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The following is the reasoning and objectives for implementing the Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® Langley campaign.


       To sell 20 Buell® motorcycles (new) between April 1 – August 31, 2009
       To sell $1,000.00 in Genuine H-D parts & accessories or MotorClothes® with the purchase of a new bike
       To get the purchaser to return the purchase survey and the ownership experience survey as part of the Barnes CSI and
       customer retention


       Drive traffic to the Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® dealership between April 1 to August 31, 2009
       Increase the amount of young consumers (19 – 34) visiting the dealership between April 1 2009 to August 31, 2009 by 10%
       over previous year’s customer traffic.


       Increase awareness of Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® amongst the target market
       Promote Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® through a Buell® specific youth event
       Create an association between sportbikes and the Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® dealership in the minds of the target


South Side Harley-Davidson® became Barnes Harley-Davidson® in 2003 and they are now one of Canada’s largest Harley
Davidson® retailers. On December 17th, 2009 Barnes Harley-Davidson® added to their dealership family by opening up a new
location in Port Coquitlam. Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® carries a wide inventory of Harley Davidson® and Buell®
motorcycles, various Harley-Davidson® accessories and a full line of clothing called MotorClothes®. Barnes Harley-Davidson®
Buell® is well known for their unique ability to customize a bike to fit your desire or personality. Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® is
a family owned and run business that puts a lot of emphasis on building and maintaining community ties.


One of the main issues that Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® faces is the current negative perception of the Buell® sportbike with
the Harley-Davidson® Brand. Harley-Davidson® caters to an older demographic who rides for a different purpose, not sportbike
riding. Even though Harley-Davidson® is a strong and reputable brand it has no association with sport bikes and therefore is
challenging to market this brand to the sport bike demographic.

A conscious awareness of the current Harley Davidson customer is also important as, you do not want to alienate this loyal consumer
by any implemented marketing campaign that targets a younger demographic, there needs to be sensitivity to their needs as well.


The following is a detailed description of the strategic media objectives for the Barnes Can Handle It campaign.


The following sections describe the target market chosen for the Barnes Can Handle It campaign, their sex, age and income, where
they live, their lifestyle, and their behavioral characteristics.


The target market chosen for the campaign consists of males and females between 19 -34 years old also known as the Young &
Carefree. They are people who are already interested in motorcycles and looking to buy in the next two years or those that currently
own and are looking for a different or additional sportbike. The target market chosen is supported by the primary and secondary
research conducted.

They earn $44,000 a year and generally have a higher than average discretionary income. The following are characteristics of the
Young & Carefree:
        They generally do not have children
        They live an active lifestyle
        They love to spend money freely
        Have few to none commitments as they often have not started a family or purchased their first home


The Young & Carefree are very active and enjoy going out and socializing with friends, in the past 30 days (NewAd , 2008):

        98% of them went to a restaurant (they went an average of 8.8 times)
        89% went to a bar or night club (they went an average of 5.9 times)
        53% attended a health and fitness centre (they went an average of 4.8 times)

The Young & Carefree spend approximately 1.4 hours on the internet per day. While on the web they frequent social media websites
such as Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace. This target market also checks their email on a regular basis as they feel the need to stay
continuously connected to their peers.


Barnes Harley Davidson is restricted to advertising in their dealer market area (DMA). The DMA consists of Tsawwassen, Ladner,
Steveston, Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale and Langley up to Abbotsford and now with the opening of the Port Coquitlam store
Barnes Harley Davidson has acquired Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam Mission and Maple Ridge. The following is a screen shot of the
Figure 1 Barnes Harley-Davidson Buell Dealer Market Area


The Barnes Can Handle It campaign will be running for a six month period from April 1, 2009 until August 31, 2009. These dates
mark the beginning, peak and end of the riding season in BC. The original dates for the campaign were to go until October 31, 2009,
but with the given budget, objectives and that the majority of riders are not going to purchase a bike in September /October we
recommend to shorten the date to receive maximum impact with the budget and focus on a communication strategy with the customer
or prospects during those off season months.


The campaign budget is $50,000 with an opportunity to receive co-op dollars from Deeley Harley Canada at 50%. The budget for the
event is $10,000; this money is not available for a co-op opportunity.

Due to Barnes Harley Davidson® Buell® low presence in the sportbike market, which is currently dominated by the Japanese
competitors, it is imperative to begin the campaign on April 1 2009 with an aggressive hard launch. All tactics will be utilized as
aggressively as possible within our budget to build as much reach and frequency as possible, to heighten the Harley-Davidson®
Buell® sportbike awareness in the market place and lead to immediate sales at the beginning of the riding season.


The Barnes Buelligans street team has been created to help increase awareness and over come perception of both brands by engaging
the target market directly with the product. The street team will run from April 1 until June 6 every weekend. They will attend various
event and locations that cater to our target market. They will be handing out branded Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® merchandise,
hyping the Handle a Buell® event and driving people to the microsite to win a Buell® 1125CR and to get them interested in the

 In store there is an internal contest consisting of a sales incentive for the staff member that sells the most Buell® motorcycles during
the campaign period. The prize consists of a $3000 trip for two (destination to be determined by the Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell®


To communicate to our target audience of 19-34 year olds that Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® is a dealership that sells sportbikes,
not just Harleys. We want Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® to become part of the target audiences evoked set for when they think of
sportbikes and sportbike needs they think of Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell®. We want to get them talking about both of these
brands and interested in what they have to offer.

Advertising will complement and communicate Buell’s® exceptional handling as a sportbike and Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell’s®
ability to handle sportbike needs. Advertising will drive people to the website and the dealership to experience this message.
It is essential in a limited DMA and within a limited budget to target our audience with a hard launch and in a unique and humorous
fashion to break through the clutter. The following recommended mediums will separate Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® from
other dealerships and break through the advertising clutter.



The following section will highlight the recommendations and rational behind the advertising mediums that are being used.


Advertisements in washrooms on miniboards and decals were selected as they are powerful at capturing the younger demographics
attention. With the limited budget in a limited DMA it is essential to capture and target our demographic to limit the amount of wasted
coverage our advertisements receive. The following statistics outline the influence washroom advertisements have on adults 19-34
years old (NewAd , 2008):

       Eighty percent say that indoor advertising captures their attention, which is higher than any other medium
       Seventy-nine percent of them say they read the content of the message
       It is a powerful tool to grab attention as:
            o Thirty-seven percent of them visited the website after seeing the advertisement
            o Twenty-nine percent visited the store
            o Twenty-one percent purchased or inquired about products they saw in advertisments

Strengths of Alternative Advertising

The audience is captive in one location for a period of time with very little distraction around them, thus allowing them to focus on the
advertisement. Washroom advertising has the ability to target a market by socio-demographic, consumption habits, lifestyle and by
specific establishments. Finally since our target market is exposed to many advertisements daily, washroom advertising is seen as less
intrusive and can support very creative and unique advertising.

          In order to reach our target market of males and females aged 19-34 years old in a selective DMA, washroom advertising in
          restaurants and bars is recommended. NewAd is a supplier of alternative advertising with a vast number of bars and
          restaurants across British Columbia. We would be relying on their expertise to select the specific restaurant and bar location
          that meets our objectives.

We recommend using the following forms of alternative media:

   1. Miniboard advertisements which are 13” X 17”, frames located in bathroom stalls, on bathroom walls in both male and female
      bathrooms. Given alternative media’s unique and creative acceptance it allows the Barnes Can Handle It campaign to target
      our specific demographic and is a complement to our advertising creative and message.

       Miniboard advertisements will appear in 40 restaurant and bar locations in the DMA. They will run from April 1 until June 30,
       2009. The 40 spots will be rotated around different location in the DMA. It is important to rotate our 40 spots as we do have a
       limited budget and the rotating will allow us to reach more of our target market.

   2. Decals will be used in conjunction with the miniboards. The decals will be placed in the same locations as the miniboards and
      run from April 1 until June 30, 2009. Decals are unique, increasing in popularity, and are a complement to the advertising
      message. It is a creative way to express our message to our target market in a unique and memorable way, thus heightening
      Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® and Buell’s® awareness.

            Mini Board                   Decal to be placed on mirror behind sink

                  Mini Board           Mini Board above Urinals with decals

  The cost associated with washroom advertising is very low, when you consider the amount impressions you achieve and the absolute
  target ability of your message.

                                                     # of boards              Cost per board # of weeks Total cost                Cost per thousand
                      Miniboard 13'x17'
                                                                         40              $50          13 $26,000                         $26

                      # of decals per                                         # of decals
                                                  # of locations                                     Cost per decal   # of weeks         Total cost   Cost per thousand
     Bathroom            location                                               needed
      Decals                                                                                                                                                    $10
                                2                        40                       80                     $9.61               13      $10,000.00


  The washroom advertising will run for 13 weeks (3 months) consistently to achieve solid awareness and reach.

                                          April                                                          May                                                June
                      29 to 4       5 to 11   12 to 18        19 to 25        26 to 2       3 to 9     10 to 16   17 to 23    24 to 30      31 to 6   7 to 13      14 to 20   21 to 27
Bathroom MiniBoard
  April 1 - June 30
 Bathroom Decals
  April 1 - June 30

To complement our limited budget and other campaign tactics radio is seen as an obvious choice for our target market. Our target
market spends 30% of their daily media time with radio. The other tactics include social media, generating traffic to the campaign
microsite, as well as the Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® website. Radio compliments internet and can generate awareness and
response, producing notable results as indicated below:

   o Fourty-one percent of online young adults listen to radio while on-line some or most of the time
   o Fifty-four percent indicated that a radio ad had prompted them to search the Internet for more information
   o Fourty-six percent report that they have typed a website address into their web browser after hearing it on radio(Radio
     Audience Profile)

The following is the share of daily media time for adults 19- 34 years old:

                   Medium                             2007               2008                % change

                   Radio                              2.2 hours          2.3 hours           +5%

                   TV                                 2.6 hours          2.5 hours           -4%

                   Newspaper                          0.8 hours          0.6 hours           -25%

                   Magazines                          0.4 hours          0.3 hours           -25%

                   Internet                           1.2 hours          1.4 hours           +17%

                   Totals                             7.2 hours          7.1 hours           -1%

                 Table 1 Share of Daily Media Time   (Research, 2008 )

From the five areas of media shown the only two that have increased in the past year among our target market are internet and radio.
Between those two mediums radio has the higher average of daily media time.

Radio is not a seasonal medium therefore it offers coverage throughout the year with little or no audience drop off. Due to radio’s vast
audience and reach it can deliver more advertising impressions than any other medium for the same budget. Radio can also target
specific demographic groups based on a stations format. It is well suited for promotions and sponsorship opportunities which further
establish a connection with the audience.

Fifty-four percent of the target market indicated that a radio advertisement had prompted them to search the internet for more
information and 46% said that they have typed a website address into their web browser after hearing it on radio (RMB). These
statistics also show the high connection between radio and the internet within this age group.


 The radio station CFOXFM (99.3 The Fox) was chosen due to the following characteristics of their listeners:

       Average age of a Fox listener is 29 years old                           They lead busy and active lives
       Seventy-four percent have annual household income of                    They frequent restaurants, bars and pubs on a regular
       $40,000 or more                                                         basis
       Almost 70% are employed full time                                       Majority of them are from Vancouver’s suburbs, in
       Majority spend more than 15 hours per                                   particular 18 – 34 year old male listeners
       week on the internet                                                    CFOX is rated #3 in listenership among females 18-34

We recommend implementing radio in the following way:

           1. Create with CFOX on the Friday morning show with Jeff O’Neil a contest that incorporates our campaign messaging of
              handling. The contest will run Friday April 3 and end May 29, 2009. CFOX will ask their listeners how they would
                 handle a certain situation if it were to happen in their life (the situations would be lighthearted and humorous) One
                 winner would be awarded a $150 Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® gift certificate.

                  Barnes Harley-Davidson® Buell® will receive name mentions to begin building awareness with the target market. As
                 it is on the Friday show CFOX will mention to look for the Barnes Buelligans street team on the weekend.

            2.    CFOX radio remote will be used for the Handle A Buell® event on June 6, 2009. A radio remote provides a live
                 broadcast from the event generating lots of excitement among a wide audience and drive people to the event. The radio
                 remote includes the following:
                    (24) x 30 second week prior pre-remote                                (5) x 7 second promotional sponsor tags
                    mentions                                                              CFOX on air personality
                    (8) x 60 second live cut-ins                                          CFOX on location vehicle and signage


The figures below indicate the costs associated with radio advertising. Based on audience listenership the cost per thousand is very
low and cost effective for reaching such a wide audience.

                                 Cost        CUME before event   CUME day of event     Total Gross Impressions      Cost per thousand
    CFOX Radio Remote
                                $8,500           548,320             89,744                    638,094                    $13.32

                                                              Cost     CUME before event        Cost per thousand
                              CFOX Morning Contest
                                                             $1,850        50,481                     $36.65

See Appendix A for specific calculations for CUME

                                           April                                          May                                            June

                           29 to 4   5 to 11   12 to 18   19 to 25   26 to 2   3 to 9   10 to 16   17 to 23   24 to 30   31 to 6   7 to 13      14 to 20   21 to 27
     CFOX Promotional
Giveaway April 3- May 29
    CFOX Radio Remote
          June 6



      Local and community newspapers were considered but not recommended primarily due to our limited budget. Even though 75% of
      adults 18+ read a printed daily newspaper in the past week, with our limited DMA we would not be able to target out market
      effectively. With newspapers inability to target specifically we did not have the means to utilize print effectively and achieve the
      necessary frequency needed to create the buzz that is necessary to achieve this campaign goal.


      Due to budget constraints and our limited DMA television is not a feasible method for advertising to our target market. Not only is TV
      expensive to produce but with our limited DMA by advertising on TV we would reach many consumers who fall outside our target

Due to budget constraints internet is not seen as feasible. Banner and box advertisements are short lived and many consumers do not
click on the advertisement, thus it is wasted dollars. The use of purchasing adwords is also not feasible and the best use of a limited
budget. Due to the hard launch of this campaign and the awareness and perception challenges we are trying to overcome it is more
efficient to target our consumer with unique advertising mediums. Instead the use of social media will be implemented as it still
reaches the target audience while costing no money.

Out of Home

The campaign DMA falls in suburban areas, with limited billboard space and limited transit routes. Even though out of home
advertising does an excellent job of reaching a large audience and is very measurable the lack of mediums in the DMA and the very
specific target market the message would not be communicated in the creative and interactive fashion necessary.

Regardless of the restricted DMA many motorcycle and sportbike publications are American which leaves a very limited selection to
target the audience with. Magazines also reach a wide audience and local advertising is not an appropriate use of that medium.
Magazines are also costly and require a long lead time which is not feasible given this campaign.

Competitive analysis matrix

                                          AQH Rtg: Breakfast + Day + Drive + Evening
             CFBTFM                                                                                            1.77
             CKZZFM                                                                        1.12
              CFOXF+                                                                1.05
              CJJRFM                                               0.58
           CHQMFM                                                 0.57
             CKLGFM                                              0.55
             CFMIFM                                       0.46
                 CKST                             0.32
               CKWX                            0.27
            KWPZFM                          0.22
             CKCLFM                     0.16
               CKNW               0.1
                CFUN            0.07
                CKBD           0.05
                CHMJ           0.05
                  CISL       0.02

                         0              0.2        0.4           0.6      0.8   1           1.2   1.4   1.6   1.8     2

Figure 2 Rank Report Market: Vancouver Ctl Demo: A18-34 Pop: 536,725

Given the above RTS data from BBM CFOXFM comes in third in average quarter hour. We still recommend this station given the
above CFOX listener data and how it matches our target market. (Airware, 2009)
                        AQH Rtg: Breakfast + Day + Drive + Evening (F18-34)
  CFBTFM                                                                                                    1.93
  CKZZFM                                                                                             1.85
   CFOXF+                                                    0.7
   CJJRFM                                                    0.7
CHQMFM                                                0.63
  CKLGFM                                0.31
 KWPZFM                                0.3
  CKCLFM                            0.25
    CKWX                      0.2
     CKBD            0.07
      CKST           0.07
     CFUN           0.05
  CFMIFM            0.05
    CKNW          0.03
     CHMJ         0.02
       CISL       0.02

              0             0.2           0.4   0.6                0.8   1   1.2   1.4   1.6   1.8            2

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