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					                                  Clare Arena Haden
4516 N. Larkin St.                                                email:
Milwaukee, WI 53703                                     
Cell: (773) 314-3988


Master of Fine Arts in Acting, Summa Cum Laude (May 2009)
  Theatre and Drama, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  Thesis: A Lesson in Humanity: Vocal Coaching The Love of the Nightingale

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude (May 2000)
   Musical Theatre, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point


Interim Professor of Graduate Voice and Speech
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Theatre and Drama (Spring 2010)

  Instructor: Theatre 740: Voice Development curriculum on the graduate level
  Second semester graduate voice training to deepen and expand vocal capacity,
   expressiveness, and range as well as refine the skills for effective speaking on the stage

Associate Lecturer of Graduate/Undergraduate Acting Styles and Directing
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Theatre and Drama (Spring 2010)

  Team Teacher with Norma Saldivar: Theatre 768/568/368: Advanced Problems in Directing
   curriculum on the graduate and undergraduate level – addressing special directing challenges,
   e.g., musical theatre, new work and adaptation development, performance styles, and
   multimedia challenges

Associate Lecturer of Undergraduate Voice and Speech
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Professional Theatre Training Program (Fall 2009)

  Instructor: Intermediate Voice and Speech Development curriculum for second year
   undergraduates, including dialect study and IPA development
  Instructor: Introduction to Stage Voice curriculum for first year undergraduates

Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Theatre and Drama (2006 – May 2009)

  Creator and Instructor: Theatre 240: Intermediate Voice for the Actor curriculum on the
   undergraduate level, including the creation of specialized training materials
  Creator and Instructor: Theatre 140: Introduction to Voice on the undergraduate level
  Creator and Director: new Musical Theatre Workshops and Showcases for the undergraduate
   theatre program
  Advisor/Mentor/Theatre Coach: Undergraduate theatre students, both for acting and voice

                         Winner of 2007 UW Teaching Assistant Award

   Clare Arena Haden                                                                            1

Director, Youth Theatre Program
Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, Grand Lake, CO ( 2009, 2010 Seasons)

  Creator: Teen Theatre Academy, a three-week intensive program focused on the craft of
   musical theatre performance and preparation for musical theatre study at college level
  Creator and Instructor: Curriculum for Teen Theatre Academy, including training in
   scene/song study, audition technique, stage movement, and voice for the actor
  Creator and Director: T-Issues and A Light in the Dark, musical reviews of songs, original
   scenes and monologues performed in multiple Cabaret-style performances.
  Creator and Director: Youth Theatre Workshop, a two-week session offering an introduction
   of musical theatre to 8-10 year olds, culminating in public performances of Broadway songs
   and dances

Education Development Assistant & Teaching Artist
American Players Theatre, Spring Green, WI (2006 Season)

  Creator and Administrator: Teaching Artist Workshop for APT’s “Shakespeare in Schools”
   fall program
  During the theatrical season, developed Study Guides for attending educators and students to
   create a more visceral relationship with Shakespeare’s language
  Instructor: workshop training for APT Teaching Artists
  Coordinator: conferences and training sessions for the Wisconsin’s Teacher Advisory Panel,
   in an effort to support educators with tools and techniques that help them continue their
   students' exploration in classical dramatic language

Note: APT is an 1150-seat, outdoor, Equity theatre with a passionate focus on classical theatre

Teaching Assistant, “Science is Fun”
University of Wisconsin, Department of Chemistry (2006 – 2009)

  Performance and Presentation Coach: Chemistry Department’s "Science is Fun" program, a
   theatrical chemistry demonstration presented for audiences of all ages. Duties included
   coaching chemistry students on the basics of strong presentation skills, including relaxation,
   articulation and confidence.
  Learned and conducted live chemistry experiments to demonstrate proper presentation
  Director: NO, a live, Science-in-Theatre event.
  Appeared on the “Science is Fun Holiday Wisconsin Public Television Special”

Vocal Coach & Assistant Vocal Coach
American Players Theatre, Spring Green, WI (2007 season)

    Collaborated with directors on the usage of language in each play
    Researched and coached accents and dialects
    Aided cast members in exploring their character’s language through private work sessions
    Coached young company members on the basics of healthy, yet dynamic vocal usage

     Clare Arena Haden                                                                              2

Teaching Artist, “Speak Up, Speak Out!” and “Make a Scene”
Children’s Theatre of Madison, Madison, WI (2009, 2010)

  Creator and Instructor: new curriculum for the Children's Theatre of Madison
  Creator: "Speak Up, Speak Out,” an 8-week class designed to introduce middle school
   students to the basics of healthy and confident vocal usage, on stage and in everyday life
  Creator and Instructor: physical and vocal warm-up regimen
  Instructor: audition techniques, dialects, and the tools needed to assist the students with future
   dialect exploration
  Creator: “Make a Scene,” a 10-week course designed for teen actors to explore acting
   techniques and develop character through voice and text work, improvisation, and scene
   study – culminating in a final showcase of scene and monologue performances.

Youth Theatre Director
Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, Grand Lake, CO (1998 – 2005 Seasons)

  Developer, Director and Administrator: Youth Theatre Program, in collaboration with
   members of the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre and the Grand Lake Metropolitan
   Recreation District in Colorado. This program is currently in its 12th season.
  Musical Director: annual musical productions each summer, with an average cast of 60-80
   young adults


University of Wisconsin – Madison

Graduate Voice Training
One Semester
T&D 740: 3 credits
Developed curriculum and training materials, including IPA

Graduate/Undergraduate Acting Styles
One Semester
T&D 768/568/368: 3 credits
Developed curriculum for the musical theatre and advanced acting styles

Intermediate Voice for the Actor
Two Semesters
T&D 240: 3 credits
Developed curriculum and training materials, including ear training and speech study

Introduction to Acting – Voice for the Actor
Four Semesters
T&D 140: 3 credits
Developed curriculum for healthful and expansive use of the voice

    Clare Arena Haden                                                                              3

Musical Theatre Workshop
2007 & 2008 Winter Semesters
Originated new musical theatre workshops
Workshops focused on solo and ensemble performance, as well as audition techniques

Patsy Rodenburg Voice Workshop
TSGDO 2007 Conference
Developed hour long vocal warm-up using Patsy Rodenburg techniques for conference
participants ending in improvised vocal expression exercises

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Stage Voice and Speech 1
6 weeks
Theatre 430: 2 credits
Continued Fitzmaurice and vocal warm-up training for first year undergraduate PTTP students
under Michelle Lopez-Rios

Stage Voice and Speech 3
6 weeks
Theatre 530: 2 credits
Continued IPA and Dialect training for second year undergraduate PTTP students under Michelle

Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

Teen Theatre Academy
Summer 2009, 2010
Created musical theatre workshops focused on solo and ensemble performance
Developed curriculum for musical theatre study and performance

Youth Theatre Workshop
Summer 2009, 2010
Developed curriculum for 2-week session
Workshops focused on introduction to musical theatre

Children’s Theatre of Madison

Speak Up, Speak Out!
February – April 2009
Developed curriculum for 8-week class
Class focused on vocal usage, audition techniques, and dialects

Make a Scene
January – March 2010
Developed curriculum for 10-week class
Class focuses on acting techniques, improvisation, scene study, and monologue development

    Clare Arena Haden                                                                         4


Production                  Role                Theatre                   Director

Main-Travelled Roads        Nina,        Milwaukee Chamber        Molly Rhode
Night of the Iguana         Frau Fahrenkopf     American Players Theatre William Brown
A Midsummer Night’s Dream   Hermia, Quince      Utah Shakes. Festival    Michael Bahr
The Greeks                  Thetis, Cassandra   Madison Repertory        Tom Blair
A Wonderful Life            Mary Bailey         CTM, Madison            Roseann Sheridan
A Christmas Carol           Christmas Past      CTM                     Roseann Sheridan
The Musical of Musicals…    Abby                UT Summer Series         Patricia Boyette
Annie Get Your Gun          Annie Oakley        Rocky Mtn. Repertory     Jesus Perez
Into the Woods              Baker’s Wife        Rocky Mtn. Repertory    Anna Antaramian
Hello Dolly                 Dolly Levi          Rocky Mtn. Repertory     Skelly Warren
Beauty and the Beast        Mrs. Potts          Rocky Mtn. Repertory     Jeff Duke
I Do! I Do!                 Agnes               Rocky Mtn. Repertory     Scott Haden
Dames at Sea                Mona Kent           Rocky Mtn. Repertory    Anna Antaramian
Mystery of Edwin Drood      Princess Puffer     Rocky Mtn. Repertory    Anna Antaramian
Gypsy                       Mazeppa             Rocky Mtn. Repertory     Skelly Warren
Lucky Stiff                 Rita LaPorta        Rocky Mtn. Repertory    Anna Antaramian
Little by Little            “Woman 2”           Rocky Mtn. Repertory     Scott Haden
Honky Tonk Angels           Angela              Rocky Mtn. Repertory     Jacob Knoll
Joseph…Dreamcoat            Narrator            American Eagle Prod.     Linda Slein
The Secret Garden           Martha              American Eagle Prod.     Linda Slein
Godspell                    Ensemble            American Eagle Prod.     Linda Slein
The Apple Tree              Eve, Ella           UWSP Summer Series       Arthur Hopper


Urinetown, The Musical      Ms. Pennywise       UT Madison               Pam Kriger
A Midsummer Night’s Dream   Helena              UT Madison               Norma Saldivar
A Streetcar Named Desire    Stella              UT Madison               Norma Saldivar
A Nervous Smile             Nicole              UT Madison               Talish Barrow
Arabian Nights              Scheherezade        UT Madison               Norma Saldivar
Blood Brothers              Mrs. Johnstone      UWSP Mainstage           Arthur Hopper
Into the Woods              Baker’s Wife        UWSP Mainstage           Steve Sherwin
All My Sons                 Kate Keller         UWSP Mainstage           Jenny Wanasek
As You Like It              Celia               UWSP Mainstage           Ellen Margolis
Dancing at Lughnasa         Maggie              UWSP Mainstage           Arthur Hopper
Romance/Romance             Josefine, Monica    UWSP Black Box           Jeremy Doucete
Brigadoon                   Meg Brocky          UWSP Mainstage           Robert Baruch
Only You                    Heather             UWSP Black Box           Mathew Bolser
A Boys Life                 Lisa                UWSP Black Box           Sarah Oliva
Pippin                      Catherine           UWSP Mainstage           Steve Sherwin
The Secret Garden           understudy Martha   UWSP Mainstage           Tom Nevins
The Kids from Wisconsin     Singer/Dancer       1995, 1996              Colonel Azzolina
                                                                         and Mark Dorn

   Clare Arena Haden                                                                   5

Production                          Director                 Theatre

Timon of Athens (Asst.)             Kate Buckley             American Players Theatre
Merchant of Venice (Asst.)          James Bohnen             American Players Theatre
Misalliance (Asst.)                 John Langs               American Players Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing              Ken Albers               American Players Theatre
American Fiesta                     Jenny Wanasek            Renaissance Theatre
The Dig                             Norma Saldivar           Renaissance Theatre
A Christmas Carol                   Roseann Sheridan         Children’s Theatre of Madison
Degas’ Little Dancer                Roseann Sheridan         Children’s Theatre of Madison
The Front Porch                     Heather Murn             Alley Stage
Rose Colored Glass                  Heather Murn             Alley Stage
The Imaginary Invalid               Patricia Boyette         University of Wisconsin
The Love of the Nightingale         Talish Barrow            University of Wisconsin
Three Sisters (Asst.)               James Bohnen             University of Wisconsin
The Water Engine                    Tony Simotes             University of Wisconsin
The Vagina Monologues               Kathryn Bilbo            Barrymore Theatre
Dragon Wings                        David Furumoto           University of Wisconsin
Wuthering Heights                   Sierra Nibbe             Verona High School

* Also offered private coaching in Madison, WI, with clients ranging from high school,
undergrad and graduate students to a family practitioner and a local field anchor for Madison’s
Channel 15 News.


   Teen Theatre Academy, RMRT musical review with nineteen 14-18 year olds, 2 seasons
   Youth Theatre Workshop, RMRT cabaret with forty 8-10 year olds, 2 seasons
   Going, Going, Gone with the Breeze, RMRT musical production with seventy 8-14 year olds
   NO, UW- Madison, wordplay with four actors for chemistry lectures
Musical Director
   Wonderland, RMRT youth theatre production
   The Magical Land of Oz, RMRT youth theatre production
   Charleston!, RMRT youth theatre production
   Robin Hood, RMRT youth theatre production
Assistant Director
   Raising Blue, Prop Theatre in Chicago, IL, with Adam Theisen
   Arsenic and Old Lace, RMRT high school production with Levi Teal


   Clients include Alliance, Milwaukee Children’s Center, CUNA Mutual Group, MG&E
Wisconsin Public Radio
   Radio Play Series, “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment”

    Clare Arena Haden                                                                             6

Roy Hart Vocal Training & Workshops
Carol Mendlesohn and Saule Ryan
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Psycho/Physical Training & Beckett Intensive
Phillip Zarrilli
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Kalarippayattu & T’ai Chi Ch’uan Study
Phillip Zarrilli
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Feldenkrais Technique
Uri Vardi
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Suzuki Workshop and Play Development Training
Eric Hill and Tom Blair
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Kabuki Theatre - Style & Performance
David Furumoto
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Michael Chekov Technique
Dawn Arnold
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Olympia Dukakis Master Class
Olympia Dukakis
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI

Master Scene Study
Kate Buckley, Calvin MacLean, Henry Godinez, Jason Loewith
The Acting Studio
Chicago, IL

   Clare Arena Haden                                         7

Gertrude Johnson Scholarship for Excellence in Voice
Winner 2007 and 2008

William Elliot Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Winner 2009

Charline M. Wackman Scholarship for Academic and Creative Achievement
Winner 2008

UW Teaching Assistant Award
Winner 2007

Schierl Musical Theatre Scholarship
Winner 1997

Irene Ryan Nomination: Blood Brothers (2000)


AEA – Actors’ Equity Association (Sept. 2010 – present)
VASTA – Voice and Speech Training Association (2007 – present)
TAA - Teaching Assistant Association (2006 – 2009)
TDGSO – Theatre and Drama Graduate Student Organization (2006 – 2009)


Mezzo-Soprano (3 octave range)
Basic Guitar
Accent Reduction Coaching
Stage Combat (hand-to-hand and weapons)
Dance (African, Jazz, Tap, Ballet)
Sports: Marathon runner, Basketball, Softball, Roller Skating


    Clare Arena Haden                                                   8

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Susan Sweeney
Professor of Theatre and Drama
(608) 263-3355

Norma Saldivar
Professor of Theatre and Drama & ACAD Program Director
(608) 263-3356

American Players Theatre

Brenda DeVita
Associate Artistic Director
(608) 588-7402 x119

David Daniel
Director of Education
(608) 588-7402 x112

University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Kate Buckley
Assistant Professor of Theatre and Drama
Work: (865) 974-7302
Home: (865) 357-3595

Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

Michael Querio
Artistic Director
(773) 426-2756

Chad Scott
Former Managing Director
(502) 396-7793

   Clare Arena Haden                                     9

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