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									                          Split Class Central Times
                                 Ms. Finazzo’s and Mrs. Carlton’s Fourth and Fifth Grade
                            Class website: http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/finazzo

586-465-5545 orFinazzo@mtclemensmontessori.com or Carlton@mtclemensmontessori.com            February 1, 2012

     Fourth Grade Curriculum Information                          Fifth Grade Curriculum Information

Math                                                        Math
 We are continuing work with Graphs. We learned             We have begun Chapter 12 which will discuss
  about line graphs and circle graphs this week.                multiplication and division in Algebra. Lesson 1
  Students are able to read all the information from            deals with Expressions and Equations and lesson 2
  the graphs, as well as interpret information and              deals with Order of Operations.
  create their own graphs.                                     Keep practicing the basic math facts!
 Knowing the basic facts will really help students
  with the lessons in class. Keep working on the            Social Studies
  basic math facts!! Go to our website for a link to         We are moving along in Chapter 4 and continue our
  multiplication facts!!                                      studies about Jamestown. This colony was plagued
                                                              by problems and our students are going to practice
Social Studies                                                their problems solving skills!!
 We completed regions this week. We compared the
   Great Lakes Region to another region through             Book Reports
   research in texts books from the Mt. Clemens Public       The book report for January is Folklore, Fairytale,
   Library. Students wrote a paper comparing the              or Fables. I did send home a book list in case you
   similiarities and differences of the two regions.          needed a title or you may pick one of your own. We
                                                              will be making a playbill and a ticket of the story.
 Reading – 4th/5th Grade                                     Use your imagination!! Please remind your child
We began new reading groups this week. Group one is           that the due date is JANUARY 31. They should
reading Freckle Juice by Judy Blume and groups two and        just about be finished and can turn them in at any
three are reading Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.                       time!
 Freckle Juice: We began the week with a pre-reading
   activity to introduce the book. The students then        Spelling
   worked on contractions, controlled “r” vowels, and        Our Spelling Bee is on January 31. The whole school
   magic squares. Students are looking forward to               is buzzing about it!!
   finding out the secret family freckle recipe.               Students will get Unit 16 on Monday be tested on
 Hoot:                                                         Friday.

                                                            Grammar – 4th/5th Grade
                                                             We worked with subject/verb agreement and
                                                              present, past, and future verbs this week.
Language Arts – 4th/5th Grade
Students cannot wait to find out if Ivan and September      Morning Work – 4th/5th Grade
can fool their neighbor into thinking that an old pair of    Students are working on various skills for morning
overalls filled with sawdust is their father!! They had         work. These assignments may be new concepts, as
better hope that the fog doesn’t lift!! We worked with          well as review material. This is used as personal
Double Journal Entries this week. We also completed a           assessment for life skills and may not always be
Venn Diagram that will help students compare and                graded.
contrast how Ivan and September feel about the town.
 Book Reports                                              SCIENCE NEWS– Check out Mrs. Bowling’s website
 February: This month we will be working with              @myteacherpages.com/webpages/Mbowling.
   biographies. The project will culminate on March 16 th
   with the Wax Museum. The book read this month will       Message Fun
   be the person that your student portrays in the wax      Rewrite each sentence with the verb that agrees with
   museum. A report, timeline, portrait, and oral           the underlined subject. Turn it into the message fun
   presentation will be required. Instructions with         bin for 2 tickets!!
   project deadlines were sent home this week.
                                                            We (run, runs) together in the field.
 Spelling
                                                            It (bring, brings) joy into your life.
 Remember:
 Students will receive Unit 17 on Monday and take the
   test on Friday.                                          Important Dates
                                                            Jan. 23 – Feb. 3 – Open Enrollment for Elementary
PLANNER – 4th/5th Grade                                     Feb. 22 – Open House – invite your friends and
                                                                      Family – 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
 Students will be filling out their planner each day.
   Parents, please make sure that you are signing the
                                                             Dismissal time is now 3:30 p.m. Please be in line
   planner each night and checking that all homework
                                                                by 3:30 to pick up your child. THANK YOU!!
   is completed. Students are doing a nice job with this
   responsibility. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

                                                            WE ARE IN NEED OF:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Grant
                                                             Store Donations
Students are enjoying the new equipment we received
                                                             Glue Sticks
through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Grant during physical
                                                             Clorox Wipes
education class. In our classroom we will be implementing
lessons this year that keep the students moving called      REMINDER: Keep collecting pennies, box tops, and
“Fit Bits”. We will also teach students about healthier
                                                            Campbell’s labels for the contests this year!!
food choices.

NUTRITION TIP: Kids need to eat 1-2 cups of fruit a
day. You can add apple or pear slices to any sandwich.       Please visit our website for pictures from our
Blueberries or strawberries are good in roll-ups, too!        classroom!! If you click to enlarge the picture,
                                                              you may watch the slideshows!

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