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					        I think Herman Cain should win the Presidential Election because he is the best candidate
available. Even though he was the CEO of GodFather's Pizza, he is informed about major issues that
the United States is dealing with. Because he is a business man he knows how to deal with economics
which would be a great addition to his resume because he can help the Recession with his 9-9-9 Plan.
The 9-9-9 Plan will be implemented into our taxes. Sales Tax, Income Tax, and Business Transaction
Tax will all be at nine percent. For workers that are under the poverty level, they will pay zero percent
income tax. Gary Robbins, an economist, believes Cain's plan will cut unemployment rates nearly in
half because businesses will be allowed to create around six million jobs. He also states that it will
increase wages by ten percent, business investments by thirty-three percent, and it will allow the United
States' GDP to increase by two trillion dollars. If you ask me, I think Cain's plan sounds great because it
will promote economic growth.
        Herman Cain also has a few point of views on different economic issues. He believes the United
States should not leave the Gold Standard because it will create inflation. He also thinks that welfare
programs “are designed to make people more dependent rather than less dependent”. I agree with this
because most people that are on welfare believe that they will be able to support their lifestyle with
monthly checks, but that is not true because the economy is always changing. People on welfare should
have another sort of income besides welfare checks.
        I think Herman Cain is the best Presidential candidate because he mentions his point of views
on abortion, gay issues, and foreign policies with the common people. Herman Cain is Pro-Life and
believes that abortion should be illegal. He wants to cut funds from Planned Parenthood and also
claims that they are racist because seventy-five percent of their organization is located in African-
American neighborhoods. Herman Cain believes that the United States should not allow homosexuals
from marrying. He also believes that homosexuals should be able to serve in the military, but would
reinstate the “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy. He strongly believes that the United States should not
worry about other nations' problems because it isn't our concern. We should also be ready to defend
ourselves from impending attacks from enemy nations.

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