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									            DISTRICT 20 CONFERENCE
                                     MARCH           2011

The time has arrived for our Annual District 20 Conference, May 20, 21 and 22, 2011. Grand
Rapids has chosen to hold the conference in Holland, MI. This gives all attendees the
opportunity to see the Tulips and other festive sites. What an opportunity!
Lt. Governor Kathy and I will be streamlining the Saturday session and are striving to adjourn
early afternoon so you may enjoy the area. The International Representative, Quota International
Treasurer Laura Lee Lahman, will be sharing the news from QI as well as an update on, her
passion, Junior Clubs. Past Central Area Director and Iosco County member, Brenda Chadwick,
will provide a power point and report on the Listening Tour 2011. Past Central Area Director
and Flint member, Connie Rau, will present a requested panel discussion on Membership,
Recruitment and Retention and Julie Pioch, Michigan Extension Service and President of the
Kalamazoo Parliamentary Law Unit, will engage us, in a fun way, with a question and answer
Our meal events are: Saturday’s buffet luncheon will honor all Past District 20 Governors. They
will have their traditional Governor’s collection where the monies are designated to a Club to
Club Project of their choice; Saturday’s evening banquet will honor the 2010-2011 District 20
Club Quotarian’s of the Year choices and Sunday’s brunch the District 20 Volunteers of the
There will be an area for Club and QI sales and we plan on allowing lots of shopping time.
District 20 will, once again, sponsor a coffee break at the 2012 Quota International Convention.
To raise the cost, I am asking each club to bring a basket of treasurers/goodies for auction. The
basket can be a theme of your choice. The sponsorship of one of the coffee breaks at the
Vancouver Convention by District 20 was truly appreciated and we were acknowledged with a
sign as well as from the podium. District 20 has and will continue to be one of the leading
Districts in Quota Land.
In the next two District Newsletters, the District Conference and Standing Rules will be
published. The District President’s reports, Committee reports and other pertinent District and
International information will also be published allowing each District member to be updated on
the District and International business.
District 20 is extremely grateful to Brenda Chadwick for arranging the Listening Tour to include
all six of our clubs. What a privilege to have Quota International President Gwenn in our midst
for a visit. Each member had the opportunity to personally meet Gwenn and socialize with her.
Thank you Brenda for all the time and energy it took to schedule that opportunity.
Marilyn Doyle has also stepped up to the forefront and would like to arrange a bus trip to
Washington, D.C. She is willing to chair this trip and would like to have input from our District
Members. Family and friends would be able to attend also. No firm date has been set as she
would like to hear from members with their ideas. Please respond to Marilyn at:
           20th DISTRICT CONFERENCE RULES - May 2011
RULE 1.      Badges shall be identification for admission to all business sessions of the Conference.

RULE 2.      Delegates shall be seated in the area designated for DELEGATES.

RULE 3.       Only duly accredited delegates may vote. If a delegate is unable to attend and vote the
             elected alternate becomes the delegate.

RULE 4.      When a delegate is unable to attend a meeting of the Conference, the delegate
             shall obtain approval from the Credentials Committee to transfer their badge to
             the designated alternate, who then becomes the delegate. If a delegate is
             unavailable to fill said position a Past District 20 Governor will become said
             delegate. The Credentials Committee shall issue the proper badge when such a
             transfer is made.

RULE 5.      A member speaking from the floor shall give their name in full with the name of their

RULE 6.      No member shall speak longer then three (3) minutes or more than twice on the same

RULE 7.     Motions presented from the floor shall be in writing.

RULE 8.      Debate shall be germane to the question (Parliamentary Law).

RULE 9.      Any changes to Standing Rules that need to be voted on be printed out to add to the
             Conference Book

RULE 10      The Parliamentarian shall interpret the law and in controversy shall make the final
             decision on the parliamentary procedure.

RULE 11.     Recommendations and Resolutions shall be referred to the Committee on Resolutions no
             later than 10 hours prior to the close of the Conference.

RULE 12.    All Resolutions shall be in writing, signed by the maker and the person seconding.

RULE 13.     Within sixty days after the close of a district conference, the district governor in office at
             the time of the conference shall submit a full report including financial reports, governors
             reports, budgets and the official minutes of said conference. Said document to be signed
             by the governor, lt. Governor and secretary-treasurer in office during the conference and
             transmitting copies to the International Quota President, the executive director, the area
             director and each club president of the district

RULE 14.     Within sixty days after the close of the District 20 conference, the official minutes
             of said conference are to be approved, with corrections, by two past District 20
             governors, in attendance at conference, appointed by the Lt. Governor in office at
             the time of said conference.
                                                                          As amended 4/10
            Report of Quota International District 20 Governor
                              Betty Weston
Governors Report:

As I have always said and continue to say “District 20 is the BEST”.

My last year as your Governor has been full and extremely rewarding. The Club visits renewed
friendships and gratification in fulfilling my duties. The DVD’s of the International Vancouver
Convention, the International publicity DVD’s, Club to Club DVD’s and our “Walk to End the
Silence” were well received. Thank you to everyone for your patience in my stumbling with
new equipment. I was disappointed I missed one of our clubs due to conflicts.

District 20’s year was full of bounty. Each club succeeded in fundraising, generous donations,
recruitment and spreading awareness of Quota throughout Michigan. Quota Cares Month was
successful and received an International award for one of our clubs and we now have our first
Junior Club.

Our Second “Walk to End the Silence” was again extremely successful. Each club embraced the
idea and adapted it to their club. The unity of our District shows. I thank you for the support.

I attended the International Vancouver Convention and had the opportunity to mingle with other
Governors, receive training and enjoy the fellowship of the many world wide members I have

Our District 20 Newsletter continued to be published each month and bring you up to date
information of our District plus International news. Thank you to our editors for their tireless
effort to publish in a timely fashion and provide our clubs with up to date information.

With the help of many District 20 Quotarians the planning for our 65h District Conference is
underway. We are privileged to have as our guest, Quota International Treasurer Laura Lee

My deep appreciation to Lt. Governor Kathleen for her continued support, for traveling with me
and my bunk bed, which was always available. To all the District 20 members I have worked
with, visited with, laughed with, cried with, and my Kalamazoo Club members, may I say a BIG
THANK YOU also. All of you have made the last two years a rewarding experience!

District 20 is in good hands with the six presidents, six vice presidents and our new Governor.
They will carry the torch of Quota and continue in having our District be a leader!

I will continue to serve my Club, our District, our Area and International in any way I am asked.


Betty Weston
         Report of Quota International District 20 Lt. Governor
                             Kathleen Holt

My second year of training for Governor is almost finished. I know from my years in Quota,
District 20 clubs are a great support system. I look forward to the challenges of the next two

I enjoyed the club visits I was able to attend with Betty. It is always interesting to see the
different slants each club has on the same procedures. Betty had great power point presentations
but I’m not that technology inclined so will have to try a different approach!

The Flint Club participated in the Walk to End the Silence. I was the chair person and believe we
had the worst weather of any club that day! We actually got 8 members and two dogs to brave
the rain and cold. We accepted donations and again made $500 for service.

Wasn’t District Conference the greatest? OK I’m from the Flint Club. The turn out was great and
I felt I not only gained good information, but had fun. I’m sure with that being such a gung ho
club we can expect great things from the Grand Rapids Conference this spring.

One of the high lights this year was District 20’s participation in the President’s Listening Tour.
It was wonderful to have so many members meet the International President. She is such a great
example of what Quota is all about. She and Brenda (her chauffer) spent the night at my home,
so I also got to see what a nice person she is.

                      I’m looking forward to all of us making a difference in
                                       The next two years

                                         Yours in Quota
                                   Kathleen Holt Lt. Governor
                                       Quota International District 20
                                       Minutes, District Conference
                                         64 Annual Conference
                                         Frankenmuth, Michigan

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 9:03 am by Governor Betty Weston.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

“God Bless America” sung by Michelle Hayes daughter of Quotarian Kathy More, Flint and signed by
Daryl Perrine, Past International President, Wooster, Ohio

Adele Karas, President, QI Flint introduced District 20 Officers Betty Weston, Governor, Kathy Holt, Lt.
Governor, Rebecca Roth, Secretary/Treasurer, Carolyn Stubbs, District Parliamentarian, and International
Representative Gwenn Jackson, QI President Elect

Introduction of guest speaker by Kathy Holt, Lt.Governor, Flint

Guest speaker Susan Schneberger, Past Central Area Director, Flint – “Understanding the Big Quota

Betty Weston apologized that skipped Welcome. Welcome by Carolyn Boegner, Conference Committee
Chairperson, Flint

Introduction of first time attendees

Credentials Report given by Kathy Holt, Flint: 1 District Governor, 1 District Lt. Governor, 1 District
Secretary/Treasurer, 1 International Board Member, 2 Past International Presidents, 12 Club Delegates,
16 Voting Delegates, 31 non-voting members and guests and 47 total attendance.

Presentation of Program: Carolyn Boegner, Committee Chairperson stated changes in program.
Motion made to accept changes to program by Betty Weston and accepted

District Standing Rules Committee Report - Motion by Kristi Hazard, Port Huron, chair to accept rules
without reading - accepted

Minutes Review Committee – Maureen Martin & Kathleen Slagal committee reviewed and in order

Nominating committee report by Kathleen Slagal, Grand Rapids. Candidates are Governor Betty
Weston and Lt. Governor Kathy Holt. No nominations from floor for Governor or Lt. Governor. Betty
Weston declared Governor and Lt. Governor Kathy Holt with no opposition from floor.

International Presentation by Gwenn Jackson, President Elect, Monroe, LA
     Honored Betty Weston with thank you, certificate and President Rosemary’s beads
     Thank you with beads to Carolyn Boegner, Committee Chairperson and Brenda Chadwick,
        chauffer extraordinaire, June Dangar, Australia
     Convention important b/c about “you”
     Other opportunity in Quota is to SHOP – international items for sale

Betty Weston nominates Kathleen Slagal as Chair of Nominating Committee. Nominations for committee
Susan Schneberger, Flint, Brenda Chadwick, Iosco County and Cathleen Kaiser, Grand Rapids. Susan
Schneberger stepped down and asked to be removed from nominations. Brenda Chadwick and Cathleen
Kaiser accepted nominations to nominating committee.
    Standing Committee Reports:

    Audit Committee Report presented by Wilma Lemcool, Traverse City, Chair Audit Committee reports that
    finances in excellent condition (written report). No objection, auditors report accepted.

    Budget Committee Report presented by Rebecca Roth, Sec/Treas. – Motion to accept as proposed and passed.

    District 20 Standing Rules Committee – no changes from Kristi Hazard, Port Huron, Chair

    International Resolutions and Bylaws presented by Patti Schaap, Traverse City, Chair.
            District 20 will be co-sponsoring By Law Change with Quota International regarding “sufficient meetings
    will be held to conduct the business of the club.”

    Lunch - honoring past District Governors.

    Lunch speaker Gwenn Jackson introduced by Carolyn Stubbs. Topic “Update on Cancer Screening”

    Past District Governors club to club collection – QI of Talisay, the Phillipines - $200

    International Presentation – “Creating the Quota of Tomorrow” – Gwenn Jackson

    Break Out Sessions

    Session #1 – moved to Sunday Meeting

    Session #2
    Social Media – Twitter/Blogs/Facebook and Quota International Web Site
    Membership and Retention
    Networking & Leadership Skills
    Grant Writing
    Programs and Ceremonies

    Discussion on “Redesigning District 20 Conference” lead by Susan Schneberger. Results to be announced at
    Sunday meeting.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm by Betty Weston.

    Mistress of Ceremonies – Kathleen Slagal, Past District 20 Governor and Member QI of Grand Rapids
    Honoring “2009 – 2010 Club Quotarians of the Year”
    Keynote Speak Daryl Perrine, Past International President, Wooster, OH
    Installation of Officers ceremony performed by Gwenn Jackson
    District 20 Awards:
              Helen David Award                                   Outstanding Service Project
              Kathryn Homan Award 2010- Carolyn Boegner 2009 Rebecca Roth
              Dedication to Quota
              Vivian Ingram Award Shannon MacGillivray                    New Member’s Leadership
              Betty Hollingsworth Award          Judi Maki                District Contribution
              Jane Peth Award Cathy Kaiser                                Individual who is steadfast & caring toward
                                                                   members and community
              2009-2010 District Quotarian of the Year    Jeanne Clark    Dedication to Quota
              Daily PlanetJackie Scott & Ramona Sain                      Participation in Communications

    Sunday, May 16, 2010
    Morning Brunch was enjoyed.

    Honored Club “Volunteers of the Year” for 2009-2010

    Betty Weston introduced guest speaker June Dangar, Past District 24 Governor, Armidale, NSW, Auatralia – “How
    Volunteering Impacts You and Me”

    Meeting reconvenes at 9:38 am by Betty Weston.
Celebration of Life - Jan Stretlien, Traverse City

Raffle of Club Baskets – auctioneer Susan Schneberger – money for International Convention coffee break
         Traverse City basket - $135.00
         Grand Rapids basket - $60.00
         Kalamazoo basket - $70.00
         Iosco County basket - $220.00
         Deborah Davis (record) - $225.00
         Port Huron basket - $65.00
         Flint basket - $100.00

         Total raised $875.00
         Paid remaining $258.00 for 2010 International Convention Coffee Break
         Excess $617.00 – Motion to donate money to Quota International by Susan Schneberger – Motion passed

Invitation to 65th District 20 Conference at Grand Rapids, MI in May 2011.

Special auction from QI Officers to raise money for QI – prize is 10 tickets for dinner, carriage ride and tour of
Bronner’s Christmas Store in Frankenmuth, MI with option to stay at Kathy Holt’s house – price set at $75.00 per
ticket – raised total $750.00

Total to QI - $1367.00

Presentation by Laura Loeffler, Iosco County – Quota Cares Months

Presentation of District 20 Awards presented by Shelley Warwick, Port Huron & Rebecca Roth, Port Huron

Mileage Award: Traverse City

Intrepid Award: Cherie Horning, Kalamazoo, MI

Accepting Charitable Donations by Adele Karas, Flint and Carolyn Stubbs, Flint

Training Session # 1
President/Vice President
Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs

Results of District Conference survey reported – presented by Susan Schneberger, Flint

Questions for President Elect Gwenn Jackson, Monroe, LA

Closing remarks by Governor Betty Weston

Walk to End the Silence scheduled September 26, 2010

Club raffles were awarded.

Quota Collect was done.

Meeting adjourned at 12:57 pm

Rebecca Roth
District Secretary/Treasurer

approved with corrections B.Chadwick, Iosco Co
                              A LAUGH IS ALWAYS GOOD

A minister was completing a temperance sermon. With great emphasis he said, 'If I had all the beer in the
                               world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'
 With even greater emphasis he said, 'And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the
 And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he said, 'And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it
                                         and pour it into the river.'
                                      Sermon complete, he sat down..
                         The song leader stood very cautiously and announced
                                       With a smile, nearly laughing,

             'For our closing song, Let us sing Hymn #365, 'Shall We Gather at the River.'

Dubuque, Iowa
September 23-25, 2011

Hotel Julien, Dubuque
$119.00 Double room
A new logo! As seen above, you can use it on publication!

Did you see all the PR materials available to you on our new website? If not, you have to check
it out! You can take full advantage of the different media releases that International has provided
for your club. There is something there for every occasion.

The Quotarian magazine is outstanding as always. Isn’t the photo contest winner simply heart
touching? The articles are interesting, entertaining and informative. Don’t forget the member
who doesn’t have a computer and print a copy for her. She will love you for thinking of her and
sharing! After all, that is what we do even for one another.

               Then there is our International President Gwenn! You just never know where in
                 the world she is today or going tomorrow! All the possibilities in our Quota
                  world is keeping her very busy, But you can keep up with her travels on her
                  blog. You will find her travel adventures on our new website.
                District 6 was very excited and pleased to host the first Listening Tour for
              Governor Gwenn. Congratulations Central Area! We hosted President Gwenn for
many successful Listening Tours.

Are you All Aboard for the journey to attend your District conference! There will be many great
ideas to learn this year! International has several new ideas to share with you, and many ideas
from our District clubs to share. Governors are All Aboard to share the very best of their District.
Did you know that you are welcomed to visit and participate in other District Conferences and
Area Meetings? Well you are!

All Aboard for Central Area Meeting! Dubuque, Iowa. September 23, 24, 25, 2011. Reservation
forms will be sent later in the year. You can find hotel and area information on the Quota
International website and on Quota International Central Area facebook. If you need more info
please contact me. I invite you to get All Aboard for Central Area Meeting. Don’t miss this
Quota adventure, you won’t be sorry!

Woooohoooooo…..We have our first JQ club in Central Area!! Port Huron, District 20 President
Shelly Warwick delivered the possibility! Thank you Shelly!! Get on Board and look at the
possibilities of a JQ Club. It only takes one member with a young daughter, granddaughter,
niece, student, neighbor in her life and you have a beginning! What a perfect way to share Quota.
It’s our future! I would be glad to share information with anyone who would like to begin a new
JQ club. It is sooooo easy to do!

There is a new club possibility being worked on in Des Moines, Iowa! District 7 Governor
Marcia Whiteford, Cedar Rapids President Ramona Baldyga, Cletis Sloan, Waterloo President
Chris Lorenz, Eileen Gunderson and other members are On Board to make it happen! You too
can have some fun, and get your club On Board and give Quota a delivery! A new club can help
your club, even if you feel your club is struggling to get members.

Ballots are being mailed out the middle of March for International Elections.

No return ballot? Don’t think your vote matters? Don’t let that be you! Every vote
counts and I am counting on you!

Please remember to mail in your completed ballot before the May 15th
deadline! I need your vote returned to QI to win the election.

I appreciate each and every one of you who has expressed their support in my
endeavor for Quota International Treasurer.
Remember to MAKE IT MORTON!

All Aboard means just that. We need every Quotarian to do their part to make
Quota grow, grow, grow!

Talk about Quota at different places you attend. Look and listen for the opening to tell someone
about Quota and its great opportunities to help their communities and the world. The opportunity
is there, you just need to reach out and grab it! Keep a couple of “Healthy Hearing” earplugs
handy to give out. It has the info they need to find out more about Quota printed on the label. It’s
a real forget me not! The “Healthy Hearing” campaign has expanded and offers new
suggestions to use the earplugs. Check website or, give me a call!

Make sure you are “On Board” the Quota Express. Attend your district conference, and I will
see you in Dubuque. Don’t be left behind! Take the action and look into possibilities, they can

I’m wishing all of you a successful conference experience full of sharing and fun! Enjoy!

It will take all of us to be All Aboard to make us thrive in the future. I know that Quota can count
on you. Quotarians always get’er done!
Everyone take care!

Thank you Governors for being On Board with me this year!
Our journey continues!

Yours in Quota,

Central Area Director
Linda Morton
facebook: Quota International Central Area
facebook: Linda Morton for Quota International Treasurer

Wonderful news! I am pleased to announce that Quota International of Oroville, California
(District 36, West Area) is slated to charter on Monday, March 21, 2011, with an anticipated 21
members. The March 21 chartering will be an informal, but, official event with a more formal
chartering party on Friday, June 24, the night before the District 36 Conference begins. West
Area Director Vicki Conable will be the international representative conducting the formal
chartering at the June 24 event. Letters of congratulations and thanks may be sent to the Club
Organizer and Charter President now, or in the coming weeks, closer to their formal chartering
date. Please join me in welcoming our newest club to Quota!
Club Organizer :Pamela Scott District 36 Secretary/Treasurer Quota International of Gridley
3216 Dos Rios Rd Biggs, CA 95917 Email:
Charter President: Melody Giles, President Quota International of Oroville
1255 3rd Avenue Oroville, CA 95965 Email:

Forms received by April 15 will be included in the judging for our 2011 Quota Cares Month
Competition, which honors top projects planned this year. More information is located on-line at Click the “Quota Cares Month” link under We Share Foundation,

Quotarians Responds to Australia Flood Disaster
We have had an amazing response to our appeal for relief donations after the devastating
Queensland floods in December and January. We are proud to report that Aus.$53,451 has been
donated by Quotarians from around the world and Aus.$17,000 has already been distributed.
Your contributions are being used specifically to assist special education schools and centers for
the disabled that were completely inundated—they have lost teaching resources, library books,
musical instruments, sporting equipment, and more. The special needs children who attend these
schools require specific equipment and resources for their education, which is often expensive
and specialized. South Pacific Area Liaison Beris Pritchard is working with the Education
Coordinator for Special Schools throughout Queensland, and we thank her for the speedy
delivery of funds to the schools, so they can get operating as quickly as possible. A full 100% of
your donations are going straight to the schools. Thank you for your support made in true Quota

 What’s New on the Web?

Our new Next Gen Club Guide offers guidelines on organizing a club or branch that appeals to young
adults/young professionals. To view or print the new guide, go to and click “Organize a
Club,” then “Next Gen Club Guide,”

Our Creating the Quota of Tomorrow semi-annual status report has been added to the strategic initiatives
section of our Web site. To read about accomplishments and expenditures thus far in our three-year plan
for Quota’s future, go to the About Quota tab on and click “Strategic Initiatives,” then
“Creating the Quota of Tomorrow —February 2011 Semi-Annual Status Report,”

Explore Quota’s New Web Site

This month we celebrated the organization’s 92nd birthday month with the unveiling of Quota’s
brand new Web site AND the publication of the inaugural issue of the new online The
Quotarian magazine. We hope you have logged on to to see Quota’s new, more
contemporary look and take advantage of the many wonderful innovative features the site offers.

our new video, “Change the World?” It showcases Quota service and is set to Carrie
Underwoods’ hit song, “Change the World,” and you can request a FREE copy to show at
recruitment and community education events.

Dear Fellow Quotarians,


 Hi! My name is Karen Murphy, and I am proud to offer my candidacy to you as your 2011-
2012 Quota International Treasurer. Who am I? I’m a wife, a mother, a Pharmacist, a
business owner, and a 15-year Quotarian. As a Quotarian, I want what you want – to be part of a
welcoming, friendly group in my own home town. To be making a difference with service in my
own home town. To be networking with Quotarians from right across the Quota world. And, to
grow Quota! In Quota, I firmly believe that we need to get our maths just right. What is the
magic formula? Quota Service + Quota Growth = Quota’s Future So, what is my Quota
service record? As Governor, I started “QuoCKa Reading”, that’s Quota, Cops and Kids,
Reading Together. This program is easy to start (I’ve even written the manual with “Steps to
Success” in it!), and it is heart-warming for all concerned. Our Quota members love it. The
Police love it. The teachers and librarians love it. And, most importantly, the children love it!
Email me for further details, and a manual to start this in your club.
As our club World Service Chair, I started the World Service Ambassador of the Year
program. This is a speech competition for high school students – they research OUR Quota Club-
to-Club projects (on our website), prepare a speech about their favourite project, and present this
speech on the day of judging. Prize monies awarded are given to the Quota project they spoke
about! That’s a Quota gift that gives twice! Please email me for further details on this too! And,
in our club, this Quota Service has led directly to Quota Growth! The students from this
program are the ones who wanted to do more in Quota, to help others, and they started the first
JQ club in the South Pacific Area. And, this is part of our Quota Future! Just this week, we
have started our second JQ Club – and they are going to do “QuoCKa Reading” with a local
primary school! My email contact is or
Our South Pacific Area website also has some service examples
What is my Quota Growth record? I have always been passionate about Development and
Growth – within our own clubs, and also in developing new clubs. Whilst I was Lt Governor of
District 30, I held two “Development and Growth Forums”, and developed resource manuals for
clubs to use. As Governor, I was proud to welcome two new branches (North Lakes and
Logan), and two new Quota clubs (QI Robina and QI North Lakes) to our District. As South
Pacific Area Director, I am proud to have welcomed four new branches (Ingham, Gen Y GC,
Townsville Silver Q, and Jimboomba’s Circle), and two new Quota clubs (QI Mackay’s Rural
North and QI Caloundra), and the work is not stopping there – further new branch and club
organisation is progressing right across the South Pacific Area! I started monthly hearing
testing sessions in the Pharmacy, and these were so successful, Australian Hearing then set up a
complete office in town.

Why should you vote for me? I have the credentials for the job. I am a proven Quota leader.
As a Pharmacist, I am professional, educated, and caring. As a business owner, I am goal-
driven, undertake responsible management, look for growth and marketing opportunities, and
have extensive financial experience. My Board of Directors experiences include management of
$millions of funds, ability to work as a team, and successfully planning for the future. As a
Quotarian, I am positive, progressive and passionate – I am confident to travel across the Quota
world visiting our Club-to-Club projects and members, and I have a Quota vision, which I’d like
to turn into action! My vision is to have Quota clubs in every city, suburb and town – offering
the gift of Quota to all! With strong, forward-thinking leadership, and prudent use of resources,
now is the time to expand our Quota service programs into new communities. We need to
harness the unique strengths of Quota – providing mentoring, encouragement, and friendship
throughout our membership, to lead us forward – to increase the average number of members per
club, and to charter new clubs. Together, we can grow Quota – this is the key to our future
viability! Together, let’s “put our hearts into Quota, and put Quota in our hearts!” I have
the passion for all-things Quota: Quota service, Quota growth, and I have Quota’s future in my
heart. I offer you my candidacy and my skills. I ask for your vote. Your friend in Quota
service, Karen
Overall Management of Quota International Operations / Governance /
Finances / Programs

      Kathleen Treiber, CAE—Executive Director (

Jewelry and Publication Orders / Finances /
Office Management

      Yamileé Theophile—Operations and Programs Manager


      Christy Herz—Foundation and Convention Manager (
      Kristen Cowen—Membership Coordinator

District Leader Services

      Nancy Fitzpatrick—Deputy Executive Director (

Member and Club Services, Dues, and Records / New Club
Organization / Database Management

      Kristen Cowen—Membership Coordinator

Publications / Web Sites / E-communications

      Nancy Fitzpatrick—Managing Editor and Writer (
      Carol Crandall—Graphic and Web Designer

We Share Foundation / International Service Programs

      Nancy Fitzpatrick—Deputy Executive Director (
      Christy Herz—Foundation and Convention Manager (
      Yamileé Theophile—Operations and Programs Manager

Friend of Quota Program / Founders Program / We Share Foundation
Benefactors Program / Stepping Stones Program

      Kristen Cowen—Membership Coordinator (
Fill in the form on your computer by tabbing between cells and filling in the cells.
Address                                                           City                                     Zip
Email Address                                             Club Name
Phone : Home                                                      Cell                                    Work
Guest Name
I will share a room with                                                        Each attendee must complete a registration form.

Your Quota role:           International Officer                     District Officer                  Club President
 those that apply              Delegate                                 Alternate                       First Timer

                                                                                                                        COST SUMMARY
 REGISTRATION FEE:                   Before May 1st           $55.00                 After May 1st         60.00
                                                                                        (determined by post mark)

       Friday Fun Night:                  I will attend                         I will not attend
  Friday dinner on your own.        Join us for the Red Carpet Celebrity Tour on Friday for a fantastic Fun Night at 7:00 PM.
       Saturday Continental Breakfast                        Cost is included in your registration fee.
                              Breakfast selection    Danish, muffins, fresh fruit, assorted juices, coffee & tea

                             Saturday Lunch                       $15.00         Guest lunch              $15.00
                                 Lunch selection:    Deli buffet with meat, breads, salads, soft drinks & cookies

                           Saturday Banquet                       $32.00        Guest dinner              $32.00
                                  Buffet includes:   Apple-stuffed pork loin and salmon with dill sauce

                 Sunday Breakfast Buffet                          $18.00        Guest buffet              $18.00
                                  Buffet includes: Eggs. potatoes, meat, cereal, fruit, pastries, juices, coffee & tea

                                                                           Registration and Meals TOTAL COST:

 Please note any special dietary needs:

              Complete this form and make checks payable to Quota International of Grand Rapids.
                Mail to:           Sarah Glover                    254 Dyken Drive                       Holland, MI 49424

Registration / Check-in Table will be available from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Friday and at 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM on Saturday.

Hotel Reservations are to be made directly with DoubleTree Hotel as early as possible.
   Rate: $89.00 with 2 queen beds* A block of rooms for Quota is available, mention group code QDC
    Telephone: (616) 394-0111                  (800) 222-8733
                                                             th        650 East 24 Street       Holland, MI 49423
                    *Please note there are no cots or roll-away beds; MI law prohibits the use of them.

                           Questions           Call Sarah Glover at 616 994-6075 or email

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