PREFACE by vrama



      Today the business environment is rapidly changing in this
competitive environment the popular trend is also striving for
maintaining its positions therefore it become essential for the
companies that they should know about their preference & taste.

      The theoretical knowledge gained in classroom is not fruitful and
complete unless and until it is implemented on the practical work
either done in the field or inside the organization. It always boosts up
our knowledge in pursuing the theoretical studies. It is the internal part
of our curriculum to conduct survey and project work, which not only
accelerates the managerial skills in us but also broadens our practical

      In view of above the survey on “A Study on Investors Attitude
towards Future and Option (F&O) with special reference to
Religare securities Ltd. – In Raipur city” has been conducted and
the project report is before the readers. If any part of this report is
taken up positively by the industry, I will feel that my effort was

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