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Winter Mail-order catalogue . Big Update 14/01/2009 , TONS OF NEW UNDERGROUND STUFFS !
The focus is getting quality Underground releases out at decent prices , No E-bay .


!!! PAGAN HELLFIRE - SOLIDARITY . Mc last album , Manifactured tape + pins . !!!
!!!! EOLE NOIR(Bel) - AMBIVALENCE . MC . Out Now !!!! (Killer Stuff)



THOR/003 - KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR/MORBID YELL - The Black Legions March Over The Killing Fields/Self
Destruction Ritual . CD ltd to 500 with free logo bands pins . (Mighty AKERBELTZ project !!) AVAILABLE .

THOR/005     -   SVARTBLUT - CD . No date .

THOR/006     -   MISANTHROPY LEGION - Devoid of humanity . MC .

THOR/007     -   FEUERSTURM - "APOKALYPSE" . CD . Limited to 500 , few copies .

THOR/008     -   NIDFJOLL - AN INFINITY OF HATE . MC . sold out .

THOR/009     -   KRAMTHAL - At The Dawn Of Kramthal . MC Ltd to 200 with free pins . AVAILABLE .


THOR/011     -   BLEEDING FIST - FUNERAL.... . MC Limited to 100 . Few Left .

THOR/012     -   TERDOR - AXIS PANZERÜG . CD Limited to 500 . AVAILABLE .

THOR/013     -   WOLFSBLUT - Seelenqual Album 2006 + Legion Wolfsblut 2004 . CD . 2009 .

THOR/014     -   VINTERNATT - In the shades of Oblivion . MC Two demos 2006/2007 . AVAILABLE .

THOR/015     -   WARWULF - Forgotten Dreams Of A Lost Empire . (Seigneur Voland cover) . MC . AVAILABLE .

5 unreleased tracks from : SturmKomand.Uriburu.Endlosung.Via Dolorosa.Holocaustus . soon .

THOR/017 -       PAGAN HELLFIRE - SOLIDARITY . Mc last album , Manifactured tape + pins . limited to 300 .

THOR/018 -     EOLE NOIR - AMBIVALENCE . MC , Unreleased Materials from 2003 . (Mighty Nartvind project) limited to 200
Handnumbered . Out now .

THOR/019 -       ETTENMOOR - Winter of Supremacy . MC . 2009

THOR/020 -       AGAZGUL/ETTENMOOR . Split Tape . Finnish's Hammers Underground Black Metal . 2009 .

THOR/021 -       UTHARK - War Horde . MC . 2009 .

THOR/0..     -    PAGAN WRATH . 2009 .

THOR/0..     -    RUNENTHOR - Valaskjalf . 2009 .

THOR/0..     -    FELDHAUBITZE/KRIERGERWOLFE - Split . 2009 .

THOR/0..     -    RABENVOLK . No date .

THOR/0..     -    BLODPøL - No date .

THOR - LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL - "pins" . Black pins with LS Logo 35/mn .
THOR - ARY ART - Band logo - "pins" ltd to 50 . 35/mn .
THOR - KRAMTHAL - Band logo "pins" . ltd to 50 . size 25/mn . 1€ , or free if you buy the KRAMTHAL tape !
THOR - SARMAK - pic of the famous guy ! "pins" 35/mn . LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL FANS only !!! ltd to 50 .
THOR - KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR . "pins" . ltd to 50 . 25/mn . logo band . Free with the cd !
THOR - MORBID YELL . "pins" . ltd to 50 . 25/mn . logo band . Free with the cd .
THOR - VINTERNATT - "pins" , logo band . 25/mn , free if you buy the tape !
THOR - WARWULF - "pins" , logo band . 25/mn , free if you buy the tape !
THOR - EVIL - "pins" , logo band . ltd to 100 . 25/mn . New .
THOR - PAGAN HELLFIRE - Pins , PIC . 25/mn . free if you buy the tape . New


Exclusive distributions :
one man band , 7 songs of pure 90's hateful Underground and cold black metal , Unreleased material from 2004-2008.                  Limited to 88.
First 14 copies contain a bonus track . released by the band , (Highly Recommended) , Check cdr section !!!

Free shipping for orders over 150€ + 5 free CDs Europe only !
CDs and cassettes can be shipped without the jewel cases if you want , which will save on postage . Just send an email with what you want to
order, where you are located , you will get a response with your total .
Take any 10 CDS for only 80 EURO , 13 CDS for only 100 EURO ! Free Postage ! France/Europe only !

ABSURD(Ger) - Raubritter / Grimmige Volksmusik CD . 10€ .
Legendary German Black Metal Band . both mini albums on one cd . killer stuff . (Highly Recommended)

AGMEN(Cze) - "Dethroned" . CD . 8€ . New .
Powerful grim fast black metal witch catching melodic and technic riffs, peculiar musical procedures and apocaplyptic texts. Four and new album
still with Michal, Vlad and Tom members . (Highly Recommended) .

AGMEN(Cze) - Tartarus . CD . 8€
Band from Michal and Vlad from Maniac Butcher/Dark Storm! Raw and Dark Hateful Black Metal. CD included bonus, cover from Algaion!

AGMEN(Cze) - Eternal . CD . 8€
Third album from Agmen! Recorded before years in Hellsound studio . Anti-christianity, technic, Raw True Black Metal! One from deep Czech
respected band in the old traditions !!!

AHNENSTAHL(At) - Zwischen Tod und Leben . CD . 8€
Epic Pagan Black Metal, from Falagar of Rivendell ! .

Sick Excellent Black Metal ! Ildjarn and old Absurd veins . Fans will not be dissapointed . Pure hatred from one of the leader act of the North
American Black Metal scene , praise it ! (Highly Recommended)

AKERBELTZ(Sp) - “Tabellae Defixionum”. CD . 8€
Excellent true black metal , One of the strongest forces of Black Metal emerging from Spain, check this effort out for that old necro BLACK
METAL (Highly Recommended)
ALLVATER(Ger) - Vater . CD . 7€
Great Album of this German Melodic Viking black metal , project of SDK member .

AMALEK(Ger) - Die Rückkehr Wotans . Album 2007 . 8€
The German Underground TERROR N.S.B.M BAND is back !!! CD with 8 page high quality booklet incl. Silver printings.
8 Tracks without losing an inch of their rawness and obscurity ..... (Recommended)
ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) - Return of the ancient ones . CD . New . 8€
First album of this great Finish underground Pagan black metal band , various style melodic pagan ect.......

AMYSTERY (Ger) – Grim Satanic Blessing . CD . New . 8€
Underground Black Metal best kept secret , AMYSTERY are poised to strike another blow to weak commercial trends ! Their second Unholy
asault , Grim satanic Blessing is an ice cold tribute to the pioneerinr Satanic hordes of the 90's , forsaking the pretty fanfare for cult , Melancholic
satanic hatred and unbridled dark expression ! fans of the early art of Darkthrone/Burzum will surely worship this masterwork of satanic hateful
hymns ! 8-pages booklet . (Highly Recommended)

AMYSTERY (Ger) - Extermination, followed by cryptic silence . CD . 8€
Debut full lenght, 7 tracks of underground black in the good old german tradition ! ! (Recommended)

Ancientblood is a nihilistic Black Metal , lidered by Lord Mantus with the main purpose to spread the Black Metal wrath worldwide, mixing
influences of old school bands like Venom , KATHARSIS , Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Burzum and Darkthrone, allied to an anti-human
conception. Excellent artwork . The Black Metal is Alive ! (Hgihly Recommended)

ANGANTYR (Dan) - "Kampen Fortsaetter" . Digipack . 10€
Debut CD in improved digipack format with embossing + bonustrack . excellent danish black metal that sounds 100% pure yet truly "nordic" and
still has the ability to stand out of the mass as a raw underground jewel . (Highly Recommended)

ANGANTYR (Dan) - "Haevn" . CD . 8€
The new album of this Amazing and excellent raw melodic Nordic underground band . (Highly Recommended)

ANTI (Ger) -The Insignificance of Life . CD . 7€
killer unique suicidal black metal , a must have in every collection . 2 mans band ANTI and A.KRIEG members from DARKMOON

ARKONA/MOONTOWER (Pol) - "W szponach wojennej bestii" . split CD . 8€
Underground Black Metal presents their totally new songs full of aggression, intolerance and hate. Be prepared for a new war.

ARMAGGEDON (Fr) – Imperium Wird Durch das Blut Wieder Aufleben . CD . 8 €
Started in 2002 with amazing discography 15 releases ! ARMAGGEDON play pure French Evil old school black metal .

ARS MANIFESTIA (Ita) - "The Enchanting Dark´s Arrival" . CD . New . 10 €
Raw but emotional Black Metal with blood freezing riffs and a dak mysterious feeling
lasting for near one hour . in the vein of Isvind and Kvist !

ARY ART (Bul) - ... And despite All , BULGARIA WILL SURVIVE . CD . 7 €
Great deeppest patriotic pagan agressive and melodic black metal with crazy ugly vocals and good atmposphere with unique moments . killer
band . (Highly Recommended) .

ATMAN(Spa) - Psy Atman . CD . 8€ . New
2nd album reissue with new artwork and the first record as bonus . Suffering/Death/Pain . 14 songs , 67 Minutes .

AURIGA (Ger) - chains of despair , mini CD . New . 6 €
Cold Black Metal from north germany in the vein of Turlus etc.....

Pure Fucking Underground Sick Black Metal , Limited To 500 Hand Numbered Copies , (Highly and Very Recommended)

AVSKY (Swe) - Mass Destruction . CD . 7 €
highly recommended album !!!! 42 minutes of pure underground Swedish true black metal with sick vocals !

BARASTIR (Ger) - Battlehymns of hate . CD . 8€
Excellent Debut full lenght of this great band featuring Taaken/ODAL , pure hate and misanthropy ! (Highly Recommended)

BARBARYAN - "Gram / Das Lied von Blut und Eisen" . CD . 10€ . New
50 minutes of excellent raw melodic varied Black Metal ! killer work , twelve-page, precious booklet in silver print! An advancement after "Des
Toten Tatenruhm" check Tapes section . VikingBlood member !! (Highly Recommended)

BEASTCRAFT (Nor) - "Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen" . CD . New . 8€
New album from this True Norwegian Black Metal band with total raw and necro sound ! limited to 666 .

BENIGHTED IN SODOM (US) - Plague Overlord . CD . 7€
Killer us black metal in the vein of XASTHUR.includes a SARGEIST coversong !

BILSKIRNIR (Ger) -Wotansvolk . CD . 10€ .
Another Jewel , pure german pagan black metal.great looking booklet with silver printing . (Highly recommended)

BLESSMON (At) - Under the storm of hate . CD . New . 8€
A pure Fucking infernal Black Metal manifest , Blessmon show you how Black Metal sounds .

BROCKEN MOON (Ger) - Mondfinsternis . CD . 8€ . New
Cold Melancholic and misanthropic Meldic german black metal with some unique moments ! vocals ala old Burzum , good work .

BURZUM (Nor) - " stemmen fra tårnet" , DIGIPACK . 10€
Old re mastered material with tracks like Once emperor. Dunkelheit ect... and two norwegian TV documentaries!! .

CARCHAROTH (Spa) - Desolated Battlefields . CD . New . 8€
Excellent spanish Raw grim Pagan Black Metal Band , The lyrics talks about ancient times when the pagan way of life made people lived in deep
connection with the nature, respecting the deep valour that it has and defending them and their land . ( Recommended) .

CARTHAUN (Ger) - Blutt und Threnen . CD . New . 10€
The New Album from this German WAR Black Metal Band (Kathaarian,MAGOG MEMBERS !) 14 Tracks pure Pagan and War lyrics... Limited
to 999 units. 8 page CD-Booklet with special paper ... (Recommended)

CARTHAUN (Ger) - Einheit . CD . 10€
Great german underground Pagan Black Metal , project of the famous german band "MAGOG" ! (Recommended)

CRYFEMAL (Spa) - "Apoteosis Oculta" CD . New album 2007 . 8€
darkness, madness, desperation, rage, hate, agony, anguish, pain, suffering, glory, magic, power, triumph... What is offered here, surpasses the saturated Black Metal sce
We know that the end is coming, without the option of escape. What is left, is to prepare the death. Listen to Cryfemal... (Recommended)

CRYFEMAL (Spa) - Perpetua Funebre Gloria . CD . 8€
Sick raw ugly grim black metal from Spain , XASTHUR touch . plus VIDEO . RE-stock

CULTUS (Hol) - "A seat in Valhalla" . CD . 8€
(Awesome) album contains 5 bonus-/additional songs to a total of 12 tracks, if you never heard of CULTUS prior to this , hateful nonconformist
and antisocial black metal in the vein that Cultus should be known for. 1 hour of unique pagan black metal art . (Highly Recommended)

DANTALION (Sp) - Call of the broken souls . CD . New . 8€
Album 2008 , Depressive Misanthropic Suicidal Black Metal with sick hateful vocals and great Atmosphere .

DARK FURY (Pol) - Fortress of Eagles . CD . 8€ . New
10 Songs of pure Polish underground Hateful Furious black metal with members from : Thor's Hammer, Ohtar, Selbstmord (Pol)), Fullmoon
(Pol) , (Recommended) (Highly Recommended)

DARKMOON WARRIOR (Ger) - In Fundis Inferiorum . Digipack , 8€ .
Attention Excellent black metal band in the good old way , Fantastic Majestious Riffs with a Fucking sick vocal . members of
Eternity,Hellfucked and Wolfsmond BLACK METAL IS NOT DEAD !!! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

DEATHSPELL OMEGA/MOONBLOOD (Fra/Ger) - "demoniac vengeance/Sob...". 8€
[The famous cult black metal split!!!] (Highly Recommended)

DEFAILLANCE (Fr) - Contemplation misanthropique de l´humanite.. DIGI . New Album . 8€
Second Album , Slower Depressive misanthropy Black Metal .

DEFAILLANCE (Fr) - Same . 8€
French Suicidal Depressive Misanthropic cold Black Metal !

DEFUNTOS (Por) - A Negra Vastidão das Nossas Almas . 10€ . New Album .
A few footsteps and you are in... into your coffin. The 2nd album of the somber band DEFUNTOS from Portugal. Presented is obscure and occult
sick funeralistic Black/Doom in a raw natural way. The band continues with the same morbid cult like on their first album. A ritual of negativity
where the death is worshipped only. Follow a grey path into a landscape that is full of coldness and melancholy. This is the evocation of your
funeral... Limited to 500 cd only ! check also the 7"ep Vinyl and the tape !! (Highly Recommended)

Split release of the Southbrazilian projects . It melds icecold , wistful Black Metal of distinctive Burzum influences Vs elite raw Heathen Metal in
the vein of Bilskirnir and early Absurd . (Highly Recommended)

DRUDKH (Ukr) - "Songs of Grief and Solitude" . CD . 7€
fifth album ventures into acoustic territory, offering ancient, sorrowful, Ukrainian folk songs. Their radical, conservative revolutionary ideas here
establish a dynamic counterpoint with the serene, earthy, primitivist atmosphere of the music. The unusual booklet comes adorned with old
illustrations of Mediaeval / fantasy folk tales and traditional, Ukrainian decorative motifs. A truly unique item, different from their other albums,
yet wholly consistent with the conception of this stellar band.
EISENWINTER (Swi) - "Verkommen, Entartet und Verreckt" . CD . 10€ . New
The long awaited Debute album of Eisenwinter has finally arrived , Filled with sinister irony , rough agression and cruel soundscape , the album
will crush everyone like a rusty steel colossus on a battle field of Armageddon where Human life has lost it's value ! brilliant hateful Black Metal
horde. (Highly Recommended)

ENFEUS LODGE (Fr) - Same . CD . 10€ . New
Excellent epic and elitist black from france:new band of hunferd(O.T.A.L.) and Xaphan(Seigneur Voland,KRISTANACHT,Finis Gloria Dei) .
(Hihly Recommended)

ERHABENHEIT(Ger) - Missgediehen . CD . 10€ . New Album
Originally released on LP format in 99 copies only ! the second ERHABENHEIT monumental opus . 8 thorns of bleak and cold German Black
Metal pure and high caliber extreme chaotic soundscapes. Formed in 2001 and including members from Odal & Wolfsschrei, this band is here to
stay and spare us their hellish visions. Rough sound, minimal yet inspired structures and a few thrash strokes portray the mighty comeback of
ERHABENHEIT . (Very and Highly Recommended)

ERHABENHEIT(Ger) - Vom Tempel zum Throne . CD . 8€
Fantastic german black metal , started in 2003 by AER and TAAKEN from ODAL ! First full lenght album , the music is cold and bleak black
metal but with deep and dark atmosphere , melodic guitare with fast and slow parts . (Highly Recommended)

EWIGESREICH (Ger) – "Krieg , Hass , Tod" . CD . 8€
Great raw hateful german black metal .

FäULNIS (Ger) – Letharg . digipack . 9€
cold suicidal depressive sick black metal art . special packaging great design !

FESTUNG NEBELBURG(Ger) - Gabreta Hyle . CD . 8€
Bavarian Folkish Forestic traditional black metal with clean and lizard hateful vocals ! member of (Nordfrost, Wolfchant) (Recommended) .

FEUERSTURM(Ger) - " APOCALYPSE " . CD . Ltd to 500 . (THP) , Last copies .
High German black metal caliber !! The second album of this Amazing one man band , one hour of quality black metal ! pure 90's black
metal style . with raw atmosphere slow and fast drum and killer riffs ! hateful vocal Member of Kriegersseel and Ewige Wiederkehr
from the deep of the German underground scene !

FOREST(Rus) - "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief" CD . 10€ . New
Excellent Band from from Russ Land , Raw Black Metal, cold and grim as russian winters are. Harsh and evil yet heartpiercing melodic
primitivism meets hypnotic darkness . (Highy Recommended)

FOREST(Rus) - "Foredooming the Hope for Eternity" . CD . 10€ . New
Excellent Band from Russ Land , One hour of Raw Black Metal journey through harshest blizzards and winterstorms into the atmosphere of
ghostridden obscurity . (Highly Recommended)

Cold Underground Black Metal with fucking sick vocals . in the vein of old Burzum,Bilskirnir (Recommended)

FORGOT (Ukr) - Burning Down . CD . 7€
The far East Division Black Wolves . grim and raw misanthropic black metal from UKRENIA .

FORGOTTEN DARKNESS (Ger) - Nekrolog , CD . New . 10€ .
New Tracks from this german KILLER Black Metal Band !!! CD In extra slipcase with embossed logo. (Recommended) .

Started in 1991 , Truely one of Norways strongest Black Metal hordes and also one of those bands which has been an influence for several of
bands. And for a very good reason. They have always had their own formula of making the Blackest of atmospheres come to life through their
music. This album was released on a MCD in 1995 and has been sold out since a very long time. To honour this forgotten album . Featured on
this album is the three original tracks as well as two previously unheard tracks which are taken from rehearsal tracks that has only been in the
hands of the band previous to this. So no matter if you have the original copy of this or not, it's sure a worthy addition. The album comes also
with totally reworked layout in a luxurious fold out booklet.                                                  a Black Metal classic that should not
be overlooked . (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

FORNOST (Ger) - Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt . CD . 8€
Excellent german grim and morbid cold black metal with some epic and pagan passage "haunted vocals" (highly recommended)

FOUDRE NOIRE(Fin) - The Dark Gods . 8€ . CD . New
brilliant black metal project from finland/england with Shatraug from horna . 2 songs with a playing time of 38 minutes .( Highly Recommended)

FUCK OFF AND DIE (Ger) - Anti All . CD . 8€ . New
17 songs of Fucking Crazy Alkoholic black/thrash metal , includes Carpathian Forest, Cripple Bastards and Anarai covers. Project of Luctus
frontman . (Highly Recommended)
FUNERAL FOG (Can) - "Channelling Ancient Shadows" . CD . 8€
Second album ,7 songs of Pure Unholy Black Metal with true cold northern atmosphere ala Darkthrone plus one ambient song.

FUNERAL MOURNING/KILTE(Aus) - Emission Through Self Infliction . CD . 8€
Sick Suicidal depressive Funeral Doom black metal .

FUNERAL MOURNING(Aus) - "Drown in Solitude" . 8€
5 hymns of solitude . Black Funeral suicidal Doom metal &Torture to end the human race!morbid slow depressive music .

FUNERALIUM(Fra) - Funeralium . CD . New . 8€
The debut album of the French Ultra Sick Doom Metal band Funeralium (including members of Bethlehem, Ataraxie, Hyadningar and Mourning
Dawn) contains 6 long songs for almost 80 minutes (!!!) of torture Doom Metal and a real journy into insanity... Hysterical sick screams, deep
grunts, old school doom riffs and totally necro atmospheres. Forget everything you think you know about disturbed music and prepare yourself
for a fucked up experience! An album that gives a new meaning to the Extreme Doom genre...! For fans of Bethlehem (old!), Abruptum, Burning
Witch, Thergothon...(come with a "nice" 16 pages booklet)

GEIMHRE (Can) - "Mollachd" CD . 8€
50 minutes , 14 tracks of pure Vinlandic Pagan Black Metal , good work Must have for fans into Greveland ect......!

2nd album of this great Gernan Pagan Black Metal band dealing with the dark side of natur solidarity .12 sided booklet , over 65 minutes of
playing time . Hunaz members , in the style of old Nargaroth, Magog and Bethlehem . (Highly Recommended)

GESTAP 666 (Fra/Fin) - "Nostalgiah" . CD . New . 10€
The Gestap of Satan returns with their 2nd album . Radical Black Metal .

GHEESTENLAND(Hol)/GRIM FUNERAL(Spa) - "Total necro deceased“ . CD . 8€
Pure underground black metal blood !Gheestenland from the Netherlands plays grim Funeral Black metal similar to Satanic Warmaster (opferblut
era) and moody Sargeist songst. Iberians finest Grim Funeral appeared here with the last ever recordet songs, 2 utterly long cold and distant,
buzzing necro grim black metal songs to rape you in the grave . (Highly recommended)

GOATMOON(Fin) - "Finnish Steel Storm . CD . 8€
Excellent new album . Hateful and unapologetic Finnish B.M . Pure scandinavian tradition . (Highly Recommended)

GOTTLOS (Gre) - Infernal Pandemonio - CD . New . 8€
Raw and fast true Unholy Black Metal influenced by Darkthrone and Judas Iscariot with a bit melodic guitars... featuring Barbarüd/Maniac
Butcher on vocals. include cover-song "Mesiasuv konec" from Maniac Butcher (Highly Recommended)

GRIVF (Dan) - Yggdrasil . CD . New . 8€
Funeral Folk Nature Metal , Great work of this Danish band .

GROM(Can)/WULFGRAVF(Can) - Fullmoon Warfare . CD . 8€
Another Vinlandics good underground hateful Black Metal bands . Excellent .

HAKENKREUZ NOCTURNA(Ita) - Eternal Introspective Winter . CD . 10€ . New
Excellent Italian band , total playing time of 50 Minutes of pure Hatred Depressive cold Black Metal (Highly Recommended)

HAMMER (Fin) - "Shoax" . CD . 10€ . New
Finnish NS iron youth's first album , Melodic and Agressive black metal anthems with strong sense of tradition ! one of promising new band from
Finland ! (Recommended)

Depressive Crazy Sick Cold Suicidal Black Metal , cut your vein now !!!

HAYRAS (Fr) - Sombre Destin . CD . 7€
Started in 1999 by Rost - (Seigneur Voland, Blessed in Sin, Finis Gloria Dei, Kristallnacht) !! 38 minutes of pure french true black metal art !
killer melodic riffs , power drum . clean and ugly vocals , french lyricks !

HEIDEN (Cz) - Era II . CD . 8€
Great czech pagan black metal with some old school elements !! good work .

HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) - Ut De Graute Olle Tied – Deel I . CD . 8€ . New
just another awesome German band !! many good unholy melodic riffs with a real sick vocals ! (Highly Recommended)

HEL (Ger) - Orloeg . CD . New . 8€
Started in 1994 , Rerelease of this heathen Hammer from 1999 ! Pagan Black Metal , Killer work .

HELRITT (Ger) - Trotzend dem Niedergang . CD . 8€
Excellent german pagan black metal very good work . Helritt are the ex-members of "SURTURS LOHE" minus Ragnfalt.

Mighty germans black metal bands in the vein of the old ILDJARN . FLAMMENTOD and BILSKIRNIR Projects .

ARCHAIC BLACK METAL , This time with a lots of cleans vovals . you must get it , LIMITED TO 500 .

EKTA NORSK SVART METAL , Pure Norwegian 90's way !

HOLOKAUST NACHTIGALL (Ger) - The ashes of the promised land . MCD . New . 7€
Mysterious German black metal band ! War Paint Pure Misanthropy and Hate , (Very Recommended)

HUNAZ (Ger) - UNSER WALD . CD . New . 10€
Excellent Pagan Black Metal in the vein of old Absurd that let the warriors swing their swords again ! Germanen Blut project ,             8
sided full coloured booklet with great looking . (Highly Recommended)


INFAUST (Ger) - "Des Schmerzes Macht" Digipack CD / ltd. edition . 10€ .
Debut album by this Thuringian Black Metal horde. Released in a total roughly made Digipack + thick 16 pages booklet. and a "murderous"
layout finished with cold silver inks. Total old school black metal with straight & agressive songs,
pierced by hate and depressive moments !listen at : (Highly Recommended) .

INHUMAN HATE (Ger) - Propagation Of Chaos . CD . 8€
Depressive black metal from germany with killer melodic parts and a nice keyboard atposphere part .

INSANE VESPER (Fra) - "Twilight of Extinction" , Mcd . 7€
Great French Raw Satanic True Black Metal . Ltd to 500 . 12 Pages booklet .

KIRCHENBRAND (Ger) - Abgründe . CD . 8€ . New Album .
hatefull morbid Black Metal from Austria , Kirchenbrand is german for Burning Church . influenced by Zorn . Burzum .. Thy Nemesis Member .

KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR(Spa)/MORBID YELL(Spa) . (THP) . CD . 8€ (Real Maniacs only)
"The Black Legions March Over The Killing Fields / Self Destruction Ritual"
High quality old school Thrash/Black Metal , Highly influenced by the Mighty 80's and 90's Metal scene ! Two Spanish Hordes evil souls , For
fans of the mighty 80's bands that started what became Thrash Metal scene with that old , Raw and Straight join the ARMIES and FIGHT ! KTE
Kick your ass till Darkness with a fucking old school primitiv Thrash/Black metal and Lillith vocals crush your damned soul till hell , Morbid
Yell is when Evil dominat the world with a sick morbid Atmosphere ! The track Chainsaw Death Fuck" is an excerpt taken from the ultra limited
and self released 2006 rehearsal/improv. tape "Chainsaw death fuck", and contains 3 songs: - Chainsaw Death Fuck - Unholy Chant - The winter
that never was...The other tracks were recorded in 2005. cd ltd to 500 . with 2 free logo pins .

KOSA (Ukr) - "EvilAbsorption" . CD . 8€
Raw Misanthropic black metal from Ukrenia , Second act from this one man band pure black metal .

LATHSPELL (Fi) - Elegia . Digi-CD . New . 10€
Their third album and the most mature opus of LATHSPELL so far ! Expect nothing less than state of the art Blasphemous and hateful Cold
Northern Black Metal,and a return to a more powerful sound this time ! For sure a dignified way to celebrate the band`s 10th anniversary ! 53
minutes of playing time , Digipack-CD 8-pages booklet . (Recommended)

LATHSPELL (Fin) - Versus Ecclesia CD . New . 8€
Second album of Lathspell shows utter grimness soundwise, but on the other hand huge progress in the songwriting abilities. Skillful Cold
Northern Black Metal with freezing melodies, harsh outbursts of speed and a summoning voice. Total playing time 52 minutes . (Recommended)

LUCIFUGUM (Ukr) - "The Supreme Art of Genocide" digi sleeve CD . 7€
11th Album , 43 Minutes of Antihuman poison Ugly Satanic Ukrenian Black Metal (Own style) + Video clip bonus !

52 Minutes of pure Melancholic depressive sick and Archaic black metal for fans of the Old Nargaroth , (Very and Highly Recommended)

LUPUS NOCTURNE Sick Suicidal Depressive black metal in the vein of old NARGAROTH.
INFERNAL HATE is pure insane black metal total sickness with Ghost vocals . (Very and Highly recommended)
LUTOMYSL (Ukr) - "De Profundis" . CD . 10€ .
With this sixth album , LUTOMYSL have achieved the sublime refinement of their Jet Misanthropic Quality Black Metal art. Their weeping,
sorrowful melodies are delivered with an extremely harsh and abrasive guitar sound and effective dynamics, creating a tense and absorbing
atmosphere across each of the lengthy, yet well-constructed, tracks. (Highly Recommended)

LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL (Bel) - FOREST OF MISANTHROPY . CD . 8€ (THP) . Temporairement Indisponible .
Lycanthropy's Spell songs across the whole LS discography, this first official release of Lycanthropy's Spell onto CD on Thor's Hammer
Productions. This release is dedicated to the true Lycanthropy's Spell fans and Black Metallers alike. This unique style unique vocals of Black
Metal that has Lycanthropic and depressing themes and atmospheres from Sarmak(RIP) and Inferis.74 minutes of true Black Metal from Sarmak
and Inferis ranging across the old school style of Lycanthropy's Spell under influence of early 90's Black Metal and newer Misanthropic
depressing Black Metal. For Moonblood fans . with "Under the Cold Full Moon" MOONBLOOD cover !!! MASTERPIECE !!!

Suicidal Depressive Black Metal at its Best ! Angantyr project (Highly Recommended)

MARBLEBOG(Hun) - "Wind of Moors" CD . 10€ . New
Mystical and esoteric Ambient album by one of the leading Hungarian underground Black Metal band with Vorkuta . A totally unique release
that recall the great days of Mortiis, Neptune Towers and even Tangerine Dream . (Highly Recommended )
MENEGROTH (Swe) - Helvetische Urgewalt . CD . 7€
First full lenght of this NSBM band, great work highly influenced by the german black metal . contains a cover of ABSURD!

split cd . great epic melodic pagan black metal with unique Atmosphere .

"THE FIRST OFFICIAL UNDERGROUND MOONBLOOD TRIBUTE , 12 songs dedicated to this legendary German cult black metal
.LABATUT(Bra) . This cd is limited to 500 copies and is Dedicated to the real MOONBLOOD fans ! Never to be re-released again !!!

M8L8TH(Rus) - "By the Wing of Black" CD . 10€ . New
Highly melodic Black Metal with hysterically agressive vocals, atmospheric elements and ul trafast drumming. The band is particulary known for
it's vocalist who is now under investigation in prison's psychiatrical ward, being accused in 4 murders and a few acts of robbery . with new
artwork and now excluding the rehearsal demo which was present on original release as bonus .

MORDGRIM(Swe) - Flesh And The Devil . 8€
Debut album 2007, 9 tracks of pure Evil solid Swedish old school black metal!Pure scandinavian Tradition .

MOURNING DAWN - Mourning Dawn . CD . 8€
Mourning Dawn's debut album contains 8 tracks for almost an hour of painful and depressive Black Metal. A freezing suicidal journey filled with
misery, sickness and despair, based upon the work of first world war writers and their way of life... The perfect soundtrack for your own suicide...
Recommended for fans of Silencer, The Weakling, Shining, Deinonychus, Bethlehem , Forgotten Tomb, Xasthur ....
MOUNTAIN KING (Swi) - Gotos Antichristus . CD . 8€
Great satanic ns band that started in 1994 under the name of Helvete , lizard vokills!
MYRKGRAV(Nor) - Trollskau,Skrømt Og Kølabrenning . CD . 8€
44 MINUTES , 11 tracks of pure Blackened Folk Viking Metal in the old norwegian tradition ! (Recommended) .

NACHTFALKE (Ger) - First Battles , 3 CDs Box . 18€ . New
cd1 = Hail Teutonia, which are songs partly again revised ! cd2 = Doomed ton those, Land of frost (original version) ,bonuses: Transilvanian
hunger by Split EP with Surturs Lohe! cd3 = DVD Live RK Asgard 16.4.05 in the Asgard pub Anna mountain, good sound & Quality ! Occulta
Mors project from the mighty MOONBLOOD(R.I.P) (Very and Highly Recommended)

NACHTFALKE (Ger) - As The Wolves Died . CD . 8€
Best Nachtfalke album , Started in 1996 by OCCULTA MORS member of the legandary german black metal band called "MOONBLOOD" ,
NACHTFALKE play pure epic pagan viking black metal with unique battle atmosphere !! (Highly Recommended)

NARTVIND(Bel) - Until Their Ruin . 8€ . (Killer Work)
9 songs and 40:59 minutes of pure Nihilistic and Grim Fantastic Black Metal also member from Eole Noir new THP release check Tapes section
! for necro Nordic Black Metal fans of DARKTHRONE, BURZUM,FIMBULWINTER ,(Highly Recommended)

True Underground Black Metal BESTIALISM . (Highly Recommended)

NECROFROST (Ger) - In a Misty Soar and on its Swampy Floor . CD . 8€ (MASTERPIECE)
The legendary german black metal band Started in 1995 . The first of two underground gems to be unearthed and given the attention it truely
deserves. If you never heard of NECROFROST prior to this, then this is the album to start with. Cold and dirty Black Metal with that necrotic
feeling that not many bands can pull off. Originally released in 2000 . this is the art of ugly misanthropic black metal !!!

NECROFROST (Ger) - Bloodstorms Voktes Over Hytrungas' Dunkle Necrotroner . CD . 8€ (MASTERPIECE)
Second full-lengther from the legendary German Black Metal horde NECROFROST. This is the art of NIHILISTIC grim cold BLACK
METAL . This album has an even murkier and rawer approach then the debut, yet still the same distinct NECROFROST sound.

NORDMEN (Can) - Vertus Guerrieres . CD . 8€
Pagan Black Metal in the vein of the old Graveland. Mid tempo compositions
with acoustic parts and epic atmosphere from the vast woods of Vinland .

NORDREICH (Ger) - Verschlungene Pfade . CD . 8€
The new album.the best work from this german cult pagan black metal band ! cover comes with UV laquer and gold print.

NORTHDARK - D.T.S.T. . CD . 10€ . New
Fourth long-awaited album from the Russian one man-project. Agressive, uncompromising mix of alcoholic madness, isanthropy, fear,
non-conformity, mockery, pain and suffering in BLACK FUCKING METAL that shall rape your soul! Includes a cover ersion of famous old
song "Ghost Riders". Without any doubts the best work of SN at the moment . Eight-page booklet including lyrics . (Highly Recommended)

OBSKENE SONARE(Aut) - Todnachten . MCD . 7€
One year after the demo "Wildes Blut" here is the new album from these occult worshippers. Strong, melancholic black metal, Musically you
can hear some references from Satanic Warmaster ("Strength and Honour"), Graveland ("Thousand Swords") and sometimes Silencer and even
Nargaroth, Burzum , but of course OS has developed a sound of their own and doesn't sound like a copy at all! "Todnachten" is a concept album
and has been recorded in the night of 20th April. Very well done artwork, the artists were really dedicated to details as the designed it.
handnumbered copies. Be sure that this is one of the best releases to come out from Austria in the last 5 years!! (Highly recommended)

ODAL (Ger) - Zornes Heimat . CD . 10€ . New Album .
After 3 years Odal is back with a new album . Thuringian pagan black metal as its best , Cold and grim black metal, yet still with atmosphere and
melancholy, a mixture of aggression and melody Odal is well known for . mixed and mastered at Studio Blue House . (Very and Highly

ODAL (Ger) - On old paths . (Masterpiece) . DIGISLEEVE . 10€
Release of the famous old material: "Traitor" EP, "Fimbul Winter" EP, "Germansk" Demo , ODAL is quality ODAL is unique , Take it if you
dont have the demos and the ep vinyls past releases ! (Very and Highly Recommended) .

ORIGINAL SIN(Chin) - "Misanthropic" . CD . 8€
Debut album 2007, 8 tracks of Chinese cold misanthropic black metal! The best album in the history of Chinese black metal!!!

PAGAN HELLFIRE(Can) - "A Voice from Centuries Away" CD . 8€ . New
The debut album of one of the best Canadian Black Metal band now repressed on CD. This reissue is featuring five previously unreleased track
recorded back in 1999. (Highly Recommended)

PAGAN HELLFIRE(Can) - "Solidarity" . CD . 8€ . New Album
New Amazing album ,7 songs of pure Unholy Heathen Black Metal from the Eastern Shores of Vinland . (Highly Recommended)

PAGAN HELLFIRE(Can) - "The Will of Night" . CD . 8 €
Excellent canadian pagan true Black Metal . Full-length album of pure hateful black metal reminding of old Abyssic Hate .
killer work . (Highly Recommended)

PAGALGUENNA (Ger) - dreams . CD . 7 €
Great black pagan metal in the vein of the early Cryptic Wintermoon with pagan influences , great stuff , 12 site booklet .

PERVERSE MONASTYR(Bu) - Perverse Monastyr / Religious Remorses . CD . 8€
12 tracks and 77 minutes of pure misanthropic true black metal . good work . started in 2000 with members from FORGOTTEN

POCCOLUS (Lit) - "Poccolus" CD . 8€
obscure gem from the Baltic. Probably the best Black Metal band to emerge from Lithuania, POCCOLUS offer us here sub-arctic BURZUMic
Black Metal interlaced with sorrowful, Volkisch darkness. The original was released on a long-vanished South Korean label, hence it enjoyed a
very limited run and poor distribution. This new, fully-remastered edition will come with new artwork, faithful to yet improving on the original,
with a 16-page leather-textured booklet, containing lyrics in both Lithuanian and English translation .

PREVALENT RESISTANCE (Fin) – Dynamics of Creation . CD . 7€
40 minutes of pure finish true black metal with members from : Verivala, Vordr, Circle of Ouroborus .Baptism, Black Death Ritual, Darkwoods
My Betrothed, Slave's Mask, Trollheim's Grott . Alghazanth ect....

On their second album Riddle Of Meander deliver once again purest Black Metal performed with diabolic passion ! It contains 10 new tracks
with improved songwriting and highly intense, almost ritualistic parts. A pitch black release , follow them into darkness... Total playing time 55
minutes . (Highly Recommended)

RUNENBLUT - Die Stimme des Blutes . CD . 8€ . New
10 Songs of pure Fucking good unholy German pagan anti religious black metal with flutes melodies and cold atmosphere , killer work . (Highly

SARRGH - Black , Hate And Doom . CD . 8€ . New
A real Fucking good German black metal with ultra sick hateful vocals !! killer album , Drum played by Vlad Blasphemer !! Agmen,Dark
Storm,Nhavaah,Maniac Butcher,Zlo,Iron Fist ect.... (Very and Highly Recommended)

SATANIC WARMASTER(Fin) -"Black Metal Kommando/G.C" . 8€
Features unreleased SATANIC WARMASTER material from years 2000 and 2001. this is the ART of the true black metal .
Cult French black metal bands ,The demos acte I and the ep acte II both on cd.remastered and with the original artwork .
(Highly recommended)

SIEGHETNAR(Ger) - Kältetod . CD . 8€ . New Album
German Depressiv suicidal cold Black Metal with intense emotional atmosphere!

SIEGHETNAR(Ger) - Erscheinen . CD . 7€
Slow depressive funeral suicidal black metal with emotional magical atmosphere .

SILVA NIGRA(Cze) - Černý Kult . CD . 8€
Unique Philosophic Unholy true Black Metal quality music . (Highly Recommended)

Fourth album . Intensive, more technic but still catching black metal with lyrics about duality, dark poetry, philosophy, decadence and phantastic
realism. Intro/outro/interlude were created by swedish ambient-indurstrial Objekt 4 .
50 minutes of pure true black metal . + MASTER HAMMER cover 12 page booklets . (Recommended)
SKJOLD (Dan) - Thirteen Years Hell . DIGI CD . 10€
True Black Metal from Denmark ! Members from Blodarv. limited to 666 units . (Recommended)

SLAGMAUR(Nor) – SVIN . Digi CD . 10€
Unique despair sinister Black Metal . Hailing from the norwegian scene, bringing you something remarkable that you ever heard before!

SNÖTARAR(Swe) - “THROUGH TIME... BEHIND LIGHT” . CD . 10€ . New                                                                                      Melo
and Misanthropic cold Underground Swedish Black Metal (Pure Scandinavian Tradition) .

SOJARUUN - S/T , MCD . 7€ . New .
Black Pagan Metal from Estonia, presents us the Debut MCD. The music is influenced and inspired by Norwegian Acts of the 90ies and pierced
with melodic, as well as acoustic parts, harsh vocals and a cold hateful atmospere.

SOLGRAV(Fi) - Auringon Hauta . CD . 7€
Finnish Wilderness/Pagan epic mediéval black metal. Full-coloured 16 -page booklet with lyrics .

Highly GRAVELAND influenced ! another good release , french pagan black metal Art . (Recommended)

SOMBRE LABYRINTHE (BEL) - "Heptagram rising" . CD . 8€ .
Debut album from Sombre Labyrinthe. Seven songs orchestrated for a conspiracy against humanity. Seven tops constituting the rise of this
anti-human ritual. Kathaarian Black Metal with raw wrathful hymns and hateful Sick evokations . insane atmosphere crazy morbid sick vocals ,
Limited to 500 copies . (Recommended)

STURMFRONT(Fin) - Behind the Gate of Darkness . CD . 8€
Started in 1996 . Ex "BLACK BLOOD" , 8 tracks of pure finish cold misanthropic true black metal ! No need more words .

SVAFNIR(Ger) - The Heathen Chapters . CD . New . 8€
Heathen Pagan underground Black Metal with some magical Atmosphere and great vocals ! (Buy or Die)

SVARTTHRON - Bearer of the Crimson Flame . CD . 8€ . New
Depressive black metal in the vein of Shining, Silencer, Forgotten Tomb... Vocals was made by Mordance from Paroxysmal Descent (Australia).

SZARLEM(Ger) - Night of Blood . CD . 10€ . New
Formed in 2006 ayps and having released a Demo and one EP, This album was originally to be a FRONTBEAST release. Evil Heavy Black
Metal from Germany which captures the early 90s feeling in a primitive and natural way that few can perform today. Occult atmosphere
combined with raw production in 40 min. of abyssic invocations against the false light. SZARLEM calls you for a "Night of Blood" . (Highly
THALLIUM(Bra) - Armanenschaft . CD . 10€ . New
8 years has passed since "A Howling From Thousand Years" Tape LP,now THALLIUM returns back with debut album. "Armanenschaft" is the
soundtrack to the journey into unknown desolated plans with conceptual poetry based on Guido Von List´s "The Secret of the Runes ! Proudly
Indo-European heathendom explorated through primitive,intolerant,supreme and unique Hatred Metal Art ! (Evil member) , (Highly

TENOWAR(Hun) - The Darkness of a Hungarian Forest CD . 10€ . New
Dark Hungarian Black Metal with their first full length, more than 50 minutes of coldness ! An atmospherical journey through the dark forests of
the old empire. Twelve-page booklet including lyrics . (Recommended)

TERDOR(Ho) - "Axis Panzerzug " (THOR'S HAMMER) . CD . 8€
Cold Raw War Black Metal with insane Atmosphere Military drum , Hateful vocals , a perfect mix between the old school and Terdor style not a
copie of another band !! Anger pain and despair of War ! CD ltd to 500 .
TRIBUTE . CD/2007 . CULT . 8€
Big Monument Tribute to this legendary czech cult band started in 1983 ! by Dark Storm, Avenger, Hromovlad, Sekhmet, Unclean, Algor, Silva
Nigra, Agmen. Each band recorded cover version + one new song! 77 minutes . (Highly Recommended)

THOR'S HAMMER (Pol) - "May the Hammer Smash the Cross" . CD . 10€ .
T.H/Capricornus second strike against cultural Marxism. The music in this album is quite similar to its predecessor ('Fidelity Shall Triumph'),
except slightly more progressed: retrogressive Black Metal, played with some Thrashy techniques, complete with synth highlights and
Capricornus' unique, ogreish vocals. The intro was composed by Rob Darken of GRAVELAND . (Highly Recommended)

TODESSTOSS(Ger) - Würmer zu weinen . CD . 10€ . New Album !
The new album, Martin Lang free artist back with a real masterpiece , about 45 minutes of Unique extreme avantgarde black metal art in the
true sense. Demonstrating a peculiar, characteristic and intellectually demanding work of stark artistic expressions. In the end only the number
speaks to you... (Highly and Very Recommended)

TODESSTOSS(Ger) - "Spiegel der Urängste / Sehnsucht" . CD . 10€
SICK SICK SICK the last release of this unique great german one man band after 11 releases and 7 years of existence here is the new assault . 39
minutes of sick depressive unique music and atmosphere with morbid vocals in the vein of SILENCER ect... (Highly Recommended)

TUNDRA (Ita) - Primordial - CD . New . 8€
Second album of this great Italic Antitechnical Raw Black Metal Manifesto....... (Recommended) .

TYRANNY (Ger) - in times of Tyranny . MCD . 8€
Traditional german Black Metal In extra slipcase with embossed logo. MEMBERS FROM MAGOG ! (Recommended)

ULVDALIR (Rus) - The flame once lost - CD . 8€
Traditional Black Metal, cold hateful and grim . (Recommended)

UNHOLY KILL (Cze) - Svatyne smrti . CD . 8€ . New
8 songs of pure unsophisticated True Unholy Black Metal horde ! included a DarkThrone cover , for all fans of old Darkthrone´s Kult ! (Highly

UNTERGANG(Fr) - Of Pure Blood & Evil Pride . CD . 10€ . New
7 songs of pure Hatred French Underground sick satanic black metal . included a Satanic Warmaster cover , a perfect mix Btw the old Dark
Throne and Satanic Warmaster ! (Recommended)

UTERUS (Ukr) - "Goatgod" . 8€
Album 2007, 10 tracks of true old school raw cold black metal , the returm of Lord Goat!

VALASKJALF/HRODVITNIR (US) - Under The Banner . 8€
Two new bands from ex-PANTHEON members . split cd . no need words .

VALFEANOR - En ny tid . CD . 8€
Great Heroic melodic Viking Black Metal .

VORKREIST(Fra) - "Sublimation 29A" . CD . 7€
(Awaited 2nd album of this french band of infernal Death/ Black with an old school style where they blend influences from bands in the vein of

VINTERRIKET (Ger) - Wege in die Vergangenheit . CD . New . 8€
Great Black Metal Album from Vinterriket, a lots of rare Black Metal stuff .

WANDERER/WINTERMOON (Fin) - split CD . 10€ .
cd contains the two classic demo recordings of these bands from 1995 , along with extra material from same era . at their time , these were two of
the promising Finnish bands around , only to be forgotten until now , when the tapes have been exhumed and presented finally on the same disc .
Cold and Atmospheric Black Metal in the perfect Nordic Tradition ! (Very Recommended)

GERMAN Great Depressive and Melancholic sick cold Black Metal (Highly Recommended)

WOLFNACHT (Gre) - Zeit der Cherusker . CD . 10€ . New Album .
The new Opus from Wolfnacht contains 7 Hymns of Bombastic Black Metal dedicated to the Victory of Hermann's Hordes in Teutoburgerwald .
Killer work .

WOLFNACHT (Gre) – Dawn Of Heathens , CD . 10€
After a long period of silence Wolfnacht is back with 8 new songs! It's the best stuff you ever heard from Wolfnacht. Pure Black Metal with some
bombastic moments and great hymns .

WOODS OF INFINITY (Swe) - "Hamptjarn" . CD . 8€
Fourth album. Depressive, sarcastic,Arrogant , Ugly , sick, and misanthropic Black Metal from Sweden .

VORDR(Fin) - II . CD . 8€
killer Finnish beasts black metal. High quality BM . Incl. Shautraug of Horna . (Highly Recommended)

WOLFSSCHREI(Ger) - Demons Of My Inner Self . CD . 8€ . New Album !
Wolfsschrei strikes back with the second full-length album. Seven devastating songs equipped with a raw production that carries on the sound of
the early 90ies mark this grim attack of German Black Metal . Mighty Odal Project (Highly Recommended)

Unholy black metal in the vein of SATANIC WARMASTER ect.....ODAL project (Highly Recommended)

WOLFSRUNE(Ger) - Screams of the Forgotten" . CD . 8€ . New
Hateful Mid-tempo Black Metal from North Germany in the vein of first Totenburg ! (Recommended)

WüRM(Can) - Aux portes de l´agonie . CD . 8€
Mix btw the old BURZUM and BILSKIRNIR ! Great album of this canadian horde , cold black metal . (Recommended)

WURZELKRAFT(Ger) - Primitiv und edel wie nie zuvor . 9€ . CD . New
10 Songs , Amazing Black Metal !! very good album , limited to only 300 copies , killer riffs with a sick vocals .
also with member from Runenblut , Blutaar , Wolfsschrei . (Very Very Recommended)

V/A - JUDAS ISCARIOT - "To The Triumph Of Evil" -Tribute- CD . 7€
TRIBUTE to this legendary cult us black metal band .14 bands: Xasthur, Leviathan, Krieg, Nachtmystium, Merrimack, Frostmoon Eclipse... NO
need words .

(ONLY TAPES IS REAL) . Huge Underground Tapes List . Black Metal/Pagan Metal/Folk Metal/Thrash/Black/Rac ...
The culture of demo tape is getting lost so we decided to support it ! There are many worthy demos still today that CD lover ignores !!!!

All the cassettes are available for 3.50 € and 4€ Exept Manifactured Tape ..BLEU = THP .

(Unreleased, rare and live tracks. 21 bands and 24 tracks. 2 hours of music with Sombre Chemin, Bilskirnir, Wyrd, World's Blackness, Akitsa,
Paganblut, Hunok, Naastrand, Aesthenia, Vultyr, Einherjar, Warage, Azaghal, Myrkvid, Vorkuta, Unterwald, Sagn, Gretaell, Arnstadt,
Lycanthropy's Spell and Excruciate 666. With 2 different coloured covers on glossy paper + a sticker on both side of each tape and all comes in a
carboarded printed slipcase) . 6€

BULGARYAN Underground SOUTHERN War N.S.B.M Propaganda , 4 ways split cassette , (Recommended)

88 – Rehearsal #1 - " demo tape " .
primitive and raw minimalistic war NS black metal . (Recommended)

БАГАТУР/SYMBIOSIS/HREFNESHOLT – “United By Heathen Blood” . split tape.
Багатур Raw and cold emotional pagan black metal. Symbiosis Cold and dark dreamy ambient. Hrefnesholt . Epic and ritual pagan battle
ambient black metal. . 8 tracks , gloosy cover .

ABSURD - “Facta Loquuntur" . "1995 \2005" . RE-stock.
Bavarian black metal art .
                 ABYSSUS - Death , New
                 Morten, with help of Draugr (Obscurum), released this demo in 2008 upon the masses, and it was soon picked up by Racheschwur Records,
                 however this label died, and because it would be a waste not to spread this piece of old-school black metal, it is now re-released through
                 Wolfsvuur ReX. Includes a Venom cover!

                 AFFLICTIS LENTAE(Fr) - Chapter 1 , "Chaos,Fire,Hate" . New
                 Misanthropic Underground crazy Cruel French Black Metal .

                 AGAZGUL(fin) - Rehearsal 1 TAPE . New
                 The 2nd demo of Finnish raw black metal project Agazgul. A Full-length, 2-sided, 'Rehearsal' with almost 75 minutes of death and darkness! In a
                 style Lord Agazgul describes as epic underground black metal. 9 new tracks and 2 covers (Burzum, Moonblood) that will take you on another
                 low-fi experience! Painful vocals, sharp guitars and devotion! (Highly Recommended)

                 ALGIZ - Hornung .
                 Good underground Misanthropic German pagan black metal . BURZUM cover . (Recommended)

                 ANCESTORS BLOOD - PREPARING for war .
                 GREAT melodic Pagan black metal .

                 ANCESTORS BLOOD - "Forgotten times"
                 Highly EPIC, melodic and atmospheric black metal .

                 ANCHORETH - Anthem to an anchoret .
                 pure black metal .

                 ANSUR - Carved in flesh .
                 great german black metal . tape ltd to 100 .

                 ARCKANUM - the 11 year anniversary.
                 The 11 years Anniversary". A compilation of old songs of this cult band. (RECOMMENDED)

                 ARKENSTONE - "Hymns To Our Fatherland"
                 pagan horde. battle sound and atmosphere, cold and raw pagan black metal . 6 tracks - 38 min.

                 ARKONIAN (MKD) "Arkonian Resurrection" . New
                 Limited to 300 hand numbered . Macedonian heathen folk black metal.Coloured glossy cover.

                 ARY ART - "view in the past..." .
                 Amazing agressive sick black metal with real crazy ugly vocals . (Highly Recommended)

                 ARY ART/FUROR - Return to the Battlefield . New
                 Excellent work of this two Underground Pagan Patriotic black metal bands , quality music . (Highly Recommended)

                 ARYANAS - Dawn of a Noble Era .
                 Cold hateful black metal with hints of RAC and ambient interludes .

                 ASTRAL SLEEP - "Astral Sleep"
                 great slow funeral doom metal .
ASYLIUM - “An Eternity of Human Decay” . New
Swedish True Black Metal .

ATOMIZER - “ The war that never ended” . New
Killer Austrilian old school soul crushers black metal . 45 minutes .

                 BARBARYAN - Des Toten Tatenruhm .
                 Great German melodic Black Metal with straight attitude . First Demo of the two-man project with VIKINGBLOOD member .

                 BILSKIRNIR - "Ahnenerbe " . Restock
                 Excellent german one man band . (recommended)

                 BILSKIRNIR - Atavismus Des Glaubens .
                 German pagan black metal . another great WIDAR art . manifactured tape . (highly recommended) 4,50 €

                 BILSKIRNIR/HUNOK - Allied By Heathen Blood Heathen Black Metal . New
                 Official Tape version , originally 7"EP release . (Recommended)

                 BLACK SILENCE - Into the Lightless Depths .
Previously unreleased demo from this black metal entity, Unveiling 5 tracks combining the extremes of anger and sadness, Dragging you down
into a place of darkness, hate and sorrow...Into the Lightless Depths...

BLASPHEMOUS – Ripping alive christ .
2005 / Raw underground Hateful antichristian true Black Metal without any compromisses.second demo .

Old school Thrash/Black metal , killer work . (Real Maniacs only)

BLUTEN - "Years Of Hate & Misanthropy" .
Primitive black metal in the vein of early burzum ex IMMORTAL HAMMER . (Recommended)

BOSQUE/Senthil - split .
Split MC , Sick funeral doom metal .

BRUMALIS - "Ancestral Spirits Return To Their Thrones...Embraced By The Cold"
2 albums on one tape. raw and cold . 22 tracks - 80 minutes .

CULTUS - "Promo 2007" tape .
Three advancetracks taken from upcoming split lp, and four songs taken from "A seat in Valhalla". Excellent Pagan black metal ,

DEFUNTOS - Sangue Morto . New
Dismal and dark atmosphere mirrors over the deathwishing melodys of this morbid Black/Doom Band from Portugal. Torturing painful vocals,
followed by abyssal slow tones create a ambience that lets the victim feel a coldness that is similiar to a funeral place. Lyrical themes are old folk
tales and storys about the death, as much more the artists reach their aim in transacting this into musical art. Moment by moment and second by
second a bitter coldness of feelings declare the absurdity of life. Pictures and emotions born out from conditions of despair, that reach a point of
silent, will lead you the way. With the work called "Sangue Morto", DEFUNTOS are worshipping the pains and depressions, that live in the
inside of every body. Rhythm by rhythm your own reality and lifelust will fade away like a ship that knows no return . Ltd to 222 copies .

DETHRONED CHRIST - The Past Rituals 1994-1995 .
Unholy Black Metal... features old EVIL members . (Recommended) .

DODENSTORM - Verdoemd door Tijd en Wanhoop . TAPE .
The title: 'Verdoemd door Tijd en Wanhoop' (Cursed by Time and Despair), suits this demo very well. Listening to Dodenstorm feels as if time
stops and all agony, pain and despair fills your body leaving you crushed, forgotten and lonely. Sucked into the void and seeking for the light,
there is only darkness, darkness and death!

DODFOdD - demo I & II .
Swedish unholy black metal . 60 minutes .

DOLENTIA - Cadunt Altis de Montibus Umbrae .
medieval influenced black doom metal. Harsh guitars mixed with thundering drums and folk acoustics.

DRAKONHAIL(fr) - Vieille Forêt . New
Black Funeral Metal In the vein of Nortt, slow sick and depressive !

DROOMSTYYG - Vast unknown darkness . New .
Great Hateful black metal with unholy melodies , lim.300, pro cover .

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Through the Noose of Existance .
True Black Metal , the perfect mix between Graveland and Satanic WarMaster . (Recommended).

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Of celtic blood and satanic pride .
True Black Metal , the perfect mix between Graveland and Satanic WarMaster . (Recommended).

DROWNING THE LIGHT - To the end of time .
True Black Metal , the perfect mix between Graveland and Satanic WarMaster . (Recommended).

DUNKELHEIT - “Eternal Curse Of The Carpathians” . New
(2 demos on one tape. Raw, dark and cold intense pagan old school black metal.
Pro-cover. 7 tracks - 50 min.)

DWARKA - Zonsopkomst .
Dark/Folk Ambient . Nature, Medieval Themes, Sorrow, Poetry.

EINHERJAR (Bel) - "Sur Les Sentiers D'une Guerre Païenne" .
(heathen black metal . Coloured glossy cover)

EISIGWALD - the mystery of the first blizzard . 2004 . New
Killer work of this Raw Pagan NS Black Metal Band . 43:53 Minutes !

ENTSETZLICH/WOLFSDUISTER - Melancholic Apparitions and Macabre Ritual . New
This is something special! A pure ambient release featuring Entsetzlich and Wolfsduister. Entsetzlich specially created 3 tracks of melancholic
torment and Wolfsduister delivered 4 tracks of ritualistic soundscapes. Their combined work sets a mood of depression and the occult.
Experience this journey into the minds of its creators, and dwell in the void of darkness!

ENTSETZLICH - Suicidal Reflections . New
Suicidal Reflections is the newest work of coldness performed by the deeply in underground rooted Australian horde 'Entsetzlich'. Yet again
Azathoth proves ambient/noise and harsh primitive black metal to be an unique combination. On this tape one will find the 4 tracks that were
also featured on the 4-way split in 2007, along with 2 new tracks from winter 2008, and one track from the first never released demo. Together
these tracks will show you again that black metal is pain, black metal is underground, and black metal is war against all who oppose!

ENTSETZLICH - Forest of Despair .
Entsetzlich's 'Forest of Despair' is something that cannot be described easily. One has to feel it, live it and try to understand it. Hateful audio
torment in the form of noise and ambient structures are put into form of black metal art! This demo was originally released on CD-R by Azathoth
himself, and now the tape-re-release will haunt more souls with the cold, nocturnal, experimental, elitist art that is Entsetzlich! Includes a

EOLE NOIR (Bel) - AMBIVALENCE . MC . 3.50€ . Out Now
Unreleased Materials from 2003 . Tragic Hypnotic with Unique Cold Atmosphere , Underground Black Metal from the Belgian Fields , Quality
underground Music not a fucking crapy BM ! Mighty NARTVIND project ! Tape limited to 200 copies Handnumbered . special cover disign ,
(Highly Recommended)

EPITHALIUM (GER) - ''Ausrottung'' . New
Tape version of the 2005' CD, Atmospheric black metal with Totenburg and Menneskerhat members . (Recommended)

ERHABENHEIT/WOLFSSCHREI - split tape/2005 . New
Amazing two underground bands from Germany , Taaken from Odal projects ! (Highly Recommended)

ERHABENHEIT(Ger)/VINTERKRIG(Rus) - Epitaphien der wintergeister/Ashes of non-existence /2006/2002 . New
Two Excellent underground bands Erhabenheit is a project of Odal/Wolfsschrei/Barastir .... , Winterkrig is a killer Russian Underground black
metal band ! 55 minutes , (Recommended)

EVIL/SATANIC WARMASTER - "Southern/Carelian Black Metal Holocaust" . New
Split Tape of this two famous bands a pure hateful true fucking black metal (Highly Recommended)

EVIL - Arktogäa .
Arktogaa was recorded at Asgaard studio during 2005 & 2006 by Warlord and Warwolf . pure audial True Black metal explorating Ariosophy
and Wotanism ...Featuring Widar of Bilskirnir as guest musician . (Recommended)

EVIL - Depression and Mourning .
legandary brasilian true black metal band .

EVIL - Raw Coldness .
New pure Evil recording ...True Black Metal !

EVIL/ARY BLOOD - Ancient empire .
Excellent split of this two true black metal bands .

EVIL/THALLIUM - ... of Winter Woods .
Tracks taken from upcoming albums "Hammerstorm" by Evil and "Armanenschaft" by
Thallium .

FAETHON - "Faethon" . New
Great Medieval folk Melodic Patriotic black metal.Glossy cover .

FALLEN ARKANE(Fr) - Beyond The Altar . New
Old school Underground French Black Metal with vocals ala Thor's Hammer . Capricornus !

FINSTERWALD(Ger) - Totaler Winter und Krieg .
first demo of this grim Raw german black metal band ... total krieg black metal with member from BERGTHRON , split cd 2002 with
BILSKIRNIR but not the same tracks !

FLAMMENTOD - "Im kampf um deutschland" .
German pagan black folk metal art . (recommended)

FORGOT - Misanthropy .
Misanthropic hatred full of aggressions ...

FROSTKRIEG - "majestatik eines kalten elements" . 4.00€
excellent german black metal started in 1993 . pro manifactured printed tape . (Recommended)

FUCK OFF AND DIE - anti all . New
Crazy Blasphemic Alcoholic insane black metal , lim.400, pro cover (Recommended)
Limited To 300 Hand Numbered Copies , killer Suicidal Depressive and cold Black Metal .
GASSTURM (GER) - ''Zeitenschlacht''. New
Third demo, undergraound German black metal in vein vein of old Veles mix with Absurd. (Highly Recommended)

GHORNUM - misanthropical dreams . New
Russian Misanthropic Underground Black Metal .

GLADSHEIM(Fr) - "War Wolf Spirit" . New
8 tracks of killer french True Black Metal. With a cover of the french cult band KRISTALLNACHT. Svart Hat project , Pro black & white
printed artwork . (Highly Recommended) .

GRIMFAUG - Blood Upon the Face of Creation .
strong grim haunted black metal .

GRIMFAUG - Defloration of Life's Essence .
another good work from this grim horde .

GRIMLAIR - "L'appel de la Nuit Funeste" . New
Misanthropic Depressive suicidal Melancholic French Black Metal .

HAKENKREUZZUG - Centurions of thule .
no comment , Killer French black metal . ABSURD cover .

HAKENKREUZ NOCTURNA – “Eternal Introspective Winter” .
(Raw, cold, intense and emotional NS black metal. Including one bonustrack that is not
available in the CD version. Pro-cover. 7 tracks - 55 min.)

HAAT(NL) - Factum Luctisonus .
Tape version of the Vinyl releases , Raw sick hateful Black Metal , for ILDJARN fans ! (Recommended)
Raw and Ugly Hateful Morbid Black Metal . Killer work (Highly Recommended)
HERSKAR - Krigsjetta .
Norwegian black metal .

HORDAGAARD - Trollskap/Ravnablod .
50 minutes norwegian folkish black metal .

INDOMITUS are project of EBOLA from CRYFEMAL band and PERTURBATOR grim black metal / MORTINATUM sick grim black metal .
(recommended) .

Melancholic depressive black metal .

IMMORTAL HAMMER - "Immortal Past"
Unreleased rare tracks.Slovak Raw Pagan Black Metal . 54 minutes .

INFERNO - Fucking Funeral Attack 94 – 97 .
pure black metal Art .

INFERNO - Chram nenavisti .
pure slovanic black metal Art .

INFERNO - Pure serbian hell .
slovanic black metal Art .
German black metal in the veins of Absurd and Old Nargaroth . 61 minutes .

ISOLATION - "A Prayer for the World to End" . New
Second demo from one of the best new german outfit now released on tape via Tour de Garde .

ISOLATION - "Striding on the Path of Nihil" .
first demo , depressive German Doom/Black Metal band influenced by Bethlehem,old Burzum , good work .

ISOLATION - Here am ende der Welt .
Another good work of this depressive german black metal band .

KATHARSIS - Terror, Storm and darkest Arts .
1st Demo Tape of this german cult horde .

KETTERSBLOED - Rehearsal 2007 TAPE
Kettersbloed is a young black metal act from Belgium, mainly desecrating stages in their country. That is why their first demo is also a Rehearsal,
pure and just as they sound without compromises! Belgian nationalism and anti-christianity form the grounds of this band.

KINGDOM OF AGONY (fin) - Ritual Rehearsals 2005 . New
From the cold nordic forests of Finland, to a place called Ranua, to the rehearsal place of Kingdom of Agony. There and then 12 tracks of pure
anti-christian black metal were recorded for their own private collection. However, now the time has come to spread this underground piece of
blasphemy on tape. This is not for the masses, this is only for the true black metal maniacs!

KORIUM – Hradby samoty .
excellent slovanic misanthropic raw BM .

KORIUM – Mrazivá Noc Prináša Pokoj .
slovac misanthropic black metal .

KRAFT - "Twilight Halls of Sorrow"
Kraft is a lusitanian Misanthropic black metal act born from the ashes in 2000 and raised by feelings of depression and misanthropy that fill our
music from the very first day. We praise bands like Nargaroth, Burzum, Graveland, Shining, Darkthrone and many others .

KRAFT - "Lusitanian Pride" . New
Kraft is a lusitanian Misanthropic black metal act born from the ashes in 2000 and raised by feelings of depression and misanthropy that fill our
music from the very first day. We praise bands like Nargaroth, Burzum, Graveland, Shining, Darkthrone and many others .

KRAFT - "The Ruins Of Time" . New
Kraft is a lusitanian Misanthropic black metal act born from the ashes in 2000 and raised by feelings of depression and misanthropy that fill our
music from the very first day. We praise bands like Nargaroth, Burzum, Graveland, Shining, Darkthrone and many others .

KRAFT - "And The Land Turns Dark" . New
Kraft is a lusitanian Misanthropic black metal act born from the ashes in 2000 and raised by feelings of depression and misanthropy that fill our
music from the very first day. We praise bands like Nargaroth, Burzum, Graveland, Shining, Darkthrone and many others .

KRAFT - "Black We Stand At The Dawning Moon" . New
Kraft is a lusitanian Misanthropic black metal act born from the ashes in 2000 and raised by feelings of depression and misanthropy that fill our
music from the very first day. We praise bands like Nargaroth, Burzum, Graveland, Shining, Darkthrone and many others .

KRAMTHAL - At the down of KRAMTHAL . MC . 4€
Majestious unique epic folk/Viking black metal . comes with a free logo pins !

KRISTALLNACHT - Soldiers of Triumphant Sun .
legendary French black metal band . with amazing BURZUM cover , No Comment...

KRISTALLNACHT/MORKE(fr/ger) (r.i.p) - Split
split of this french and german legendary bands . no need words .

LA FORET DES BRUMES (Fr) - La colline des pendus" .
Excellent French Black Metal ! very Recommended , unholy riffs with a fucking sick vocals ! Support the underground French Black Metal .

LES CHANTS DE NIHIL (Fr) - Les six leçons .
French underground Philosophic Melancholic Black Metal .

LUCIFUGUM - " The supreme art of genocide " .
Satanic great black metal .
LUCIFUGUM - "Vector 33" .
Satanic great black metal .

LUTOMYSL - "Catharsis" .
Highly recommended Album ! Excellent work fucking true black metal .

MALVEILLANCE - "Insignifiance" .
Canadian dirty black metal .

3 ways split the True Face of Hungarian Black Metal . (Highy Recommended)

MARBLEBOG/VORKUTA - Hungarian Wolves are back !
Excellent Hungarian underground black metal . Split tape . (Recommended)

MAYHEMIC TRUTH - 1992-1994/RIP . Pro tape .
cult epic german black metal . 4.50 € (Highly recommended)

9 tracks of pure raw Quality Misanthropic morbid cold black metal with sick vocals , Killer Musician , tape limited edition .

MOONCULT - "Descend Upon Us" . New
Limited to 150

MOONTOWER - "Antichrist supremacy domain ".
true black metal attack .

MOLOCH - “Чернее Чем Тъма" .
Raw misanthropic and aggressive black metal with evil female screams.

MORANNON - Utumno .
true black metal .

MORDHEIM(Fr) - Depressive Tears ov Dementia" . ltd 150 .
Alienated Sick Depressive French Underground Black Metal .

MORKE(Ita) - “Morke” RE-stock .
demo tape Raw and cold depressive old school black metal filled with aggression and unique atmosphere and emotion .

MOORD - Negativum II . New
Negativum II is the second work of the Belgian black metal band, Moord. Again a painful opus filled with hate, this time showing a more evolved
demo that has not lost it's own unique sound. Negativum II is longer, better, and much stronger then Negativum I. Includes a Judas Iscariot

MORZHOL - Morzhol .
Great french ugly raw black metal .

(Dark, cold and emotional intense pagan black metal. Including 2 bonus tracks.
Pro-cover. 6 tracks – 35 min.)

MUINAINEN RUHTINAS - "Tuskanvuorten Valtaistuin"
Great finish epic Black Metal . good work .

MUSTA SIUNAUS (fin) - Edenistä Tuhoon .
From the shadow of the dark and cold forests of Finland, the entity known as Musta Siunaus, was raised in the name of Satan, preaching
destruction, pain and blasphemy! Edenistä Tuhoon offers raw and distorted evil black metal, with lyrics in Finnish. Prepare for bleeding ears, and
your Daily portion of the anti-Christian war!

NACHT UND NEBEL - “Totalenkrieg" .
NS war black metal .

NACHTVOST - Nacht der Stervende Zielen . TAPE .
Nachtvorst is the haunting Dutch black metal project spawned from the mind of Leopold and accompanied by Erghal. Awoken from silence,
Nachtvorst delivers its first demo consisting of 4 painful and christhating tracks performed in the old-school way and with the uttermost
dedication. 'Nacht der Stervende Zielen' (Translation: Night of Dying Souls) will take you to the deepest hour of the night, and the darkest place
of the forest, where you will end your life, your soul sacrificed to the flames .
True black metal , unholy riffs killer vocoals .

NADIWRATH (gre) - s/t .
This tape will blow your brains out! Raw rock n' black with thrash influences in the style of Carpathian Forest. Nadiwrath comes from Hellas and
is a project of Wrath (Dodsferd/Grab), and all members in this band show that they perform their instruments at the highest level. This demo
contains 3 tracks, but that's enough for them to prove their hateful black metal to be worth your time.

NAKKIGA - Ipparrerean Beldur .
Killer Underground spanish True black metal . great cover design .

NATTFOG - S/T . 2008 . New
Nattfog, a Finnish horde consisting of 2 members: Vulcan Sacrilege (Norns) and Destruction (Norns), plays NS influenced raw Black Metal, with
a pure cold and northern sound, yet with an intense fury and hate. This demo definitely belongs to the Finnish elite, and shows the flames are still
burning strong in the North. This is their debut demo, but already a strong and devastating strike ! (Highly Recommended)

NAVROG - Pogled . New
Underground Pagan Anti-Christian Black Metal , great band .

Underground split raw and primitive Black Metal with morbid ambiance.

NEVELRIJK (hol) - Heidens Bloed .
Nevelrijk, the one-man project of Nevelgeest, brings evil pagan black metal from the soils of Holland. This first demo blasts through the forests
with a sound that will remind you of Cultus, which proves that the black metal spirit still lives in this land beneath the sea. Fast and strong,
atmospheric and raw, Heidens Bloed is a strike of the Dutch hammer!!

Pure Vinlandic Pagan Minimalistic Black Metal in the vein of EARLY GRAVELAND/BURZUM/WINTER FUNERAL. But of course this is not
a vulgar copy , raw production style. Improvisational. Format: MC limited to 299 copies . RED blood cover.

NOKTURNE - Embracer of Dark Ages . New
Album 2001 , Started in 1995 , killer work , War Militant Satanic Black Metal .

NORNS - In Fog They Appear . New
In Fog they Appear, the Finnish black metal band 'Norns'! Their forgotten and never released first demo was a Satanic jewel in the underground
scene, and now it will get the attention it deserves! Primitive melancholic typical Finnish black metal played at a very high level, in worship of
our master! 3 tracks of darkness, 33 minutes of black metal as it should be! If you like the Finnish black metal sound, you must have this demo!
Hail the Supreme Goat Cult!!

NORTADA GELADA – “Aos Homens Que Nao Aparecem Nos Livros” .
(Raw and cold emotional pagan black metal with obscure atmosphere.
Pro-cover. 6 tracks – 45 min.)

NUR - NUR part I .
Cold depressive black metal .

ODAL - “Einst verehrt von allen… und auf Erden tobt die Schlaht…”
Mighty german black metal art . Tape version with bonus-track taken from 7"EP "GERMANSK" . (Highly Recommended)

OHTAR/DARK FURY - We Are the Only Gods . Shall I Drink the Blood of.../ .
Cult Black Metal . (Recommended)

Demo 2004 , 7 tracks + 2 bonus. pagan krieg black metal with sick ugly hateful vocals and strong and excellent atmosphere ! for fans of
"ABSURD" ect.... comes with pro covers .

PAGAN HAMMER - "Pagan Wolves / Foresight" . New
His 2 first demos on 1 tape. Excellent intense and raw black metal. 5 tracks +3 covers (Burzum, Satanic Warmaster, Mayhem).Glossy cover)

PAGAN HELLFIRE (Can) - Solidarity . 5€ . Soon . Attention High Quality Black Metal .
Tape version of the newest album Solidarity on THP . New Amazing Album , 7 Songs of pure Unholy Heathen Black Metal from the Eastern
Shores of Vinland , (Quality Music) . Manufactured tape and comes with pin . Limited to 300 copies .

PAGAN HERITAGE - Sieg um jeden Preis .
Pagan Heritage returns to the roots of it all . Raw and obscure pagan mid-tempo black metal purity!Comes with Pro Covers .

PANTOKRATOR -"The mystic possession of darkness"
             demo from `96 incl. some bonus tracks. Varied mid. tempo old school black metal. 11 tracks .

             PANZERFROST - "Explicit Grimness" . New
             Fucking good Panzer underground black metal .

             PERTERRICREPUS – “The Dark Age Of The Carpathia” . New
             (Raw, cold, emotional and majestic Aryan black metal with ambient touches.
             Pro-cover. 9 tracks – 50 min.)

             PERVERSE MONASTYR - "War Against The Decieved Religions" .
             Fucking good work of this bulgarian true black metal band .

             PERVERSE MONASTYR - "Great Fast And Paschal Canticles" .
             Same , good work good work .

             PERVERSE MONASTYR - "Religious Remorses" .
             Bulgarian Radical fucking good black metal .

             PERVERSE MONASTYR - "Perverse Monastyr" .
             Just another killer work of this sick perverse band .

             RAVENDARK’S MONARCHAL CANTICLE – “Forca Beligerante Brasileira – Culto A Guerra!”
             3 demos + rehearsal combined on one tape. aggressive and intense war black metal with some thrash touches. 16 tracks-60 min.

             REMMIRATH- Smrť pútnikova .
             true grim mid tempo misanthropic black metal .

             RIDDLE Of MEANDER/SKAUR - Walking the Sinister Path...
             Fast Occult Black Metal.Skaur celebratesc norsk svartmetal .

             2004 . great german black metal .

             SAGN (Fr) - "Sur La Colline" .
             Raw pagan black metal with folk elements with a Temnozor cover.Coloured glossy cover.

             SEGES FINDERE - "Death To Peace Is Our Gospel"
             3 demos + an unreleased track. Fast, evil and holocaustic war black metal .

             SENTIMEN BELTZA - "Iltzeak" . New
             Cold Grim Iberian Black Metal a la Sargeist !

             SHADES OF DEEP WATER (Fin) - "Shades of Deep Water" .
             Finish funeral doom metal .
SKINCRAWLER - “ Barbaric Expression” .
             SOURCE OF DEEP SHADOWS (Pol) - "Source of Doom and Perpetual Night"
             Doom metal , Darkness, Pain, Emotion .
STURMGEWEHR - “My Honour is Fidelity” .
TAPE 40MN , Polish WAR METAL .
             SVART HAT(Fr) - "Nihilistic Holocaust" .
             Tape Version . 9 tracks (with a cover of BELKETRE) French Nihilistic Radikal Black Metal . (Highly Recommended)

             TETH - We Awake! (2001-2006) .
             Depressive Weird Suicidal Black Metal Hate!Side project of MARBLEBOG underground Black Metal .

             THE FROST - "Sounds of the Frozen Hate" . New
             True black metal , agressive Misanthropic B.M with killers Riffs .

             THE FROST - In conspiracy with nature .
             true black metal . Dark Thone vein . (recommended)

             THE FROST – Damned and Forgotten .
             Catching, agressive misanthropic black metal with full strong riffs. Second demo from this band . Handnumbered to only 300 copies .
TERDOR - The combat Action of 5 october 1944 .
Raw WWII black metal .

Finally, a new Dutch offense! The long awaited split between Terdor and Gheestenland. Both bands have earned a name in the scene, and now
they have combined their forces. Terdor delivers 6 tracks of war black metal with some satanic hints, and Gheestenland performs 6 tracks of pure
misanthropic christ-crushing black metal, of which 4 tracks are live recordings! As stated this tape is 'Ware NLBM voor de Elite'. (Highly
recommended) .

THOREOUS (Ger) - "Modern Prays from the Olden Babylon"
German Extreme Drone/Doom Metal .

THULCANDRA - Black spell lexion . New
solo band of Draugr from Obscurum , Abyssus . cold hateful grim black metal .

THY LIGHT - Suici.De.pression .
Sick Suicidal depressive black metal .

TUNDRA - Ansia .
Great Underground raw black metal .

ULFHETNHAR - "Essence of Superiority" . New
Limited to 300 copies .

URUK-HAI (aut) – “A Night In The Forest” .
Deep and mystic emotional pagan ambient. The first, unreleased version of this album - different from the CD release. Also including brand new
unreleased bonus track. 5 tracks - 90 min !!

URUK-HAI (aut) - "Barbarians (orcish battle hymns pt.II)" .
Dark and mystic pagan ambient with battle atmosphere and some black metal touches. Also including 5 unreleased bonus tracks. 16 tracks - 80

URUK-HAI/VALAR (aut/fin) - “To Whatever End” / ”Enslaved In Evil Darkness” split tape .
Epic fantasy ambient metal VS mystic pagan abient battle metal . Pro-cover. 7 tracks - 49 min.

UNDERDARK - "The Truth that Lives".
unholy black metal .

VERGOS DI NOCTIS(Fr) - "Au coeur des elements".
French epic pagan black metal very various and strong with speed and fast part and with some cleans vocals !

VELIMOR - "Ancestry" . New
Tape version of the album cd released by Stellar Winter ! Great Russian Pagan NSBM .

VERDERBEN (Ger) - Anti/Mensch . New
Like a breath from the death himself, the cold rythms of VERDERBEN freeze inside the room. Fast, but part oriented slow drums smashing
happyness and felicitous feelings away. Very well spoken grim anthems of misanthropy underline the message of hateful blasphemy, that floats
like a death bringing fog over the streets. The inner message that is embodied by the band seriously, mirrors directly on the cover of this release.
Feelings for humanity and society are radical burnt out by pure rythms of misanthropic metal. No moment for hope, neither a situation for
emotions is given here. 6 titles full of loneliness hate and sorrow, accompanying with cold dark metal scenarious .

Killer work of this two underground NSBM bands .

VIA DOLOROSA - "Forever Kaly Yuga" . New
Great Undergound War Agressive Italian NSBM , Limited to 150.

VIA DOLOROSA(ita) - “Mahabharata”
Demo + live recording combined on one tape. Raw and aggressive war NS black metal. Pro-cover. 18 tracks - 55 min.

VOIDO QUONTUR - "Wolves are Descending in Town". New
Mysterious and epic Black Metal for a total lenght of almost half an hour that should pleased all the old school Black Metal fanatics and those
that are still proudly stock in the early nineties.

VORKUTA - Into the Chasms of Lunacy .
Probably the most important material, A milestone in the history of hungarian black metal band, Vorkuta. The debut album, Into The Chasms Of
Lunacy finally availble on tape. Epic and majestic but still old-school black metal from the depths of the hungarian woods!!
            VORKUTA / HELDENTOD - Monument - Split Tape .
            Two KILLERS Underground HUNGARIANS bands , old school black metal vs NS black metal .

            VVRIKA / DWARKA / RAVAGAR / TWILIGHT – “Thinking, Feeling, Willing” . New
            (Raw, aggressive Aryan black metal vs. cold and dark pagan folk ambient vs. dark and intense
            pagan black metal vs. cold ritual pagan ambient folk black metal. Pro-cover. 14 tracks - 88 min.)

            VINTERNATT - In the shades of Oblivion . MC Two demos 2006/2007 . 4€ .
            "Highly influenced by the 90's Norwegian Black Matal Scene ! VINTERNATT is a Killer and Mature True Misanthropic underground black
            metal made by youngs Warriors" . 42 Minutes , Mc limited to 300 copies comes with a special cover design and free Vinternatt logo pins .

            WACHT - “Wacht” . New
            Raw, dark and cold intense black metal . Limited to 50 copies only!

            WARWULF - Forgotten Dreams Of A Lost Empire . MC . 4€ .
            "Embracing the black arts of the cold and glorious nostalgic B.M.Warwulf guides the journey to the dark hymns over the holocaust landscapes
            with this vampiric demo. Summonings and Howls, chanting upon the desolate ruins where war is the is the only answer and the left hand path is
            the only way" Bonus (Seigneur Voland cover) Highly and 100% influenced by the old school 90's French black metal Scene (Kristallnacht /
            Seigneur Voland) Fucking good work , This War ugly grim act is Manipulated by Wulfskrieger also member from Battle Dagorath , Mc limited
            to 300 Handnumbered comes with a special great cover design and Free Warwulf logo pins !

            WEDARD(Ger) - "Eiskrieg" . New .
            4 long tracks. Cold/Melancholic/Depressive Black Metal . Pro printed artwork. Limited to 250 copies . (Highly Recommended)

            WORLD'S BLACKNESS (Fr) - ''S/T'' . New
            Limited to 300 hand numbered , Pure melancholic raw black metal . Glossy cover .

            WIDERGEIST - Storm of Thoughts . New . MP3 :
            Excellent underground died band with many unholy riffs melodies cold atmosphere and ugly vocals . (Highly Recommended)

            WINTER DECADENCE - “Lacrime Di Solitudine Invernale” . New
            (Cold, dark and emotional ambient music. Pro-cover. 5 tracks - 30 min.)

            WOLFSBAUM - Tod den verhassten .
            Excellent german pagan folk black metal with some vocals ala Absurd , Nordreich project .

            ZUMTOT (Fr) - "Occident" . New .
            First demo of this French band . Celtic pagan black metal with flutes folk acoustic parts and French rac vocals.Glossy cover and sticker .

            V/A - STIMMEN aus der Tiefe #1 - black metal compilation .
            good UNDERGROUND copilations with :
            EER.DARKKESTRAH.INFAUST. and others..

            underground Black metal compilation with : AMALEK.RABENNACHT.ASATRU.NORDREICH.THE TRUE FROST.BRANSTOCK.AR
            ART ....................


            BLOODTHIRST - “Discography” . TAPE 80MN , OLD SCHOOL POLISH THRASH METAL 99’S .





INTERFECTOR - “Where the Highests are the Highest” , OLD SCHOOL POLISH THRASH METAL 00’s .

IRREVERENCE - “Into the Battle since 1995” , TAPE 80 MN OLD SCHOOL ITALY THRASH METAL 95’S .

FORCA MACABRA - “Caveira da Forca” , TAPE 30MN OLD SCHOOL Finnish THRASH PUNK 91’S .

TAPES - SKINHEAD . 3.50€ :








            No Class - Demo . 1984 !!!!
            Old school Austrian Power Metal .

            VINYLS ,7 EP 5,50 € (No Fucking real Vinyls manaics !! WHY ???) :

            BARASTIR/YERSINA (GER) - Devoured by chaos in eternal torment / Invacatur Infernum .
            Two excellent underground bands . BARASTIR played with member from ODAL .
            BILSKIRNIR (GER) / HUNOK (HUN) - "Allied By Heathen Blood"
            (Split 7ep) NO need word .

            CULTUS/MESLAMTAEA (Hol) - "De Dodenstoet / Klaagzang" split 7" 2005 / 2008 .
            Re-written and re-recorded version of a song already featured on the last album, namely "De dodenstoet", a furious and hateful song in the style
            that Cultus is known for, only this time with real drums and much better production.
            Meslamtaea contributes a new song in the style as the "Illusion" tape but features even better songwriting in a more progressive and folkish style.

            ERHABENHEIT (Ger) - ...Verhallend mit des todesboten kunde .
            Fantastic and Excellent german black metal with member of ODAL .

            DEFUNTOS (Por) - "Um Sofrimento Distante..." .
            2 new songs from DEFUNTOS, inspired in Suffering, Death and Suicide. The sound remains always the same, their mark upon the future... Slow
            funeral drums, anguish vocals that sings in solitude, and melodies about the cursed past (obliged, oblivious and never forgotten), can be found in
            "Sofrimento Distante" as a monument of sadness. Comes with a pro-printed insert with lyrics. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies !

            SAGATAL part I and II , Another jewel of this unique band ! Melodic raw black metal with haunted vocal , recorded in 2005 (MOONBLOOD
            Fans) - (The must) Handnumbered to 500 .

            MONARQUE/MORTUALIS - Hymnes Funeraires Des Rois . New
            Monarque comes from canada and plays melodic and depressive black metal as its best . Mortualia is a solo project of Shatraug from Horna and
            the music is slow and depressive black metal . ep limited to 500 copies .

            MYRKR - (SWE/IRE) "Ritual Of Undeath .
            Myrkr is meant for solitude and reflection .

            12 LP and 10 LP . 13€/10€ :
            Forget the extreme metal evolution of the last twenty years !! Here you'll find only an infamous tribute to the old school, perpetrated by four Dogs
            of War sickest hordes who prevail in the moribound underground. . No overproduction!!! No keyboards!!! Only Harsh Fucking Metal !!

            AMNION(Spa) - Cryptic wanderings . Lp . 13€ . New
            with textured inner. After many years of doubts , wanderings and desolation , the crypt has been opened !
The 80 honour and the 90 darkness are involved into this Necrowaxpiece .

ATMAN(Spa) - L'assassi de Venus . Lp . 13€ . New
4th album . Rawer than ever but with good quality sound . Underground Black Metal from Catalonia . 4th & best recording !

CULTUS (HOL) / MESLAMTAEA (Ho) "Tussen Werelden / Gedachten" . 13€ . New
Split LP (Four tracks of fast and hateful black metal / Three tracks of Epic Pagan black metal.Comes with insert)
Meslamtaea - "Gedachten": After the full-length "New era", Meslamtaea's instrumentaria has been expanded with synthesizers, so on this split
you can expect an even bigger variety of sounds, all performed in a trademark wall of cacophonous melodies. By now, Meslamtaea's music has
become totally impossible to label, but the three songs on this split give you a very very heavy contrast of both harsh and epic melodies, dreamy
passages, aggressive vocals, but all with brilliant and extremely technical songwriting, merging all of this together in an adventurous trip into
Cultus - "Tussen werelden": Four fast and storming yet melodic songs of furious and hateful black metal with clear and organic yet ultra-heavy
production. Nonconformist and antisocial forest music and bitter black metal fanatisicm, without any doubt the best Cultus has ever produced in
terms of atmosphere, songwriting and production . Killer work .

ODAL (Ger) - Zornes Heimat - LP . 13€ .
After 3 years Odal is back with a new album. Cold and grim black metal, yet still with atmosphere and melancholy, a mixture of aggression and
melody Odal is well known for . mixed and mastered at Studio Blue House.

SOMBRE CHEMIN (Fr) - "Notre Héritage Ancestral" . Limited 514 hand numbered . New . 13€                                                  (Vinyl
version of their second album. Full coloured Gatefold + 1 bonus track+English translation of the lyrics. French Heathen black metal art.Comes on
brown vinyl)

SOMBRE CHEMIN/ORNAMENTS OF SIN (Fr/Fr) - Durch ruinen und Dustere Kriegsfelder . 13€ .
Good split of this two french Underground black metal bands .

Slim 3.50€.classic.4.50€/5€.dvd box 6€ . double 7€

ALGOR/KORIUM/HROMVLAD - Heathen brotherhood . 3 ways split . 6€
total slovanic pagan black metal art , (DVD cdr box) ltd 333 . (Highly Recommended)
BARASTIR(ger) - Under the Banner of Hate - pro quality CDR , new
this mini album was released as split with UGLUK in 2006 . now cd version without UGLUK part , BARASTIR plays old school german black
metal , raw;power,and hateful , you will miss modern black metal shit on this release , this is pure black metal in its purest form !! with
MEMBER from ODAL . (Highly Recommended)
pure black metal . cdr . 3€

BLEEDING THORN - Darkness born black .
1996/97 ! great underground old school black metal . cdr

BOSQUE - "Dead Nature" . 3.50€
demo cd-r 2005 . sick funeral doom metal .

BRENN (Fr) - Garmen . 5€ . New
10 Songs of a good raw melodic epic French pagan black metal , (Absurd cover . Germanien über Alles) . pro cd . (Recommended)

DRACHENFELS(Fr) - "passage for the previous history" . 4.50€ . New
Limited to 100 copies . First demo of this excellent French Mystic and traditional Elite Black Metal , demo released before (Bow down before
Death) album released by Rune Productions . Member from Paganblood , Heathen Dawn , Hoarfen.. (Recommended)
EXSECRATUM/IMAGO MORTIS(it) - Northen italian black metal union .
great italian ns black metal . cdr glossy cover .

Excellent French pagan Black metal , quality music , cdr gloosy cover printed full coloured artwork .

HONOS AQUILAE - "Imperium legionis" 2006 . New
SVART HAT and GLADSHEIM guy project , excellent work from this killer french black metal band . pro cdr.

MORHOLT(Fr) - L'esprit de la Forêt . 5€ . New
French Underground pagan black metal , Accoustic passages with cold Atmosphere . Nice artwork , pro cdr .
Great melodic black metal with dark lyrics . 60 minutes . cdr pro-printed . limited to 100 pieces !!

PAGANBLOOD(Fr) - "Bellum Gallicum" . 4.50€ . New
Excellent French Pagan agressive black metal with killer melodies with good Atmosphere and hateful vocals . project of Drachenfels
(Recommended) .

Excellent Raw/Melodic BM With Torture sick SREAMS !! Ltd To 100 HANDNUMBERED (Very and Highly recommended)
SAGOTH -"Gloria satanas" . 6€
limited to 166 copies Handnumbered . Black metal Root . lezard vokill . DVD cdr box .

limited to 66 handnumbered . great melodic black metal . cdr .

SVARTNAR - same .
Melodic obscur black metal . gloosy cover cdr .

TWILIGHT - Vreugdeliederen . new
Majestious Ambient epic fantasy metal . SUMMONING touch .

TYRSKLAND(Ger) - cild .
Great german pagan black metal with member from Totenburg ! dvd box . 6 €

VARG - Wolfesblut . 6.50€ . DigiPack/CDr . New
A soul wandering. Folk Guitars combined with Black Metal Vocals. Unique Art, never heard before something great like this. Comes in a
professional handmade Digi-Cdr-Package quality stuff look like pro cd !! , printed texts included . limited 110 Pieces (Highly Recommended)
VIA DOLOROSA - the black sun .
raw black metal . black pro cdr . 5 € few left . limited to 66 copies .

WALD GEIST WINTER - Siegreich ist das Eis . 5€
Great Unique german pagan black metal . ltd to 222 . (Highly Recommended)

WINTERTOD - Sehnsuchtsfrage . 4 €
The sold out demo ! from AUSTRIA . EXCELLENT fast melodic depressive and grim black metal with sick vocal . limited to 100 . (Highly

WARWULF - WAMPYRIC CURSES . 3€ . New (Exclusive Distribution)
one man band , 7 songs of pure hateful Underground and cold black metal , Unreleased material from 2004-2008. Limited to 88. First 14 copies
contain a bonus track . released by the band , (Highly Recommended)
WOLFSGARD – Mastery of the Plains . "self released !!!"
"British steel" majestetic clear played heathen anthem viking black metal, great vocals !!!    (highly recommended) . cdr . 3.50€

many more . 74 minutes . dvd box . A4 poster . 7 € (recommended) .

V/A HEIDENGESANG - Aus finsterem Walde . 6€
11 bands . dvd cdr box . ltd to 88 only .

CELTIC IRON CROSS - 19 g . good quality . 7 €          .

TRIKSEL - 23 g . good quality . 7 € .

Drowning The Light - Logo Patch . Great logo patch . size near 12x9 cm . 4.50€
OFFICIAL PINS/BADGES : 35/MM 1.30€/25MM 1€ EACH or 6 Pins for 4€
TH - LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL - logo pins . size 35/mn.
TH - SATANIC WARMASTER - "black eagle" . pins . size 35/mn.
TH - ARY ART - logo band . pins ltd to 50 . size 35/mn .
TH - KRAMTHAL - logo band . ltd to 50 . size 25/mn . 1€ , or free if you buy the KRAMTHAL tape !
TH - SARMAK - pic of the famous guy ! 35/mn . LTD to 50 .
TH - KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR . "pins" . 1€ or free if you buy the cd ! ltd to 50 . 25/mn . logo band .
TH - MORBID YELL . "pins" . 1€ or free if you buy the cd ! ltd to 50 . 25/mn . logo band
TH - VINTERNATT - pins , logo band . free if you buy the tape !
TH - WARWULF - pins , logo band . free if you buy the tape !
TH - EVIL - pins , logo band . ltd to 100 . 25mn .
TH - PAGAN HELLFIRE , PIC . 25/mn . free if you buy the tape .


DRAUGURZ - A Yell from the Past , Great Shirt design . (Size L & XL) . 14€

KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR , Logo band shirt . (Size L) . 10€

Killer T-shirt of this Amazing band , BOTH SIDES PRINTED IN WHITE, LIMITED TO 30 , (SIZES : L , XL)


GHOST KOMMAND 'Zine 2 (English written)
(52 A4 xeroxed pages with great quality written in English, Featuring interviews with: REVAGE (Por), NARGASH (Por), CRIPTA OCULTA
(Usa), NORD (Can). A few reviews, an article about the Sumerians & a fucking great devotion of all the involved….Limited to 100 copies) 3.50€

GHOST KOMMAND Zine - Issue #3 - English :
Wolfnacht, Crystalline Darkness, Woodtemple, Satanic Warmaster, Bruma Obscura, Obskene Sonare, Strix, Cry of Silence, Kawir and more..

Uunderground black/doom metal zine , this is for you ! is a 44 pages, exclusive interviews :

Info :
-Tape / Ep: 70 grs
- CD / Cd-r / Mcd : 110 grs
- Double CD / Double Cd-r: 200 grs
- DVD-r / Cd-r DVD Box: 150 grs
- LP / MLP : 250 grs
- Gatefold LP / DLP: 350grs
- Zine: 150 grs
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