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									                                         NEWS RELEASE
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                            CONTACT: Jeanie Kahnke
February 9, 2004                                  Telephone: (502) 584-9254

        Muhammad Ali Center Announces Exclusive New Product Line

    Louisville, KY (February 9, 2004) — The Muhammad Ali Center, now in
development in Ali’s hometown of Louisville — has just launched “The Ali Center
Collection”, the organization’s exclusive new product line. The Collection is
available online at

    In addition, shoppers can find this merchandise in local retail stores: (in
Louisville): A Taste of Kentucky, in the Mall on Shelbyville Road and in Village
Square in Middletown; and in Paradies Shop at Louisville’s International Airport;
and at Berea Crafts in the Galt House.

    These “state-of-the-heart” products were developed to reflect the values and
ideals embraced by the Ali Center, and inspired by Muhammad Ali. Michael J.
Fox, President and CEO of the Muhammad Ali Center says, “We hope to continue
building on the selection of this exclusive product line to further enhance the
richness and diversity of the Ali Center Collection.”

    The Collection features an assortment of products that include t-shirts,
sweatshirts, hats, outerwear, jewelry, and other memorabilia. The merchandise is
modeled by Ali Center’s Youth Council — a group of about 20 area teens who
offer their perspectives on the development of the Center’s visitor experience and
planned programming.
    In an effort to maximize its online marketing of the Ali Center Collection, the
organization is being provided assistance from 9Second Technologies, whose
charitable works align with the Ali Center’s mission. Michael Fox says, “We are
grateful for the company’s assistance, particularly because helping children reach
their full potentials and in raising awareness of diversity are both significant goals
of the Muhammad Ali Center.”

    The Muhammad Ali Center, opening in early 2005, is an international cultural
and educational institution that preserves and shares the legacy of Muhammad Ali.
The Center will draw on non-traditional museum experiences, interactive
technology, partnering institutions, and most importantly, the ideals of Muhammad
Ali, in order to make a positive difference in the world by inspiring personal
growth and respect for our shared humanity.


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