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There are many ways in life that we can become unbalanced and lose site of our center. Sickness,
stress, family problems, and worry can all shift us away from our positive view and emotional well
being. As one customer told me:

"If you could spend a few dollars on a product to give you more positive energy for years,
why wouldn't you?"

"Some months ago I purchased your purple plates. One of my most significant experiences is that
since becoming a diabetic my eyes have been very sensitive. They tire easily, are blurry, burn,
and I generally have difficulty seeing. When this happens I lay down, close my eyes and place the
plate over them. After about 15 minutes my eyes stop tearing, feel cooler and my vision returns
even sharper than before. Also, I feel more energized. Thank you Purple plates!

Jeanne Lackoff

"I have used the plates for years, and was glad to find your address again after losing it. I use the
large plate under my plants and they grow like mad! The small disks I have used to alleviate the
pain of Plantar Fascitis by taping them to my ankles. After all the medical and therapeutic
treatments failed, I tried the disks and within a week I had relief and could walk the dog again.
That's all the proof I need."

Mrs. J. Haynes

Another triumphant testimonial came from a man who was in a terrible car accident. After being
told by the attending physicians he would never walk again, he started using the large plates in his
hospital bed, and at home when he was released. 6 months later the man was walking again, and
is now leading a life without restrictions that everyone who knows him agrees is nothing short of

I have had my disk for about 15 years now, long before they were popular. I was a waitress in a
restaurant and was going through a very tough divorce but I did not talk to my customers about my
problems. A total stranger left me my purple disk as a tip one night with an explanation of what the
disk was. I have worn the disk every day since except for when I had a surgery and was forbidden
to wear it. The disk was placed on my neck when I was in the recovery room. Although I have
never really found any website before today that told me about the disk, I have always believed
that it has guided me to have a positive outlook on life and saved me from having a nervous
breakdown, as I am a single parent who raised two daughters by myself and worked three jobs to
do it. I have beat cancer in my uterus and the surgery that I had to undergo was a hysterectomy
which had cancerous cells that were contained within. I feel that they were contained due to the
disk. I still wear the disk because to remind me that a positive outlook and frame of mind is what
guides me, and the rest will follow. If this letter can help change one persons life like the stranger
who left me the disk has changed mine then I'll be glad that I took the time to write it. God Bless
your company and may your work prosper and strengthen through the years.

Tammye Buchinski

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

   I am sending you a brief report with my second order of the energy plates in order that you may
pass on this information to whomever it might help or encourage:

   One friend who ordered had a badly injured knee of six years duration and was considering
surgery. After fifteen minutes of holding the plate to her knee, the swelling subsided, leaving her
able to bend her knee. The swelling and pain have not recurred. She had ringworm all over both
hands which she'd contracted from her beloved pet cat and had been trying to care for the
animal. The ringworm started healing immediately. She is now healed from that. Both problems
had defied help from medical doctors and she's spent a lot of money on both her problems. She's
very glad she listened to me and ordered one plate after all at a minimal investment.

 Another friend had been struck in the chin very hard by her young son coming up out of the water
very fast in their swimming pool. This was an unfortunate accident, of course, but had caused
dental problems and cost lots of money. Her jaw had continued to "click" with her movements and
defied the help her dentist was trying to achieve for her. Her jaw does not "click" any more with her
chewing or talking movements.

An alcoholic friend carries her plates on her person constantly and sleeps with the two small ones
she purchased. She is off the liquor and is calm and finding serenity - also attending AA and
getting tons of help staying straight. Another friend is getting help on an old and painful
childbirth injury and damage to one ovary. It is getting better day by day. Her young son is
clearing up from an asthmatic condition. Her boyfriend is finding relief from very bad sinus
headaches and is relieved from the coughing and gagging he had every morning from the
postnasal drip brought on by sinus problems. He has ordered two small plates on this order
because he doesn't like having to share her plate all the time!

My daughter has found that her baby is getting relief from colic and is now sleeping well all
night. She has more energy now as a mother of a 3 1/2 year old and 5-month old, which
demands lots of energy! She keeps the plate during the day and uses it on the baby at night.

Another friend is getting helped with her depression, a condition that has plagued her for years.

Last, but not least, I will relate my personal experiences.... I have always been a good and gifted
psychic (or mystic) but now my visions, clairvoyance and clairaudient gifts are increased by the
magic of the purple plates. This is indeed important to me, as I am mainly interested in helping as
many people as I can for the time I am put here on this earth. This has accelerated everything for
me. Now I have more energy to help more people, and that is what my life is really all about, so
thank you for helping me help others.

All my food and water and other liquids such as juices, milk, coffee and tea are placed upon my
large purple plate so that I may vibrate from within all this high frequency energy. I have a definite
responsibility to myself that I must constantly purify my mind, emotions, physical body and
spirituality in order to best serve all those who seek my services. This is the best thing I have
been led to in years! My dedication to present only the best to my people has been the guiding
force of my life. God forbid I should ever stumble or mislead any soul who approaches me for help
of any kind. This dedication to higher ideals has preserved me from ever giving up, even though
as a child I was greatly mistreated and mistrusted by my own family, whom I loved dearly, because
I was "different". I have struggled all these many years hoping for acceptance and now am
realizing this dream here in Kansas City by the people who have been led to me and are thirsty for
the kind of help I was born and destined to do on this earth. We are joined in our quest to help
humanity. God bless you and Linda Goodman. Sincerely,

Shirley Stripling

My Experience with the Purple Plate

Gentle people:

I acquired my first purple plate about a year ago. Since then I just had to buy some
more! Although I am still experimenting - and probably will continue to do so for a long time - I
would like to share some of my experiences with you. I have found out that no matter what kind
of pain I suffer from, the purple plate works wonders. Though I seldom remember my dreams,
I very often wake up with bruises or blue spots. It is not rare for me to twist an ankle or a wrist or
bend a knee during my sleep. In such cases, applying the purple plate does the trick almost in no
time at all. Some weeks ago I burned my right pinkie with hot frying oil. Then I "sandwiched" it
between two purple plates and after a good hour there was no trace of what was a really bad
burn. Once, while slicing vegetables, I cut my first finger deeply; I put it on the purple plate and
after some 20 minutes the cut had disappeared. I should not have taken the finger off the plate so
soon, because the cut opened again slightly, but healed faster than is otherwise normal for me. So,
the next time I cut myself, I left the purple plate on the cut for 40 minutes and the cut was
gone. Since then, I have learned to time the application of the purple plate according to the depth
of the cut: my body requires about 20 minutes per 1 mm of cut. I have also found out that the
sooner I use the purple plate after burning or cutting myself, the better it works. This is why I keep
one in the kitchen. Another thing I know now is that the purple plates only work on me when I
place them directly on my skin. This applies to headaches, backaches, stomach upsets,
torticollis, stiff joints, cramps, cuts, burns, and anxiety. I see my dentist twice a year to have
my teeth checked and cleaned. I also go to my pedicurist about every 6 weeks. Both used to
make me acutely nervous. I can't stand the noise of the drill, and having to keep my mouth open
and not being able to swallow panics me. My feet are so ticklish that the gentler she goes about
her business, the less I can bear it. That belongs to the past now! All I have to do is sit down, hold
a purple plate between the palms of my hands and let them do whatever has to be done. I still
cherish the moment my dental hygienist asked me the first time I used the plate in this way, if I had
taken a tranquilizer. My pedicurist reacted similarly, and when I told her about the purple plate, she
wanted to have one too. She has had her plate for some 8 months and carried it in her uniform's
pocket during work. She reports that she is able to cope much better and has more energy
since she uses the plate regularly. Based on these experiences, I now use a purple plate
whenever I need to keep extra calm and cool. When, for some reason, I cannot hold it between
my hands (still the quickest way to relax) I place it on my solar plexus. The effect is very good but
slower. The water in Effretikon, where I live, is very hard. Although people in Switzerland do not
drink tap water, I cannot shake the habit. So one of the first trials I made was to place a pitcher
with tap water on a purple plate. And just as described in the leaflet, the water does turn soft
and tastes as if it came from a spring. But there is more to it; I find that it not only tastes great,
but that it has diuretic properties. There is one thing that puzzles me: if I boil the "treated" water for
coffee or tea, it seems to loose the "goodness". However, if I make tea or coffee with tap water
and then place either the cup or pot on a purple plate for a few minutes, the "goodness" is there
again. I wonder if there is an explanation for this and if other people have noticed this
phenomenon? I also use the treated water for my plants, which act as if I had fertilized them
generously; my 14 year-old cat whose disposition has improved; and my hair as a last rinse
when I wash it, and I'm getting plenty of new hair. I have given purple plates to several friends and
acquaintances. The feedback ranges from "incredible" and "fantastic" to "it doesn't work". In my
opinion, every person reacts slightly different to the purple plates. This far, I have been unable to
ascertain why this is so. But I think that "believing in the plate" is not instrumental. I have noticed
that the persons who have returned the purple plate because it doesn't work for them are
skinny. Of course this is not scientific evidence, especially because other skinny people, to whom I
have given plates, would never part with them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me. In the meantime I would like to thank you for the purple plates and wish you all the
success you so well deserve.

Anamaria Harris Bungertenstrasse 8 CH-8307 Effretikon, Switzerland

 I had hypoglycemia for over 15 years. I started wearing the 4 1/2 x 2 3/4 plate around my neck
for two years and noticed one day that I did not get a headache when I missed eating lunch. That
was amazing to me, because I always had to eat on time or I would have a headache for several
days. My next experience was about coffee. I was very addicted to coffee and had to have a cup in
the morning and one for lunch, or I would get a headache. I started to treat the coffee with the
purple plate and I could drink less coffee with no problems. I have been a vegetarian for ten years.
If I'd eat even a little meat I would get sick. Once I was sick for a week- very sick. That's when I
decided I had to be a vegetarian, so I became a vegetarian. I am a dowser and I started asking
questions and found out that I could eat meat if I treated it with the purple plate for at least a minute
before I ate it. I prepared a leg of lamb for Easter and I ate it. No problem. I'm writing to let
everyone know how wonderful the plates are, and how much they have helped me. Thank you,

Alice Girvin
"I don't know how many people mail you their positive results from the purple energy plates, but I
can attest to their positive results! I put the small purple plate, 4 and 1/2 x2 and 3/4 under my pillow,
and noticed a humming sound that I took to be the raising of my vibration level. When I lay with my
eyes closed, I saw a purple fluid-like energy flowing. My dreams were very profound, vivid, and
easy to recollect upon awakening. I also didn't sleep much at first. I gave a disc to my elderly uncle,
who was having problems with his legs and a bad knee. He would sometimes fall and get bruised.
He put the purple disc in his pocket, and said he noticed a difference in his legs! They were better!
I also gave one to my 81 year old mother, who has low energy from tending my invalid father, and
she said she felt better after she carried it on her body. She decided to put it under my father, who
has Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's, and has had several mini-strokes. He became more
vibrant, and alert from having it under his pillow. Just wanted to share this with you.
Thanks, Sincerely,
Elaine Nowell

"I am a horse trainer/physical therapist. We do lots of energy work at our barn and are having
excellent results with the plates. These plates have brought 2 animals back from the brink of death
and I have a few human friends who need these now. When we confirm the recoveries with
medical data, I will be writing you back with amazing testimonials.
Thanks so much.
L. Stanier

I purchased my first Purple Plate in 1995. I had an injury on my left wrist from waitressing for many
years that flared up from time to time making it necessary for me to wear a brace for up to 6 weeks
at a time. I decided to place the plate on my wrist and this is what happened. Within 15 seconds I
felt intense pain in my wrist that actually brought me to my knees; I knew it was healing me. It felt
as if the injury was being "pulled" from me! The pain stopped within 1 minute and I HAVE NEVER

PETS- Our new kitten was attacked by the family dog. As it lay limp and lifeless in my hand (even
though I thought it was too late) I went for the Purple Plate. I placed it on top of him. To my
amazement and my children's, our kitten sprung up within a minute and actually ran away to hide
behind the couch! There were no permanent injuries. Our older cat Cosmo had disappeared. When
he finally came home, his tail was broken along with other injuries. As I placed The Purple Plate
carefully on his tail, his tail twitched but he allowed it to remain on him. His recovery was almost
instantaneous. His tail was no longer bent!

To date: I heard that a neighbor was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.
I had never met "Karen" before. I didn't have a Purple Plate at the time, Only a Purple Angel
necklace. Last week I saw the necklace hanging in the bathroom and knew I had to give it to Karen.
She must have thought I was a nut case when I knocked on her door, introduced myself and asked
if she believed in miracles. She said she did. I put the necklace on her. Since then she has called
me EVERYDAY to thank me for the necklace. She says her energy level is up, she only feels the
need to take her side effect medication about every 4 days instead of twice daily and her overall
attitude is a positive one. I have heard the Purple Plate reacts differently on different people. The
sensation felt seems to be either a pain, a tingling or an electrical charge. BELIEVE.......THE

Patricia Sullivan
524 E. Ave. Q-12 #11, Palmdale, Ca. 93550, 661.273.7310 fax and phone

In 1998, I gave my purple plate to a friend as he traveled, to see if it actually improved a cars
performance. He placed it in his glove compartment. A few days later, while at a gas station, he
took it out of the glove compartment and placed it in his shirt pocket. The roads were slippery from
the rain and he lost control of his vehicle as he came onto the freeway. He was hit by a Semi truck.
The only thing left of his vehicle was where he was sitting. He was seriously injured. The first time
he saw me after the accident he held his arms out to me, and sobbed deeply. He thanked me
because he said he knew that it was the Purple Plate that kept him from dying that evening. He
doesn't know why he took the plate out of the glove compartment and put it in his shirt pocket that
night. He is convinced, and so am I, that it was the energy of the Purple Plate.

Pat S. 9/02

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