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									Welcome To Our Educational Workshop On:

      Living Debt Free
     And Truly Wealthy

Based On The Found Money Management Concepts
   This Workshop Is For
Educational Purposes Only…
Our Goal Is To Provide Every Family With
 The Strategies and Help They Need To:
         Be Debt Free
 Establish An Emergency Fund
   Fund A College Education
 Maximize Retirement Income
 Achieve Financially Security
          Ground Rules
 Be open-minded to new ideas
 Be willing to suspend your disbeliefs
 Sit back, relax and put your checkbook
  away we are not here to sell you anything

       Today is the first day of the
           rest of YOUR life.
         How We Work…
 You Never write a check to me personally
 We are paid directly by the institutions we
  represent - with their money, not yours.
 No charge to work with your CPA/Attorney

 We are here to serve YOUR needs!
        Interest Rates Are
         Samples Only…

Interest Rates used
in this presentation
are for illustration
purposes only!
The Facts Of Life…
 Out Of Control Consumer Debt
 Minimal Savings
 Stock Market Losses
 Low Interest Rates
 Soaring Federal and State Taxes
 Questions About Social Security Benefits
 Today you can add falling house prices,
  disappearing jobs, flat wages, lower benefits,
  and skyrocketing costs for the most important
  consumer items
The Unfortunate Facts Of Life…
  Out Of 100 People Reaching Age 65:
     36 Will Be Dead
     54 Will Be Financially Embarrassed
     5 Will Still Be Working
     4 Will Be Financially Secure
     Only One Will Be Wealthy

            Where Would You Like To Be?

   What’s Your Plan To Get There?
The Us Bureau Of Labor and Statistics
The Great American Dream…
         We Grew Up Hearing…
            Go to College
            Get A Good Job
            Buy A House
            Pay Off The Mortgage ASAP
            Save A Little Each Month

         …You’ll Be Set For Life!
It Was Rock Solid Advice…
Because Our Grandparents and
 Great Grandparents…
   Lived In The Same House For Life
   Had One Job Their Entire Life
   Lived On One Income
   Retired With A Pension
   Had NO Credit Card Debt
   Saved A Little Money Consistently
   Could Count On Social Security
   Planned On Being Retired For Only A Few Years
However, Life Has Changed…
Today, We’ll…
   Move 4-6 Times In Our Life
   Have 3-7 Jobs During Our Life
   Need Two Incomes Just To Live
   Never Have A Pension
   Struggle With Credit Card Debt
   Save Very Little Money
   Worry About Social Security Being There
   Be Retired For 30 years, Or More
  So, How Do We Keep The
Great American Dream Alive?
We Need To…
 Get Back To The Traditional
  Ways We Managed Our Money
 Find Ways To Cut Expenses
  Without Changing Our Lifestyle
 Find Ways To Make All Of Our
  Money and Assets Work For Us
 Establish Better Priorities In
  Our Financial Lives
 What’s The Number One
  Problem Keeping Us
   From Attaining The
“Great American Dream?”
How Big A Problem is Debt?
   The number of Americans filing for bankruptcy
    increased by nearly 40 percent in 2007… One
    out of 49 households filed for bankruptcy. And
    it is increasing in 2008.
   Credit card debt in the U.S. is soaring - almost
    tripling since 1989.
   The Average Family’s Credit Card balance is
   Average Interest Rate Paid On That Debt?
  How Much Is Your Debt
   Really Costing You?
If you have a Credit Card balance
  of $19,000, with an Interest rate
            of 15.15%…
How much is that $19,000 of Debt
  really costing you per year?
$2,878.50 Per Year!
Is that $2,878.50 better off in the
   banks pocket… or in yours?
   If you saved that $2,878.50
    each year for 5 years what
        would it be worth?

$14,382.50 Plus Interest
    What Other Problems Are
    A Direct Result Of Having
        Too Much Debt?
   Little or no Savings
    US Savings Rate In 1970 was 8%
    US Savings Rate Today is (– 1%)
   No Source of emergency funds, besides the
    credit card
   Lack of insurance!
   Future planning problems – NO college fund
    for kids, NO retirement planning, etc…
  What If You Could Reduce And
Eliminate All Of Your Debt Without
 Taking Any Additional Money Out
Of Your Pocket… Or Changing Your
        Current Lifestyle?
How Do You Quickly Reduce
 And Eliminate Your Debt?
   Identify Money That You May Be Spending
    Unnecessarily, or In The Wrong Places
   Find And Use Credit Cards With Lower Rates
   Combine Your Credit Card Balances
   Use Equity Lines of Credit To Pay Off Debts
   Prioritize Your Spending
   Stop Using Your Credit Cards
   Devise A Well Conceived, Coordinated Action
    Plan, Using These And Many Of The Newest
    Wealth Building Strategies Of Today
 If You Saved The Credit Card
Interest Of $2,878.50 Per Year…
   In 10 years @7.2%, you would have…
   In 20 years @7.2%, you would have…
   In 30 years @7.2%, you would have…
Would You Feel More Financially Secure?
Let’s Talk About
When You Retire What’s More
 Important… The Amount Of
    Money You’ve Saved,
  Or, The Amount Of Money
      You Get To Spend?
   If You Could Take Your
Retirement Income Tax Free…

 How Much More
Money Would You
Have To Spend?
  If You Do A Good Job Of
Saving For Your Retirement…

   Will You Be In A
   Higher Or Lower
  Tax Bracket When
     You Retire?

 Answer: Most of us will be in the same
 tax bracket or possibly higher.
If Taxes Will Be The Same
Or Higher In The Future…

  Why Do We Keep Putting
 Money Hand Over Fist into
 401k’s, IRA’s, 403b’s Etc...?

 Let Me Put It Another Way…
   If You Were A Farmer…
Would You Rather Pay Tax On
The Seed… Or The Harvest?
Pay Tax on the seed now… and
 get all the corn TAX FREE!!!
    More ‘Smart Money’ Moves…
Now Imagine What Could Happen, If You
 Could Find More Money To Eliminate
 Your Debts and Put Into Savings, By…
   Increasing the Deductibles On Your Home Owners
    Insurance, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance,
    Disability Insurance, etc…
   Re-positioning Your Assets And Income To Qualify
    For Free College Financial Aid Money…
   Taking Advantage Of The Free Money In A 401K…
   Reducing Your Income Taxes…
And, It Gets Even Better…
Become Your Own Banker!
   How About The Next Time You Decide To Buy
    A Car, Make A Major Purchase or Need Money
    For A Business Opportunity!
   You Borrow The Money From Yourself Instead
    Of A Bank!
   Then You Pay Yourself The Principal And
    Interest You Would Have Paid The Bank!

How Much Better Off Would You Be?
    The ‘Living Debt Free
And Truly Wealthy’ Program Is
         Ideal For…
   People With Heavy Consumer Debt…
   People Who Are Concerned About Funding
    Their Retirement…
   Families Who Are Concerned About Funding
    College And Qualifying For Financial Aid…
   Commissioned and Self Employed People…
   People Who Want The Better Things In Life…
       Best Of All,
  With Proper Planning
    And Guidance…
 All Of This Can Generally Be
 Accomplished Without You
Spending A Penny More Than
  You Are Spending Today!
 So, What’s The Next Step?
Is It Worth 40 Minutes Of Your Time
To See If You Can…

 Reduce or Eliminate Your Debt!
 Reduce Your Income Taxes!
 Increase Your Savings!
 Have The Better Things In Life!
It All Starts With A Plan…

 It wasn’t raining when
   Noah built the Ark.
“Helping people to live debt
  free and truly wealthy.”
What If Your Savings Vehicle…
   Could Reap the Upside Potential Of The Stock
    Market, Without The Downside Risk!
   Guaranteed Your Investment Principal!
   Had A Minimum Interest Rate Guarantee!
   Offered Tax Deferred Growth!
   Had No Early Withdrawal Penalties!
   Had Tax Free Access!
   Could Pay Off The Mortgage If You or Your
    Spouse Died!
   Was Self Completing If You Became Disabled!

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