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									Insurance companies and payment methods

American Express, Cash, Check, MasterCard, VISA Card, Aetna Advantage Dental, Aetna Advantage Plus Dental,
Aetna Dental Access / Vital Savings by Aetna , Aetna HealthFund / Aetna DentalFund, Affordable Health Choices
from Aetna, Basic Dental, Dental Discount, Dental EPP, Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), Family
Preventative, Affinity Dental Health Plan, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Medicaid, Dental Provider Network,
Aflac Dental, Dental Program, AIG Group Discount Dental Program, AIG Group Indemnity Dental Insurance, AIG
Group PPO Dental Insurance, DCA Bronze / Platinum, Dental Care Advantage, Orthocare, PPO Network for
Employer Groups, American HealthGuard, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Medicaid, Ameriplan Network, PPO
Network, BlueCare Family Plan, Co-payment / Full Pay /Flex Dental, Lumenos Plans, MediBlue HMO, PPO,
Preventative / Preventative Plus Dental, Tonik, CA UDC Prepaid, Dental Health Alliance, Denticare, Georgia Prepaid,
Heritage Series, Legend Series, United Dental Care, Large Group, Senior, Small Group, SmileNet, Dental Preferred
Care, Dental Traditional, Blue Dental Choice, Community Choice, Exclusive Dental, Personal Dental, Traditional Plus
Dental, Traditional Plus Preventative Dental, Dental Indemnity USA, Dental Blue 100, Dental Blue 200, Dental Blue
300, Dental Blue Complete 100 / 200 / 300, Dental Net HMO, Dental PPO (Wellpoint Employees Only), Dental Select
HMO, Group Dental Insurance, Individual Dental Insurance, California Dental, CareFirst Blue Choice Discount Dental
Network, DC Traditional / Indemnity Dental Network, Dental HMO (The Dental Network), Maryland PPO Dental
Network, Maryland Traditional / Indemnity Dental Network, Regional Preferred Dental (PPO), Regional Traditional
Dental, 500 Series Plan, Care Platinum POS and PPO Plans, Care POS Plan, Care PPO Plan, Careington HIP,
Dental and Vision, MS Bonus Discount Plan, Multi-Care, Multi-Care Elite, Multi-Care Plus, PPO Dental Plan,
SilverCare Discount Plan, Total-Care, CIGNA Dental Care DHMO, CIGNA Dental EPO, CIGNA Dental PPO, CIGNA
Plus Savings, CIGNA Traditional (Dental Indemnity), AdvantagePlus Plans, C Series DHMO Plans, CS Series DHMO
Plans, Discount Plans, Scheduled Plans, UCR Plans, DeCare Dental Indemnity, DeCare Dental PPO, AARP Dental
Insurance Plan, Boeing, Delta Advantage, Delta Dental Patient Direct, Delta Dental PPO (formerly Delta Preferred
Option USA), Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier (formerly Delta Preferred Option Plus), Delta Dental Premier (formerly
Delta Premier USA), DeltaCare USA, The Value Plan, Dent-All Plan, Dental Options PPO, Dental Plus Vision - Dental
Network Only, Dental Select DHMO - California, Dental Select DHMO - Dallas, TX, Dental Select DHMO - Florida,
Dental Select DHMO - Houston, TX, DHMO - California, DHMO - Florida, DHMO - Texas, Fallon Community Health
Plan Network, In Network Only PPO - INO, Massachusetts Senior Care Options, MD Primary Adult Care, National
PPO Network, Nevada Pacific Dental, Ovations - Florida, Ovations - RI and MA, Pacific Union Dental, PPO Discount
Plan Network, Rhode Island Rite Smiles, Secure Horizon PPO, State of MD Network - MD, DC, VA, WTU Network -
MD, DC, VA, Dental Care Advantage, PPO Plan Network, SmartSmile Program, Dental DHMO Network, Dental
DPPO Network, DNoA Select Referral Network, Labor Fund Network Rental Program, Participating Network (PAR),
Access Dental Plan , Aetna Dental Access ®, Affordable Family Health Services , Alliance HealthCard Gold Card ,
Amacore Dental Program , American Dental Plan , Avia Dental Plan, Careington Care 500 Series , Careington Select
Plan , Coastal Dental Gold Plan , Dent-All Plan, Inc. Nationwide Program , Dental Care Advantage , Dental Plan by
HealthPlus, DenteMax Discount Dental Plan , Dominion 6000X Individual Program , First Dental Health Access
Dental Plan , Indiana Dental Plan , Kentucky Dental Plan , Liberty Dental Program of America , Louisiana Dental Plan
, MSofA Dent-All Plan, Inc Dental Program , National Discount Services , Northeast - Southeast Dental Plan ,
OptumHealth Allies Dental Program , OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program , Patriot Plan , Patriot Plan Plus ,
Preferred Network Access by CIGNA , Preferred Network Access by CIGNA (Dental Only) , Qualident Reduced Fee
Dental Plan, Signature Wellness Plan , Signature Wellness Plan (Dental Only) , Solstice Plus Plan One , Sonrisas
Plan Dental , Tennessee Dental Plan , The Dental Eclipse Discount Plan, UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan , UNI-
CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan , Vital Savings by Aetna , Northeast-Southeast Dental Plan, CHIP, Medicaid,
Medicare, Dental Solutions Value Card, Medi-Cal Dental Program of California, EmblemHealth Dental Access,
EmblemHealth Dental Preferred, EmblemHealth Dental Preferred Plus, EmblemHealth Preventative Dental, HMO
(Prev Care /Prev Care Plus / Comp Care), PPO (Premium Care), XPO, Blue Choice HMO, Child Health Plus, Dental
Blue PPO, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Network, Family Health Plus, Prime Blue, Smile Saver, Child
Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Discount Dental, First Dental Health, PPO - Nationwide, FDH - Access, FDH - EPO,
FDH - PPO, FDH - PPO Plus, FDH - Select POS, New Dental Choice, The Dental Club (Discount Program
administered by FDH), CDN - Community Dental Network - California only, GE Consumer Finance Wellness
Program, Connection Dental Network, Dental Access, Preferred, Preferred Plus, Dental Plus, Dental POS, HMO,
Open Access, POS, PPO, Dental Options, DentalGuard Preferred, DentalGuard Preferred Select, Diversified Dental,
Dominion Dental - for DC, MD, PA, VA based groups, First Commonwealth (Cook county employees) HMO, First
Commonwealth (Cook county employees) PPO, Hawaii Independent Dental Alliance, Managed Dental Care - for CA
based groups, Managed DentalGuard - for FL based groups, Managed DentalGuard - for NJ, NY based groups,
Managed DentalGuard - for TX based groups, MasterCare Dents, Premier Dental Group, Health Net Dental,
CapDent, Comprehensive Voluntary, Healthplex PPO, Managed Care Dental Plan (Non-CapDent), HIP Preventative
Dental, HIP Prime Dental, Horizon Centurion Dental, Horizon Dental Choice, Horizon Dental Companion, Horizon
Dental Option, Horizon Dental PPO, Horizon Dental PPO Access, Horizon Dental Traditional, Horizon Individual
Dental, Horizon TotalCare Dental, PPO / Traditional Preferred, Dental Plan CA 50, Dental Plan CA80, Dental Plan
CA90, Medicaid, Medicare, DDS CareNet, MetLife Dental (DHMO), MetLife Dental (DPPO), DentaBenefits, Dental
Health Alliance, First Dental Health, Other, Commercial Dental, CareCredit, Chase Health Advance, Preferred
Network Access, Dental Essentials, Dental Optima, Dental Preventative, Dual Choice DMO / PPO Plan, PPO Group
Dental Plan, Primecare Dental, Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) -
California only, Rayant Dental Discount Plan, Rayant Dental EPO, Rayant Dental Option, Rayant Dental Option Plus,
Rayant Dental PPO, Rayant Dental PPO Access, Discount Dental, First Dental Health, PPO -Nationwide, Safeguard
Classic Choice, SafeGuard Premier Choice, Freedom of Choice Plans, Managed-Care Program, PPO (Preferred
Provider Network - based Plans), Connection Dental, Connection Dental and DenteMax (NY, NJ only), DenteMax,
DenteMax and Connection Dental (NY, NJ only), Diversified Dental Services, First Dental Health, Premier Dental,
Dental PPO, Unicare Dental 100, Unicare Dental 200, Unicare Dental 300, Unicare Dental Complete 100 / 200 / 300,
Various Unions, Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP), Automotive Network, Concordia Access, Concordia Advantage,
Concordia Advantage Plus, DHMO Concordia Plus General Dentist, DHMO Concordia Plus Specialist, FEDVIP
(Federal Employees), Mountain State Network, National Fee-For-Service, ParNet Advantage, Tricare Dental Program
(TDP), Dental Options PPO, Dental Plus Vision , Dental Select DHMO - California, Dental Select DHMO - Dallas, TX,
Dental Select DHMO - Florida, Dental Select DHMO - Houston, TX, In Network only PPO (INO), Managed Indemnity,
Massachusetts Senior Care Options, Medicaid, Medicare, Nevada Pacific Dental, Pacific Union Dental, Wellpoint
Dental, Workers Compensation Claim

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