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Volkswagen to Launch New Service in The USA


									Volkswagen to Launch New Service in The USA

American travelers can now test drive the Volkswagen of their choice
while driving around France and Europe

Elmsford, NY, May 18, 2012 -- Volkswagen and Wheels in Europe, a leading
US car rental and car leasing marketing company have teamed up to offer
to American travelers to Europe a new opportunity to enjoy the driving
experience of a brand new Volkswagen while vacationing or doing business
on the other side of the pond.

Dubbed “VW Discover Europe” this new program works the same way as a car
rental with the notable difference however that the car is not only the
exact one chosen (10 models are available from the new Beetle to the Eos
convertible) but it is delivered brand new and with a fully
comprehensive, zero deductible insurance valid in more than 30 countries
in Europe. Add a 24/7 road assistance service in case something goes
wrong, and users get total peace of mind and a uniquely packaged “German
engineering” driving experience.

Targeted to travelers going to Europe for 3 weeks up to 6 months, the VW
Discover Europe program costs no more and generally much less than a
regular car rental and it does not have many of the restrictions car
rental companies apply to their rental contracts (limitation in
geographical coverage, minimum and maximum driving age etc….).

For its first year, VW offers this service in 2 French cities, Paris and
Nice, and the car is delivered at the airport, upon arrival. While the
car must be pickedup and returned in one of those 2 cities, there are no
driving limitations within the 30 countries covered by the program and
mileage is unlimited.   Quotes and Reservations can be made easily online
at or by phone at 1-888-532-1221.

Bernard Frelat
Wheels In Europe, LLC
45 Knollwood Road, Suite 405
Elmsford, NY 10523

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