upon a related topic which will have a direct bearing
 on the main topic. In this introduction we will review some information obtained only from Jewish authors,
former Israeli Mossad agents and US military personnel (the references are included at the very end of this
text). It deals with past Israeli terrorism against the USA and how they attempted to frame the Arabs as well
                as how they were later exposed. It lays the groundwork for the article to follow.

                                                     Example number one:
   1) 1954: Relations between the U.S. and the new Gamal Abdel Nasser Egyptian government were steadily growing
stronger every day. A U.S. aid program of $50 million had been started. Then, the Infamous “Lavon Afair”. The Israel
  government plotted to blow up American installations in Cairo and Alexandria and blame it on Egyptian nationals in
order to combat this dangerous (in their eyes) trend. The Israelis designed special books containing in their covers two
   bags, one inside the other. The inner bag contained an explosive. The outer bag contained a type of acid. The acid
       would slowly eat away the inner bag until it reached the explosive, at which point the book would explode.
   After a series of successful bomb attacks US-Egyptian relations began to degrade and the USA began to look upon
  them as terrorists. The Israelis then made a critical mistake. The did not leave well-enough alone and continued the
 bombing campaign in the hopes of completely destroying US-Egyptian relations and getting the USA mad enough to
            help Israel attack Egypt and annex part of their land, especially the highly-prized Sinai peninsula.
     The Israeli plot was exposed as two young Jewish Egyptian boys were caught carrying bombs identical to those
previously set off in other US offices in Egypt. They were about to enter more U.S. installations with these two books.
    Their confessions led to the further arrests of six other Jews. Thus the plot unraveled and was traced back to the
                        Israelis resulting in the resignation of Israeli Defense Chief, Pinhas Lavon.
   Lavon claimed he was framed by others higher up in Israel and fought to re-open the investigation. In 1960 a new
    investigation was indeed held in Israel calling attention to a forged document wrongly diverting blame to Lavon.
 Shimon Peres, then Deputy Minister of Defense, and Moshe Dayan the famous general and mass-murderer had, with
   the forgery, attempted to place the legal responsibility for the unsuccessful 1954 sabotage attempt at Lavon's door.
 Prime-minister Ben-Gurion had fought the reopening of the case, but a subsequent rehearing revealed that Lavon had
been an innocent victim of the machinations of Peres, Dayan, and Brigadier Abraham Givli. Of course, no meaningful
 punishment was handed out to any of them and they all continued to perform other acts of terrorism for many years to
                             come, some even rising to positions of high power in Israel today.

                                                    Example number two:
   2) 1967: Israel purposefully attacked with unmarked jet fighters and torpedo boats, the U.S.S. Liberty, an American
  Navy vessel of the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt). They jammed the ship’s S.O.S. and even machine gunned the deployed
   life rafts as the salors attempted to escape. The U.S.S. Liberty was part of the sixth fleet which was assigned by the
      USA to patrol the area in order to protect the Israelis against aggressors. The Israeli attack killed 31 American
 servicemen and wounded over 170. They sought to sink the ship, kill all the Americans and blame it on the Egyptians
  in order to gain American support to conquer larger areas of the Arab world. U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and
  navy chief Admiral Moorer proved the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel was deliberate. The Zionist Lobby in the
             USA successfully buried the matter before a formal Congressional investigation could be ordered.
 An eyewitness report from the U.S.S. Liberty, by John Hrankowski (published in 'The Washington Report on Middle
   East Affairs,' December, 1986): "June 8, 1967, was a bright, sunny day in international waters off Egypt. A breeze
  tracked our electronic-laden vessel, the U.S.S. Liberty, cruising under orders of the U.S. Navy. As an engineer I was
  not on deck, but when several jets began buzzing us I bounded to the main deck. My shipmates waved, laughed, and
joked. Among the planes was a Piper Cub, clearly marked with the Star of David. The plane flew so low and so slowly
 that we could see its camera turret as it snapped our picture. Over our communications equipment we could hear the
               aircraft identify our ship as the U.S.S. Liberty. These were our allies, our friends, the Israeli's.
       Several hours later, about 2 P.M., the jets returned and made five to seven passes over us, machine-gunning and
 rocketing our lightly-armed ship. More planes arrived, this time Mirage Jets, and loosed bursts of bullets and cannon
 fire as well as napalm into the ship. In the initial attack, nine of my surprised comrades died, scores more were lying
   everywhere, wounded, horribly burned, moaning, dead or dying. I was seriously wounded by rocket shrapnel. This,
however, was not the end of the two-and-one- half hour ordeal. Israeli torpedo boats streaked toward our stricken ship
    and fired five torpedoes. One hit home, bringing violent death to 25 more American crew members. Preparing to
abandon ship, some of my shipmates dropped rubber rafts into the sea. It seemed like a horrible, slow motion movie as
we watched the Torpedo Boats circle back and Fire Machine Guns at the helpless survivors on deck and in the rubber
      rafts already in the sea! One curious torpedo boat skipper even picked up an empty raft -- perhaps to keep as a
  souvenir. To prevent the Liberty from communicating with other vessels and navy communication centers, our radio
 was jammed. This, we later learned, could only have been accomplished by a 'FRIENDLY' nation who knew our radio
frequencies...For my shipmates and I have been trying to get out the truth about the attack that killed 34 Americans and
                                                        wounded 171 others.
         All of us agree that the attack could not possibly have been a mistake! The Israeli aircraft that came within 200
      feet, the messages giving the ship's name, the two large U.S. Navy Flags billowing in the breeze, the big GTR-5
stenciled on the bow -- characters well -- known to friend and foe as a U.S. Navy designation -- all clearly identified us.
      For years our crew was puzzled, and incredulous, when Israeli authorities claimed our ship had been mistaken for
 an Egyptian freighter. Of it all I believe it was no coincidence that the Israeli attack took place on June 8, and that the
   next day Israel invaded Syrian territory, capturing the Golan Heights, an area it still holds years later and which it
                                        now says it has annexed for permanent retention.
        The Liberty was a navy electronic 'ferret' research vessel, listening to communications from both sides in the Six
      Day War...Very little of this information has ever reached the American public. Even Congress, importuned for
    decades by survivors to at least investigate the reasons behind the attack on a U.S. Military Vessel, up to now has
     refused to do so. After the attack, when the surviving crew members were still together aboard the ship, we were
officially warned not to talk to reporters. The Navy has never been willing to release, even to us, a list of crew members
                                         so that we can mobilize them to tell our story...
         I speak frequently in the upstate New York area, and I find people invariably shocked that they have been kept
 ignorant of this incident. The fact that the American public remains largely unaware of what happened at the hands of
   a so-called ally proves that the press has failed to exercise its mandate to keep the American People informed. The
 American public will believe and support us, when they learn Americans like themselves who joined the Navy to serve
  their country, when we produce irrefutable evidence that the attack on June 8, 1967, could not have been an error. It
   was, in fact, an attempt to sink an American Ship that might have alerted the world to an Israeli Act of Aggression.
     Americans should know the facts so they can judge the readability and reliability of a nation that wants us to believe
    it is 'our closest ally.' The American tax payers should know because they bought the planes, the boats, the bombs,
  rockets, torpedoes, and napalm that struck us. At one time we surviving crew members hoped official naval inquiries
   would elicit all the facts. But we have given up on that. Those inquires, we're convinced, were part and parcel of the
    American Government Coverup: evidence was concealed, key crew witnesses were never interviewed; The Israeli
Government's conclusions were never really queried or published...' I just cannot accept the explanation that the attack
   was a case of mistaken identity,' Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, said. 'I think, without a doubt, that those 34 men who
                    were killed in the sneak attack on the Liberty were killed {Murdered} Deliberately.'..."

                                                   Example number three:
    3) 1986: Israel actually caused the US to wrongly go to war and militarily attack another nation. The Israeli secret
 police (Mossad) planted a transmitter in Tripoli, Libya and then broadcast terrorist messages in Libyan code indicating
   Libyan responsibility for killing two Americans in the bombing of the La Belle discothèque in Germany. It was later
  proven that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing. By use of this fraud, Israel induced the American bombing of
 Libya, the death of countless civilians and even the infant daughter of it’s president. Shortly thereafter a Pan Am flight
    103 departed from the USA to Lockerbie Scotland. It blew up in midair. The "prime suspect" was labeled Libya,
                               resulting in the USA labeling them a terrorist nation to this day.
  The manner in which Israel’s Mossad tricked the U.S. into attacking Libya was described in detail by former Mossad
  case worker Victor Ostrovsky in “The Other Side of Deception,” the second of two revealing books he wrote after he
left Israel’s foreign intelligence service. The story began in February 1986, when Israel sent a team of navy commandos
  in miniature submarines into Tripoli to land and install a “Trojan,” a six-foot-long communications device, in the top
 floor of a five-story apartment building. The device, only seven inches in diameter, was capable of receiving messages
 broadcast by Mossad’s LAP (LohAma Psicologit—psychological warfare or disinformation section) on one frequency
            and automatically relaying the broadcasts on a different frequency used by the Libyan government.
     The commandos activated the Trojan and left it in the care of a lone Mossad agent in Tripoli who had leased the
    apartment and who had met them at the beach in a rented van. “By the end of March, the Americans were already
                              intercepting messages broadcast by the Trojan,” Ostrovsky writes.
   “Using the Trojan, the Mossad tried to make it appear that a long series of terrorist orders were being transmitted to
  various Libyan embassies around the world,” Ostrovsky continues. As the Mossad had hoped, the transmissions were
 deciphered by the Americans and construed as ample proof that the Libyans were active sponsors of terrorism. What’s
                                more, the Americans pointed out, Mossad reports confirmed it.
      “The French and the Spanish, though, were not buying into the new stream of information. To them it seemed
      suspicious that suddenly, out of the blue, the Libyans, who had been extremely careful in the past, would start
           advertising their future actions. The French and the Spanish were right. The information was bogus.”
    Ostrovsky wrote: “Operation Trojan was one of the Mossad’s greatest successes. It brought about the air strike on
 Libya that President Reagan had promised—a strike that had three important consequences. First, it derailed a deal for
  the release of the American hostages in Lebanon, thus preserving the Hezbollah as the number one enemy in the eyes
   of the West. Second, it sent a message to the entire Arab world, telling them exactly where the United States stood
 regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. Third, it boosted the Mossad’s image of itself, since it was they who, by ingenious
                             sleight of hand, had prodded the United States to [bomb Libya]”

                                               Israel and forgery/deception:
  4) In his book "By Way of Deception" Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli Secret Police (Mossad) agent, wrote about a
   visit to a factory the Mossad was using for forging currency and passports. "When I visited the factory as a trainee, I
   saw a large batch of blank Canadian passports. They must have been stolen. It looked like an entire shipment. There
  were over 1,000 of them. I don't think the shipment was ever reported missing--not in the media, anyway," he wrote:
   These passports "end up in a huge library-like room, containing many thousands of passports, divided by countries,
  cities and even districts." He continued: "many immigrants to Israel are also asked if they will give up their passports
 to save Jews." One of these passports was later found left behind by a Mossad agent who had detonated a bomb under
the bed of a man in Nicosia, Cyprus. Another was found in 1997 in the possession of a Mossad agent who had bungled
an attempt to assassinate a man living in Amman Jordan. A third, belonging to Patricia Roxborough was found in 1973
                  being used by female Israeli Mossad agent who mistakenly assassinated the wrong target

 The preceding examples were only that, examples. There are many, many other similar examples
   that could be mentioned, such as the King David hotel bombing and the Libyan commercial jet
bombing, among others. All of these cases of Israeli terrorism have been well documented, but not
 well publicized. It is next to impossible to collect such accounts in one place and present them for
 people to freely read and decide for themselves. The Western media in spite of the fact that all of
   this is well documented by highly respected and unbiased sources (many of them Jews and/or
former Mossad agents, or US military personnel) for some strange reason has adopted the policy of
                              not publishing or speaking about such matter.

                                  THE INTERNET IS CHANGING ALL OF THAT

                      May God guide us all to the best and most pleasing path to Him.

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         and Britain. University Park, PA: Penn State Press,
    2.   Lilienthal, Dr. Alfred A., The Zionist Connection II, What Price Peace?
    3.   'The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,' December, 1986
    4.   Ostrovsky, Victor., 1995 The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda.
         New York: Harper

                                                      Main Topic


I   n light of all of the recent developments, it is natural to spend a little time thinking about what has
    happened and what will happen as there is the very real possibility that global war will break out in the
    Middle East if it is handled inappropriately. I have done so and have come up with a list of nagging
questions surrounding the events of the last few days for which I can find no answers. Perhaps others who
study these questions (which I shall list shortly) can help me unravel this mystery. But first an introduction is
in order:

In that which follows, I have tried to obtain all information from reputable news sources although some of the
items remain to be verified. For reference, I have marked items yet to be verified with a "##". This is an
ongoing research effort from my viewpoint and thus it will take time to track down all leads and investigate
them. I have decided to further not mention specific other items at this time while I further look into them.
The following consists of some random thoughts on this matter from my perspective and my reading of
recent events as they unfold and are reported in the US and foreign media. I'm going to title it:
                                 WHY DID THEY WARN THE PRESIDENT?
                                              by: Mishal

Preface and Background:

         n Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 two commercial passenger jets slammed into the World Trade
         Center twin towers in Manhattan NY and two others were claimed to have fallen at the Pentagon and
         in Pennsylvania. The world will never be the same. Almost moments after the first attack fingers of
blame were already being pointed at a largely unknown figure half a world away named Osama bin Laden.
This accusation was not a result of a claim of responsibility by him, nor yet based upon facts or evidence. It
was entirely based upon supposition and a "most likely culprit" scenario. This state of affairs has remained
with us till this day as the USA prepares to go to war and the prospect of a global war breaking out as a
result is very real.

Regardless of all of the above, will anyone require proof of Osama's involvement? A "smoking gun" or
something tangible? So far I am amazed to hear everyone having already agreed that he did it although
none of them can show you any proof. Should someone be bombed into a mile-wide crater just because
someone in the CIA said "I think this looks like something I believe he would do"? Amazingly, to this day he
is still "the top suspect" but no one is willing to provide the smallest shred of proof of his involvement
Nothing! It is all just accusations so far. Is this what we are all going to go to war over?

 Even claiming that they have "secret" or confidential evidence is not a valid excuse in this case since it will
likely involve many nations becoming embroiled in war. Would America stand by and watch while Russia
bombed Mexico into a smoking crater based upon "secret" evidence against one Mexican citizen or random
accusations without proof?

 The United States prides itself on it's Constitution and Bill of Rights and indeed there is much to endear
them. Who in his right mind would not appreciate a law of "innocent till proven guilty"? So proud is the USA
of these documents that it makes every effort to encourage others to adopt similar documents into their
governments and way of life. Strangely however, these selfsame guidelines tend to blur into various shades
of gray the further the US government ventures beyond it's own borders. Such lofty ideals as "innocent until
proven guilty" and "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" begin to fade into "he is the most likely suspect" and
"high-ranking officials believe.." or "national interests will not allow us to reveal our sources" etc. These were
precisely the types of words and laws the first American pilgrims risked life and limb to escape. A totalitarian
regime handing down judgment unilaterally with no regard for laws nor due process. This is a dangerous
path to follow. International McCarthyism at it's finest. Judge Dredd for the masses.

 If we want to be just and even-handed we need to apply the same laws of internal justice when turning our
sights beyond the US borders. So let us then attempt to apply that same rule of law, the rule of means,
motive and opportunity, the law of proof and evidence, the law of logic and common sense. Let us follow
these lofty ideals to the end and see where they will lead us:

Court is now convened.

1) Means:

          hen a crime is committed there is usually pressure to find the culprit. That is natural. But we need to
          not let public pressure blind us to common sense and logic. Just because there is public pressure
          does not mean we need to railroad someone even if he did not do it. I don't know if he is or is not
responsible. He could well be responsible, in which case he should be held accountable for his actions to
the fullest extent possible. However, I have certain nagging questions that are troubling to me:

          a) We know that Osama is a very simple man living in a very simple country. The country
             (Afghanistan) has seen many, many repeated wars that have pretty much pulverized its
             economy and infrastructure. From attempted British colonization, to USSR invasion, to US
             Tomahawk missiles. They resisted and survived. As a result however, there is no "high tech"
             industry to be found there. Recently, there was a report published on the situation in
    Afghanistan. It was mentioned in that report that they were in such dire straights after all of the
    continued warring that it was all they could do to make sure each household had food to eat.
    There was a shortage of teachers and schools. Each household needed all of its members to
    farm and work in order to survive. In order to encourage education it was decided that since
    the eldest son is usually the one to support the whole family after the father's death, therefore
    they would initiate a drive to educate these "eldest sons" in the hope that it would have a long-
    term effect in raising up the level of education in the country as a whole a few years down the
    line and they would be able to educate the whole populace. The country does not even have a
    single television station. No TV at all. Drought and starvation continue to kill millions, and
    between 20 and 25 Afghans are blown up every day by the 10 million mines the Russians left
    behind but did not bother to clean up. Relief workers have already begun evacuating
    Afghanistan in anticipation of the planned US invasion. This has already begun to cause the
    death of many. Under such conditions, I think it would be safe to say that the country is not
    "high-tech." This is important, as we soon shall see.

b) Osama himself according to all reports is living a very simple, nomadic and hermetic life,
   always moving and never in one place for very long. When the US sent all those Tomahawk
   missiles against him and his small band a couple of years ago, the reason they were not
   successful was this way of life he has undertaken. Out in the wilderness, always moving, no
   electronics, no Internet, no base stations, no heavy artillery, nothing heavy, high-tech or
   modern. Just living as people did about 100-200 years ago. High-tech for him is an FM radio.
   Again, this is important.

c) Saudi Arabia long ago stripped Osama of his citizenship and his personal wealth embargoing
   all his money and holdings within the country. For many years now he has lived in tents, rode
   on horseback, endured the elements and made a home of caves, tents, trees and the desert
   It has been claimed that Osama “may have” received millions of dollars in financing from
   various sympathetic individuals in neighboring countries. This has yet to be proven though.
   Among the evidence against this hypothesis is:
        1) The extensive evidence we are about to study which clearly shows that you can not
            take for granted everything you hear from the FBI, CIA or “intelligence sources”
        2) We would expect it to show on his lifestyle if he had these millions of dollars. We would
            not expect to see him living in tents and caves, riding on horseback, and weathering
            the elements. We would expect him to have paid off some corrupt official in some
            tropical country where we would find him living in the lap of luxury in his condo
            overlooking the beach. There he would coordinate his next terrorist attack over
            encrypted cell-phone hookup from within his bulletproof Mercedes.

        If we were to swallow the FBI’s story of his being the most dangerous man alive, with
        millions in funding and ruthless as all get-out, then we need to ask ourselves: how many
        terrorist dictators with millions of dollars do we know of that live in mud huts?
        The lifestyle just does not support these claims.

d) As a direct result of US political pressure, Osama has pretty much run out of countries that are
   willing to receive him. He is living in exile from his country of birth and may not have anywhere
   else to go if Afghanistan were to turn him out. However, the Taliban have stipulated that he
   may not engage in any sort of international activity related to any other country while residing
   within their boarders. This, again, is important. Now that we have had a glimpse into the
   "means" available to Osama, his followers and the surrounding country as a whole, let us now
   take a similar brief look into the sort of "means" he is claimed to possess if he was the one who
   pulled of this most innovative, this most daring, this most complex attack:

       Ms. Sarah Ferguson, and Mr. William Safire of the NY Times (a one-time Nixon aide),
      noted that at the very beginning of this attack, in the first minutes of the first plane hitting the
      first tower, there was a call made to the white-house threatening that "Air Force One is
      next". This was not treated as a crank call but was immediately escalated to "credible threat"
      and emergency procedures were implemented to protect the president. He was whisked
      from Florida to Louisiana, then to a secret location. The reason why it was taken so
      seriously was because the caller had detailed knowledge of transponder frequencies, secret
                code words, and other similar information. It was so detailed that it lead them to believe
                there was a spy in the white house. Mr. Safire emphasized that the call was clearly worded
                as a threat, not a friendly warning. Attorney General John Ashcroft echoed an earlier report
                by National Security Council spokesman Sean McCormack by stating "we had specific
                credible information that both [the white house and air force one] were intended terrorist
                targets and that the plane that hit the Pentagon may have been headed for the white house"

Why is it important? Because if our prime suspect is living such a low-tech (maybe even "backward" in some
estimations) life and he is surrounded by people living the same lifestyle, his wealth has been embargoed,
his host country has prohibited him from any international activity and he is living in exile, then how could he
possibly have pulled it off?

       It needs knowledge of some of the most advanced flying machines available today as well as
        extended experience on those machines.
       It needs precise timed coordination.
       It needs massive amounts of financing.
       It needs detailed aerial navigational maps and the ability to use them correctly and very, very
        precisely to do something that no flight school trains you to do.
       It needs pilots so skilled on massive 767/757 passenger jets that they would be able to pull off
        complex maneuvers such as 270 degree turns while rapidly descending below radar. These were
        not people who were trained on propeller planes to simply "point and crash" a high-tech passenger
        jet as some have surmised. They were experienced and knew how to control those planes.
        Experienced pilots who watched the way the second plane turned, banked and slammed into the
        WTC have insisted that far from being "prop-plane graduates" These were highly-experienced pilots
        with military experience. The FBI has yet to show any evidence that a single one of the claimed 19
        suspects had any such military aircraft and/or commercial aircraft experience. The best they have
        come up with thus far is that some of them had experience on "commercial simulators." If it was so
        easy to become a world class commercial/military pilot by practicing on a simulator then NASCAR
        would be full of five year old Nintendo junkies capable of driving cars at 180 plus mph.
       An important matter to consider when discussing the matter of the “skill” of the pilots is the way in
        which the two towers were hit. If you were to follow the news you will find that the first plane, flight
        11 came in from the North and hit the Northern tower from that same side. This is not so noteworthy
        until we notice that the second plane, flight 175 also came in from the North, but instead of simply
        hitting the towers as soon as they came into view (thus also hitting the Northern side of the North
        tower) it circled all the way around the two towers in a tight loop and struck the Southern tower from
        the South. If you look at the way this was carried out you can’t help but deduce that this was done
        on purpose. The reason being redundancy and maximum effect. If the first plane were to have the
        necessary momentum and mass and it were to punch through the first tower then it would hit the
        second too. The same goes for the second plane, if the first plane missed then the second (given
        the necessary mass and momentum) could possibly punch through the second tower and damage
        the first. Nothing was left to chance.
        Who would attempt such a maneuver? Certainly not amateurs whose only concern would be to be
        able to keep control of the plane long enough to hit the towers, in any way possible.
       Alan Elsner and Andrew Quinn, WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters): Friday September 14 “U.S.
        officials said the attacks took great skill and careful planning”
       Chris Stetkiewicz, SEATTLE, Sept 13 (Reuters): “This isn't like a Wesley Snipes movie where
        someone crashes through the cockpit door, grabs the wheel and steers the plane. You have to have
        extensive training in airplane systems and know how to fly the plane,'' said Susan Bradley, a
        spokeswoman for Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA - news)….Basic flight skills would not be enough to steer
        the hulking passenger jets with the precision shown by the pilots, who struck the upper sections of
        the twin towers from opposite directions within a span of 18 minutes…Do you know how hard it is to
        hit any target with a huge airplane, to line the thing up properly, to hit the Pentagon dead on?'' said
        Denver-based aviation consultant Mike Boyd… These were not amateurs. These were people who
        knew how to fly,'' said Boyd. ... You couldn't just study the book and get in there.'' In particular, the
        second plane to strike the 110-story World Trade Center towers, viewed live on television by
        horrified millions around the world, showed extensive flight skills, experts said. That plane, a Boeing
        767 operated by United Airlines (NYSE:UAL - news), veered sharply into the south World Trade
        Center tower and turned its wings nearly vertically just before it struck the building and exploded in a
        massive fireball. ``The wings hold all the fuel so if the plane hits with its wings horizontal, it only hits
        two floors. With the wings vertical, all that fuel hits 10 floors. I think that was intentional,'' said one
    pilot familiar with Boeing cockpits. ``Some people will say, 'an airplane is an airplane.' But you still
    have to maneuver to get to the right altitude. They had their flaps up and they were going full
    throttle,'' the pilot added. ``There is no way anybody could have targeted those airplanes with such
    accuracy without knowing how to fly jets.''…Licensed commercial pilots take up to three weeks of
    training just to learn how to use the autopilot, she added. …It was unlikely that one trained hijacker
    could have taught the others how to fly the massive jets, Bradley said”
   And what about those 19 suspects and their claimed attendance of US flight schools in Florida?
    Sounds quite sinister right? Well, let’s think about that. At any given time there are many thousands
    upon thousands of students from countries around the world studying not just in the USA, but in
    most European countries. Just look at any university. So, what about this sinister conspiracy to
    study at flight school in the USA? Well vast numbers of potential pilots for most Eastern and Mid-
    Eastern commercial airlines do indeed obtain their training in the USA. This is evidenced by the fact
    that a sizeable number of those falsely accused during these past days were later found to be half a
    would away working as commercial pilots in other countries.
   The Washington Post and the New York Times have already sheepishly drawn our attentions to this
    fact which has slowly been shown to be the case with more and more claimed Arab "suspects."
    Other such "Arab suspects" have also been found to have been dead for over two years now. These
    newspapers have finally begun to report the news that has been known overseas for about a week
    now, namely that quite a few of the passports used to identify the claimed "Arab suspects" were
    indeed either stolen or forged. For example:
          The United Arab Emirates national, Marwan Al-Sheeha was fingered as one of the suicide
              bombers with the media saying such things about him as: "In an unfortunate coincidence,
              the grocery store owner bears a striking resemblance to Marwan Al-Shehhi[SIC], believed
              by the FBI to have been on the second plane to hit the World Trade Center, down to the
              beard of a devout Muslim." It was later found that Al-Sheeha himself was never there and
              that he had reported his passport stolen way back in 1999.
          Similarly, two of the Saudi's falsely accused were found to be working for Saudia Airlines in
              Saudi Arabia and a third Ameer Bukhari has been dead for two years. One of them, Amer
              Kanfar is a flight engineer for Saudia Air and was in Makkah at the time of the first false
              accusations being brandished against him on CNN. He immediately called the authorities
              and let them know that he was alive and well on the other side of the globe and nowhere
              near the USA.
          "I wouldn't be surprised if I see my picture (on television) or my name on the FBI list
              tomorrow," Majed al-Jehani, a former Saudi Arabian Airlines pilot who said he trained in
              Florida, said Thursday.
          The Saudi paper al-Medina quoted Saudi pilot Waleed Alshehri, who is currently outside the
              USA on a training course, as saying that he will file a lawsuit against CNN for slandering
          Al-Medina also said Abdulaziz Alomari, an employee of Saudi Telecom, also planned to file
              a lawsuit against CNN "for not verifying what it airs."
          Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported that one "suspect" implicated by the FBI and publicly
              accused on CNN, Saeed Alghamdi, is Saudi Arabian Airlines pilot currently in Tunisia for
              training. He saw his photo aired and heard himself identified by CNN as one of the
              hijackers. "For sure they got (my photograph) from the flight safety school in Florida" where
              Saudi Arabian Airlines sent him for training between 1998-1999, Alghamdi told the
              newspaper in a telephone interview from Tunisia.
          Reuters, Sunday September 23rd: Prince Naif, Minister of the Interior in Saudi Arabia
              confirmed that the seven Saudis accused to have been on the planes and part of the
              terrorist attack were alive and well back home in Saudi Arabia. He said “As for the names
              that have been published or provided to us by the FBI, there are seven names of people
              who did not participate and are present in the kingdom and who are known (to us),”. Saudi
              newspapers have published interviews and pictures of at least five of those who appeared
              on the FBI list since it was released
          Reuters, Friday September 21: German newspaper Bild said on Friday that Atta and two
              other suspected hijackers, Marwan Yusef al-Shehhi amd Zaid Samir Jarrah, had reported
              their passports as stolen two years ago during a trip to the southern German state of
          There are suggestions that another suspect, Khalid Al Midhar, may also be alive.
          FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged on Thursday, 20 of September that the identity
              of several of the suicide hijackers is in now doubt.
        In his book "By Way of Deception" Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli Secret Police (Mossad) agent,
         wrote about a visit to a factory the Mossad was using for forging currency and passports. "When I
         visited the factory as a trainee, I saw a large batch of blank Canadian passports. They must have
         been stolen. It looked like an entire shipment. There were over 1,000 of them. I don't think the
         shipment was ever reported missing--not in the media, anyway," he wrote: These passports "end up
         in a huge library-like room, containing many thousands of passports, divided by countries, cities and
         even districts." In describing another method used by Israelis to illegally obtain valid passports from
         other countries he wrote: "many immigrants to Israel are also asked if they will give up their
         passports to save Jews." So, how are these stolen, forged and “borrowed” passports later used to
         “save Jews”? Let us have a look at some brief examples:
        Barry Came, World: , Maclean's, 10-13-1997, pp 28 detailed the discovery that the Israeli Mossad
         had stolen 50 Canadian Passports for some unknown reason. One of these passports was later
         found left behind by a Mossad agent who had detonated a bomb under the bed of a man in Nicosia,
        In 1997 a Mossad agent bungled an attempt to assassinate a man living in Amman Jordan. This
         caused considerable strain in Israeli-Canadian relations since their agents had used Forged
         Canadian passports.
        In 1973 a female Israeli Mossad agent mistakenly assassinated the wrong target, a Moroccan by the
         name of Ahmed Bouchiki. She was later apprehended by Norwegian authorities and she was found
         to have been traveling under the identity of Canadian Patricia Roxborough, a legal secretary whose
         passport had been stolen months earlier from the desk of her Montreal office.
        ## Reuters reported that a flight attendant aboard American Airlines Flight 11, Madeline Amy
         Sweeney, called a colleague and spoke to her over the phone while the plane was being hijacked.
         Among the information she relayed was the seat numbers of the hijackers, which do not match up
         with the seat numbers of the claimed suspects.
        But all of this has not silenced the drum beat for Osama's head, nor the freight train that is Bush with
         it's countless "Congress" cars in close succession ever building a greater head of steam in a direct
         collision course with global war, heedless of the many warning flags frantically waving them down
         that they are headed in the wrong direction.
        In a related track, three of the four pilots were Vietnam vets and the fourth lost a brother in Vietnam.
         Further, all four had previous experience as officers and pilots in the US Air Force. Coincidence?
        Another related matter: former Secretary of State George Shultz went on record to put this matter
         into perspective asking:
                In ten years there has not been a single airline hijacking, how is it possible that five now
                  happen concurrently?
                All planes have to follow a specified flight plan including route, elevation, etc. If they did not
                  it would cause air collisions. How did all of these planes manage to elude suspicion even
                  after diverting so drastically off course and for so long? This is especially the case for DC,
                  NY and Boston which are among the most congested airspaces in the country.
        How could such a man get the most detailed secret codes of the President of the USA and the
         White house? A desert nomad infiltrating the darkest secrets of the White House while on the run,
         unable to obtain electronic equipment, and anticipating another Tomahawk strike at any time??????
         He may have been able to pull it off, but then again, maybe he can leap tall building in a single
         bound too.

2) Motive:

       et us start by asking ourselves, who in their right minds would harbor malice towards the USA? Let us
       study US foreign policy and try to find some clues:
            Mr. William J. (Bill) Thomson, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in private practice and a faculty
          member at the University of Michigan/Dearborn, makes note of the fact that his fellow Americans
          comprise some 4% of the world's population but consume approximately 40% of its resources.
          Imagine how this is experienced in third world countries, many of whom have been the recipient of
          United States military attacks. The USA maintains this consumption, in large part, because it has the
          most powerful military in the world, and since WW II it has not hesitated to use it for political and/or
          economic gain in places like China (1945-46), Korea (1950-53), China (1950-53), Guatemala
    (1954), Indonesia (1958), Cuba (1959-60), Guatemala (1960), Congo (1964), Peru (1965), Laos
    (1964-73), Vietnam (1961-73), Cambodia (1969-70), Guatemala (1967-69), Grenada (1983), Libya
    (1986), El Salvador (1980s), Nicaragua (1980s), Panama (1989), Iraq (1991-present), Sudan
    (1998), Afghanistan (1998) and Yugoslavia (1999).
   Forty-nine percent of US income tax dollar goes for present and past military-related activities.
   Former President Jimmy Carter stated, "We have only to go to Lebanon, to Syria, to Jordan, to
    witness firsthand the intense hatred among many people for the United States, because we bombed
    and shelled and unmercifully killed totally innocent villagers, women and children and farmers and
    housewives, in those villages around Beirut...as a result, we have become a kind of Satan in the
    minds of those who are deeply resentful. That is what precipitated the taking of hostages and that is
    what has precipitated some terrorist attacks." (New York Times 3/26/89)
   Over the last few years the USA has pretty much managed to alienate almost all other countries of
    the world, even many of it's European allies, to a point that one German author wrote a piece titled
    "America that has no partners." This has especially been the case in the last eight months. The US
    has managed to infuriate China over the spy plane issue, get Russia's blood boiling over it's
    renouncement of the joint anti ballistic missile treaty by undertaking a missile shield initiative, and by
    renouncing the biological weapons treaty. It also pulled out of the Kyoto accords, and refused the
    small arms treaty. The USA and Israel were also the only two to abandon the recent South-African
    racism conference. The US' near blind loyalty to Israel at all costs has managed to test the patience
    of even decades-old Arab allies. US fighter pilot antics in Italy managed to kill some of the citizens
    there and earn them a bad reputation, while US military personnel stationed in Japan caused
    considerable international strain by raping the local women. The United States is one of the few
    'veto' members in the United Nations and it does not hesitate to use this veto power, especially in
    every single joint UN resolution condemning Israeli brutality in Palestine.
   President Bush Jr. has authorized continued bombing of innocent people in Iraq. The sanctions in
    Iraq alone are killing 3000 children every month. The death toll is close to one million now just due
    to the sanctions alone.
   President Clinton bombed the people of Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Serbia. President Bush
    Senior invaded Iraq and Panama.
   President Reagan bombed innocent Libyans killing among others President Muammar Al-Qaddafi's
    own infant daughter. He then invaded Grenada. Shortly after Reagan bombed Libya, a Pan Am
    plane was destroyed over Lockerbie Scotland, and the "prime suspect" was labeled Libya. No
    mention though of WHY they considered them the "prime suspect"
    What did they think? That those who lost family and loved ones in all this continued shelling and
    invading would forgive and forget?
   So what about human casualties, ("collateral damage" or "soft targets" as the US military tends to
    refer to them)? The US or various local groups it has installed or directly supported with it's military,
    financing and arms throughout the world has directly resulted in massive casualties in nations too
    numerous to number:
          200,000 dead in war with Iraq, including the infamous "highway of death" in the last days of
              the slaughter when U.S. pilots literally shot in the back retreating Iraqi civilians and soldiers.
          over 1,000,000 Iraqis, including over 500,000 children, later killed by US-lead economic
              sanctions. Former Secretary of State Madeline Allbright stated that the deaths of these
              children "are worth the cost".
          120,000 Guatemalan peasants killed in US sponsored coup in Guatemala in 1954 by U.S.
              installed dictatorships over the course of four decades.
          3000 killed in the Dominican Republic in 1965
          30,000 killed in Chile including U.S. citizens, in 1973.
          800,000 killed in Indonesia in 1965 and 250,000 more in 1975
          30,000 killed in Nicaragua in 1984
          80,000 killed in El Salvador in the 1980s
          8000 killed in Panama in 1989 as the U.S. invaded Panama
          Hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages wiped off the face of the earth since 1948 till the
              present day by Israelis wielding US supplied arms and financing.
          over 4,000,000 Vietnamese killed in that infamous war. In "The Pentagon Papers," by
              Daniel Ellsberg of the RAND Corporation released in 1974, Ellsberg noted that Presidents
              from Truman to Nixon continually lied to the U.S. public about the purpose and conduct of
              the war. He said "It is a tribute to the American people that our leaders perceived that they
              had to lie to us, it is not a tribute to us that we were so easily misled."
          ....and the list goes on.
       What was the end result of all of this? The New York Times headline dated 9/14/01 states that,
       "Bush And Top Aides Proclaim Policy Of Ending States That Back Terror". In other words, Bush Jr.'s
       innovative new policy for this new millennium is "we haven't yet had enough global wars!" Wow.
       How innovative. Maybe he can make it a thermonuclear one this time.
      So, does this mean that the USA was unjustified in every war it participated in? That is not the
       intent of this discussion. The intent is to exhibit the fact that those who have a motive to attack the
       USA are numerous and can not be easily reduced to one man. When you bomb a country and
       begin counting the dead in three to six digits it is natural to assume that they will have an opinion
       about the country that killed most of their family, or assisted others in doing so.

So, what about Osama bin Laden? Does he too have an axe to grind with the USA? Does he too have a
motive to wish harm upon them?

      Osama does indeed have reason to feel enmity towards the USA. After all, the USA is the country
       supplying the fighter planes, helicopter gunships, missiles, heavy artillery and monetary financing
       being used by Israel to shell and destroy the Palestinian cities and civilians. Israel is the one getting
       their hands bloody, but the USA is providing them the means and support to continue their
       campaign of genocide in Palestine. Osama believes that it is every Muslim's God-given right to live
       in peace and safety. He feels it is his obligation to defend those people and their countries from any
       and all who would drive them out or attack them such as the USSR in Afghanistan and Israel in
      This is not an individual viewpoint but rather the unanimous consensus of all attendees of the recent
       Durban Anti-Racism conference as witnessed by the countries who are neighbors of Israel and first-
       hand eye-witnesses to these acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population.
       This was the reason why the USA and Israel were the only two countries to stage a walk-out of that
       conference. Israel has so totally inured itself into the US political system that the US can no longer
       even publicly rebuke Israel any more, no matter what the cost to themselves and their own citizens.
       Israel simply can do no wrong.
      This is also the finding of Amnesty International which has given Israel the ignominious distinction of
       being the world leader in human rights abuses in our current age.
      What about the 17,500 civilians that were killed in the bloody Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1972?
      What about Ariel Sharon, the war criminal convicted in 1982 but never made to pay for his crimes?.
       The architect of the massacres of two complete Palestinian towns, Sabra and Shatilla (in 1982)? His
       "punishment" is that he is now the Israeli Prime Minister. Every single Muslim man, woman and child
       was gunned down in the streets, maimed, stabbed, hacked and butchered by the invading Israeli
       troops wielding US supplied arms. The victims were unarmed civilians. There was no way to defend
       themselves. They could only stand there and be hacked to death by the advancing Jews. They were
       in the way and the Jews wanted their homes and land, but first it had to be cleansed of "Arab filth."
        http://www.infotrad.clara.co.uk/antiwar/fatefultri.html
        http://www.oznik.com/kolhair03.html
        http://www.mideastfacts.com/Fisk_Sabra.html
      For a compendium of similar Israeli massacres, read (and view):
        http://www.ummah.net/unity/palestine/massacres.htm
        http://www.ummah.net/unity/palestine/index.htm
        http://www.aldiar.com/israel/
        http://www.qana.net/others/main.htm
        http://www.iap.org/israeli_massacres.htm
        http://www.intellnet.org/resources/resistance/massacres/list/index.htm
      What about the Lebanese ambulance blown up by the Israelis in 1996 while transporting the
       wounded? Palestinian ambulance drivers are quite accustom not only to coming under fire while
       attempting to transport the wounded Palestinian civilians, but usually have to face multiple road
       blocks and extended delays at Israeli checkpoints while transporting Arabs with life-threatening
       injuries, shot point blank by Israeli troops because they attempted to resist them with stones. It is not
       uncommon for them to die in transit.
      In 1996 the Israelis deliberately bombed a United Nations shelter housing fleeing Arab civilians
       resulting in the deaths of 100. This act was caught on video tape and a later inquiry by the United
       Nations found that an Israeli drone and two helicopters were present in the area at the time of the
       attack monitoring the fleeing civilians and coordinating the bombing of the shelter, a fact eventually
       confirmed by the Israelis after repeated initial denials. (the presence in the area of the drone and at
        least one helicopter was documented by video footage taken by a member of another UNIFIL
        position overlooking Qana)
         http://www.qana.net/Qana/main.htm
       Two Israeli soldiers were filmed relentlessly smashing a rock against the arm of a Palestinian youth;
        an “Israeli Defense Forces” patrol was caught on camera beating a pregnant Palestinian mother;
        children in Hebron were shown having IDF rifle butts smashed against their bodies for throwing
       What about all the recent pictures of four-month old Palestinian infants shot through the chest and
        killed by Israeli snipers, or through the head or through the eyes? What about the earth- moving
        video distributed around the world of the child Muhammad Al-Durrah being shot in cold blood by
        Israeli troops while cowering in fear against a wall and being shielded by his father? Finally they
        were caught in the act and someone was finally able to smuggle out the evidence. See pictures at:
         http://www.middleeastnews.com/pg930palestine.html
        Time for damage control: The Israelis then began a campaign to have us believe that Palestinian
        mothers do not love their children like "we" do. They send them out against the Israeli troops armed
        with rocks in order to provoke the Israelis into shooting them dead so that they can in this manner
        embarrass the Israelis. If only the Palestinians would just give up their homes, nationalities, wealth,
        land and fields to the Israelis and go die somewhere far away then there would be no need for all
        this bothersome "Middle- East conflict"
       The Israeli journalist/author Israel Shamir (www.IsraelShamir.com) wrote on Sep. 13th the following
        words: "Israelis used the [Trade Center tragedy] to the max. They even killed some ten Palestinians
        and destroyed five Goyiish houses in Jerusalem. The reports were rather gleeful, in the style 'we
        told you', and the experts of Israeli TV concluded by one o'clock, the attack 'was good for the Jews'.
        Why? It would strengthen American support of Israel." "The American Jewish supremacists want to
        turn all the world into Palestine, where the natives will enjoy harsh local rule and limited local rights,
        while the master race will have a rather different level of life. Israel is just a small-scale model of
        their new brave world of globalization."
       On the topic of “motive”: The New York Times article by Jane Perlez and Patrick E. Tyler on
        October 2nd, 2001 reported that just before the WTC attacks, the U.S. was ready to say it backed a
        Palestinian state. The Bush administration was on the verge of announcing a Middle East
        diplomatic initiative that would include United States support for the creation of a Palestinian state
        and it is now weighing how to revive the plan. The initiative was to have been detailed in a speech
        by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell at the United Nations General Assembly and represented the
        first time a Republican administration has backed a Palestinian state. The plan contained proposals
        for a comprehensive settlement and an American role in carrying it out. In the speech,
        administration officials said, Secretary Powell was to express the administration's general view of a
        final settlement of crucial questions relating to borders, right of return of Palestinian refugees and
        perhaps the future of Jerusalem.

All of this is personal for Osama bin Laden and he feels as many others who have seen the results of this
carnage that this needs to end. The killing continues with no end in sight and no one even caring. He feels it
is time to put a final and decisive stop to it. He was even willing to give up a life of luxury, cars, money and
real estate to go off to battle to free Afghanistan from the advancing Russians, putting his life on the line,
leaving the easy life behind, and never looking back. So, yes. I would say he is motivated.

But could he pull it off?

3) Opportunity:

       Osama is unable to travel outside of Afghanistan.
       Due to US pressure, no country is willing to receive him at this time.
       His host, the Taliban, have prohibited him from any and all international interaction with any other
       The USA long ago announced a $5 million bounty for his head. He is so important to them that they
        have him on their "most wanted list", are also theoretically watching him from space via spy satellite
        and have a blank check to rub him out, even to the extent that the US military and multiple $1.6
        million Tomahawk missiles have been mobilized in an attempt to assassinate this one man.
       On Sept. 11, the Voice of America (VOA) quoted Afghanistan's Ambassador to Pakistan Abdul
        Salam Zaeef saying: "Mr. Zaeef says it was a well-organized and sophisticated plan. He says
        Osama bin Laden does not have access to the tools and communication facilities, which are needed
        for attacks of this scale."
       So he can not travel to carry out such actions himself, he is prohibited from having others carry them
        out for him under threat of expulsion from his host country, and the USA is watching him like a hawk
        and willing to spend whatever it takes to kill him. Is this a profile of a man who could operate, plan
        and coordinate this attack over multiple years with the CIA having no inkling whatsoever of his

4) The defendant enters his plea:

       Osama makes a strong point of the fact that he has given his pledge of allegiance to the ruler of
        Afghanistan to hear and obey. It is also well known that Osama has pretty much run out of countries
        that will harbor him after all of the US pressure over the past years. He points out that the Taliban
        have prohibited him from carrying out any actions or campaigns from their country. If he were to now
        go back on this promise, not only would he lose the sympathy of his hosts but he would also lose
        what could be his last remaining haven. He has already publicly denied in a written statement
        having anything to do with these attacks and asks for proof of his involvement.
       Why did he deny it? He has been publicly lashing out at the USA for so long and promising to do
        something for years. When something finally happened, why didn't he claim responsibility? It would
        give him the credibility he has been seeking for so long. All this time people were brushing him off
        as a small-time outfit full of hot air. Now he gets to prove himself. Why did he deny it if he did it?
        Political terrorism is a complex animal, but one thing stands out: You always claim responsibility.
        That is how you advance your political cause and gain more followers and financing.

                                  Full text of Osama bin Laden’s denial:
                          In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful
                                                Press release

From Shaik Osama bin Laden Regarding the Recent Bombings in the USA

In the wake of the recent bombings which the United States has witnessed, some fingers of blame have
been pointed towards us in accusation of our being behind them.
The United States has made us accustom to being the recipient of such unwarranted accusations at every
occasion when any of it's many and varied enemies strike out against it.
Upon this occasion I would like to confirm to you that I had nothing to do with this action which appears to
have been performed by people harboring personal agendas.
As for me, I live in an emirate of Islamic Afghanistan and have given my pledge of allegiance to its amir to
hear and obey in all matters, and he does not permit me to perpetrate such actions from Afghanistan.

                                           Shaik Osama bin Laden

5) Reasonable doubt:

       WHY WARN THE PRESIDENT!!!???. Again: WHY WARN THE PRESIDENT!!!? Why would he go
        to all the trouble of training all these men, equipping them, educating them, getting them on the
        planes, getting them near the president, and then call the president and say: "O by the way, watch
        out, I am getting ready to kill you now after having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and
        planning for years. I'll be there to kill you in a few minutes. Watch for it" Does this seem logical?
       Again, the wording of the message clearly defined it as a threat, not a friendly warning. Why do it?
        Why further insist on proving his bona-fides by revealing top-secret information to make absolutely
        sure that the attack would be anticipated and thwarted?
   If you wanted to frame someone and make it look good you might stage a "close call" in order to
    make him think he really was in danger, even though you could not actually risk his being harmed.
    Then it would be personal. He would be more inclined to seek revenge and retribution. In my opinion
    this is a more plausible reason for warning him than anything presented thus far.
   Well, is it possible that the CIA has a “mole” deep within Osama’s organization? Maybe, however,
    that would contradict certain facts that we already know:
         1) Many people (already quoted) already insisted that the wording of the call was that of an
              explicit threat, not a friendly warning.
         2) Moles usually have contacts. If Osama was planning this for many years, or even any
              length of time at all, then it would have leaked out. The mole would not stand by and wait till
              the last minute to save thousands of people's lives and the loss of hundreds of millions of
              dollars. He would have organized a massive sting to catch them red handed. These are
              precisely the types of operations that the FBI salivate over. The types that can put you
              away forever. They would not have just let it slide.
         3) If there were a mole in Osama's organization, why would he bypass his contacts (CIA?) and
              superiors and attempt direct contact of the president?
         4) The FBI already has a $5 Million reward out for his head. They have further authorized the
              expense of destroying multiple $1.6 Million dollar Tomahawks to assassinate him. If they
              had a mole in his organization they would not need to go to all this trouble and
              expense. They could just sweep in and take him as the CIA did in Iran. Even if they did not
              do that, they would have at least have had an accurate fix on his location for the Tomahawk
              strike rather than having hit a location over one hundred miles away from his true location at
              that time.
         5) Why was the president not hit first? In any war, everyone knows that your strongest ally is
              the element of surprise. You therefore use it to hit the most critical targets first. Remember
              how the stealth bombers first went into Iraq and bombed the radar installations then the
              other fighters came in and finished them off? Why was the president not first? Maybe so
              that he would have had time to see the carnage of the first attack and take it seriously?
              Maybe so that when the deception was actually played out there would be no chance he
              would not take it seriously (especially given the transponder knowledge and code words),
              and you could ensure his safety, but only after he saw his life flash before his eyes and
              began to see red?
                                                    News Flash:
                 In an article titled “White House lied about threat to Air
                  Force One” By Jerry White, 28 September 2001, we are told
                    that the White House has now reversed itself and is now
                 claiming that it lied when it originally reported that the
                   secret service received a threat on President Bush, Jr.s
                    The day after the attack when the White House was asked
                       about the Presidents harried dash for cover across
                    multiple states during the first moments of the attack,
                 the White House spokesperson was quoted explaining, “There
                 was real and credible information that the White House and
                   Air Force One were targets of terrorist attacks and that
                   the plane that hit the Pentagon was headed for the White
                 House.” White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer repeated
                    this claim at an afternoon news briefing that same day,
                      saying the Secret Service had “specific and credible
                   information” that the White House and Air Force One were
                                               potential targets.
                       In a column in the New York Times on September 13,
                 entitled “Inside the Bunker,” William Safire, former Nixon
                     aid, described a conversation with a “high White House
                   official,” who told him, “A threatening message received
                   by the Secret Service was relayed to the agents with the
                 president that ‘Air Force One is next.’” Safire continued:
                  “According to the high official, American code words were
                      used showing a knowledge of procedures that made the
                                                threat credible.”
                  Safire reported that this information was confirmed by
                Bush’s chief political strategist Karl Rove, who told him
                  Bush had wanted to return to Washington but the Secret
                 Service “informed him that the threat contained language
               that was evidence that the terrorists had knowledge of his
                                procedures and whereabouts.”
                       Two weeks after these astonishing claims, the
                   administration has all but admitted it concocted the
                entire story. CBS Evening News reported September 25 that
                             the call “simply never happened.”

              We now have two scenarios:
              1) It did indeed happen, and they are now trying to cover
                 it up for some strange reason, which means that there
                 is something truly sinister going on, or
              2) It did not happen and they lied about it, which means
                 that they have lost credibility and we can no longer
                 trust anything else that they say, not even the
                 identities of the claimed terrorists, or Osama bin
                 Laden’s claimed complicity in this matter.
              A strange turn of events indeed.

   If Osama really was behind this then it would be in his interest to take it all the way and actually kill
    the members of Congress and the President. It would give him vastly more credibility than killing
    5000 civilians. That would also cut the legs out from under the whole US government generating a
    massive ripple effect that might have crippled the country, rather than just ensure it's wrath and
   If he was such a genius of intricate planning, why did he miss such a trivial issue as hitting the
    wrong side of the Pentagon? If he had hit the other side it would have really advanced his cause.
    Again, he is claimed to be an utter genius but his alleged actions are clouded by last minute bungles
    that just don't fit.
   If Osama did it then he really must be suffering from a serious split-personality problem. He is not
    sure if he wants credit for it or not. Why do I say this? Well, if he did do it but did not want to be
    tracked down, then he would have at least tried to forge non-Arab passports. We already know that
    at least some of the passports were forged/stolen (as proven previously in this article). For someone
    who can allegedly crack the innermost secret codes of the secret service while riding a camel in the
    desert and not even possessing Internet capability, the matter of forging a few passports should not
    be that big of a deal. He could even forge Chinese passports for that matter if he really wanted to
    hide his identity and divert blame. On the one hand we claim that he is this great genius of
    coordination and planning and on the other he is totally inept. Just seems like a contradiction to me.
   We already know that the FBI have put bin Laden on their "most wanted" list and have offered a
    bounty of $5 million for his capture. They also are theoretically watching and following him like a
    hawk. So important is he to them that they were even willing to expend multiple Tomahawk missiles
    at a cost of $1.6 Million each in an attempt to assassinate him. Remember, the US government has
    at it's disposal satellites that can photograph your license plates from outer space. To think that with
    all these multimillion dollar rewards, satellite monitoring and a blank check he is still able to operate
    in complete defiance of them across multiple countries, for many years, without their having the
    slightest clue?
    Does this sound logical?
    Again, where is his cape?
   What about that story about one of the terrorist renting a car in his own name, placing a Qur'an, a
    flight training manual (or video?) - in Arabic of all things - and according to some reports a picture of
    bin Laden on the dash and then leaving it parked at the airport to be found after his death? Isn't this
    just a little much?. Just how dense were these people? Was this last minute "cramming for an
    exam"? Were these highly skilled terrorists studying how to fly in the last seconds before they
    boarded the plane?... For a group that cracked the white house inner code words and pulled off
    such a coordinated and highly skilled attack, they were really, REALLY dense in covering their
    Or is there something else going on here?...
   On Saturday, mere days after the attacks it was announced that the passport belonging to one of
    the terrorists was found in the rubble of the WTC. Now let us think about this for just a minute: A
    commercial jetliner had reduced two 110 story towering skyscrapers into 1.4 million tons of twisted
    steel and concrete amid a fireball so intense it actually melted the internal steel back-bone of the
    structures resulting in their caving inwards upon themselves from the sheer heat. So great was this
    inferno that it was claimed to have reduced the plane's highly-fortified, near indestructible, black box
    into useless slag (it is rated to withstand 2000 degrees F). Now, after only a couple of days and
    having only cleared 20,000 tons of debris (literally they just scratched the surface) they miraculously
    find the hijacker's passport!!!
    Say what??!!
    You have got to be kidding me!!
    Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!
    What, did he roll down the cockpit window just before impact and toss it out?? Imagine placing a
    sheet of paper inside a silo filled with hay, dumping kerosene all over it, burning it to the ground,
    then taking a pinch of smoldering blackened soot of the top and lo and behold, there is the piece of
    paper in your hands, unscathed and readable!
    It's a miracle! Hallelujah!
   Regardless of whether the US media is acting extremely irresponsibly by airing any and all
    slanderous claims without verification, where is the “evidence” coming from?
          1. One after the other Arab passports magically appear in the most damning of locations but
              soon thereafter they are found to have been reported stolen up to two years earlier.
          2. Passport, after passport keep showing up in all the crash sites and locations attached to
              them, then the real holders are found half a world away, alive and well, never having been
              on those planes. The Saudi suspects alone who have thus far been implicated then
              exonerated after such shady evidence is magically “discovered” so far number at least
              seven. Even the director of the FBI himself has admitted that they were in error in
              implicating them.
          3. So, who is doing this? Who keeps planting this evidence and then tipping of the media?
          4. How many passports are lost each year? Out of those, how many belong to Arabs? Out of
              those, how many attended flight school? Isn’t it interesting that all those falsely accused so
              far appear to have been selected due to their conformance to a very precise profile? Who is
              doing this and why?
          5. Who stands to gain? They USA and all it’s allies are preparing to bomb one, and maybe
              many other Islamic and Arabic countries. If all these Arab countries were bombed into
              oblivion, who in that region would stand to gain?
   The FBI reported that two days earlier in Florida a bar owner reported that two of the Arab suspects
    entered his bar, drank heavily then fought with the owner over the bill.
    Now, this is utterly preposterous!
    Anyone who knows anything about anything regarding Muslims knows that any Muslim who would
    be willing to martyr himself for his cause will do so with the hope of gaining God's good will and His
    Paradise. Someone whose conviction is so great will ALSO abide with great conviction by all other
    major tenets of Islam since he is expecting to be meeting God very soon and is seeking His
    acceptance. One of the most MAJOR of these Islamic tenets being that alcohol is despised by God
    and forbidden upon all Muslims.
    Not only can a Muslim not drink it, but he can not transport it, sell it, manufacture it, or have anything
    whatsoever to do with it. This is a major, MAJOR sin in Islam.
    It is preposterous to think that they were fanatical right- wing extremist Muslims engaged in holy
    jihad but at the same time known drunks. That it is like claiming that Joan of Arc was known for
    running a brothel and regularly practicing adultery.
    It just does not add up..
   ## One of the very first faces plastered all over the media right from the beginning was that of
    "Muhammad Atta." It is known that he spent time in an Israeli prison and was released after a couple
    of years. It is also well known and documented by such organizations as Amnesty International that
    Israel is one of the few nations around today that routinely arrest people with no provocation, torture
    them continuously, deprive them of legal council and cut them off from all family and friends. What
    happed to him during his years under these conditions at the hands of the Israelis?
   ## This is compounded by the fact that theoretically he was on the FBI's wanted list. However, we
    are lead to believe that he was traveling around the States using his own passport and receiving
    flight training till he finally blew up these buildings, leaving his personal (true) passport behind. Why
    was he given free reign to travel and live on US soil? And again, he is claimed to have purchased
    the plane tickets with his personal credit card!!! This lead the investigators after *29 full hours to the
    Westin Hotel where they found "three other accomplices" ... Just waiting to be caught. How utterly
    stupid were these "genius"'?
   In Lebanon it is known that Israel did its utmost to use "turncoat" Arabs to strike at other Arabs. It
    was considered much more cost effective than losing valuable Jews. This went on for years till the
    Lebanese finally drove the Israelis back out of their country.
   How could this desert bedouin spy on the inner-most secrets of the White house? He is a gorilla not
    a high-tech superpower.
           The USSR may have been able to pull off such spying but they do not appear to have
             anything to gain from it.
           The other "Superpowers" are all staunch US allies and although they may be able to pull it
             off, there does not appear to be anything to gain.
           China could possibly do it, but it would require the other pieces of the puzzle to point at
             them. For example, it has already been proven that at least many of the "Arab" passports
             were either stolen or forged. What would China gain from singling out Arabs to the receive
             the blame for their actions?
           Not a single Arab or Muslim country has been documented to have succeeded or even
             attempted to undertake such spying.
           Israel has the ability to spy on the white house and has even recently been publicly exposed
             by the FBI as having been taping all internal phone calls in the White House, the "black
             lines" and from the President's office itself. Remember back when Monica Lewinsky
             recorded President Clinton stating that a "foreign government" had penetrated his phone
             lines and was monitoring his calls? It was later found out that that government was Israel.
              http://www.insightmag.com/archive/200005306.shtml
              http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a391351f51aab.htm
              http://www.rockfordinstitute.org/NewsST050900.htm
    Strangely, even though this tape was played at the trial and the whole nation knew about it, it was
    suddenly forgotten and not another word was spoken about the matter. Why?
    How does this relate to the current situation? Who knows.
   What about the special "squawk" code which was supposed to be used by the pilots in the event of
    a terrorist attack to discretely notify the tower? Well, we are told that it is presumed that the first
    thing the terrorists did upon successfully hijacking the planes was to turn off the airplane's
    transponders. This effectively :
           prevented transmission of the emergency squawk code.
           prevented tracking the identity and altitude of the hijacked aircraft
     This begs the question: Four unidentified massive 'blips' on countless military and civilian radars,
    with no identifying transponder, randomly cavorting around US airspace for up to an hour in some
    cases and no one even noticed??
    No red flags whatsoever??
    Is it normal for the US military to allow unidentified airplanes the size of a baseball field to fly around
    the nation's capital and it's highly sensitive Eastern seaboard with no attempt to identify it, contact it,
    nor intercept it?
    Is it normal for commercial flight towers in the USA to allow such an unidentified threat to traipse
    around commercial airspace placing countless commercial jets and passengers at risk?
    It does not matter if you switch off the transponder. Radar can still pick you up. And if you are
    piloting a massive commercial jet rather than a stealth fighter then your "blip" on the radar screen
    will be all the more pronounced.
    Even assuming they decided to drop below radar level, this still would not compute. If you are flying
    a massive Boeing commercial jet low enough to escape radar detection then you are flying it low
    enough to scare the inhabitants of countless US cities into a crazed frenzy. Did no one call or report
    any commercial airliners skimming the chimneys off the roofs of their homes?
    Again, it just does not add up.
    Could it be that the transponders were never turned off in the first place?
    Where is the wreckage? We have been told that at least two of the planes literally disintegrated into
    pieces no bigger than a cell-phone. Is this physically possible? There is wreckage in NY in the WTC,
    but what about the Pentagon and in the trees of Pennsylvania where the fourth plane allegedly fell?
    Any explosion massive enough to reduce a 187 ton steel and aluminum commercial airliner virtually
    into dust should have left a much greater crater in the Pentagon, wouldn't you think? Why was the
    Pentagon itself not vaporized in such a cosmic event?
   How did the black boxes hold together (much bigger than a cell-phone) to be miraculously found a
    few miles away a few days later, if everything else was pretty much vaporized? There are solid
    chunks of steel in a commercial airplane's fuselage as thick as my arm. Were these vaporized while
    the black box made it? Yes, the black box is designed to be robust and near indestructible, but
    even more so than the plane’s solid steel frame?
    William Shatner would be proud.
   ## NY is well-known to be home to a sizeable Jewish community. On the day of the attack, 2500-
    4000 Jewish Employees (depending on the news source you read) in the WTC were absent from
    their jobs. With the announcement of the attacks the Israeli media immediately began mourning
    4,000 Jews who work in the two towers. Then suddenly, silence. It later became clear that they
    remarkably did not show up for work the day the incident took place (Tuesday, September 11,
    No one talked about any Jew being killed or wounded in the attacks. Arab diplomatic sources
    revealed to the Jordanian al-Watan newspaper that those Jews remained absent that day based on
    hints from the Israeli General Security Apparatus, the Shabak, the fact which evoked unannounced
    suspicions by American officials who wanted to know how the Israeli government learned about the
    incident before it occurred, and the reasons why it refrained from informing the U.S. authorities of
    the information it had.
    Suspicions had increased further after Israeli newspaper Yadiot Ahranot revealed that the Shabak
    also prevented Israeli premier Ariel Sharon from traveling to New York and particularly to the city's
    Eastern coast to participate in a festival organized by the Zionist organizations in support of Israel.
    Aharon Bernie, the commentator at the newspaper, puzzled over the Shabak's reasons for
    preventing Sharon's participation, but could only come up with "no answer." Bernie added that
    Sharon, who was delighted for having his speech on top of the festival agenda, asked the head of
    the organization to mediate and convince the Shabak to change its position, but his attempts were in
    vain. The next day after Sharon's secretary officially announced that Sharon would not Participate,
    the incident took place.
   Brian McWilliams reported in Newsbytes, 27th of September 2001 under the title “Instant Messages
    To Israel Warned Of WTC Attack” that SMS messages were sent to the cell-phones of at least two
    individuals in Israel two hours before the WTC attack warning them about it. Officials at instant-
    messaging firm Odigo confirmed that two employees received text messages warning of an attack
    on the World Trade Center two hours before terrorists crashed planes into the New York landmarks.
    Alex Diamandis, vice president of sales and marketing, confirmed that workers in Odigo's research
    and development and international sales office in Israel received a warning from another Odigo user
    approximately two hours prior to the first attack.
   In July of 2001 the US port authority leased the WTC towers to Silverstien and Westfield. These two
    had the foresight to make sure they were completely insured. Westfield, which in July finalized a
    $3.2 billion, 99-year lease for the center, said it was fully insured for both capital and loss of income.
    Its insurance coverage included acts of terrorism.
    Thankfully 9 out of 10 of their staff working in the building were safe. Westfield released the
    following statement: "The loss of the World Trade Center is not expected to have a material impact
    on the distribution of Westfield America Trust"
   NY also has a sizeable MUSLIM population. Probably the largest in the nation. Large numbers of
    Muslims were also killed in the WTC tragedy alongside the other victims. Sadly, these Muslims and
    Christians did not receive any prior warning.
   Stock Market:. According to ABC News and the Chicago Tribune, the week directly preceding the
    attack saw heavy trading of United Airlines and American Airlines stocks as well as those
    companies whose offices were in the Twin Towers. Evidently somebody knew about the forthcoming
    air crashes. Note that the stock market is heavily dominated by the Zionists. Muslims are almost
    absent in the stock market. The U.S. government and relevant agencies have a duty to report to the
    American people and the world the true findings.
   Yossi Melman reported in the Isreali newspaper, Ha'aretz, Sept. 17, 2001 that the FBI arrested five
    Israelis four hours after the attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers while filming the
    unfolding tragedy from the roof of their company's building. The FBI was phoned by a witness
    resulting in their arresting the five for "puzzling behavior". They are said to have been caught
    videotaping the disaster in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery. The news report claims
    that they are still being held in custody and have not yet been deported back to Israel. Some of them
    were claimed to hold multiple passports and at least one of them was suspected of being a member
    of the Israeli secret police, the Mossad. The Israeli consulate agreed that their actions were
    "inappropriate" and that was the end of it.
       CNN decided to not mention the incident.
       ## Stern-Intel, Canada (David Stern Report, sternintel@hotmail.com, September 13, 2001): A US
        military intelligence source revealed details of an internal intelligence memo that points to the Israeli
        Mossad intelligence service having links to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The
        intelligence source, who requested his name be withheld, confirmed the internal US intelligence
        memo circulated four weeks ago described information that pointed to the threat of a covert Israeli
        operation on US soil to turn mass public opinion against Palestinian Arabs via an apparent terrorist
        attack on US interests that would give Israel the green light to implement a large scale military
        onslaught against the Palestinian Arab population.
        The 11 September attack has been described by experts as being too sophisticated for a lone
        terrorist group to execute. "This attack required a high level of military precision and the resources of
        an advanced intelligence agency. In addition, the attackers would have needed to be extremely
        familiar with both air force one flight operations, civil airline flight paths and aerial assault tactics on
        sensitive US cities like Washington, Stated David Stern an expert on Israeli intelligence operations.
        The attacks targeted the Pentagon, World Trade Center towers, with the white house and air force
        also being targets according to the FBI.
        "The attacks have certainly turned US public opinion firmly back in Israel's favor after 11 months of
        Palestinian uprising, heavy criticism of Israel over war crimes allegations and racism by a UN
        conference in Durban. The attacks serve no Arab group or nation's interests but their timing came in
        the midst of international condemnation of Israel for its policy of death squad assassination of
        Palestinian political and police figures", added Stern.
       ## Former Israeli Prime Minister Barak by some strange fluke of a coincidence just happened to be
        present in the BBC studios arriving literally moments after the first plane hit, with a pre-written 30-
        minute statement on Arab terrorism tailor made for this occasion and he was the first to publicly go
        on record that it was an Arab terrorist attack even before the US President and Vice President had
        managed to make heads or tails of the situation or decide whether it was a tragic malfunction in a
        commercial jet or something else.

6) Closing arguments:

       he Taliban have already repeatedly told President Bush that they are willing to study any evidence and
       hand over bin Laden if there is sufficient proof of his involvement. They have also looked into this
       matter and have found no reason to doubt Osama's word. Fearing that current events do not bode well
for a fair trial, but at the same time not being particularly keen on being dragged into yet another war with yet
another invading nation, they therefore offered the USA a compromise. They would wash their hands of him,
he would leave the country and the USA could handle it from there.

What is so terribly wrong with providing them with proof of his involvement? If they are sincere they will hand
him over. If not, then the USA has given them enough rope to hang themselves and justify the invasion.
Sadly, the US government has chosen neither to offer any sort of gesture towards the request for concrete
and verifiable proof, nor has it accepted the most basic of common decency proposals: To not hold every
man woman and child in Afghanistan responsible for something which at best Osama MAY have done, on
his own.

Indeed, rather than playing the matter out with a level head and taking the path dictated by prudence, the
President and Congress have instead chosen to beat their manly chests at these starving people and rattle
their mighty sabers bellowing:

We will not discuss! We will not delay! We will kill! We will maim! You are too backward to say otherwise!
You are cowardly, we are brave! Our "missile launch" fingers are brave too! We have multimillion dollar
Cruise missiles! You have caves and rifles. What need have we of showing you proof? Are you a nuclear
Superpower like us so that we would be forced to respect you and produce evidence? Evidence is only for
the strong. We can simply expect the worst of you, wipe you off the face of the earth and then ask questions
It is hard to not re-elect a war hero.
What harm would come of showing them some sort of evidence and calling their "bluff"? If they were to go
back on their words even after being handed damning, verifiable evidence the USA could always invade,
bomb and maim them then. What would Bush and Congress lose by allowing due process and justice to run
their course before resorting to indiscriminant and costly war against men women and children?

What is the great rush? Why the great need to get it over with quickly?
First lynch, then call in the judge ...

7) Who did do it?:

    ’m sorry. I can’t answer that one. What I can say though is that if I had the resources of the FBI, and I was

I   sincere in my pursuit of the true culprits (a matter which I can not take for granted given the massive
    amounts of shady evidence we have already uncovered) then I would ask such questions as:
      1) Who stands to gain? Who has already gained? Who will gain by making sure blame is laid firmly at
         the doorsteps of all Arabs and Muslims by
          “Discovering” countless stolen/forged Arab passports at the crash sites, which all were either
               simply left in plain sight to be found, or miraculously survived thousand degree infernos when
               solid steel could not.
          “Discovering” that a genius of coordination, planning and execution just happened to forget
               extensive, damning evidence linking him to Arabs and Muslims at the airport just before he
               committed his crime. The matter just slipped his mind.
          Did anyone have prior knowledge of this matter either in gaining from it or in avoiding loss? For
               example, was there anyone who sold off all of his insurance and airline stock just before the
      2) No one has claimed responsibility. Who would gain by NOT claiming responsibility?
      3) Who has the intelligence resources that are so extensive that they actually reach deep into the
         White House itself and most branches of the US government/military?
      4) Who is known for the ability to perform highly coordinated well planned international covert
      5) Who would gain from going to all this trouble but not carrying through the most critical aspects, such
         as actually killing the president and/or members of congress, since they are needed to play out the
         rest of this plan for some unknown reason. Maybe it is important to get them furious enough to take
         it personally?
      6) Are we willing to look at ALL suspects, no matter who they may be and how unlikely the scenario?
         Are we willing to do that completely, efficiently and without bias nor pre-judgment?
      7) It is extremely naive to believe that an organization capable to such highly coordinated, highly
         skilled, precisely timed terrorist acts would not be equally coordinated, skilled and ruthless in
         covering their tracks. If this is the case then we need to look for the true terrorists with this in mind.
         In other words we are not dealing with run-of-the-mill terrorists here. Therefore we should not only
         not expect everything to be as it seems, but indeed we should be looking at the least likely suspect.
         The ones the planted evidence points away from. Again, simple plain logic. If they are genius’ then
         we should expect them to be genius’ in all aspect of this matter, including covering their tracks.

These are the sort of questions, among others, we need to be asking ourselves if we truly want to get to the
bottom of this matter, find the culprits and stamp out terrorism.

To help us along in this direction, and to make sure we are not biased in excluding ANY group from our
investigation, let us remember:

Israel has a documented record of terrorism against the United States going all
the way back to 1954. In that year, the Israel government plotted to blow up
American installations in Cairo and Alexandria and blame it on Egyptian
nationals. By chance the plot failed and was uncovered. It was named the Lavon
Affair after the man who supposedly masterminded it, Pinhas Lavon, the Israeli
Defense Chief. He resigned in 1955 over the incident. (Bar-Joseph, Uri,1995 Intelligence
Intervention in the Politics of Democratic States: The United States, Israel, and Britain. University
Park, PA: Penn State Press,)
In 1967, Israel purposefully attacked with unmarked jet fighters and torpedo
boats, the U.S.S. Liberty, an American Navy vessel of the Sinai Peninsula, even
machine gunning the deployed life rafts of the ship. The attack killed 31
American servicemen and wounded over 170. They sought to sink the ship, kill all
the Americans and blame it on the Egyptians so they could have American support
to conquer larger areas of the Arab world.( Ennes, J., 1979. Assault On The Liberty. New
York: Random House.)

 In spite of the fact that U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and navy chief
Admiral Moorer said that the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel was deliberate.
The matter was killed before it could be presented before a formal Congressional
investigation. It disappeared from the media after a few short days.

In 1986 Israel actually caused the US to wrongly go to war and militarily attack
another nation. The Mossad planted a transmitter in Tripoli, Libya and then
broadcast terrorist messages in Libyan code indicating Libyan responsibility for
killing two Americans in the bombing of the La Belle discothèque in Germany. (It
was later proven that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing) By use of this
fraud, Israel induced the American bombing of Libya killing many including the
infant daughter of the Libyan President.( Ostrovsky, Victor., 1995 The Other Side of
Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda. New York: Harper)

For more details with references on Israeli terrorism and their continued attempts over five decades to frame
Arabs with acts of terror perpetrated by themselves, please read the excellent book “The Zionist Connection
II, What Price Peace” by Jewish author Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal.
                 http://www.melvig.org/zionist.htm

Sept. 18, 2001 (EIRNS)—Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. gave an extensive interview
related to the recent bombing in the USA. Among his words were the following:

“The point is, the first thing is, people are frightened—the first consideration. The nature of the events is
frightening, especially for this generation, and most of this population. They are showing signs of great
anxiety; of course, most acute in the D.C. area and the New York area. Under these conditions, people tend
to become suggestible. They tend to have fantasies, exert bad judgment.”

“…You must have your troops, the fighting troops, not panic-stricken, calm, realistic, don't try to pump them
up with false confidence, but a realistic view of the situation, … And that's what the American people need
now, as opposed to what CNN, for example, and Fox News have been doing with their television
broadcasts. The worst possible thing you can do to the American people, to cause the worst kind of crisis.”

“Look at the situation.”

“First of all, what has happened to the United States is on last Tuesday, the 11th, it came attack by a
mysterious force, which I know is some kind of rogue operation inside the security screen of the United
States. This did not come from the Middle East. It didn't come from Europe. It didn't come from South
America. … but the operation is very sophisticated, and no one could do an operation like this, from outside
the United States at present; there's no one who could do what was done here then. So, we know it's a very
high-level rogue operation inside our own country…”

“… Israel could not win a war in the Middle East, now. They have the conventional ability to win a war; but
they could not occupy and hold the territory. They would be destroyed by the attempt to occupy and hold
adverse territory. So, they would be forced to go to so-called weapons of mass destruction. That would be
sufficient to throw the whole continent into flames. Some people say, we don't want the Israelis to do that.
Other people say, the United States has to do that. We have to do that. We have to keep the Israelis out, the
way it was done with Desert Storm. Keep the Israelis out; we'll do the job, on Iraq. And, the same thing is
coming back now…”
For more, you can read:
                http://www.larouchepub.com/lar/2001/2837_eir_interview.html
                http://www.larouchepub.com/pr_lar/2001/010911stockwell.html
                http://www.larouchepub.com/pr_lar/2001/010915_shoot_cat.html

8) The verdict:

    am not saying I have all the answers. I am also not saying I have yet been able to fully verify all
   information thus far reported by the media and that is why I have marked some of the items for further
   investigation. I am only one person with limited resources, limited to reading the news. I ask that anyone
who has anything useful to add please do so. I believe that I have shown “reasonable doubt”. That should be
enough justification to give us second thoughts of wiping a whole nation off the face of the earth. If, that is,
we truly believe in such matters as a human being’s “inalienable rights” and we believe those rights to be
“self evident.”

The USA is getting ready to bomb Afghanistan. It has mobilized its Air-force, Navy and Army. It is setting the
stage for a massive invasion and wholesale war against a third-world country. Most likely there will be
massive casualties in men, women and children. B-52s, F-16s, AWACS, destroyers, apaches, and on and
on. Remember, B-52s don't discriminate between men, women or children.

If there is such a thing as "justifiable cause" for such an act then it would have to at least first provide us
with "no reasonable doubt" after having followed the path of "innocent until proven guilty"

It would need to prove, "beyond a reasonable doubt!" all of the following:
  1) We know for certain, with negligible possibility for error and with extensive verifiable evidence the true
      identities of the actual perpetrators who themselves physically committed these acts.
  2) It would require iron-clad evidence clearly and beyond a reasonable doubt linking these individuals to
      Osama bin Laden. And I am not talking about proving that one them may have possessed a picture of
      Osama, or may have a video tape of Osama, or may have shook his hand somewhere in the distant
      past. I am talking about concrete proof such as a video tape recording showing them sitting with him in
      a room planning this despicable act.
  3) It would then require "beyond a reasonable doubt" the linking of all of Afghanistan in complicacy to
      Osama and his cohorts in this elaborate scheme. Again, it is not enough that he lives in their country.
      That is not justification to kill everyone in the country. Imagine that Timothy McVey was hold up in
      Oklahoma. Would we bomb every man, woman and child in Oklahoma?

Now it is entirely up to the US and European citizens where they want to go from here. Ignorance is no
excuse. The elected officials are exactly that, elected. They are the representatives of the people. They are
there to do their bidding. If the citizens feel that it is justifiable to add this new list of casualties to the many,
many previous victims of the US military and it is justifiable to invade Afghanistan and begin randomly
shelling, killing and leaving the country in ruins then that is their call. However, they need to remember that
the decisions they make today will live with them tomorrow.

Regardless of morality and decency, simple basic self-preservation should come into play here. What do we
think will be the reaction of a whole country that has been wrongly accused, without evidence, and without
even the willingness to discuss the matter with them, as peers and equals on this earth?

Will the victims of this planned mass-extermination just lie down and die? Will it have no effect on US
stability, safety and prosperity in the future?

Is it right?

Is it proper?

Is it decent?

Is it moral?
Let everyone's conscience be their guide. Hopefully this article, brief and incomplete as it may be, may get
some people thinking, and those people will contact their congressmen, their senators, their local media
their prime ministers and their president demanding that they not be dragged into yet another international
war with unknown consequences until at the very least all of the pieces of this puzzle have fallen into place.

Why all of this? Well, we are talking about people's lives. People who have already died or been seriously
injured and many more who may yet die. We are also talking about what could potentially develop into a
wide-scale war between a number of countries. If we are not completely 100% sure we know what
happened and we have proof that can not be falsified, and that proof is verifiable and will be made public,
then I think we aught not rush into something that may be with us for many, many years to come.....

May God Almighty guide us all to that which is best, most just, and most pleasing to Him.


more to be researched:
...passenger lists, published first day (no Arabs), then changed.. FBI
    released a list of names none of which were on the original lists. Total?
...Lebanese suspect's "girlfriend" statement???
... France: Israeli author thinks it was Israel.
... Muslims blameless?
.... suicide??
... area of Pentagon that was damaged was exact area recently renovated?
… DNA testing of pilot remains? True that CNN briefly reported on it?
… “Without warning: Terror in the Towers” George Clooney, 1993.

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