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Love what you do.
Stop wasting your precious time with something that isn't working.

If you're reading this, then you have the time RIGHT NOW to call     000-000-
0000.   Dial in and listen to information that will help you make a sound decision,
an obvious choice.

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Thank you for doing the right thing for yourself. You deserve it.

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Having your own home based business is easy.
Having a profitable home based business isn't so easy.

Making it easier on you - is what we do.

If you can see yourself earning FREE customers - Call Now <Insert Your

If you can see yourself earning FREE business builders - Call Now <Insert your

Call and find out how you can earn BOTH <Insert your Number>.

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Waiting won't earn you anything.

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Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?
Look at your pocketbook. What do you see?

Look at <Insert Your Website> and you will see SUCCESS!

Make that reflection glow and make that pocketbook grow.

First rate people in a top notch business who are making real money in the home
based business industry. No secrets, no pressure, no joke.

Do not talk yourself out of looking at this business, because it is not what you

We just took the thinking out of it for you. A unique chance to be part of an
unrivaled business.

Take the first step and make it a big stride.

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YOU can find out today, how an Improved, but not NEW company
will take the home based business world by storm.
If you Act now, you will be part of a powerful SYSTEM that is destined to

Today you can partner up with a 10-year-old TV infomercial Company that is ready
to change the norm.

Call now and hear exclusive information, that will change the shape of your life.

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Your Name

Cars made travelling easier.

Microwaves made it easy to cook.

And now with Winners Stride, working from home just got simple.

Get away from cold calling and "warm market" businesses. This business is the
first of its kind.

Now get real customers who already exist. Real customers who become your

Forget about paying $1,000's to get started and join our company for a fraction of

Get real support and team up with a HOT company today and put your troubles
behind you.

Go to <insert your website> and start your race NOW!!

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Home is where the heart is.

And is the money.

Stop getting the run around and start getting ahead.

Winner's Stride is innovative. No more home parties, no cold calling all day long, no
lead costs that will drown you in debt.

Finally a company that utilizes the largest media outlet in the world and most
homes average 2 of them. The TV.

Imagine having TV commercials on your side. Let the company handle the
advertising for once.

But it gets better....
Imagine doing half the work to get 4x's the results. That's what we do here at
Winner's Stride. And that's what we do - all from home.

Go to <insert your website> and start the race with us today.

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Give yourself a chance to win $300 for just working out.
How simple is that?
Our company gives away over $2000 a week for just signing in and registering
your workout.

  But it doesn't stop there.

  Learn how you can earn FREE customers every day.

  And how you can qualify for FREE business customers as well!

Make a real income from home with a TV infomercial company that is helping you
build YOUR business.

   Could you use $300?

   Would you turn away FREE customers?

   Can FREE business customers make your job easier?

   Get the phone and CALL me.

Your Name Your Number.
<Insert Website>


We have never heard of anything like this before:
A Giant 10 Year-Old TV Infomercial Business that Added a Networking Arm two
years ago.
For the first time ever, this Extraordinary Business Model provides:
Fast Income
Unlimited Leads
Game Changing Products

Hard to Believe? Not Now! It was so compelling, I couldn’t pass it

       Company Producing $250-$300 Million Annually in sales
       Spending $80-$90 Million per year on Infomercials
       Producing 15,000 – 30,000 purchasing customers per week
       Products with brand names like P90X that 8 out of 10 households know
       Our Team, producing free High Quality Leads for Team Members

We know this about traditional networking
       People can’t afford costly leads
       People are sick of ‘bugging’ friends and family
       There are no ‘real’ customers in traditional MLM

Let me highlight a couple of things for you.

   1. Picture people sitting in their homes, watching TV. They see a 30 min
      infomercial and pick up the phone, dial an 800# and place an order.
      Now, imagine that those customers who placed an order through a call
      center become your customers.
   2. Picture that you don’t have to host another party or buy another lead.
   3. Picture that you have a chance to work and be mentored by some of the best
      in the industry.
   4. Picture that you can start for under $200

Listen, I know that you have likely been pitched and promised
before and don’t want to reinvest your sweat and tears in something
that will fall through. I understand! I know where you are coming

Can I   make a commitment to you?
       Write me back
       I will send you some information
       We will talk
And … if I can’t prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is
different – then you can go back to whatever you are focused on
right now.

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Your Number


Hello Name,
Let’s not beat around the network marketing bush. I know that building a
profitable home-based business is not easy and that it takes, time, effort, and an
investment. And most of the time it includes a monthly fee as well. Then, there
are the products. Do you like the products you’ve tried? Are they too expensive?

When you step back and look at most home-based
businesses there are definite concerns.
      Will my customers really stay in, so that I can get residual commission?
      Are there too many comparable products to the one I’m promoting?
      How much will I need to spend on leads to really make this work?

All valid questions. All a concern with most of the businesses out
I don’t want to lead you on or offer just another business opportunity.
I don’t want to waste your time and pull you when you’re not interested at

But what I am asking is for you to read this. You don’t have to e-mail me back if
you don’t want to. But look at what I have found after months of research.

I found a TV Infomercial company that answers your questions
for you.
      You can very easily qualify to get free customers every month by just
       referring 2 people to the business.
      These customers are from the company. Not someone you had to go
       recruit. Imagine that - real customers buying something because they
       initiated the sale.
      No other company compares to our product line in the home-based arena. No
      Leads are still here. But they are FREE for you.
Under $200 to start. No need to clear your vision. Under $200 to start.

Call <insert number> and listen to the information. A few
minutes is all it will take.
Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Email me back and we will move forward by phone or email ~ let me know what
you prefer!

Have a wonderful day!

Your Name
Your Phone


Hello Name,

Good day to you! We are <insert names>. We are writing you after viewing one
of your websites. We have a long track record of being successful in marketing and
enjoy networking with other professionals. We would like to get better acquainted
with you. We are interested in finding out if you are open-minded about hearing
about a new opportunity in the television business.

We are with a large and established media company that has had a lot of success
producing many winning infomercials for the last 10 years. We would like to show
you how you can earn a passive, residual income with us from the TV business with
a new business model that combines direct response, network marketing, and the

While building traditional MLM we’ve made substantial money but we
established a couple of key things… right now (1) people can’t afford costly
leads (2) people are sick of “bugging” friends and family (3) there are no
“real” customers in a traditional model of MLM.

We were introduced to TV infomercials about 10 months ago. For the first time we
could see real customers that ordered from TV and grew one’s business very rapidly
from home. Let us highlight a couple of things for you.

   1. Picture people sitting in their homes, watching TV. They see a 30 min
      infomercial and pick up the phone, dial an 800# and place an order.
      Now, imagine that a percentage of those customers who placed an order
      through a call center become your customers.
   2. Picture that you don’t have to host another party or buy another lead.
   3. Picture that you have a chance to work and be mentored by some of the best
      in the industry.
   4. Picture that you can start for under $200 (includes kit, website, and

Listen, we know that you have likely been pitched and promised before and don’t
want to reinvest your sweat and tears in something that will fall through. We
understand! We know where you are coming from. But imagine being able to
partner with one of the top infomercial companies on the globe that is poised to do
300 million in sales this year, spend 80-90 million on media, that is right now
generating 15-30k customers a WEEK and you can capture a percentage of those

Opportunities like this don’t come around every day. So what do you do next?

Call us at: <insert phone and/or website> to find out more!

<insert name>, we always enjoy talking to others in the industry, and we have
many friends throughout the networking community. If this is not for you we would
still love to hear how your business is going.


Your Name



To my closest friends and family…..take a look at this!
I wanted to let you know this information, just in case you were thinking about
buying this or already bought something from this product line.

A company called Beach Body airs infomercials on TV frequently. They focus
on workout products and DVD’s. I really like it because it’s something that isn’t
asking you to go to the gym or to spend your whole day exercising. It’s also put
together for everyday people – busy people who don’t want to spend money on
gas, just to go to the gym.

You may recognize the workout DVD’s and products like   10-Minute Trainer,
P90X, Hip-Hop Abs, and Slim in 6.
These are just a handful of the products Beach Body has. The workouts are fun,
they are effective, but most of all, you can do them in your own home – where
you feel comfortable!

But now, you don’t have to call in and give an operator all of your information.
With a unique relationship between Beach Body and myself, you can order them
from ME! I have a website that is specifically for me and you can order the
products from my website in association with the company Beach Body.

There are other perks, but let me tell you what the biggest perk is……….

Succeed. Feel good. Feel healthier!
So if you were thinking about ordering one of these, or if you have already tried
one of their workout systems and want to try another one, then give me a call, or
visit my website and order it there!

It’s that easy. These nationally branded workout DVD’s and supplements are
really gaining popularity. The TV is a great outlet to advertise on and so many
people want an easier way to work out during their busy day. I personally am
using them and feel the difference already!

Thanks and I can’t wait to talk to you sometime!

Your Name
Your Phone
Your Website



Hello Name,
I want to make sure this email gets through so just send me a quick confirmation
when you get this. I know you are looking for a home business. It sounds like you
are focused and after you review this information you will see how many things are
in your favor with this company.

5 Key Success Factors
   1. Low Start up cost – under $200
   2. Free Leads – No extra expense and helps people go beyond warm market
   3. Free Customers – After you enroll 2 or anyone in your team imagine 50 free
      customers already buying from TV and you get paid
   4. Systems and Support – Work with top income earners and have all the
      automated and online tools you need in place

The call number and website information are at the bottom of the
Getting Started
   Low Start up - includes Business kit, Website with contact manager, Product
   Online enrollment quick and easy

Customer Acquisition
   When you help just 2 coaches get started with our company you earn the
     customers from TV
   Starting acquiring a portion of the $15,000-30,000 generated weekly by the

Company Credentials
   The company has a 10+ year track record
   They have Nationally Branded Products that focus on Fitness, Weight
    Loss, and Nutrition

System and Team Support
   Partner with experienced top income earners from the industry
   Team systems for automation and time leverage already in place

Your Name
Your Number
Your Website

Listen to the Overview: <insert number>
Watch the Overview: <insert website>



Hi Name,

I've been having a hard time reaching you after you requested info
from us about a TV infomercial company that is changing the face of

You might fall into one of these categories:
1) Still interested, but have been busy

2) Would like to speak with someone for more info

3) No longer interested

So, to make it easy and convenient we have recorded this call: <INSERT

After listening to the informative 6 minute call, you'll know if this might be
something you want to pursue, or if it's not right for you.

It’s my job to get this information to you and to also find out if you're interested, so
I REALLY appreciate you letting me know. Simply hit reply and tell me 1, 2, or


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