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                         A Summary of the 21st Meeting
                    Second Term of Wan Chai District Council
                    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

     The Wan Chai District Council held its 21st meeting on 20 March 2007 and
discussed the following issues:

1.   Visit by Director of Buildings
     The Director of Buildings briefed Councillors on the work and policy of
     Buildings Department (BD), which included the promotion of building safety,
     enforcing building safety standards prescribed by the Buildings Ordinance.
     The work of the BD in 2006 mainly involved assisting the Licensing Authority
     to streamline the processing of cinema licenses, strengthening the inspection of
     new unauthorized building works, setting up and extending the operation of the
     joint office of handling public complaints about water seepage problems in the
     whole territory, implementing the Coordinated Maintenance of Buildings
     Scheme in collaboration with the Hong Kong Housing Society, inspecting
     buildings erected between 1946 and 1958 as well as inspecting against
     unauthorized large glass panels, advertisement signboards and TV displays with
     potential hazards installed on the external walls of commercial buildings and
     issuing removal orders. The Director of Buildings also emphasized the
     Department’s policy and activities against unauthorized building works.

     Councillors raised questions and commented on BD’s outsourcing of removal
     work, wall-mounted advertisements, advertisement signboards, advice on liquor
     licenses, the relationship between plan approval and rights of owners’
     corporations as well as the problems of unauthorized building works.

2.   Resumption of Private Land for Implementation of Development Scheme
     WC/001 by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) at Mallory Street/Burrows
     Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
     Representatives of Lands Department and URA introduced the above project
     and answered the written question. They expressed that the purpose of
     resuming the private land at Mallory Street/Burrows Street, Wan Chai, Hong
     Kong was to implement the URA’s development scheme. The 4 blocks of
     private property at the said location involved 4 pieces of private land, in which 1
     of the 4 had been purchased by the URA while the registered owners of the other
     3 had also expressed their willingness of selling their land.

DC Summary 21.doc
     The Council unanimously supported the resumption and wished the Lands
     Department could submit the project to the Executive Council for consideration.

     Representatives of the URA responded to the written question that the Mallory
     Street Project was one of the district revitalization projects of the URA. It was
     also a pilot project that the URA had directly invested over 100 millions dollars
     to help promote the development of Hong Kong’s cultural and creative
     industries. The site involved 10 blocks of tenement buildings which had been
     assessed as Grade 2 Historic Buildings and 6 of which were government
     properties. The URA was now consolidating and analyzing the previously
     collected consultation data and had proceeded to the follow-up stage. As for
     conservation of historic buildings, partial addition and change of use, the URA
     would follow up the relevant issues according to required procedures.

     Councillors worried that the rent of Mallory Street Art Village might be too high
     for cultural groups to bear. They were also concerned about the conservation
     methods employed by the URA.

3.   Progress report of Resiting part of the Pitch Hawkers at the Open Bazaar
     in Tai Yuen Street and Cross Street
     Representatives of Health, Welfare and Food Bureau (HWFB), Food and
     Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) and Transport Department (TD)
     responded to Councillors’ questions on the subject. Some Councillors
     expressed that Legislative Councillors passed the message to them that there
     were ways for the authority not to re-open Cross Street for traffic purpose.
     Councillors asked if there were any new traffic data. They also wished to
     know the occupation timetable of the new Wan Chai Market, the overall
     progress of the issue and how the authority handled the hawkers’ demands.

     Representative of TD revealed that, in response to Legislative Councillors’
     request, they submitted the detailed analysis of traffic assessment to the
     Legislative Council via FEHD in January this year. After further review and
     assessment, TD’s views remained unchanged. In view of the completion of the
     new market as well as the erection of new buildings and commercial buildings,
     there was a need for the government to implement some traffic improvement
     measures (i.e. open Cross Street East and Tai Yuen Street South to traffic) to
     cope with the rising pedestrian flow and traffic flow.

     Representative of HWFB responded that the Bureau had thoroughly considered
     the demands of the hawkers. However, due to the limited space on ground
     floor of the new market, it was unable to accommodate all eligible stalls on
DC Summary 21.doc
     ground floor albeit the addition of stalls by possible space. They found no way
     but to house the hawkers on two floors for business. The Bureau would
     re-examine if there were any new arrangements to improve the overall operation
     margin of the new market.

     After keen discussion, the Council resolved to its original decision of opening
     Cross Street East and Tai Yuen Street South to traffic while the stall bidding of
     the new market would be followed up by the FEHD.

4.   Annual Policing Plan 2007 – Wan Chai Police District
     Wan Chai District Commander introduced the key points of the current policing
     plan, including combating violence crimes, especially prevention of family
     violence cases; triad gang and juvenile crimes; prevention and investigation of
     “quick money” crimes. The themes of the Fight Crime Committee were “Take
     Care of Personal Belongings” and “Caring for Juvenile Drug Abuse”.

5.   Report on the Pilot Scheme (Case Study Proposal for University of Hong
     After Councillors’ keen discussion, 3 projects were selected as study cases for
     University of Hong Kong:
     (i)   Bridging Arts: Public Art Design Project;
     (ii)  Garden Facility Management (Landscaping of District Partnership
           Programme); and
     (iii) Library Facility Management.

6.   Attendance and Photography during District Council Meetings
     The Council approved the arrangements of registration system and the
     delineation of “Photography Area” and “Filming Area”. Should Councillor
     disapprove his/her portrait to be shot during meeting, he/she could raise
     objection at the beginning of the meeting.

7.   District Council Funds Application
     The Council approved the revised funding of $663,398.40 for appointment of
     two full-time Administrative Assistants (DC) and four Programme Assistants for
     assisting the operation of the District Council.

Wan Chai District Council
April 2007

DC Summary 21.doc
DC Summary 21.doc

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