Forbes Stynes Real Estate Provide Expert Tips on Finding the Perfect Snowfield Property

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					Forbes Stynes Real Estate Provide Expert Tips on Finding the Perfect
Snowfield Property

Leading snowfield real estate specialists, Forbes Stynes Real Estate,
reveal the top 5 issues to consider when choosing to buy a holiday
property in the NSW Snowy Mountains.

Sydney, NSW, Australia, May 18, 2012 -- With the next Australian ski
season looming large, Forbes Stynes Real Estate draw on over a decade’s
experience to offer potential investors insight into the five major
issues when considering Jindabyne Real Estate or property in adjacent
snow country areas - Thredbo and Lake Crackenback. These expert tips will
assist buyers to make a solid investment in a property that suits all of
their needs and will give them enjoyment as they return to hit the slopes
year after year.

1. Holidaying in summer and winter. Many buyers are initially drawn to
Thredbo for ski holiday homes, but may end up turning to Jindabyne
instead. As Ms Stynes explains, “When it comes to buying into Jindabyne
Real Estate versus the hills, there’s more activity all year round.”

“In winter, Jindabyne is a base for skiers using the major resorts in
Kosciuszko National Park. For the rest of the year it's a great place
from which to go bushwalking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting,
canoeing, horse riding and kayaking. The lake also provides superb
opportunities for trout fishing and water sports.”

2. Style of home. Any buyer must take into account the size of their
family now and in the future, including any four legged-friends as in
particular, animals are not allowed in any of the national park areas
including Thredbo.

Jindabyne Real Estate also offers more styles of housing in comparison to
Thredbo where the majority of dwellings are stand alone. Jindabyne offers
studio apartments to land to build on to small farm houses on 1 or 2 acre
lots that are purely residential.

Buyers can also consider Lake Crackenback Resort where they can purchase
apartments on the lake right up to larger, million dollar dwellings.
Buying into the resort also provides access to the tennis courts,
swimming pool, golf course and all other resort facilities without having
to pay extra.

3. A lifestyle investment. When enquiring with Forbes Styne Real Estate,
the first question that will be asked is what is the main reason for
buying in the area.

Ms Stynes elaborates on this, saying “Their main agenda has to be
lifestyle. We’re upfront about the investment potential, immediately
letting them know that if all they’re looking for is high returns,
they’re better off looking elsewhere.”

4. Financial considerations. “Jindabyne Real Estate and Thredbo Real
Estate have two distinct price levels – you’ll pay half in Jindabyne for
what you’d pay for in Thredbo. And Lake Crackenback which is at the base
of Perisher is somewhere in between,” states Ms Stynes.

An additional consideration for Thredbo is that it’s part of the
Kosciusko National Park, which is a more complex area to buy in because
the property title is leasehold. Do some research with the banks first as
they are often only willing to lend up to 60% on a leasehold property.

5. It’s all in the timing. An important consideration when buying a
snowfield property is that all existing depositor bookings must be

“It’s a popular holiday destination, so the majority of houses on the
market do already have bookings in place. If you want to visit this
winter, perhaps consider renting accommodation and establishing which
area is best for you,” explains Ms Stynes.

“By purchasing between November and February, you’ll have plenty of time
to put a hold on bookings and do some work on the property coming into
winter as well.”

For more information about the property market in the New South Wales
Snowy Mountains, visit

About Forbes Stynes Real Estate
The Forbes Stynes Real Estate team draws on over 10 years experience and
takes a modern and innovative approach to providing customers with
premium mountain real estate opportunities within the Thredbo, Perisher,
Lake Crackenback, Alpine Way and Jindabyne locales. In addition to a
centrally located office within the snow fields, Forbes Stynes Real
Estate offers a highly sophisticated and user-friendly online environment
in which potential buyers and sellers can find a complete view of the
local property market and assist them to make the right decision.

More information: Michelle Stynes, Principal, Forbes Stynes Real Estate,
+61 2 6457 2144

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Forbes Stynes Real Estate
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