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									Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                          9.27.2011
Progress Reports
        Last Friday, progress reports for grades 1-8 went home. Today, preschool and Kindergarten students
will be getting theirs. As mentioned last week, our progress reports are designed to give you feedback and
an indication of your child’s current status academically and behaviorally. They should be reviewed
together by parent and child and used to set goals and expectations for the remainder of this 1st quarter. The
report must then be signed and returned to school.
Fundraising Opportunity – Football Mania Raffle Tickets
        We will now start our second fundraising opportunity of the school year with our Football Mania
Raffle Tickets. This is a favorite of many people because it deals with the NFL and enables people to
possibly win nice amounts of money.
        A quick introduction for those who have not done these before: You can buy the tickets for
yourself or sell them to others. They are $20 a ticket. Each ticket has a list of 3 NFL teams listed for each
of the last 10 weeks of the NFL season. Whichever group of 3 teams scores the most total points that
week wins that ticket holder up to $500. To activate each ticket you just need to return the top portion to
school with the name of the ticket holder filled in and the $20. Tickets must be activated in order to win
and to give you credit. This is a 70% credit fundraiser. You earn $14 for each $20 ticket you activate.
        Unlike past years, we will not send tickets home to everyone right away so if you want to get
tickets you must either come in or call/email the office. This enables each person that wants to participate
to do so and to get as many tickets as they want while not sending them out to those who will not
        Remember that you must return the small, tear-off portion of the ticket and the money to the office
to get credit and to have the ticket eligible to win. The raffle lasts for ten weeks and tickets should be in
by Halloween.
 Volunteer Opportunities – Contact Mr. Bennett directly to schedule these
~ Office work: 2-3 volunteers are needed during the school days this week to help Mr. Bennett with some
office work
~ 2-3 helpers would be greatly appreciated on this Friday during our staff development day to help with
some cleaning and moving work.
High School Information Session
        Tonight from 6:00-7:00 in Schwinn Hall we will host a small, informal gathering for any
parents/guardians and students who would like to get more information about the high school selection and
admissions process in Chicago. Mr. Bennett and Ms. Copre will speak along with some former recent
graduates and their families who will offer insights on the entire admissions process. It is geared mostly for
7th and 8th graders and their families but is certainly open to all. If you haven’t done so already, please
RSVP so we know how many people to expect.
Baptism & Other Sacraments
        If your child has not been baptized and you would like to have this done or learn more about it
please contact Mr. Bennett. There are classes and information sessions starting shortly for
parents/guardians and godparents.
        Also, if your child has been baptized but has not received other sacraments and you would like to get
more information please contact Mr. Bennett. Children in 3rd grade or older who haven’t received
Reconciliation or Communion can possibly prepare for and receive those this year but we would need to
hear from you this fall.
School Voicemail
        You may have called the school this week and been unable to reach our voicemail. Our voicemail
system has apparently crashed and we are now scheduling to have it fixed or replaced. In the meantime,
please know that email remains the best way of leaving a message for the school at

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