UPB MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE
                                         University of the Philippines Baguio
                                                     Baguio City

                                              (to be accomplished in duplicate)

                                            POLICY GUIDELINES
1. This is open to all regular members;
2. The maximum loanable amount is P5,000.00 for emergency situation (i.e. death of a family member;
   hospitalization of a member or a member’s family member and victim of calamity/ies);
3. The loan shall be paid within a period of 1, 2 or 3 months in lump sum or installment basis;
4. The charges for the loan are as follows:
   4.a. 1% interest/month payable upon full payment of the principal loan,
   4.b. P25.00 as service fee
   4.c. P25.00 as collection fee
   4.d. P5.00 as filing fee
5. 2% per month penalty in addition to 1% monthly interest shall be charged on the outstanding balance due to
   delayed payment or the failure to pay;
6. Procedure in applying for a loan:
   6.a. Properly accomplish loan form in duplicate from the Credit Committee,
   6.b. Submit the accomplished form, xeroxed copy of latest payslip and updated passbook to the Credit
   Committee for endorsement to the Board of Directors.
   6.c. If approved, the Treasurer shall process the loan and notify the borrower when check is ready for pick-up
7. Payment shall be made directly to the Treasurer;
8. Aside from the penalty in case of overdue loan, if payment of said loan balance and penalty is made after 7
   calendar days from due date, the borrower will be considered bad standing for 3 months;
NOTE: Loan processing will take a maximum of two days, but the Cooperative assures prompt service.

                                                   LOAN FORM
EL No.: _______________                                                                               Date: _________________

Amount applied _____________________________________________                         PESOS ONLY (P__________).
Purpose ____________________________________________________________________________.
Loan will be due on ___________________________________.
                                       APPLICATION AGREEMENT
        I hereby agree that the loan principal, interest and other charges due shall be payable within a period of
one (1) month. In the event that I am unable to execute the option of personal payment, the
Treasurer/Disbursing/Collection Officer of my present or future government office shall deduct from my salary the
required loan balances, including 2% per month penalty in order to update my account.
        I, the undersigned hereby pledge all my deposits in this cooperative and other assets which I now have or
hereafter as security for this application payable to the UP Baguio Multipurpose Cooperative and hereby authorize
the Cooperative to apply any or all such deposits and other assets for payment of the said loan, interest,
fines/penalties, cost or expenses in case of default in payments. I likewise agree that the term of this loan will
immediately mature upon my retirement/separation, death or permanent disability and all outstanding balance
herein secured or may hereafter be secured as an additional loan shall be deducted from the proceeds of whatever
benefits due as a result of the occurrence of any of the said contingencies. I further agree that the overdue loan
payments by this application are subject to deduction for outstanding loan/s or indebtedness I may have with the
Cooperative in order to update or settle the same. In this connection, I hereby represent that prior to the filing of
this application, I have secured or have knowledge of the tentative computation of the net proceeds of the loan
herein applied for and hereby express my full intention to proceed with the same.
       I agree that this loan shall, at all times, be subject to the terms and conditions stated in this application
and shall not be subject to unilateral revocation by the borrower.

                                           Signature over printed name of the borrower

Credit Committee Members :                     Endorsed     Not Endorsed          Remarks
___________________________________                                               ______________________________
___________________________________                                               ______________________________
___________________________________                                               ______________________________

ACTION OF APPROVING OFFICER:                   Approved Not Approved Remarks

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                                                                                            emergency loan – February 2010 (joey)

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