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									   Pine Ridge Golf Club- Tee Topics
   Visit us on the Web at                                                                          December 1999

Visit PRGC Online!                                                        Pine Ridge Golf Club
Accessing PRGC Online is quick and easy!                                  Establishes Online
Joe Crossney
Tee Topics Editor                                                brings our club into the next millennium!
Visiting our web site is quick and easy. Open your
                                                                          Joe Crossney
Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer software. At                      Tee Topics Editor
the top of the screen, there should be a space for a URL
                                                                          Pine Ridge Golf Club entered a new era on November
( for example.) Clear the contents                          th
                                                                          11 , 1999 when PRGC Online was established on the
of the URL (location) and type, then hit the
                                                                          Internet. Pine Ridge Golf Club now has an official web
enter key. It’s that simple!
If you don’t have a computer, go to a library, friend’s
                                                                          Simply type into the URL (location) box
house, Erol’s kiosk at the mall, or any computer that has
                                                                          on your Netscape or Internet Explorer software. You will
Internet access. Then follow the steps above.
                                                                          be taken to our interactive site. We have many exciting
                                                                          features online, with more to come:

                                                                          Sports Scores- View up to the minute sports scores
                                                                          with the PRGC Sports Ticker, with a link to PRGC
                                                                          Online’s full sports coverage. We cover NBA, NFL,
                                                                          College Basketball, and a lot more. We offer
                                                                          coverage on par with or!

                                                                          News- Of course, we have PGA and PRGC news
PRGC BOARD                                                                updated weekly.

                                                                          PRGC for 2000- Our tournament schedule for next year
Officers                      Directors                                   will be posted here when finalized. We have a lot of
Randy Smith- President        Roger Dankert       Andy Gorelick           exciting tournaments planned for next year; both home
Brad Riedle- Vice President   Mark Diglio         Bill Gosnell            and away.
Rene Rosenthal- Treasurer     Mike DeAgro         Jerry Humphrey
George Treuting-              Jerry Dobbyn        Joe Kelly               Pictures- Pictures of our tournaments will be available
Recording Secretary           Chris Drussell      Hudson Myers III        on this page. We already have just a few pictures from
Joe Crossney- Tee Topics      Sal Ercolano, Jr.   Bob Smith               our 1999 season online.
Editor                        Darrell Freels
                                                                          Trophy Room- Stop by PRGC’s virtual trophy room for
                                                                          a tour of our recent “major” champions. This page will
                                                                          be upgraded soon.

                    Visit us on the Web                                   Join PRGC- New members can join PRGC over the
                                                                          Internet! We think this will aid in recruiting.
                                                                          See the back of this newsletter for planned upgrades to
                                                                 coming soon! Tell all of your friends about our
                                                                          site. There is no better source for golf and sports on the
                                                                          Web than PRGC Online!

  UPCOMING TOURNAMENTS                                                              What’s Coming To PRGC
  MARCH 2000 FOUR MAN SCRAMBLE                                                      Online for 2000?
  PRGC will host its first tournament of the year, a four man                       Your club’s golf site on the Internet is growing!
  scramble, in March of 2000. Golfers are teamed in foursomes
  against other teams of equal skill level.                                         Joe Crossney
                                                                                    Tee Topics Editor

                                                                                    PRGC Online has several ideas for upgrades in the
  JUNE 2000 TWO DAY SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP                                             near future. These are just some of our ideas:
  Pine Ridge will host its first major of the year, a two day stroke                Online Scorecard and Topographical Layout of
  play tournament, in June. Prizes are awarded for top                              each hole at Pine Ridge
  performers in gross (no strokes) and net (with handicap
  strokes).                                                                         Links Page to Connect PRGC Online to Other Web
  Both tournaments will have after-round refreshments,
  including beer.                                                                   MD/PA Golf Course Reviews

  MAKE WWW.PRGC.ORG YOUR HOME PAGE!                                               INTERNET EXPLORER
  You can help PRGC Online continue its growth on the                             Click on the Tools menu, and select Internet Options. Under
  Internet by making your home page, or the first                        the Home Page, delete the text and type then
  page accessed by your web browser. Included here are                            click on OK.
  quick and easy steps to make your home page!
                                                                                  If you have any questions about this process, feel free to
  NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR                                                              e-mail PRGC’s Internet Director, Joe Crossney, at

  Click on the Edit menu and click on preferences. Under the            

  home page item, remove the text present and type                                HELP SUPPORT PRGC ONLINE! VISIT OUR SITE OFTEN! then click on OK.                                                  HELP RECRUIT NEW PRGC MEMBERS! HAVE YOUR
                                                                                  FRIENDS VISIT WWW.PRGC.ORG!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
                                          Pine Ridge Golf Club
                                   Year 2000 Renewal Membership Form
Please Print:        Name:__________________________                                   Street Address:______________________________

                     City:____________________________                                 State/ZIP:          ______________________________

                     Phone (Home) ___________________                                  Phone (Work) ______________________________

Mail this form and a check PAYABLE TO PRGC for $70* to: Randy Smith
(Members 65 or older & 10 years or more active in the club pay $35) 1422 Broadway Rd.
                                                                    Lutherville, MD 21093

Randy can be reached at (410) 560-2273 or
e-mail –

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