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					Energy & Money Saving Ideas
Thermwise Homes: Appliance Rebates


Questar Gas is offering rebates to install high-efficient appliances in your home. Installing these
appliances could reduce your energy usage and show significant savings on your monthly bill.

Appliances Requirements Rebate

    •   Gas Furnace 90% or higher efficient $300
    •   Tankless Gas Water Heater 0.80 or higher energy factor $300
    •   Clothes Washer MEF 2.0 or higher (must have gaswater heater) $75
    •   Gas Water Heater Min. 40 gallon, 0.63 or higher energy factor $50
    •   Clothes Dryer Moisture sensor $30
    •   Clothes Washer MEF 1.72 - 1.99 (must have gas water heater) $50

Thermwise Homes: Weatherization Rebates

Weatherization Requirements Rebate

    •   Windows U-Value of 0.35; SHGC* of 0.33 or better $0.95 per square foot
    •   Wall Insulation Increments of R-11 or higher $0.45 per square foot
    •   Attic/Floor Insulation Increments of R-19 or higher $0.35 per square foot
    •   Duct Sealing** Professional install to PTCS level $225
    •   Duct Insulation** Professional install to R-6 or higher $250

**Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: Duct Sealing and Duct Insulation must be installed by a Questar
Gas-approved contractor.
energy-efficient items
Saving energy means saving money
Here are some tips that will help you do both!

    1. Get attic insulation rated R-19 or higher and get $.35 per square foot kickback from
       Questar Gas and monthly savings from your heating bill.
    2. Purchase a programmable thermostat. It will lower the temperature in your house while
       you’re gone and raise it again when you’re home, saving you money on your monthly
  3. New furnaces can be over 90% efficient. Replace your current furnace and get $300 back
     from Questar Gas. Change the furnace filter – changing the furnace filter regularly will
     help keep clean air flowing throughout your home. If the filter becomes dirty or clogged,
     it will restrict airflow and cause the furnace to stay on longer – using more fuel.
  4. Keep vents and registers unobstructed – Move drapes, rugs and furniture away from heat
     registers and return-air vents. Free-flowing air through the furnace provides quick
     comfort for less money.
  5. Reduce hot water usage – Take showers instead of baths to reduce hot water use. Fix
     leaky faucets and run clothes- and dishwashers with a full load. Install water-flow
     restrictors in showerheads and faucets. Restrictors can cut hot-water use without affecting

Home-Energy Audit Program

  •   Call 1-800-695-7375 to schedule a home-energy audit and for only $25 a Questar Gas
      technician will visit your home and give you energy-efficient items.
  •   Follow through on any of the recommendations and get the $25 audit charge back as a
      credit on your gas bill and more monthly savings!

  •   Visit or call 1-801-324-5331 and get an audit you can fill out at home.
  •   Send it in and get rebates and free energy-efficient items.

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