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					Stroke Committee
Heart of Texas Regional Advisory Council (HOTRAC) – TSA M
September 15, 2008

Sue Parrigin, AEL                          Steve Clinkscales, AEL                      Marsha Honea, G-W
Roger Slimp, HRH                           Matt Blanchard, HBMC                        Karen Grant, HBMC
Lisa Ainsworth, LMC                        Judy Wright, LMC                            Mitzi Daniel, Parkview
Eileen Bohannon, PHC                       Kelly Thompson, WMCPHD                      Jennifer Jenkins, PHC

The Stroke Committee met on September 15, 2008. The meeting was called to order by Ms. Bohannon, Committee
Chairperson, at 2:00pm. Introductions were done. Mr. Blanchard motioned to accept the August 18, 2008 minutes as
presented. Ms. Daniel seconded the motion; motion carried.

Old Business
       A. Status of Facilities
        Facility             Coordinator              Medical Director       Stroke Committee Status
        Falls Community      Ms. Tammy                Dr. Karlen Downing     Not present; no updates given.
        Hospital             Lebkowski
        Goodall-Witcher      Ms. Marsha Honea         Dr. Bruce Scaff        Stroke Committee to meet quarterly
                                                                             with other department committees.
                                                                             Recommendation from the committee
                                                                             are being sent Med Staff. The facility is
                                                                             planning to require NIH Stroke Scale
                                                                             training for all nursing staff.
         Hillcrest Baptist     Mr. Matthew            Dr. Randy Gardell      Meeting weekly. The facility is
         Medical Center        Blanchard                                     planning to obtain Joint Commission
                                                                             Stroke Certification in 2008.
         Hill Regional         Mr. Roger Slimp        Dr. Steve Martin has   Committee is in development.
         Hospital                                     been asked to serve
                                                      as Medical Director.
                                                      The committee is
         Lake Whitney          Not appointed          Not appointed          The committee is in development. Not
         Medical Center                                                      present; no updates given.
         Limestone Medical     Ms. Judy Wright        Dr. Larry Hughes       Meeting monthly. The facility is
         Center                                                              currently testing staff on the NIH
                                                                             Stroke Scale. Stroke patients who meet
                                                                             treatment criteria are being reviewed
                                                                             and transferred to higher levels of care.
         Parkview Regional     Ms. Mitzi Daniel       Dr. Jeremy Chester     The committee is waiting for approval
         Hospital                                     expected to act as     for Dr. Chester to act as the Stroke
                                                      Medical Director       Medical Director. The facility is
                                                                             providing NIH Stroke Scales training to
         Providence Health     Ms. Jennifer Jenkins   Dr. Joel Freitag       Meeting monthly. The facility has
         Center                                                              obtained Joint Commission Primary
                                                                             Stroke Certification in August 2008.
                                                                             Dr. Hamilton is available to speak at
                                                                             the rural facilities regarding stroke
                                                                             treatment and care.
        B. Review of Regional Stroke Plan –The committee continued reviewing the Regional Stroke Plan. The
           only comment provided back was regarding the changing “inter-arterial” in the Pre-hospital Triage
           section to “intra-arterial.” The group agree that this change was necessary. The revision date was also
           changed and Providence will be added to the list of Primary Stroke Centers in Texas. Mr. Blanchard
           requested that the bypass criteria in the Pre-hospital Triage section be reviewed. He believed that these
           criteria were too vague to provide guidance for EMS personnel. After some the discussion the
           committee decided to leave the criteria as written because they were confident that EMS personnel are
           familiar with these criteria and would be able to effectively triage a stroke patient based on them. The
           plan will be brought the HOTRAC Board of Directors with these changes for approval.

New Business
       A. Stroke QI – The group discussed the quality indicators that should be reviewed for all stroke patients.
           The following are the indicators that the group developed:
           o Was time to transfer the Level B stroke patient greater than 60 minutes from referring hospital
               to appropriate designated stroke facility?
           o For Level A stroke patient:
                     Was the time CT scan greater than 25 minutes?
                     Was the time to CT scan results greater than 45 minutes?
                     Was the time to Lab results greater than 45 minutes?
           o Was tPA administered to the patient?
           o Was the patient transferred to a higher level of care after admission for stroke?
           o Were results of NIH Stroke Scale available?
           o Was the patient under 18 years of age?
           o Did the patient die?
           o Was the patient transferred out of the Region?

A Stroke QI Indicator form will be developed by HOTRAC staff and presented back to the committee for review.

Other Announcements, Comments, etc.
Ms. Bohannon announced that Providence has received their Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center designation.

With no further discussion the meeting adjourned at 3:07. The next meeting is scheduled for October 20, 2008 at
2:00pm at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, Green & Gold Room.

Ms. Eileen Bohannon, Committee Chairperson

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