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					• Attendance is important for success in each and every class!
• Consequences for missing school include documentation, parental contact,
         suspension, parental meeting, and referral to the truancy officials.
     • Excused = parent note within 48 hours.
     • Unexcused = no note from parents after 48 hours.
     • The Attendance Secretary is Cindi Noora. Her direct line is 441-8477.

     1st                3rd                  4th                  6th              8th           9th            10th

Documentation   Teacher             Parent contact,       6 total absences.    8 total        Meeting      Truancy
                Contacts            from teacher;         Parent contact       absences.      with         referral to
                 parent. Phone      phone or letter       from teacher and     Parent         Principal,   CISD.
                call and/or         from A.P. office if   letter from          meeting.       Assistant    Documentation
                letter to parents   4 or more             Assistant            Review         Principal    Notify Principal
                if all Unexcused    unexcused.            Principal. Discuss   Truancy        and/or
                within first or     Documentation.        truancy process.      process.      Counselor
                 third quarter.                           Documentation.       SRR            about
                Documentation.                            SRR                  Warning        truancy.
                                                                               letter prior   W until
                                                                               truancy        meeting.
• Being Tardy is considered being late to class by 30 minutes or less.
• Consequences include after school detentions, parental contact, suspension and
         parental meeting.

       1st-3rd               4th                 5th                6th                7th             Beyond 7

 Detention with      Detention with       Teacher sends      Teacher sends      SRR, OSS, or W     OSS or W
 teacher to 3 p.m.   teacher on           docs and student   docs and student   Parent contact.    Parent contact.
 Teacher logs date   mutually agreed      to attendance      to attendance      Documented in      Documented in
 and time.           date to no earlier   office.            office.            student records.   student records.
                     than 3:00 p.m.       Detention with     SRR or OSS         Notify Principal   Parent meeting
                     Teacher calls        Asst. Principal    Parent contact.                       with Principal and
                     parent to notify     and/or lunch       Documented in                         Assistant
                     and FYI about        detentions         student records.                      Principal prior to
                     consequences for     Documented in                                            re-entry
                     5th.                 student records.
• IDs must be on students at all times.
   – Failure to produce an ID upon request can result in referral to
     office, detention and $10.00 replacement fee.
• Students are encouraged to wear their IDs.
• Do Not deface your ID!!! It is sensitive to damage.
   – Do not puncture, bend, color, etc..
• IDs have many uses:
   – Locker Access
   – Checking-out books in the library
   – Purchasing lunch
• IDs will be distributed on the 1st day of school.
   – They will include your locker number.

    – If you have no ID upon arrival, the office will contact you later
      for a picture and ID assignment.
     The following is a condensed list of Dress Code Regulations.
      Violation of Dress Code may result in documentation, change of clothes,
         parental contact and suspension
•   Skirts and shorts are to be no shorter than fingertip length.
•   Clothing must cover all appropriate undergarments.
•   Pants are to be worn at the waist with no sagging.
•   Holes are discouraged.
•   Exposure of the belly or midriff, bust or cleavage, butt, or back is not
•   Both shoulders are to be covered with a minimum of a 2” strap.
•   Only school appropriate messages on clothing.
•   Clothing that identifies with gang affiliation or worn in a manner that
    identifies with gang affiliation is not permitted.
•   Outdoor coats, hats, hoods, any head coverings, and sunglasses must be
    stored in lockers during the school day.
•   Small purses and cinch bags (size per handbook) are allowed. Larger items
    must be stored in lockers.
•   Spandex or fishnets may be worn under dress code appropriate skirts only.
• Breakfast is available served before school and during
  nutrition break
   – $1.20 (Reduced $.30)
   – Ala Carte items available
• Lunch
   – $1.70 (Reduced $.40)
   – Ala Carte items available
   – Sandwich Central (pre-order is available)
• Trash and Recycle bins are located throughout the
  cafeteria. It is expected that you use them.
Warning Bell       7:35 a.m.
Block 1            7:40-9:10 a.m.
 Nutrition Break   10 minutes
Block 2            9:20-10:58 a.m.
Block 3B           11:28-12:58 p.m.
Block 3A           11:05-12:35 p.m.
Lunch A 10:58-11:28
Lunch B 12:35-1:05
Block 4            1:05-2:35 p.m.
• Counselors are here to assist you
  throughout your High School experience
   – Mrs. Oaks           A-F
   – Mr. McCrumb         G-M
   – Mrs. Avery          N-Z
English                                   4 Credits
Math                                      4 Credits
Science                                   3 Credits
Social Studies                            4 Credits
Computer                                  1 Credit
P.E./Health                               1 Credit
Visual, Performing, Applied Arts          1 Credit
Electives                                 11 Credits
                                Total     29 Credits
A Failing Grade (Less than 60% ) Means No Credit is Earned.
In a Core Class, this Means You Must Repeat the Course.
• Sports participation is possible for students of all ability
   – Not all sports have “cuts.”
• All students have the opportunity to participate
  regardless of income.
   – See athletic office for more information.
• Athletes’ grades are checked weekly.
   – Any grade below 60% means the athlete is ineligible
      for participation the following week.
• Please contact the Head Coach or the Athletic Office
  with any questions.
• There are many opportunities to be involved in
  extracurricular activities and events.
   – Homecoming is a great way to begin.

   – Student Senate is an organization that gives students
     opportunities to participate in and take responsibility for their
     school and community. The Senate is open to any student. The
     goals of the organization include promoting student leadership,
     developing future leaders, providing and planning for social
     events, and involving students in community service projects.

• If Interested, please pick-up a Student Senate Petition.
   – More information and forms are available from Mrs. Avery.
• PowerSchool is a great way to monitor
  student academic achievement
  – All parents and students have their own
    username and password
  – Contact the Guidance Office for more

        Click on the link below for access to
• E-Chalk is an information sharing web
  service administered by Harper Creek
  – Each teacher maintains a webpage for your
    use and viewing

      Click on the link below to find E-Chalk

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