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									                               Zombie Attack
                                By EvilSoft
1 - Introduction
2 – Controls
3 – Weapons
4 – Types of Zombies
5 – Items
6 – Tips
7 – Credits

   1- Introduction
Thank you for downloading Zombie Attack, this text file should help for whatever you need help

    2 – Controls
               Button                                           Info
            A–D–S–W                                      Moves the Player
          Left Mouse Button                          Fires the Current Weapon
        Mouse wheel or shift key                     Scroll though the weapons
                Enter                                     Pauses the game

   3 – Weapons
                Weapon                                          Info
                  Pistol                          Basic Weapon, Infinite Ammo
                 Shotgun                              Shoot 3 bullets at once
              Flamethrower                     Shoots flames into incoming zombies
                Grenades                               Blast a lot of zombies

   4 – Types of Zombies
                 Zombie                                         Info
              Green Zombie                             A basic slow zombie
               Red Zombie                                  A fast Zombie
              Blue Zombie                           A really Fast and a die hard

  5 – Items
                  Item                                         Info
                Little box                                Shotgun Ammo
                 Create                                     Grenades
                   Tank                                Flamethrower Ammo

  6 – Tips

       - Each Weapon can help with a task, Flamthower can help you when you are surrounded
       by zombies, shotgun can attack zombie up close to use, can grenades can help you kill a
       lot of zombies when there in groups
       - Keep an eye on your health, there is NO AIDS
       - Use your ammo wisely
       - There is a level up

  7 – Credits

This game was made by Josh Peterson Peterson (head of EvilSoft)
Music I got on the Internet : /

                Zombie Attack is © Copyright EvilSoft Games (or) Josh Peterson

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