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									     Kevin Thompson’s
                                                                                                     The Only Step-By-Step
                                                                                                     Coaching Program That
                                                                                                     Shows You What To Do…
                                                                                                       And How To Do It
  “LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER” AUTOMATIC INCOME NEWSLETTER                             September 2007

  Lessons From Joe Sugarman—The Man Behind
 Blue Blocker Sunglasses, And A Marketing Genius
If you've been on the recent coaching calls or reading my            Magazine, as well as Joe Sugarman – the man behind
regular emails, you know that Lisa and I had the                     Blue Blocker Sunglasses.
opportunity to go to Hawaii last month.

Neither of us had ever been to Hawaii before, so it was
quite an experience for us.

We went to a couple of luaus, a sunset boat cruise, spent
a day shopping in Lahaina, went snorkeling, visited an
incredible naturopathic healer (who did wonders for
Lisa's shoulder pain) and spent a considerable amount of
time relaxing – enjoying each others company.

                                                                                  Me, Joe Polish and Joe Sugarman

                                                                     The highlight of this trip was the fact that I had the
                                                                     opportunity to introduce my wife Lisa to some of my
                                                                     friends and colleges, who like I said, are some of the
                                                                     most incredible marketing geniuses on the planet.

                                                                     As a result, Lisa now has a better understanding of why I
                                                                     LOVE doing what I do, and yes, as you can imagine, she
                                                                     wants to take more trips like this.
         Lisa & Me at an authentic Hawaiian Luau
                                                                     We even got to spend an afternoon with Joe Sugarman at
Needless to say, it was a fantastic experience and we're             his oceanfront estate, which was absolutely breath-
already looking forward to a return trip.                            taking.

In addition to taking an incredible vacation—we also got             I'd actually met Joe in the past, but it was at a live
to spend time with some of the most prolific business                seminar with over 500 business owners in attendance.
owners and marketers on the face of the earth.
                                                                     This was a much more intimate setting, and it gave me
I'm talking about folks like Joe Polish (the man                     the opportunity to get some insights from a fellow
responsible for introducing me to the world of direct                entrepreneur who's had a lifetime of marketing
response marketing back in 1997), Tim Ferriss – author               experience and successes.
of the New York Times best seller, the 4-Hour Work
Week, Bill Phillips – founder of EAS and Muscle Media                With that said, I want to let you in on a HUGE "Secret

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from Sugarman" that I he revealed to us while in Hawaii.                      I’M GONNA BE IN TROUBLE
                                                                              IF MY WIFE LISA SEES THIS
During the time we got to spend with Joe Sugarman in
Maui, he reviewed his 30 tested and proven
                                                                      I was recently in Chicago for a bootcamp when I ran into
psychological triggers that motivate, influence and                   Wonder Woman. It seems like the market for
persuade people to make a positive buying decision.                   superheroes is tough and she’s interested in getting her
                                                                      own home-based business up and running.
He covers all 30 of these points in great detail, in his
book titled "Triggers".

While it's no longer in print, a quick internet search for
the book's title should help you find a copy for yourself
– and I highly suggest doing so.

While attending a seminar several years ago, I had the
opportunity to hear Joe explain each of the 30 triggers.

Last month, as I heard them explained again, I was
amazed to discover that I was now using 27 of them on a
regular basis.

And here's what's most interesting about this:

I didn't begin using these triggers intentionally.

Sure, I'd heard Joe speak about them before, but the way              I promised to help her – but only if she didn’t use her
I got around to employing these 27 triggers was by                    golden lasso.
asking my subscribes and clients what they wanted from
me – and then responding to their requests, by giving                 And this means good news for YOU as well.
them what they want.
                                                                        FREE BONUS TELESEMINAR – THE THOMPSON
This process incorporates two of Joe's triggers, which                  TWIST METHOD TO INFORMATION MARKETING
are Objection Raising and Objection Resolution.
                                                                      If you've ever heard the stories of people having 5 and
And it makes sense.                                                   6-figure paydays by selling information products that
                                                                      they created in just few hours of their time, and are
Before we buy anything (doesn't matter what it is), we                ready to claim your slice of this billion dollar business,
want to know that it will perform for us as expected.                 then pay close attention.
Once we know that it will, we can now move forward
                                                                      Within the next month, I'm going to introduce you the
with our purchase.                                                    exciting and profitable world of information marketing.

When most folks get into business for themselves, they                In addition to giving you my "$16,929.00 Insiders
haphazardly go about trying to sell their products and                Roadmap", I'll also be introducing you to some of my
services.                                                             friends who are also generating thousands and
                                                                      thousands of dollars a month with information marketing
But…                                                                  – most of whom are only working part time hours.

When you follow a tested and proven sales formula,                    You may know some of my story, but here's what you
                                                                      don't know…
your success is virtually guaranteed.
                                                                      Within 1 year of starting my first business – a cleaning
As I mentioned, I highly suggest getting a copy of                    and restoration business – back in 1996, I was failing
"Triggers" for yourself.                                              miserably.

You'll be glad you did.                                               Fortunately I found a mentor who helped me transform
                                                                      that business into one of the most successful by-referral-

                                                             Page 2
only companies in the Seattle area.                                    Since discovering this method, I recently used it to get
                                                                       paid $16,929.00… BEFORE I even created the product.
After doing so, it gave me the confidence to move on to
even greater success.                                                  I then created the product over the following 2-months,
                                                                       which took me less than 2 hours a week (a total of 15
I took the strategies I'd discovered and started an online             hours).
business which became so successful – that I sold my
cleaning and restoration company on April 19, 2004 –                   Now… take a second to do the math.
and retired from manual labor… FOREVER!
                                                                       And when you do, you'll see that I made $1,128.60 per
For the first time ever, I'm going to reveal how I                     hour – just to create this product.
accomplished this amazing feat – but more importantly,
I'm going to show YOU how to do the same, in just a                    And now, I continue to sell it – over, and over, and over
fraction of the time it took me.                                       – with no effort on my part whatsoever.

After having considerable success with my cleaning and                 Each time I create a new product, it gives me yet
restoration company, I used the same identical                         another source of income,
marketing strategies to start my first website
(GetMoldSolutions.com) in 2001 and began selling mold-                 And because I have an automated system for selling all
related products. This wasn't too bad, and it was great to             these products, it affords me the luxury of working when
be making money with virtually no effort on my part.                   I chose (which ain't much), taking as much time off as I
                                                                       want to spend with my family and friends – while NEVER
But, within a short time I made an amazing discovery. I                having to worry about finances.
found that the people who came to my website were
chomping at the bit, wanting me to provide them with
accurate and detailed information that would show them                 Here's just a few of the things I've been able to
how to get rid of mold in their home.                                  accomplish:

I simply responded to this demand, and gave them what                  On April 19, 2004 I retired from manual labor forever
they wanted.
                                                                       On November 11, 2006 I bought a brand new Hummer
I created an outline, offered my subscribers and      site             for myself.
visitors a free week of teleseminars (which took     less
than 6 hours), and when I was finished, my            first            On August 8, 2007 my family and I moved into our brand
information product (The Wipe Out Mold System)       was               new dream home
complete – and ready to sell – for $297.00.
                                                                       I now take vacations with my wife Lisa every 3-4 months
My cost to produce this particular product is $29.35, yet              (like our recent trip to Maui)
it sells for $297.00. That's a 10 times markup – a 1000%
profit margin.                                                         We also take vacations with the kids every 3-4 months

And let me tell you, when compared to the physical                     I have complete control over the number of hours I work
products sold on my site (mold test kits, hepa vacuums,                and don't answer to ANYONE (except Lisa that is)
etc), which have a 30-50% profit margin, it's pretty easy
to see why I got so excited about information marketing.               I work with whom I want, when I want – which allows me
                                                                       to live life on MY terms
Over the last several years, I've sold thousands, and
thousands, and thousands of dollars of this product, with              As you can see, "Information Marketing" truly is the lazy
virtually no effort on my part.                                        person's way to riches.

I've also gone on to create many more Information                      That's why I'm going to host a bonus teleseminar on this
products, and now make more than $61,000 a month                       topic – so I can show You how to break into the world of
selling them.                                                          "Information Marketing" as well.

In fact…                                                               Be sure to keep an eye out for my email notification. I'm
                                                                       putting the finishing touches on this event, and as one of
Not too long ago I stumbled across a method that now                   my valued clients, you'll get an advance invitation as
lets me get paid in advance for my information products,               soon as I've got the date scheduled, which should be in
BEFORE I even create them.                                             the next 30-45 days – at the most.

                                                              Page 3
                                                                    INCREDIBLE GOOGLE OPPORTUNITY
                                                                    I recently got the following email from Tim Carter at
I want to personally welcome each of you to our group. If           AskTheBuilder.com. This is a great example of how to
you haven’t yet added your profile to our Mastery Group,            build a relationship with your subscribers. If you meet
be sure to do so right away by going to this special website        the criteria he outlines, you may even consider getting
page:                                                               involved with this opportunity.

  www.wahmsystem.com/mastermind/index.php                                                           ===
                                                                    Dear Kevin,
In addition to getting ongoing access and support from me
personally… you also get to meet, and exchange money-               I really need your help. I am looking for two Chicago, IL residents or
                                                                    people who live within a two-hour airline flight of Chicago who use
making ideas with the rest of my successful clients who are         the Internet HEAVILY before they start a home-improvement
already using the system.                                           project. You know, research, look for tips, product reviews, etc.
                                                                    These two consumers would sit on a panel with three other people at
Welcome aboard:                                                     an event sponsored by Google, Inc. in Chicago. The date of the event
                                                                    is November 13, 2007.
            David Van Loon - Richardson, TX                         Why am I asking you to do this? I am moderating the panel
              James Roach Sr. - Clinton, MD                         discussion and asking the questions. This will be a fun time, not
             James Somerville - Geneva, NY                          stressful. The people in the audience would be manufacturers of
                                                                    Home-Improvement products who are trying to understand how
                 Lee Lang - Stockton, CA
                                                                    consumers use the Internet when planning and doing their DIY
               John Kayser - Burnsville, MN                         projects. These manufacturers want to better understand how to
                John Hooks Jr - Emily, MN                           market to consumers through the Internet.
               Norman Gordon - Oviedo, FL
                                                                    Google has asked me if I could locate people who might be interested
                 Ken Jones - Riverside, CA
                                                                    in this rare opportunity. I told them about you, since you are a
              William Singer - Pasadena, CA                         subscriber to my newsletter. Just subscribing to my newsletter tells
             John Szasz III - Charleston, WV                        me you meet several of the criteria! You are on the Internet and you
                Kyle Elrod - Cleveland, TN                          are interested in Home Improvement.

                                                                    So, do you live in or near Chicago and are interested in doing this?
                                                                    Do you live within a short airline flight? If so, Google will pay your
KEVIN’S SCHEDULE:                                                   travel and lodging expenses to get you to and from this event.

                                                                    You get to stay for the whole day to hang out with me, meet some top
October 16-19 Matt Furey's Zero Resistance Internet                 home-improvement product manufacturing executives, some cool
              Marketing Seminar - Tampa, FL                         Googlers and eat some fantastic food. The food at Google offices is
                                                                    unbelievable. I know as I have eaten there on many occasions.
October 20-22 Matt Furey's MasterMind Meeting -
                                                                    If you are interested, here is what you must do. Tell me and Google
              Tampa, FL                                             in 100 words or less WHY you think you qualify, and what you
                                                                    would love to say to home-improvement manufacturers face to face.
Nov 1-5          Glazier-Kennedy Info Summit –                      Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and have the perfect
                 St. Louis, MO                                      Internet experience with a home improvement product manufacturer.
                                                                    What would you want? What kind of marketing message do you hate,
                                                                    and what gets you interested in a product? You can say anything you
                                                                    want in the 100 words, but say it well.
                                                                    Do this quickly if you are interested. I am sure many will respond to
                                                                    this very rare opportunity to actually get inside a Google office, meet
Thursday September 13           9am PST (12 noon EST)               with top home-improvement manufacturers and get introduced to
                                3pm PST (6pm EST)                   Google employees face to face.

Thursday October 11             9am PST (12 noon EST)               I have to tell you it will be a day you will never forget. Hurry, write
                                                                    your 100-word essay and respond to me ASAP. Thanks!! I hope to
                                3pm PST (6pm EST)                   see you in Chicago!
Automatic Income Mastery Group members will receive                 Tim
call phone numbers and passcodes via email prior to each
monthly coaching call, so be sure to watch for it.                  AsktheBuilder.com, P.O. Box 36352
                                                                    Cincinnati, OH 45236-0352, USA

                                                           Page 4

What Most People Never “Think” About...
That Costs Them A Fortune
Imagine you're at work one day... and your boss comes to you and says, "Bad news,
we're going to have to fire you. Business is bad. And the economy stinks."

You feel depressed. No more career. No more regular paychecks.

But then - the boss says, "You know what? If you were to work just one extra hour
overtime every day for free, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, we'll
let you keep your job and you can continue collecting your same paycheck."

Now, what would you do?

Well, most people would say, "I'll go ahead and work the extra hour of overtime
just to keep my job. I know I'll be working the extra hour for free, but it's
important for me to keep my job so I can maintain my lifestyle."

And then the boss says...

"Well, I know it's kind of bad news for you, but there is some good news. If
you work an hour of overtime, Monday through Friday for no pay, just one extra
hour a day... at the end of two years, we'll let you retire with full pay."

Now, how do you feel?

You feel like saying, "Wow! Excellent! What an opportunity! I only have to work
one hour of overtime for free, Monday through Friday, and two years from now... I
can retire at full pay!"

So what would happen?

You're working overtime and six months later one of your friends says, "Hey, why
don't you quit doing that? You're working an hour overtime and not getting paid
for it."

You say to your friend...

"No way! I've only got 18 more months to go and then I'm going to retire!"

A year from now, maybe your spouse says, "You know what, dear? You've been
working that free hour of overtime for the past 12 months. Why don't you spend
more time here at home instead of working that hour overtime?"

You say, "No, no, no! Just one more year and I can retire with full pay."

And you would be at work faithfully, Monday through Friday, working that extra
hour of overtime so you can retire.

Not only that...

                                      Page 5
You'd be excited for the opportunity.

Well, you have the same opportunity to retire with your home-based business.

I ask people to spend one hour a day, Monday through Friday building a business.
And all you have to do is follow my step-by-step blueprint.

You don't even have to worry too much about how good you are, because you know
what? You'll get better. The longer you do this, the more you'll learn.

So maybe after the first month you say, "Gee, I really haven't made many sales
but I am building a nice list of potential customers."

The second month you get a little better and say, "Well, I’m making more sales.
My subscriber list keeps growing. This may actually work."

The third month you get better at this and say, "I’m now making $1,000.00 a
month. I can’t believe I almost gave up. If I can make $1,000.00 a month, I bet
that within a few more months I‘ll be doing $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 a month!"

And the fourth month you get better and better.

Just invest an hour a day. And at the end of one year you'll be pleasantly
surprised and say, "You know what, I can replace my full-time income and retire
for the rest of my life."

So... would you take advantage of an opportunity like that?

Most people would want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity... but,
they won't do it.

Here is why they won't do it.

A little voice inside of their head is saying...

"But what if it doesn't work? What if I waste an hour a day over a whole year?
What if I'm not good at this? I don't know anyone who has retired by starting
their own home-based business. I only know people who retired with a pension
from a job. This might not be a sure thing."

Yes, you're going to have some doubt. You might even have a belief issue.

And that's pretty normal. Most folks do.

So here's what I am going to do to help you with your belief.

To encourage you along the way, I’m gonna stay in constant contact with with you.

I too have been there, and like you, I had doubts. But you know what? Every one
of them proved to be unfounded. Because I had a coach, I overcome every obstacle
that came my way, and now have the income and lifestyle to prove it.

Here's what you've got to remember, there's no way you can lose at the game of
business unless you give up. As long as you're committed to win – you will win.

                                        Page 6
                    CASE STUDY:
   How A Home-Business And Internet Newbie Is Off To
      The Races, By Giving Away His Free Software
Meet Bert Daikeler!                                                    I politely sat and listened to his misinformed comments,
                                                                       but inside I was thinking to myself, "This guy just
Bert is new to the internet, new to home-based business,               doesn't get it".
and new to "our kind of marketing".
                                                                       Such is the life of entrepreneurs like us.
What I'm trying to say is that Bert has virtually no
business experience.                                                   We're a different breed of people. We tend to go against
                                                                       the grain. Our friends and family have a difficult time
Yes, he just got started with his own money-making and                 understanding what we do.
home-based business venture.
                                                                       Heck, my wife Lisa still doesn't completely understand
If you were to talk with his friends and family, I'd be                what it is that I do, but she supports me none the less.
willing to bet that they all think he's off his rocker.                Though I will say - at times it was a challenge for her to
                                                                       do so.
They probably think he's crazy for starting his own
home-based business.                                                   That's why we entrepreneurs must be a member of some
                                                                       type of mastermind group. It's the only way we can get
Why?                                                                   the opportunity to communicate with and share
                                                                       experiences with "like-minded" individuals.
Because they've got preconceived ideas (which are
incorrect I might ad), and they think that starting your               And yes, this describes Bert Daikeler to a tee.
own business is "risky".
                                                                       Never mind the fact that he doesn't have any previous
After all, the majority of businesses fail within the first            business experience. Never mind the fact that he's new to
year or two.                                                           the internet. Never mind the fact that he doesn't know
                                                                       how to build a website.
That's why people on the outside wonder why in the
heck anyone in their right mind would want to risk going               None of that matters!
into business for themselves.
As you read this, you're probably thinking to yourself,
"Yep, I've heard all this before. I get the same reaction              Because Bert's got passion!
from the people around me".
                                                                       That's right, he's excited about the opportunity to help
Welcome to the club!                                                   others. All he needed was a way to make it happen.

So do I. So do ALL entrepreneurs.                                      And now, as an Automatic Income System owner, he's
                                                                       got all the tools he needed. And let me tell you, he's not
I've been hearing these kinds of comments for years.                   wasting any time.
And here's what's REALLY interesting. Even though I'm
what most folks would consider successful, I STILL                     He's taking action, and he's doing it at lightning speed.
hear them.
                                                                       Though he's only had the Automatic Income System in
In fact, just a few weeks ago, over lunch, one of my                   his possession for a short time, he's already making
friends was telling me how bad the economy is, and was                 sales.
expressing his concern that my business (and my good
fortune) might not last much longer.                                   With that said, let's take a look at Bert's project…

                                                              Page 7

As you can see, Bert is getting his marketing message in front of people who are homeowners – and want to
save thousands of dollars on their current mortgage… WITHOUT refinancing.

He's followed the Automatic Income System to the letter.

Since he doesn't know how to build a website, he hired Walt Painter to do it for him (for the modest investment
of $15). I'm sure you'll agree that Walt did a fantastic job for Bert.

When using the system, most of my clients will offer a Free Report to their prospects, in exchange for their
name and email.

Bert's project is a little bit different.

Instead of a Free Report, Bert is offering Free Software that has a $395.00 value.

As soon as Bert's prospect gives him their name and email address, they're taken to the next page of the website
where they're given instructions on how to get their free software.

                                                     Page 8

Bert is offering this software at no charge, other than $3.95 to cover the shipping and handling expense.

So let me ask you…

If you're a homeowner, don't you think it would be pretty crazy to say no to Bert's free software offer?

Of course you would.

EVERY homeowner needs to get their hands on this software so they can start saving thousands of dollars on
their mortgage, especially when they don't even have to refinance.

In fact, if you're a homeowner, I highly suggest that you get a copy for yourself right away by going to

When you look at the bullet points in the screen shot above, I'm sure you'll agree that getting this free software
will be in your best interest.

Oh, and before I forget, here's some correspondence that I've received from Bert, telling me about his project…
                                                      Page 9
Correspondence #1 – Pre Consultation Fax                           Thanks for everything

Hi Kevin,                                                          Bert Daikeler

I'm really looking forward to our upcoming One-On-One              P.S. My second site is in the works. SEE WHAT YOU
Consultation regarding my upcoming dip into the internet           STARTED
marketing pool.
I've attached several documents in preparation for our
time together.                                                     Ad #1 for Mortgage Manager

I haven't yet set up my website, but will do so after our          5 facts your mortgage lender
                                                                   doesn’t want you know... costing
Bert Daikeler
                                                                   you thousands of extra dollars.

Correspondence #2 – Post Consultation Fax
                                                                   Ad #2 for Mortgage Manager
I can't remember ever spending a more enjoyable, or
productive 30 minutes.                                             5 mortgage lender secrets

THANK YOU for your time and talent.                                costing you thousands of dollars

I envy your ability for creating results "on the fly".             each year.

Bert Daikeler                                                      http://TheMortgageSavingsCenter.com

Correspondence #3 – Post Consultation Email                        Correspondence #4 – Post Consultation Email

Hi Kevin,
Welcome back from your trip to Matt Furey's Mastermind
Meeting in Tampa! I'm sure you brought back a bunch of             Was the "first time" as good for you as it was for me?
great information for us to promote our business.
                                                                   I received my first order for my "bi-weekly" mortgage
During your absence, Walt has worked his magic in                  service last Friday. What a thrill to get that $3.95 from
developing and registering my web site.                            PayPal. And then another and another.

I believe he has gone beyond his charge, in working with           I can hardly wait to see what will happen when I
a complete novice, to create my mortgage savings site.             advertise this service in MANY more locations.

I expected a plain vanilla presentation, but he has given          Thank you again for this program.... but .... mostly, thank
me a site that I believe a professional would envy.                you for taking the extra time to help me put this together.
                                                                   Also for the "mention" on the group conference call that
You be the judge...                                                triggered the orders.

http://TheMortgageSavingsCenter.com                                YOU ARE GREAT !

I am attaching two ads to promote my new gem.                      Looking forward to a long association.

I can barely wait to get started on this, my first effort.         Bert Daikeler

                                                             Page 10
                                                                      If You Don't Quit… You Can't Lose
                                                                      I made this comment earlier in this month's newsletter, but felt
                                                                      it deserved a little more attention.
The Thompson Twist Method                                             For one reason or another, many folks will give up on all of
To Affiliate Marketing Riches                                         their dreams and aspirations at the first sign of struggle or
I recently created this product specifically for those of you
who want to break into affiliate marketing, and do it with a          It really hurts me to see this, because in many cases, the
                                                                      individual is standing on the one yard line when they decide to
bang. 19 clients were selected to participate in the creation
                                                                      throw in the towel and call it quits.
of this product, and the reviews have been incredible. For
more information, listen to this behind-the-scenes recording          Back in 1997 (at the end of my first year in business), I too
by going here                                                         was struggling, but it was a good friend's comment that kept
                                                                      me going, and eventually led me to the success I have today.
                conf_call_recording.html                              He told me, "Kevin, as long as you don't quit, there's no way
                                                                      you can lose. When you make up your mind to win, you'll
                                                                      naturally be led to people that can help you accomplish
                                                                      ANYTHING you want to do.
The Automatic Income                                                  Since that time, I've proven this theory to be true, over, and
Million Dollar Rolodex                                                over again.

This is a listing of services and tools that I and my clients         Sure, there's been many times over the last 11+ years of being
use in order to automate our business and make the most               an entrepreneur that I faced challenges, obstacles and
valuable use of our time. It took me years to locate all of           setbacks, but because I was determined to win, I ALWAYS
these resources, and many of them are free. You'll can                found a way to do so.
access all of them by going here                                      Many times I had to call on others to help me, and I can't tell
       http://www.wahmsystem.com/rolodex.html                         you how many times I've had other people that I respect – take
                                                                      a look at what I was doing, and give me the solution I needed.

                                                                      Because I was so emotionally involved in my own project, I
                                                                      couldn't find the answer to save my life.
The $50K In 2 Months                                                  But… someone on the outside (who wasn't emotionally
Automatic Income Journal                                              involved), was able to take an objective look at what I wanted
                                                                      to accomplish, and give me the advice I needed to overcome
This 2-Month Journal lets you see EXACTLY what I do on a              the challenge I was up against.
daily basis, in order to bank the kind of money I do each month.
                                                                      And now, I'm able do this for my clients on a regular basis.
Several years ago, my good friend Chet Rowland told me to start
keeping a daily diary. He said that as I became more successful,      No, I'm not tooting my own horn here, but what I am saying is
this diary would be worth a considerable amount of money to           this: There's not a business challenge you'll EVER come
folks who wanted to have the same kind of success as me.              across that I (and the marketing experts I know) can't help you
And let me tell you – he was RIGHT.
\                                                                     After 11+ years as an entrepreneur, I've been through all of the
Next to the Automatic Income System, the "$50,000.00 In 2             challenges, struggles and obstacles that you could imagine
Months - Automatic Income Journal" has proven to be one of            going through, and because I was determined to win at the
my most asked for products.                                           game of business, I found a way to get past EVERY one of
Get your copy for just $19.97, call my office at 360-435-4508
                                                                      As a result, I am extremely well equipped to show you how to
                                                                      do the same, and together, there's NOTHING we can't

                                                                      With that said, I look forward to speaking with you on the next
                                                                      coaching call.

                                                                      As always, I'll be sending you all the call details via email.

                                                                Page 11
                                                The Back Page
Unless you're a new member of our group, you probably noticed some MAJOR changes to this month's

I've made these changes in order to give you a more valuable and user-friendly publication each month.

You'll see that I've added such features as my event schedule, the coaching members schedule and a resource
section that provides you with additional tools to help grow your business.

I'm also going to be publishing member case studies on a regular basis. If you'd like to be considered for a case
study, just let me know.

And finally, I'm going to be giving you a more personal look into the 'Automatic Income Lifestyle". This means
that I'll be sharing many more stories and photos, as well as introducing you to many of my successful friends.

So be sure to hold on – it's gonna be an INCREDIBLE ride!

Dedicated to your success,

Kevin Thompson

Monthly Automatic Income Coaching Call Dates – Mark Your Calendar Now!
                             Thursday September 13, 2007 @ 9AM & 3PM PST
                              Thursday October 11, 2007 @ 9AM & 3PM PST
Automatic Income Mastery Group members will receive call phone numbers and passcodes via email prior to each
monthly coaching call, so be sure to watch for it. If you haven’t been receiving the bi-weekly emails from me, let me
know by sending an email to Kevin@AutomaticIncomeSystem.com. Also… if you have a spam filter in
place, make sure it’s set to receive all emails from Kevin@AutomaticIncomeSystem.com,
Kevin@maximum-response.com and Kevin@wahmsystem.com, as these are the three email
addresses I use to communicate with you.

                                Mastery Group Forum & Inner Circle
This forum gives you a place to meet with all the other members, for the purpose of exchanging ideas, brainstorming, and
setting up profitable joint venture relationships.
As a client in good standing, you’re invited to register by using the link below. As soon as I receive your registration, I’ll
get it approved so you’ll have full 24-hour access to this resource.


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