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					                    How to Ship a Car: Part I

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when shipping a car. Your car
is (most of the time) your most prized possession and you want to be sure that your car
is placed in the right hands. Shipping a car can be very easy if you follow these simple
instructions. We have all sorts of horror stories about shipping cars, including car
shipping companies not having insurance, dropping cars off the carriers, and not being
able to locate the car once it is arrived.

The first step that you need in "how to ship a car". At that point price will be discussed
as well as insurance and the procedure will be explained to you in detail. We will take a
full look at your car, for any signs of damage. Any damage that is on the car will be
noted in the report. Once your car is in transit, you will be updated when your car has
arrived at its final location. Once it has arrived, we will notify you to let you know that
your car has arrived. This time frame greatly depends on how long the trip is, how far
away it is (how many states or cities we are crossing) and if we encounter any traffic
along with way.

Once your car has arrived in its location, you will come to the specified area to pick up
your car. At this point the car will be loaded into the lot and you will come to your car for
inspection. At this point in time, you will look at your car for all of your valuables, and
anything that is inside of the car. You will also do a visual inspection of your car, for any
signs of damage to it, and any other questions that you have for the driver will be asked
at this time.

There is a landing bill that needs to be filled out. This depends on the inspection that
just happened, as well as any other notations that were made during the trip. You will
then give your signature on the bill, and you are now safe to drive the car off of the lot,
and to your final destination, be it your home, office, or going on a vacation.

We hope that you enjoy your time with us and you've learned how to ship a car. Our
motto is "We take care of your car like it is our own," and we truly do treat every car as
though it is a family members. Thank you for taking the time to read these instructions.
If you should have any questions from now to the point you want to book an
appointment with us, feel free to call us at: 800-396-8969.

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Description: How to Ship a Car: Part I There are a number of factors that you need to consider when shipping a car.