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									                        TSH Levels: Patients’ Experiences


   Not everyone develops hypothyroid symptoms when their TSH is higher than 2 but "in
    range." The purpose of this compilation is to show that there are a lot of us who need to
    have our TSH under 2 to feel well, and that symptoms can seriously affect our lives even
    when the TSH isn't very high.
   Some people have more than one entry because they focused on a different aspect of how
    their TSH level affected them each time.
   Unless otherwise specified, all posts were posted to the newsgroup alt.support.thyroid. The
    website, with instructions on how to access this group and its archives, is at
    http://thyroid.bravepages.com. For space reasons, only the most relevant segments of each
    post are included here.
   This document is online at http://thyroid.bravepages.com/tsh/tshexp.rtf.


"JPost" September 10, 2001

    I finally got a copy [of my lab results] and found out that when he said I was fine, I was at
    4.36 of TSH on a scale of .5 to 5.0 .... fine hell!!! I am now at a TSH of .2 and getting better
    each day now that I'm on Armour.

“Carol T” September 2, 2001

    My daughter was going to bed with her clothes on and using two quilts and a blanket, she
    had even resorted to taking a hot bath to try to warm herself up. By the time her blood tests
    matched her symptoms she was a very poorly girl and to boot she was suffering a whole
    host of related symptoms which required many different medications to clear up.

    One of the sad things about the nuttiness of adhering to the 'blood test only' criteria is that
    she has Vitiligo, and while her thyroid was at its worse, it spread. She also put on a great
    deal of weight, so she hasn't been able to enjoy being a teenager like her friends have, as
    she carries the legacy of a 'scientific' medicine, that's so obviously not as scientific as people
    would like to think.

"MITCH BOGUE" September 1, 2001

    i had a "normal" tsh, but yet suffered from many symptoms of hypo. i learned from
    about.com and later my doctor, that there are clinical signs of being hypothyroid. one clinical
    sign is absence of reflexes!! another 1 is fluid build-up in the tissues. yet another 1 is low
    body temperature and slow pulse. another is hair loss(head hair and body hair). here is
    another little-known fact....when your red blood cells appear over-sized and you are not
    anemic, it is an indication of hypothyroidism. long story short...i failed the clinical test. after
    just a couple months on armour, i had 50 percent of my reflexes back, had lost 6 pounds of

   fluid, and have a normal body temperature and pulse. as an added "bonus", my eyebrows
   have begun to fill in....i have no more chronic constipation, i feel like getting up and doing
   something in the morning (versus feeling comatose), and people have actually commented
   that my skin looks "dewy" and healthy (it looked sallow and pale before)….another
   wonderful thing i've noticed is i can actually eat enough food in a day to nourish my body's
   requirements and my weight stays stable. i can remember just months ago reading how
   many servings of protein, fruit and veg, and starch etc. was recommended in a day and
   thinking to myself "yeah, right, if i actually did this i would weigh 300 pounds in 6 months".

"RMD" July 20, 2001

   My TSH is 0.01 and my Free T4 is in the upper quartile and I feel completely well. TSH is
   just a waste of time in setting doses.

"nora" July 8, 2001

   TSH of 2,7 is definitely hypo. I was very very tired at 2,39. He [the doctor] needs to look at
   FT4&3. My FT4 was at the bottom of the reference range.

"Amethyst Ivy" July 2, 2001

   In 1999, I asked for a TSH after more hypo symptoms appeared. My TSH was 2.6 & the
   doctor said I didn't have a thyroid problem. I let it go figuring he was right & that my
   symptoms were just part of getting older.

   In 2000, I was painting my deck & developed chest pain & my left fingers were tingling. This
   lasted a few days, so I made an appt with my doctor. The EKG was normal, so he ordered
   blood work. Luckily, the TSH was there too. (probably by accident) This time my TSH was
   6.8 & I finally got diagnosed.

   I believe that for those of us with most of the symptoms of being hypo, if our TSH is above
   2.5. then something is going on with our thyroid gland. The problem is family doctors only do
   the TSH & nothing more.

"Denise~*" June 24, 2001

   As far as I am concerned, I had hair loss on the top part of my scalp before being diagnosed
   and before starting T4 (Levoxyl brand). Now I am much thicker on top. My meds literature
   said their may be some hair loss, but it would subside. This did stress me out a little since I
   had lost so much to begin with, but now you can't even tell my hair was thin as now I have
   been treated to a TSH of around "1"

"Suchman" May 22, 2001

   In order to feel well my TSH needs to be below .1 in a "normal" range of .4-5.5. When my
   TSH is suppressed like this my Free T3 and Free T4 are in the upper half of the "normal"

   ranges. If my TSH gets over .5 I get symptomatic. I apparently have some kind of a
   conversion (T4 to T3) problem, and in the past I tested for VERY low T3 uptake (uptake
   effects the actual amount of usable hormones in your system).

   During my first pregnancy my crappy endo in PA didn't monitor my thyroid well. He actually
   lowered my synthroid dose and my TSH shot up to 5.3. Needless to say, I felt like crap.
   From my 20th week on I had: severe swelling (including purple hands and feet), high blood
   pressure, NO energy, and severe hair loss. Unfortunately my OB was not experienced
   treating thyroid patients so he basically ignored everything. I gave birth at 34 weeks. It was
   very scary, but everything is ok now.

"Roy Candler" May 11, 2001

   FWIW, the letter from the lab that my GP receives, with the T4/T3/TSH figures on it, has at
   the bottom the words "A TSH of 0.1 is normal for a patient on thyroxine" - or it may have
   said "A TSH of <0.1 . . .", it's hard to read upside down. My thyroid hasn't worked since
   1985, and I've been on the same dosage all the while (150mcg daily). Until a couple of years
   ago, I didn't bother asking for the figures at my checkup, but now I do and the TSH level is
   either 0.1 or even "<0.1". My doc reckons it's OK. So do I.

"Arlyn Grant" May 9, 2001

   I feel best when my TSH is lower than "1". You need to have a full panel run in order to
   figure out what is up with you. If your doctor doesn't understand that, then you need to move

"RMD" May 9, 2001

   My TSH is officially "hyper" but my actual FT4 and FT3 are pretty low. I suspect my TSH
   now might be suppressed with the latest med increase. However, this last med increase has
   made a hell of a difference - at last I have my "normal" physical endurance back! Welcome
   stranger! :)

   My current Doc says he treats how I feel and there is plenty of room in my FT3 and FT4
   figures for an increase in Sodium Thyroxine.

   The fact is some of us need our TSH below 1 and maybe even zero to do well. But if your
   FT4, FT3 figures are still in range then there is no problem. Treating on TSH is not such a
   good idea, though it is a sensitive test for diagnosis.

   I should add I have a family history of dominantly inherited heart problems so they are more
   cautious with me, since it is important I not go hyper. High heart rates and high blood
   pressure might have me belly-up! :)

"Stuart Harris" May 2, 2001

   I barely have enough energy to go to get out of bed if my TSH is over 1.5.


"Mike T." April 20, 2001

   ...the TSH is not nearly as good as the free t4/t3. If my TSH was a 2, my t4/t3 levels would
   be way off and I'd feel just awful. My TSH is currently .5, but the free t4/t3 are balanced in
   the upper third of normal, t3 uptake is about median. So I ignore the TSH and I am currently
   sinus-trouble free.

"ElaineP" April 18, 2001

   I feel best when my TSH is between .35 and .5.

"Denise~*" April 18, 2001

   According to her [Denise's doctor] my symptoms were not enough to be "Hypo" symptoms &
   I was fine at 3.05 TSH, I just needed a RX for my Depression & emotional problems. I also
   had Alopecia & needed to exercise more. That would make me feel better & not sleep so

   Funny how my depression, thin hair, dry skin & emotional problems, and over-sleeping
   problems are all history now that I found Dr Right who keeps my TSH under "1"!

"Nick" March 26, 2001

   I felt a lot better after starting treatment and my TSH was 2.8.

“Mike T." March 2, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?

   anything over a 1 seems to be a problem. When taking Armour, my TSH is suppressed and
   provides no useful information.

"Laura" February 28, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?

   Below 1.0

"C. Scheible" February 28, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?



"PBirger" February 25, 2001

   ...I feel what you are experiencing. If that's any consolation at all. I also had all the
   symptoms of hypo for almost 30 years but only tried to address the worst of them and then
   one at a time because I was afraid to come across like some sort of hypochondriac. Now I
   recognize that the family doc wasn't particular cognizant of why I saw my gyn, the
   dermatologist was only concerned with my skin issues, and the internist didn't yet recognize
   that my tsh of 8 was indeed high enough to indicate a treatable problem. None of them
   communicated with each other - but they each in turn looked for thyroid problems and each
   decided that my tsh, at 8 point something was not in the ballpark for treatment. And of
   course, I had no clue. Then. I am fairly well educated on thyroid issues now. My family
   doctor, at one point (abt. 25 years ago)- when I actually had the nerve to complain that I
   could hardly drag myself out of bed, was miserable and depressed for no reason and could
   not find the energy to do any single thing that wasn't of the highest priority - that foolish,
   cocky physician told me to "get a life" and then prescribed valium for depression. Another
   answered my distress over abdominal bloating and gas being a continuing problem by
   prescribing something containing laudamen or some such thing that I read was considered
   addictive - to relieve what he perceived to be cramping, I guess. Of course, I know now that
   the gas and bloating were from a hypoactive gut that wasn't moving the food through my
   system fast enough and gas formed as a result.

   Sorry about going on and on - Please don't give up until you get help. My tsh seems to be
   best at .1 or less, maybe yours needs to be that low also.

"Wideman" February 24, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?


"Repairman" February 24, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?

   I started feeling more normal under 2, that is skin started to improve & joint pain lessened.
   Sleep apnea went away also.

"Francis Leask Hay" February 24, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?

   Less than 2.

"Lois" February 22, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?

   Just below 1 works best for me.

"Amethyst Ivy" February 21, 2001

   I feel pretty good with my current TSH, so I believe to feel good it should be below 1.5.

"Jerry" February 21, 2001

   a) At what level do you need your TSH to be for you to feel well?

   Definitely around 2.0. When I got down below 1.0, I started getting hyper symptoms.

"Judy Gunnery" February 20, 2001

   i'm good now and my tsh is 1.3

"OLAV AULIBRÅTEN" February 15, 2001

   My doctor also tells me I am normal, but I had so many symptoms at a TSH of 2,39 and a
   very low normal fT4 that I wanted to try anyway. I got thyroxine tablets and had to sign a
   paper relieving the doctor of responsibility if anything should happen to me. Anyway,
   medicines helped at once for the depression and some other symptoms. Still looking for
   exact dose, now on .125 mg seems right to me. Still waiting for brain fog to lift.

"Neville UK" January 14, 2001

   Feeling good with TSH 1.0 or below without T3 is something I found. I felt best at TSH 0.06
   (!) brain fog wise, but stomach had some problems. Moved to 2x5mcg T3 and dropped
   50mcg T4 (down to 125). Brain fog blew away, and stomach slowly recovered.

"StanRocNY" January 13, 2001

   After all the comments I got from the support group, I called my daughters DR again and he
   agreed to try her on 75 micrograms of Levothyrox as a trial. After only 4 days of treatment,
   she is feeling less tired and more like her old self. She is even outside building a snow fort
   with her sister ... a few days ago she refused to play in the snow because she was too tired.

   Background January 8, 2001:

   To make the story short, she was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease. Currently her thyroid
   function tests are normal but she has a high level of thyroid antibodies. We were told
   nothing could be done except to run periodic blood tests so we could start treatment with

   thyroid hormone once her blood tests show she is hypothyroid. My daughter complains of
   throat pain that has been getting worse. She points to her thyroid and says the pain starts
   there then spreads to both sides of her throat. She also frequently complains of feeling tired
   ... doesn't want to do anything. She also says she just doesn't feel good, then she cries. I
   feel helpless!!

"N. Katherine Wolfe" December 19, 2000

   I had hypothyroid symptoms for nearly 10 years, and every TSH test came back in normal
   range. I had a dead-center normal TSH test, and I was so tired I had to lie down on the
   examining table to wait for the doctor. Finally, a naturopath ordered a full thyroid screen (on
   my nickel, of course) - and my actual level of T4 and T3 was incredibly low! Turns out I'm
   just one of the weird hypothyroid people whose TSH is normal.

"Rochelle Mehr" December 15, 2000

   ...for years I was told that I should see a neurologist for the numbness and tingling in my
   hands and feet that I was complaining about. This was actually when I was already on
   Synthroid and my TSH was, I think, in the 1-2 range (or maybe a little above 2). I never did
   see a neurologist and I am only finding out now (I don't want to tell you how many years
   later) that I am another one of those people who needs to have a suppressed TSH to feel
   well. (My endocrinologist finally acknowledged this (not in so many words) yesterday
   because he could see (literally) that I was better after having been sick for so long.

"gaanji" December 9, 2000

   When my TSH was highest/worst for me (2.68), I had a sore throat for a month. My doc said
   it was TMJ, that I was clenching my jaw and it was affecting the muscles on the side of my
   neck. My voice went hoarse when I sang--at first I thought I had nodes on my vocal chords,
   but it wasn't quite like that. When I told my doc about it, he smirked and said, "I'm not talking
   about when you're singing", as if that wasn't a valid complaint. Apparently that didn't fit in
   well enough with the checklist for thyroid problems, which says you should have a hoarse
   voice when you're talking. Anything other than that doesn't count, apparently.

   He is now my ex-doc.

"CDA" December 5, 2000

   My doctor uses a scale of .4 to 4.0. Even so, he knows I don't feel well unless well under

   You don't have to feel miserable just because one doctor doesn't know what he's talking

"Marianna" December 5, 2000

   As a point of interest, I'm not feeling well until my tsh is below 1 so it could take a while for
   the increased dose to have an affect.

"Mary MacTavish" December 3, 2000

   My doctor wants me at below 1, which delights me, because at 2.6 (my last test) I still feel
   tired and a little brain foggy, and still ache in my hands and knees. I'm sad every time I read
   of someone whose doc says, "it's not that bad" and won't treat at 4 or 5, and grateful every
   time my doctor pushes me a little lower -- even if my patience is wearing a bit thin with my
   body :)

"meritime@mhonline.net" December 3, 2000

   Personally, I felt the best last April when my TSH was .9 - just slightly below a 1. For me
   there is a tremendous difference between a 1.16 and that .9 - soo. My current doctor says
   that people do feel better not at the 2 but at the 1 or even lower. My joints stop aching, my
   mind feels clearer -- and -- big bonus: I have exercised for years, with my TSH lower the
   toning finally shows. People keep asking if I have lost weight. No, my efforts are just
   suddenly becoming apparent to the world. So, that even makes me want to exercise more
   as there seems to be more meaning to it.

"Andrea Dawn Martell" November 30, 2000

   When I was diagnosed my TSH was about 10 and by then I was existing off one meal a day
   and sleeping 18 hours a day and flip flopping with tons of insomnia and feeling like a
   zombie. If my TSH hits 4 I start getting sick again. But it's hard convincing a doctor of that
   when the lab range is so wide.

"Mike T." November 23, 2000

   Most people here and current research shows that your TSH should be a 2 or lower. The lab
   ranges are just too wide. I've been taking thyroid meds for a year now and if my TSH was a
   4.5 I would feel like crap.

"LuvARabbit" November 21, 2000

   My doc lets me be suppressed (latest tsh was 0.17 and I was cold with a temp of 97.0 so he
   allowed me to raise my armour dose by 1/16th which will likely bring it back down to around
   0.08 which is where I feel my best). However, the hyper and osteoporosis thing still
   concerns him, so I reminded him last visit that I'd had a bone density test and been told my
   bone density was great...that of a 35 year old, whereas before I was thyroid suppressed I
   was at beginning bone loss (osteopenia). No hyper symptoms either...latest BP was 118/70
   and pulse was 72. If I hadn't found this guy I'd have been up the creek...the other couple of
   docs thought I was just a hypochondriac because my beginning tsh was 3.3.

"Magda" November 19, 2000

   When I was diagnosed, my TSH was 2.5, but the T4 was quite low. Today my TSH is
   undetectable, and the T4 and T3 are just on the upper side of the scale. Any endo would
   scream that I'm hyper, but I'm not...

"Mary MacTavish" November 19, 2000

   My initial TSH reading was only 5 something, and my doctor put me on Synthroid and
   started treatment right away -- he considered it urgent.

   Since then, even on treatment, I've swung between 3 and 15. but with a downward trend.
   My doctor says he won't consider me under control until I'm at 0.5, because my upswings
   will push me higher anyhow, and because of the intensity of my physical symptoms.
   I'd consider "slightly elevated" to be 2.5. I think you need to start treatment now, and if your
   doctor refuses, it's time for another doctor.

"Stuart Harris" November 17, 2000

   For what it's worth my doctor refused to increase my dose past .1 mg even though I still felt
   fatigued because my TSH was down to 2.4. He also wasn't willing to add T3. I went to
   another doctor and then another and now I'm at .132 mg T4 + 15 mcg T3 and feel better
   than I have in years. My TSH is completely suppressed and my current doctor is fine with
   that - seems to be a by product of being on T3 but I don't care...I feel 90% normal and will
   never go back.

"John Riggs" October 30, 2000

   Yup, my TSH stays about 0.026 while my T3 and T4 stay dead on. TSH is NOT what we go
   by any longer, especially since I am on T3/T4 regimen.

"KC" October 28, 2000

   My TSH was <0.03 on 175 mcg T4, but had jumped up to 2.17 on 150 mcg T4 (at that level
   I'm tired and gaining weight). I am trying to convince my doctor to try a T4/T3 combination --
   thinking that the level you are at might work for me as well, since our numbers appear to be

"BL 1204" October 28, 2000

   ...my daughter has to have almost undetectable TSH for her to have T4 and T3 levels that
   are in the middle of normal. Really Dr. Dommisse says get Free T3 in the upper half of the

"Gregory Rice" October 25, 2000

   My endo called me and told me to cut back on my cytomel because my TSH was under 0.01
   . He told me that my free T4 was 1.5 (range = 0.8 - 2.7) and total T3 was 108 (range = 70 -
   205). I asked him why worry about TSH if the T4 and T3 were within the range for the
   "normal" person? I told him that I am finally felling normal after 8 yrs. He kept repeating "the
   standard of care is the TSH value." He told me that my body thinks that the T4 and T3
   values are too high and if I don't cut them back then I will pay for it when I'm older. This
   summer I tried skipping 2 levothyroxin pills per week and I went back into a confusing
   mental fog. I lost my wallet twice in 25 days and I have police reports to prove it!

"CDA" October 22, 2000

   My dosage of levoxyl has been steadily increased. Currently I take 10 mg Tapazole and 150
   mcg levoxyl (actually levethroid because the pharmacy switched on me). As of three weeks
   ago, I no longer feel hypo and my TSH is now 0.86. My T4 is 10.2. My doctor is not
   measuring anything else at this time. He has me at a fairly low TSH because he thinks that
   helps people who have problems with GED. Also, I just don't feel good if it's much higher.

"Nancy N" October 4, 2000

   I start to get hypo symptoms when my TSH starts moving up towards 1.0. I feel best and
   have no hyper symptoms when my TSH is at about 0.13 or less. I do take T3 and T3 in
   combination, which seems to suppress the TSH, so we (my doctor and I) look at Free T3
   and Free T4 levels to determine how I'm doing.

"Paula" September 18, 2000

   I had hypothyroid symptoms at a TSH of 1.8, last spring, and for years before - my TSH
   tests were always "normal" - but apparently that is not normal for *me*. I had a TRH
   stimulation test which was resoundingly positive for hypothyroidism, when my baseline TSH
   was only 2.4 to 2.8.

"CW" September 16, 2000

   For those who have been tracking their TSH numbers for a few years now, at what point on
   the TSH scale does your system balance start to go "out" of whack and you start
   manifesting hypo symptoms such as infections, water retention, constipation, GERD,
   esophagus spasm, sleeping long hours, etc etc. Mine is 1.8 or 2.0....I can go very low, off
   the scale, without hyper symptoms.

"Chet & Lola" September 16, 2000

   I feel lousy, Fatigue again big time, depressed, nails breaking again, swelling and cranky! I
   called endo and he's sending me for blood test. I started on 25mg synthroid in March, went

   to 50 and then 75. I asked what my TSH was 2 months ago and he said it was fine and that
   it was 4 Well fine or not I feel awful and told him so. He said he might boost meds. Uh Duh!
   Sorry so Long and negative but thats how I feel at 4!! Lola

"CW" September 16, 2000

   ...cholesterol levels went high when I was getting hashi/hypo, then resolved when thyroid
   meds brought TSH into range, for me under 2.0. Always had low cholesterol before.

"Stuart Harris" August 23, 2000

   I added T3 and it helped mentally, but physically I was still hitting the wall in the afternoon.
   My TSH was 2.6 and the doctor didn't want to increase my T4 but I bumped it up on my own
   from .1 to .112 and then to .125. (I refilled an old .025 mcg script) I haven't had blood work
   yet but it's been nearly four weeks and so far the afternoon slump has pretty much
   disappeared. Not sure what the doctor's going to say but at this point I don't really care - I
   feel better than I have in years.

"CW" August 22, 2000

   If my TSH gets above 2.0, I get all kinds of bizarre infections I do NOT get otherwise.

"Marie (UK)" August 17, 2000

   The TSH is not always a good indicator of your condition. My latest TSH was 0.1 (under
   normal range) but my doctor still agreed to a trial increase in thyroxine as I was still very
   symptomatic and my Free T4 and Free T3 blood tests were low down in the normal range.

"Marion Thierry (NL)" August 4, 2000

   I know that I'm getting hypo symptoms when TSH is about 2 or higher.
   When TSH was 0,08 a time ago I went hyper.
   When TSH is about 0,2 I feel good.

"AH" August 1, 2000

   everyone is different, and a person with a tsh of 19 can have more symptoms than a person
   with a tsh of 200 - which is why symptoms are more important than numbers in the end. we
   all deserve to be symptom free and must each find our own 'sweet spot'.

   mine is 1.7-2.0 - I am so happy when I am there.

"ElaineP" July 13, 2000

   Mild is such a relative and worthless term. When my TSH is 5.25 I don't feel like I have
   "mild" anything - I can't function.

"LuvARabbit" June 16, 2000

   I've had fibro for close 20 years and have only been treated for Hashi's for the last year.
   Even when I first found out I had it, from my old dr., he didn't want to treat me because my
   tsh was 3.3 and he totally ignored my symptoms and told me to see a shrink. Funny, with a
   new doc and armour thyroid, I'm doing so much better, though not completely cured (at least
   at this point).

"Nick" March 25, 2000

   My wife was permanently cold and sleeping 15 hours a day with a TSH of 4.

"Sonya" March 15, 2000

   My TSH got up to 22 last March after an increase of Synthroid it came down to 2.8 but I still
   had many symptoms. They were extreme fatigue, muscle aches and pains, brain fog, and
   heavy periods. In January of this year I was put on Cytomel in addition to my Synthroid I
   take 25 of Cytomel and 150 of Synthroid most of my symptoms are gone now and my TSH
   is in the 1.0 range now I have recently found out that alot of the muscle problems I am
   having are due to Fibromyalgia. I was very lucky to have a Dr. that treated my symptoms
   and not my labs this is the first time in 13 years that my TSH has ever been below 2. I really
   wish more Dr.'s would listen to their patients and understand what it's like to still have so
   many symptoms.

"VPierce17" March 5, 2000

   I'm really new to this (just diagnosed last week for sure!). My TSH on the first test in late Jan
   was 7.76 and 2 wks later was 9.79. The doc told me that I have Hashimoto's Thyroidism (my
   antibody level is 55.5 if that means anything to anyone?). I've had a feeling that I would
   eventually become hypo, since my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother have all
   had this.... I started feeling lousy just before Christmas. The first doc told me it was stress,
   but did bloodwork as well, which showed the elevated TSH. Anyway, I'm 35 F and my
   symptoms have included:

   feeling cold all the time
   constantly tired (I used to sleep only 5-6 hrs per night, now it's 8-9 to be able to function!)
   Tightness of chest and lower neck
   pressure at bottom of right rib cage (don't know yet if this is thyroid-related or IBS-related)
   depression (doesn't help that my hubby is away at the moment!)
   dry skin
   breaking nails (they used to bend all the time, not break off)
   hair falling out
   low body temp

   difficulty concentrating and/or following thru on thoughts/actions
   tired, gritty eyes
   irregular, crampy periods
   irritability and mood swings
   There, now you all know how I've been falling apart at the seams!!

"ElaineP" March 5, 2000

   During all those years I had periods where I felt better, but I never felt normal. The most
   significant example for this topic is in 1995 I was still feeling awful. Dry skin, cold all the time,
   needed to sleep during the day, depressed. I think I stopped working around that time. My
   doctor told me that my thyroid was under control and that it must be "something else". I
   didn't know much about the tests at the time so I didn't ask about the levels. My mother was
   worried so she offered to pay for an endocrinologist in NY who treated my grandmother from
   way back when. After a physical exam he said "you can't keep raising your Synthroid every
   time you don't feel well" He asked if I ever felt "down". When I told him yes, he said that my
   symptoms were a result of depression and that he would recommend antidepressants. I
   cried in the office and was so upset I couldn't even discuss it with him. (I refused to believe
   that depression was primary and didn't follow through with antidepressants) I did get a copy
   of the results. After being involved on this NG, I looked back at all the lab results that I had
   copies of. My TSH at the time of that visit was 3.6. If I only knew then what I know now!

"JennyAnyDotts" March 5, 2000

   One month ago I was diagnosed hypothyroid with a TSH of 13.8.
   It takes me forever to do simple things like balance a checkbook, make a shopping list, and
   4 hours to do shopping at one Wal-mart supercenter IF I have to take 9 yo and 3 yo boys
   with me.

   - Dry hair
   - Dry skin
   - Grainy eyes, inability to wear my contacts for four years now
   - Peeling nails
   - Confusion/brain fog
   - lack of ability to force concentration on needed tasks
   - almost debilitating fatigue
   - (feel the need to nap on weekends)
   - joint pain
   - headaches
   - have lost only 5 lbs in two months on my doctor's medically augmented (diethylproprion)
   and supervised low-calorie (first) and lower fat (less than 50 gms) diet. Most others lose at
   least 10 lbs first month.
   - depression (crying almost every day, sometimes for hours - I just came off Zoloft for this -
   so far, so good)
   - been feeling down and 'not right' with these symptoms ever since the middle of my
   pregnancy with soon-to-be 4 yo (April 2).
   - hoarse voice

   Have only taken Synthroid one month - not sure how to read dosage - .05?


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